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    The - Plattsmouth - Journal
Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, Nebraska
R. A. DATES, Publisher.
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jl i; . i) .'lit A : i i; i itti aii:i, An: aaka, ssecond-cla s
worth of yarns the tariff tax would complete aurrender to the Aldrlch
be 1 6.9 60. - land Cannon Influences. It may be
If the importation were $5,000 jthat ne yet have the cour4ge t0
worth of fura the tariff tax would be!come out ln the open and 8ay that he
$1,650. but If It were $5,000 worth opposed t0 lhe "central bank"
y'hen Payne and Aldrich are dead
and gone, they will still be remem
bered for the deeds done In the body.
But how will they be remembered?
"A poor excuse la better than
; oe" Bee ma to hold fast with some
of the friends of Sheriff Qulnton.
Their excuses are awful flimsy, but
I taey do not Insist that he has abided
by the law in making bis quarterly
reports, as all other county officials
have done.
There are vastly more consumers
of the necessaries of life than there
are producers. High prices make it
profitable for the tatter, but to be
honest, is it just to the majority?
There are thousands who will have
to live on stinted rations because
of the iniquitous tariff that causes
constantly increasing prices.
It Is said that the assurance six
, months ago by the ring that put up
(he job on Chet Smith that be should
have the postofflce, is all that kept
' Henry A. Schneider from running for
recorder for the third term. The
power of the ring seems to be mighty
and greater than the entire Repub
lican party who are patrons of the
Tlattsmouth pontofflce.
D. C. Morgan, candidate for coun
ty clerk, should be elected by a big
majority, because he has demon
titrated to the voters of Casa county
that he would prove "the right man
in me right place." Those who have
known Mr. Morgan nearly all his life
Isaow that he is qualified for' most
aay position you put him In. As dep
uty county clerk he has shown his
blllty all along the line of ef.
felenoy for chief In that office.
Senator John Tammer of the South
. maba Dally Democrat hits the high
ftlaces In the Cook-Peary discussion,
our notion, as follows: "Com
mander Peary had better put In a lit
tle more of his time demonstrating to
the dear people that he himself took
h peep at the north pole Instead of
trying to prove that Dr. Cook didn't
beat him to It. The average Amer
ican despises a knocker and Peary
has certainly been a shining star In
lhe anvil chorus ever since he heard
that Cook had beat his time almost a
jaar. This whole pole gag Is about
the silliest and most expensive stunt
that has been sprung on the suckers
lately and a whole lot of people even
denbt that either Peary or ' Cook
rwuuu me poie ana ruiiy ns many
wore don't care a dam."
- :o:-
of clothing that tax would be $4,330.
If some New York millionaire
brings in a $100,000 ocean-going
yacnt tne tans wouia oe i35,uuu,
but If the Importation were stockings
the tariff collected would be $87,-
its command of the rules, of com
mittee appointments, of the right of
speech, over to them, and in turn
is intimidated or corrupted by its
The speaker levels at the house the
batteries It has entrusted to him and
Insolently inquires why a majority
does not capture him. When the
first man to move knows that he will
be killed, so far aa his position in
congress is concerned, shall we
wonder the' majority is not quickly
lorincomingT when a revolt of
dangerous proportions gained head
way last spring the political fortune
ucm JU irum oj me speaker was
used to purchase as well as punish,
enough Democratic Hessians were
found to save the day.
Congressman Norrls cannot hope
for pork for his district, nor infiu
nnnn In W. m
cuc m rrgiBiuuon ior aimseir bo
long as he refused to be bribed or
browbeaten Into subserviency to
cannon and his agents. If there is
any of the spirit of the Boston tea
party in the 'Fifth district he will
not suffer for his independence
Home rule for the house of repre
sentatives cannot long be deferred
It is worth some saclflce to have a
representative in congress of the
courage and character to help bring
this about.
People of the weBt no longer are
left in doubt where President Taft
stands on the tariff question. His
attitude Is that of Nelson W. Aldrlch
of the Massachusetts mill owners and
of the trust millionaires who have
piled iip huge fortunes through the
Iniquitous taxation of the necessaries
of their fellow, men. "Thn fnri-
blll Is the best the Reepubllcan party
has ever passed," declares President
Taft. . Jn addition." he tastllv
the . Republican,, senators and congressmen'-who
voted against the bill
and asserts that further revision of
t,he tariff1 at this' time Is not to be
thought of. . Moreover, he openly de
clares.that if the people seek further
roliof tbeycan obtain It only through
the Democratic party. At least this
manes the Insue clear. The west Is
given 'tby Vhoose between continuing
to pay tribute to eastern greed and
electing a pemocratlc congress that
tariff robbers can neither control nor
Intimidate. Chicago Journal (Rep.)
-:o:- .
It is announced that Speaker Can
non Is coming to Nebraska soon to
deliver a few speeches in behalf of
Pallard, who aspires to again repre
ent this district In congress. Pollard
In one of the men that Cannon can
depend upon, no matter what Is the
question tinder discussion. As a Bhlp
Buhsidlst Pollard occupies the front
wmi.' congressman Norris of Ne
hrask'a Is a man who contested for
is rights, did not believe In the
rulings of Cannon, and as a reward
el his Independence lost his Import
aat position on committee. Speaker
Cannon says that a majority in the
reuse can at any time break over
Ms poweer. So could a lot of sheep
11 they knew which way to run and
wouiu act intelligently. The party
whip would soon bring the congress
nen Into line, says the Nebraska City
On this question the Lincoln Jour
rial Bnys: The majority can rule in
the hoime no more than a majority
can rulo In a convict camp where all
the wenpona are in the hands of the
guards. There Is the beginning of
the i rouble In the houso. Its only
fierciRo of power Is to surrender It
r" to toe npeaker and a few
lleui.nants. It turns its weapons,
In the making of a tariff law, one
would naturally suppose that those
least able to bear the burdens of tax
ation would not be discriminated
against in favor of those best able to
pay the tax involved In any tariff
But what are the facts?
The man who Imports $1,000
worth of diamonds pays a tax of $100
v Vvi tcui. ji ue imported a
thousand shirts worth a dollar each
he would have to leave at the cus
toms house and tack onto his sellin
prices $601.6060.16 per cent.
If he decided that he would bring
In $1,000 worth of champagne, one
of the items upon which there is a
lrrgo increase, the tax levied by the
tariff is $500. If he brought in $1,-
000 worth of blankets he would pay
a tariff tax of $1,645.42.
If he brought In $1,000. worth of
laintings and Btauiary, all he would
une to pay as customs duties would
be $200, but If it were sugar he
would pay $788.70 . tax on $1,000
If he brought in $1,000 worth of
Jewelry ho would havo to pay $600
turlff tax, but If ho brought ln $1,000
worth of wool dress goods he would
pay $1,050.92 tariff.
If ho Imported a $5,000 automo
bile tho tariff takers would relieve
him of $2,250. If it were $5,001
As a humble advocate of Republi
can principles, the Tribune Btandr
ready to travel the roughest kind of
roads on any errand in behalf of the
Republican party. We do not ask
that the party platforms shall be just
as we would have them be. We do
not ask that our personal friends be
always in the leadership. But we do
Insist that when the party, speaks in
national convention, its decrees must
be respected by all Republicans,
from the humblest worker in the
ranks, up to the president of the
Today we are face to face with a
crisis in the party. We behold a
president, elected by Republican
votes, upon a platform pledging
specific reforms, going about the
country in the act of utterly repudiat
ing some of the best planks in the
platform upon which he was elected.
President Taft has led the party
to a dangerous bridge upon the poli
tical highway. Tho Tribune cannot
cross that bridge, even with Presi
dent Taft for a companion. We can
not roiiow tne president across a
bridge so rotten that it is liable to
dump us into that foul political sewer
la which runs the refuse from the
Aldrlch and Cannon establishment.
We cannot repudiate the plank in
the national platform in favor of
postal saving banks, even though
such approval would please a presi
dent whom we have greatly admired
We cannot advocate a "central bank,"
even if that good president shall
tell us it is a good thing for the
country. We cannot welcome the
Rhode Island Aldrlch to these west
ern prairies, even though he shall
come by cl.rectlon of President Taft
to teach western people "right Ideas"
on the financial question. ...
In taking this position the Tribune
will no doubt be llBted with the "in
surgents," and no doubt we shall be
read out of the party by the Omaha
Bee and other western Republican
newspapers which presume to fix
test of party loyality. We are more
Intense today, in our Republicanism
than ever before, and because we
love the grand old party we cannot
assent to a course of action which
must lead the party into danger. If
we read the signs aright, they clear
ly indicate that the Republican party
In state and nation must go down to
certain and deserved defeat, 'if Presi
dent Taft shall continue upon the
lines laid down in his speeches on his
western trip. He says in plain words
that Senator Aldrlch Is the ideal Re
publican. If Senator Aldrich is the
Ideal Republican, then it follows na
turally that President Taft would
have all Republicans follow in the
wake of John Rockefeller's personal
senator from Rhode Island. The Trl
bune cannot follow that kind of lead
ership, and it Is just as well that we
Bay it now as at some later date, be
cause it must come to that in the end
It is not pleasant for a Republican
editor to be compelled to cease sup
port of a Republican president and
his policies, but when those policies
run outside legitimate Republican
lines, duty demands that support be
withdrawn until the president shall
get back into paths upon which an
honest Republican may run without
shame to himself and without Insult
to his convictions.
And as to President Taft, bo as to
our Senator Burkett. The Tribune
has been kindly disposed toward
Senator Burkett for many years. W
vigorously applauded him whon he
announced that he would cut looso
from tho Aldrich leading strings
But great was our humiliation when
wo found hltn voting nlways at crlti
cal times In support of the Aldrlch
program for legislation which gave
the He direct to the plain planks In
our national platform. It may be
Senator Burkett has not yet made
scheme of Wall street, and that be is
ready to fight for the platform pro
mise of postal savings banks. We
hope he may find the courage to defy
the big interests which have induced
President Taft to try to force upon
the party an endorsement of the plan
of the criminal rich to control the
finances of the nation through a "cen
tral bank." But In case Senator Bur
kett shall fall to rise to the emer
gency, and ln case be Bhall fail to
Ing business is free to all who wish
to enter. We do not pretend to be
able to follow the technicalities of
the law, but as a matter of fact we
don't believe the banking business is
any more free to enter than is the sa
loon business. To start a bank one
must be able to command a certain
amount of money which is actually
paid in, a license or charte r must be
secured from the state, restrictions
are laid upon the making of loans
and a constant supervision is pro
vided for. Congreee" does not rec
ognize the right of an individual to
start a national bank. Under what
theory 1b a state, through a court of
taken in declaring the bank guar
antee void. The News is a Repib
lican paper, but lta argument is lag-
leal, and demonstrates that Ue
rights of the people of Nebraska are
gradually being taken away fram
them through the United States
declare himself ln open opposition to tne nation, denied power to invoke a
the Wall street program, then thous- similar rule?
ands of Nebraska Republicans will be The People of Nebraska said,
looking for some Republican to take through their legislature, that they
his seat ln the senate some other desired this law, Republicans aa well
Republican who will take the na- as Democrats voting for it. A federal
tional platform for a guide, rather court bas stepped in and says that it
than to follow obediently Buch paths 18 unconstitutional. It seems to us
as President Taft may outline under that the suggestion of Governor Shal
direction of Joe Cannon and Senator lenberger that an inferior federal
Aldrich. Columbus (Neb.) Tribune tribunal ought not to be permitted
to do this, but that the orderly pro
cedure should be through the state
courts and then to the federal su
preme court would lessen popular
If the iupreme court of the United entment again8t the substitution
States sustains the view of the bank of the COurt8 for the ,eSl8latlve and
the executive branches of govern
ment, and thus strengthen us as a
state and nation.
That the governor took advantage
deposit guaranty principle that the
federal court for Nebraska has taken,
It ends for all time, since the const!
tutlon never will be amended to meet
the vital objection raised, all hope of Pf the declBion t0 manufacture pollt
such legislation In the states. A be- ,cal capltal out of u 18 ,n bad taste'
llever ln the guaranty, the News can- but does not materially weaken the
not look with complacency upon such force of his contention that we are
i ... . . ....
a. result. Th mvmia ar ntmi some Detter man a vassal to wasn
safe renoHltnrv tnr their covin lngton. Lincoln News
They ought to be given equal security :o:
for their deposits with that the bank- Though the 1909 peanut crop has
er requires upon the loans he makes, failed no dlminuation in the supply
It would mean greater thrift on the! of politicians is reported,
part of the people, greater prosperity :o:
- .. ... .... . . i
ior legitimate DanKtng. its benefl- Take no chances, but vote for Ed
cial results seem to us so self evident Tutt for sheriff, who the taxpayers
that bankers ought to be among the can depend upon doing his duty in
first to devise some workable plan their interests
fn. IneHHIni 1 1 i t. . i . .1
iui luouiiuig yrupie wjia me oeiieii ;o
mat tne money tney entrust to the It is evident that Aldrlch Demit
oanxs is aDsoiuieiy safe. The bank- ted Cannon's profanity to get on the
ers have resisted laws of this kind free list, judging from his prodigious
more, we think, because they fell just display of it in the public press.
like the railroad corporations did, :o:
that they ought to be allowed to run If Almost-Mlnlster-to-China Crane
their own business as they please, Is the least bit superstitious he will
but like the transportation magnates I jot his diplomatic record down as fol
they will learn in time. ' . ows! Hired July 13: fired October 13
As for the decision of the federal :o
court, much might be written. Ob- In imagination we can already hear
8eryation and experience have dem- the mighty roar from the jungle that
onstrated to our satisfaction that the will ensue when news reachea Africa
opinions of courts differ because the lot the disposition of the Panama libel
men who write them differ, differ in case.
mcir ireua 01 mougni, weir progres-l :o:
siveness or conservatism, their poll- Mr. Taft hopes Arizona will profit
cles. their personal Interests, their by the "mistakes" of Oklahoma in Its
intellectual bias arising out of their constitution making. Oklahoma'
personal or social afflictions. Starting greatest mistake, we presume, was in
on the same basis of fact, Judges ar- rejecting Mr. Taft'a advice in the
rive at exactly opposite conclusions, framing of the document. And still
Why? It seems to use the answer is she is unrepentent.
TL'ltk I im . .. . .1
....u Juol a kuou U not oetter logic The Louisville Courier will prob
iCu., i-wun mignt nave bus- ably eelect their ticket next week
talned the law. Democratic ludees -v- i . ,v
- " I a uc iuuucuio oi uiui imyn its WUIIU
In rtlrloVnn. . il. . I
... lBe guaranty a good deal to seme candidates.
law Imposes unlimited liability upon Weeping Water Republican of last
tne cankers, sustained the principle, week. Lee, how do you like the in
www here In Nebraska, with a lim-Uuatlon from your co-worker?
uea liability law, Republican Judges
hold it unconstitutional. Only one
of these decisions Is correct. The
anomaly might be explained on the
ground that the question has become
a political one, political in the nar
row sense of partisan. Apparently
this is so, but we hope it is not
If it Is depriving a man of his prop
erty without due process of law to
require hlra, aa a banker, to contrlb
ute or n.s own money to a fund out TO THE HORTHWEST: Cheao otie-wav Colonist feres to the North-
of which persons who suffer loss by west, Puget Sound and California, September 15th to October 15th;
reason or anotner bank s failure may daily through trains to the Northwest via the Great Northern; also via
be reimbursed, then it is unconstita- the Northern Pacific. To California, daily through tourist sleepers
iioruu to levy a protective tariff tax, via Denver, Scenic Colbrado and Salt Lake City.
u, ,.re oi a. mac we contribute to ROUND TRIP TO PACIFIC COASTs-Very low Seattle and California
A fund out of which nmniifnrt
" rouna inp excursion ucKeis on saie aunng oeptemDer. 1 nis is tne
may reimburse thcnwelrea for loaaea ,ast chance to obtain these chaD rates for the eatMt :our.
mHwinru in competition with foreign tiev :n the World.
j - -
If President Taft had been at Wash
ington attending to official buslnns
the trouble over Crane's mlssUa
might easily have been avoided. The
xample of rushing over the country
on electioneering trips by the presi
dent and members of the cabinet be
gan with the Roosevelt administra
tion, and Mr. Taft has foolishly adap
ted the practice. In this be baa made
serious mistake.
Did you ever know of a nare
quiet, unobstrusive candidate for f-
ftce than Clell Morgan, who Is run
ning for county 'clerk on the Demo
cratic ticket? He always atteMs
strictly to the business in which he
is engaged, and as deputy oouaty
clerk has proved himself to be in
every way qualified to transact the
business of the office in a maaaer
most creditable to himself and to
those for whom he works. Mr. Mor
gan is a man of the people, and by
his gentlemanly deportment and ex
cellent qualities has won for himself
host of friends throughout Casa
county, who will support him at the
That grand, good old man, Judge
Archer, a pioneer citizen of Cass
county, and an excellent lawyer, who
Is asking the people of the county In
which his interests have so long been
identified, is asking for the office of
county Judge. He is hustling for
votes and presenting his claims la a
most gentlemanly manner, and he
should be elected because he la cap
able and honeBt, and will prove a
genuine guardian of the Interests of
widows and orphans, whose matters
come before him for adjustment He
is strictly honest and no one can say
one word against him as a mai, a
citizen, official or lawyer. A vota
for Judge Archer is a vote for the
right man for the right place.
Elsewhere in this issue will be
found an article from the Lincoln
News on the action the court has
Fred Schnormeier returned 'Sat
urday from his visit to the aid bane
ia Germany.
A ten pound girl made its apyear
ance at the home of Mr. and Jfrs.
Grover Hill yesterday morning.
Thus far seven cars of apples and
1,600 bushels of potatoes have beea
shipped by Penterman Bros. Aa
enormous amount of these products
have also been handled by the other
An elaborate dining hall Is beiag
built onto the Christian church. Th
object in doing this Is to better
accomodate the large crowds that at
tend the monthly suppers given by
the ladies of the church.
Frank Flynn, a former resident of
this vicinity, but now of near Rasa
He, Neb., is the Democratic nomlaee
for county judge of Thurston couaty.
His many friends at this place will
await the outcome of the election
there with much anxiety.
Dr. Alton has received a call from
the C. W. B. M. to take charge of
missionary work at Buenos Ayres,
South America, but has declined the
offer, preferring to remain at Blm
wood, where his health and that of
his family is. much better thaa at
other placeB they have been.
Low R.ates for Autumn
mini ii r.n.l u. . 1 . 1 1 ... ...
iiKHiumiuivin, n 111(11 lg WIIRl IM
what it amount to. No protective
tariff law will ever be held unconsti
tutional because ln the proper appli
cation of the protective principle, as
we view it, the country generally Is
benefitted, the prosperity of Its peo
pie enhanced and greater security
given the general welfare. The ap
plication of the same reasoning will
uphold the guaranty principle.
The court also holds that the bank-
EASTBOUND: Special round trip rates to Chicago, Kansas City,
Lincoln, Omaha, St. Joseph, St. Louis, August 28th to September 5th
and from September 11th to September I9tb. Daily low thirty day
round trip rates from Chicago to Atlantic cities and resorts.
September is the last month for the special vacation rates to Colo
rado, llomeseekers' excursions September 7th and 21st.
Consult nearest ticket agent; he has latest advice
of special rates.
W. L. PICKKTT, Ticket Agent.
L. W. Wakeley, G. P. A., Omaha.