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    ! A M;n Imnfs Lrtt.-r to the Public. 1 ,
It is with jleiisure that I wish to i
say a f-w Words to the p-opl that I
B F? f i have b en' customers at wy pla of
.. lUUvVU Lalt I business in, Uie past, and to" those!
Mrs. Alice Towle Rallies Finely
After Operation Friday
v.' a
i i
Mrs. Alice Towle, into whom blood
as transfused from her brother,
Charles N. Sullivan, In the South
Omaha haspital last Friday, is re
ported to be on the sure road to
recovery. Her temperature was
normal yesterday morning for the
first time In several months' and she
was able to take more substantial
food. Her heart action is better than
at any time since she was taken
. Charles N. Sullivan, the brother,
from bom the blood uas taken, was
a little weak and nervous for a few
days afterwards. He Is said to be as
well and as strong now as ever, but
will not be able to use his right arm
Into which the Incision was made, for
several weeks. World-Herald. ' '
Charles N. Sullivan,' who Is visit
ing for a few days with his parents
In this city, is getting along all right
no far as be Is concerned and is
little .the, worse for his experience.
He Is pale from the loss of so much
tl'ood, but aside from this, feels fine
and as soon as he recovers from the
weakening effects of the operation,
he will be able to return to his work
Ho describes some of the details of
the operation which are quite lnter
fstlng. When the inclHlon wh'ch was
wveral inches in length was made,
fth irifcidhetle was. afl ministered as
this' would nave "Tiad an instant ef
fect on Mrs. Towle and there was a
great . deal ot pain .attached to 'the
operation. Ills head was turned
away and-'" the1 attending surgeons
would not allow him to see what was
transpiring for fear of the ill 1 effects I r
that mav become my customers in
the future.
I must say that I have striven to
be honest and upright, in my deal
ings with the people that entered
my store for the past three and one
half "years that I have betn in busi
ness here, and I certainly will do so
in the future.
I do appreciate the kindness of all
those who have dealt with me, and
would gladly greet as many more as
could And their way into my store.
I have an up-to-date line of Fur
niture, Carpets and Rugs at prices
that are absoutely right. Now, you
y i
which might follow. . He did not
know how much blood was taken
from him until . sometime later.
Aside from being weak at the loss of
blood, he noticed no Immediate ill
effects. He will be here several days
before returning to Omaha.
Mrs. Towle's many, friends here
will be more than pleased to learn
of her recovery and. return to nor
mal health once more, and have
every assurance that It will be per
manent. Dr, Henry is the name of
the surgeon who performed the
operation which is regarded as a re
markable one In medical circles. He
first heard of the idea from a news
naner Item concerning a simlliar
not succeed In business without
making a profit on what he sells.
I must say that I have not adver
tised the discounts that I allow to
my cash customers. Only once or
twice did I advertise a special dis
count sale. -
My jcilscounts to the cash custom
era are 5 and 10 per cent, according
to the line they. buy, which I have
had In force since I am In business
here, and I must say that if 1 could
do an entirely cash business that 1
could cut my percentage some lower,
so that I could give still , bettei
prices than I am now giving. - -
You are all welcome to come in
And look over my line whether you
n novel and. O .: and at once
tnnh h trm for that nolnt where P" " uot- e are glad to show
ho interviewed the surgeon who had J have and give you the
conducted the operation and learned Prlce8' 8nd tnat 18 the only way that
from him the details. He found he
would be called upon to use the pro
cess much sooner thnn he anticipat
Advertising the Festival.
Throe automobiles nre engaged
today In advertising the fall fcstlvnl
out in the county. ThoHo"are the
machines of Chat-leu C. I'armele,
which contains In addition- to Pollock
Pnnnele, the chauffeur, ("has. 0.
Parmelo, Henry Schneider and Frank
Schlnter. The machine of Charles
Troop, driven by Arthur Troop and '
occupied by Charles Troop, K. II.
Wescott and John Nemetz. The ma
chine of John Crnbill, driven by the
owner and containing A. L. Tidd and
Doe. Young. They will post bills
and distribute advertising matter
over a portion of the county.
The automobiles at noon had made
Mynurd, Murray,' Union, Nehawka
and Avoca, getting to Weeping. Wa
ter In good shape at noon. They
found that word had been sent out
ahead of their coming and they were
expected . overy where. They met
with a hearty reception at all points
and are promised big crowds for the
entire week. Mr. Tldd of the com
mittee telephoned the Journal at
noon that the committee was more
than pleased at the reception given
them at all points and especially
pleased at the enthusiasm they had
encountered not alone in the towns
but on the road. They leave Weep
Ing Water at one and will go to
Manley, Louisville, Cedar Creek and
arrive here at about live o'clock this
evening a record breaking trip and
covering more than half of the coun
ty caBlly. ..,..
Several Matters in l'rolmtc
In county court a petition hns been
filed asking the appointment of A.
L. Tldd as administrator of the
estate of Hannah l!lak, deceased.
MIhh I'.lack had some Insurance and
also some ' building and loan stock
which It Is desired to clone out. Mr.
Tldd filed the petition.
A suit has also been commenced
In ccuuty court against J. K. von
Horn by the First National bank of
this city for $200' and ' Interest on
a promissory note 'given by Von
Durn to Win. ' F. Gillespie and as
signed by him to" the First National
A nntltli n tin a nlwo licctl field In
. - .. to give the best service possible
county court for the appointment of . , ., . , T..v e.
Frncst Ahl as administrator of the
estate rf Wank Ingram, deceased.
Ingram lived near Louisville and at
the time of his death was possessor
of quite an amount of property
which It Is desired to realize on.
Robt. R. Nlcklcs, the well known
Rock "Huffs precinct farmer, Is In
the city this morning attending to
business mutters.
you can satisfy yourself.
In the line of Carpets and Rugs
we buy only the best.
In the Furniture line we aim to
have the best, with some of the
We also handle the Crystal Re
frl'jerator, one or the very best on
the market. We have other styles
As It Is still summer and you may be
In need of a Refrigerator, then you
should call In and see our line.
I also handle one of the h( st
makes of Sewing Machines on the
market, the Domestic, at prices that
are right.
few words more, and that Is in
regard to the 1'ndertaklng and Fu
neral Directing. There are times
when you are compelled to have the
services of an Undertaker, . If we
are called on, we attend to all calls
whether day or night. ' It is our aim
Michael Hlld and John P. Sattler,
Licensed Kmbalmers. ' . "
Yours Respectfully,
' MICHAEL HILD, Proprietor. '.
The big store, on .South Sixth
street, Plattsmouthl Neb.
Spent The Day In Town.
A pnrty of good citizens of the
Manley neighborhood came down
this mcrnlng on the Schuyler train
and spent the day looking after bus!
Hess matters and visiting with
friends. The party consisted of A.
Kreiklow and wife, John Rohrdanz,
mother and sister, Mrs. Smith of
llrvdock. Huh Mr. Krecklow and
Mr. Kohrdnnz are well known and
popular citizens of their community
and are also excellent farmers. They
are well "acquainted here and their
many friends In the city were glad
to have them make a call during
their stay. '
The best Is the cneapest,
are the best.
Take Out Final Papers.
Yesterday was a field day in dis
trict court when five foreign born
citizens received their final papers.
Those receiving them were Harry
and James Greer of Alvo, Carl An
derson, AIvo; Wm. Bouchel, and
Frxl Rauers. The two Greers are
residents of Alvo and renounced al
legiance to the King of Great Brit
ain. They are natives of Ireland.
Anderson renounced the King of
Swenden, where he was born. Boui h-
el, who lives In the west end of the
county, gave his postoffice address
as Waverly, and also renounced King
Edward of England,, where he was
born, Rauers was a subject of the
Kaiser and born in Germany, but he
renounces Kaiser Bill. It made some
work for Clerk Robortson to
straightening out these worthy men.
I 7 A
tt in . v s h
Just as a few bushels of wheat planted in the
ground become many bushels of grain, so will the
money you put in our bank from time to time bc
como a big sum. The interest we will pay you
will hcln it crow
We will pay you three per cent interest on the
money you deposit in our bank and compound
the interest every twelve months.
Tbe I'lonoern of Oish County.
It Is the urgent request of the
Committee on Pioneer and Old Set
tlers day at the carnival, . that all
persons knowing the address of any
of the early Bottlers of Cass county,
send the same at once, to either of
the undersigned. It la also desired
that anyone having papers, printed
during the early days, or records of
any kind, . or articles, associated
with Pioneer days, furnish the same
to the committee. We will also
gladly receive suggestions from any
one, tending to make the 2nd, daj
of September one of absorglng In
terest. . Act promptly ;
R. II. WINDHAM, Chalrmnn.
S. RAMSEY, Secretary,
O ! i I
ti Si lini'lilcr Cut II ii ml.
Ti.i.. . ....., i
Jills llll'l lllii nuitiii linn I'lint i
. . . I . If . I'.. 1. ...I I ....... nn
(1 CIOCK. ,irs. II. j. MiuinutT whh vn-
gaged In cleaning a lamp chimney
when It exploded, making two deep
n, I listM It i till riit .1itvn t h it I
tlliMll'II III II mill's i7 u u'v
bird finger which was several In-
t lit D 111 Hllfcl" I" M"1- " '
the other down the iuslilo of the
. 1. . . ... I . fl... 1,i,l.iM n nniiil Id nluil
llllllllU. I lit' liiuvi n'iiut id
quite long. The chimney which bad
I' I.. 1., 1.1.,... ,,. Ill
1 II nurin ii in a... . " ! "- i
II... I.,,. ... ...ii-i
l peruiuir iiuiihhm, iih- mm-i ..n
ind the extreme top of the chimney
.I.....I.... ..f nit. I l.,nllitr (tin tuldillrt
iwninft 'ii uii i' iii nh '
ti,.. . lilniii.-v mil I, I Tlio Intnrles
i tin- i j - -
. .. t m . . ...
Ill it painiui are inn u.iuseriiun.
MWs Mnnota Perry Is spending
the clsjr In Omaha, being a passen
ger for that city on the morning
1 1 ' ? WJ 4 ? 3
1 A
n n rrv n n n
"T ' i
ifK" Ess
Plattsmouth, Ne brask a
nDflhrlIiinP (1
1 ll II II II 11
The Biggest Event Ever Undertaken in Cass County
Grand Free Attractions Even Dai
Base Ball Games every day. Band Concerts every eay. Thrill
ing Acrobatic Performance every day. Mammoth Agricultural
and Live Stock Exhibit. Balloon Ascensions. Giant Parades.
Automobile Races. Wrestling Match. Many New Features.
Som ething Doing Every Minute
is Called Agricultural Day
Therb will be the Greatest Horse Show ever given in this
part of Nebraska Finest display of Thoroughbred
Cattle' evlrYivenrhTHoY Show a wonder," The j
Poultry Show will be a marvel. Farm products of all kinds.
Come,-you cannot afford , to miss it.
is Galled Pioneer's Day
All Old Settlers and their, families will be there. A day
of, reminiscences. State officers of Territorial Associa
tion will attend. Speeches on early Nebraska by able and
eloquent speakers. Exhibit of early Nebraska relics. Feasts
and banquets. Home coming day. Come and visit your
old friends.
is Called Merchant's Day
THE' grandest display of merchandise ever matle in ass
county. Bargains, souvenirs, refreshments. Brilliant
attractions at every store. This is the day when the mer
chants will undertake to show you a good time free. Mer
chants' hospitality. A day of gayety.
CI). Q is Galled Games and Sports Day
T H EKE will be a wrestling match, balloon ascension, auto
mobile races, bicycle races, base ball games, band con-
1 certs, turners' exhibition, acrobatic performances. Scores of
other games and sports. Come and enjoy the fun. It will
be fun all the time". Fun from morning till night.
SGpt. is Called Labor Day
Giant Parados. The Burlington railway shops will be
closed. A Burlington exhibit will be given. The fire
department will give an exhibition. Distinguished speakers
will deliver eloquent addresses. Base ball games. Band
concerts. Labor organizations and lodges from all parts of
Southeastern Nebraska will be invited to participate. Prize
contests between lodge and drill teams in uniform. Come
and enjoy the day.
Under Auspices of the Commercial Club
Plattsmouth, Nebraska