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ice ream Soda
Made of Best Materials
And You Get Your Money's Worth!
J any of the widen of the Journal livu of a tocial eent or an item of interest in this vicinity and will mail same to Uiis Ojfice it wxll appear under thU (leading.
Wt want all itenu of interest. Editor Journal.
u pn,
K Murray State BankS
Capital Stock
We posse unequalled facilities for the rare of jour
business. Your banking, no mutter liow small, no tuattcr
liow lame, wc give it careful attention.
We Ion n money for legitimate purposes. We solicit
your business.
Chas. ,C. Parraele, . President.
P.P. Nutzman, Vice-President.
u u
V. H. PuIh was a I'lattamouth
visitor last Saturday.
Rex Young was a county Beat vis
itor last Saturday evening.
Dr. n. P. IJrendel was a rounty
Heat vlnltor a couple of days this
J. A. Valker was looking after
Home business matters In Platts
mouth Monday.
Otto PuIh and wife and Mrs. John
West were Plattsniouth visitors
Wednesday of this week.
Mrs. Janies Loughrldge went to
Plattsmouth Wednesday for a few
days' visit with Mrs. J. V. Gamble.
Mrs. James Holmes was visiting
nt the home of Mrs. C. A. Ha wis Id
Plattsmouth last Saturday evening.
.Mr.' and Mrs. Thomas Lindsay are
rejoicing this week over the arrival
of a new girl at their home Wednes
day. Horn To Mr. and Mrs. John
Ferris, on July 27, a baby boy. Dth
mother and little one are doing
II. C. Long took time from the
busy field of labor Wednesday to
make a short trip to Plattsmouth,
the first time In several months.
Hay Dill Is a pretty sick young
man at this time, suffering from the
affects of being over-heated while
working with the threshing rrew at
I he home of John Porter today.
We Mis Again.
From a rush of work at the of
lice and numerous business matters
to look after on the outside, we were
unable to send a representative of
tho Journal to Murray this week,
and consequently wo are short the
usual amount of news to nil this de
partment. Trusting you will over
look our neglect this time, we prom
ise to bo on deck next week.
Special Term.
District Clerk Flnlgan this iuoTn-
Ing received an order from Judge II.
D. Travis to call a special term of
district court for Monday, August
2nd. It was thought that at that
time he will hand down a decision
In the matter of the Injunction ask
ed against Sheilff Mannugh. o
P.rooks county. Kan., In which it Is
thought that be will lie restrained
from leaving Rankin, the lnsam
man. lore Instead of taking him
home and also he will hear the argu
mil. I on the matter of granting the
wilt of habeas corpus in the matter
of Mrs. Maud Vornu who was do-
In t d Insane mice time Miiee and is
no v 1 1 1 1 i i : I ! . 11 y 1, the than;.' (,f
.'1m '.?; Ne ia l.a l ily N s.
M. Illnlt In I'oor It.nhli.
The many f, lends cf M. lliatt In
this iiy and . laity v 111 be miry
to b am that l.e Is quite feeble and
MilTeilng greatly from 111 health, lie
has lut been feeling Well enough for
n vera J days to venture down town,
ami l is condition, whlb not denmr
fitiM, 1 1 such as to nfford bis family
and friends some anxiety, lie Mif
fcrs more or less from despondency
on ariount of 1,1s III feelings and
chafes n good deal at being com
pelled to remain at home.
John Speck, who Is attending
Doyle's college In Omaha, visited
over Sunday with his parents near
Miss Cora Walker and Mae Pat
terson of Plattsmouth visited at W.
T. Richardson's Sunday.
Mrs. A. A. Wetenkamp and
daughter Mary and son Glenn were
Plattsmouth visitors Monday.
Thayer Propst of Ralston, Neb., Is
visiting a few days this week with
his folks.
Messrs. Addison Klser, C. F. Val
lery and Grant Haekenberg were
passengers to Lincoln Sunday,
where they' visited with Martin
Ruby, a former neighbor, but a resi
dent now of McCook. Mr. Ruby Is
taking treatment at the sanitarium
for rheumatism.
R. L. Propst was looking after
business matters In Omaha Monday.
Miss Olive Long, who lias been
visiting relatives In this vicinity,
departed for her home at Nehawka
Mrs. George Melslnger and Miss
Muriel Ilenton were visiting Friday
with Mrs. Henry Hirtz, Jr.
Mont Robb, our gpnlal grain deal
er, spent Sunday with home folks,
near Wyoming, Neb.
William Gllllsple was a passenger
to Lincoln Tuesday, where he went
as a delegate to the Democratic
state convention.
Mrs. Fern Gruber of Union, Neb.,
Is visiting friends In Mynard this
R"v. W. H. Cornish and Will
Richardson, Jr., were spending
Tuesday In Omaha.
Miss Let a Lair and brother Ralph.
who have been visiting In Omaha,
returned to their home Tuesday.
Mrs. llaynes and daughter, Mrs.
Hlckson of Ida. Grove, la., were
spending Sunday at W. II. Porter's,
Mrs. llaynes being an aunt of Mr.
Porter's and Mrs. lllckson a cousin.
Miss Mildred Snyder spent Thurs
day with Miss Jennie Livingston.
Mrs Bristol nnd daughter Grace
and Mr. William Watts of Omaha
Sundayed at D. P. Lalr'ii.
Miss Mary Svohodn Is visiting
it lends In Omaha today, going to
that city on the early train.
cuvc Viowas; ccari'.
sxsc cJjaVAC ;
To 0c fe )ccjia
Fig Syrup Co.
Kusterholt.-l'atterson Nuptiuis.
One of the prettiest home wed
dings of the season occurred at the
home of Mrs. L. Rusterholtz, July
21, at 8 o'clock p. m., when her
daughter,, Florence Rosella, was
united In marriage to Mr. William
Prompty at 8 o'clock the beauti
ful strains of Mendelsohn's wedding
march were heard, which was ren
dered by Miss Dora McNurlln of
Cedar Creek. The bridal party
took their places beneath an arch,
from which was suspended a wed
ding bell. Rev. Prink performed
the ceremony, which united the
lives of this estimable couple.
The bride was attired In cream
messaline satin and carried a beau
tiful bonquet of white china asters,
while the bridesmaid, Miss Maude
Rusterholtz, was tastefully attired
fit light blue silk and carried a bou
quet of lavender and white sweet
peas. The groom wore . the con
ventional black, as did also Mr. Ed
ward Lorenson, the groomsman.
After congratulations the happy
couple led, the way to the dining
room, where a delicious luncheon
was served. The parlors and dining
room was tastefully decorated In
blue and cream, the color scheme
being perfectly carried out. Many
beautiful gifts were showered upon
the happy couple. The out-of-town
guests were: Mrs. G. F. Patterson,
mother of the groom, and grandson,
Russell; Mr. and Mrs. David Patter
son of Weeping Water. Mr. and
Mrs. Alex Patterson of Weeping
Water, Mrs. Spencer-and daughters,
Erma and Florence, of Weeninir
Water; Miss Viva Barton of Lin
coln and Miss Elnora Lorenson of
Weeping Water.
Had a Royal Time.
Last Sunday the palatial home of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook, Bouth of
this city, was the scene of a gath
ering of a party of merry friends.
For the happy occasion Mrs. Cook
bad prepared a sumptuous dinner
and the assembled guests certainly
enjoyed It to the utmost. As it al
ways the case at this cosy home,
Mrs. Cook had looked after the
wants of the inner man in the most
approved manner and all found a
feast before them well worth' the
eating. After dinner Raymond Cook
greatly pleased the crowd by some
very fine music, receiving much ap
plause for his talented work. In the
afternoon a lunch consisting of Ice
cream, oranges and water melon
was served, which made one of the
most enjoyable features of what was
a splendid lay. It was a late hour
when the party broke up and each
went their way having had a mighty
fine day with Mr. Cook and his ex
cellent wife.
Those enjoying this festive oc
casion Included Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Porter,
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Vallery, Miss
Leola Vallery and Mr. Tom Tllson.
Spend Pleasant Time.
Miss Isabella Young very delight
fully entertained the Sunshine band
at her home We'dnesday afternoon.
A pleasant afternoon was whlled
away In sewing and social conversa
tion. Miiis Young treated to a de
licious luncheon, which was enjoyed
by all. ' In the evening all departed
for their homes thinking a delight
ful time was had. Those present:
Isabella Young, Villa Gapen, Loretta
Carroll, Bessie Brendel, Ruth and
Ella Thomason, Clara Copenhaver,
Clara Young, Leona and Marie
Davis, Lela Vallery, Emma Graves,
Wllla and Mary Moore, Olga Mln
ford, Mrs. Warren Wiley, Lucille
Rice and Rex Young.
To Head of Horses for Sale.
The undersigned has 20 head of
good young horses to dispose of at
private sale, In any number de-
Blned. They are large-boned. In
good Bhape, and none of the branco
order. They can be found at mv
place, six miles southeast of Mur
ray. Come and Bee them for your
selves. Trices reasonable.
Frank Vallery,
Found A gold band ring with ini
tials G. E. R., on the Inside. Owner
nuy have same by rnllin;; at the
home of Mrs. V. A. Renno.'y In Mur
ray and paying for th's notlc?.
innkerdtirt not bark Hjud an do ly
tl it t'ibl. I Bin I'lu'nu f In tnn
''' over
. I i. - IM..U. , i - . ,j iXWIVVf Will,.
luultie.i'K kIhuTwI fi. r.'."
Mirtwi'iity vi'iint lr s!ioot' mixllr
iKVoiiL.timMiuMv . ,,lI,ii...,Uilov.T Ani. ricn.
Ami I i. ..I I
IMk ilrnil. f ( vr"i v v i
Colorado Is Prosperous.
E. Palmer, a promlnet farmer
and business man of Akron, Colo.,
who has been making a visit for sev
eral days with John Fight and fam
ily, departed this morning for his
home. Mr. Palmer Is an enthusiast
over Akron and Its vicinity. He
states that the town has been grow
ing wonderfully and developing re
markably. Building Is going on in
every direction. New school build
ings are being erected, a new court
house is In course of construction
and innumerable business blocks are
going up. The prospects around
Akron for crops this fall are better
than In years, last winter having
been a good one with p.ity of snow
and this spring and summer having
followed it with copious rains. Corn
never looked better and wheat and
oats are a crop greater than ever
known In that section. Wheat stands
waist high with large, full heads,
and promises great yields. Mr. Pal
mer stated that he and Mr. Fight
could not agree about Colorado, but
that their disagreement was not vio
lent nor mean. Mr. Fight's son owns
considerable land In the vicinity of
Akron and has been blessed this
year with an abundance of good
things of the earth.
The Overheated Italy.
During the hot season, when the
body Is overheated. It refuses to ac
cept new fuel In the form of food.
The people tries then to lessen the
temperature of the body by taking
Ice-cold drinks. This may give a
temporary relief, but it ruins ' the
working power of the stomach and
the Intestines. Do not neglect to
watch these organs, and as soon as
any trouble comes on use Trlner's
American Elixir of Bitter Wiue, the
great tonic. It will keep the diges
tive organs in normal activity and
therefore in full health; will pre
vent the Bo-called summer diseases.
You should keep It In your house
hold nnd use It as soon as any
change In the appetite or In phy
sical strength is noticed. At drug
gists. Jos. Trlner, 616-022 S. Ash
laud avenue, Chicago, H.
If SicK
Don't risk rren one tingle penny!
An I will tll you why I mjt thU. "
ll li Immwum) tvvry rck ot Pr. Snoop '
medicine w a bsolutely frt f it f'aili.
"'hi m even one tingle penny.
Ju think w ht ihltimnt to tho lullurlnf " lo"8 raised 12,000 bushels oft 60
, NorKk.nm'nv.. nothlnf whutovir un. n(,ro"' s,,lllnK 4S ,,ts. or $96 per
telttofe ne'e; W. II. llalg. SO acres, yield-
wthrrol my IWfl'f .t.4m...ti...-.r. si..)pi Ing 20.000 bushels, for w hich he
Tv.nhytav....nVrhnr,Xt.wT received $12,oo0; Frank Forman of
nnyiunfwstanytnthriMH.ho!SUru rrlsed 40 acres averaging
r tint hint- it n,.u I .1. a .. iinniiih
Potatoes iii Scotts P.lufT C. II.
over yno bushels to the acre; J. S.
Labortew raised to aires, avernte
:;:o bushels: i. j. kip of
Womkn ficrin;. Ill acres. .TOO bushels to tin'1
m.Mllrinhiiv 1 Ul"' excursion is Align.-t
You can buy these land.s row for
JTT, to J?S.") per tore, full, phone or
wtt to our oliiee nt on.e for
fi' Information. Windham In-e-l:net.t
Co.. Assoeiate A"-nts of
I f'.l lie ed in, Mil ('(,.
II" t .! IM'll F.
...... mi .h,m ii'uojyaii vi. Hunt (...r.
-li.-t .1 .to.kt r. u.A. i 4 V.:.,-iw
liio mi 1. -an. I (V. file., ri.k I. num. iK.W,
i ,t r it... i,M- nisi i,run itii, r.
I h.ii mi it'.'tit In i.lm...t -
, . . ' ' ' 1 itiiniinin.
" t ., i r ii.i ilrujti: l iv li", in. ..i, in. ..I I.. ... ..
lll-.H.Ii.V It. I.
hi I ,i !1 l l'i. 11 l,rt 1.1. n .. ...1 .1 ..
,, hi,. i iitu:, mivi ail
dkil'l iitii,.in. up I ,l..i.n,.
ll. Inn itti- ir.M III CnllMlIt Pin tiy I. -r
vili wmil. I ,mr linn,,. ,,!,-,. -.; , ,,,.
n.ily-l ,l. n.. V, mlvi, .. , , ,,,,k
Kr" V"'.e-Hll,t Will,..!,! ,,... IV,,,, , ,
imt.l ,,r vi. Ir.mi mr wi,l , . nr im ,,,., ,...
u in, nl. I I,. i v., 1 , , ..... . . . .
i. "n-iwi'i.;,;,;;;; rs:!!11'81 Mdin.n today r.-p..ite.i
Mi. Iliinve No llctlrr. ,
I e many fi I, mis of Mrs. Lillian
1!,im will !, l'alncl l) leani
II,. !.', ll.. I... A . u III . . .
, i , . . - " "i " ii iii nrw nn-i
hvvhi l l. (n ..n. 1 1 ol my .m ,-.,ni .
i- u- m iim- ur4 --,li lHli( an.l t,. tt .
n.,m u. 1,,,.. w ,,. h i,!,;;1v, u '-'5
11,,., ,,. ,1,,,. ,!., .,., h
..... M..J.M.. ( ra
i.i ....I i-.H.vjt ,. yMt 1U,T ,,' ll
rs no better. Mrs. II. K, Wei,:,iiin,
who Is In tiinaba at the hospital,
states that fl.e steadily grows weak
er and does imr rally. Her condi
tion Is regarded as very nil leal and
small hope Is entertained for her re
covery. This news ionics to lor
'frleinlH as a great slioi U, ax tin y bad
been liopl'ig to bear of a rally and
ultimate recovery.
Hoy Holly made a lt lag trip to
Omaha today, going up on (lie morn
ing train and returning at noon.
As fn the past we give the
BEST and the MOST for
Money. If you have never
tried our service you are
losing money. : : : :
Eifiw & eo.l
Ladies' Aid : Entertained.
The ladles of the Christian church
and friends were entertained ' at
luncheon Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Luther Moore, on
West Pearl street. Mrs. Moore was
assisted in entertaining by Mrs.
William Baird and, regardless of the
warm weather, the event was en
poyed by about forty guests.
An informal program was ren
dered at the conclusion of the short
business session of the society. Miss
Blanche Sayles delighted the com
pany with her art in a piano solo,
receiving an enthusiastic encore, to
which she responded with a selec
tion of equal merit. Miss Sayles was
followed by little Miss Clara Mae
Morgan with a vocal solo, which was
a happy surprise to all present, her
voice revealing a culture that would
have done credit to one much her
senior. Miss Jo Hall was at her
best In one of her popular readings,
which never fall to please her
auditors. Miss Margaret Thomas
also favored the guests with a vocal
solo. She is becoming Justly popu
lar" as a vocal entertainer. Mrs. Mae
Morgan, who never? falls to please
with her vocal selections, added
much to the enjoyment of the oc
casion by her artistic work, which 13
always welcome on any program.
The only pert of the program not
Informal was the luncheon which
followed, anti it is not necessary to
say that U 'vas well served "filling
a long-felt want."
The event netted the treasury of
the aid society a neat little sum and
all the guests voted it one of the
best days In the history of the so
ciety. The only out of town visitor
was Mrs. W. E. Maxon of Panama,
Central America, who is now visit
ing her parents in this city, Mr. and
Mrs. Homer McKay. She will re
main in the states until about Oc
tober 1.
Attended House Party.
Mrs. J. W. Gamble has returned
from Milford, where she and Mr.
Gamble attended a week-end house
party at the home of Drs. Lough
ridge and Do Ogny. Automobile
rides, a trip up the river in boats
and music furnished entertainment.
Tboso present were Dr. W. K.
Loughrldge, Milford; Miss Fay Ev
Ing, Lincoln; Dr. and Mrs. De Ogny,
Milford; Superintendent and Mrs.
J. W. Gamble, Plattsmouth; Misses
Ada Mathers nnd Edith Edmund,
Eldorado, Kas.; Mr. Vilas Larone,
Lincoln, nnd Miss Anna Hayford,
J. D. Fhrnder, the Lincoln Insur
ance man who has been spending
several days In the city In the in
terest cf bis o"i:ii!tv, departed this
morning for the capital city.
As They Saw It.
The baseball fans In Glenwood
are planning to erect some sort of a
suitable nionumeut to the prowess
of Robert LaChapelle for the part
he played In the game last Friday
afternoon between Glenwood and
Bob, with one mighty swat, sent
the ball sailing over left field fence
for a home run. This, too, when
there were three Glenwood men on
bases. Oh, what a sight it was to
see that procession around the bases
and how the grand-stand and bleach
ers broke loose.
The one hit won the game for
Glenwood. The best batter on earth
could have done no better. Four
scores from one hit Is the limit.
Glenwood needed them, too. It
was the seventh inning and two men
were out. Plattsmouth had ' made
her three runs and Glenwood had
but two. Marshall, Pickrel and Hol
llster were the merry gentlemen
who were perched on the bases
when Bob let loose with his bingle.
Guy Kinney, a friend who is here
from Newell visiting Manager Cun
ningham, pitched for Glenwood. He
Is a good player and It Is possible
that he may play with Glenwood the
balance of the season.
This was the second time Glen
wood defeated Plattsmouth this
year. Mills County Tribune.
Has a Big Xew Auto.
The Journal yesterday had a
pleasant call from George Hell, Jr.,
who dropped In to renew his sub
scription to this paper. Mr. Hell had
a party consisting of Herman Wege
ner who also called on the Journal,
and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hell with
him In his brand new thirty horse
power Cadllac automobile. The
party had an enjoyable ride In from
the country, the big machine frisk
ing them along over the roads at a
swift pace and without Jar or trouble
of any kind, The Cadillac is one of
the best machines on the market,
ranking very high as an enduring
machine. Mr. Hell made no mis
take when he Invested In this and
he realizes it already as he is great
ly pleased with Its running powers
and the ease nnd smoothness of Its
action. The machine Is also big
enough and heavy enough to satis
fy any demands which may be made
on It. It Is also a very beautiful
piece of mechanism.
Mrs. Susan Smith and daughter,
Miss Linnle, who have been ..visiting
in the city with John McNurlin and
family, departed this morning for
their home at Princeton, 111. Mrs.
Smith nnd daughter have been mak
ing an extensive visit with relatives
In Oklahoma and this state for past
two miiitlis and en.injlng a nice vacation.
GUTHM AN C. CORY, Proprietors, : : : : Xihraska
We Solicit the Farmers' Trade
CUD and Guarantee Satisfaction. CIT-D
The Perkins Hotel