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    The - Plattsmouth - Journal
r- Published Semi-Weekly it Plattsmouth, Nebraska CZD
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
E.iterdJ at ths Pjsto.!i:e at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class
It wasn't the name that made the fame of
Nebraska's biff crop of new dollar
wheat Is beginning to reach the
grain markets. The corn crop never
showed better prospects than at this
time and nothing short of a wholly
unlikely calamity can now prevent
a bumper crop. Simlliar conditions
prevail in all neighboring states and
thus prosperity will continue to
reign undisturbed.
The Democrats in convention at
Lincoln tomorrow will probably
adopt a platform along the line of
the bank guarantee and non-partisan
judiciary, which are now be
fore tho courts, to declare llielr
legality. It makes considerable dif
ference whoso ox Is gored with the
Republican leaders and officehold
ers. :o:
Governor Shallenborger will ad
dress tho old settlers at the reunion
at Union on Friday, Juno C, and
Hon. T. J. Majors and Judge Ramos
will be there on Saturday following.
It will be noted that good speakers
have been secured for both days. If
you desire to hear Nebraska's gov
ernor bo sure that you attend the
first day. You will never regret
that you went especially to hear
him. lie always pleases his uudl-tors.
Following the dismissal of two
cases brought against Lincoln mer
chants for violating the feniafo om
plrjmcnt law et the state, Commis
sioner Will Mit'ip'-ii H.tya that he will
soon take a '.on of of the
larger cities of the. state, going to
Omaha. He will Investigate the
hours which femr-.le clerk are com
pelled to wo'k and will proheeete
violations of tip? Ir.w. This stature
has been In for for ten yearn, hut
never obeyed. It mukoB It n mis
demeanor for anyoirj to work wo
men more than ten hour? in any one
Judges J. J. Sullivan and II. F.
Good have filed for judges of the
supreme court. The former is well
known to nearly every reader of
thlB paper, having served on the su
premo bench for six years with great
ability and honor. He Is one of the
greatest legal minds in tho west, and
nil attorneys get Justice before him.
Judge Good has great experience as
it lawyer, and has served nearly ten
years as judge of tho district court,
and was endorsed as one of tho two
Democrats endorsed by the State
liar association for appointment by
Governor Sheldon to the new posi
tions on tho bench created last fall.
it me enure- supreme court was
made up of such eminent Jurists do
tisions would rendered Irrespective
cif a client or his attorney's politics
This paper has frequently called
attention to tho necessity of people
knowing and insisting that the foods
they buy come up to tho standard
required by the pure food laws. We
liavo before us the report of the
pure food commissioner of this state
for tho month of April. Fourteen
samples, consisting of buchwhoat
flour, lemon extract, hamburgers
vanimn, vanillin extracts, cream
tartar, asparagus tips and essence of
coffee, were secured from dealers In
different parts of tho state and ox
nmlned. The result was that only
two of tho samples were legal. The
others proved to bo adulterated
Health is too precious a boon to
endanger it by eating Impure foods
when tho law affords you ample pro
leciion against them. Tho grocer
who will supply himself with nbso
lutcly pure food products and then
let the people know that ho handles
Hum will get the trade. It is
helper to buy pure food than It Is
to pay doctor Mild.
We have frequently been asked
why "you bankers are fighting the
bank guaranty law." Now this bank
Is not putting up a fight. We are
willing to let the people have what
they voted for. There are but fifty
state banks and two private banks
In the state that are fighting it,
and all the rest are willing to give
It a trial. We believe there are
some features of the law that would
have been better li ft out, but there
never was a law of any importance
passed that was perfeit and that did
not have to be amended by future
legislatures. We think it will be
the same with this. We think the
day is not far in the future when
every state will have a bank guar
antee law, and why should the
banks fight it? If the people want
It, they are going to have It.
Py I. S. I'latt, President.
Mr. Bryan urged the necessity of
a constitutional amendment. Pre
sident Taft in Ills acceptance speech
Insisted that an amendment was
not necessary. For years the Re
publican leaders have opposed an
income tax and denounced the Dem
ocrats for advocating It. Rut be
hold the change: President Taft
sends a message to congress pro
posing tho submission of an Income
tax amendment and it passes the
sennte by an unanimous vote 77
ayes, nays none. Democratic gov
ernors In states having Democratic
legislatures ought to call extra ses
sions at once and secure Immediate
ratification of the amendment. In
come tax clubs ought to be formed
immediately in every county non
partisan clubs to pledge members
of the various legislatures to vote
for ratification. Now Is the time to
In speaking of the matter of or
ganizing a new party. Senator
Tanner in his South Omaha. Demo-
rat says: "The Democratic party
Is good enough. We don't want any
'new party" In ours. Some of
these men who are jlbberlng con
stantly about reforms and new party
are simply disgruntled because they
are dead wrong. No political party
an retain Its power unless It Is
managed by politicians. That Is
men who give some thought and
study of the political situation. The
place for tho alleged reformers Is In
the salvation army or some stmlilnr
organization. There Is no room for
them in either tho Democratic or
Republican party. This political
name Is purely a commercial pro
position and tho political parties
must ho managed by men who have
something at stake except a politi
cal Job or a chanco to grand stand
at some Chautauqua blow out. No
man can ever again bo elected pre
sident of the United States who Is
at war with the great commercial
enterprises of tho country. Senti
ment Is all right at a Sunday School
picnic but It takes horse sense and
Rood, clean, practical management
to make money out of a legitimate
business enterprise. Tho Democra
it. .
UK puny cannoi afford to chase
Illuminated rainbow reforms. Ilrass
tacks and common sense commer
cial manipulation Is what we want
Politicians who stand constantly un
der n halo of sanctified personlfi
tloti look dangerous to tho average
business man. Honest go eminent,
reasonable regulation and personal
liberty In Its broadest sense Is what
the people want and the time has
come when they are going to cast
their lot with the political party
that will give it to them."
4ft J I i
After all, It Is said the streets in
Havelock are somewhat llvlller than
those In Lincoln.
That loud popping noise you
heard, was the corn starting up out
of the ground after that million dol
lar rain Sunday.
As we said before that fall carni
val will be but then what's the
use? You all know it s going to be
the best ever, anyway.
There can be no doubt of it. The
eight o'clock law put Tolf Hanson
to flight, Just as it is liable to do
others in the future
Who wants to see the Democratic
state convention endorse the stand
of the supreme court on the non
partisan judiciary law?
Look out for the Sox. Chicago
has won eight straight baseball
games now and that means tho
White Sox are going some.
Also, who believes tho federal
court will be approved for knock
ing out the bank guarantee law?
Don't everybody speak at once.
It Is said Senator Aldrlch and
Representative Fayne got real mad
and called one another real, naugh
ty names. This gives us a payne
for they are sure to vote together
on the wind-up.
Senator Gore's appeal to tho Dem
ocrats to endorse the Republican
' insurgents m their fight for re
election to congress Is timely. Rut
how ninny of them will be allowed
to go on the Republican ticket for
That chauffeur who started out
oi wiuniiu i no other night on a
"Joy ride" with sundry female com
panlons, can thank his stars he get!
out without worse loss than a $0.
r.oi) num. Suppose the rldo had re
sulted In his marrying one of the
It was the goodness of the crackers
that made the fame of the name
It rained too much for the sold
iers at Camp Poynter Sunday, and
they had to hunt the shelter ot
their tents. Time was when many
a good soldier was rained on a
whole lot harder than Sunday's rain
and he had no tent to shelter
Inspector McCann indicted at Chi
cago for grafting upon vice in his
district, says It Is a plot of the
criminals to undo him. Maybe so,
Mac, maybe so. If it be so, they
had better make a good Job of It
for when McCann Is cleared If he
Is, he will sure undo them.
According to the Influential
thorltles In jurisprudence in
east, tho proposed Income
the tax
amendment is worse than the aboli
tion of negro slavery. This pro
poses to strike at the wealth and
property of the rich while the other
merely proposed to give the negro
his freedom, regardless of the fact
that he represented a good, round
Investment for the southron. It
does seem to make a difference
whose ox Is gored.
One thing which It would be wis
dom for the approaching stale con
vention of the Democrats to do,
would be to confine the campaign
this year to a fight for a non-par
tlsan Judiciary. There Is no need
to overburden tho people whh a
lot of Issues which do not exist
One thing which is sadly needed In
this state is a Judiciary free from
partisan bias or taint and upon this
Issue. The Democrats have all the
best of It. With two such able and
strong candidates before the people
of Nebraska as Judges Sullivan and
Good. It would be folly to endanger
the chances of their election by the
Injection of matters which con have
no logical beating on the campaign.
Show the people that the Democracy
presents them a tl ket of clean,
actual, hon-pnrtlcan Judges and they
will vote It. Judges Sulllvnn and
Sold only in
Moisture Proof Packages
Good are that kind and their re
cord shows it.
Of course, there is one redeem
ing feature about this Republican
administration. Tnjat Tain yester
day and last night was surely migh
ty fine.
Our worthy ambassador to Merry
England, Whltelaw Reld, has the
royal standard floating over his resi
dence In old Lunnon. It must be
a bally good sight for our engllsh
Only a few days until the big old
settlers reunion at Union on Aug.
6 nnd 7, then the Elmwood Chautau
qua on Aug. 14 to 22, the G. A. R.
reunion at Weeping Water.and then
the big Cass county fall festival in
this city Sept. 1 to 6. See them
all and the last shall be the great
est and wind-up a month of great
Louls Rllerlot, a Frenchman, has
really done something worth while
In the flying line. He has crossed
the Engllsh channel and landed in
Dover, England from Calais, France.
Instead of confining his flights to
enclosed grounds and then only a
few feet above the enrth, he soared
out and showed It could be done
He Is a real navigator of the air.
The committee to raise funds
for the fall carnival report that the
big end of the money has been se
cured and they are now on the down
grade side of the hill. That is the
right spirit and it will be a winner.
Let everyone contribute their share
and Southeast Nebraska will find
Plattsmouth n mighty fine place to
spend the first week In September.
The chief reason why this coun
try has emerged ho promptly from
the Mou r1i of financial nnd Indus
trial depression Is found In the
latest report of the department of
agriculture. The value of this year's
farm products, as estimated by Sec
retary Wilson, is $8,000,000, an In
crease of 5 per cent over the great
record of 1908. The corn crop will
reach 8,161,174,000 bushels, and
there will be 962,933,000 bushels
of oats, 183,923,000 bushels of
barley, 31,928,000 bushels of rye
and 11,250,000 bales of cotton, not
to mention the immense aggregate
of the lesser crops.
These figures are almost too stup
endous to permit a proper realiza
tion of what they mean. Farm me
thods are becoming more scientific,
and therefore, more efficient every
year; the average acre will soon be
producing what the average five
acres used to produce and there
seems to be no limit set upon the
possibilities of developing and in
creasing the productivity of the soil.
The country's potential agricultural
resources are beyond comprehen
sion. Add to them the untold
wealth of our mines and our fisher
ies, and it Is easy to see why actual
hard times cannot last for long.
Mrs. A. O. Tuson, of Llvermore, Cal,
writes: "I picked up from my door
step one day a little book In which I
soon became very much Interested.
My little girl of five years of age had
been troubled for a long tlmo with
loss of appetite, extreme nervousness
nd undue fatigue. She was all run
down and In a very delicate condition.
"This little book was very compre
hensively written, and told of the new
method of extracting the medicinal ele
ments of the cod s liver from the oil,
eliminating the obnoxious oil which la
so hard for children to take.
" 'Just the thing,' said I, -for my little
daughter,' and I Immediately went for
a bottle ot Vinol. It helped her won
derfully. e has gained rapidly In
flesh and strength, and she does not
take cold half so easily.
"I am extremely grateful for the
pood it has done her, and I hope other
mothers who have weak, delicate or
ailing children will be benefited by my
experience and Just give Vinol a trial."
GERING & CO. Druggists
Plattsmouth, Neb