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.ort Items of Interest From Fn
day's Evening Journal
Continues to
! The Missouri rhvr coiuiuurs
rise, It bavin? gone, up two and a
1 half iachrs last Lich and )Werday.
! The rise e'.so continues up the river
- v. i the ren-irta art that the trfnu
! rui.-s art" s. ill rising. The riattfl
is still on the up-
Mrs. M. B. Hauk of Omaha is
visiting with friends in the city.
A. Petstrup is spending today in
Omaha, having gone to that city this
morning on the early train.
Gus Olson made a flying business
trip to Omaha today, going up on the
morning train and returning at noon.
Mrs. Will Smith and sons are
spending the day in Omaha, going
to that city on the morning train.
V. V. Leonard is looking after
business matters today in Omaha, go
ing to that city this morning on the
early train.
Miss Emma Myers Is looking nfter
business matters today In Omaha,
going to that city this morning on
the Burlington.
Mrs. V. E. Sherwood U spending
the day with friends in Omaha, haA'
ing been a passenger for that city
on the morning train.
Mrs. Will Vallery and Miss Jose
phine Vallery were passengers this
morning for Omaha, going to that
city on the early Burlington train.
Mrs. M. E. Manspeaker is among
those spending today in Omaha with
friends, having been a passenger for
that city on the early Burlington
Miss Elizabeth Schumacher of
Arlington, Neb., who has been vl Bit
ing in the city with John Iverson and
family, returned to her home this
William Holly, gents' furnishings
and clothing man of
Omaha today, going there on
morning train.
The condition of Frank Svoboda,
who has been so Herlously 111 for a
S. H. At wood of Lincoln came
down this morning from his home to
attend to business matters.
Louis Rotter Is looking after bus
iness matters In Omaha today, going
to that city on the morning train.
Ed. Baker is spending the day in and Kansas to have easily passed the
Omaha on business matters con- million dollar mark, with many thou
nected with ihe automobile business, sands of peopie homeless and a num
County Clerk Rosecrans is spend- ber of lives lost. The worst of the
ing today In Omaha, going to that flood is over, however, on the upper
city on the early train this morning, rivers and is now passing through
rade and the in-
.ll.:ittnn.i are that tlie river will
reach the highest stage of the year
within the next few days. It Is not
thought that the Iowa bottoms will
be overflowed, however, as this
would take a rise of two feet or
more. There will likely be high
water in the river for some days to
The morning papers report the
flood damage over Iowa, Missouri
i I.Uf . rowing.
ta Tile i'liiow i:S is h iisi vi iue. ut
subscribers a Id-d to the l'LATTS
MOl'TH KXl llANf.K of the Tlatts
nio'ith Ttlt phone Company during
tho ri.tst two months.
N-.'w subs-Til-er.-s i.r. 'H'ii:g a 1 1-1
daily and tlo.e wauling telephones
should place their orders nt once, as
the lower stages Into the Mississippi.
Many towns in Missouri and Kansas
have been devastated and suffered
great loss. There Is a probability that
the wet weather which has caused
all this loss is now drawing to a
close and that a period of fair, hot
wenther Is In sight. This Is badly
needed, ns crops are suffering from
the cuiitinued ruin uud coolness.
W. 8. Shera, the well-known fruit
grower of Rock Bluffs, Is in the city
today looking after business mat
ters. William W. Wolfe nud daughter
of Union are in the city today, com
ing up this morning on the M. T.
Mrs. John Albert, who has been
visiting at her old home in Cedar
1. i. l i i t
i.reeK, reuirneu nome mis morning ,.a,.tlfyinK His Store Room.
on meMiiajier. Louis B. EgenbergT is making
Frank Shopp and family are some improvements and alterations
spending the day in Omaha, being in his store building which will mnke
passengers for that city this morn- it a much pretty one than it has
Ing on the early train. , been. He has been having the chil-
Herman Spies made a flying trip to ,n8 papered w ith a pretty light col
Pacific Junction today, going over In ore(1 Paper, which serves to make
the Interest of his Exqulsito cigars tnl"B8 mueh lighter and more easily
and retumln on No. 23. discerned. He is also going to have
' ivniinm vlvin ,i .f the entire interior painted with a
ii iiiiuiii u; ioi unit n n i v tj-
he Flattsrcouth Telephone Company
s prepared to install telephones any
place ia town on short notice:
ohn Albert, residence.
John Albert, farm.
Miles M. Allen, residence.
ames Andrus, residence.
W. A. Brlssey," residence.
Barker & Parmele, garage.
George Bruhle, residence.
W. M. Barclay, restaurant.
!. L. Carlson, residence,
ames Cahall, residence.
Frsnk Curt'8, rea!dence.
Lee Cotner, residence.
C. Despaln, residence.
Dovey & Lincoln, farm.
W. F. Fisher, residence.
C. S. Forbes, residence.
Adam Fornhoff, farm.
Mrs. Ida Gilbert, residence.
V. II. Gochenour, residence.
Carrie Greenwald, photo gallery.
L. D. Hlatt, residence.
Miss Freda Herald, residence.
William Holly, residence.
Fred M. Hesse, residence.
engers this morning for Watson,
Mo., where they will make a short
visit with relatives and friends.
C. S. Lusk, the popular represen
tative of the National Cash Register
light colored paint and this will also
aid In giving the store a brighter
appearance. The work Is being
pushed to a finish and when it is com
pleted the store will be a handsome
one. It not alone nresents a nleas-
this city, is company' came ,n thla momlnK to ai))earance. but lveB the 8tock
1'iair ii' i r n ma monv tiicrsimna in h i
nfter business matters In Ha much better appearance. The im
the y" provementa will cost him quite i
Edwin Jenry, the prominent bank-1 sum of money and take some time
er and attorney of Lincoln, came to complete. He is having a great
down this morning from hla home to deal of grief Just now on account of
ing time, is reported this morning atten41 to some professional business having to keep his stock on the move
as more favorable, he having spent a
good night. It is hoped his rally will
continue and that he will soon be
himself again.
Henry Donat, tthe liquor salesman,
depnrted this morning for a trip over
part of his territory, going to the
northwest, where he will spend sev
eral weeks. Lnter ho makes his
southwestern territory, goln
south ns the const.
Mrs. A. L. Jackson returned to her
home In Oninha this morning, after a
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs,
H. J. Strelght. Mr. Strelght, men
tion of whoso Illness has been mnde
In this city.
Mrs. John V. Dutton and children
who have been visiting in the city
with her mother, Mrs. S. E. McEI-
waln, departed this morning for their
home In Lincoln.
Miss Hllrna Erickson Is visiting
with friends in Omaha this morning,
going to that city on the early Bur
ns far Ungton train.
Clarence E. T.efft, .the Weeping
constantly to avoid the workmen.
They Were Friends.
Two men came here from Nehaw
ka yesterday and loaded up with In
toxicants and about noon they were
down near Fifth street and got into
an altercation. One man beat the
other up In a shameful manner, cut
ting several gashes in his face and
bursting his nose open. They fought
until they were tired and non
bothered them. After It was all over
victor took his vanquished
Water attorney was In the city to
Hnv Innlftnir nftor nrrifrtaulnnti 1 l.nal- .
" ' me
nnaa .it 41... a....-, 1. I
v "e. frpn(j an(, wafihed h,m U)) Lf)UIul up
Mrs. J. M. Ruby, of Eagle, came his wounds and then went into a
in last night iTrom lu home t thirst palace, where they slaked their
from time to time, Is reported ns Englo to visit during the dny and at- thirst and seemed as friendly ns he-
progressing ns favorably c could be tend to some business matters. fore they had any trouble, and last
expected, and In due senson will be Carl Darrow of Rock Mountain,. N. evening they went to the depot arm
himself once more. c Is expected in the city today for a In arm and left for their home. They
Mrs. John Bajeck and Onughter visit with W. J. White and family, were friends, It was remarked, and
Elizabeth were passengers thla morn- Mr. Darrow Is related to the Whites, lout for a good time. Nebraska City
Ins for Omaha, where thev eo to being a cousin. I News.
have the young lady's eyes examined. Charles Huffke, a prominent Om-
She has been suffering with her eyes aha nttorney, was in the city today
ror some time ana It wns determined looking nfter business In district
to call in Dr. Glfford, the Omaha court and making a visit with his
specialist, for consultation. folks in this city.
Mrs. M. A. Root of Mendota. 111.. T. H. Pollock.
N. Harmon, residence.
Herold & Fitt, garage.
N. Jordan, residence.
G. Johnson, residence.
(Jus Johnson, residence.
Jones Grain Company, elevator.
J. F. Karvanek, residence.
Andy Kroehler, residence.
H. F. Leppert, residence.
Mrs. Jno. Murray, residence.
Mrs. Lena Maurer, residence.
G. Melslnger, farm.
Hugh Norton, residence.
Henry Offe, residence.
R. A. Osborn, residence.
Jesse Perry, barber shop.
L. H. Petersen, residence.
W. T. Russel, residence.
Mrs. Mary Roberts, residence.
A. C. Rodgers, residence.
Wiliam D. Smith, residence.
Wlllam Shea, residence.
Mrs. Jno. Sharp, residence.
Mrs. Mary Svehla, residence.
David S. .Taylor, residence.
L. P. Thomas, residence.
J. Terhune, residence.
Mrs. Mattie Williams, residence.
Michael Whelan, residence.
Wade Windham, residence.
C. C. Wescott, residence.
E. H. Wescott, residence.'
R. B. Windham, Jr., residence.
Frank Warren, residence.
Mrs. Stephen Wiles, residence.
Weyrlch & Hadroba, drug store.
Emll Weyrlch, residence.
Mrs. L. E. Van Dorn, residence.
T. C. Vroman, residence.
J. C. Yost, residence.
: Short Items of Interest From Satur.
day Evening's Daily Journal
Big Wages for Harvest Hands.
me Omaha world-Herald says
Nebraska farmers want harvest nanas
and want them bndly. The extent
of that desire ninv hn nieiiRiirwl hv
ffenprm m.innper I ' '.
who has been in the city for seevral of the Plnttsmouth Telephone com- the waK,'s wh,ch they re .willing to
I 1 .1...- 1. 1 l I l
days making a visit with Mrs. W. L. pany, who has been out In the state
Street, was a passenger this morn- on business for several duys. came
ing for Omaha, Mrs. Street neeom- In this morning on No. 4
panylng her for a day's sightseeing In
the Nebraska metropolis.
Mrs. J. J. Svoboda who has been
spending several days with relatives
and friends at Prague, Neb., return
ed to her home this morning.
Albert Scuttjer.was a passenger
this morning on the early train for
Omaha, where he w ill spend the day
with friends.
George Horn came down this
morning from Cedar Creek to spend
the day In the city looking after bus
iness matters.
Emmons Rlchey came in this
morning from Louisville where he
has been for several days on busi
ness matters.
Mrs. Emily Dickson departed this
morning for Ashland and Grand
Island, where she will spend several
days visiting with friends.
C. M. Freeman and family of Om
aha, who have been spending severnl
days in the city with William Budig
and family, returned to their home
this morning on the early train.
Mrs. R. Hetherlngton and baby
were passengers this morning fo.
Ralston, Neb., where Mr. Hetherlng
ton is employed. They expect to
make a visit with him over Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Eaton and daughter
Florence of Colorado City, Colo., are
here visiting her mother, Mrs. Rheln
ackle. Mrs. George Stamm of Have
lock, another daughter, is also visit
ing her mother.
Messrs. M. and A. Walker of the
Majes ic theater, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Reld of Illinois, who
are their guests, are visiting in Om
aha today, having gone to that city
on the morning train.
In county court this morning the
first hearing on claims against the
John Gordon estate was held. Wil
liam H. Pool administrator of the
estate was present and all claims
were examined and allowed.
Robert Hunter leaves this after
noon for Nehawka, where he ex
pects to take employment in the
grocery store of John Swartz. Bobby
is well known In this city as a hust
ler and a good grocery clerk, and he
will doubtless make good with Mr.
It surely pays to advertise. Col.
H. C. McMaken a few days since lost
a pair of spectacles and last night
he saw the advertisement of a pair
Will Your Xanie lie F.nterod There? being found In the Journal. He called
Today Is "Weed Day" and Mayor at the office this morning, identl-
Sattler's proclamation has set people fled the glasses and paid for the ad-
t work all over the city cleaning I vertlsement, going on his way rejolc-
ut the weeds. Reports from every I ing. it pays to advertise.
part of town indicate that the com- Frank Svoboda is renorted this
mltteQ which will go out tomorrow morning' as continuing to gain and
will find the streets and property B8 feeling quite well. He passed a
clean and free from the pest. In the K00d night and rested well. He has
First ward many people are reported commenced to take on flesh and Is
to have started In several days ago now In better condition than for
... i
nd to have been at weed cutting in 80me time past. His many friends
an energetic manner. Today the am nlcnseri tn note his nrocreRs nnd
force at work wns much larger. The trust he will continue to Improve
Gus Roman was a passenger this
morning for Lincoln, where he bad
business matters to look after.
Mrs. AV. P Speck and baby were
passengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will spend the day.
John C. Clarence of Union came
up from his honie this morning to
look after business matters in the
Fred A. Murphy and wife came
down this noon on the train from
Omaha to visit over Sunday with
alter L. Propst, the hustling
young farmer from near Mynard,
was In the city yesterday looking
after business matters. Incidentally
he was looking for a man to helplu
the hay field.
W. H. Pool, a member of the fl-m
of Pool & Colbert at Weeping Water
and ex-register of deeds, came down
last evening to attend to business
matters in county court this morn
ing. While here he paid the Jour
nal a pleasant and appreciated call.
John and Ernst Black, sons of
Robert Black, who have been making
their home In Los Angeles, Cal., for
the past five years, have been visit
ing in the city for several weeks, the
ucsts of Mrs. E. R. Todd and P. E.
Ruffner and wife. They returned to
their home in California this morning.
hoe Mierwoou, who lias been en
gaged In painting at Pacific Junction
Charles Murphy, ono of the best for several weeks past, came over
pay $3 a day and board which
Just about reaches the maximum of
fered anywhere. i
Since corn Is Nebraska's staple
product, reaching many times over
the annual harvest of wheat, oats
n ll.l tt.n IIia tin. .... Vnn.t.
known and most prominent citizens last evening for a visit with his folks, ,,0,n.t comB wh th(J Bamo y .
,.e,uer P ecu, . , v ng near fl,an- returning to h.a work this morning. pnre nH from th
ley, was In the city today In ronnec r. H. Field, formerly of the Quaker ., , 1
linn HI, T.O.- n O..I .... t, J.. . I .w.noi v ,.c u s wilful
....I ....I, tu.7 uuuii v.. Valium vmiuo iii-uicuy eoiiiiniiy, who nas neen in
In county court. He came down on the city for somo time visiting
the Schuyler and returned this after- friends, departed this morning for
noon to Uulsvllle. Omaha, where he will Join a summer
In county court today the matter theater company which Fitzgerald,
of the administration of the estate forn,,'rl' Qunkers, Is organlz
of John C. Qulnn was heard. Charles ,nK-
Murphy, a prominent citizen of Man- Frank Iloetel, who has been llv
loy, was the witness In the case lK In Omaha for soma time pnst,
and wns appointed administrator of departed for that city this morning
the estate, Mr. Murphy was also to make arrangements to move his
named ns gunrdlan of the minor family back here, where he has se-
rniniren or me deceased. cureu employment. The many
Peter Eveland. the prominent c-lt-1 'rl Mr. and Mrs. Boetel will
tie glad to welcome them back to
their old homo In this city.
Izen, who hns been spending several
days In the city on business matters,
depnrted this mottling for his home,
going by way of Omaha. Mr. Eve-
land Is contemplating the purchase
It Hum Some Hoy.
Wlutcrsteen Hill is the scene of
. n m .. I..n. ..1.1 1 .. . .1... I - I .... . ... .
vi nil ii ii 1, ii 1 1 ii i ii? mi im- iiMin-iiuMicv lesuvity aim rejoicing today over
of his family and for business use, the advent of the stork, who jester
nnd while here took occasion to ex- day visited the home of Will Graves
amino nnd test the several mukei of nnd delighted that gentleman nnd
machines In use here. Wfe w,h n i,ran,j IH,Wf bouncing
Mrs. J. L. Thompson, who had the baby boy. It Is some boy according
misfortune to sprnln her kneo sev- to the proud father and the fond
ernl days since. Is reported this mother, and the neighbors all agree
morning ns no better. She Is able they have a right to feel pretty gay
to get about the lioui with the aid over the youngster. Mr. Graves is
of crutches, but It Is tiresome and a sedate person, but on this occasion
cxceedlimly painful. It Is hoped that he Is Justified In getting foxy and
ihe will soon receive relief and cutting him some capers. Ho is
speedy p-covery r.nd be able to he quite a dlffeient man from what he
out among her many friends. n yeMcrday morning.
raisers of Minnesota nnd the Da
kotas. The need for harvest hands.
however, Is none the less acute.
"I could place 500 men in the har
vest fields right now," said W. M
Maupln, state labor commissioner
'I have stack of letters from farm-
era on file In my office asking for
harvest hands. But I haven't the
men to Bend them.
"It isn't harvest hands alone that
farmers of Nebraska are needing,
either. They want men for reeular
all the year around work, and they
are willing to pay attractive wages
A good farm hand can get $3!
month, a house to live in, a good
sized garden plot, a cow and plenty
of feed for it, by making Inquiry at
almost any farming community In
the state," says Mr. Maupln.
Second ward reports a similar condl-
Mrs. J. L. Thompson is reported
lion of affairs, while the big Third todav .,, D1.fla!tav no bett,
s pusning u.e wee.i cumng loaay ghe flnd8 u quUe imp08Blble t0 get
with great vigor and hopes to make
the best showing of the city. The
Fourth ward citizens are also out in
force nnd are doing their best to
establish the fact thnt they are the
real hustlers. The Fifth Is not be
hind and will have as dean streets
and premises as any. Taken all
around, when tomorrow dawns the
ha noes are good that Plattsmouth
will have the cleanest streets and
less weeds tharf any city in Ne
braska. This is as it should be, and
bespeaks a splendid civic feeling and
one which makes for a better Platts
mouth. The committee will have its
report in the Journal on Monday
evening and your name should re
reive honorable mention.
about, even with crutches, and has
concluded not to try to do so until
she is quite well and the weak knee
fully recovered. It will likely be
several days before she will be In
shape o be about.
Robert L. Mauzy, who has been
visiting his parents, M. Mauzy and
wife, for several weeks, departed this
morning for his home In Denver, Col.
Bob 'is employed in the Union depot
news stand and will always be at
home to his Plattsmouth friends. He
expects to meet T. S. Clifford on his
return and take care of him while in
the mountatn city.
Mrs. A. J. Janda and baby and
Eddie Kanka returned this morning
from a trip of several weeks In the
east. Mrs. Kanka was a visitor with
relatives and friends In. New York,
and on her return home met Eddl ,
Kanka at Chicago. He had bed
visiting with relatives In Racine
Milwaukee, Wis., and at
They all made the trip home to-Sy
W. C. Bartlett, assessor for Stove
Creek precinct with his home In Elm-
wood, was in the city last evening
coming down from Omaha. After
spending the night here with Coun-
tv Clerk UnRoncrnna nnil frtonrla ha
departed for his home this morning.
1 1 T"l i . . . i . a . i . ,
. . . ,1 .
ci ais vi nia ncciiuii ol uie counry
and a mighty fine gentleman in
every way. He is a welcome visitor
In this city and is quite well known
For three or four days Silas Breck
enrldge has been attracting atten
tion by his curious actions and the
secret and whyfore has Just come to
the surface. Several days since the
stork in his rounds left with Mr. and
Mrs. Breckenrldge a fine, bouncing
baby girl. Silas really thinks she is
Just a little the best ever, and Mrs.
Breckenrldge is a very proud mother
and fully agrees with him. This ex
plains why he has that wide-open and
pleasing smile on his face. Both the
mother and child are doing finely.
A. I HeckT, one of the best farm
ers and stock raisers in Cass county
iuoiic(i over in mo cny a few mln
men nisi evening en route from Om
nhah to his home near t'nlon. M
Decker has one of the finest farm I
Cass county, nnd Is also the possess
sor of a grent deal of fine stock nnd
Iioks. He has his crop In good
shape despite the wet weather nnd
hopes a dry spill will now come on
for awhile until he gets nil his work
done. Ho drove to and from the rltv.
Killed by the Cars.
A special from Weeping Water
under date of yesterday, sayB: "One
man was killed and one seriously In
jured at 1 p. m. today by the Mis
souri Pacific freight train, Conductor
Klepser In charge. The train was
coming north and about two miles
from Avocn two men who work In
the quarry near town nnd hnd been
to Avoca, were sitting on the end of
cross ties resting. The engineer sup
posed they would move, but they
did not seem to realize the danger.
Robert Haswell. nn Englishman
about C.'i years old, was Instantly
killed and his companion, Hugh
Rone, about 37 years old, was struck
on the side of the hend nnd a deep
hole made in his skull. He may live.
The coroner hns been notified.
Let us show you our line of Hay Tools. We are
sole agents for Star, Louden and Ney Hay Tools and
can compete with anybody, no matter where located,
on prices. Let us show you the
London Hay Fork Returner
and snatch pully , which saves you almost half the
time nnd labor necessary in unloading hay in a barn
at an expense of less then $5 00. Once used it will
never be discarded. Alsonover sickley and sections
of all standard makes.
Oeorge Sheldon, the prominent
capitalist of Lincoln, spent the night
In this city looking after business
matters, returning to the capital this
: Nebraska.