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Idaily personal news I
Short Items of Interest FromMon
X day's Evening Journal
B. A. McEIwaln came in this morn
ing from the north having spent
Sunday in Omaha.
L. W. Lorenx ia spending the day
In Omaha going to that city on the
larly morning train.
Attorney Maxwell of Omaha spent
Miss Leona Brady was among
those who were passengers this
morning for Omaha.
Gus Swansea is spending the day
in Omaha being a passenger for that
city on the early train.
Before the Hoard of County Com
missioners of Haundeia County,
i'uisuanl to tn oruer of tne lioaid
of County Commissioners of tjaunders
County. Nebraska, made and entered
on June 7. HU!, and by virtue of the
authority vested in me by the statute
of the Utate of Nebraska hereinafter
described, I, A. N. Elraelund. County
Clerk of Saunders County, Nebraska,
do hereby give notice that on May 21,
lituit, Abel ii. Fuller. Nelson Sheffer,
II l Coleman. C. Kettle. K. K. Hays,
O. l. Kettle. Chas. Miller, A. J. Sanger,
Margaret Wollen, alary jMpcrifii,
J it. tiranner and it. w. Dean uia mm
in the cilice of the County Clerk of
Kaunders County, Nebraska, their peti
tion In writing and also their bond
with surely thereon, all in manner
aiid form aa by law required, ana said bond and tne aureiy ineie-
on was on saia uai vy myyivr.
the object and prayer oi saiu peti
tion being- for the organisation of
Ashland iralnure District, and said
petition being- Med under the pro
visions of an Act of the Legislature of
Pnl Aultu'lth nt fho Mnannlf hnitip
Attorney Maxwell 01 oniaua eoc... "7 Z , 7 the TaTe of Nebraska, approved ky
Sunday In this city and vicinity visit- business today, being a passenger for Governor thereof on March if,
. .... - LDUL uuihl oil me muiiiiuK iram. i
inr win rhiiii ivt'B. i - - -
cum T.nnf nnd wife were DaiaS-
,1.1. -ni fnr timsha where for the O'Neill line where he will win be improved by drainage to build
gcio ium """"! . . , . .v dykes andlevies.tocon8iruci.Bira kiii-
they will spend the day.
D. F. Eichelberger was in the city
yesterday holding Holiness meet
ings, returning to Tabor, la., this
Mrs. J. W. Johnson was a passen
ger this morning for Lincoln where
attend to carpenter work for the wlden deepen or altar any ditch,
uurungton. , i""r- rVeVt bank bf
Matthpw fierlnir la look ne after ny stream or mien, m i-.i.h
Aiattnew oering is iuukiiib H1(-er I i!,rr extend, improve or maintain
professional business In -Omaha to- any drainage system; to construct,
day, going to that city on the early Bnv ytem of control of surface wa-
..i iter or running waier, unu . m
II cin lino uiuiutiig. nl.llvutlnna mill OOWerB Of SUCh COT'
B. W. IHatt and wife of Klsing lnciuinK rL"J;
lnir of negotiable bonds, and the
nent domain, the creation ot oeois
ritv. Nnh.. urn In th oltv mnkln? (Hxulne of negotiable bonds, and in
fine Will maao a t""i """ - i, t nondal assessments on
fnr several davs a vl811 ",in Alr- parents, wr,
Former County Attorney Rawls. and Mr8 M' Hlatt
now located at Granada, Col., re- France Ballance visited over Sun
turned to the city this morning for a day In the cty with his parents, re
visit with his family. turning to Glenwood, la., this morn-
Mrs. W. II. Russell and sister ot ln on lbe carly traln
Ashland. BDent Sunday in the city the A. Searle is among those having
guests of Mrs. Harmon, returning
to their home this morning.
W. H. Lair and wife of Havclock
spent Sunday in the city, the guests
of their daughter, Mrs. Charles
business in Omaha to look after
day, being a passenger for that point
Ion the morning train.
Messrs Tcrcy Willams and Frost
Walker of Omaha were over Sunday
such real emaie anu me f""""1"
therein as may he uenenttea oy such
wnrk knil defining the duties
and powers of public officials" and the
amendments thereto.
That the boundaries or saia pru us-
ed Ashland Drainage District as nxeu
and determined by said Board of
County Commissioners Dy saiu oruer
entered on Juno 7, 1900, are as fol
lows, to-wit:
(All sections rererrea 10 neiow nm
In Township No. 12 North, Itange ino.
Nine East of the Sixth I'. M., sections
one to twelve both inclusive are in
Suunders County, Nebraska. All other
sections referred to are in Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.)
Commencing ai ine cenier ijiwi m
the Intersection of Third and. iey
streets In the City of Ashland, Ne
Gus Olson, of the Olson Photo- J- , Oltroegge departed this
graph Company, departed this mora- morning for Ashland and other
for Valley. Neb., where he will points west, after spending Sunday
take some vlewi for th good people in the city with his family.
of that comunlty. " A. C. Tulent and wife are spending
fhlo ninrn. I etiPstH of Karl Travis, returntne l hrmkn. thence west three blocks
I,tW "J" - , along the center line of Dey street to
Ing. their homes last evening. the center of the intersection" of Dey
ana olxin sireeio m saiu vny, iiitnv
north one block along the center line
of Sixth street to the center of the in
tersection or Klxtn ana Oliver sireeis
in sld Cltv: thence west three blocks
lnir (ha renter lln of Silver street
to the center ot tne intersection m
Hllver and Ninth streets In said City
thence south two blocks along the
Mis. Catherine and Edith Dovey the afternoon in Omaha going to that dcit'yto the east nd west center
.nd Mr. Walter Spotford, of Ban city on the afternoon train. "eAiVtonarwest iSSter" line of
Francisco, were passengers this Mrs. C. A. Marshall Is spend ng Sections 2 and 3 to the southeast
' . . .. ... ,, , . . , corner of the west half of the north-
morning for Omaha where they will the afternoon In Omaha being a pas- west quarter or said section 3; thence
spend the day with friends. senger on No. 23 for that city. HamtSniifn "S:' hnc'eVeVong
W. J. Lorenz, now located at Mrs. Dr. Elster Is spending the af- JX"" to"" hS"orfhwe.t cSrnef of
Odell. Wb.. cime In Saturday nleht ternnnn with relntlvpn In Omaha irn. I section 4; thence south to the center
for a visit with bis brothers, going Ing to that city on No. 23 this af-
to Omaha this morning. Mr. Lorenz ternoon.
is erecting a new brick building at I a t. i.nnlnskv. sale- aent for the
Odell and bis mission to Omaha to-1
Va 111 at i Brewing Company, Is In
.day la to invest in materials for its the clty loday looklnK after bu8,.
tompletloi. ncss matters.
Mils Mattie Rand of Alccster, 8
D., a sister of H. E. Rand of this city,
and Mr. Earl Holt of Worlding,
Wyo., a nephew of Mr. Rand, who
have been visiting him In this city,
departed this morning for Holdrege,
Neb., where they will make a visit
before returning home.
Mrs. John Maurer departed thU
noon on No. 23 for Omaha from
which city she will go to Central
City, N. M., where her husband and
son have a claim. She expects to
remain for some time making them a
visit. i i .,.
Master William Kyle of the Ma
sonic home departed this noon for
Omaha from which point he will like
ly go west with a prominent of
fleer of the Masons who Is looking
after his education and caring for
"County Attorney Ramsey returned
home from Ban Antonio, Tex., Satur
day night only to find It necessary to
nt the west Una of said section 4
thence west to the center of
section S; thence south to the
center of the south line of said
section 5; thence west along the
south line or said section b to tne
northeast corner of the west half of
the northwest quarter of section k;
thence south one mile to the south
east corner of the west one-half of
the southwest quarter of said section
8: thence east along the south line of
said section 8 to the northeast cor
ner of the west half of the north
east quarter of section 17: thence
Omaha where they wll spend the af- uth to the southeast corner of the
, . . , west half of the northeast quarter of
temoon With friends. said section 17; thence west to the
r.l v,.i,sn,n. I. i,.,in i.ii .. center of the west line of said sec
Carl KunBman is buying fatter cat- t0n ,7. thence south along the west
tie and hogs and steers and things !ine.lof "a,d "ection IT and section 20
. . B Ito the center of the west boundary
Misses Julia and Gretchen Donnel
ly were passengers on No. 23 for
tracts In said County, except the
right of way of the Omaha Southern
Kailway across the same.
or sufficient amount thereof to
bring the sum of t3o0.00 for the pay
ment of debts allowed against said es
tate of the cost of administration and
in addition thereto tne costs of this
proceedings there not being any per
sonal property to pay the said debts
and expenses.
It is therefore ordered that all per
sons interested !n said estate appear
before me at Chambers at my offlce in
the Court House In the City of
i'lattxmouth, Nebraska, on the 24th
day of July, 190S. at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day to show cause why a li
cense should not be granted to said
administrator to sell the above real
estate of said deceased or so much
thereof as mav be necessary to pay
said debts and expenses.
Dated this 7th dav of June, 190.
Harvy I). Travis.
Judge of the District Court.
D. O. Dwyer,
From the Times.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry DeLong of
Plattsmouth are visiting at the home
of George DeLong and family.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Schlater of Platts
mouth, parents of Mrs. Joseph Tighe,
arrved in town Wednesday and will
visit a week at the Tigbe resid
The Citizens State bank, which
opened a couple of weeks since in the
new Blddlecom block on Jackson
street, has been doing a satisfactory
business, considering the short time
It has been In business.
Mrs. W. F. Ackerman met with a
painful accident one day this week.
She wa washing a pantry shelf and
ran a large splinter under her finger
nail. Being unable to remove the
splinter herself she called a doctor
and it was necessary to remove part
of the nail before the splinter could
be reached.
Last Saturday Mrs. V. F. Hoffman,
Past Worthy matron and Mrs. R.J.
Jones of the Martha Washington
chapter, 0. E. S., by specia invita
tion from Electa chapter of Lincoln,
visited the Masonic home at Platts
mouth. The visiting party, aside
from Mesdames Hoffman and Jones,
consisted of ten from Lincoln, two
from Wahoo and one from Council
Bluffs. The party was met at the de
pot In Plattsmouth by Assist Grand
Conductress Gamble and the worthy
motron ' of the Plattsmouth odge with
automobiles and taken to the home,
where they inspected the building and
grounds, took dinner and were shown
a good time generally. The home,
they say, is an anchantlng spot, with
mammoth trees, velvety lawn and
courteous attendants.
Idaily personal news !
Y Short Items of Interest From Tues- V
X day Evening's Daily Journal
that city on No. 23.
II. S. Austin and wife were pas
Bengera this afternoon on the Bur
llngton train for Omaha where they
will spend the afternoon.
Mrs. Peter Turn departed this af
ternoon for Oniuha where she will
take up her residence, going there to
consult a specialist for her eyes.
iMss Anna Taylor and little daugh
Omaha this afternoon going to I line of said section 20; thence east
along inn earn ana wesi cenier line oi
said section 20 and section 21 to the
center of the east boundary line of
said section 21; thence north along
the east boundary line of said sec
tion 21 and section 16 to the north
east corner of said section 16; thence
east along the north line of sections
i and 14 to the center of the north
boundary line of said section 14;
thence north to the northwest corner
of the southwest quarter of the south
east quarter or section 11 ; thence east
to the northeast corner of the south
east quarter of the southeast Quar
ter of said section 11; thence north to
the northeast cornel of va'd heel Ion
II Ihlll,,' Wvt Itl.,!.. tl,. MAII, 11-,-
ter of LaPlatte made a brief trip to or said section u to if point where u,e
the city this afternoon to do some v""!.?'' V.'rr"!, Ml
ClilcaKo. lturllngton & Qulnuy Rail
ma ti Cnmnunv 4 lianna ultnif H a
John Martin, telephone lineman I southeast boundary line ot the right
PTlranrdlnnrv la Innlrlnir aria- l" wm n" ep grounds 01 the SSld
extraorainary, is looking after some Chicago, iiuriington ft Quincy iuii
unfinished business In Omaha th Is af-P0. "P"" northeasterly di-
.... rectlon to i point where said sonth
ternoon, going to that City on No. 23. ""t boundary line Intersects the ten-
iter line vi main sreei in Slid City or
Saturday afternoon Judge Beesonl Ashland: thence due west along the
cenier une oi main street and across
to the intersec
tn streets in said
ftlnnr th ... nt..
and Miss Anna Swanson, aged 20, of I Hne of Third street one block to the
in, i in, oi ut-Kinning, me largest por-
Miss Blanche Waters of Gran , , , I boundaries being located in Saun-
and. Neb., is visiting In the city, I . u "n.. u . Ty" . " """a our,N: .v.
1ha rnrat r,f hor hrctW Ti O . ln lno ln n" I01K re- boundaries of aahl nrnnn..i' " a.i,ih mi., w.i or. i. . inai.i,, I turning to her music classes In Oma-1 Drainage District and all others con
WBtert. Miss Waters IS a teacher Of " .win cerned are hereby notified that an
music both instrumental and vocal 8 l"c lY'ViSS TV-ST- th. ? FrWV' ?u y.
II nvtnn train I 'i iu between the hours of eight
and a young lady of much ability. K 0 1 al ' e,oc.k. m- and six o'clock p, m. at
o at oncn to Lincoln wher he waa
called by professional business. He unlleJ marriage at his ofrie John said depot grounds
wrcnt up yesterday morning expecting D,,uuu"' K,U 41 01 Atlantic, ia , city; thence nortn i
... nnii m as snr
to return today. "
4vui;i', iun,
young lady of much ability
The Journnl understands that she
mediates opening classes ot both
kinds In the city and living here,
Robt. W. Sherwood Is In Omaha
today purchasing the tiling, trim
nilngs and the like for the new store
front which la being put ln the build
log. When it Is completed the Sher
wood building will be one of the
handsomest and best In the city
Mr. Sherwood necessarily finds It
Inconvenient to have the store torn
up and littered with rubbish from
Ttennrla frnm thn lioituMa nt kn.V I the Office of the Count v rierlr of u.n.
QvM nV- .;. . 7fc r . h V ,v ST .Clunty' Nebraska'. In the County
Svoboda are to the effect that the Court House at Wahoo, In said Coun-
patlent rested very easy all day jit-Vo? uT tl 7l0B.. a" W'S
terday, and his many friends will I "r5,n,r1? i'"tri t shall be determined,
. . . . , fnd , board of seven directors shall
uu 5111U iu ivaru oi vue improve-1 eieciro, sain pnard to take office
roniinnpnuy on tne formation of
VHIIl oisirici.
In witness whereof t have hereunto
Philip H. Melnlnger, one of the
popular and well known MeUtnger
brothers and one of Cass county's
best citizens Is spending today In
the city looking after business mat
ters, driving ln this morning.
Fred Hess was down from Have-
No One in Plattsmouth Who Itas a
Bad Back Can Ignore This
Double Proof.
Does your back ever ache?
Have you suspected your kidneys?
Backache is kidney ache,
With it comes dizzy spells,
Sleepless nights,
Dlstreslng urinary disorders.
Cure the kidneys to cure it all.
Doan's Kldnek Pill will bring
quick relief.
Bring thorough, lasting cures.
You have read Plattsmouth proof.
Read now the Platsmouth sequel.
Renewed testimony; tested by
Herman Herod, corner First and
Rock streets, Plattsmouth, Neb.,
says: "My back was very lame and
painful and unfitted me for work
If I stooped sharp pains added to my
suffering and I waa also annoyed by
the Irregular passages of the kidney
secretions. I had headaches and was
In a miserable condition when my
attention was called to Doan's Kid
ney Pills. I procured a box from
Gerlng & Co.'s drug store and I was
so pleased with the great benefit
they brought that I publicly endors
ed them. Although almost three
years have since passed, I still
recommend the remedy highly and
advlBe Its use to other kidney suf
subscribed my name and attached my
official seal as County Clerk of 8aun
ders County. Nebraska, at my ofnee
n the County Court House at Wahoo
in said county this June S. 1909
(SKAt.)l Mmelunfl.
County Cletk of Saunders
I r- . . J . ... . ...
the work, but has the satisfaction un" 10 pma tne aay wun
of th.t mhm, i u nve tt. ni" nioiner ana lamuy. red was
" ...... , ... - .. . ., ..
In the District Court of Cass Coun
will have a store to be proud of. " vnc un,e on ino Jrnai rorce ana in tub matter op tub rutatb
Fred Kovar of Schuyler, one of the aUa- hsnk" to "pe the J"" The mrr.
young men who are trying to make to ntl n" ua a r"' SSmtKioVSf Vhe'VaTit.rffi
the trip from Schuyler lo Nen Or- ,p""r- C. Ramsey. II. A. Wnir, deceased, praying for license to
r. 1. . . 1 . 1 . ir 1- a . sell.
iinns rvemn anu j. 11.1
l..n. In . hmunliniil o il I. r..!ln I lul 1
nonir. waa a niiRKcnccr for Omaha 18
this morning, anlng tin to obtain I Tp,tH8
inme renlra for th iiisrhlnerv of I holilors
the boat. It was mxesHary to wall thl returned home last
here until the repairs could h ob- 8t"ay night. J. K. McDunlel who
tamed which lias delayed them nil ft,so wna tt n,,,n,h,,r of the committee,
this week
Beginning at a point Forty-one (41)
who have been to Gardendalo, r0,'!". N,,r,!'..ot .u,e '"ter i.f Action
. as a committee from the land luVslrti." nmnrMn'ui
rs of the Bermuda colony la Rft rXnM'y
Prof. Ed. Srhulhof spent Sunday
In the city wlth hls folks, rcturtilng
to (ilonwood this morning. Mr,
Schulhof KlHtes that Glenwood In
stopped off to visit nt his former
home nt Snllna, Kns.. before return
ing to this city.
Herman Smith dun rod Rurh a Jig
us ho never dnnced before yesterday
rods; thence east Klghty (K0 rods;
thence south Kleven nit ,n,i.
I.. . !" Thirteen (13)
Township and Hange. as now shown
.ii i"..1"." ,,r lr"'Kulr tracts of
V.1MIH1 f,
The iimllvlilnfl
. r, , ,-, IV I P nil
Hlock Thirteen (13)
In County Court.
Miss Rosa Cogdlll was this morn
Ing appointed guardian of Emma,
Mllla, Effa Cogdlll,. minor heirs of
Robt. Cogdlll," deceased, by County
Judge Beeeon. Her petition asking
the appointment was filed by Rem
sey L Ramsey, she being the mother
of the minors. They are heirs to
reality In Sheridan County, Kos. valu
ed at $6,500.
In the matter of the Estate of
John A. Clements, deceased, Mrs.
Edith Clements, widow of deceased,
was today appointed administratrix
by the County Court.
Mrs. W. M. Hinton is spending the
day in Omaha, being a passenger for
that city this morning.
J. H. Haldeman was a passenger
this morning for Omaha where he
has business to look after during the
Mrs. A. W. Dawson pas a passen
ger this morning for Lincoln where
she will make a visit of a few days
with friends.
Mrs. W. D. Wheeler and daughter
Miss Lilian were passengers this
morning for Omaha where they will
spend the day.
Mrs. Jos Maresek was a passen
ger this morning for Omaha where
she will visit today with her sister
Mrs. John Skoumal.
Mrs. F. L. Granger of Lincoln who
has ben spending several days in the
city, returned to her home this morn
ing on the early train.
W. J. Lorenz of Odell, Neb., who
has been visiting with his brothers
in the city for several days, departed
this morning for his home.
James W. Newell, auditor of ac
counts for the Burlington at Omaha,
is making a business trip to Chi
cago, going there Sunday evening.
Arch L. Coleman is making a visit
in the city with his parents having
come in yesterday morning from Chi
cago, 111., where he is now located.
Ed. Lutz and Dick Osborn depart
ed this afternoon on the Schuyler for
Cedar Creek where they will spend
several days and enjoy a fishing trip.
Mrs. Hans Seivers and daughter
Miss Anna and Miss Sophia are
spending the day in Omaha going to
that city on the morning Burlington
The postoffice department recog
nized Monday, July 5, as the proper
date to celebrate this year. The
Burlington shop employes also rec
ognize that day, and accordingly will
shut down Monday.
M. H. Tartsch and wife of Okla
homa City, Okla., after spending yes
terday in the city with their parents
departed this morning for Sioux City,
la., where they will make a visit with
Mr. Ttrtsch's sister for several days.
Jacob Tritsch, wife and wife'a
mother departed this morning for
Pierce, Neb., where they will make
an extended visit with relatives. They
were passengers on the M. P. road as
far a Omaha where they made con
nections for the north.
Former Congressman E. M. Pol
lard Is in the city today looking af
ter business matters. In a conversa
tion with ye editor he states he Is
out of politics. Just the same it will
pay the other congressional candi
dates to watch Pollard.
Thomas Jefferson O'Day, editor ln
chief of the Nebawka Register, Is
In the city today, ostensibly to raid
the county judge for publication fees
due, but also watching out for new
lines of business. T. J. is now assist
ed on the Register by Victor Sturm
who provides meaty editorials for
the people.
Mrs. John Wurdeman and baby of
Lehigh, Neb., who have been visiting
with her parents R. R. Nickles and
famly near Murray, returned to their
home this morning, Miss Etta Nickles
accompanied them as far as Omaha
where she will spend the day.
Ed McMaken and family of Sher
Idan, Wyo., came In yesterday for
a visit with his father Col. If. C
McMaken and other relatives for i
few days. Ed. Is well satisfied with
matters at Sheridan and thinks it
about the best town in the west. He
will remain for several days to vis
It with his folk 8 and meet old
a I
I menus.
Louis Miller came down last even
ing from rilger, Neb., to attend to
tatting his fatherln-law, Thos. Bryan,
bark with him this morning. Mr.
Bryan Is a sufferer from heart trou
ble and Is In a very bad shape and
Mr. Miller Is taking him to Pllger In
order that he may receive proper
medical attention. Jack Denson and
several of the aged gentleman's
neighbors had been looking after
Otto Ilerold and family are spend
ing the afternoon ln Omaha going to
that city on No. 23.
Miss Nellie Clifton of South Bend
was in the city today, returning to
her home this afternoon.
F. G. Egenberger and family are
spending the afternoon ln Omaha,
going to that city on No. 23."
Murray has a splendid program
for the celebration next Saturday.
Don't fall to be there to enjoy it.
C. E. Hartford is spending the af
ternoon with friends in Omaha golng
up on the late afternoon Burlington
Miss Violet Dodge Is among those
spending the afternoon in Omaha be
ing a apssenger for that city on the
afternoon train.
P. C. Petersen and Miss Myrtle
Petersen are spending the afternoon
in Omaha going to that city on the
afternoon train.
Former Sheriff W. D. Wheeler
came in yesterday afternoon to look
after business matters.
Wm. Rex Young of Murray spent
last evening in the city, coming up
on the evening M. P. train.
H. C. Vanhorn Is in Omaha today
laying in a supply of new phono
graph records for his trade.
S. II. Atwood came ln yesterday
from an extended visit in the east
and was looking after business mat
ters. William Gilmour, the well known
farmer south of the city, was attend
ing to business matters in the city
D. M. Johnson, a prominent citi
zen of Weeping Water, spent last
night in the city, looking after busi
ness matters.
Prof. J. Asch of Murray Is in
the city today attending to business
matters, coming up last evening on
the M. P.
Mark Furlong was among those
from Rock Bluffs who were in the
city yesterday looking after busi
ness matterB.
Carl Hildebraud of Omaha Is in
the city making a visit with Mrs. A.
Beeson and family. Mr. I Hide-
brand is a relatfve of Mrs. Beeson.
Warren Wiley and wife came in
this morning from their home in the
country and were pssengers for
Omaha on the early train this morning.
Sol Adamson and wife came in
yesterday morning for a short trip to
Chicago, III., having gone there on
Friday evening and spending Satur
day and Sunday in the windy city.
Deputy County Clerk Morgan is
pending the day in Lincoln with
the shop boys, being a passenger for
that city on the excursion train.
Harold Anderson of Chicago, 111.,
nd Eluvia Anderson of Sheldahl,
la., brother and sister of A. L. Ander
son of this city, are In the city
making him a visit, expecting to re
main several days.
Lqulsville people are preparing to
entertain a big crowd at their cele
bration next Saturday. They always
have a good time at Louisville. The
people are made of the material to
have It that way or not at all.
George W. Berge, the prominent
attorney and democratic politician
of Lincoln, who is interested In le
gal matters In court here, was in the
city this morning for a few hours,
departing for Lincoln on the excur
sion train.
Kleven (11) in
in Duke's adrfl-
tounty. Nebraska, except the right
of way of the Omaha Southern lull-
tends to hove a monster celebration when he was apprized of the fart w"v. over and across Mid Lots.
Of the Fourth next Saturday and that he was the daddy of a bouncing following", r."t of lami tow,,'-
that the new Glenwood park and ln'Y loy. The two younger sisters .n.VJNr' 'i10
lake will bo formerly thrown open to or Mrs. Smith went down to Nehaw- N.r,,,rfn,t,rJ!,J, I";"""1" Twelve M?
the public, It Is anticipated a num- yesterday to see their lltte Jhen,-; running wesV'nght'yVso) SSV
ber of people will drive from this city nephew, and report the mother and KaT'h!.! uor?ool!Kn" Xk'nr,i
to that place for their celebration i"y doing well and Herman still JV v7Kln,nllnV rbVi Xo "" ,'r
which will be a large and enjoyable nrlng around like a crazy man half of i.ots Thirteen" ni)'.,. trfiVi
I when they left
UJ in aiMliI Ua.iii.i. sm .
Return From Trll.
J. H. Waterman returned ycRter
day from ten dnys trip through
the east. Mrs. Waterman and daugh
ter remained In Albany, N. Y., where
they will visit with reliitlves. They
visited Atlantic City, Philadelphia,
New York City, and master car build
ers' convention as one of a commit
tee from the railroad storekeepers'
association. Mrs. Watermon will ls
It In the taut for some weeks before
returning to Lincoln. State Jour
nal. .
After Thirty-Two Years.
Mrs. Amanda Brown and son Roy
of Taylorvllle, 111., arrived in the
city yesterday morning for an extend
ed visit of several months with her
niece, Mrs. John Cory and her broth
er, L. B. Brown of Kenosha. 'It
has been thirty-two years since Mrs.
Brown had met either her brother
or her niece and she was more than
pleased to see them once more. Mr.
Brown came up this morning from
Kenosha and a Jolly reunion waa
had between the long seperated
brother and sister.
Alcohol to Children
Ask your doctor how often he prescribes an alcoholic
stimulant for children. He will probably say, "Very, very
rarely. Children do not need stimulating." Ask him
how often he prcscr.'v; ? t-Miic for them. He will prcl
ably answer, "Yeiv " .' .Vcqutntly." Then ask lun
about Avers i. on-;.-.oi in. : S i' saparilla ?s n tonic for tt c
young. Follow h:s;J": ' ' -vr. J. C..-LrC;J
l tic fitt great nil o Lcilth -" iy-ily tin wiotnt l the !otU." At4i vui ilu.ix u
1W is not to. Then k him about Ajct s Tills. Sold (r nurly sixty erv
! ;
and n.nss. a. shown ty", VrT,".).?