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    The people are anxiously waiting to see if Iiilly Taft will
.! us ho nromised in the campaign la.-t fall. He promised
The - Plattsmouth - Journal
i 1 Published Seml-Weeklj at Plattsmouth. Nebraska GZD
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
EUerj at tha PjUoThe at PlatUmwth, Nebraska, ai second-class
the tariff should be revised not upward out uownwaru aim
. . . . . ii.i i i
the people are eager to know what he will do with the tanlt
hill, which has been made to suit protectionists. It is a bet
FIovj Shoes?
l. will kIoii tl.p n:t as it is presented to lain, lie dare
not do otherwise.
The democratic banquent to be held at Kearney, promises
W. P. Thomas has been suggested in Omaha for City
Prosecuting Attorney. And this paper wants to put in a word
for Mr. Thomas, with the hope that Mayor Dahlman will
listen to our appeal. In the lirst place "Walter Thomas is a
man from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head;
in the second place lie is honest, and in the third place, he
is competent. "We have seen him in his work in the legis-
- i - r j n .i i 1 tvuii'tnuii liv iiu u clvii
to be one of great interest to t ie party, .uosi oi tne oig guns aturo and know what we are talking about. Put your ear
will be there, including the editor ot J tie Journal wno una re- to the ground Mayor Jinl) and listen Appoint Hon. Walter
ceived a special invitation to be there. r Thomas Chv Prosecutor, and vou will never regret your
i w -
We're ready for Spring plowing with a splendid line of Plow
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styles and we guarantee every pair of Plow Shoes we sell.
The leathers are tan, raw hide and Kanganoo calf. Half,
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j i ALL SIZES! t
1 In ordinary fishing," savs Senator LaFollette, "the little
(ili slin thrmiLrh the net and escape, and the big fellows get Speaking of the non-partism judiciary law, the State
caught. In seining for criminals, the law seems to use a net Capital (republican) says: "It will be the part of the wis
witii such an extraordinary mesh that the big fish slip through dom for the republican committee managers to drop the idea
anu tUO minows are caugiii. ui ueieuuug wie iiuu-mi usuu juulciiuy ian iu iuc awuiw,
There is always something suspicious about the desire to con-
I i rrl tlm nnnrfo linlitimPi- nrwl if mlfrllf rocnlf lli5!l5iTfmK tft
Here is a chunk of wisdom from the I.eatnce fc that t, t b . flnd tQ the CQurt maki a decision
should be read by all: "The citizen who fastens his grasping c"onstrued b the bUc as havinff been made
lingers upon the title of a piece of property and sits down to entir, for tisan reasons; The way to handle the new Don
wait until the business activity and enterprise of someone o, , .g' t -t once anJ gee how u workg Then if it
else makes it valuable, is the kind of a citizen that any town . niicrantn.u ha i0:jnlir rMWi H "
nfTrkK1 Ial'a ' in fmrnr rT liia fdnca t ho hnttftl lAV ' 1
the coinmunity..
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A lady received the following reply from a neighbor, in
answer to the question why she allowed her husband and ehil- -
The local democratic organ is kindly arranging the repub- dren to litter up every room in the house, and the sentiment members 0f the county central committee shall be selected,
ican program for Nebraska for the next two years, bonder W1l find lodgment in the heart of every home-loving per- and all business that shall lawful, come before it
if it will iernut the republicans to have a veto on any of its son in the land: "The mark of little muddy feet upon the m, 1 i ' i i i i
proposals ?-0.naha Hoe. Probably the World-Herald thinks floor can bo more easily removed than the stain when those . PThe ne7 oat ?xe T0 m,ay V,te the
it has about the same right to arrange matters in that three- tro down into the highways of evil. The prints of the Y7ie? ua uia uoes not
. i , i t n 1 1 -i j i - i frriiii n nnTii w htu inr tmq mnric ntivn ta hrtnn hi: th
the republicans, as tne J'ee lias lor tue uemocrais. i little lingers upon the window pc
tion for
The Pee perhaps wants another lemon to squeeze.
pane cannot shut out the sun
shine half so much as the shadow that darkens the mother's
heart over the one who is but
a. name through the
compil a candidate for the legislature to be bound by the
wishes of the voters unless he makes such announcements
which may be printed on the ballot.
It provides for a heavy penalty for attempting to bribe or
coerce a voter in any way.
There shall be a primary election held at the reg-
TIn miimitif nf i-evcnim rnisod for the irnvprnnient bv the years. And if my John finds his home a refuge from care and
present tariff is about three hundred millions; the amount trouble, and his greatest happiness within its four walls he
ivbu.l. lmt in riff mn l-. ilio nnblin unv for what thov hnv. can put his boots in the rocking chair and hang his coat
more than they would pay under a tariff for revenue only, is on the floor any day in the week. And if I stand it, and he ular polling place in each precinct on the third Tuesday in
about two billions. The difference is one of those forms enjoys it. I cannot see that it is anybody else's business." August, for the nomination of all candidates except those
of acquisition which can go by no other name than graft. : . exempted by tne provision ot tins act to be voted on at the
It is money taken from the pockets of others, without com- Peferring to "the Aldrich humbug" the Springfield November election and the United States Senator and said
pensation. The tariff is a mora) question. Some day we (Mass.) Pepublican says: "Aldrich revisers must be mad to da5'. sha be.tlie .da' of registration in all cities where
shall vote on it with public attention focused on this point of suppose the country is going to be satisfied with the kind of registration is required.
view. Collier's. revision they offer. They are failing even to satisfy the rev- -tbe name ot no candidate shall be printed upon the othcial
enue situation, and otherwise they will only succeed in. out- ballot unless at least thirty days prior to such primary, either
main or ilin frnnnrnl eonen rf Trlini inn onnntvv nnorlc Proc. he. Or 125 rmnlifiod plpctors of the VMirtv JlflilintPS fclinll file fl
I. II VI i P 1 1 P -il'- v v.- v. ii iuv viv- vv.tti, J'lii av.t i j i j.
" i nu.iniiu juu nan- .v.uvi 1(,ont Talt? le ,ast of a, can nfforii to have such a tariff written application wnn tne proper outnonties.
to lend their names to the proposed contest by the republican iKottlement' as this pass into law without protest and without The name of the candidate may appear on one or more of
tato conim.ttee o set the non-partisan judiciary act voto. It would TOVenl him ns a man wll0 mav mcan what he lhe t tickets if the fiHn- have bpen mad(?
passed by lie last legislature and will run by petition, " lhe Wi aeelarations, but who is too" weak and easy The new primary ballot shall be printed all on one sheet
eight republicans who have announ.'ed their candidacies all :nflI1MU.Pli tn Htk1 1,v wlnt he mo-iTm -ind snvs wlum nut n -i pnmai) juiioi siuui uc piinica an on one . iiLti
1,",. ,.J,,, i.;,, iim ;.. ii,i,. n.,mnU civu 11111111,1(0(1 10 sidiid uj w nan ne means ami sa s wnen put tin- W1th candidates of each party grouped together side by side,
,iNe nh.sed lo hi mg tl e case in then onm names, s, s der pressure. 1Iis administration would start off with so mii voter will not. be flowed to write tlmamo of nnvcamlU
Harry Imilsay, clerk of the supreme court and member of the
i cpublican state central committee.
lmi- n ilicrifillf mnrl rifroincf if nu i wnwili if 1 Aim ,,i flirt I l i ii ? i i i a' l i 4 i
'lining wo pnn find n om ' v" " v....v.v,..v n... uw.... ,k wi ; maw, appearing on any oiner iicKei on ins iicivei. voier
L. lilt M C l illl 11IIU 11 l illl- I . ,nl .,,1 n r nL;f i mn 1 1 nil t li rnn frli nnf llin powt nf lno fnvin Wr win ?n a i n 1 a i r l'l.i. iM.i.
.li.liid fur iiinli-i. iu.liri. in cmiii.i f.iiiini- i- A.illin.f i, ii"!"'"' w.v x..o iviw.. vim win not uo anoweu to voie lor a canuiuaie on anv uaiioi ex-
(.Ki. ue 101 pioiMie judge in some couiiin who is Awniiisr to u. i...i. . , .1 , .
" Illlll. K Mill 111' III- II III lll-llllll. Ill ll'l. Illl IIIIIIIIIIIII .M il I'; ' I 1 I !. .- i t I , n I I y I. . I nm l.n I I aI II I I t in
. . ..... 4 . . . ... .. ii:fin uu iuin uiiiiui, 11 iiu iiuvs nit; uiuiut in ut; uuun u
take chances, the proposed action will have to be abandoned.
LaFollette's state, Wisconsin, sets the pace with a legis
lative act that will create interest. The assembly of that
state the other day passed a measure called a corrupt practice
ci ivn ui j'ini 111 iuiijjit-.ia tut; jfiui fvuuii; vim ut -uiiiitif utrt; I out ailU llOt COUllteU. - ''
which seems to be born ot knowledge ot his assent.. A e shall The Donolloe Xon-partisam law provides that the candi-
know soon whether this asset has been given." flntM fft .i.- f mln:' nf im mnrftL Pm,ri JmW nf th
district court, countv .Tiideres. rprent of the state university.
The Journal can see no occasion for all this talk in refer- superintendent of public instruction and county superintend
ent of public instruction, shall not be nominated, endorsed,
recommended, censured, criticized or referred to in any man
ner by any political party, or any political convention or
primary, or at any primary election, and no party name or desig
nation shall be given upon any ballot to any candidate, for .
any 01 saia ounces ana nereaner an candidates ior an 01 saia j
ofliices shall be nominated only by petition, and no candidate
mail; 1111; vuivi uu uinnrn il Ilil-l.-iin.: I mini il tvjlllll'k I'liltllll' i 11 l a' e 1 1 ID 1
o,.f ,. i.M. ,.i..i.u if n. i.,f.. t 4i i i -i i enee to the election of a governor a year and a half hence,
net which makes it the duty ot the city c erk to compi e and mi n e n T i n i
f .(.,i ,.,(, i. i ,p. i . There is really no cause for anv other candidate on the demo-
deliver to every registered voter two weeks bet ore the pn- t- i p'li 1 4i a . m, c i
,..n..:u .i i i,uf i 4 ..i ('tic side of the house than the present governor. The fact
null n .-i tl inniriivb u Ml III 1 1 1 1 II ii (I .ww-nuni nijlll'lllt III Ul U'tlUU il 11 1 11 1 .1' Il 1 I'll w i.1
from each candidate and his photograph. Each candidate t he he daylight saloon bill is no cause for throwing
i i i'f i ti 1 1 it" mi ni ivnrirnr ni'nriinn n i r iirv Tiiia nn tiaiti tiotq
i p ii I tiuiviinu uiuiiv ii u-1 v i vuii;uiiiui a j uu inin ciiii.1 uuiiiiiiu
layor Dahlman for governor, would prove just as serious,
if not more so, in the other direction. The writer voted in
is required to pay to the city treasurer $10 to defray the ex
pense of this booklet and must also deliver his photograph
1 IMltlml I O kl 1 (1 f i A H 4lwt t-tnr f.livtiU itnl ,.,.m.!1.. ....
iiiiiiivuiaun mn iiir iMimaiv inu rit'i iv iiium I'oiiii'iiu U M - ii i c a i l xi i 'ii l i n 7 . : "
cond booklet containing stateinents and pictures of candidate f ? VIT T bl1 in?d,do,n?iiaU m for an)' of saiJ olTioeS sha11 011 any lty tioket' The
and also an official statement regarding bond issues, charter U?)0Zf to defeaJ '' th that 1 ie.b! Pass" petition must contain at least 5,000 for state and not less than
amendments or other matters to be voted upon. These book- h " ' uue-u.e lauer ny a very es sive ma- 200 for county, provided that the number need not exceed
. . I mi'itv nml tlin innun lit' a mninritv rvt nun nml tliof rnn in I p 11 . p 11 -i . i 1 ...1 . . .p i ; 11. ! i. 1
n.v, u i.mjv.i.1 in. vi., Him uiui ore-iourinv ot mo total niimoer oi voters in me uisinci.
doubt. The governor could not do otherwise that either veto They shall be designated on the ballot as candidate by peti-
the measure or sign it. I is a right guaranteed him to either tion. This act also provides that a separate ballot shall be
sign or veto and he should not be so severely criticized for printed for non-partian candidates which shall be handled in
exercising that privilege. We would rather he hadn't signed tbo wmm m.nnnpr no other hnllot
it, but he lias done so and we are not going to tall out with
him because he done what he considered to be his duty. Some
The stand pat leaders of both parties who are iamming people do not realize that Governor Shallenberger has some
their tanlt bill through congress will find when they return to rights that must he respected.
.heir constituences that the net result of this debate has been
lets must be delivered to every voter rt least a week be-
lore the election. It will not bo at all surprising if other
states will pass a similar measure.
to encourage independence amongst voters to a degree not seen GOOD MAN FOR PLACE.
in this country for more than a half century. The political The Lincoln Star, in speaking of the appointment of
results of the open alliance between the standpatters of the Sam Patterson pays that gentleman quite a complement, ns
iw u-immx mmh"i imgui easy resuu in an independent pouti- ioiiows:
nil party had not such movements been discouraged by the "(lovernor Shallenberger 's appointment of Sam Patterson
failure of the populists to hold together and by the disgrace- of Arapahoe to be secretary of the state banking board, when
fill nature of the Hearst fiasco. Instead of joining new parties it comes, as promised, will probably meet with pronounced ap
the disgusted voters are likely to declare their independence, proval, and will attest the good 'judgment which the chief
A few thousand free lance voters amongst the most intelligent executive has exercised in adapting the man to the office and
people of every state would make trouble for the stand pat- the olliice to the man.
ters everywhere. If the tariff situation is not bettered before "Sam Patterson is a native Xebraskan and has been edu-
congross adjourns the new independents will number tens of eated to the banking business, lie was born in Plattsmouth,
thousands in every state. Lincoln Journal. his father having been a banker there for manv years. That
To which the Nebraska City Press adds: Our eontnii- lather, .). M. Patterson, at one time a member of the state
jorary, the. lournay is right when it hints that a new party may senate, was a Nebraska pioneer, having come to the state at
oo organized out oi ino present issue oi tanlt. The demo- a ti
(rats have always been in favor of a low tariff, or 'one for
revenue only' but when the sugar schedule was under con
sidention a number of democrats deserted their colors and
aided Aldrich and his gang. The same is true when the
lumber tariff was under discussion. It seems that some sen
ators w !l vote for the highest tariff possible in order to so--uro
a little "protection" for some favored article. Hero is
We have given the more important changes in very con
densed form, but will be glad to give further details or
answer any questions in regard to new election laws that our
leaders see fit to ask. "Write us a letter stating your ques
tions and it will be answered through our columns. AVe have
in the office the new law complete for this purpose.
time when Pock Muffs, now an almost fonrotten hamlet on
the shore ot the Missouri river some distance south of Platts
mouth, was a metropolis.
"'There were many Patterson boys reared in Plattsmouth,
and all were tutored in the methods of bankinir. althouirh
their natural bent seemed to be largelv in the direction of
irnse nail and bicycling. Since he loft his native town Sam
1 lltterson has been emraired in h:.nkinir nt Arnn:ihoe. pveont
our own Senator Drown, lie went, the limit in one line in for a period during which he served as deputy state treasurer
i ... ii .i , i i.i i . i i i i 'x i I i i ti '
tinier uiai pumice sumo iinum no proiociod wnen it is Known under J. 15. jleserve.
that the two counties in Nebraska in which pumice stone is "If thorough and intricate knowledge of the banking
I found are virtually owned by one of the packing houses of business, an agreeable and courteous personality and an in
South Omaha, and that every cent import tax placed on that born integrity that has been a family characteristic are
stone will be paid by the people and goes into the pockets of superior qualifications for a secretary of the banking board,
the packing house. Coventor Shallenberger may congratulate himself on the wis-
That is only one of the numerous favors shown certain dom of his selection, albeit the voumr man from n fnmilv
trusts throughout the United States. For special favors the in which Democracy has alwavs been one of the prized tradi'-
1.. 111 ... I . 1 1 1 . !.. 1 1 ...1 C 1 ... Il Ml I' ... II
people win reoei ami voie imuqieiiueui. oome uav tnev will nous.
learn to vote their interests. Sometime, perhaps, they will be
Mifheiently enlightened to care for themselves. CHANGE IN ELECTION LAW.
So far ns tariff revision is concerned the democratic Under the new primary law each political partv will hold
party is the one that offers the surest and quickest relief, a state convention on tlu lat Tuesday in .Tnlv. "This con-
There is no need of a new party, but let the people vote the vention will fonnulate a platform and select a state central
democrats in power and they will be given relief from oxers- committee. There shall be n delegate countv convention held
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