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    The Avoca IDepairtimeinitiilS?
U lisilt;R"l:
..ard ut County Com- j in th lustrlct Court of Cass Coun-
aunuers .ouniy, tv Nebraska.
I1. (F Till: OKOAX!-
Nwt Items GitHired Eaan Wdk by a Speoial Reporter for Thl Department of the Seml-Weekly Journal
Screen door paint at Copes.'
, Hammocks at Copes' drug Btore.
Mrs. M. D. Marquardt was at
Omaha Wednesday.
Wm. Morley entertained a friend
from Omaha last week.
Miss Opal Lawton spent Sunday
with her parents in Avoca.
Lewis Carsten is numbered
among the sick this week.
Mrs. L. J. Marquardt returned
from Utica, Thursday evening.
A number of Rebekahs. attended
the district meeting at Nehawka. .
Miss Zlnk, of Bennet, is spending
the week with Prof. Zlnk and wife.
V. 0. Tomer and Jessie Wake
man of Cook, were In town Thurs
day. Gus Buss attended a meeting
of the postmasters at Lincoln this
Fred and Carl Mueller and George
Penderman were down from Elm
wood Sunday.
R. D Copes and family of Cook
were visiting at the home of Ora
Copes Saturday. .
J. V. Waldrlp, our busj black
omit was 11 business visitor at
Omaha this week.
J. C Zlmmerer and family spent
Sunday with relatives near Ne.
braska City Sunday
A large crowd was in town Sat
urday afternoon and evening trad
ing with our merchants.
Walter Ccleman and family left
this week for Omaha where they
will reside in the future.
Miss Dora Zook of Auburn, spent
several days last week In Avoca, vis
iting her sister, Miss Neva.
Dick Weichman Is painting hi.
house and 9am with the celebrated
Patton's Sun Proof Paint. -
Fred llillman and . wife and Dr.
Schall and wife automobiled up
from Berlin Sunday evening.
W. E. Straub and wife were down
from their Lincoln home this week
visiting relatives east of town.
Mrs. J. M. Morrison and Miss Imo
Morrison of College View, were the
guests of Avoca relatives the first
of the week.
Chas. Royal and wife are rejoicing
ing over the advent of a baby girl,
born June f.
Mrs. O. II Larsen was at Omaha
A number of the children are hav
ing a light attack of the measles.
Mr. and Mrs. Zink gave a party
Monday evening in honor of Miss
Zlnk, of Bennett, Neb.
Louis Jensen and family were j
down from Elmwood Saturday visit- j
ing at the Graham home.
Fred Wilhelm and wife were here
from Cook this week, visiting with
their daughter, Mrs. Fred Neumels
ter, east of town.
Joe Worrell, an old time news
paper man In these parts, was in
town several days last week
Mrs. Anna Muth, of Omaha, was
visiting Avoca friends this week.
E. E. Emmett, state bank exam
lner, was here this week examining
the Bank of Avoca. He compli
mented, the management very highly
In the manner in which It Is con
ducted. John Buck and wife of near
Plattsmouth, were here the first of
the week visiting their daughter,
Mrs. Henry Wulf.
L. J. MarquaYdt had the misfor
tune to stop on a nail one day last
week and as a result he was in great
pain for several days.
A very Interesting program was
rendered at the Christian church
Sunday evening by the members of
the Sunday school. One of the best
numbers was a flower drill by n
number of the girls. A large crowd
was present.
The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
observed their memorial day June 6,
by meeting at their hall where a
short service was held, after which
they marched to the cemetery where
with appropriate ceremonies the
graves of the riccc iih ri members
were decorated with flowers.
Clyde Graham returned from
Lincoln Tuesday evening.
Wm. Dunn was down from Weep
ing Water Tuesday.
Mrs. B. C. Marquardt was at Oma
ha the first of the week.
Henry Wulf purchased a new bug
gy of Kunkak & Maseman this
The Avoca Supply. Company is
building a new store room on the
vacant lot west of Shackley's meat
Miss Emma Marquardt returned
home Tuesday evening from Gothen
burg, where she has Just finished a
very successful term of school.
The city dads met Monday even
ing and decided to put In fore new
concrete crossings.
J. W. Brendel transacted business
af Omaha Tuesday.
Mrs. Wm. Knabe, of Berlin, vis
ited with Avoca relatives this week.
Mrs. Edna Madson is visiting
with relatives in Avoca.
E. C Hutzman was attending' to
business In Iowa several days this
Charles Snavely went to Lincoln
Monday, returning Tuesday
Mrs. Claudia Parsell and daugh
ter, returned home from their visit
to Wilbur Monday noon.
Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips of
Deer Crek, 111., came Tuesday to vis
it their daughter, Mrs. Mary Skin
ner, for a few days.
Miss Stella Sheesley departed Fri
day of last week for North Forks,
S. D., to spend the summer with her
E. M. Stone and Arthur Klyver
went to Lincoln Thursday in Mr.
Stone's automobile.
(Special Correspondence.)
Wm. Morse, Lonnle Sarrows and
Jas. Lomax of Lincoln visited with
Dale Boyd Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Hackenbury of Lincoln spent
Sunday and Monday with Mrs. M. C.
Ed. Hurlburt lost a horse by light
nine the first of the week. Also
Wm Hurlbert a horse and Chas
Ayres a cow during the same storm
Mrs. G. P. Foreman, sr., and Fred
I Prouty left Sunday evening for Iowa
City, la., where their brother, Jo
seph Prouty, is lying at the point of
death. A latter message reports
hl'm Improving.
The Modern Woodmen of America
and the Knights of Pythias held ap
nronrlate memorial services ' last
Geo. Parsell went to Lincoln
Wednesday evening.
H. S. Ough and son, Chester, went
to Lincoln Monday evening. Mr.
Ough will go from there to Platts
mouth before returning home.
Chas. Hlte went to Plattsmouth
Monday via Lincoln.
Chas. Ayres returned from Lin
coln Tuesday where he has been
the past two months having his eyei
Arthur Prouty came home Friday
noon to visit the home folks a day
or two.
Henry Siioke spent a few days
with his dai'shter, Mrs. Sam Casp
ner this week.
Mrs. E Frrell of Omaha came In
Thursday to visit Mrs. Chns. Snavely
a few days.
Lewis Manors spent Sunday with
Bert Crutchfield of Lincoln spent a
few days In town last week looking
after business interests.
Mrs. Wm. Yaeger went to Lincoln
Thursday evening, returning Satur
day. Prof. Jacobson came In Thursday
noon spending a few days In town.
George Frollch departed for Spo
kane, Wash., Wednesday to attend
to business amtters.
Mr. and Mrs. A. SkileB departed
Friday for a visit with relatives at
Glenwood, Iowa.
Mrs. Arthur Bird and children
drove to Waverly Thursday.
Mrs. Knot and son Irwin visited
her nelce Mrs. Ed. Hurlbert Thurs
day. Herman Rogge and family of Elm-
wood visited at the Stroemer home
Thursday and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Myers and
children returned from their extend
ed visit at Cresco last Saturday
from University Place Friday even
Henry llardknork went to Omaha
Rev. R. White was In town Sun
Walter llatron of Waverly came In
Friday afternoon, returning homo
Clyde Newklrk, Harry Vlckors,
Walter Hattnn and Rort Kitzd at
; tended an entertainment at Munlork
Friday evening.
Weeping Water.
From the Republican.
Mrs. Geo. H. Olive went to Platts
mouth, Saturday to visit with Mrs
J. M. Leyda until Thursday.
Fritz Gorder, Jr., of Plattsmouth,
Is visiting his uncle Mayor Gorder.
Everybody knews when Fritz gets
here. .
John McNurlln of Plattsmouth
came over Saturday and attended to
a lit le business in connection with
the property on the South Side.
Frank J. Davis and wife and baby
are in Lincoln this weeek. They
went up to attend the graduating
exercises of the State University of
which Frank's brother Searle is a
Nicholas Halmes and wife of
Plattsmouth came down from Lin
coln Thursday where they had at
tended a wedding and visited here
until Friday afternoon with N. C.
Halmes and family.
The bird of paradise, commonly
called the stork, settled down on the
Doxey McNett home at 3:30 Saturday
and left an 8 pound boy. The par
ents are not much more pleased
than the grand parents.
ine 1'iatismouin Journal says
that Weeping Water will celebrate
the Fourth of July. No, it is a mis
take. We will not . have a cele
brathin this fourth of July. It is
more than likely that Weping Water
will celebrate in part in Elmwood or
Rarcliiy Hack In Itusiness.
Owing to pressure upon the news
columns of this paper for nome days
past, announcement of the sale of
the Ilatt restaurant to William Bar
cley was delayed but The Journal
takes pleasure in announcing the
transfer as having been made. ' John
Hatt, Jr.. has sold and disposed of
all interest in the restaurant to Mr.
Barclay from whom he and Dick
Osborn purchased It some months
ago. It Is quite unnecessary to in
troduce Mr. Barclay to the public
as a restaurant man, he having been
connected with that business hero
before and having been a complete
success, "lie then gave the people
of Plattsmouth the best meal to bo
had in the city and states that he
will do so once more. He has
engaged the best of help especial
ly in the culinary department and
Intends to put up a meal which will
be a pleasure to anyone to eat. The
restaurant will shortly be moved
from Its present location to the room
immediately west, this building be
Ing occupied on the upper floor by
Mr. Barclay as living rooms. From
the' past reputation which Mr. Bar-
day has made in the business there
la no doubt his patrona will receive
full value in the future at his place
of business.
i'ursuant to an order of the Hoard
of County Commissioners of haundern
County, A'ebrasku, made and entered
on June 7, most, and ly virtue of the
authority vested in me by the statute
of the State of Nebraska hereinafter
described, 1. A. X. Klmelund, County
Clerk of Saundem County, Nebraska,
do hereby give notice that on May 'ii,
lilUSl, Abel 11. Fuller, "Nelson Shelter,
H. U. Coleman, C. Kettle, U. K. Hay,
C. I. Kettle, Cliaa. Miller, A. J. Sanger,
Margaret Wollen, Marv K. Jespersen,
J. 11. ciranger and it. W. lK-an did file
in the office of the County Clerk of
Saunders County, Nebraska, their peti
tion In writing and also their bond
with surety thereon, all In manner
and form as by law required, and
which said bond and the surety there
on was on said date by me approved,
the object and prayer of said peti
tion being for the organisation of
Ashland Drainage District, and said
petition being tiled under the pro
visions of an Act of the Legislature of
the State of Nebraska, approved fcy
the Governor thereof on March iei,
1U7. entitled:
"An act to provide for drainage
districts to drain wet land: and land
subject to overllow;andany landwhlch
will be Improved by drainage to build
dykes anil levies, to runs true t, all a la ht
en, widen, deepen or altar-any ditch,
drain, stream or watercourse; to rip
rap or otherwise protect the bank of
any stream or ditch, .to construct, en
large, extend, improve or 'maintain
any drainage system; to ' construct,
enlarge, extend, Improve or maintain
any system of control of surface wa
ter or running water; ami me rigum,
obligations and powers of such cor
porations including the power ot emi
nent domain, the creation of debts.
issuing of negotiable bonds, and the
levying of special assessments on
such real estate and the easements
therein as may be benetitted by such
public work, and defining the duties
and powers of public otUcials" and the
amendments thereto.
That the boundaries , of said propos
ed Ashland Drainage District as tlxeil
and determined bv ,-xuid ) Hoard of
County Commissioners by said order
entered on June 7, 1 U u ;i , are as loi
lows, to-w t:
(All sections referred to below are
In Township No. 12 North, Kunge No.
Nine Knst of the Sixth 1'. M., sections
one to twelve both Inclusive are In
Saunders County. Nebraska. All other
sections referred to are In Cass Coun
tv. Nebraska.)
Commencing at the center point of
the intersection of Third and Dey
streets In the City of Ashlunil. Ne
braska, thence west three blocks.
along the center line of Dey street to
the center of the Intersection of Dey
and Sixth streets In said city; thence
north one block along the center line
of Sixth street to the center of the In
tersection of Sixth and Silver streets
In said City; thence west three blocks
along the center line of Silver street
to the center of the Intersection of
Silver and Ninth streets In said City
thence south two blocks along the
center line of said Ninth street In
said City to the east and west center
line of Section Two; thence west
along the east ami west center line of
Sections 2 and 11 to the southeast
corner of tho west half of the north
west quarter of said section 3; thence
north one-half mile fo the north line
of said section .1; thence west along
the north line or said section 3 and ulso
section 4; to the northwest corner of
section 4; thence south to the center
of the west line of said section 4
thence west to the center of
section fi ; thence south to the
center of the south line of sah
section B; thence west along the
south line of said section fi to the
northeast corner of the west half o
the northwest quarter of section
thence south one mile to the south
east corner of the west one-half of
tilt southwest quarter of said section
8: thence east along the south linn of
said section H to the northeast cor
ner of the west half of the northeast-
quarter of section 17; thenco
south to tho southeast corner of the
west half of the northeast quarter of
snld section 17; the-ce west to the
center of the west lino of Hald sec
tion 7; thence south along the west
line of snld se(tlon 17 and section "O
to the center of the west houtidnrv
ne of said suction 20: thence east
along the east and west renter line of
said section 0 and section 21 to the
center of the east boundary lino of
said section 21 ; thence north along
the cant boundary line of said sec
Hon HI and section in to the north
east coiner of sal, I section lii; thence
east nlong the north linn of sections
i.i ii ti it io ine center or the north
boundary line of said section H;
thence north to the nortliwcut com....
of the southwest quarter of the south
east quarter or section 11; thence east
to the northeast corner of the south
east quarter of the southeast quar
ter ot sulci section 11; thence north to
the iKitheast cornel of wi'd s.'cllon
11; thence west iilonv; the no'-th line
of said section II to n point where the
snine Intersects the southeast bound
ary line of tho right of av of the
Chicago, rttirllnglon ,t Quln'cv Kali.
road Comimnv: thencn
southeust boundary line of the right
or way and depot grounds of the said
vincago, uiiriiiigion gulncy Itall
road Company In a northeasterly di
rection to a point wtiere snld south
east boundary linn Intersects the ten-
V . ,"" . ut ,n'"i street in said City of
Ashland; thence due west along the
center lino of Main street and across
. The cause conies on for bearing up
on the petition of J. V. Kuenlwrger.
administrator of the estate of Kegina
Wolf, deceased, praying tor license to
Heg Inning at a point Forty-one (41)
rods North of the center of Section
Thirteen tlj In Township Twelve
12 North, itange Thirteen UJ
Cast, runnlns thence West Light)'
tMJI rods; thence North Lleven tilt
rods: thence east Klghty t)U rods;
thence south F.leven (11) rods
to Ilia ulace of beginning, being
the North Half of Lots Thirteen (U.
and Fifty-three (53) in said section.
Township and Hange, as now shown
on the plata of Irregular tracts of
said County.
The und vlded one-hair tw or
.nt Ten (10) and F.leven 111) in
Mock Thirteen (13) In Duke's addi
tion to the City of riattsmouth, Cass
Countv. Nebraska, except the right
of way of the Omaha Southern Hall
way over ana across saiu imk.
The undivided one-naif tw or tne
following tract of land towlt:
Beginning at a point Thirty (30)
rods North of the center of Section
Thirteen (IS) Township Twelve (12)
North, Range Thirteen (13) East;
hence running west F.lghty (80) rods.
thence north Eleven (11) rods; thence
East Eighty sO rods; thence soum
Eleven til) rods to the place
of beginning. being the south
half of Lots Thirteen (13) and Firty
three (53) In said Section, Township
and Hange, as shown by the irregular
tracts In said County, except the
right of way or the omaha southern
Hallway across the same.
Or sultlclent amount thereof to
For a Long Visit.
Mrs. Nicholas Volk of Pekln, III.,
mother of Mrs. Jacob Trltsch and
Mrs. Martin Frledrich, camo In last
evening for a visit of sometime with
her daughters, the Hennlngs' and
other relatives and friends. She was
ncrompanled by Mrs. John Urlsh of
Pekln, a ulster of Mrs. Fred Olden
housen, who will also visit here for
sometime. The nged Mrs. Volk Is
now 83 years old but Is very spry
and lively for her age and made the
trip In fine shape. Her good health
was a great plensure for her daugh
ters to witness and nlHo pleased her
many other relatives and friends in
this vicinity. Mrs. Urlsh found that
her attentions were not really need
ed as Mrs. Volk was about as young
as twenty years ngo.
Quite Complimentary.
F. C. Mitchell editor of the decora-
, tlve department of the Merchants
Trade Journal of Dos Moines, la.,
was in the city today In the interest
of his paper, and while' here he call
ed at The Journal office. He was
considerably surprised to And so
large and strong a plant as The Jour
nal in a city of the 6lze jot Platts
mouth and did not hestitate to ex
press his admiration for the plant.
Mr. Mitchell is a man who knows
a newspaper plant when he sees
them and his opinion is quite grat
ifying to The Journal. In addition
he is a pleasant and progressive
business man who understands
thoroughly the details of his business.
bring the sum of $3;i0.00 for the pay
ment of debts allowed against said es
tate of the cost of administration and
n addition thereto tne costs of this
proceedings there not being any per
sonal property to pay the said debts
ami expenses.
It Is therefore ordered that nil per
sons Interested In said, estate appear
before me at Chambers at my ottice in
the Court House In the City of
l'lattsmouth. Nebraska, on the 24tii
day of July, 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m.
or sunt nay to snow cause why a li
cense should not be granted to sikld
administrator to sell the above real
estate of snld deceased or so much
thereof as may be necessary to tiuv
said debts and expenses.
l luted this 7lli day or June, llius).
Hnrvy D. Travis,
Judge. Of the District Court.
D. O. Dwyer,
Xew Walk Completed.
The new concret walk along the
west and north sides of the building
ocupled by Adolph Gelse at the cor
ner of Fifth and Main streets and
known as the Schlitz building, has
Just ben completed and It makes a
fine improvement. The walk is de
signed to protect the building and
cellar against possibility of flood dam
age as is solid with no openings for
water to get through. The work
was done by McMaken & Son.
NOTICE UK SU.K. I MM .11 ( II V i l l i,
mouh; m;i:.
Notice Is hereby given that bv vir
tue of chattel mortgage dated Sep
tember 30th, 1907, to secure the pay
ment of the sum of 1290.00 with In
terest thereon :it the rnte of 8 pet
cent from snld date. Snldmortgagehav-
Ing been filed in the office of the
County Court of Cass County, Nebras
ka, ami executed by Harry Tlgner to
Perry Marsh and by said Marsh nnd
by said Marsh transferred to tho First
Nntionnt Hank of l'lattsmouth, Nebras
ka. That upon said mortgage that
there Is duo and unpaid the sum of $290
with Interest thereto, at the rate
of 8 per cent from date. Default linv
Ing been made In the pnyinent of snld
sum nnd Interest thereon and no suit
or other proceedings having been In
stituted to recover snld debt or any
part thereof, therefore the undersign
ed will sell the property In snld mort
gage described vis: One bay horse
mule 3 years old weight 1.000 lhs.;
one horse miilo three years old weight
1.000 lhs., bay, nt public auction to
to the highest bidder for cash at the
hnrn on the lmvey lots nt tho corner
or oak and Sevetitn streets In the
snld City of rinttsnuuith on tho 2Hth
day of June, 1909, nt tho hour of 1
o'clock p. m of snld day.
First National Hank of l'lattsmouth,
.eiirasKH, Assignee or .Mortgage
D. O. Dwyer,
Farm for Sale.
160 acres 6 miles northwest of
Clarks, Neb.; 110 acres under culti
vation, 10 acres alfalfa, balance in
meadow and pasture. Good house,
barn and granary, cribs, cattle
shed, good shade and running spring
at the house. No trade.
Geo. A. Agnew,
, Central City, Neb.
said depot grounds to the Intersec
tion of Third and Main streets in snld
C Ity; thence north along the center
line of Third street one block to the
P"'nt of beginning; the largest por
tion of the land included within snld
boundaries being located In Saun
ders County, Nebraska.
All land owners within the
boundaries of snld proposed Aslilnnd
Dralnnge District and all others con
cerned are hereby notified that an
Sun.!? wl1.' ,,B " rlI"V, j,,V
J. 1909. between Ilia I,,.,.-- '
oclock a. m. and six o'clock p. m at
the oil ce of the County Clerk of Saun-1-
" ,c,'"n,v' Nebraska, In the County
S...'"i lo,'H" "'.VVohoo, in said Conn
t. that at snld election tho question
or tho formation of said Aslilnnd
Drnlnngo District shall be determined
anu a nniirii or seven directors shall
snTd"".,";. .'" 1,10 formation of
In witness whereof r have hereunto
si bscrlhed my nnino and attached my
nlllfln I seal us County Clerk of Sai'n
ders County Nebraska, nt my omce
" County Court House nt TTal too
In said County this June 8. 1909
(SRAM) A N" r:imHu"'1.
Connty clerk of
Druggist Permit.
Notice Is hereby given that 'Wevrich
& llailialia, have hied their petition
ns required ,y Uo statutes of the
slate of Nebraska with the city clerk
of tho clly of l'lattsmouth, Nebraska,
requesting a permit to sell malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors for niedi-
nicHi, inuciiiinical and chemical pur
poses for the coming municipal vear
In the building situated on the west
linlf (V. 1-2) of lot three (3) In block
thlrty-llvo (35). In the city of I'lntts
mouth, Nebraska
Wevrich & Hnilrnbn,.
June .1, 1909 Applicant.
Herman R. Ntitzol, the prominent
banker and . business man of Mur-
dock, Is In tho city today In attend
ance upon court being a witness In
tribunala legal nintter now before
It hat tribunal. Mr. Neitzel state
tho storm of last night was very
severe In his section nnd resulted in
much washing of fields and roads
and damage to bridges. As lie came
through South Bond ho saw walks
afloat and water In evidence In
many places.
For Constipation.
Mr. L. II. Farnham, a prominent
druggist of Spirit Lnke, Iowa, says:
"Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are certainly the best thing
on the market for constipation. "Give
these tablets a trial. You arc cer
tain to find them agreeable and pleas
ant In effect. Price, 25 cents. Sam
ples free. For sale by F. G. Frlcko
Henry Prosser,
Contracting, riastcrinp. Brick nnd
Stone Work, Concrete Foundations
and Walks. : : : : :
Phone 107, Elmwood, Neb.
Paint that Fays.
That's Tatton's Sun Proofl'iiint. Why? Ilccnuse it covers
inoto surface, weurs h.ngcr and looks la tter than a.iy otlier
hinh Krmlc paint on the market.
It adds prcatly to the lionuty nnd attractivcm' of n pro
perty, and often helps to soil it t a prulit p:urh greater thHii
the cost of painting.
(let our free booklet an i cV.or rrd.
Look lleij. Farmers mid Investor;
A few odds nnd ends In land ut a
great discount. IfiO acres two miles
from llnrr Neb., with fair liuprov
nients, $ on. oo per ncre, worth $120.
1' in acres, seven miles from Council
HIiimV; nil bottom land; ?.'!. no per
acre. Would ronsldi r men IiihxIIho us
p:il't pliytncift on the 2 10. S'Hiio other
!m r n rt ? n m . If Int. rested call tip nr
W rile,
I.. I. Hupp.
Tie :,., i:(.,to ii:ti r,
AVOCM, Nell.
A eiiicin ilsnr Is "Acorns' made
I'.v I't.nk fi P.'ljcik. Tliey are the hest.
Saunders County,
To Jnnien A. Dysnrt; a non-resident
You are hereby notified that on the
1st day of May. A. l.. lilll!). Helena A
liysart filed n petition HKnlnst von In
the District Court of Ciihh County. Ne
brnskii. the object nnd pruver of which
are. Urst. To obtain a divorce from
Von on tho Kround that vou have wil
fully abandoned the jiUlntllT without
koo.i cause for more than two years
last, nnd Second, that vou have (fi'osslv
nnd wantonly failed ami tieirleded to
support snld plaintiff, ami Third To
'tulel the title to the Northwest
lS:.w- 1" "f Heelloi) ten
MO), Township ten (0, liaimo twidvo
M2t east. In the Cotintv or Cass, Stntn
of Nebraska, III said plalntlfT as atnilust
vou. Vou are reoiilrcd to nwike answer
to said petition on or before the I Mi
y of June, .. i., 1:imi.
Helena A. Iivsnr,,
,. , Plaintiff,
lie Kino icy !
U'-r i t.ivtiM.
vit w iiii:vr mi 1 1 r..
.1. Monroe win take notice t lint on
the t r I d:iv or April. l!M!i, .f. Archer.
II hllllee ,,f the , eace of I'ta 1 1 UHMjl ll
'ilv. ( ii s count v, N cin a .!( ii. Issued an
""lee "f ii 1 1 :i . I, in. iii for the sum o
JI'iT'i. In ne ii'tlon n ii 1 1 1 ii if liefoir
Mm. when. In - M li.iicliiv, I plaln
tl'T. iiiol , Mi, i, rue hi defendant, Unit
,,,)erlv if (lie defendant Cni"N Inn of
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Silk lisle, indestructible linen toe
and heel half hose. New shades in
metal, lead, pearl, cham
pagne, tan, ox blood, old
rose, cypress green, hun
ter's green, black, bur
gundy, navy and cadet
A clothing man from a metropoli
tan city came Into our store, said: . "jive me a pair of
25c hose." We sold'thern to him, at the same time
calling his attention to the indestructible toe and heel
and a silk lisle upper, making a sensible hose for low
shoes. The next morning the same man on his way
to the train, stopped at our store: "Give me six paits
of those 25c hose, they're the best I've ever seen."
The ame thing has happened repeatedly, but
vc msrely quote this instance because the man con
cerned was a judge of quality.
Come in and buy one pair, you'll be back for
more. 25c, the same at other stores 35 and 50c.
Just received some of the advance styles for Fall
in Felt lints. Cadet ohie, sapphire, catawba and
plum shades made in the nobby trooper shapes.
Trice $.1.00.
77c; ll niK f ll'ii-t Schill,ii rti- MH:f ('latins
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