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News Items Gathrsd Eaih Wek by
Miss Stella Opp Is home from Peru
Mrs. V. G. Keedy was at Omaha
Mrs. Gus Mohr was on the sick
list this week.
Miss Julia Nutzman is spending
the week at Peru.
Theron Malcolm visited his par
ents (?) Sunday.
W. II. Betts, jr., was a business
visitor at Omaha Monday.
Fred McGrady and wife were at
Weeping Water Saturday.
G. D. Maseman" and wife were
Omaha visitors Tuesday.
Geo. Fleming shipped his house
hold goods to Polk this week.
Dr. B. F. Brendel was over from
Murray the first of the week.
Work has commenced on the new
residence of L. J. Marquardt this
Fred Neuimeister and wife are the
happy parent of a baby boy, born
May 31.
Miss Emma Bruner visited over
Sunday at the home of her sister,
Mrs. B. C. Marquardt.
William Maseman spent Sunday
at Columbus visiting with his
friend Paul Johannes.
Albert Shultz wears a smile that
won't come off, all on account of a
baby who arrived Friday.
The Rebekahs were busy Initial
lng a candidate Tuesday evening.
Albert Selmers gave a social
dance at his home Monday evening.
The, Odd Fellows will observe me
morial day next Sunday at two
Mrs. J. W. Brendel and Miss
Edna Marquardt left Monday for
a visit at Central City.
You will find a lot of nice things
suitable for birthday and wedding
pdresent at Copes' drug store.
A number of the Avoca Rebekahs
will attend a district meeting of
that order at Nehawka June 9.
Children's day will be observed
at the Christian church Sunday
evening with appropriate exercises.
Miss Myrtle Wolfe will attend the
commencement exercises at Bethamy
and visit her friend, Miss Mabel Cut
ter. of Tartar Lozenges, and old relia
ble remedy for purifying the blood.
Price 10 cents a box, at Copes' drug
Miss Eva Zook attended com
mencement exercises at Peru, her
sister, Miss Dora, being one of the
Mrs. W. A. Hollenberger and son
Claude formerly of Avoca, but now
living at Alexandria, are visiting
friends at Avoca.
Mrs. W. I. Smoots and daughter,
Florence, were at Weeping Water
Friday, Miss Florence staying over
for the commencement exercises.
Henry Maseman had the misfor
tune to have a load of corn run
over his foot, smashing one toe
, quite badly the first of the week
Miss Slema Marquardt, who has
been teaching In the Millard schools
the past year, came home Saturday
evening to enjoy a well earned va
T. H. Cromwell, of Lincoln was a
business visitor here Thursday.
Vilas Sheldon was over from Ne
hawka Friday looking after busl-
nes matters.
'Adolph ZImmerer, who lias been
In an Omaha hospital for some time
spent Sunday at home. Ills friends
are glad to learn that he Is able to
be about again.
About twenty-five were present.
Carl Balfour took a flashlight of
the crowd. Mr. Straub received i
number of .t' s plcmr.ant rei.r;:r
brances f the occasion. Dainty re
freshment wfi'o served durlnir the
Mrs. L. W. FahneRtock, Roy Fahn
estock, Byrdle Fahnestock, Imo
Johnson and Edna Marquardt at
tended commencement exercises at
Weeping Water Friday evening,
Claude and Willie Fahnestock be
lng members of the graduating
In former days at this time of year our ancestors used to (to f
to the woods with a shovel and difc roots and herbs which they
compounded Into a home made blood purifier.
You can't do thia because you're too busy, bocause you
could not find the necessary Ingredients and might not know 1
them if you saw them. 4
The medicine makers have kept step with the march of J
progress and prepared several scientific compounds containing
the same Ingiedients our forefathers used, makinir it convent-
ent for everyone. We sell them.
a Special Reporter for This Department of the Semi-Weekly Journal
Miss Louis Goesch of Farnam, is
visiting Avoca relatives.
Herman G. Wellensiek spent Sun
day with relatives near Lorton.
Robt. Shrader was over from his
home near Nehawka the first of the
I. D. Hammer and wife left this
week for Old Mexico to spend the
Miss Edna Young of near Berlin
spent several days visiting her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. Beuj. Betts.
Mrs. M. G. Keedy gave a very en
joyable Kensington In honor of Mrs.
W. A. Hollenberger. Those pres
ent were Mesdames Jno McFarland,
Gustav Buss, Jno. Ruhge, Fred Mc
Grady, O. E. Copes, Ernest Nutz
man, Jno. Zink, J. W. Brendel, W.
A. Hollenberger, D. J. Meyers.
After the ladles had exerted them
selves to the point of exhaustion at
their embroidery, Mrs. Keedy re
freshed them with delicious ice
cream, wafers and punch.
Terrible Accident.
Gladys Wolfe, the daughter of Mrs
Edna Wolf, was playing In the pas
ture of Edward Morley she was In
some manner struck down by one of
the horses. As no one saw the ac
cident happen it is Impossible to
know how It occurred. When
found by the mother she was par
tially conscious and covered with
blood from a wound in the forehead
and eyes. Dr. Brendel Immediately
took her to Omaha where she is un
der the care of Dr. Allison, and the
result of the Injuries cannot as yet
be told. The mother was accompan
ied to Omaha by her sister, Eva
Munn and D. Munn. The latest
news from the little patient Is that
the sight of one eye is totally de
stroyed. Birthday Surprise.
The neighbors of Henry A. Straub
banded themselves together and pro
ceeded to descend upon his home to
remind him that Monday, May 31,
was the 34th anniversary of his
entrance into this turbulent world.
Progressive high five was the
amusement of, the evening, and O. D.
Straub won the grand prize, which
was a box of playing cards. Chas.
Gruber was made happy by receiving
a, box of "Gee Whiz" for the booby
Avoca School Closes.
The Avoca schools closed Wed
nesday with a dinner In the school
house and a program In the after
noon. All morning you could 'see the
parents and children wending their
way toward the school house with
well laden baskets. Tables were
arranged with good things to which
all present did ample Justice. The
program was much enjoyed and
a few speeches were made by visi
tors. Mr and Mrs. Zink and Miss
Francis are to continue their duties
another year but Miss Nutzman will
take a vacation. The corps of teach
ers has completed a very successful
year's work.
A Great Responsibility. ,
Everyone of us has some respon
sibility, that Is, towards ourselves,
our family, our country and the
whole human race. In order to ful
fill all our duties we must, In the
first place, see to It that, both, our
body and cllne of our strength, let us
keep In mind our great responsibil
ity and let us seek help. It is not
necessary to go far for It. Trlner's
American Elixir of Bitter Wine Is
one of the best tonics, that will
quickly bring relief. It acts directly
on the stomach and on tho whole
digestive system, stimulating tho or
gans and strengthening them. As
soon ns you will eat and remedy In
all diseases of the stomach and the
Intestines, In poverty of blood and In
weakness. At drugstores. Jos,
Trlner. 61G-622 8. Ashland Ave.,
Chicago, 111.
Giorge Falter Is looking after
business In Omaha today being a pas
senger for that city this morning on
the early morning train.
Farm . Implements and n
Be sure and see him when you
need anything in his line.
II Avoca,
Nebraska Q
& Mohr
Avoca, Neb.
Making Fast Work on Murder Case
(Continued From Page 3.)
ter Albln hauling. Described Clar
ence's teams. Witness saw the teams
which seemed gentle. Crib run north
and south. Engine was north, shelt
er east. Knew the situation of all
the Implements and structures. Wit
ness, Carter Albin and Joe Bauer
made a plat and measured with
tape the distances. Plat was made
about a month or six weeks after
January 15. Structures were In the
same position as on January
Plat was exhibited to the Jury and
witness Identified positions of the
several Implements and the distances
as shown on the plat. The position
of several parties and witnesses were
also shown by this witness. The
measurements or structures, open
ings and etc., corrobraed that of
Carter Albln. They had been shell
lng about an hour or an hour and
a half. They lind shelled six loads
of about fifty bushels or a total o
3oo bushels. Crawford was In the
crib Just before he saw his father,
witness shown photographs and
Identified Carter Albln, the wagon
facing wrst with Clark and Crawford
In tho crib when Thacker camo up
Ills evidence corroborated Carter
Albin as to tho photographs. He
also testified as to" the position oc
cupled In the photographs as those
occupied by tho parties on January
1.1. Tho team was also Identlfli
as Carter Albln's. Witness tried to
look Into crib and see whether Clnrk
and ( rawrord could have seen out
of the crib and over the wagon to
tho scene of the shooting, but they;
couldn't see. Ho bIho described th
character of the ground southeast of
the crib. All this was given by aid
of a plat. Witness was working at
a chain on tho shelter about 1:30 p
m. stopping the machine.
lieusjint Oiler.
Herman Kleltsch, of the Weepln
Water Flouring Mills, was In th
city today Interviewing some of
those merchants who handle the flou
nnniifnr ttirerf b t MilU. Mr
KleltKch alwr.i I.m done a pood rioi
ness In liit'.ihioull.. as his goods
well known here for their m-llon
quality. Ilnp jn gave th? Journal
pleasant tA whllrj In the city.
W a
(Special Corrvsiiomleuce.)
Carlton Gullion was in Omaha Sun
day. Henry Rulify went to Lincoln
J. H. Stromer and family return
ed Monday from Barneston where
they attended the funeral of Mr.
Stromer's brother.
The base ball game played by the
Eagle and Alvo high school teams
here last Friday was won by the
latter team.
The landseekers returned from
Blgnell Thursday.
Levi Park of Ulysses was In town
visiting Mrs. Mary Skinner Tuesday
Commissioner Jordan went to I
Plattsmouth Monday.
Frank Linch visited his mother
few days this week.
John Newklrk lost a horse last
Friday. i
Mrs. Rouse of Nelson is visiting
at J. P. Rouse's this week.
Mrs. Clyde Boyles and Mrs. Jno
Robotham visited at htheoefmo
Robotham visited at the home of
their sister, Mrs. C. C. Buckerell a
few days last week.
Miss Mayne DeVore of Lincoln Is
islting at the home of her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hard
nock. Sam Jordan was In Omaha on
business Tuesday.
Herman Rogge of Elmwood came
over Tuesday on business,
G. P. Foreman, sr., shipped hogs
Tuesday to South Omaha.
Walter Ford came down from
Lincoln Sunday, visiting at the Allen
home until Monday evening.
Jack Larimore of Lincoln visited
friends between trains Monday.
Mrs. H. Parsell and daughter1
Beatrice went to Wilber Wednesday
via Eagle.
Mrs. Arvilla Linch and daughter
Eva of Lincoln came down Friday
to visit relatives. They returned
home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E Bobbitt of
University Place spent Sunday with
Miss Ernlce Hunter of Raymond
came In Saturday for a visit with
Mrs. Frank Uptegrove.
The Stromer Lumber and Grain
company is Invoicing this week.
Mrs. Lou Keefer and son Glenn
went to Valaparlaso Saturday to visit
her daughter, Mrs. Oris Foreman
and family.
Alvo's first nine played base ball
with the Murdock team Saturday
at the latter town. The Murdock
boys won by a score of 4 to 3.
Polly Ryan went to Lincoln Wed
nesday, returning Monday.
The Misses Dell and Minnie New-
kirk are at home this week. Miss
Minnie's school closed and she ex
pects to remain at home. Miss
Delia will return to Greenwood next
.Mrs. cuas. Gardner of Lincoln
came down Monday to visit at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Bird. She re
turned home Monday evening
Mrs. Nettle Powell and sister Vio
let Ough of Lincoln spent Sunday
with relatives.
Victor Ough passed through town
last Saturday on his way t0 Omaha
where he has a position in the freight
department. He has been helper at
Jensen for some months past.
Mrs. F. 8. Allen went to Have.
lock Monday evening.
Miss Toolo of Omaha who has
been visiting Mrs. Ben Kltzel return
cd to Omaha Saturday.
Harry Parsell returned from Desh
ler Friday evening where he visit
ed relatives,
Dr. L. Mulr and family went to
Greenwood Monday.
Ram Cashner went to Omaha Tues
T. D. Muller, sr., and Geo. Cook
Fundayed t home returning to
Plattsmouth Monday.
An i:trn. Ililltlon."
Ono of riattsmouth'a populn
young ladles Is author of the fol
lowing cute and up-to-date poem
Moy I print a klHs on your lips?'
I said
And she nodded her sweet permls
So we went to press, and I rather
We printed a full edition.
"Hut one edition Is hardly enough,'
She said, with a charming pout
So again In tho press the forms were
And wo got some extras out.
liiok Hero rnrnier nnl InvcMom
A few odds and ends In land at
great discount. I GO Beres two mid
from Burr Neb., with fair Improve
ments, $100.00 per acre, worth $120
240 acres, seven miles from Council
Bluffs; all bottom land; 135.00 pi
acre. Would rr.nsldf r merchandise ns
part payment on the 240. Some otln
1 t . ma t . . .
imrnHins. ir mo rested can on o
L. V. Hupp.
The Real Estate Hustler,
Avoca, Neb
Hr v. 1. ri. os.
Bull Game Saturday.
The local baseball team will play
the Geo. II. Lee team of Omaha at
the Chicago Avenue grounds on next
Saturday, Juno 5. This game ought
to be a cracking good one as the
Lee team is one of the crack Omaha
amateur teams and the locals are
not so slow. They have been putting
In spare moments practicing and
they intend to make a showing which
will surprise the fans. Manager
Warren is giving the boys a course
of sprouts calculated to make real
ball players of them and by Satur
day he hopes to have them with their
batting eyes. The team is furnishing
a good article of ball and well. de
serve the patronage of the public.
The boys will appear next Saturday
for the first time In their new uni
forms and they are a neat, nobby
looking bunch. Turn out and give
them a boost. In addition to the
strong Lees, the locals will play a
strong Atchison, Kas. team In the
near future.
Band Did Fine Work.
Through some oversight, The Jour
nal failed to properly give the Wood
man bnnd credit for the excellent
work which they did last Monday
both on the street and at tho ball
park. The boys were engaged by the
ball club to parade the Main street
and march to the ball grounds and
also give a small concert previous
to and during the game which they
did. It Is hardly necessary to sav
they played some fine music for they
have already an established reputa
tion for furnishing the real goods
despite their only having been prac
ticing a short time. They. play In
time and have splendid expression
and are altogether a mighty good
outfit to llBten to. It was Intended
to have an appreciation of the band
appear with the account of the ball
game but it was misplaced Is some
manner and overlooked.
Tho members of the ball team de
sired that an expression of their ap
preciation of the band boys bo print
ed and that their public thanks be
extended them for their services.
SM-iial Policeman.
The mayor today swore In Alex
Blsand as a special police for the
Burlington yards. Ills duties will
bo too keep the yards clear of bums
and tresspassers and to protect the
company's property. For sometime
past the company has been annoyed
and has suffered quite a bit of
loss by reason of pnrtles breaking
glass In passenger cars and cabooses
and destroying cushions and In other
ways defoclng and Injuring cars. In
addition these cars have been used
for Immoral purposes by parties who
gained access thereto and tho com
pany Is determined to put a stop to
tho practice. It Is more than pro
bablo Mr. Illsend will work In con
Junction with the city pollco to see
that tho new garbago ordinance Is
enforced. The appointment ennnot
fall to bo a value to tho public as
well as tho company and the move
Is a commendable one.
Traffic Very Heavy.
The State Journal says that Bur
lington trains that left Lincoln for
tho west and northwest were long
and heavily loaded. No. 3, tho Den
ver train, carried fourteen cars and
there was no space left In the sleep,
ers, while the day conches were fill
ed. No. 14, for tho northwest, car
ried an Omaha crowd of homeseek
ers going to tho northwest. This
troln carried fourteen cars and every
car wbs loaded. Other roads re
ported an equally heavy business.
Yesterday was homosoekers day and
many people left the city for long
trips searching for land.
Evtry Pec."
& eo. i
(junker Company Closes.
The Quaker Remedy Company
closed their engagement in this city
Inst night with a big show at the
Parmele. For tho occasion they had
prepared a special program and it
was easily the best they presented
during their entire stay in tho city.
Space forbids giving the several num
bers extended notice but it can bo
said that they were all high class nnd
as good as they had been advertised.
Messrs Fitzgerald, Field and Gifford
again repeated their triumph while
Misses Luclllo Haley and Davey also
gained new laurels. The Illustrated
song was very good and tho moving
pictures were excellent.
The baby contest was a blazo of
glory, there being a hard contest
waged betwen partisans of little
Helen Libershal and little Mary Wal
ling, the voting being fnst and fur
ious at the finish with first one and
then the other in the lend, Helen
Libershal finally winning by a dandy
margin. The little lady's victory was
a poular one and when her mother
carried her down to the stago to
receive the present, the audience re
warded her with round after round
of applauso. She seemed as proud
as her many friends of the present
which was a handsome set of silver
knives, forks nnd spoons.
' The contest for the most popular
young lady alHo was a warm one,
there being severnl entries whlchj
finnlly narrowed down to two Miss
Jennie Johnson and Miss Laura
Tower. Miss Johnson who Is ono of
this year's graduating class Is a very
popular young lady and her victory
was received with great enthusiasm
She is not only popular but quite
handsome and intelligent ns well and
took high rank In her school exami
nation. The Quaker Company opens next
Monday In Omaha and Dr. Haley an
nounced from the stage that Platts
mouth people were always welcome.
On behalf of the company he thanked
the citizens for their patronage and
highly praised the management of
the Parmele, the employes of the
theatre, paying the stage hands a
well deserved compliment and also
praised the management of the Hotel
Riley and Its excellent service. A
new moving picture and vaudevillo
show will occupy tho Parmele dur
ing tho coming summer opening to
night, the artists of tho Quaker Com
pany remaining here to finish this
week with It, and opening In Om
aha on Monday. It Is Intended to
give refined vaudeville during tho
summer whenever artists can bo se
cured. Bad Storm in the Hills.
Railroads are having trouble In
the Black Hills country. So says
the Lincoln Journal, No trains are
running on tho Burlington's Black
Hills lines. The Northwestern re
ports damago done along Its lino
north of Rapid City.
Last night the Burlington sent
out nine car loads of bridge material
from tho Lincoln yards. This ma
terial went to the Black Hills lines,
where It Is understood n number of
lines are out of commission. It was
understood yesterday that tho North
western lino between Rapid .City and
Whltewood Junction In broken by
flood In several places.
Mrs. Chns. Schwab of near Mur
ray called nt the Journal office this
week nnd ordered the paper sent
to her brother , John Klaurens,
Menlo, Kansns. Mr. Klaurens for
merly resided In Cass county, and
will take great comfort In reading
the news from his former home,
through the kindness of his sister.
Dally iiirnal, 1()c ter week.