The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 03, 1909, Image 4

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    The - Plattsmouth - Journal I
t Publtshsd Seml-Weekl at Plattsmouth, Nebraska CZD
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class
W 1
Here! you discontented knocker,
(irowlin' bout your country's ills;
Chloroform yer dismal talker;
.Take a course of liver pills.
Stop yer durn ki-o-tee howlin',
Show some sand and git some grit
Don't sit in the dumps a-growlin',
Jump the roost
An' boost
A bit!
Fall in while the band's a playin'
Ketch the step an' march along
'Stead pessimistic brayin'
Jine the lialleluyah song!
Drop yer hammer do some rootin'
Grab a horn, you cuss, and split
Every echo with yer toot in'
Jump the roost
An' boost
A bit
Sold only in
Moisture Troof
M. C. M.
Senator 1'urkctt will have the time of his life, when lit!
returns to Nebraska, explaining his vote against cheaper
sugar. J hat vote was against the consumers of the great
agricultural state ot Isobraslca. Aklnch wants dearer sugar
and that seems to be the only excuse for I'urkett's action in
the matter. ??TS3ff!2
$t w
& 7
7 d
No woman
ever once bought
Uneeda Biscuit
and then willingly
bought any other
hind of soda crackers.
No biscuit can be the
National Biscuit unlsss it is
The railroads have evidently gone into a combine and
fixed the rates to Seattle this summer, $50 for the round trip,
which means $75 before the journey is completed. This is
considerable money for people in moderate circumstances to
spend with the railroads for one trip and it is not likely the
travel to that country will be very heavy unless the roads
give a more reasonable rate.
When the president signs the bill which will increase the
cost of living he will be only doing what the big manufactures
want him to do; he is only performing the ceremony for which
the protected interests wished him to be elected chief execu
tive; he is only acknowledging the debt of gratitude to the
party of protection. Democracy will only ask that he siirn
it and permitted to sin it quickly. There is no hope for revis
ion downward.
There seems to be little doubt now that our republican
;ress is going to repudate the republican platform pledge
erning a decrease in tariff rates. There are a few noble
In lo in Louisville last Fndav wo learned from the
republican senators, hailing from the west, who are trying to friends of L. J. Mayfield that that gentleman would probably
bring about a downward revision of the tariff. In this thev become a canidato for IJecister of'Doods. Mr. MnvHeld wns
have the sympathy of laft and of most of the democrats, editor of the Louisville Courier for many years, but poor
Jut tne goo I old plutocratic republican machine is riding health compelled him to cease work in that direction. Lee
rough-shod over them all. is competent to perform the duties of County Recorder, and
it nominated and elected will make ti popular official
From present indications Plattsmouth has decided not to
celebrate this year. Nut we understand that there is talk
..f M ...... 1. .... 1. . I il. l u t .. i i .. mi it
. Lu V n 7 , inis is a , Petitions for JudffOS )ean Duff Barng and Fancett haye
v T; r T1' 1,0011 circulated and all liberally signed except that of the
(like hey did in the celebration last year) and bring to the first nnmed (luri the t tQ eekSf T ese gentiemen
I ron n the management the principal Inismessmen of the city (lesire to become candidates for supreme iudjres. and under
nm ii iiiimi i-jui iuiiKf ji carmvai a oiir success, unci inev are me i n ii.i i - i. - 3
noL ' it I ,i T' . lmsm('SS mvn ('0,n,,ln Ul the election day arrives if one desires to vote for a candidate for
move and it will be a success. L ,-.i i i
.uiii-iiiu juui;, ui?uiii jiiuu, i-uuuij juuju ui cuuuiy super
intendent he must take the wins to make a cross ormosito the
Bishop Williams of the Fniscoiml church, in a sermon the name of the person for whom ho desires to vote, ns no nnrtisnn
other day in Omaha, was deploring the great lack of minis- candidates will be before the public for any of those ofliices.
in, iiu-iu nvv various reasons ior uus iacK. mil tne trouh e inis is one oi tne real reiorm measures that was nassed tv the
will not be remedied until Christian people drop theid child- last legislature, and is in keeping with the course of other
lsil (icnominaiionaiism. unite their linwors nm tnrs. nm so stntos nitnn mini inr sn nrpt
pay living salaries to their ministers. Until that time comes
the churches will suffer from lack of ministers. Dut we must
TWif iiiilnrn (lwtm linrclilt' f. tl,,..- ...... nil 4l... .,!,.4:.. P : 1 ... .
nuA ,.J?m i,nn.i,..i L- f . Congressman John A. Maguire of this district was one of
niu f'i-iivin it mi! viuim nuiiuM vuhii'sh iu i)iiuiuiure, iiary
i i ..... ii. i ' . i i , i
umu reccuy nna in commenting upon nis address the hven-
to those "who fought that this nation might live." They
fought a good fight, and results of that victory will continue to
bless the human race so long as that race shall endure. Now
they are old. Most of them are dead; a few remain. They
are bent and broken by age and by hardship. Their hair is
gray, their eyes are dim, their steps faltering. It is for us
"to remember the brave men, living and dead" who fought
that this nation might live. And in the tenderness of the
years that have flown let us remember, too, those others, who
fought but suffered defat.
The "Western- producers and consumers are to get but very
little relief from the revision of the tariff upward. The re
publican party promised a revision but not the kind of revision
that the republican congress are giving. The west is paying
the bills while the east is living in luxury off of what they
steal from the west in the way of a protective tariff on all
articles of consumption. You made your bed last fall now lay
upon it and take your ease.
Louisville is makimr arranirement to celebrate on the ing Htnr of that city savs
Fourth of July. There seems to be a different move on the "Kather should we devote our surplus energies to the
people of that thriving little city than there has been in many social and industrial betterment of ninety million people at
years. Tho fact is the city government is in the hands of a liome than that wo parade our battleships, with their engines
younger class of men, and they have the vim nnd grit to f destructon, before- the nations of the earth."
make things hum. They are doing it too; men are in These words, ns they fell from the lips of Congressman
the saddle, and they propose to leave nothing undone that John A. Maguire of Nebraska, brought every hand together
will prove a benefit to that city. So watch for one of the wth a resounding clap at the National Oood Koads Congress
biggest celebrations in the state at Louisville on Saturday, this morning in McCoy I Tall.
July X "It is nfiitely more to be desired that the energies of the
t govrnment be extended to aid a comprehensive plan of in-
"jli, THE CONSUMER BETRAYED. ""Proveincnts, than that they should appropriate ex-
v v i w ii -imm' imiuuiis xur Hriuauieiu to ueuer cname us to mix up in
i, f Ui;w orK worhl.) the jangle of world )olitics," continued the speeaker, and
LJT'"!.! J'1"?"?1 , U1 n w"Val,y enthusiasm held sway. The Western representalive
high in Chicago, (lour nnd bread have followed. Another sharp
advance in the price of beef by the packers is announced. Tho
price of mutton has been raised, nlso of poultry.
Senator Aldricli is now confident that with the help of
democratic votes the suirar duties will bo preserved intact in
tho pending tariff bill. In vain the consumer begs for relief.
made n distinct hit with tho convention.
Maguire Makes a Tit.
Decoration Day falling on Sunday this vear, the old veto
Senators with sugar interests as political clients have the ef- ans of this city concluded to observe Saturday,' while sovora
ironicry to ueciare pumiciy uiai omy nu sireei nas asKoti oi the towns ot the countv will observe today. There should
P I .. MM. . . I 1. P.. 1 1 - 1 1 . ! - 1 - I I I . - .... .inn riiuui'l
ior lower uuuos. me pnur man s lueaMiisi uinie is to ne nave heeii some unitonmtv established as to which was th.
inordnately taxed for still another indefinite term of years to proper day to be observed' this year, and we know of no one
swell the sugar trust, n confessed criminal. whose duty it was to name the dat than that of the (irand
Where in tne senate lanu iuii is mere a single item mat Commander ot the (i. A. . of the state, and thus dVoornte in
is designed to reduce the cost ot living I in what single in- all the town on the same da v. However, there was quite a
stance has Senator Aldrich sought to make cheaper the neces- gathering at Oak Hill cemetery for the purpose of decorating
Karies of life? Where bus n single duty been honestly lowered In the hurrv of every life, some are likelv to foriret that tlui
for the benelit ot the consumer: Kenls, nothing, torn I may blessings we all enjoy came throu-h the toli, the suffering
increase steadily, but Senator Aldricli and his protectionist I Hie patience, the bravery of those, the imon'of whose day
colleagues stand pat for privilege nnd extortion. comes while many of us were young. Memorial Day is cacrod
James J. Hill, who is one of the createst railroad men this
country has ever known, makes the prediction that the United
States is facing a serious bread problem, and unless there
is marked improvements there will be trouble in the next twenty
or more years. He says there must be an increased produc
tion of wheat. W ltlnn half a century the domestic needs will
demand V000,000,000 bushels of wheat, while the annual pro
duction is now only about half that amount.
Pure Food.
Two men have been sentenced to sixty daws' imprison
ment in New York city, one of them for selling bad eggs and
the other for using them in making pastry to sell to the
public. It is the hrst time a prison sentence lias been in
flicted for that offense, nnd it comes only after repeated im
position of tines has failed to remedy the evil.
I ure food is a good deal practice, as well as a good deal
theory. Nonzoate of soda may or not be a poison; nnd many
other alleged medicinal or food substances may or may not be
such. Hut if there is one point on which we could arrive at
unanimous agreement, regardless of politics or race or cus
tom, it is the subject of bad eggs, there is not even, ns far
as we have observed, n religion that requires its devotees to
eat bad eggs. It is one point on which theory is clear ami un
animous. Comes then the practice. There are plenty of men in
this wicked world who will sell bad eggs for good ones if they
get n chance. The way to stop it is to make it nn inducement
to them to stop it. Sixty days ought to be fairly convincing,
considering that the profits can't be great. World-Herald.
The above is surely n warning to those who are not c:ir -ful
in dealing with the pure food law of Nebraska. .M',r - nn
example is made n few who still insist on selling any old thing
to the unsuspecting public, like the above refers to. they will
perhaps get their eyes open to the fact that the wire fond
law means just what it says. "A word to the wise" i m ire
times in order.