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Murray Department
M Springtime brings Problems o! Cleaning
. C 1 l- . lii
and Painting
IfanyofreadeofthcJournalkofaialrUoraniU ofinUrut in tU vicinity and rill mad same to IM. office it nil appear u,Ur thU km.
The assistance of our bank force' aids every
customer. Our clerical work includes accuracy
neatness and promptness.
,; Our" up-to-date methods give material ben
fits to all. These methods have been improv
ed until we are able to give each patron exact
ness and individual attention. . ,
Our banking experience enables us to antici
pate our customers' needs. - And our services
n are well suited for unexpected demands,
A personal talk with one of our officeis will
reveat many conveniences which you never ex-'
pected. . ,s . ; . , ; i j.
Murray State Dank
For various reasons, the mala one
of which Is a rush of work in the
Journal office, we are . once . more
without our usual budget of Murray
news. We though we had arranged
for the matter but we are very sorry
to say for some reason we were dis
appointed. We trust our readers will
pardon and bear with us until our
rush of Job work Is over.
Ox-blood, patent
Oxfords for ladles
Holmes & Smith's.
and Gun Metal
and gents at
Pleasantly Entertained.
Mr. and Mra. Lloyd Gapen delight
fully entertained about eighty young
people at their home on Saturday
evening, April 3. The affair was In
monor of their daughter Villa's seven
teenth birthday anniversary. Games
and social conversation whiled away
the evening. At a late hour a dainty
luncheon was served consisting of ice
cream, cake, bananas and punch.
Toward the- midnight hour all de
parted for their homes thinking they
had indeed spent an enjoyable eve
ning. Those present were Misses Emma
Graves, Isabella Young, Elizabeth
Gapen Mary and Wllla Moore, Teresa
Stokes, Olga Mlnford, Villa Gapen,
Ruth Thomason, Margaret and Ra
chel LMngston, Elsie Gapen, Pearl
Anthony, Louisa and Ella Virgin,
Vattle, Minnie,, Margaret and Vera
Moore, Ella Thomas, Esther Ray, Mil
dred and Anna Rnyder, Lena and
Clara Young, Ula Vallery, Lucille
Hire, Resale Rrendel, Ethel Spangler,
Maggie Rengen. Lillian Wheeler, Mae
Louis, Vera Yanlley, Allco (lalielman,
Ma nml Nettle Rlchtcr and M tittle
Gapen, Messrs. Harry Creamer, Ar
thur Ilnnsen, Cyrus Dnuhauer, Wal
ter llend, Don Mareellus, Eaton Erie
son, Harry ami Peter Gnhlemnn,
Vance Pitman, Wayne Lewis, Glen
Porter, Glen, Ellrt and Myron Wiles.
Lee and Ed. Knlss, Paul and Herman
Rlehter, Arthur Copenhaver, Walter
and Jake Mlnnear, Everett Thoma
Bon, Guy Stokes, Roy Spangler, Gold
Rice, Cornelius Rengen, Byron Sny
der Rex Young, Tom Tllson, Lloyd
Lewis, John Stone, Percy Wheeler,
Omer Yardley.' Albert Young, Will
Seybolt, Oliver Gapen, Will Mlnford.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Vallery, Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Gapen, Mr. and Mrs. War
rrn Wiley, Mrs. G. M. Mlnford.
Our new gloves Just arrived
Thirty-five kinds. We can please
you; 60o to $3.00. Holmes &
Sufficient Consideration.
The supreme court holds in the
case of Sadie Idelia Griffin vs. Ren
nctt Chrlswelser of Cass rounty that
the settlement of bastardy proceed
Ings Is a sufficient consideration for
a promissory. note, and it Is no de
fense to such note that the mothe
and guardian of the complainant
made an unlawful agreement not to
nrosecute the putative father for
statutory rape unless such complain
ant knowingly participated In such
unlawful agreement. The girl com
plainant was but fifteen years old
The elder Chrlswelser for his son Roy
gave the girl's mother $400 and
nromlssorv note for $1,100. He re
fused to pay the note and the mothe
sued to recover. The suit was dls
missed. The cause Is reversed and
remanded by the supreme court.
The above case was tried in this
district court before Judge Paul Jes
sen, the attorneys in the case being
Matthew Gering for the plaintiff and
Byron Clark and W. C. Ramsey for
the defendant Chrlswelser. Under
the ruling of the supreme court, the
case will be returned to this court
for trial and will doubtless ' be for
trial at the May term.
Stylish, up-to-date spring hatB,
In green, black, brown, and gray for
gents, $2.00 and $2.50. . At Holmes
& Smith's
Suddenly Taken Hick.
Yesterday afternoon David
mick, the well known and popular
stock buyer of this city and Murray
was seized with " a sudden illness
which necessitated bis being hurried
to the hospital at Omaha. Mr. Am
Ick wbb engaged In driving some cat
tie Into the stock pen at Murray
when he suddenly fell to the ground
great pain. There were no pre
Uminary symptoms of 111 health and
the sudden attack greatly alarmed
the men who were assisting him
He was hurriedly taken to thhe
physician's office where Dr. Gllmore
found him In great pain and suffer
intensely. Dr. Gllmore diagnosed the
case as that of an attack of acute
appendicitis and made arrangements
at once to have the patient conveyed
to the hospital. The M. P. train
was almost due and Mr. Amlck was
mmedlately tnkon to the depot and,
ccompanled by the physician and
several friends hurried to Omaha.
Doubtless an operation will have to
be performed and It Is the hope of the
ninny friends of this well known cltl-
en than no serious results will fol
Uwh t Europe,
Hev. F. W. Hrlnk, and wife, the
steenied and able pastor of the Unit
ed Brethren church south of the city
departed this noon on'the mall train
for Omaha from which point they
will Journey to New York and thence
to Germany. They expect to spend
several months In the Fatherland
where they will visit old friends and
neighbors In Hanover and other sec
Hons of the empire. They were de
lighted to get started upon their trip
and in common with all their many
friends, tho Journal hopes they will
have an enjoyable visit.
Tents for Hale.
Complete, ready to set up, 8x10
ten ounce three foot walls, $6.90
samo 12 ounce, $7.75, 10x12. 10
ounce, 3 foot wall, $8.95; same 1
ounce, $10.75, f. o. b. Murray. Or
der before April 26th.
Holmes & Smith
2514 N Street
South Omaha
Call and see him when in the city
Cass Camp Donates $250 For Tent
at Woodman Sanitarium
The Modern Woodmen at their
meeting last night donated the sum
of $250.00 for the erection of a
cottage tent at the Modern Wood
men Sanitarium, located at Colorado
Springs, Colorado.
This sanitarium Is located on
1,000 acres of land near Colorado
Springs, but is owned and controlled
by the Modern Woodmen of Amer
ica, the biggest fraternal society of
its kind in the world. The plan of
the sanitarium is to admit free
of 'charge any ! member afflicted
with'tuberculosis. This cottage will
be owned by-Cass Camp No. 332, and
any 'of;its 'loAl members sent there
afflicted as above set forth will have
a' 'pi for right to its use and occu
pancy. Hesldes cottages furnished
by the total camps, the head camp is
erecting mkny1 such tents.-'' J ' '
By its benevolent and humane act
ion fast night Cass' Camp Is the first
a'mp' lii the' state of Nebraska to
ulld Its own Cottage. A" draft for
the' above amount will be sent to the
head" camp' at Rock Island, "111., to
day and within ten days the cottage
will be finished and ready for occu
pancy. ' ' u
This camp now has two of its
members waiting' to be admitted to
this sanitarium and 16 battle with the
great white 'plague on this battle
ground. ' 1 '
Modern Woodmen of America
have not only all the known weapons
of warfare but their tents are pitch
ed upon a beautiful scene in the
health giving climate of Sunny Col
orado. Cass Camp No. 332 cer
tainly should be commended for Its
magnificent offering to suffering
humanity. Long live the Modern
Woodmen. ' - . -
The Lata ('has. Glee.
DIED Glee. Chas. at the home of
his daughter Mrs. Albert Hunger,
near Rock Bluffs, Neb., of heart
trouble and paralysis, aged 79
years and 20 days, on Sunday,
April 11th, 1909. Funeral , was
held at the family residence, Rev.
Langhorst officiating. Interment
made at the Young cemetery. ' ';
The deceased was released from
his suffering early Easter morning
after an illness of but a few days'
Chas. Glee was born In Kohn, Ger
many, March 22nd, 1830. He was
also a resident of that placemfwy
united In marriage to Minnie Stege-
man, also a realdont of that place, In
1866. To this union one daughter,
Mrs. A. F. Hunger was born, she re
siding near this city.
In the spring of 1860 on Easter
morning, he bid farewell to the
Fatherland and sailed for America,
Settled In Plattsmouth, Neb., where
ho resided until three years ago when
he moved to the farm where he died.
Mr. Glee was highly respected by
all who knew him and the sorrowing
relatives have the deepest sympathy
f the entire community.
Card of Thanks.
We, the undersigned, desire to ex
press our Blncere thanks to our
neighbors and friends who bo kindly
assisted us during the Illness and
death of our beloved husband and
Mrs. Chas. Glee.
Ma. and Mrs. A. F Hunger and
For Hale.
My residence property In Murray
comprising two fifty foot lots, by
150 feet deep, good house contain
Ing six rooms, good Improvements
Will be sold right If taken soon
Chas. Carroll, Murray,
A six room house on Elm street.
two blocks east of M. P. depot, city
water, good barn and outhouses, one
half block of ground, fruit trees and
cellars, wash room and basement
Inquire at Kroehler Bros, hardware
Weeping Water
Nehawka every Monday.
Union every Friday
Balance of the time at
Weeping Water.
r -Mynacrd
" (Special Correspondence.)
. YV. T. Richardson and family took
diuner at John Livingston's Sunday.
AV. T. Gillispie shipped a car of
Btock to the South Omaha market
vMont Robb spent Sunday at his
home in Union. .
Miss Jessie Gilmore who is teaching
at Nehawka visited Sunday with
B; . W. Livingston's.
S. A. Schlotman and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. Jennie Jenkins of
'. Wm. Rummel took dinner with
W. F. Gillispie Tuesday. ' ' '
.R. L. Propst and son Thayer were
passengers to Ralston, Neb., Tuesday.
, Miss Ethel Benlley visited at R.
LJ Propst's Sunday.
"Rev. F. W Brink and wife left
Wednesday for New York city. where
from there they will take the steam
er for Hamburg, Germany. -They
will be gone about two months.
; Mrs. James Gruber of Union has
been visiting friends in Mynard thjs
week. ..... .
'The children of Mr. and Mi.
W. R. Murray, sr.,' spent Easter with,
them. t . .
;1ievi' F. W Brink and wife topic
dinner at R. L. Propst's Sunday . ''
Elects Officers.
The annual meeting of St. Luke's
Guild held yesterday afternoon at the
home of the Misses Gering was a
pleasant and entertaining affair. In
addition to the regular routine busi
ness which was transacted, the an
nual election of officers was held
with the following results:
President, Mrs. Eva Reese.
Vive-President, Mrs. Margaret Don-
Secretary, Mrs'. C. W. Baylor.
Treasurer, Mrs. Carl Frlcke.
Directress, Mrs H. S. Austin. ,
Assistant Directress, Mrs. J. E. Mc-
Tho meeting' was one of the best
the Guild has had In years and the
members are enthusiastic over the
outlook for the immediate future.
The progress' of the fund for the re
building of the rectory is reported as
very favorable. , ,
Red men's Dance.
The Improved Order of Redmen
will hold another of their entertaln-
ng dances on Friday evening April
23 at Coates Hall. As these dances
have been given from time to time
and have been so successful, it Is
hardly necessary to recommend
them to the public. Everyone at
tends them and there has never been
one to find fault with them In any
way. Itner'8 Redmen orchestra of
Omaha will furnish the music as it al
ways does and this Is enough to in
sure fine dancing. The admission Is
fixed at 50c with ladles free. Spec
tators are charged 25c. Remember
the date is April 23rd.
Itliz.ard Thirty-Six Years Ago.
Thirty-six years ago today there
raged one of the most disastrous bliz
zards that ever swept over these then
wide prairies. The great storm that
the early pioneer delights to talk
about began In the middle of the af
ternoon of a bright, summer like Sun
day afternoon, April 13, 1873, and
raged for three days In greatest fury
reaching a climax on the 15th. Men
who were compelled to go only a few
yards from the house for fuel or
water were forced to tie a rope about
their bodies in order to find their
way, hack, so fierce was the wind
and snow that it was impossible to
see a few feet. Kearney Democrat.
Called Beyond.
After a brief existence of but four
days, death last Monday claimed an
Infant girl of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Batmann, living on the farm of John
Gorder near the city. The little one
came Into the world on Thursday,
April 8, but had hardly more than
entered Into this land when It was
called back to Its Maker. The fu
neral occurred on Tuesday, April
23rd, the little one being laid to rest
In Oak Hill. Rv. A. A. Randall pro
nounced the services over It. In
their sorrow and distress at the loss
of this little angel, the parents have
the profound sympathy of all.
Dvsnens a Is America a curse
Burdock Blood Bitters conquers dys.
pepsla every time. It drives out lm
purities of the stomach, restores per
perfect digestion, normal weight and
good health.
Itchlna. bleeding, proturdlng or
blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment
Chronic eases soon relieved, finally
cured. Druggists sell It.
The Paint that Stands the wear will solve
the Paint Question for you
Local News. -T
! .! -;
Perry Marsh is spending the . day
In Omaha being a1 passenger for, that
city on the. morning train.'-' .. .
Mrs. James Hlckson'' of: Council
Bluffs, la., came in this morning for
a visit with relatives in: the city. '
James Fitzgerald la lodking" after
business In Omaha 'today going to
that city this morning on the early
Mrs. Wm. Budlg. ia'visltln'g 'with
friends In Omaha this morning being
a passenger on' the 'early train for
that city. , ; ;'. :
Miss Ethel Robinson is spending
the day in Omaha, being a passenger
for that city on the morning train
this morning. -
Fred W. Hawksworth came in last
evening for a visit with his parents,
expecting to remain several days.. '
Oscar Nystrom and sister Joseph
ine, who have been visiting in the
city with Miss Johnson, returned to
their home in Omaha this morning.'
Miss Nellie Anthony of Glenwood
passed through the city this morn
ing enroute to her home, after a vis
it with friends at Murray.
Miss Julia Koukal who has been
visiting the past three months in
Racine, Wis., returned to her home
this morning on the early train.
A. P. Stokes, wife, little daughter
and Mrs. Johnson are spending the
day In Omaha being passengers this
morning for that city on the early
Mrs. John Hall is looking after
some business matters and also mak-
ng a social visit In Omaha today go
ing up on the morning train this
Miss Mayme Shea who has been
visiting for the past six weeks in the
city with Misses Wlnnifred and
Elizabeth Shea, departed this morn
ing for her home at GaleBburg, 111.
Mrs. C. W. Baylor Is spending the
day In Omaha having been a passen
ger this morning on the early train
for that city.
C. W. Haffke Is attending to busi
ness matters today in Omaha being
a passenger for that point this morn
ing on the early train.
Mrs. George Born and Mrs. Leon
ard Born are spending the day In
Omaha being passengers for that city
on the early morning train.
Frank Hawksworth came down
last evening from Lincoln to spend
the night with his parents, returning
this morning to resume his run on
the road.
August Gorder and wife of Platts
mouth spent Sunday visiting Mr. Gor-
der's uncle, Jno. Adams in Eagle and
stopped here on the return trip and
visited Mayor Gorder Monday.
Weeping Water Republican.
Dick Oaborn and M. S. Brlggs came
In this morning from Manley where
they have been working for several
days. Mr. Osborn had been engaged
for some time past painting signs
for the new clothing house of Fal
ter & Thlerolf, these signs to be put
up at various points In the country
under his direction. The move Is a
good one on the part of Falter &
Thlerolf andthey wisely selected a
good man when Mr. Osborn was
chosen for the work. He will be en
gaged In this work for some time yet
Mr. Brlggs has been engaged In
painting a house near Manley and Is
doing a good job of It.
On Saturday !ast a silver watch In
a leather rase which fastens to belt.
Watch lost between the Burlington
station and North 9th street. Finder
please notify this office.
Give Matinee Tuesday.
Commencing next Sunday the at
traction at the Boyd's in Omaha will
be "A Stubborn Cinderella," ' the
musical production which having so
successful a season in New York City
and which was the leading attrac
tion of Chicago for more' than a'
year. The ; company presenting the
opera at' Omaha Is a very capable
one; almost' as good as that which
New York Is so crazy over. The
leading woman's part is taken by
Miss Ethel Dovey who Is starred In
the play and it is quite unneces
sary to add any words of praise for
Miss Dovey. She is so well known
to our people that all that Is needed
is to announce her appearance.
' Miss Dovey has been winning gold
en opinions in her characterization
of the part she has taken and it will
well repay anyone to see this charm
ing young woman. Her sister, Miss
Alice Dovey as is well known, Is
doing famous In the same play in
New York. A special matinee will
be given on Tuesday afternoon, April,
20 and Plattsmouth should and will
send Its quota of admirers to at
tend. A Dry Town Too.
One of our citizens wanted an
Easter lily last Saturday, and seeing
several in Orton's drug store, he
entered and offered $1.00 for the
potted plant. This offer was re
fused. The citizen then raised his
bid to $1.00 and one cigar. This
was also refused. "All right," said
the citizen. "I will give you $1.00,
one cigar and one bottle of Budwei-
ser. The deal was closed, and in ten
minutes the plant delivered. Now,
the owner of the plant wonders
where the bottle of Budwelser came
from. Weeping Water Republi-j
Putting In Col vert.
The work of putting in the cement
culvert under the tracks near the wa
ter works is still under way, the
concrete gang not having been able to
complete the work. Master Carpen
ter Hedengren Is giving this work hla
attention and this morning was busy
looking after the details of the work
besides arranging for the construc
tion of the new freight depot. This
culvert will be large enough to carry
off all the dralnnge which comes
down from the hills north of the
city and will be quite an Improve
ment. For Sale or Rent.
Seven miles west of Plattsmouth
E. E. Goodwin farm.
Rev. George Duensing of Syracuse,
Neb., who has been visiting in the
city for several days past, the guest
of Rev. F. J. Longhorst and family,
departed this morning on the M. P.
train for his home.
In the District Court of Cass County,
Wlr Hud.
In the Matter of th Kstste of Telltha
Walling, DeceiiBcil.
This cause comln on to b liar1 on
the petition of W. E. Hnnri. admlnlntra
tor of the estate of Telltha VYalllnir,
riereaaed, to Hell the real estate belong
Inif in the ib lil entate, to-vt-
Tho gnuthwent Quarter (S. W. 1-4) of
the Northwest quarter (N. W. 1-4) and
the Northwest Quarter (N. W. 1-4 of
the Southwest (S. W. l-4 of Section
Twelve (12) Township Eleven (11),
Itanse KIkM HI, In Lancaster Count v.
Nebraska, subject to a mortgage there,
on of Fifteen Hundred Hollars (I1RO0)
now due to pnv the debts allowed
against aald estate and costs of admin
istration, It la ordered:
That all parties Interested In aald
estate bo and appear before the un
dersigned Judge of the District Court
of Cass Countv, Nebraska, at chambers
In the Court House at I'litMsmouth in
aid raa fnimtv, t.n the Twenty,
fourth dar of May. 1909. to show reuse.
If anv. and why license should not be
Tented to the said W. K. Hand as
auch administrator to sell the above
described property.
n It la further ordered that this
order be publisher for four weeka In
the t'lsMsmnitth .tnurnal. a newspaper
mitillshed and of genernl circulation
In aald Casa Countv, Nebraska.
In testimony whereof t have hereun
to set my hand this 12th day of April,
Itarvev n. Travla.
Judge of the District Court.