The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 05, 1909, Image 4

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y Short Items of Interest From Fri
Y day Evening's
A. L. Anderson came In this morn
ing from his business trip to Iowa
to Bpend Sunday with bis wife.
Ed. Egenberger ia spending the
afternoon in .Omaha being a passen
ger for that city on the mall train
at noon.
Miss Louise Gorder was a passen
ger this morning on the north bound
train for Omaha where she Mill visit
with friends.
Mrs. James Darrough and brother
are spending the day in Omaha being
passengers for that city on the early
train this morning.
Prove to your own. satisfaction
that Friday is not an unlucky day
by purchasing your groceries at E. G.
Dovey &'Sons. See our offer in an
other column.
Charles L. Graves, the enterpris
ing proprietor of the Union Ledger,
paid the Journal office a pleasant
call, having been in the city on busi
ness matters.
The condition of J. G. Rlchey who
has been so ill with pneumonia, is
continuing very satisfactory and there
is practically no doubt now of his
early recovery.
C S. Wortman of Claremore, Ok
lahoma returned today. He owns the
five room residence fronting the Col
umbia school building which he of
fers for sale at $700.00.
Matthew G. McQuinn the promin
ent farmer and democrat of Liberty
precinct, came up last evening on the
M. P. trAln and was a business visitor
In the city last night and today.
A, Ibsen, roadmaster of the Burl
ington, was in the city overnight look
Ing after matters in connection with
the track department of the road, he
bdng roadmaster for the Lincoln
Miss Minnie McKay, the popular
operator at the Nebraska Telephone
exchange, is spending the afternoon
in Omaha with friends, having been
a passenger on the mall train this
noon for that city.
F. M. Young, Jr., departed this
morning on the early train for Omaha
from which city he will proceed to
Murdock, Minn., to look after some
land In that locality. Mr. Young
contemplates investing In a traot of
land should he be able to find any
which meets his approval, he having
been informed that there is some fine
land to be had there nt reasonable
prices. He will likely be gone for sev
eral days.
Ernest Rolen, a cousin of J L.
Thompson came down Inst evening
from Omaha to purchase some horses
of Perry Marsh which he succeeded
In doing buying three fine head. This
morning Roy Thompson started for
Omaha with tho horses riding them to
that city by way of the ferry and
Council Bluffs. He will likely get In
to Omaha by noon easily although
the roads are heavy from the recent
rains. Mr. Rolen returned to Omaha
this morning on the early train.
M. J. Sweeney, the Omaha tomb
i stone man, was a passenger for his
home this morning after spending
several days in this city and vicinity
looking after business matters.
This Is not simply an attachment for a
common lamp, but the whoio outfit. It is
specially designed for tho purpose intended.
Daily Journal
Miss Josie Yeljnek is spending the
day in Omaha being a passenger for
that city on the early train this morn
ing. John Bauer, Jr., is spending the
day in Omaha being a passenger for,
that city on the early morning train
this rooming.
Mrs. Feed Engelkemeler was a pas
enger this morning on the early train
for Omaha where she will spend the
day visiting with friends.
Mrs. Henry Ofe and daughter Miss
Alice, are spending the day in Omaha
being passengers for that city on the
early train this morning.
Miss Clara Brown Is spendin? Ilio
aft.Tnccn in Omaha going to tint
cl' this noon on the fast mail.
Homer McKay is attending to busi
ness matters in Omaha this afternoon
having gone to that city on the fast
Floyd Patrldge is spending the af
ternoon in Omaha having been a
passenger for the metropolis on the
mall train at noon.
Miss Julia Klser is among those
traveling to Omaha on the mall train
at noon, going up to make an after
noon's visit In the big city.
F. E. Dawson was a passenger this
noon on the fast mall train for Oma
ha going up to spend the afternoon
and to look after some business mat
ters. Martin Steppat and his daughter
Miss Anna, are spending the after
noon in Omaha having been passen
gers on the mail train at noon for
that city.
V. W. Price of Alliance, Neb., who
had business matters to attend to in
the city for several days past, de
parted this noon on the mail train for
County Clerk Rosericrans made a
flying trip to Omaha this noon go
ing up on the fast mall and expect
ing to return on the Schuyler at
three o'clock.
T. M. Carter tine of the prominent
members of the citizens movement is
spending the afternoon in Omaha hnv
Ing been a passenger on the mall
train this noon.
L. Mj. Orr, the South Dakota land
agent, is spending the afternoon In
Omaha looking after business mat
ters being a passenger for thnt city
cn the mall train.
Councilman D. O. Dwyer, wife and
children are spending the day In
Omaha being passengers for that city
on the fast mall train this noon for
an afternoon's outing. '
Wm. Holly, the prominent cloth
ing man, Is looking after business
matters in Omaha this afternoon hav
Ing been a passenger on the mall
train for the metropolis this noon.
Boy McDanlels who has been work
ing at Sheridan, Wyo., for several
months pnst, came in last evening
and will remain at home for some
time having resigned his position at
Sheridan. Roy Is a staunch demo
crat and congratulates himself upon
the fact that he will be here In time
to cast his ballot for Sattler and
the democratic ticket.
State-Wide Measure is Passed
and Goes to 60110.
Both Houses Agrta to Conference Re
port Excepting South Omaha Stock
Yards Company From Some of More
Stringent Provialons of Measure.
Lincoln, April 3. Both bouses of
the Nebraska legislature continued
their grind throughout the night, pre
serving the legislative record of
Thursday, the day set for sine die ad
journment. It is proposed to com
plete the work some time Saturday.
One of the Important and unexpected
arts of the day was the passage by
both houses of the bill providing for
state-wide daylight saloons, fixing tbe
hour of opening at 7 a. m. and clos
ing at 8 p. m. The measure carried
In the senate without difficulty, but it
had the bare constitutional majority
of 51 votes In the house. After tho
result had been announced Fogarty
of Greeley county asked leave to
change his vote, but the majority
protested, the record stood and the
bill goes to the governor. The phys
ical valuation of railroads bill was
passed when the house voted to re
cede from the demands of its con
ferees and accepted the senate
amendments, excepting the South
Omaha Stock Yards company from
some of the more stringent provisions
of the 'bill. Agreements were also
reached on the three remaining ap
propriation bills, and there Is now
practically nothing to do tout await
the engrossing of the remaining bills.
Gold Watch for Speaker Pool.
To give some Indication of the es
teem In which Speaker Pool Is tie?d
he was presented with a beautifin
gold watch. He accepted the gift In
a neat speech and when the formality
was over the house gave Itself up to
real pleasure.
The throwing of paper started the
bal' rolling and then everything loose
began flying through the air. The
revelry degenerated Into an orgle be
for It ended and eerythlng portable
lost its original physical outlines.
Desl a were broken in the scramble
and members Jeered and "Joshed"
each other with the greatest disre
gard for conventionality, and the
good humor of everybody kept . the
body In high spirits. -
Liquor interests Hard Hit by Day
light Saloon Bill.
Omaha, April 3. Seldom has the
passage of a measure by the statp
legislature caused a flurry such bp
'hat witnessed In Omaha when It was
learned that the daylight liquor bll'
had been passed by both houses
hverybody Interested had gone on
he presumption that the measure
had been killed and had been giving
the matter but little attention. When
It became known the bill had gone
to the governor a movement was
quickly put on foot to bring pressure
to bear on the chief executive to veto
the measure. The Central Labor union
and Dahlman Democracy club passed
resolutions condemning the bill and
the liquor men . Interested will have
many representatives In Lincoln.
While the lintior Interests are per
haps the hardest hit. the business
men of Omaha have already taken ac
tion looking to an early visit to the
governor, and It Is believed several
hundred of them will visit Lincoln
to urge, the governor to prevent the
bill becoming a law. 1Wr0us
cafes and restaurants. In addition to
saloons, will bo affected by an early
closing law and proprietors of
places have joined Ifl the movement
to ask the governor to veto the meas
Or. Jolly of Dixon, Neb., Dice n sioux
City Hospital.
Sioux City. April 3. a s'lght
scratch from a nail on his thumn
nearly a month ago resulted In the
Oath of Dr. .1. O. Jolly of Dixon. NVb..
at a Sioux City hopltal Sutfeiln-i
"in iinKjiiw, me pnysiclnn was
brought to Sioux City several week?
ago According to physicians who
were constantly at his bedside, paral
ysls of the respiratory organs wai
tho exact cause of dpnth.
Dr. Jolly was engaged In brenUr-r
ip klnd'lnn wood whn he received
the Inlury. He cave the
pttentlon. but did not onei it (or
frar thnt It would hinder him In at
tending his practice. He ur
vlved by a widow and ftvo rhlHiin.
Storey Given Life Sentence.
Norfolk, NVh., April 7, Plrxllni
gulltv to murdei'lnir Smith, ih man
found minting In the Niobrara river
at Va'cnUne last fall. Sam Stort y ha?
born m'pprrd to the penitentiary
tcr iif. . :U cr. tiv ciuti yur of
u !.'!, conT 1.1 in nt.
During the visit of Vice President
Willard of the Burlington to the Ne
braska district the matter of com
pleting the yards at Lincoln was con
sidered. No official announcement of
what will be done was made but since
he has been here the impression pre
vails among the men who discussed
tbe matter with him that the work
on the Lincoln yards will soon be re
sumed and that they will be finished
in time to take care of the fall crop
Mr. Willard came to Lincoln from
the west, having spent several days
on the lines west of here inspecting
company property. From here he
continues his Journey east, after a
stort stay in the city during which
he met a number of Lincoln men. He
made a short address at the Lincoln
Hotel to representatives of the local
lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomo
tive Engineers making them a prom
ise that he will be here June 29 to'
deliver an address to the big union
meeting now being promoted by the
engineers. In the short address to
the englnemen he told them some
things the management of the road
has to contend with, and pointed
out that th engineers and the man
agement should be working to the
same end, the prosperity of the prop
It was stated from an official
source that the only work of great
importance contemplated on the Ne
braska district this season is the
completion of the Lincoln yards.
During the past week a large num
ber of tracklaborers have been put
to work on various parts of the Ne
braska district. State Journal.
J. Frances, general passenger
agent of the Burlington lines east of
the Burlington lines east, of the Mis
souri river, was in Oniaha Friday
consulting with L. W. Wakely, gen
eral agent of the lines west of the
river in reference to the proposed
changes yhich will be put in effect
over the Burlington system May 23.
These changes will be most im
portant and will involve the addi
tion of numerous new trains, most
of which will directly benefit Omaha.
The second flier from Omaha to the
Puget Sound country will then be put
In service, running over the Burling
ton to Billings and from Billings over
the new Great Northern line through
Great Falls. The midnight train from
Omaha west by w hich residents in all
parts of the state on the Burlington
will be able to return to their homes
cn the same day after shopping and
visiting the theaters in Omaha will
also be of great benefit to this city.
Another new train talked about
but which has not been definitely de
cided upon Is an evening train from
Omaha to Lincoln. For some years
there has been a clamor for this
train and the Burlington officials
now see their way clear to put the
train in service, leaving Oniaha for
Lincoln about 7 p. m.
All these new trains with the help
of the new Omaha division with Its
headquarters in Omaha, will greatly
beneflit the wholesale and retail in
terests of Omaha, as they will not
only permit passengers to return the
same night, but will also permit
Omaha merchants to send out pack
ages to all parts of the state the
same night. Heretofore both pas
sengers and packakes had to leave
Omaha by 4:10 p. m. or remain over
until next day. Omaha Bee,
While Mr. and Mrs. Jo nn KIauren3
were driving along the road near
Dean Austin's place last Saturday
evening their horse became frighten
ed at a traction orpine and upset
the buggy, throwing the occupants
out. Mrs. Klaurens had the good
fortune to escape with but a slight
injury, but "Uncle" John was severe
ly bruised and suffered a fracture
of the shoulder blade. He Is under
a physician's care, and it Is probable
that he will be confined to the house
for several days. Union Ledger.
Again Injured.
Jas. Selvers of this city Is In re
ceipt of-a letter' from his relatives at
Madrid, stating that his son Claud
was quite painfully injured a few
days ago. While endeavoring to
Jump a picket fence, one of the
pickets gave away with his weight
and he fell upon the fence. While
the injures were not serious they
were very painful and will lay him up
for a few days.
For Sale.
My residence property In Murray,
comprising two fifty foot lots, by
150 feet deep, good house contain
ing six rooms, good improvements.
Will be sold right if taken soon.
Chas. Carroll, Murray.
Mnrk Furlong was among those
traveling to Council Bluffs this
morning on the early train going up
to secure sonic bee supplies. Mr.
Furlong Is one of the foremost bee
raisers In this scetlui 11ml he Is anx
ious to keep up his reputation In
that line, lie Intends to secure what
ever may be necessary to give the
people who pntron!zo III m the finest
In in y !.i li.o V.r.J.
Short Items of Interest From Sat
urday Evening's Daily Journal
W. W. Coates came la this morn
ing on the early tram from an ex
tended business trip in the west.
Misses Johnson and Goehry were
mssengers on the early morning train
for Omaha where they will spend the
Mrs. W. R. Gardner and two child
ren departed this noon on the mail
train for La Platte where they will
spend Sunday with relatives.
Miss Lena Mauer was a passenger
on the mall train this noon for Oma
ha being accompanied by her broth
er Eugene. The young people go up
fot an afternoon's outing.
F. D. Muse and wife of Pittsburg,
Pa., who have been in the city looking
after business matters were passen
gers this noon for Omaha where they
wil lattend to other business affairs.
A. L. Wilcox from near Rock
Bluffs came up this morning and was
a-passenger on the early train for
Council Bluffs going along with
Mark Furlong to purchase bee sup
plies. Misses Ruth Johnson and Frances
Weidman are spending the afternoon
having gone to that city on tho mail
train to meet Miss Anna Weidman
who is returning from an "extended
visit with relatives at Plainview,
Rex. M. V. Higbie of the North
Presbyterian church or Omaha, who
conducted the revival services at the
Presbyterian church last evening, re
turned to his home this morning. He
was the guest ot Rev. J. H. Salsbury
during his stay in the city.
Miss Sarah Black, sister of the late
Mrs. John Waterman, came in this
morning from her home in Florida
where she has been living for some
time past in hopes of regaining her
health. She was unable to get to the
city in time for the funeral much to
her sorrow and regret.
The many friends of Frank Mar
shall ,the son of Dr. C. A. Marshall
and wife, who has been so. low with
pneumonia, will be delighter to hear
that he yesterday passes the crisis in
th disease and is now considered well
started on the way toward recovery.
The young man has been having a
hard seige and his recovery is some
thing which everyone will rejoice
The way we've sold Hart, Scftaffner
& Marx Clothes the past few
days, certainly has strengthened our
1,J I
! - VJ '
evtr bad. Your satisfaction is necessary for our busi
ness welfare.
Suits $7.50 to $30.00
Mostly $15.00 to $25.00
The Home of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes!
Manhattan Shirts! Stetson Hats!
Mrs. L. C. Lowe departed this noon
on the mail train for Sioux City
where she will spend a few days wita
Mrs. H. H. Tartsch is spending the
afternoon in Omaha, goiny to the me
tropolis on the early train this morn
ing. Henry Hell, the great Red Polled
cattle man, from near Cedar Creek
was here looking after some business
matters today.
Mrs. J. N. Wise and Miss Alice
Root were passengers for Omaha this
morning on the early train, going up
to spend the day with friends and re
latives. Mrs. Gargns of Bartlett, Ia.r who
has been in the city for several days
visiting with her daughter, Mrs. T.
J. Hickson, was a passenger for her
home this morning.
F. Ortman of Ft. Crook came In
this morning for a visit in town and
look after some business matters.
Mr. Ortman has been looking after
business matters in Red Oak, Ia.
and called here on his way home.
Victor Anderson is spending the
day in Lincoln and Havelock having
been a passenger on th,e morning
train for that city. Mr. Anderson ex
pects to depart about the 20th for
Dallas, S. D. where he will pick out
his claim, having drawn one last fall
at the drawing of the Tripp county
lands. ,
John Meislnger, jr., and family'
came in this morning for a day's vis
it In the city with friends. Mr. Mei
slnger brings Ms family fn today for
the first time in several months hav
ing been In last with the family on
Christmas. Hhe paid the Journal of
fice a pleasant calT and gave us the
Item of his brother shooting the large
wolf Id his yard.
George P. Meislnger, Jr., yesterday
morning killed a large grey wolf in
his door yard. The wolf had ap
parently boldly strayed into the yard
fn search of food and Mr Meislnger
discovered it before ft got an op
portunity of getting busy. Seizing his
dhntp-iin ho tnnlr nim nnri Inlrl It-..
ij ' t - -- ...... . '-tr
low. The wolves are reported) as get
ting very vicious and mean and Mr.
Melsinger sets hfs neighbors a good
example in destroying them on sight.
claims for that
best make.
If you'll come in and
try on sorne of the new
swell things, of which
we have an abundance,
we won't say a word to
ward making you buy a
suit. We know if you
once get a Hart, Schaff
ner & Marx suit on, you
will w,ant one without
our telling you. They
have that different style
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Remember too, that if
you come here to buy a
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