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If any of the readers of the Journal know of a wt'U ??! or an iierr. of ircrcsi ir
M l Kant all itenis of interest. Editor Journal.
Many business advantages by dealing
with this bank. Aside from the bene
fit offered by a checking account, the
man who is connected with a bank in
a business way, strengthens his. po
sition in the community. He has the
confidence of the banker, which is a
valuable resource. In all the ways
which we are prepared to accommo
date patrons, we are ready to serve
D. C. Rhoden was In Omaha last
S. 0. Pitman was an Omaha visitor
last Saturday.
James Holmes and wife were In
Omaha Wednesday.
Elmer Boedoker and wife were in
Omaha last Saturday.
J. W. Edmunds and Mrs.. Bertie
FcrguBon weie in Omaha Monday.
Mlns Pauline Oldham was In
Plattsmouth last Thursday evening.
W. S. Smith and Arthur Holmes
were Plattsmouth visitors Tuesday.
Jeff Lewis is moving this week to
the Schllchtmeler . place this week.
Henry Sands residing east of town
enrolls his name for tho Journal this
Lon Adams Is moving to the old
H-nry Wulf place now owned by
C. II. Harris -
Dr. 11. F. Brcndol. Jeff BreniM and
wife and Miss Bessie were in Omaha
last Saturday.
Dr. Cllmoro and wife wvro in
Omaha last Saturday evening to rre
"The Round Up."
Miss Gertrude Long has returned
homo from an extended visit with her
sinter at Holbrnok, Neb.
Park Chriswelsscr and wife pass
ed through here enroute for Platts
mouth Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ferguson, of Evans, Col., sister-in-law
of Mr. Kd rounds. Is In
Murray, a guest at the Edmunds
Jas. Hatchett. Col. Jenkins, Col.
Seybolt, Glen Boedeker and Dr. Gil
more attended the auto show "in Oma
ha last week.
We have the best assortment of
Dress, Work and Driving Gloven you
oversaw. (Tho Hardy Gloves). Call
and seo them. Holmes & Smith.
A. J. Hansell was looking after
some business matters In Platts
mouth Wednesday, and found time
to pay the Journal office a brief call,
and while here renewing his aub
Brriptlon. B. Dannlher and mother were In
riattsmouth Tuesday shopping:. This
In the first time Mrs. Dannlher has
been In the county seat for almost a
year. She has been a great suf
ferer from rheumatism for some time
and her Improvement Is very alow.
Albert Young, the champion bron
co buster of this locality, was slightly
injured while performing one of his
stunts with an unbroken animal
Sunday. The animal ran againrt the
hitching post striking Albert' kno
np, causing quite a painful Injury
At tho same time and from the same
animal Silas Dunhauer was thrown
to the ground. Just before Albert
was Injured, and received numer
ous bruises about the body.
We are Informed that tho play glv
i n at the Kenosha school housn Inst
Saturday evening was well attended
and all were well pleased with the
entertainment. The teachr Mis
Mary Trotter dewrves much credit
for the manner In which thi affair
wis carried to a aurreiMful close
D. A. Young, one of th? Journal's
rtaunch friends from thU locality
tomes forward this week and orders a
ropy of the paper sent u Ms dau?,h
t, Mrs. Seely Lawton, at Norfolk
Nil. The Journal Is miKbty proud
to pOFHins mrh friend an I). A
lotmjr, iiiey believe hi lending loyal
t"pp"rt to a goofl local paper. Mauy
thar.ks, Mr. Young.
Murray Department
Murray State Oank
Esther Ray is on the sick list this
W. S. Smith was in Omaha Wed-
nesday. ""
John Murray was a Murray visi-
tor Wednesday.
Miss Efflo Smith has been quite
sick for the past week.
Alph Nlckles and his wife are both
on the sick list tht u.i,
Mrs. A. I.. nVnr ha
bered with the sick this week.
D. C. Rhoden was looking after
some business matters In the county
seat Thursday evening.
Col Seybolt shipped a car of hogs
to South Omaha Wednesday even
ing. Mrs. Levi Rusterholtz has been
numbered with the sick for the past
few days.
. I ho; sick folks at th home of
Henry Creamer are reported much
better this week.
Mrs. J. A. Walker was In Nehaw-
kn last Saturday visiting with her
iion Dr. A. E. Walker.
The ladles of the Presbyterian
church will serve dinner at the church
on Tuesday, March 9th.
The llttlo daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Young has been quite sick
for the past few days.
Mrs. Lee Allison, who has been
quite sick for the past week, is im
proving at UiIh time.
See the new line of Raster post
anls, Just arrived. Thy are fine.
from 1c to 20c. Holms & Smith!
We have now arranged our shoe
department, and can furnish the
Goods In this line. Holmes & Smith.
Rev. Trumbull has been holding a
series of meetings in Murray for
the past week, preparatory to holding
communion service next Sunday.
The little son of Mr. Hnd Mrs.
Blair Porter has been numbered
with the sick for the past few days.
Henry Sands, residing east of
town, has been suffering with a se
vere attack of rheumatism for the
past few days.
Our excellent friend. I. H. White
haa been on the nick list for the
past few daya, but at this time Is on
the road to mend.
Harmon Beck was a Plattsmouth
visitor Thursday afternoon, making
. -i. i.i. . b. , , ..
short visit with the Journal of-
flee, renewing his paper
Dr. J. F. Brendel was called to the
home of J. Enberry, five miles of
Louisville. In consultation with Dr.
Wortman. where there are five cases
of dlptherla.
Talk about your butter shipments,
did you seo that big one sent out by
Holmes & Smith Wednesday evening?
About one dozen barrrls, and It was
not a good day for butter either.
i n. t.i i .i t t t ...i. i . .
... v.. .u ...u ..-,.... ,.,
of Cass county's prosperous farmers
, ... ... ,
from near Lnlon, passed through
Murrav Wednesday with a var of
.. ' . " . ' '
nogs going 10 me tsoutn umana mar
Mr. and Mrs. R. C
j nil i IK, im
T - ft. I I
are visiting In Plattsmouth. canto
down to Murray Wodnt'tulny morn -
Ing for a couple of days visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Llllin. Mrs.
Lllllo and Mri. Jahrlg are sisters.!
Take dinner with the ladles of the
i reifu) icnnn t nurcn on t uecuny,
..... . ... .
warm tn, ana get someining gooa.
Thla does not mean that you
not acctistomod to unnipthln rnnl.
(.,. v, .K - til i..L,,r.!,,"',.l?,,,1.,,',r"'',f''f''P ! th
" "... iiu i v
a treat In store for you.
ikti toc-inily and vrxil mail tame to this
Mrs. Chris Miller has been quite
sick for the past week.
Col. Seybolt was a county seat vis
itor Monday evening.
George Ray was a business call
er at the county seat Tuesday.
Mrs. Alva Long has been on the
sick list for the past few days.
P. B. Smth was looking after some
business matters In the county seat
Mrs. A. L. Baker and Mrs. Maude
Smith were Plattsmouth visitors
Monday afternoon.
Geo. Oldham, of Plattsmouth was
In Murray Wednesday visiting with
his brother L. H. and family.
Mrs. Frank Slvey, of Plattsmouth
was a Murray visitor Wednesday, a
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Limlsey, west of town.
D. L. Amick was here from Platts
mouth Wednesday, at which time he
completed arrangements for turning
the entire stock business of this
point over to Col. Seybolt, who will
look after the buying at Murray In
the future.
John Cook, the boss harness man
of Murray, has been very much busy
for the past few weeks, oiling har
ness with his patent oiler, the one
that does the Job up good. John has
sure got the business in this line,
and when work comes In to him once
it always returns when oil is needed
again. He has oiled a great many
sets this spring but is after the bal
ance. Arthur Anderson who has been In
tbe h8pltal at 0maha for tho Past
flve months, receiving treatment for
Jlood Pl80nlnB. ha returned to
Murray, and is at present making
S'9 m at the home of Henry
Sand8' and whl,e he 18 improving
8lwly he ,8.a long way frora a wel1
man- The '0UI"? man ' thirteen
of anl the son of A. J
Anderson, residing near Union. The
I a. - 1 .
' . . 8eVere 8Clge
aim me uit'iius nope ne may recover
A Pleasant Time.
Mrs. A. L. iRaker entertained a
number of her lady friends at ht-r
home Tuesday afternoon, in honor
of her sister, Mrs. Maude Sinilh. who
is visiting here from Eldnra, la. Tho
occasion was given as a progressive
high five party and was Indeed
most enjoyable in every particular.
The home was beautifully decorat
ed with ferns and American Peauty
roses, the score cards being of white
with green ribbons attached and
the ice cream served later in the eve
ning contained therein the leaf of
the beautiful green Shamrock, every
thing tending to make the occar-ion
a typical St. Patrick's day celebra
tion. The flowing punch bov.l was
very much In evidence during the
entire afternoon. Delicious refresh-
ments were served at the usual hour,
and "l d,,l'art,nK " P.
nounced Mrs. Baker as a royal enter
tainer. The king nrlze of the hluh
five, a boquet of sweet peas, was won
by Mrs. W. C. Brown.
Following were those present:
Mesdames O. A. Davis, S. O. Pitman,
W. C. Brown. 0. H. Gllmore, Harmon
Beck. Will Sporer, Misses Maud
Smith, Carrie Allison. Margery
Walker, Gertrude Long. Pauline and
Fay Oldham.
Reduction Extended.
The reduction price on oiling hnr-
neH8 wl1' no,d K0(l at Johl Cook's
narnw,H Hh(,P 'or the balance of this
month. Business has been cood
In this line, but all patrons are urged
to come In as early as possible and
TV"" l"w ru" 18 Bure lo conui
later ou. Bear a mind that thla
means a saving to you, and the work
can be finished when yon want It.
or thr
MurroLy SteUc Bank
Of Murray, Nebraska,
Charter No. 678
IiH'orpnntPit In tli Hut nf Nrlirask.. it the
rumr in iitiMnr( reimikry 'A Itnu
I Ixuiim ni) ilUminlM..
.i.V4 61
,,,,. m.HlH. 111,MM...i
"Mikinfrliou.. f,miitirml ttxtunn s.rwwi
I (.""''in rwiw anllxi prtHI ..J W
li.i,fninnti1.,ui.1,tio ' wiai
1 t""" t.nkt.n 10.0:1 m
i i.o;3Ti
Totil l;5.ow
I . m m, v , tii tinom m
Tinwrti( t.-(.f ii,.!i . .. .... io.oiV-i
PotM ml "-"-oumed vso
Total rriWM
yZXX'' nv.tuvw,
I rwnirrui mr imr iiiiiikhi hkiiii, rt lirtvliy
I wtr tlll til 1r m.tma.i.l I. .
n(itHir..)fof tho rreon nmketo tii sut
t v "';:. r"iet.
(I nm. r. I'iiihii.l Iiim.i...
nj or Mnn iwv.
IV 3. IMtmsn.
Nourjr I'lilillc.
office it vill appear under this heading.
Little Folks' Surprise.
The school mates of Victor Sands
gathered at his home a few days
ago to assist their young friend In
celebrating his seventh birthday.
Victor Is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Sands, who spared no pains to
give the young people a genuine
good time. There were 28 in all,
and they gathered at the Sands'
home in the early afternoon, and re
mained until supper time. Follow
ing were those present: Esther Ray,
Vera Moore, Francis Moore, Mar
garet Moore, Ida Rlchter, Nettle
Richter. May Smith. Elizabeth Hall,
VeraErwln, Carrie Darrough, Adeline
Darrough, Ethel Ferris, Violet Keil,
Henrietta Creamer, Isaac Hall Gussie
Good, Raymond Creamer, Geo. Smith,
Joyce Smith, Clare Ferris, Otto
Rhodley, Perry Nlckles, Alvadore
Nickles, Elmer Darrough, Tommy
Hostettler, Clarence Kell, Victor
Sands, Velma Sands, Bessie Sands.
Two Good Citizens.
E. J. Mougey and John Doughty,
two of the best friends the Journal
has in the south part of the county,
were here Tuesday evening returning
from Omaha, where they had been
with stock. Both gentlemen made
this office a brief call, renewing
their subscription to the Weekly.
They are the readers that never for
get the printer, once a year at least.
with Indiana relatives.
A Birthday Party.
The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Balrd was the scene of much
merriment and frolic yesterday af
ternoon when six little playmates of
their little son Robert gathered
there to assist him In celebrating his
his fifth birthday anniversary.
Miss Bernese Newell and Mrs. Rev
Moore assisted Mrs. Balrd In enter
taining the little people. Tho prin
ciple amusement was derived from
the various childish games and
pranks which were entered Into with
much interest and enthusiasm. At a
welcome hour they were Invited to
the dining room and were seated at a
prettily decorated table, the color
scheme being pink. A delicious two
course birthday luncheon was then
Master Robert was the recipient
of pretty gifts which will assist him
n remembering this happy event. As
souvenirs each one received a top.
After wishing the little host many
more birthdays the little guests de
parted for their homes.
The little people who enjoyed this
occasion were Newell Roberts, Ray
mond Bookmeyer, Donald Dickson,
Edgar Newton, Newton Becker, Carl
Still Coming.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Miller arrived
on the morning train from West
Brook, near Portland, Maine, to make
Plattsmouth their future home. When
they departed from their former
homo last Tuesday morning, the
snow was three feet deep ahd cover
ed the ground until they arrived In
Buffalo, N. Y., but they did not see
any more of "the beautiful" during
the rest of the Journey.
Mr. Miller Is a brother of William
H. Miller, a well known carpenter
residing near the Missouri Pacific
depot. Mr. Miller paid $75 to have
his household goods shipped to this
city, and will expect them to arrive
soon. Tho Journal Is always xlad to
welcome to this city all such desir
able people as Mr. and Mis. Miller.
Grandma Fairfield.
Mrs. George Fairfield, aged 81
years, arrived In this city this morn
Ing from Omaha and will make her
home at the residence of Col. H. C.
McMaken for a time. Mrs. Fairfield
and her husband arrived In Platts
mouth G2 years ago from Ft. Wayne,
Indiana. Her husband located the
Burlington road acroas the Missouri
river at this point and tnrough this
city tho same year, 1856.
Home Again.
The many friends of W. L. Street
w ill be delighted to learn that he has
recovered sufficiently to be able to
return to his home in this city Thurs
day evening.
Mr. Street submitted to a surs'.cal
operation bj Dr. Davis In Immanucl
hospital In Omaha thirteen weeks
ago and has since been receiving
treatment In tho hospital there.
For Kale.
My residence property In Murray
comprising two fifty foot lota, by
150 feet deep, good house contain
Ing ix rooms, good Improvements
Will bo sold right If taken soon
Chas. Carroll, Murray,
Local Ne
Mrs. T. P. Livingston spent the
day in Omaha.
John Gorder and Ed. Egenberger
went to Omaha on the morning
W. J. Lorens departed on the
morning train for Odell. Neb., which
will be his home for some time.
Mrs. A. W. Dawson spent the day
In Omaha.
C. L. Herger attended the State
Convention of Bakers In Omaha.
. Will Hageboom of LaPlatta was
In this city today purchasing gro
ceries. A. W. White, Carl Kunsman, Geo.
Sage, J. W. Elliott and Sheriff Quin
ton were passengers to Omaha on
the noon train.
Mrs. R. E. Sheehan was a passen
ger to Omaha on the noon train and
spent the afternoon loklng at the
pretty things.
Mrs. B. B. Hommel and child ar
rived from Bellevue last evening to
visit the former's mother In this
Mr. and Mrs. John Kaffenberger
and their daughter, Miss Katie, were
passengers to Omaha on the morning
J. R. Cardiff, who has been trans
acting business in the city, departed
last evening for his home In Hous
ton, Texas.
A. J. MIckel, who has been visiting
it the home of his brotbor-In-law,
George Wlnscott, departed on the
noon train for his homo in Norfolk.
Mrs. Jesse L. Root arrived from
her home in Lincoln this morning
with her little daughter Flora and
will visit relatives and friends until
after Sunday.
Judge V. H. Newell returned
home last evening from Wymore and
Amazonia, where he was looking
after the interests of the stone quar
ries. Mrs. J. N. Wise entertained in
. .. ually this afternoon to 5 o'clock
tei. n her rooms In the Hotel Riley W. H. Newell, Mrs. W. L.
Cooper and Mrs. William Balrd.
W. H, Elbourn, adjuster for the
Ntitioi al Fire Insurance Company of
i'artford, was looking nftcr the In
terests of the company in this city
ted ay.
Impure blood runs you down
makes you an easy victim for organ
ic dlseasu. Burdock Blood Bitters
purifies the blood cures the cause
builds you up.
Jerry Saffer of McComb, 111., and
Mrs. Nettie Beach of Lincoln, 111.,
who have been visiting their brother,
Frank Saffer, and family in this city,
departed on the morning train for
their homes.
H. T. McCralg, representing the
Monarch Typewriter Company in
Omaha was today explaining the
superiority of that machine over all
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hickson de
parted on the morning train for
Council Bluffs where the former has
been offered a position with a wa
ter company.
Mrs. F. A. Nutter, who has been
visiting her brother, II. E. Rand, and
family, departed this morning for
her home In Alcester, South Dakota.
Monte Strelght was an overnight
visitor at the home of his parents
In this city, departing oir tho noon
train for his regular express run.
Mrs. Emma Hummel, after a pleas
ant visit In this city wtth her moth
er, Mrs. L. Brown, returned to her
home In Bellevue on the noon train.
Again we shall repeat our offer of
25 pounds best granulated sugar for
$1.19 with $2.00 of other purchase,
as a "Friday special." E. O. Dovey
& Son.
A. Summers representing a whole
sale tea firm In Chicago, was in tho
city today selling the merchants
something good to drink.
Ex- County Judge J. E. Douglass
la removing his law office to the
room with George L. Farley In the
Coatea block and will resume the
practice of law.
See our two "Friday specials." A
great sugar offer and a great canned
goods offer. A combination of the
two can be made if you so desire.
E. 0. Dovey & Son.
The friends In this city of Mrs.
L. K. Hasse of Lincoln have re
ceived word that she was compelled
to go to Wise Memorial hospital In
Omaha today and submit to a surgl
cal operation. It Is not known at this
time how serious the operation may
prove to be.
For Sale.
A number of fine White Plymouth
Rock roosters at 75c each. They aro
good ones and cheap at the price.
Mrs. H. C. Long, Murray.
FOR RENT A neat cottage, close
In, with one-half acre of fruit. Also
two four-room cottages. Windham
Investment Co.
Dr. G. W. Todd, Dentist,
Is permanently located In the new
Brandels building, room 403, Omaha
(Special Correspondence.)
M. L. Reefer and daughter Vera
were Lincoln visitors Saturday.
Eli Coon and wife spent a few
days in Lincoln the first of the wek,
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sut
ton on February 25, 1909, a daugh
ter. Mr. and Xlrs. Ed. Casey spent a few
days in Lincoln last week returning
Mrs. W. E. Whitney went to Lin
coln Friday evening returning Sun
day. Misses Pearl Keefer and Grace
Foreman visited In Lincoln Friday
and Saturday.
Clifford Appleman visited relatives
in Lincoln a few days recently.
Miss Violet Ough of Lincoln vis
ited with relatives Saturday and
Mra. Andrew Dier and children
who have been visiting her folks
for the past two weeks departed
Sunday evening for Lincoln, where
she will spend a few days with her
sister before returning to her home
at Hyannis, Neb.
Henry S. Ough and son Chester
went to Lincoln Sunday evening re
turning Monday noon.
Miss Marie Stroemer, accompanied
by Miss Alta Story of University
Place, spent Saturday and Sunday at
Merle Flnley shipped a car of hoa
Tuesday to South Omaha.
Dan Skinner and family moved Into
their new home east of Alvo the first
of the week.
C. C. Buckness went to Lincoln last
Friday returning home on Saturday.
L. W. Berry and family came In
Saturday noon to visit their daughter
Mrs. Carl Johnson. They expect to
remain In Alvo.
Mrs. Dr. Muir's mother, . Mrs. E.
B. Craig of Greenwood, arrived
Monday noon to visit a few days with
her daughter and family.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snavely
on Tuesday, March 2, 1909, a son.
J. J. Cites has moved. Into the
Myers property In east Alvo.
Uncle Geo. Cook spent a week vis
iting in Plattsmouth and returned
looking hale and hearty as of old.
Ed. Linch of University Place was
transacting business in town Mon
day. Prank Lynch of Lincoln was In
town Monday.
John Campbell, brother of J. M.
Campbell and Mrs.-J. J. Cites, became
sick suddenly Saturday forenoon and
died at 4 o'clock Sunday morning,
He was buried Tuesday afternoon in
Alvo cemetery. Those who attended
the funeral from out of town were
Albert Campbell of Woodbine, la.;
Hugh Campbell of Orleans, Neb.;
and Willard Campbell of Woodbine,
la., brothers of the deceased, and
Mrs. Cline of Shenandoah, la., sister;
Mrs. Robertson of Red Oak, la., and
Mrs. Hatfield of Emerson, la., neices.
Mr: and Mrs. Edgar Ramsey came
n Tuesday to visit their sister Mrs.
M. L. Keefer and family.
Mrs. M. C. Keefer went to Lincoln
Thursday of last week remaining
until Saturday.
A Starved Stomach.
Many are the causes, when the
stomach either refuses to take any
food or to digest it. It may bo from
overwork, both physical and men
tal, grave diseases, weakness, excite
ment, worry or excesses. The patient
quickly loses strength and energy
a-.) J becomes tired and careless. In
such cases we can conscientiously
recommend Triner's American Elixir
of Bitter Wine, because it gives satis
faction. It greatly stimulates the
exhausted and starved stomach to
normal activity, makes It to accept
any food and to do its share In the
digestion and assimilation of it. It
strengthens the Intestines to make
them able to finish the digestive
process and to make new blood,
which carries nourishment to every
part of the body. At any time when
the stomach will refuse to work, as
It should, use Triner's American
Elixir of Bitter Wine. At drug
stores. Jos. Trlner. 616-622, Ro.
Ashland Ave, Chicago, 111.
Home From California.
Mrs. T. E. Parmele returned home
this morning after spending two
months time In visiting with Mrs.
Nellie Agnew and other friends In
Los Angeles, Cal., the land of Bcn
shlne and flowers. Mrs. Pnrmelu re
ports of having enjoyed her trip to
the Pacific coast and her visit there
very much.
Mortgages for February.
There were eight farm mortgagon
filed In the recorder's office during
the month of February amounting
to the sum of $53,000; released nine
amounting to $29,555.
Thero were seven mortgaged filed
on city property, amounting to
$3,672; released four amounting t
For Salo or Rent.
38 acres adjoining Plattsmouth.