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t Short Items of Interest From Mon
dayEvening's Daily Journal
K. F. Whittaker and wife were pas
sengers on the noon train for Oma
ha. Frans Ballance, of Glenwood, was
here for a Sunday visit with home
Chas. Klrschenblat, of Omaha, was
In the city yesterday visiting with
his parents.
E. H. Schulof, of Glenwood, spent
Sunday with his mother and sisters
in this city.
Mrs. W. R. Skinner, who was In
the city to attend the funeral of her
father, Mr. llerold, returned to her
home In Lincoln this afternoon.
Mrs. James Darrough, residing
south of the city, was a passenger on
the fast mail for Omaha.
Frank Ohm and wife, and Wm.
Vanmeter and wife, who have been
visiting In the city, returned to
Omaha on the noon train. They have
been guests &t the home of Fred Ohm
and family,
Mr. E. Kurtz returned to Omaha
this afternoon after a short vhdt with
A. Kurtz and family west of this
Mis. John Kopia, and daughter,
Miss Anna, were passengers oa the
noon train for Omaha to spend the1 J
August Doerlng, wife and baby re
turned to Omaha this afternoon, af
ter a short visit at the home of their
parents, Julius Doerlng and family.
Isrel Pearlman, Jr., of. Omaha, was
In tht city yesterday visiting with
his friends at the old home.
Geo. A. Thomas, who is employed
In South Omaha, was home yester
day to spend the day with his family.
V. E. RoKencrans and wife were
inssengera this afternoon for Oma
ha, where they go to attend the play
Mrs. Wm. Wetenkanip was a pas
senger on the early morning train for
Omaha where she had business mat
ters to look after.
Oliver Edmunds wus over from
Glenwood a few hours last Saturday
evening, and then took time to make
the Journal a short call.
Jhs. Archer and wife who spent
Sunday In the city with the parents
of Mr. Archer returned to their home
at Omaha this morning.
Clayton Rosencrans and Miss Zot
ta Drown were passengers this af
ternoon for Omaha where they go
to attend the play tonight.
Horace Ruffner, of Omaha, now
employed by Henry Gerlng In the
wholesale drug house, spent Sunday
In the city with his parents.
E. F. Ballanco and wife, who have
been In the city visiting !lr.
Dallance's parents, returned to their
home In llavelock this afternoon.
Mrs. Mary Rys, who has been In
the city the past few days visiting
with Mrs. llajeck, was a passenger
on the noon train for her home In
Mrs. T. P. Eagan, who has been
Jr. the city for tho past few days,
visiting at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Pat Eagan, returned home on the
fast mall train today.
Miss Lconn Brady departed yes
terday for her former home In Wat
son, Mo., where she whs called owing
to tho illness of her sister. She will
remain for several days.
Mlr.H Ruth Johnson went to Lln-
' coin on the fast mail this afternoon
to attend the annual engineer's ball
given In that city- tonight, and to
vlalt a few days wlh her broth
ers. Miss Alma Larsen went to Union
yesterday to see her sister Mrs. Reu
ben Foster, who has been very sick
for the past few days. Friday Mrs.
Foster was reported to be In a very
dangerous condition, but much better
at this time, and every hope enter
tained for her recovery.
Miss Elsie Brobasco went to La
Platte this afternoon.
George Burris of Eagle was among
these registering at the Perkins
Hotel last evening.
E. D. Slocum of Murray, was In the
city for a few hours this morning,
en route to Omaha.
Henry Hell, the proprietor of
Pleasant View Stock Farm, Is in the
city today attending to business mat
ters. 15. II. Danlhcr of Murray, came up
this morning and spent the day look
ing after business matters In the
J. R. Willcockson of Elmwood'who
has been In the city taking the exam
ination at the county superintend
ent's office, was a passenger on the
mail train at noon.
Homer Shrader, of Murray, who
has been staying for some days past
at the bedside of his wife in St. Jo
seph's hospital at Omaha, made a
flying trip home last night, returning
Mrs. Northcutt, who has been vis
iting at tho home of her sister Mrs.
J. W. Crabill, returned home this af
ternoon. She was accompanied by
Miss Ella Kennedy who will remain
In tho city for a short visit.
Miss Mabel Burch who has been in
Omaha for the past few weeks, was a
visitor In tho city yesterday return
ing to Omaha whero she remains for
tho present week, after which she
will go to Hawarden, Iowa, where she
has a position In a millinery store for
the approaching season.
Jos. Gray, of llavelock, Was In the
city Saturday evening and Sunday,
shaking hands with the many friends
at the old home. He Informs us that
he has been unable to work In the
shops at that point but very little
during the past few weeks, owing to
a severe attack of rheumatism that
he has been Buffering with. He re-
turned home yesterday afternoon.
Old Tiines Dance.
One of the most Interesting and
pleasant events to be given In the
city during the winter wns the old
country dance at T. J. Sokol hull on
Saturday night. The dance was an
exclusive affair there being invlta
(Ions Issued to a select party of the
old settlers of the city. They came
dressed In the style of fifty years
ago. Many of the Bohemian ladies
came dressed In their bridal gowns
dating back for a period of many
years, fabrics rich and creamy with
age. The styles were those of sev
ral generations gone and were
quaint and unique. The attendance
was large for the Bohemians have
lived In Plattsmouth and vicinity for
many years and the old settlers were
much In evidence. There was an
abundance of fine music and all the
old country dances were had to a
complete satisfaction. It was as
Pool Hall of James Gruber and the
Implement House of J. E.
Banning Destroyed
The town of Union which has been
suffering from a run of bad luck,
last Sunday night had another stroke
of misfortune when fire broke out
and destroyed the two story struc
ture occupied by James Gruber and
family as a residence in the
story and as a pool hall on the lower
floor. The flames also spread to a
two story frame building occupied by
the Modern Woodmen as a lodge
room on the second floor and by Jos
eph Banning as an implement house
on the first floor.
The flames were discovered Just
after eleven o'clock at night after
Mr. Gruber and family had retired.
They were aroused in time to permit
of their getting away but they were
unable to save anything, making
their escape In their night clothes.
The building was speedily reduced to
ashes being a total loss. It was
owned by Mr. Gruber and valued at
$3,500. There was f 2,500 Insurance
upon It.
The Modern Woodmen lodge owned
the two story structure next door
and it was soon in flames. Owing to
the discovery of the fire in time
citizens had been able to enter this
building and get out most of the
lodge parpliernalia so that they will
not bo heavy loaeri In that respect.
The lower floor was filled with a
fine stock of wagons, and farming
Implements and these were speedily
run out Into the street and the bulk
of them Baved. His loss on stock
will not be very heavy although It
will amount to norm-thing at the very
lowest. The building was entirely
destroyed. It was valued at $2,500
and Insured for $1,000.
Owing to the character of the night
which was still the flames burned out
without spreading further. The store
of R. II. Frans was threatened with
destruction but, being a brick build
ing, It did not catch readily and by
the use of buckets It was saved.
This makes the second series of
fires In that town In a few weeks and
like the former one, there Is no clue
as to Its origin. These two fires
have made a big gap in the business
section of the town. Doubtless, the
buildings will soon be replaced by
better structures.
Komh IVud VMtorfc
From Tu"slay"8 Paily.
("has. Hill and wife, Vt'ra. J. J.
Hill of liehtJere. Neb.. rid Mr. Jer.
ry Mcllugh all came down this morn
ing from South BUd for the pur
pose of proving the last will of Mrs.
Nancy L. Willis. Mrs. Hill and Mrs.
Mcllugh were witnesses to the will.
While here Mr. Hill made this office
a very pleasant call and ont which
was much appreciated. He Is one
of the best and brightest of the
younger men of his section and he Is
always welcome at this 6anctum.
the Late Adam Schantz
Yesterday Afternoon
From Tuesday's Dally.
The funeral of the late Adam
Schanz, Jr., was held yesterday after
noon from St. Paul's Evangelical
church and was very largely attended
by the many friends of this noble
young man. The eortegt left the
house In South Park at one o'clock
and proceeded to the church where
Rev. F. J. Longhorst delivered an
eloquent and touching discourse up
on the virtues and good works of the
deceased. Rev. Longhorst adopted as
his text "Rev. 14-13" and, in accord
ance with the text, he made reference
to the devout Christian life deceased
had lead. Rev. Longhorst's sermon
made a visible Impression upon the
congregation where the young man
was no well known and so universally
In addition to the sermon of Rev-
Longhorst, the choir sang a number
of tho favorite selections of the de
ceased. ,
The body was then takeii to Oak
Hill cemetery where It was laid to
rest in the beautiful city of the dead.
The pall bearers were young men
friends of deceased In his life time,
they being Messrs James Ptacek, An
ton H. Koubek, William Hassler, Jr.,
Emil Droege, Henry Hesse, and
Charles Wilklns.
The sympathy of the community is
extended to Mr. and Mrs. Schantz in
the loss of their beloved son who was
Champion Walker.
Speak It very low Louis Egen
berger Is not getting about his siore
today as spry as usual. The young
man took an unusual long walk yes
terday afternoon. He In company
with Peter Goos and Val Hurkel
started out to make a pleasant af
ternoon's walk to the water works
After they had gotten there the pleas
ant weather beguiled them Into go
lug on to Oreapolls and then his
satanic majesty must have gotten In
his work for they crossed the river
to LaPlatte. Having gone so far they
concluded to go on to Ft. Crook and
here Is where Louie's heart began to
fall him. A few miles on the othe
side of LaPlatte he cried with King
Dick, "A horse, a horse, my king
doni for a horse." But no horse was
much as a scene from Bohemia as to be had and a cold cruel world
these good folks met once more and smiled upon his footsore and weary
renewed tho memories of the fath
erland. Such parties are to be com
mended as they promote the fellow
ship feeling among the people. This
was one of the most edlightful over
here here.
Laid to Rest.
The funeral of the lute Herman
llerold was held from the home In
this city on hist Saturday afternoon
at two o'clock, Rev. Burgess, of the
Episcopal church officiating, and the
remains were gently laid In their last
earthly resting place In the Oak 1 1 ill
cemetery. A large courouri'-c of
sympathizing friends and relatives
attended the services at both the
house and the cemetery. The pall
bearers w ere Win. Schmidt man, Geo.
Luchlnsky, John Ledgway, John
Schulhof, Mike Whallen and Robt.
MJKUUKmKUU'ft 'r.atnui'.vf sirs
B i'4WBSKtWAf K& f ood is
imZ tious
mm? upm
more tasteful,
healthful and nutri-
vvhen raised with
Absolutely tsq I
The only baking: powder made
from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
Made from
protests. Soon tho village of Ft
Crook burst upon the vision of the
three travelers in the wldorness
Pete and Val were getting strong and
striding away like champion walkers
but Louie was rather down In flesh
as the experts say, and did not hit
the pace In the boyant manner of one
seeking to make a record.
However, he dragged Into the Fort
Then n long consultation was held as
to whether they should tie up there
and wait for the M. P. or go n to
South Omaha. Val and Pete Insist
on walking into South Omaha and at
It they went. Louie bemoaning the
day he was born. They did get
Into South Omaha although the last
block they walked took one hour and
n half. They claim It was on account
of the mob there but the fact Is
hinted that It was because of Louie's
sore feet. They could find no so
lace In the town either as everything
was shut up. They took the train to
come back on.
reliable Grape Cream oi
Jj Tartar Baking Powder
I I The cream o! tartar osed b Dr. Price's Baking
L J .Powder is In the Mart fnrm xnd rnmnndtmn In
which it occurs in the lascloas, heallhiol grape.
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health
fulness of the food
s 1
13 Z
Thojphaie ft.
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Short Items of Interest From Tues
day Evening's Daily Journal
Chancellor Phillips attended to
business matters In Omaha yester-
. , . .,, . day afternoon going up on the mall
taken from them while the mantle of .
youth had but Just been laid upon
his brow.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to exend our heart felt
thanks and appreciation to our rela
tives and friends for the floral offer- spent yesterday afternoon in Omaha
Henry Jess returned to the city last
evening after spending several days
In Omaha attending to business mat
ters. Register of Deeds II. A. Schnieder
lngs, attendance and kind expres
sions of sympathy In our sad be
reavement in the death of our be
loved son and brother Adam Schanz,
and wish to thank the Cigar Makers
Union and the employes of the coach
shops for the kindness shown during
the death of our son and brother.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schanz.
Geo. Schanz, jr.
being a passenger on the mail train
at noon for that city.
Charles Grimes, ye scribe on ye
Journal, was an Interested visitor
in the big city yesterday, going to
Omaha on the mail train.
Grosvenor Dovey returned this
morning from Nebraska City, where
he has been tho guest of friends for
several days. ,
.N'lck Kline was a passenger on the
early train this morning for Omaha
where he had some business matters
to look after.
"Kcwiid I'p" a Winner.
A large number of Plattsmouth
people spent yesterday In Omaha,
most of them spending the afternoon
at tho Hnvfl thentor wlipro tho nlav
of "The Round Up" holds the boards 8 attending to business matters
J. J. Svoboda, the Main street gro-
for this week. The show Is one of
the best to visit this section for
years and fully warrants the praise
accorded It by the metropolitan press.
In Omaha this morning going up on
tho early train.
Miss Rose Rauen departed this
morning on the early train for Dallas,
Like all plays located in the west wnere sne win mane ner nome
or southwest, It Is overdrawn In spots in the future.
especially in the delineation of west- John Hatt, Jr., attended to bust
em characters but with all that It ness matters in Omaha yesterday be
is a strong and Interesting comedy Ing a passenger for the metropolis
drama. The company presenting the on the mall train. ,
play Is one of excellence, several of Thomas M. Patterson was looking
Miss Florence Balrd was a passen
er this morning on the early train
for Bellevue where she is attending
George Quands Is attending to
some business matters In Omaha to
day going up on the early train this,
Jas. Jilek is looking after some
business matters today in Omaha be
ing a passenger on the early train for
that city.
Dr. E. D. Cummins attended to
some professional business yester
day afternoon in Omaha going to
that city on the mail train at noon.
Miss Jessie Davis was a passenger
this noon on the mall train for Oma
ha where she will spend the remain
der of the day visiting with, friends.
Aug. Bach is spending the after
noon In Omaha with friends going
to that city on the mail train at
Joseph Fetzer made a flying trip-
to Omaha this noon going up on the
mail train and Intending to return
on the flyer.
W. C. Irwin la looking after bus
iness matters this afternoon in Oma
ha being a passenger for that city oa
the mall train.
the characters being taken by people
of much experience and with well
deserved reputations. The scenic
production is also of a high class, the
stabe mountings In the third and
fourth acts being striking and sen
sational. Tht battle scene in the
third act Is all the management pro
nounced It to be the greatest scene
of the kind ever attempted on the
Rtane. It comes close to belns a
genuine battle scene from real life.
The nlav deserves full houses nt
very performance.
Very yulct Diiy.
Yesterday being a legal holiday
business in the city espetially during
t tie atteinoon, was practically sus
pended. The conntv olllces were
cloj-ed and the Burlington shops t-hut
down for the day. The banks also
.took n day off and the clerks took
advantage of tho day to ret n need
nM. A larue number of citizens
made the Journey to Omaha where
they attended the several shows dur
ing the afternoon and at iikht. IV
pplte tho inWrrable weather which
was n combination of rain, snow and
cold weather, abominable In the ex
treme, the crowds turned out In
good number for the several enter
It.XILV JOl'ltNAL I Or A Willi
Improving Nicely.
Thos. Walling and small sons were
In Omaha yesterday afternoon visit
ing with Mrs. Walling nt the hos
pital. It Is pleasant to state that
Mrs. Walling Is progressing finely
toward recovery and that sho will
be able to return to her home within
n short time.
A a marriage license was Issued
yesterday to F.lmer Bodeker. nged
2.", of Murray and Miss Gertrude
Onn. nued 18 of N'chawka. Both of
these young people are well and pop
ularly known In their respective
neighborhood" and they have a large
circle of friends who wish them nil
possible good fortune In their mat rl
nionlal venture.
Farm for Sale.
I nm offering a farm for sale two
mile southwest of Mynard at ninety
dollars per acre. Also one 34
mile south of Murray.
Karl V. Cole.
Mynard, Neb.
after business matters in Omaha yes
terday afternoon going up on the
mail train at noon.
Miss Florence Sochor was a pas
senger this morning on the mall train
for Omaha where she will visit with
friends during the day.
Mrs. Geo. K. Dovey and daughter
Catherine, were among those.speuding
the afternoon in Omaha yesterday
being passengers for that city on the
mall train.
Herman Martens departed on the
early train this morning for Omaha
where he had business to look af
Jack Patterson spent the holiday In
the city with his parents returning
to his duties In Omaha this morning
on the early train.
Mrs. John Gelscr was u passong
this morning for Omaha where she
will make n visit with Mrs. Thomas
Walling at the hospital.
Jos. lladratm had Important bus
ness mutters In Omaha to look aft
vestorduy and was a passenger for
that city fin the mail train at noon
Mrs. Henry Horn and Mrs. Louis
Frb'drlch ware passengers this morn
ing on the early train for Omaha
where they go to visit a sb k friend In
one of the hospitals. The ladle
came In from their homes near Cedar
Creek to make the trip.
Matthew Gerlng was a passeng
this morning for Omaha where he
goes to prepare for the defense In
the noted Banner shooting case
John K. Klrkham spent yesterday
afternoon In Omaha attending the
lierforinnnce of "The Round Up" nt
the Boyd, and returning in the even
Uert McKiiiney was a passenger on
the mail train at noon for Omaha
where he will make a visit with rel
atives and friends.
Rev. John Swanson of the Swedish
Mission church, returned to his home
at Wahoo this morning after fpend-
ing Sunday In this city.
Ed. and A. C. Black are spending
the afternoon In Omaha with friends
having been passengers on the mail
train at noon for that city.
E. A. and L. W. Lorenz are at
tending to business matters this af
ternoon In Omaha going up on the
mail train for that purpose.
Mrs. C. M. Parker was a passen
ger this morning on the early train
for Omaha where she will make a
short visit with her sifter Mrs. Guy
John I la II departed this morning
on the early train for Omaha where
he will take his obi position In I lay
den's store, the firm sending for
him to return. ,
Thomas E. Partnelo came down
from his bank at Louisville yester
day morning and at noon made a
trip to Omaha where he had some
business to attend to.
Mrs. Will Collp and two daughters
who have been visiting In the city
tho guests of C. E. Hartford and
family, returned t' their home In
Council Bluffs, la., thin morning on
the early train.
Mrs. John Nemtz who has oien i.i
Omaha for several weeks recovering
from the effects of several very severe
operations, was brought down Sat
urday to her home in this city. Mrs.
Nemtz has done mnrvelously well In
recovering from the critical opera
tions performed upo her and her
many friends will be rejoiced to learn
of her progress.