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The Avoca Department
Nw Items Gathered Each WeeK by a Special Reporter lor Thle Department of the Seml-Weekly Journal
South Bend
T. H. Cromwell was In town Mon
day. Several cases of mumps are re
ported. Henry Abker was up from Berlin
Miss Elsie Opp was at Nehawka
J. R. Peekham was at Weeping
Water Sunday.
Walter Coleman was a Berlin vis
itor Saturday.
" Rex Pennell was over from Syra
cuse Saturday.
Samuel Johnson made a trip to
Omaha Wednesday.
Walter Rockwell was a Weeping
Water visitor Tuesday.
Miss Neva Zook spent Sunday and
Monday at Auburn.
Clarence Fleishman was up from
near Nehawka Saturday.
Peter Jorgensen was on the Omaha
market this week with stock.
E. G. Spencer was down from Lin
coin Saturday and Sunday.
Gus Mohr and wife spent Sunday
with relatives near Syracuse.
J. W. Brendel and wife spent sev
eral days last week at Omaha.
T. H. Straub attended the automo
bile show at Omaha this week.
B. C. Marquardt and wife were at
Omaha several days this week.
Have you seen the new line of
wall paper at Copes' drug store?
Oscar Hoback of Lexington was
visiting relatives here this week.
Mrs. P. Nutzman and daughter
Julia were a Nehawka Wednesday.
F. W. Ruhge and wife were at
Omaha the latter part of last week.
Theron Malcolm was at Talmage
the first of the week visiting his par
ents. On account of George's birthday,
our R. F. D. boys enjoyed a vacation
Mrs. E. Nutzman was at Nehawka
Wednesday attending the wedding of
a relative.
Charles Ruhge, jr., and wife are
here from Nelson visiting relatives
and friends.
Orrin Ervin and William Clarence
were here from Union Sunday visit
ing relatives.
Ernest Nutzman, sr., and Samuel
Johnson are talking of purchasing
Fred Durham left last week for
Omaha, where he re-entered the
United States navy.
Ora E. Copes and H. G. Wellenstek
were attending to business matters
at Omaha Thursday.
W. I. Smoots, contractor and real
estate hustler, made a trip to Cen
tral, Neb., this week.
Frank Heng and Bister of Lorton
were here this week visiting at the
home of J. C. Zlmmerer.
The public sale of Fred Westlake
which was to be held Monday was
postponed on account of the bad
A basket social and program will
be held at the stone school house,
three miles east of town, on Friday
evening. Everyone Is cordially in
vited to attend.
H. A. Ruhge, wife and sons, Louis
and Fred, were at Nelson Sunday at
tending the marriage of their Bon
Charles to Miss Bertha Fenton. The
young couple will reside on a farm
near Nelson. Here's wishing them
Contractor Walter Coleman will
won commence the erection of a
store building on the vacant lot west
of Hupp's tonsorlal parlor. It will
be 22x60 and when completed will
be one of the most up-to-date build
ings In Avoca. It will be occupied by
Ora E. Copes, the druggist.
A few of the friends of Mrs. Henry
Franzen gathered at her home Tues
day evening and gave her a pleasant
birthday surprise. Somerset was the
game of the evening. Mrs. Franzen
surmising that something was going
to happen, prepared a little surprise
for her guests In the shape of home
made candy, sandwiches, cake, pick
les and coffee. The guests departed
at a late hour after wishing Mrs
Franzen many more happy birthdays.
A Quartet.
L. W. Hupp, the whisker ampu-
tator, real estate hustler, agent for
the Western Fire Insurance com
pany, wishes to announce to the pub
lic that a brand new boy arrived at
his home Tuesday evening. This fin
Ishes out the Hupp Male Quartet. .
School Notes.
The high school had its first Star
day Friday.
The seventh and eighth grades
have finished their physiology and
are now doing outline work.
Charles Everett has returned to
school after a week's absence, having
been sick.
The primary department had an
other Star day Monday. They went
to the home of Miss Nutzman and
stayed until 5 o'clock.
Alpha Andrews attended the wed
ding of Miss Wortman Sunday.
Prof. Zink, being a man of an in
ventive turn, decided after a great
many mental convulsions and some
serious thought to make a rabbit
trap. This all occurred early In the
autumn and the professor still fondly
hopes that some bunny a little bright
er than the rest will see some of the
good points in his trap and step Inside.
& Mohr
Avoca, Neb
cDot r
U i u
I t I
James Haines of Glenwood, la.,
came over this morning with the
household goods of Harry Smith who
is moving to this section, returning
to his home this afternoon on the
A. D. S. Peroxide Tooth Powder
The A. D. S. has created a masterpiece In Peroxide
Tooth Powder. If you have ever used A. D. S.
Peroxide Cream you will greet with much satisfac
tion the arrival of their latest creation, Peroxide
Tooth Powder. It cleanses the teeth, preserves
them from decay, renders them white, by its anti
septic properties. Hardens the gums and Imparts
a delightful odor to the breath. Price 2.rc a box.
0 4H
3 ?
When you Ret ready to buy call on
lis and get a sett of those
Iloth for Hurry Work Har
ness. We have one of the K-st
harness-makers in the state, and
you know as well as we do that
Hand-Made Harness are the Host.
Farm Implements and
Be sure and see him when you
need anything in his line.
f Avoca,
Nebraska Q
(Special Correspondence.)
D. Hansen was a Gretna visitor
Mrs. B. F. Dill and son WlUard
went to St. Francis, Kansas to visit
with relatives.
George Towle of Havelock Bpent
Sunday in the berg.
H. P. Long shipped a car load of
hogs Monday.
Mrs. J. J. Hill of Belvldlere, Neb.,
visited friends In Souh Bend this
Chris Hofmaster and F. Baum
were Omaha passengers Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Moran of Ashland
visited at the home of J. Q. Lansing
this week.
John Wagner was a Loufeville vis
itor Monday.
M. S. Brlggs, representing the
Plattsmouth News-Herald was a bus
lness visitor In South Bend.
Mrs. J. Q. Lansing is reported on
the sick list.
Quite a few of the South Bend peo
pie attended the dance at Fasberg
Friday night.
John Campbell is repairing his
house In readiness for Thos. Brit
on to occupy. Mr. John Timm will
Immediately take possession of his
new house as soon as Mr. Brltton
Mrs. John Timm and children were
Omaha visitors Saturday.
Chas. Dill was In Ashland Satur
Mrs. Dr. Jones of Murdock was In
South Bend recently.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McHugh were
Omaha visitors Sunday where they
went to visit Jerry's aunt who Is re
covering from a recent operation.
Will Klauser recently made the
purchase of a $1,000 "Jack" In Iowa
Miss Mary McHugh visited with
her little friends In South Bend. Sat
Jerry McHugh at "Stltz" has been
short on potatoes of late, but sue
ceeded In getting some hauled from
Murdock by Jake Carmichel. I will
pay 80c per bushel for potatoes de
uverea at south Uenrd. Can use
from 50 to 75 bushels at present.
Mrs. W. B. Ackerman was a Mur
dock visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hill and Chns
Hill and wife were Plattsmouth visit
ors Tuesday, where they were calle
to arrange for the settlement of Aunt
Marcy's will.
T. N. Fountain has been busily en
gaged In remodeling his ferry boat.
He has made the bout eight feet lon
ger, which will more evenly balance
It and draw less water. When the
season opens up Mr. Fountain says he
will be able to take the boat up to
the fisheries Instead of Just crossing
the river. Mr. Fountain passed over
large crowds of people last summer,
most of them fisheries visitors on
The Woodmen lodge will give an
other dance and oyster supper on
The last dance was
L. G. Larson w as a business visitor
n Omaha this afternoon going up on
the mail train ut noon.
Local Hews.
Miss Maggie Jess is visiting with
friends in Omaha this afternoon go
ing up on the mail train at noon.
Emll Weyrlck Is looking after
some business matters today In
Omaha going to that city on the
Mrs. A. F. Seybert of near Cullom early train this morning.
Sheriff Qulnton was a passenger
this morning on the early train for
is spending the day in the city, hav
ing come in this morning.
Canon H. B. Burgess is spending Omaha and possibly further, having
the afternoon in Omaha going up to business matters to attend to.
that city on the noon train. PM, ,laprU ,Mrt tM.
Bert Pollock is looking after bus- morning on the early train for Doug-
lness matters in Omaha today going ia8 1,., where she will make a vis
up on the early morning train. it 0f several days with relatives.
T. D. Stokes la spending the after- Mike Martin is looking after some
noon In Omaha where he had busl- business matters in South nmnha
neiia matters to look after, going up this afternoon going there on the
on the fast mall. noon train.
Mrs. S. L. Thomas is among Councilman J. P. Falter depart-
those going to Omaha on the noon ed on the 'mail train for Omaha
train to attend the automobile show where he had important business
during the afternoon. matters to attend to this afternoon.
John Jungqulst, Burlington agent chief of the Fire Department An-
at Pacific Junction, came over this ton H. Koubek is among those trav-
raorning on No. 19 to spend a few ellng to Omaha this noon to remain
hours looking after some business over night, and look after some bus
matters. inpsR affairs.
Former Mayor Henry R. Gering Allen Trosper came in this morn-
came down last evening from Oma- hnK frora his home near Mvnard and
ha to look after his business Inter- Wbb a visitor this afternoon In Coun-
ests In the city. cil Bluffs Koine up on the fast mail
The Bazaar In the Hotel Riley at noon.
block is running a big package sale Wm. HInrlchsen is visiting with
this week. friends ami attending tn snmn html.
Ernest Wurl is spending the day ness matters this afternoon in Oma-
in Omaha being a passenger for that ha having gone to that city on the
city this morning on the early train, fast mall at noon.
Ed. Miller was a pnssenger this Geo. Falter of the firm of Falter
morning for LaPlatte where he goes & Thlerolf, Is spending the afternoon
to Join the bridge gang of the Bur- In Omaha looking after business mat
lington. ters being a passenger on the mail
Miss Alice Budig departed thla train for that city.
morning on the early train for Oma- Mrs. W. T. Glenn and daughter
ha where she will make a visit of May, are spending the day In Omaha
several days with friends. being passengers on the Burlington
Jos. McCarthy Is having his eye traln for that city,
looked after today in Omaha by the P. E. Ruffner was a passenger this
specialist, going up on the morning morning for Omaha where he will
train for that purpose. spend the day making a visit with his
Jesse Perry Is among those hav- daughter Mrs. Dr. Roy Dodge,
lng business in Omaha this after- Mrs. Jas. Mitchell who Is visiting
noon to attend to, being a passen- In the city the guest of Mrs. H. D.
ger for that city on the fast mall Travis, was a passenger this morning
train. on the early train for Omaha.
A. Clabaugh of the Nebraska Mrs. George Ithoden Is spending
Lighting Company, is looking after the day in Omaha having come In
company business in Omaha this af- this morning and going to that city
ternoon being a passenger for that on the early Burlington train,
city on the fast mall. A s W a Bpcndlng the day ,
Mrs. II. R. Neitzel and babies of South 0maha MnR aftpr (ho caN
Murdock who have been visiting for t(J mflrkpt( Mng a pnHSOKOr for
several days In the city with her 4fc, .i i.. i
i i mm 1'iijr vi ii uiu eniiy iiiimiiiiik num.
parents v. u. uuinman ana wire, re
turned to their home this noon going
to Omaha on the fast mail. Miss
Minnie Guthman accompanied them
for a short visit.
Miss Walker of Murray and Miss
Florence Dovey of Plattsmouth, who
have been hero for some days at
tending the house party given by
Miss Mary Wilson, returned home
Married ut Iios Angeles.
G. F. S. Burton and wife just re
ceived the intelligence of the marr-
riage of their son Ixon, to Miss Edna Friday. March 5
M. Elliott at Los Angeles, Cal. The a success both socially and flnan
marriage took place several days dally. Music for the occasion will
ago. The young couple are ex- be furnished by the Jacobs orchestra,
pected to arrive In this city in a composed of drums, violin and cor-
few days for an extended visit with n"t. Everybody is Invited. Dance
the parents of Mr. Burton. The tickets 75 cents and supper 25 cents,
young man's many friends in this B- F. Dill was an Omaha passenger
city and vicinity extend to him their Wednesday.
sincere congratulations upon his tak- J. M. Demmlng's sale was attend
ing to himself a wife and all hope for ed by a large crowd, one of the larg
a long, happy and prosperous mar- est sales that has been held In this
rled life for the happy couple. The section for years. Everything
young man Is one of the brightest brought good prices. One yearling
and most estimable this city has calf brought $150.00, In fact all the
turned out and In his California horses and cattle broueht cood
home he has made quite a mark for prices. Mr. Demmlng will pnek his
himself with every prospect of rls- household effects at once and remove
lng higher In the future. to his new home near Broken . Bow.
Mr. Demmlng and family will bo
inlHHf.rl hv nil Inline? u'ull 111,. .4 t...
Hairy Mamie WcK " ,, ' . '" ,""'u
. vii: Will III U II 1 1 jr. .III. UflllllllllK
Mr. Frank Massle and family went has been moderator the school board
to Ashland last Saturday to attend and h,H ,)()!iltlon ,., ue f)lM by up.
the wedding of their son H. T. Massle point ment or else a special election
to Miss Alice Lucile Wortman. The be ,M KhouIJ lhe ppHW,nt ,)().lrd fn
weaning iook piace M.naay ana mo to aKr)0 .,,,...,.,. We
Mrs. Graham of Omaha who has
been visiting in the city with Mis.
P. E. Ruffner and Mrs. Geo. Hedge
returned to her home this noun on
the mail train,
Mrs. Dr. Dodge of Omnlin, who
has been spending several days in
the city, the guest of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Ruffner, re-
last evening. Nebraska City News, turned to her homo this morning.
Mrs. V. C. Ahlstrand and bnbles County Commissioner Fried rich
departed this noon on the fast mall returned last evening from a day's
for Logan, la., where they will make visit with his sister Mrs. John Lohnes
their future home, removing from at Omaha, where she is recovering
this city to that point today. The from the effects of an operation per-
loss of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ahlstrand Is formed upon her several days ago.
greatly regretted by their many When he went he was considerable
friends In this city. worried over her condition but he
Our high school debaters who were found on his arrival at the hospital.
defeated at Plattsmouth returned that she was much Improved and was
home without any sore spots, and progressing very nicely toward re-
Hatlsfled. They did not want the covery. This news is gratifying to
Judges to split hairs nor give them the lady's many friends who trust
anything they did not deserve. But that the good symptoms present are
wait until the next time. Weeping permanent and that she will soon be
Water Republican. able to be about again as of old.
Walter L. Thomas, wife and son
Clarence are anionic those taking in ltH f Honor.
the sights of the automobile show at . Some few months ago The Journal
Omaha today, having gone to that started, under. the above heading, to
city on the early train this morning, publish the names of our readers
Mr. Thomas was at the show yester- who renew from time to time, that
day and was much Impressed with they might know that they had re-
It. reived the proper credit upon our
Harry Smith and family arrived ,mokH' but fro,n a r,,Hn r work nml
In the city this morning from Glen- K 01 "mB w0 ,M' 10 'onunue.
wood, la. Mr. Smith recently pur- w ry It again, and should you
chased the Stohlman place west of n,n" " nioney, look for your nnine
ii. Im riiv un.i u nnw moving intn tin. under ttiiH head, and after a reason-
bride and groom go to Potwln, Kas.,
on a ranch to reside. The groom is
a graduate of the Weeping Water
Academy, and has been teaching
at Ashland, also the bride Is a teach
er. Harry's many friends In Weep
ing Water will rejoice with him in
his happiness and wish for hi in
abundance of prosperity. Weep
ing Water Republican.
wish Mr. Demlmng and his family
success In their new horn.
Dcvoo Paints.
No matter what you paint, or
where, Devoe Lend-and-Zinc Paint Is dlate relief and permanent cun
Pile Cured lit Home by New Ab
sorption .Method.
It you Buffer from bleeding, Itch
ing, blind or protruding piles, send
me your address and I will tell you
how to cure them at home by the new
absorption treatment; and will also
Bend some of his home treatment free
io irini wiin reference! from your
own locality If requested, lmme
OU 1
3 ?
right for It.
Inside the house a room, or the
whole Interior of the house; outside
the house, or any part of It; or any
other buildings; Devoe Lead-and-Zlnc
Pnlnt will do the job right.
Made (tf right nialerials put to
gether In the right way, ready to
Use. Specify iK'Voo to your painter.
W. L. Pickett, Agt.
sured. Send no money, but tell nth
ers of tills offer. Write today to
Mrs. M. Summers, Box P, Notre
Dame, lnd. ' '
John Eberliardl, a prominent H
i.en or renin, ill., who h?n intn
(penning tin- past mouth i;i this
Mai", havliiK been WMtinir relatives
a! t.xetcr. Neb., nml In I'lerc-' ( 01111
ty. end who for Kex- ril dajs p.o I lies
been the guest of CoiHily ('oinnils
nonet iM'ieilriib aim niher frh ml
in ihls city, rt iif 1 to Ills Imnii
llils morning. Thirty-five )enrs an
( oninilssloner Frlediieh worked for
Mr l'liirluir,lt
u;:n..i 1.1.. . ... " '
(TUBtlD. Office with Dr. Brendel An. 'Token. They hud u very pleasant
pointments can be made withjhim. 'visit this time.
property, IiIh goods having come
over from Glenwood last night. He
expects to complete the transfer of
the goods from the car 1 1 his farm
today and tomorrow and by Monday
he will be in shape to tnko formal
Col. Henry ('. Mc.Maken was a
passenger this morning for Omaha.
The Colonel has abandoned fail h in
the Ire prospects for the coming Ben
son and expects to have to use arti
ficial Ice during the coming season as
ho failed to secure a Hiilllcient sup
ply this winter. While bis faith in
Hicks is still unbounded, he admits
that the weather does not get cold
enough to freeze ice hard and for
that reason be Intends to arrange
to handle artificial Ice for water pur
poses, halng a sullUieiicy of stor
age Ice.
Anton Lepovskl and wife of Ledge-
Wood, X. it, have been vlsillng III
the city for several days past with
Mr. lcpiiv.'-kl'H ulster, Mrs. .las. ltuii
nnek and family, ami this morning
In company wlili Mrs. Iliirlanek and
soil Joe, they were passengers for
Omaha where they will lslt with
friends during the day. Mr. Lepov
skl is a prominent farmer of the Red
River country of Dakota, the wheat
belt, and paid this city a visit last
fall, lie states that prospects are
good In the Red River valley for the
coming season.
nble length of time, if you fail to see
it, kindly drop us a line, (bat we may
look the matter up. Following are
the names of those paying tince our
last not li e. .
John Wchi boln, I'lattsuiouth.
John Muylleld, Plalnvlew.
lieu I leek in a ii, Plattsmoutli.
L. H. Peterson, Plattsmouth.
John Koukal, Plattsmouth.
J. M. Campbell, Alvo.
Mrs. Clans Breckenfeld, Elm wood.
C. V. Pltmnn, Weeping Water.
F. J. Illld, Mynarii.
Ed Trlt'sch, Plattsmouth.
K. II. Spangler, I'lattsuiouth.
A. F. Schaffer, Cedar Creek.
Mrs. W. A. Taylor, Plattsmouth.
Con Sears, Cedar Creek.
John Schell, Murdock.
A. E. Leesley, Greenwood.
Steve Itecknor, Nehawka.
Harry Wiles, Myuard.
C. A. Phillips, Pbittsnioulh.
Albert Van. Horn, Cedar Creek.
Joseph Nejedly, Plattsmouth.
Thomas llusklrk. T. J. Ilo.deker
and II. F. Vviik,e, Wuusa, Yb.
Henry Prosser,
Contrnrtincr, Plastering-. Brick and
Stone Work, Concrete Foundations
and Walks. : : : : :
Phone 107, Elmwood, Neb.