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Murray Department
If any of the readers of the Journal knfne of a social event or
Wt want all items of iitfertst. Editor Journal
an item of interest in this vicinity and vill mail same to this office it wtU appear under this heading.
W TV rt tv' U. Ur ir
Murray, Nebraska.
We do a general banking business.
We loan money for legitimate purposes.
We make farm loans at a reasonable rate.
We solicit your Banking business.
Let us show you our safety deposit boxes.
We represent tb.2 best fire insurance companies
We promise for your business our best atten- n
Deposit your money with us, and grow with a
growing institution.
(Jlen Doedeker has been laid up
with grip this week.
S. C. Pitman's house is coming
along quite fast this fine weather.
Walter Sans has a pet on his
wrNt and 'he Is very careful that
110 one luuclies It.
Win. Sporer and his cousin, Mr.
Goodnature, took the early train for
Omaha Wednesday.
Mrs. Walker and daughter Margie
returned from Plattsmouth Wednes
day through the heavy storm.
V. J. Philpot returned from Cus
ter county Sunday where he had been
looking after ranch interests.
Fred Shaffer from Mt Pleasant
was In Murray Wednesday to meet
his friend, Mr. McClaln from Iowa.
The Ladles' Missionary Society
will give a chicken pie supper at
W. G. BOEDEKER, Cashier.
Wm. Sporer was a business visitor
In Omaha Wednesday.
Dr. J. F. Drendel was In Platts
' mouth Tuesday morning.
1). L. Amick and Ed. Sloe urn were
In Plattsmouth Wednesday.
Fred Schaffer was spending a few
days In Sidney, Iowa, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 13. Dull have been
on the sick list for the past few
C. S. Stone was a passenger
through Murray Wednesday for
Omaha and Plattsmouth.
Mrs. Dave Young has returned
home from Iowa, where she was vis
iting with her father and mother.
John Murray and wife of Plutts
mouth, were in Murray Tuesday vis
iting with the mother of Mrs. Mur
ray. K
The Ladies' Missionary Society
will give a chicken pie supper at
the Presbyterian church on Tuesday
February 9.
Miss Carrlo Allison" returned home
from Norfolk Wednesday, where she
has been visiting for the past few
days with the family of Mont Itobb.
The box supper at the church laBt
Saturday evening was well attended
and the young folks will make a few
dollars to add to the church treas
ury; Will Drown entertained a number
of his gentlemen friends at a genu
ine stag party at his home on last
Thursday evening. Quite a number
of his friends were present, and all
report having a good time.
The storm did considerable dam
age in and around Murray last
Thursday evening. Lee Oldham
lost his windmill, and It Is said that
Dr. GUmore'a corpulent assistant,
James Campbell only saved his mill
by climbing to the top aud holding
It down.
Miss Vema Tracy, of South Oma
ha, who has been In Murray for the
past few days visiting her friend,
Miss Isabella Young, returned
to her home Wednesday evening. She
was accompanied by Miss Young and
her brother Rex.
E. E. Eminltt, the popular bank
examiner, was in Murray last Thurs
day, entertained for a short time
by Cashier Doedeker, of the Murray
State Dank, showing the expert gen
tleman Just how banking was done
In Murray. It Is needless for us to
say that ho found everything In
first-class shape.
We aro informed that Dllly Soy
bolt has disposed of his supply of
Angora gouts .to Jeff Drendel and
Jake Mincer, who will now engago In
the cheese business, and before many
days will place a good supply of
Swiss choose on the market. It pays
to advertise In the Journal. Only
last week we announced DIIllo as
having those thrifty animals for
sale, and this week we learn of his
cleaning out his entire lino.
Ernest Carroll and wife, of Plain
view, aro In Murray this week vis'
iting with friends and relatives at
tho old homo. On their way they
stopped In Omaha for a short visit
with Mrs. Carroll's mother, Mrs
Theo. Duck, who la In the hospital
receiving treatment. We under
Hand Mr. Duck expects to come to
Omaha In the near future where he
will enter tho hospital for medical
treatment for a cancer on his lip
Mrs. John P. Thacker was In
Murray Wednesday.
Earl Jenkins Is confined to his bed
with sickness this week.
Another epidemic of automobile
fever has broken out In the town.
Den Dill was looking after some
business matters in the county seat
Dr. Drendel and John Doughty
made a business trip to Omaha Wed
nesday evening.
The littlo child of Mr. and Mrs
Den Dill has been quite sick for
the past few days.
0. V. Virgin was looking afte
some business matters in Omaha
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Dayles were In
from Custer county visiting with old
fronds and relatives.
Mrs. Guy Durton went to Platts
mouth Wednesday evening for a
short visit with her parents.
The two children of Mr. and Mrs.
John Yardley have been numbered
with the sick for the past few' days.
The Ladles' Missionary Society
will give a chicken pie supper at
the Presbyterian church on Tuesday
February 9.
Miss Ida Doedeker returned home
from Macedonia, last Friday, where
she has been visiting a few days
with flronds.
community, and at no time have we
refused to print anything that was
for the welfare of all concerned, and
to that end the "Points from a Point
ed Pen" was given space In our col
umns. We do not believe the writer
Intended the article as has been as
cepted by many of our readers. The
above Is written with the hope that
It may place matters right, and that
no ill feeling will exist among our
valued readers in Murray and vi
cinity. - ,
Neighborhood favorite
Mrs. E. D. Charles, of Harbor
Maine, speaking of Electric Bitters,
says: "it Is a neighborhood favor
He here with us." It deserves to be
a favorite everywhere. It gives
quick relief In dyspepsia liver com
plaint, kidney derangement, mal
the Presbyterian church on Tuesday nutrition, nervousness and weakness
February 9. I and general debility. Its action on
Rev. Lanrne of Omaha preached a th blood 83 a thorough purifier
very instructive sermon Sunday night make u especially useful as a spring
at tho U. P. church on the "Insplra
tion of the Dible."
The telephone service has not re
gained Itself since the storm. Hard
to get outside communication with
neighboring towns.
August Engelkemler returned
from Omaha Monday where he had
boon to see his wife who Is in the
Immanuel hospital. He reports his
wife getting along nicely.
Jas. Campbell showed some good
nerve during the high wind by climb
ing a sixty foot windmill of Dr. Gll-
more"s. The anchor posts were pull
ing out when he climbed the tower to
tie guyropes at the head.
Mont Robb and family from Nor
folk, were In Omaha Wednesday en
route to their home near Union,
where they will make their home for
the present. Mont's many friends
will be glad to welcome him and
his estimable family back to the old
medicine. This grand altedatlve ton
Ic is sold under guarantee at F. G
Fjrlcke & Co's drug store. 60c.
Suffering and Dollars Saved
E. S. Loper, of Marllla, N. Y. says
"I am a carpenter and have had
many severe cuts healed by Ducklln'
Arnica Salve. It has saved me suf
ferlng and dollars. It Is by far the
best healing salve I have ever found
Heals burns, sores, ulcers, fever
sores, eczema and piles. 2T)C at
G. Frlcke & Co.'s drug store.
returning to this section some seven
years since and locating on the farm
near Murray where his eyes closed
in their last long sleep.
During his many years in eastern
Nebraska, Mr. Slooum had made him-
ItiaV III liaiall
miwh wt in nviaiw
Rear Murray
a large cir
Is, the
Mrs. C. Dengen has been on the
nick list for the past few days.
At times she has boon In a very
critical condition.
Will Renner who now lives In the
extreme southwest corner of West
Rock Dluffs precinct was In Murray
Monday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. John Irwin are re
eking this week over -the arrival
of a new baby girl at their home
last Saturday evening.
Remember that Holmes & Smoth
are making a special orange sale
this week. They are making a
price of 23 cents per dozen.
The littlo child of Mr. and Mrs
Geo. Melslngor who has been Buffer
ing with pneumonia for the past
few weeks, is Borne better at this
Mrs. (ill more spent Wednesday In
Omaha visiting with relatives.
Will the party who borrowed the
top of our extension ladder please
return tho same, we need It. Tit
man & Davis.
Mrs. Enlz Hovland, of St. Law
rence, S. D. has been In Murray
visiting her brother Prof. E. E
Erlcson, returning home Wednes
day evening. Sho was accompanied
as far as Omaha by her brother.
That was a terrible wind during
tho recent storm. Tho wheel of
windmill blown down from the tower
and down upon your bod waking you
up or possibly breaking an expenslv
vase or scratching up the furniture,
It was a wind that Irritated ono with
wouk nerves the blow that almost
killed father.
Tho Ladles' Missionary Soelet
will give a chicken plo supper at
tho Presbyterian church on Tuesda
February 9.
Peter Clarence was looking nftc
some uusiness matters in tho county
seai ounesnay morning. 110 was
a passenger on tho early mornln
train through Murray, returning on
tho 9:43.
Scratches! From a Dull Pen.
If actions can bo printed we are
willing to have a copy of ours sent
to all the order loving people of
We do not pose as models and so
do not expect people to take patern
after us.
A majority of the "uncouth" at
tended the C. E. Sunday evening and
took pleasure In working for Christ
and yet we desire a portion of what
the "critics" term worldly pleas
We were working Saturday eve
ning In the Interest of our church
which accepted our money and didn't
seem to think It was tainted either.
We are endeavoring to keep our
E. pledge, but certain It Is that
last week's article dldn t awaken
any now ambition In us toward that
The question Is: What did any
one learn from lust week's article
except the nature of the writer?
"The Unbecoming."
G. A. It. to Observe Day.
February the 12th is the centen
nial anniversary of the birth of
Abraham Lincoln and McConahle
Post G. A. R. and tne ladles of the
Relief Corps have planned to cele
brate this event on that date at the
Methodist church at 7:30 p. m., and
extend to all organizations of this city
a cordial Invitation to meet with
them on this occasion. Rev. Randall
will deliver the address on the "Life
and Character of Lincoln."
The big Eagle dance Is set for
Febryary 13. Remember the date.
Died. Slocum. Norman, aged 72
years, 3 months, 1 day, at his
home near Murray, Neb., on Wed
nesday, Feb. 3, 1909, of heart
failure. ' Funeral on Friday, Feb.
5. 1909. Interment at Eight Mile
Grove cemetery.
Old settlers In this section were
greatly shocked to hear this morning
of the passing of Norman Slocum, ono
of the best known and highest re
spected citizens of this section. From
accounts received here his death
was a very sudden one. He was in
Murray yesterday and had quite a
visit with his brother-in-law D. L.
Amick, the stockman, returning to
his home apparently In the best of
health. Mr. Slocum lived some two
miles from Murray. This morning
Mr. Amick was shocked to hear of
his sudden and fatal illness. After
returning home last evening Mr.
Slocum seemed to be In very good
health and retired seemingly all
right. He rose this morning at four
o'clock and was about the house, re
turning to bed In a short time still
apparently in good health.
About seven-thirty his family con
cluded to call him for breakfast, he
not having gotten up at his usual
time. When they reached his room
they were shocked to find him in
deep pain and apparently on the
verge of expiring. Dr. J. F. Drendel
was hurriedly summoned from Mur
ray and in company with Mr.
Amick, made all possible speed to the
bedside of the stricken man. Despite
their efforts to reach him they were
unsuccessful as he died before they
could get to him with relief.
Norman Slocum was born In Ohio
on November 2, 1836 and Bpent his
boyhood days In the Buckeye state
emigrating to Nebraska when a
young man. He first settled in this
county many years ago and here he
met and won Miss Minerva Amick, a
daughter of the late Geo. L. Amick
and sister of David L. Amick of Mur
ray. To this union two children were
born who still survive their father.
These are Edward, a son, and Mrs.
Ada Ferrlss, daughter, both of whom
live near Murray. After his mar
riage Mr. Slocum sold his Cass Coun
ty farm and moved to Otoe County
where he lived for a number of years,
vho came to know him and to ad
mire and respect him the more as the
years went by. To all these the news
of his untimely taking away cannot
fall to come as a great blow and their
sympathy goes out to the suffering
widow and bereaved children left
In his lifetime deceased had been
an exemplary and industrious citi
zen and had accumulated a great deal
of this world's goods, having well
provided for those who are left be
hind. He was not so far as known a
member of any order save that great
est of all the brotherhood of man
and in this he ranked high, kind,
loving, generous and noble. In his
passing there goes a good man.
The funeral of this good citizen
will take place upon Friday next,
Feb. 5, the hour not being set at this
writing, and the Interment will be at
Eiyht Mile Grove. ,
Farm for Sale.
167 acres of Improved Cass County
land for Bale at $40.00 per acre.
$1,710.00 cash and balance on 9
years time at 5 percent. A snap for
some one.
John M. Leyda, Gund Building.
Five Per Cent Dividend.
Referee McDaniels of the United
States District Court has declared a
dividend of five per cent to the credi
tors cf Geo. L. Farley, bankrupt.
Official notice to this effect has been
sent out to the several creditors
which reads as follows:
To the creditors of George L. Far
ley, Bankrupt:
You are hereby notified that on
he 27th day of January, 1909. a
dividend of five (5) per cent was de
clared on all unsecured claims proved
and allowed against the said George
L. Farley, Bankrupt, In the above
named Bankruptcy, and that said div
idend is payable on or after the 8th
day of February, 1909, at the office
of J. E. Douglas, Trustee, Platts
mouth, Nebraska, In said district.
Dated at Omaha, Nebraska, thl
27th day of January, 1909.
Charles G. McDonald,
Referee in Bankruptcy.
The best ball of the season will be
the big one of the Eagles on Febru
ary 13 at Sokol Hall.
Proves an Error.
Many times, In fact most every
88U3 of a newspaper, the publisher
has many contributed articles, some
of which are met with the hearty ap-
We wish to turn our remaining stock off winter goods into money. Also
wisn 10 ma Re room jor new spring gooas inai are arriving daily, and
offer you first-class goods at great money saving prices. At the
prices quoted below it will pay you to buy heavy:
FREE With each sack off fflour purchase we will give a can of Calumet
Baking Powder during this sale.
proval of Its readers, others are met pur coats $15.00 and up
with very much the contrary g but Shcep lined coats $3.90 and up.
In all our experience we have never K
mot with ono that caused the editor uuck coats. ior men, ?i.uu arm up.
quito so much grief as the one in Men's overshoes $1.00 and up.
our Murray Department last ween,
entitled "Points from a Tolnted
Pen." Many of our readers were
Indeed very angry, others passed the
artlclo without much notice, and
many of our young people were
deeply grieved to think that the
Men's caps worth $2.00, at
$1.50, at
$1.00, at
75c, at
- $1.00
many long and weary hours they gweatcrs wortn $1,50, for - 90c
::T2Vll Sweater coat, at greatly reduced prices.
reward. At any rate we are in- some exceptional oargains in snoes mat
formed that the artlclo was entirely we want to discontinue handling.
too severe on tho young, people. Our entire line of of winter gloves and mit-
Some time ago the cnurcn to w ten oQ ccnt d;scount
theso same young people belong . - , . , .
erected quite an expensive addition. A few three-piece Corduroy SUltS
and In othr ways became deeply In- Worth 9.00, for $6.50
voived financially, and it fell upon A few two-piece suits at 25 per cent off.
tho young people to pny tho debt. few odd pants 23 1KT Cent Off.
vve are Ruinciuiciiuy nuiim u mm .
sugar zu ids ior $i.uu; 3o per iuu
they havo paid a large sum of that
Indebtedness by their social occa
sions, such as box socials, enter
tainments, chicken pie socials, and
their sewing society. They have
worked hard to tho one end, that of
clearing their church of indebted
ness, and they havo added many dol
lars to tho church treasury. They
also claim that they havo attended
quite regularly to all ' branches of
tho study of God's work, but on the
occasion of pleasure they havo en
deavored to enjoy themselves In
every way becoming a lady. The
Journal has at all times done what
It thought was right In tho publish
ing of a newspaper, endeavored to
give nt all times tho news of every
About 15 bolts of flannelette, worth
10c, goes in this sal at per yard 8c
Outing flannel, 5c up, at a great reduction
Thread, Merrick's best, per spool 4c
Linoleum, 2 yds wide, per square yd. 55c
Floor oil cloth, 2 yds wide, square yd. 32i
Wool Blankets at 25 per cent offff
About 20 bolts of fine wool dress goods on
sale during this month.
Our entire line of 12 1-2 and 15 cent
ginghams, will go at per yard 10c
worth $2.00, at
1.37; $1.50 line at $1; $1.00 line at 75c
offer a fine orange at 23c and 35c
per dozen
The highest possible price will be
paid for all kinds off poultry and
farm produce.
Please do not ask for credit at these cut prices
Sale commences Feb 1, and
closes Saturday, Feb. 27
Murray, Nebraska.