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Hon. . A. Dates Writes Letter
to Journal Roadors
Lincoln, Jan. 25, 1908.
The past week has been a busy one
with the lower house of the legisla
ture, and quite a number of bills
have been passed and many gone
through the first reading. While the
Senate adjourned Friday noon until
2:30 today, the House members re
fused to cease their work until Sat
urday noon, and then many of them
wanted to keep on with their work
until five o'clock before adjourning.
There has been several more
guaranty bank bills Introduced but
none with the Immediate payment
clause incorporated therein. In an
Interview with a majority of the
members, we find that the immediate
payment clause is what they will
.' Tko V.111 rnatnrlnsr tha fild In w in
reference to county commissioners
each commissioner to be elected in
the district in which he resides
will be passed. Also a bill giving
back to the people the right to fleet
their own assessors instead of the
present method of appointing them.
Every democrat In the house and
Senate Is determined to carv out
the pledges made In the democratic
platform, although there will be
u desperate effort made on the part
of the opposition to keep them
from doing so. '
Senator Farmer has introduced a
bill In that branch of the legislature
giving the governor the' power to
designate the papers In each county
in which all proposed constitutional
amendments shall be published. The
secretary of state Is now empowered
with this authority. There will be
several other bills Introduced In a
few weeks which, if passed, will
prove of great benefit to the demo
cratic papers of Nebraska.
The republicans are doing a great
deal of dismal howling in reference
to the employes in the Senate and
House. The fact is they are get
ting rid of a lot of employes which
Governor Sheldon placed on duty
immediately before he retired from
office, and these fellows are given
the grand bounce. In looking over
years ago, we find that the present
session does not near come up to the
legislature of two years ago In the
number of employes. They are only
hoping that the present House and
Senate will over reach their record
In expenditures. It is estimated that
one and a half millions in appropria
tions will be asked by the various
state Institutions, about $400,000 by
tho State University. But there are
VIUC !Ct; pin v u uiv iii wv i a in vvi la
the House and the Senate and they
are truly termed the "watch-dogs of
the treasury." They are onto their
Under the law Introduced . by
Governor Sheldon when he was In
the senate a few years ago, all who
come here to lobby have to register
their names with the secretary of
state before they can ply their vo
cation. Several have already com
I Plattsmouth Telephone .Company Plan
Many New Improvements
The Journal had hoped today to
be able to give the pdbllc the details
of the proposed improvements of the
Plattsmouth Telephone Company but.
owing to the absence of General Man-
n T" 1 1 1- .LI. .Ill V. A V -
plied with the law, and as time goes ncr lu' " u lo
on many others will follow suit, tponei until his return. Enough
Such a law should never have been has been t0,d of the P,ans' however,
permitted to have disgraced the to warrant the statement that the
statute of Nebraska. It simply per- new Plattsnouth Telephone plant-
mlts lobbying. What does a pro- or 11 wiU be Poetically a new one
fesslonal lobbyist care for this little wil1 be of the 8ame model at the Ne"
plece of red tape when he desires to braska Company will put In, that Is
perform his work for which he is the common batter P,ant wlth a11
mm hv tha rornnrtinn? Me wires, and in addition a new
Here in Consultation.
Edwin E. Squires Esq.. of Broken
Bow, Neb., was in the city last night
in consultation with Ramsey & Ram
sey concerning certain fegal matters,
pending In the courts at Broken Bow.
Mr. Squires is a prominent and lead
ing attorney of Custer County and a
member of the law firm of Sulivan &
Squires of Broken Bow. The senior
member of the firm, Judge Homer
Sullivan, has been much discussed
through the state press recently, in
connection w ith the . quo warranto
proceedings to test the appointments
of Governor Sheldon for supreme
udges made under the constitutional
Speaker Pool la a busy man, and
is as regular as clock work In call
ing the house to order at the hour
and thoroughly up-to-date switch
board will be Installed.
As this company has many more
Instruments in service in the city
County Assessor Soennichsen re
turned last evening from the meeting
of the County Assessors of Nebraska
which was held at Lincoln at the
court house. The meeting was well
attended and a great many steps
were recommended for changes in
the revenue laws of the state.
Changes in the revenue laws of
the state that all mortgages, held by
Orole Concert Company Pleasing Kin- ,ocal "t1181.8 a"d
ber of Lecture Course
to which If had adjourned. Char- tnan the Nebraska company( thelr re.
ley is making good as speaker, and
he has so controlled this body as to
make every member his friend. Af
fable with all it would be lmpossl-
modeling process will stand them ful
ly as much or more expense than the
former company will have to put in.
Mr. Pollock In speaking yesterday
ble for him to be otherwise. Trenmore of tne maWer a9gure9 the Journal
Cone, chief clerk, and Henry Rich- that the Dlant ., hfi thorouehlv
mond. chief enrolling and engross- Latl8factory to the pubHc and tnat
ing clerk, are also to be commended Lhfl contMnI)lata a Pomn,et(, re
fer their prompt prompt and effl- modellng of the entlre By8tem In tn,8
clent business qualities.
city. He expressed himself as not
Hon. W. J. Bryan lectured yes- going to let the Nebraska Company
terday (Sunday) afternoon at 3:30 produce better service than the local
at the Oliver theater on Missions, company, and stated that there was
By special invitation the members of no doubt but when their improve-
the legislature, those who were In the ments were completed they would
city, attended in a body, but when show the citizens that the home com
we arrived at the theater there was a pany was the best and deserved
larger crowd already gathered on their patronage. When asked as to
the outside more people than would probable rates for service he stated
fill the house to the dome. When that that feature had not yet been
the doors were opened they made a taken up, nor could it well be until
grand rush like so many stampeded I it was known how much the new lm-
cattle. We happened to, get a seat provements would cost the company
In "nigger heaven" and the people He stated, however, that the Platts
were Jammed in like sardines in a
box and some of us concluded to step
down and out for our own comfort.
It looks to us that if the manage
ment desired the Attendance of the
legislature they could ea3lly hum
mouth Telephone Company would
continue to furnish the best service
at the lowest service to be had and
would meet any competition from
any company.
The enterprise which the local
reserved a few seats for them. But company shows In getting Into line
tne irimense attendance shows that and preparing for a brisk fight is
Mr I ryan has not lost any of his highly commendable, and those in
popularity In Lincoln. business who have been talked to on
Attorney D. O. Dwyer was here the BubJect Profes8 to be delighted to
Friday attending to some matters Bee tne 8Plr,t thls local corporation
hofnra tha aiinromp nnnrt nnil ilmn-l'" snowing,
ped in to see us.
There has been a bill introduced in
the House to increase the salaries
of county clerks, but those who have
seen this bill say they, will vote
against the proposition. As I have
not yet seen the bill I will wait until
I have read It before I give an opin
ion. ' .
In regard to the bill taking the
salary away from the sheriff's of-
During the years the Plattsmouth
Company has been in business here
they have been regularly paying ten
per cent dividends and have, In ad
ditlon laid aside a handsome sum for
the purpose of rebuilding and re
modeling the plants as they are
worn out. Being In this position
they can meet the fierce competition
of the Nebraska Company without
fear of being beaten at the game.
Mr. Pollock will probably be In
flee and putting it back on the fee agaln tomorrow and a fuII statement
system, many favor the bill, while from Wm ag t0 the compa'ny'8 plan9
otners ravor a dui compelling tne wlll appenri
snenn to periorm nis auiies in
serving papers, or pay for doing this
work out of his own pocket. This January 27, 1800,
would stop the placing and serving From the Journal files.
papers which he ought to servo in
the hands of constables and the bill
for so doing paid by the county,
while the sheriff sits back on his dig
nity and enjoys his salary.
A great deal of work has been
planned for this week, and it is
thought they will keep In session
until Saturday noon and maybe Sat
urday night.
M. A. B.
County Assessors Ask Legisla
ture to Pass Law
The assessors placed themselves on
record as favoring this change. They
are also anxious to have the. law
ITIAiIa ninra txtfaMiva In ranMilnor tho
cert Monday evening at the Parmele bul,d,ng and ,oa a880clatlon80 and
There was not the attendance at
the Orole Concert Company's Con-
whlch the performance deserved
This little Company Is an excellent
one and one which should serve to
the individuals who have deposits
inthebanks. It was agreed that as the
rpVPnilA mnnsiira nnw otrfA tavatlin
draw full houses wherever they may of budlng ftnd ,0(m corporatlon8
and bank depositors Is ineffective.
show. ; Composed of four charming
and talented young women, they
gave a program which was interest
ing and highly pleasing. All who
attended Join, In pronouncing the
work of all the members delightful
and much above the average of such
There had been considerable ex
pected of Miss Helen Tinker on ac
count of the praise which her voice
had been accorder elsewhere, and
she fully came up to the expecta
tion. She has a rich and beautiful
contralto voice which she has learned
to use to great advantage being cul
tured and polished to a degree. Her
work won the audience completely.
The county assessors of Nebraska
want to be able to list every mort
gage and note for taxation thereby
preventing foreign holders of this
kind of paper from escaping without
paying a cent while the local money
loaner must pay taxes on the same.
They also want the assessment of real
estate made every two years instead
of four years as prevails now under
the revenue law. It is declared that
inasmuch as realty Is advancing In
value, the assessor gets Jolted hard
every time a new assessment is made
because of the long time between as
sessments. For instance, the year
1907 was tha end of tho mmrtot nf
Miss Bertha Hecker the 'cellolst of year8 ,n wh,CQ the a8888ment re.
matnerf thn Rnm for thin norlnH
chord In her audience and her mas- Lagt ye a new as8e8!,mPnt w mad(J
and compared with four years back
tery of the Instrument was thor
oughly demonstrated. Miss Hecker's
close study of her instrument was
very evident from the time her first
notes were struck and her success
is without doubt the result of her pa
tient labors and close attention to
her chosen profession.
Miss Edna Rickard amply filled
the bill as a reader and elo
tlonist and delighted the audience
with -her rendition of her several
much of the property has doubled
and even thrlbbled In value, Then
In many Instances, according to the
county assessor, a great many tax
payers intimated In clear-cut English
that he occupied a mid-way position
Deiween a nignway rouoer and a
The county assessor also want au
thority to go Into a bark and look at
the books and find out who are the
mimhora Aa fin pvtripnno nf hpr ril.
versified' 'alents, Miss Rickard is the feposltora and how much money they
author, of several dainty bits of mve, ,to their cred,t the th?r
stories which she rendered with feci
ing and expression of the highest
Miss Cassie Mulllneaux, the fourth
member of the company, is a violinist
of rare ability and skill. She can
do all which was promised those who
attended, being almost able to make
the Instrument talk. Her triumphs business houses and invaded thecourt
in otner cities ana towns were re- house where he met hi Wntor.
be able to tax It as the revenue law
requires but which does not give
him power to take a certain method
to obtain the desired Information.
The county assessors want some oth
er privileges to which the all embod
led In recommendations made by
the county assessors of Nebraska
yesterday afternoon at their meeting
at the court house. The recommen
dations are subjoined:
That the revenue committee of the
legislature might be enlightened aa
to the wishes of these officials, the
county assessors of the state made
the following recommendations:
That the section of the revenue
law relating to the credits, to all
notes and mortgages and other in
struments of credit be presented to
the assessor la the county in which
they are payable bearing the stamp
of the assessor otherwise they are not
That the real estate shall be as
sessed every two years Instead of
four which will have the advantage
over tha longer term Inasmuch as It
will not Indicate such a radical ad
vance In valuation.
That the assessor shall be given
the same authority as a member of
the state banking board that they
may Inspect the books of banks and
learn who are the depositors and how
much money they have in their name.
That the state board of jequallza-
tion shall not have the power to
raise or lower the assessment of any
county without the attorney or as
sessor of said county be given a
''The most Important matter la
the taxation of mortgages," said one
of the assessors from a big county.
"It Is designated to have the law
amended so that no mortgage is val
id or can be foreclosed till It has the
stamp of the county assessor that
taxes have been paid locally on it.
Millions of dollars a year rt being
lost to taxation because there Is no
w ay now to reach mortgages held by
non-reBldents. It Is estimated that
S G.Oi'0,000 worth of mortgages in
Doulus county alone the not taxed
and In Lancaster county approximate
ly $3,000,000. Make the mortgages
uncolUctable unless they have the
O. K. of the assuror; then tho hold
er? In other states will have to phy
taxes. As It stands now the local
holder of a mortgage I compelled to
pay a tax, while his competitor re
siding In another state pays nothing.
It isn't fair. Millions of dollars of
mortgages are held by foreign In
surance and investment companies,
eastern savings banks and building
and loan associations."
peated here and should she favor
Plattsmouth with another visit, she
would find a warm and apprecia
tive audience.
Taken on the whole the company
loo. He entered several of the of
fices and In each ense where the
occupants declined to buy his wares,
he "bawled them out," using lang
uage of a character calculated to
Good Citizen in Town.
B. C. Marquardt, the enterpris
ing and prominent business man of
Avoca, spent last night in the city,
coming up from Omaha yesterday af
ternoon on the Schuyler and return
ing to his home by the same route
this morning. Mr. Marquardt was
the guest of Sheriff Qulnton for sup
, per last evening. He la one of the
vv7nost prominent men In his section of
the county and Is quite well known
generally throughout this section
where he has a host of friends. He
had some business matters which re
quired his attention here. Mr. Mar
quardt has been in business In Avoca
for many years and during his long
residence there he has made himself a
reputation for sterling honesty, up
rightness and integrity which none
could excel. His business Interests
in his home town are extensive and
he is one of the sort of men who
make a city a good one. While here
he met several of his old friends
whom he had not seen for some time
and the meeting was pleasant alike
to all.
In expensive woods and the walls fin
ished in the latest and best method.
It is heated throughout with a fine
proved makes and of the latest de- engaged In fierce fight over his pos-
Complete New Rexldonce.
John W. Klnscr, the plasterer and
mason has Just completed tho task
of plastering the fine new residence
of George Wiles southwest of the
city. As is always the case with
Wesley's work, Mr. Wiles Is more
than pli'Bsed with it as It is In line
with tho rest of tho work on his
residence which is a very fine struc
ture. Mr. Wiles has built a modern
up-to-date house In every respect
the same being handsomely finished
Sleighing rapidly disappearing as
the January thaw set in causing the
snow to melt and making the streets
very muddy.
The case of Gibson vs. Oppermann
Lamp Company on trial before Judge
Ramsey in the county court.
! Charles E. Harris, the motorman
who sometime before was badly in
jured by forgetting to slow up at the
foot of Fairfield hill and bouncing
off on the hard ground, able to be
out and about again. -
Funeral of Infant child of Jas.
W. Thomas.
John F. Hoback and his creditors
was a nigniy creauauie one ior me shock the most hardened. As the
Redpath Bureau under whose man- county officers are gentle folk and
agement the young ladles play. not used' to hearing expressions
snouia ai loiner aurauons senu oui stronger than Oh! Fudge," "For
by this bureau scale up with this ever More'" and the like, they took
last one, they arov Indeed fortunate exceptions to William's remarks
and have a bountiful supply of art
sign and It 1b on the whole, an ideal
farm rpntHptirn- mnrh aunnrlnr tn thn
great majority of city homes. If it ,ce at tbe. 'te of twenty card per day.
McMaken & Son engaged in loading
is possible a more extended whlte-up
Christian Wohlfarth sells his gro-
I ...... I. a T t3 V..a . nn
of this . handsome addition to CassT"'. . . -'.-'- "l
County homes will be made in the
near future.
Albright and a member of the state
Committee of Cass County Fair
association met to prepare premium
list. Committee composed of Samuel
On Wednesday afternoon at tho Richardson, M. B. Murphy, O. M.
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and streight, Wm. Wetenkamp and H. C.
Mrs. J. II. Wagner, Rev. It. W. Cope Ritchie.
united in marriage, William Henegar phlllp Thlerolf and John P. Sat
and Miss Esther Wagner. Only the tier returned from Turn-Bezlrk at
relatives were present and following Omaha. Plattsmouth failed to seure
the ceremony refreshments were turnfest, Lincoln defeating this city.
served. .
The groom Is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. II. Henegar, residing on a farm
three and one-half miles northeast of
town. The young people are well
known and their many friends are
pleased to congratulate them and
wish them much Joy. They will re
side In Weeping Water for the pres
ent at least. Weeping Water Re
A II Wilier Health Level.
"I have reached a higher health
level since I began using Dr. King's
Now Life rills," writes Jacob Spring
er, of West Franklin, Maine. " They
keep my stomach, liver and bowels
Poultry Wanted
The Clarinda Poultry, Butter
and Epfc Company will be in
Plattsmouth on
Monday, Febuary 1st
and will pay the following
prices for poultry to be deliv
ered at tne store of Zuck
weilcr & Lutz:
Hens 9c
Younp Roosters 9Jc
Hen lurkeys..... 12c
working Just right." If theso pills Young Gobblers 12c
disappoint you on trial money will Old " 10c
be refunded at F. 0. Frlcke & Co's K?tc"; Wr do 2;0
l lucks, r , r 6c
drugstore. 25c. r. ' ?.
Judge Archer Administers Celebrated
Police Judge Archer has had two
cases of unusual character in his
sourt the past several days and he
used his Celebrated Brand of Justice
with salutary effect. The culprets
felt the severity of the law and one
of them was fortunate In the fact that
the court did not knot at the time
sentence was imposed the full extent
of his malefactions. The character
drifted into into the city on some
fast freight or like vehicle of com
merce and proceeded to get busy
upon Main street, his peculiar voca
tion being to annoy women, by In
decent actions. He had approach
ed several ladles and acted toward
them in a vicious and particularly
offensive manner before he went far
enough to seriously alarm them, fin
ally stopping tho wife of a prominent
merchant upon the street and mak-
a particularly vile attack upon her.
She was badly scared and gave the
alarm which led to tho arrest of the
miscreant. On his appearance before
Judge Archer, the full facts were not
known and the latter fined him for
tho one offenso not knowing the oth
ers, giving him a fine of fifty dol
lars and costs, which ho was unablo
to pay and in consequence he was
sent to Jail.
The other caso was that of one
William II. Moore a trariip who
claimed to make his living by selling
lead pencils, but who in reality was
a beggar of the worst type. Moore
.yesterday mndo the rounds of the ,
and summoned the authorities who
placed him under arrest and later
haled him before Judge Archer. As
William could not plead that he was
a parrot and had been taught such
language, to the satisfaction of
Judge Archer, the latter brought out
his Celebrated Brand of Justice, and
meted out fifty slmoluons worth to
William. Owing to a stringency in
the lead pencil market, William's re
ceipts did not figure up enough to
warrant taking it away from him,
he went to Jail, there to remain until
he became wiser and of bettor frame
of mind.
The understanding Is that these
two worthies who are two of tha
most disreputable citizens the town
has sheltered in many days, will be
put to work on the streets. This will
enable each of them to work off soma
of the apparently surplus energy
they have experienced In annoying
the good people of the city.
the kind which has
We sell it in packages
and 'in bulk.