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First Rovonuc Measure Make:
Its Appearance
uad-sputed property, and1 that we
eiv given no claim to It whatever, so
v'h Just ordinary effort we are uu
ole to wrestle the title from them."
Telephone as a Necessity.
From the Washington Star.
Campbell has been visiting her the
past few days.
James Jordan. J. V. Parsll and
II. S. Ough have been putting up ice
thli week.
Mr. Jordan had the misfortune to
It would be hard to Imagine what have th middle finger of the left hand
would happen to the business and so- crushed Tuesday. Dr. Mulr dressed
Mrs Sutton of Near Murray Passes cial llfe fthe national caP,tal lf the the wound.
' number of telephones in use were
Away Jan. 8, 1S39
Aro Always
the Cheapest!
The printing committee. Col. M. A.
I Bates, chairman, reported yesterday
after the minority leader, Killen had
balked a plan to adjourn over Sun
day. Clark of Richardson had called
for the report which the committee
said 4 days ago it would have ready
in forty-eight hours. The matter
under consideration was whether the
house Bhould print dally the proceed
ings for distribution the next morn
ing among , the members. The com
mittee reported negatively and rec
ommended as a substitute that ten
or twelve typewritten copies be
placed on the front seats in the
chamber for the use of members
wishing to consult them. NeUleton
thought such a course useless and
wanted the printed copies. Clark
I said that the lowest bid was $50 a
day and this meant too great an ex
penditure out of the current expendi
tures appropriation. The house
thought so too.
The first revenue measure made
its appearance yesterday. It emi-
nates from Sheen of Nehawka. Con
trary to the, general expectation of
revenue bills as called for by the
democratic platform, this bill, does
not cover the entire field contenv
plated to be entered by the demo
crats. It concerns the selection of
precinct assessors only, and leaves
the board of equalization, which was
as sententlously attacked by the plat
form to be fixed by another bill
Skeen's bill provides that precinct
assessors shall be elected by the
voters of each precinct at the fall
election. The county assessor is to
be retained. The precinct asses
sor is to hold office for one year
only, and is eligible for office but
two terms successively. Vacancies
shall be filled by the county board
and county assessor.
The number of such elective asses
suddenly reduced to seventy-eight,
and the difficulties of manipulation
Born August 2, 1838, in Highland were increased many fold. Yet that
county. Ohio. Died January 8. 1909. was the situation lit March, 1879.
at her home southeast of Murray, The National Telephone. Exchange
sors is to be fixed by the county age 70 years, 5 months, 6 days. had Just been opened with seventy-
board and the county assessor at the The death of this estimable lady eight subscribers, and the man who
regular January meeting. It is said takes away another of the pioneer had a telephone In his place of bus-
that the committee on revenue and
taxation will hold such bills as come
to it and report out a composite
structure covering the entire demand
of the democratic party.
residents who had lived In this Iness was looked upon as a compro-
county for thirty years. We have mise between a plutocrat, a genius,
not the history of her Illness, but and a dreamer of dreams. A civil
understand her health had been fail- service examination was almost nec-
ing for some time.. The funeral essary In those days In order to use a
"Chen Quality Counts."
The bill that the combined rail- services were held at the home on telephone. There were bells and red
road organizations have been work- Sunday, conducted by Rev. W. L. signals and voluminous printed dl
ing on during the past year was put I Crom, after which the remains were rections for handling the strange in-
In yesterday by Sink of Hall county, laid to rest In the Kenosha cemetehy strument and about 99 per cent of
It provides that the size of freight I a short distance rom the home. the population was skeptical of its
trains shall not exceed fifty cars out- . The maiden name of deceased was utility, anyhow.
etria ft (ha varrl Itml a Train rrouro I Tlofxtnf T?ianAo Pamnknlt m A -u I
- ""' c- v-aiuyutT... .uu ue To nave a telephone service at
shall not be less than an engineer, was a sister of the late Thomas L. your dlsoosal in that dav w
a fireman, conductor, two brakemen. Campbell who died March 8, 1908. aDout a8 tnough Bom0 companJ
aim a. iiaguiuu. me im-ienae m vu sne was married 10 wm. suiion ren-i ........ v 1.1.
... 1 I uiue uriuio mtj uuuiic UUW I t i. .
amount of tonage that has been a ruary 28, 1864, in Mercer county, .,, offpP - vestnnrkot ulroW- nmt we are DUt VOU may Care 10
scheme of railroads to reduce cost of Ohio, and In 1878 they came to this wlth whlch any man anywhere( couid pick Up some of the Splendid
operation has led to much objection county and located on a farm ad- call up any of his acquaintances who bargains in broken lots which
v uv .v V1 aV JUUUUB UIU XYtliV&U - IUWII BllO tt Werfl C m lftP V MlllnilAll. Til tuft. I r vtsxi.m r U
- - - -v, . i ii i iii ii i ' iitia
Suppose you don't care if
maintain that such trains as are now short distance from the Missouri
hauled are a menace to life and river, where they resided ever since,
limb. , I in addition to the sorrowing hus-
Ransom Introduced S. F. ro. 88, band she leaves four sons and two
which provides that where a husband daughters, namely; Mrs. Mary Nid
or a wife dies leaving a will the sur- way of Wausa, Mrs. Delia Miller of
vivlng wife or husband may elect south Omaha, Thomas Sutton of
in fact, invoicinc
11 U..L1I. ...IS. mtm m I . -
wie puoiic wouia oe mucn more iiKeiy i ljp-hf
brought to
than it was to back talking over a
wire in the early days.
But the fact is that the telephone
has entered the scheme of modern
life to Buch an extent that it is no
Overcoats new ones that
were bought last fall will
sell some as low as $7, others
at $10, $12 and $15, that
whether to take the property devised Rosalie, John, William Jr., and An- longer a iuxury or convenience, but were as high as $20 and $25.
ur umi wuiuu wumu cume iu me am- nrew or kock liiuns nrecinct. Thel -
vivor under the law of descent. writer formed the acquaintance of de- The growtii 0f the tlephone busl OUltS new Ones, Up-tO"
Where there is a will and the hus- ceased a number of yeas ago and we ne88 haa been surprising throughout, date Only One or two left,
band or wife are not mentioned, he are enabied to state from our own tne greateat lncrea8e has come wrlhln Sale price $12, $12, $14 and
or she shall inherit as thpugh there knowledge that she was one of the the past few year8 When the tolo. $16 for our better quality
was no will. irini
uvov vDiHiuowio luuico " I TltlOTIA una Int PO1 oa 1 K7U if uaa ... 1. V 't I
r .v suits, iuucuu l inuKt: inuney
any faster than you can right
nere at tnese prices.
was no will
Senator Banning yesterday Intro- the neighborhood, and by her admiri
duced two bills, one of which is Dle disposition she had gained the
designed to change the oil Inspectors iove ana respect of all with whom she
office and provide different methods waa associated. Union Leader
of Inspection from those now In
force in the state. The other bill pro
vides for the appointment of a board
to take charge of the Nebraska ex
hibition at the Alaska-Yukon exhibi
tion. The bills are numbered S. F.
83 and 84 respectively. The senate
yesterday adjourned until next Mon
day while the house is still in ses
Remains of Mrs. Mary F. Grimes
Lovingly Laid to Sleep in Oak
Hill Cemetery
From Saturday's Dally.
The funeral services of the late
Mrs. Mary F. Grimes were held at
10 o'clock this morning, from the
Correct in every particular.
Correct in Weave; Correct in
Workmanship; Correct in
btyles, ana always Correct in home of her daughter Mrs. J. G,
Prices. Such are the goods Rkhey at the corner of Granite and
can be found at our store. Er?, Btleets- ' large unT
T7 I i j of old friends gathered at the house
Everything in Gent s and t0 nay . la8t tokGn of rMDect to thIs
Boy S Keady-tO-Wear Cloth- sineer.e Christian lady. At the house
mg and Furnishings. Canon Burgess of the Episcopal
church, delivered a sermon upon the
beautiful attributes of the deceased,
which was a tribute of much worth,
and which was full of lessons drawn
from the long and patient suffering
of the departed. Canon Burgess was
at his best upon this theme and
greatly Impressed his hearers with
the magnificent strength and endur
ance which this noble woman who
had passed away, displayed during
her long illness.
The music for the occasion was
It's & slcn of coal satisfaction. Want furnished by Messrs. II. S. Austin,
to hear tbe music in your kitchen? Glen Scott, Emmons Rlchey, Mrs. H
Easy-order coal from this office and s. Austin and Mrs. Anna Brltt, who
yard. The output of the Trenton tha ,, Aa
mlne-the fuel we handle-has no au- 8nf the favorite hymns o the de
twirtnr anwhere. It niial In t parted "Asleep In Jesus," "Lead
rnu at Beiino.j&i.
tlio Southwost
Every first and third Tues
day of each month, low-priced
homeseeker'a excursions are
run over the lines of tho : : :
Missouri Pacific
Iron Mountain
Into the rich and resourceful
farming regions of the Sout h
west. It is splendid chance
for the Northern and Eas
tern farmer, after his wheat
is gathered, to combine a
pleasure ana propecting trip.
Write for rates and literature to
M. P. Ry., riattsmouth, Neb.
Kindly light," and "Rock of Ages."
Interment was at Oak Hill ceme
tery, the pall bearers being W. D.
Jones, Jas. M. Robertson, C. A.
Rawls, Chas. E. MeEntee, Walter J.
WhitA and Jacob Trltsrh. all old
NEBRASKA and esteemed citizens and friends of
the deceased and her family.
Those of the family from out of
town who were In attendance at the
obsequies were Mr. and Mrs. Claud
Everett, Union, Neb.; Edwin F.
Grimes and wife, and daughter Mrs.
HelerMortenscn, and daughter Miss
Kitty Grimes of Omaha, Neb., and
Jas. B. Tipton of Cedar Creek, Neb.
So clones the last of earth upon one
whose soul was as pure and unsul
lied as the driven snow. That she is
gone out of life forever, one cannot
believe Burely In that bourne whither
all must go, we shall meet again and
the brightest and best of all whom we
will meet will bo her who has but
gone before a little while.
Her soul has blossomed from Its
mortal treo
A fair white flower fit for tho Mas
ter's eye.
Never to fade, to wither, or to die
Hut still to bloom throughout
Card itf lliankx.
The undersigned desire to return
their sincere thanks to tho many
kind friends who so magnificently
gave of their aid and sympathy in the
last Illness and death of our beloved
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Richey.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Claud Everett.
Edwin F. Grimes and family,
Charles D. Grimes.
Livingston Rlchey.
F. II. Smlthr
Jas. B. Tipton and wife.
only the very busy and, perhaps, the
credulous who risked the experiment.
The newspapers were quick to see
the advantages, and they were all
down on the first list.
The Associated Press and two bu
reaus of New York dallies were also
on tbe list. Some of the leading ho
tels and more progressive houses, two
or three physicians and lawyers and
the like were represented.
The executive mansion and the
treasury department were the first
to adopt the Innovation. There was
Address of W. J. Stadelman Before one telephone station in the capitoi,
noted in the list of subscribers as
Stale Telephone Meeting
Our "Blllle" Satdleman addresses.
telephone meeting at Lincoln this
week on the value of advertising, in
the following manner, which we take
from the Evening News of Lincoln
W. J. Staddleman of Norfolk sub
mitted some ideas on the pyschology
of advertising the telephone business,
Psychology as applied to advertis
ing is founded on the belief that by
teaching the public that a certain
word stands for something the mo-
ment they see the word the
unconsciously connect It with what
being in the corridor, near
the secretary's office.' Naturally Dr.
Alexander Graham, the Inventor of
the telephone, had one In his house,
but aside from that, the telephone In
a private residence was almost un
heard of.
: 1 t'V j n
The Uevhnl at Spoknno.
From a friend of the Journal who
was born in this city It was ..arned
that Evangelist William A. Sunday,
the noted ex-ball player, began' His they have been taught It represents.
meetings in Spokane, Wash., the eve- He said that the chief trouble the In
ning of December 25, 1908.' The dependents mt with in trying for
great tabernacle, which seats more toll business was that tho Bell com
than eight thousand . people, was pany has taught the public to tbink
crowded to the doors the first night, of It whenever the word long dlatnce
Sunday morning and afternoon it was is seen or heard and he told of
again crowded and at night some how the Norfolk independent com
thousands of people were turned pany by advertising had given tho
away. Tuesday nigh t the great contrary suggestion to patrons
Duuaing was crowded tnirty minutes Mr. Stadleman whlmsecally de
before It was time to begin, and it clared fist "in the former days tho
was estimated that fully ten thous- AlmlcMv must have been in svmna-
and were turned away. thy with out competitors by virtue that cuntry
The cnoire under the direction of 0f the fact of associating an appro- Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Quelhorst re
Mr. Fred Fisher has more than a priate tradi ni.irk with tht t.l( phone turned from their wedding trip In the
thousand voices. The whole coun- inventory name. west TueBday
try is stirred. When Alexander Graham Bell per- Fay Parsell, Carlton Gulllon and
Mr. Sunday's preaching is thought focted his Invention he did not know George Sheeseley were trading In
to be more pointed than at any of at that time the value of advertising, Omaha Monday and Tuesday.
his previous meetings. Criticisms of and little did he think of what the The Btork visited at Harley Tolands
(Special Correspondence.)
Mrs. Ed Stone visited Lincoln last
Friday and Saturday.
Little Rauce Myers, who has been
very sick for the past few weeks Is
not Improving. His Grandmother
Denting Ceresco, came Tuesday af
ternoon to help care for him.
Jas. Friend of University Place,
was visiting relatives in Alvo the
first of the week.
The Stroemer Lumber & Grain Co.
shipped a car of hogs to South Omaha
P. J. Llnch has returned from Col
orado and is highly pleased with
"Where Quality Counts."
"Burt" llowtn Dead.
Yesterday mnrnlnr p""rc UutfJl
his utterances and methods aro num- results would be by the association on January 6, leaving a fine little received the sad intcligence by wire
erous and severe, but the fifty-two 0f his name with a trade mark, or girl. from Helena, Mont., of tbe death at
uniting churches are standing at bis how reaching its effects would be. S. Malrs, and Mr. Raeker of Elm- four o'clock Saturday afternoon t(
back. I Wither AA ha Vnnw Ihon (hat If hv I WOOd Visited thfi Knlehta of Pvthlnn I Burkntt Tlnwen a nnnhow l n..
putting out bells, in the shape of I local last Friday evening at Alvo. Ion, who was a prominent cattle
lamp shades, ink wells, paper I Last Friday Dr. Mulr was hastily raUer in Montana, will be well re
Notorious Character. ' I weights, that every time one of these I called to the home of Geo. Sutton's membered here by the boys who at
From Saturday's Dally. was seen we would be reminded of attend meir utile boy who had a tended school in the early eighties
George Clark, who shot and killed bis Invention of his Invention and in- severe attack of croup. He Is better as "Bert" Bowen. During the years
Patrollman L. A. Smith and shot I cldently the Belle Teloph)no com-1 at the present writing. i he lived here Mr. Bowen was one of
and seriously wounded Detoctlve W. pany; nevertheless such Is tho ca9t, I Uncle Geo. Foster has gone to York j the most popular of the boys and at
T. Deveresse In Omaha Thursday I und we are now confronted v-ith thy to help care for an old comrade, who I he grew to manhood this nonularltv
morning and was himself shot three task of counteracting the condition la very ill. did not cease. Ills success in Mon-
tlmes and is In a critical condition, which is by no means a.i easy matter. Mrs. Emma R. Waltrlp," supreme tana has been pronounced and he
Is supposed by Chief Donahue to be 'in ordet for us to establish a chaplain of the brotherhood of Amer- was considered an excellent citliea.
one of the men who shot and killed fade mark rnd educn'e the public lean Yeomen at Dos Moines, la., visit- and a good business man. The news
Marshal Ralston In Weeping Water, that we have an emblir.i, we must the Alvo Homestead, No. 1715 Tues- of his death Is hailed with deep re-
Clark Is said to be a partner of overlook a single Instenci? or no-
iland and a Half" Kellcy, another filed to keep constant! bofora our
dangerous and notorious safe blow- subscribers and the general public
er and criminal, and both men are the shield. While wo are so doing,
badly wanted in both places for we are giving an excellent oppcrtun
crimes of various natures, including Ity to associate with it the word
murder and robbery. long distance. This Is really the vital
It seems probable, therefore, that and Important part of the work that day and Sunday with her daughter
In landing Clark tho police have Is now before us. I personally re- Mabel
mado one of tho big catches of tho verso tho general method pursued
year, securing a man for whom I In ndvertlslng by putting forward tho
day evening and Installed officers.
Frank Cook spent Friday and Sat
urday In Omaha.
Mrs. E. Hamilton and children of
Raymond have been visiting rela
tives near Alvo.
Mrs. Wake of Shlckley spent Sntur-
grct by all who knew him.
every public department In the coun
try has been searching, and though
It was done at a heavy cost, It will
nevertheless stand to tho credit of
the local force.
Typewriter I'nper Tho best and
most complete lino to bo found In
tho city at tho Journal offlo.
word long-distance and link with It
our cmleni.
"If you have ever stopped to study
thy ruo condition of affilr tf oir
fist developing buslnesi you know
that the word long dlstanco has ben
Mully neglected by us and is now so
i t mi nted w ith tho Be!l Telephoni
to. that It seems to nelnn.r exrlu-
plvc'y to them and has become their
G. P. Foreman, sr., and son John
went to Lincoln Wednesday noon.
Mrs. M. C. Keefer and daughter
Lois were shopping in Lincoln Satur
Miss Edith Yueger was visiting
relatives In Lincoln from Thursday
till Sunday.
None la heriahv iiv.n ihni it, ...
nual mooting; of thn utorkliohlem of th
ItllHImrtfin an. I 111 . . I ... . . . .
aim mipniiuii iivf-r nan-
ro.l Company In Nelirnnka will h hld
t he offloe of the compnnv In 1'lntts.
mouth, Nelirmka on Tlmrnday, Kebru.
ry2l), 10. at ton oYlork a. m.
Tho moptlnir will ! r... . v. .
otnctlnn of nlrio 9 dlrertor to anrv
ilurlriK the onmilnir yor. and for
the trnnaiictlon of mirh other luinlnoaa
ne muy It'Mitlly come hofnre It.
Omnlin, Nehraxka, January ibos!'
Card of Tliarkv
We desire to express our th.inks
tj the kind friends and neighbors
Miss Jo Kvelnnd Is visiting at tho that a-Hoted us In our late bereave
homo of her BlBtcr, Mrs. R. A. fi.nt.
Kuehn. Mr Jetm Pmlnln ntnl fnmltv
Mrs. Wm. Hurlbut's father. Mr. nmnhn isil.h