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Short Items of Interest FromSat
Y urday Evening's Daily Journal
W. C. Hamilton, owner of the prize
winning Orphlngtons, spent Friday
at the Omaha poultry show.
Frank Johnson and wife spent yes
terday in Omaha looking at the prize
chickens at the poultry show.
Joe Jirek was a passenger Friday
morning for Omaha where he spent
the day visiting with friends.
Geo. Weidman came in Thursday
evening from Havelock to attend the
Ney Year's dance at Coates Hall.
Phil Decker la spending the day at
Omaha having bepn a passenger on
the early train for that city.
Miss Ililnia Erlckson was a pas
senger this morning for Omaha where
she will p?nd the day with friends.
Miss Lettle Smith was visiting Fri
day in Omaha having been a pas
HeuSCr for that city on the early
Al'.Sss Lillian llookmeyer came In
yesterday morning to spend New
Year's and the end of the week with
her folks.
C. F. Morgan and wife were pas
sengers Friday morning for Ashland,
Neb., where they will spend several
'lay? visiting with friends.
Misses Jessie and Blanche Robert
son were passengers this morning for
Omaha where they will spend the
day visiting with friends.
Mrs. Carrie Becker Is spending the
day in Omaha with friends having
been a passenger on the early train
this morning for that city.
Geo. Straley and wife came in yes
terday to make a New Year's visit
In the city with Geo. Brooks and
family. Mr. Straley lives in South
Mrs. J. M. Roberts and niece Miss
Edna Shopp, were passengers this
morning on the early train for Omaha
where they will spend the day visit
ing friends.
ThomaB J. Thomas, once a resi
dent of the city, but now living in
the western part of the state, tame
In yesterday to spend New Year's
with relatives and friends.
0. W. Russell of Kent, la., who
was called here by the unfortunate
condition of Harry Adair, returned
to his home Friday morning on No.
Mrs. J. D. Nalr and daughter Fern,
were passengers yesterday morning
for St. Paul, la., where they will
upend New Year's day with rela
tives Sam Waugh of Lincoln, who has
been visiting with friends In the city
for several days, returned to his
home Friday morning on the early
train. '
Miss Fern Stamp of North Platte,
Neb., came In Friday morning for a
day's visit with the family of C. W.
Ilaylor, returning to her home this
. Geo. M. Porter and wife came In
yesterday morning to attend the re
ception tendered them by the mem
bers of the Christian church and their
many friends.
A. C, Rogers was a passenger Fri
day morning for Lincoln where he
will be a pall bearer at the funeral
of the late Brakeman Brandt, killed
by accident several days ago.
John Kropp came down from hla
duties In Omaha to spend New Year's
day with friends and attend the ben
efit ball at Sokol hall. He returned
to his work Friday afternoon.
T. M. Carter and family are enter
taining the families of Eugene and
Clay Dashner and J. Q. Sargcant, all
of Pacific Junction, la., who came in
Friday morning to spend New Year's
day with them.
Miss May Wlgdon, of Lake View,
la., came In Thursday evening to
make an extended visit with her
sister. Mrs. L. 12. Vroman. Miss
Wlgdon Is returning to her home
arter visiting with one of her sis
ters at IPxlngton, Neb., her brother-in-law
having been county Judge at
that place, but having recently died.
Walter L. Thomas, Ed. TrltRch
and Mr. Mesinger were pnssengers
this morning In Mr. Thomas' auto
mobile for Murdoek where they will
spend the day. They expect to make
a record breaking trip In the ma
chine as the roads are Rood and the
machine Is a sure enough goer.
They expect to return this evening.
Jos. McCarthy was a passenger this
noon on the mall train for Omaha go
Ing up to take treatment for his In
jured eyes. II was very much grat
Ifled at the splendid testimonial glv
pa the family of Mr. Skoumal and
himself Thursday night by the sev
eral lodges of the city and desired to
thank his many friends for the mark
of their esteem.
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L. C. W. Murray is in the city look
ing after some business matters.
D. A. Moss of Ashland was a New
Year's visitor In the city being reg
istered at the Perkins.
Prof E. L. Rouse and son departed
this morning for Peru after spending
the New Year in this city with
Earl Mayfleld of Louisville, Neb.,
was a visitor on New Year's in the
city being registered at the Perkins
W. F. Gillespie of Mynard Is spend
ing the day In the city having come
In this morning to attend to some
business matters.
Charley Beverage, of near Murray,
was a county seat visitor today. Char
ley is one Of the leading stock grow
ers lo Cass County. 1
Geo. P. Melslnger is attending to
business matters in the city today,
having driven In from his Eight Mile
Grove precinct farm this morning.
Henry Donat was a passenger on
the mail train at noon for Omaha
where ho had business to look after
during the afternoon.
Wni. Crippen of LaPlatte was a
passenger this morning on the mall
train for Omaha after having been
in the city for a few hours.
"Had dyspepsia or Indigestion for
years, no appetite and what I did eat
distressed me terribly. Burdock Bit
ters cured me." J. H. Walker, Sun
bury, 0.
Mrs. M.. E. Coleman of Minco,
Okla., is In the city making an ex
tended visit with J. C. Coleman and
family, coming In in time to spend
New Year's with them.
J. I. Miller, of near Weeping Wa
ter, accompanied by "Dock" Long, of
near Murray, were in the city to
day, and called on the Journal while
here, Mr. Miller renewing his sub
Joe Bell departed this noon on the
mail train for Cortland, Neb., where
ho goes to make his future home. He
has been working In this vicinity
for Borne time past and has many
friends here who will miss him.
Misses Quigley and Kimball of
Lincoln and Miss Hodges of Fremont
, who have been visiting In the city,
the guests of Misses Catherine and
hdlth Dovey were passengers this
noon for their respective homes,
Miss Margaret Brown of Kansas
City, Mo., who has been visiting In
the city with her grandparents Mr
and Mrs. J. C. Coleman, departed this
morning on the Missouri Pacific for
her home.
Henry Bester, son of that veteran
democrat Herman Bester, who has
been visiting him for several days
past, departed this noon on the
mall train for his home in Henry
County, III.
MlsB Lillian Cole departed . this
morning for Chadron where she has
position In the schools, after
spending the holidays with her par
ents W. T. Cole and wife.
W, H. Barker and wife of Teka
mah, Neb., who have been spending
the New Year In this vicinity with
relatives, departed this morning for
their home, going on the early train.
W II. II. Cox and wife of Shenan
doah, la., who have been visiting
in the city with their daughter Mrs
hoi Adamson. dcDartcd for thplr
home Friday morning on the early
Herman Fisher of Creston, la
came In yesterday for a brief visit
with P. F. Budlg and family, de
parting this morning on the Denver
Special for Omaha where he will
spend the day.
W. M. Stewart, wife and family
were passengers Friday morning for
their home near Wymore, Neb., af
ter spending several days In the city
the guests of the families of W. H
Newell and J. M. Roberts.
Matt C. Joy accompanied by hi
brother-in-law J. L. Clark of Denver
Col, who has been spending the hoi
Idays with him, ere passengers thl
morning for Omaha where they will
spend the day seeing the city.
.Miss Uessle Sid well of Pawnee
City nnd Prof. E. W. Hunt, of Syra
cuse, who lectured In the city jester
day afternoon before the Farmers
Institute, departed this morning for
their next engagement, being passen
gers on No. 19 for Lincoln.
E. F. Anderson was hero yester
day to look over the field for an open
ing ror a pantatorlum Ho met with
mucn encouragement and It Is quite
probablo that tho new Institution
will be openod without delay. There
Is little question but that such a bus
iness properly managed will pay In
this city, there being nothing of the
kind here.
Mrs. Chas. Janda was a passenger
on the mail train this noon for Oma
ha where she will spend the after
noon. .Mrs. V. Zutker Is spending the af
ternoon with her mother at Omaha
being a passenger for that city on
the mall train.
Col H. C. Mc.Maken Is chaperoning
Uri Gillette in a little trip to Omaha
this afternoon the two gentlemen
going there on the mall train.
N. E. White and daughter Mabel
were passengers on the mail train
at noon for Sioux City where they
will visit for several days with rel
atives. Frank Hawksworth of Lincoln
came in this morning to make a
brief visit with his parents and
brother, returning to Lincoln this
Miss Clara Kroehler of Omaha who
has been visiting in the city with the
families of Louis and Andrew Kroe
hler was a passenger on the mail
train for her home.
Stephen Davis and wife and son
James, Jr., of LaPlatte were in the
city this morning doing some trading
and were passengers for home on
the mall train at noon.
Mrs. Anna Osborne departed this
'noon on the mail train for her home
in Council Bluffs, la., after spending
New Year's in the city, the guest of
her daughter Mrs. Fred Denson.
Mrs. Thomas Julyan and daughter
Hilda, were passengers this noon on
the mall train for their home In Oma
ha after spending New Year's in the
Ity, the guest of her mother Mrs.
Ed. Egeiibeiger is reported this
morning as being quite ill at his
home. He was seized with bowel
omplalnt yesterday and was unable
to work . and this morning he Is' re
ported as being really quite ill.
Mrs. E. H. Wescott Is spending the
afternoon in Omaha where she will
visit her father W. L. Street at the
hospital. Mr. Street is reported as
getting along as well as could be
expected and making favorable pro
gress toward recovery.
Fred Manners and wife were pas
sengers this noon on the mall train
for Omaha, returning to their home
near Alvo after an extended visit
In the city with Charles Manners and
family. They expect to spend several
weeks In Omaha visiting with a
brother of Mrs. Manners.
C. B. Schlechter of Brady, Lincoln
County, Neb., who has been visiting
with Charles Miller and family dur
ing the holidays, departed this rioon
on the mall train for his home. Mr.
Schlecher has entirely recovered
from his recent illness and Is now
quite well.
J. E. Miller the fisherman, this
morning brought in one of the flncest
catches of fish made this season.
The catch Includes buffalo, cat and
carp, tho latter being really a cross
between the carp and buffalo. It
was a fine sight to see as
they were piled up on the Btreet.
Mi 8808 Leota Thomas, Love Bal
lard, Erma Armstrong, and Lura
Kuhlman of Nebraska City were a
party which came up Thursday even
ing to attend the leap year dance at
Coates Hall. They expect to remain
In the city several days the gsest
of Miss Gretchen Donnelly.
Mrs. Beeson and daughter Gertie
went to Omaha yesterday to visit
Mrs. John Beeson who Is In te hos
pltal, where a few days since she had
a very serious operation performed.
They report Mrs. Beeson getting
along as well as could be expected
after the trying ordeal.
Miss Emma Woodford of Weeping
Water Is speudlng the day In the city,
the gueBt of Mrs. H. D. Travis. Mr.
and Mrs. Glen Smith of Omaha and
Raymond Travis of the same city
are expected to arrive In the city
this evening for an over Sunday vis
It with Judge and Mrs. Travis.
Misses Madeline Coley and Bessie
Johnson of Omaha who have been
visiting with Judge Archer and wife
for the past week and who enjoyed
watching the old year out with thorn
were passengers this noon on the
mall train for Omaha where they
will visit with friends during the af
F. S. Wills came In last night from
Nelson. Nlckolls county, near which
placo he Is engaged In farming and
stock raising. He will visit with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wills i
few days. Fred bears the appear
ance of having good health and says
he Is doing very well. He paid the
Journal a welcome call this morning.
Miss Ellen Windham departed lust
evening for Chicago, 111., where she
goes to enter the Academy of Flue
Arts for a thorough course, of In
struction. Miss Windham Is a young
lady of great talent and her course
through the academy will doubtless
develop the latest qualities which
she possesses. Her many friends pre
dict for her a brilliant future In her
chosen field nnd her pronounced suc
cess Is assured.
Wanted A furnished room, close
to the Main street. Inquire at the
Annex Cafe.
Year as a Whole Bslow 1907 and
1906 In Volume of Business.
Reports From Grain-Producing Sec
tions of West Are Relatively the
Best Season of Inventories in
Wholesale Departments.
New York, Jan. 1. Bradstreet's
says: Holiday quiet has ru ed traue
and industry, with pre-Inventory rates
among buyers and clearance offer
ings by the retailers as leading feat
ures. Trade In regular lines felt the
influence of unseasonably mild
weather early in the week, but toward
the close a cold wave in the west gave
some stimulus to business In season
able goods. Results of the year arc
now being arrived at in many lines
of wholw.'e trade. While condition?
are irregular, preventing character
ization, as a whole the year was be
low 1907 and 1906 at many cities and
profits were certainly smaller all
around. It is to be noted that reports
Irom the surplus grain producing sec
tions of the west are relatively the
best. Collections are irregular. Holi
day shutdowns and Inventories have
made for quiet in Industry, but it is
to be noted that while there is yet
much idle machinery, still the feeling
generally In all 11D3B as compared with
a year ago has very much Improved.
The iron and steel markets were
quiet this week, year-end inventories
and holiday observances being respon-
ble for much of the dullness. Prices,
however, continue firm. New orders
for pig Iron have been very moderate,
but cast iron pipe interests are inquir
ing for a comparatively good tonnage
and demand for basic pig continues
good in eastern Pennsylvania. The
outlook Is clouded' to some extent by
fear of tariff remissions, but transac
tions will probably improve in connec
tion with the betterment that is ex
pected to como in business. European
consumers have purchased more free
ly, and at. the same time American In
terests (ire said to have taken quite
liberal quantities of goods.
Failures for the week number 299.
Wheat exports for the week aggre
gate 3,116,601 bushels. Corn exports
for the week are 1,025,495 bushels.
Dun Sees Hopeful Conditions.
New York, Jan. 1. Hopeful finan
cial and commercial conditions for
1909 are glowingly predicted In R. G.
Dun & Co.'a annual review of trade
conditions. This asserts that the re
cuperative powers shown by the Wall
street Interests during the year Just
ended "were beyond the hopes of th
most sanguine." Dun places the
amount Involved In banking failures
during the year at $110,000,000 less
than that involved In 1907, although
more banks failed than in the preced
ing year.
Railroad Officers on Outlook.
Chicago, Jan. J -The Railway Jour
nal prints letters from the heads of
six railway systems, in which Is
shown, among other things, that only
one, the Northern Pacific, contem
plates extensions during the coming
year. The officials agree the business
prospect Is for a healthy, normal Im
provement, that freight rates should
be Increased snd that "unreasonable
anti-railroad legislation and agita
tion" should cease.
Silver Shows Decrtass of 4,700,000
Ounces From Previous Year.
i Washington, Jan. 1. The world's to
tal gold output In 1908 was $427,000,
COO, against . $410,655,000 In 1907. ac
cording te the preliminary estimate of
Director of the Mint Leach. Gold pro
duction in the United' States aggre
gated $96,313,256, an increase of al
most $6,000,000. Silver aggregated
51,798.053 fine ounces, a net decrease
of 4,700,000 ounces from the previous
year. Africa yielded $165,000,000 In
gold, an Increase of over $13,00u.00O.
Alaska, California, Colorado and South
Dakota showed increases In gold,
reaching altogether over $10,500,000.
Decreases In Utah of 3,500.000 ounces,
Colorado of 1,250,000' and Idaho of 1,
500,000 were notable In output of silver.
Forty-Nine Bodies Recovered.
Bluefleld. W. Va., Jan. 1. Forty
nine bodies have been recovered from
the Lick Branch colliery, the scne '
Tuesday's explosion. The rescuing
parties have been called from the
mines by the state mine Inspectors.
There probably Is one more In
the mine, ofllclsls say.
Shots Fired at French Premier.
Paris, Jan. 1. A disaffected' Corsl
ran named Rcnedettl fired r-everal
shots from a revolver In the direction
Of the windows of the of Piemler
Clemeuccait in the ministry of the In
terior. No one was bul l. Tho Coral
can was smsted.
Kills Brother for Profsnlty.
Muskogee, 01:1a., Jan. 1. Because
be swore round the house, Lee Msrsh
Bsnks, living live miles rsst of Ca
toosa, shot and allies his brother,
John. The slayer Is deeply religious
snd bas always borne a good reputation.
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AVtectablcPrcparationfor As
similating foeToodandReguIa
ting ihe Stomachs andDowek of
ness and R'-st.Conlalns neither
Opium;Maratne nor Mineral.
JUtom ttCldDrSAMCllPtnMR
fiunphm SmJL'
Anu Snd
fvft tuint m
Wm Sad-
A perfect Remedy for Constioa-
tion. Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea.
Worms onvub'ons,Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature of
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b,w tni:.
Passengers and Crew of Steamer Lan
sing Delivered From Angry Ocean.
Shields, Eng., Jan. 2. Forty-five
persons, comprising the crew and pas
sengers of the steamer Grange, be
tween Grangemouth and London, land
ed here after a thrilling experience
in the recent storm. The vessel met
with tremendous seas, which broke on
hoard with relentless fury, demolish
ing everything on deck and spouting
huge volumes of water down the
hatchways and flooding the vessel.
Finally the passengers and crew were
obliged to take to the small boats ano
after much suffering were rescued by
a trawler. The Grange shortly after
ward foundered.
Liners Delayed by Storms.
New York, Jan. 2. The big fleet of
westward bound liners due here to
ward the week end have for the sec
ond successive week been delayed by
tempestuous weather in the north At
lantic. Even the big Lusltanla, for
the first time in her history, failed to
make port by Friday. She docked to
He? Line of Inquiry In Packing
House Intestlgation.
Chicago, Jan. 2. Wado GUIs, assist
ant United States attorney general, Is
eipected here today to confer with
Assistant District Attorney 81ms in
regard to the government packing
house Inquiry. Mr. Ellis was one of
those In the conference at Washing
ton when the Investigation was
planned. The evidence to be submit
ted to the grand Jury, it Is said, in
cludes methods by which the claims
departments of the varlo-Jj railroads
have been reached by packtug compa
nies. An effort will be made to ascer
tain If these met hos s form Indirect re
bating. The question of tlalnis on
railroads for "damaged goods" Is also
to be gone Into.
Usual Large and Distinguished Throng
at White House.
. Washington; Jan. 2. President
Roosevelt and over 6,000 people, rep
senting every land and every state
and territory in the union, exchanged
happy New Year greetings at the
White House. For three and a half
hours the president stood receiving
his guests and when the reception J
was ended, last year s record of at
tendance bad been broken by over
seven hundred. Many men and wom
en distinguished in official and social
life of Washington were prssent. j
The brilliant court drees of mem-,
bers of the diplomatic corps gave a
picturesque aspect to the annual func
tion, which throughout was marked
by an absence of formality. The cum-,
ber . of small children whd were
brought by tbelr parents to shake
hands with the president was unprece-1
dented. i
China Takes Over Railroad.
Prkln, Jan. !. Belgium relinquished
the Pekln Hankow railroad, to China, I
fellow Ing the payment of about $10,'
0001 000 at Parts and Loodot.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
U3lnl U UUUUInl
Italian and Indian to Run Marathon
In Buffalo Tonight.
Buffalo, Jan. 2. Coming here from
his honeymoon, accompanied by the
bride of four days, Tom Longboat, the
famous Indian runner, will run a race
tonight over the full Marathon dis
tance with Dorando Pietri. Dorando
and Longboat met recently in Madison
Square Garden, New York, the latter
winning, and tonight's race has at
tracted much attention among local
Tonight's race was originally set for
yesterday, New Year's day, but Long
boat's matrimonial arrangements and
other reasons caused the postponement.
Fowler Wins Yonkers Marathon.
New York, Jan. 2. Robert Fowler,
formerly of the Cambridge Athletlo
athon race in 2 hours, 52 minutes and
45 4-5 seconds. John J. Daly was sec
ond and Sidney Hatch third.
Corbett Willing to Fight Johnson.
Leadvllle, Colo., Jan. 2. James J.
Corbett, formerly heavyweight cham
pion, announced his willingness to
meet Jack Johnson if It were neces
sary to bring the championship back
to the white man.
8printer Sets New Mark.
Pretoria, Jan. t. R. 3. Walker, the
South African sprinter, established a
new world's record of 10 2-5 seconds
for the 100 metres dash.
Hogs Five to Ten Cents Higher Cat
tle and Sheep Steady.
, South Omaha, Jan. 1. Cattle Re
ceipts, 600; steady; native steers, 14.00
07.25; cows and heifers, f3.OOOS.60;
western steers, $3.5001.00; Tetas
steers, $3.00 0 6.10; canners, $2,000
2.75; Blockers and feeders, $2.7(06.60;
calves, $3.0006.60; bulls, stags, etc..
$2.5004-75. Hogs Receipts, 2,401; I
10c higher; heavy, $5.6506.(6; mix
ed, $5.6006.70; light, $5.40 0 6.70; pigs,
$3.5006.25; bulk of sales, $5.6601-75.
Sheep Receipts, 400; steady; year
lings $5.0006-25; wethers, $3.75
6.40; ewes, $1.90 0 4.10; lambs, $6.(00
Fatal Fight in Kentucky.
Cincinnati, Jan. 2. During a light
which began In Bellevue, Ky., and
ended In Dayton, Ky., Parry Smith of
Cincinnati was killed. Marshal Jolly
of Dayton probably fatally wounded,
and Mrs. Lucy Jones and' Henry
Schulte seriously wounded. Smith
was killed during a fight with Major
Watson at Bellevue. Watson with his
two brothers, fled to Dayton, where
Jolly attempted to arrest them. They
resisted and during the melee
three others were wounded.
Testimony in Night Rider Case.
Union City, Tenn., Jan. 2. Testi
mony denlgned to establlwh alibis was
Introduced by the defense In the trial
of the alleged night riders accused of
murdering Captain Quentln Hanken.
Many witnesses testified that the de
fendants bore good reputations, but
were forced' to admit that they were
generally believed to be night riders.
Body of Woman Burned In Furnace.
Chicago, Jan. 2. A murder, In which
the body of the victim believed to
have been Mrs. Annie Raffty, was
burned In the furnace of a fashion
able apartment building, was disclosed
ky the police. Detectives are search
lac for the woman's aueband. Mrs.
Raffty was employed by tlie family of
H. D. Richeson. .. ..
U' For Over
Thirty Years