The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 31, 1908, Image 7

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News Item Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for Thl Department of the Semi-Weekly Journal
Relatives Agree and are Allow
ed the Care of Unfortunate.
V. W. STRAUB. President HENRY WOHLERS. Vice-President
The Avoca Oepsnrtmeot
A men da
& Mohr
The Bank
Capital $10,000
We Solicit Your Banking Business.
Fred Kumnheim is visiting sit Se
ward. Fred Durham made a trin to Oma
ha Monday.
Miss Neva Zook was at Auburn
over Sunday.
Kiuil Amanda was over from Syar
cuse Saturday.
Mrs. A. I). George of Omaha is vis
iting Avoca relatives.
Dick Conrad, of near Union, was
a visitor here Saturday.
V. L. Gillin spent Christmas witli
his parents at Lorton.
Marion ritman was at Nehawka
several days this week.
(Jus Mohr and wife were at Syra
cuse Sunday visiting relatives.
Edward Morley and family were at
Nehawka several days this week.
W. I. Smoots and John Henecke
have returned from their Texas visit.
Miss Stella Opp. who is attending
sehool at Tern, is here visiting her
Mrs. J. C. Zimmerer and son spent
several days this week woth Lorton
Try Fruit Lax. the great constipa
tion cure. For sale by Ora 1-. Copes,
the druggist.
Mrs. M. I). Marquardt and son
Harry of Lincoln are spending the
wok in Avoca.
Chas. Conrad of Omaha was vis
iting his parents west of town the
first of the week.
John Ilhuge and family of Mur
dock spent several days this week
with relatives here.
Mrs. R. II. Combs and daughter
of Lincoln were the guests of Ora E.
Copes and wife this week.
Theron Malcom, Findley Lindsey
and Jos. Zimmerer made a trip to
Elmwood Sunday in an auto.
B. C. Marquardt and wife were at
Lincoln the first of the wek attend
ing the funeral of Mrs. Kaufman.
Edward Morley and family and R.
A. Nutzman and family spent Christ
mas with relatives near Nehawka.
Sheriff Quinton and wife were
over from Plattsmouth Friday to eat
Christmas, dinner with relatives east
of town.
IHlaDir - WesftoireirH
Promotes a healthy growth of hair by removing the dan
druff and nourishing the roots of the hair. It will not
discolor the hair, nor is it. greasy. It was selected by a
National Committee of Druggists as the best formula for
the growth and presfryation of the hair.
ORA E. COPES, g5 j
? C
When you get ready to buy call on
us and get a sett of those
Both for Buggy and Work Har
ness. We have one of the best
harness-makers in the state, and
you know as well as we do that
Hand-Made Harness are the Best.
0 AV033,
of Avoca
Surplus $5,000
William Wulf was at Omaha Tues
day. Nil k Opp was over to Neha'.ka the
first of the week.
.1. II. Husch was a business visitor
at Omaha Tuesday.
Fred Westlake and wife were Oma
ha visitors Wednesday.
Prof. John Opp and mother were
Omaha visitors Monday.
Carl Shroeder was a business visi
tor at Elm wood Tuesday.
T. W. Malcom and brother Roy
were at Nehawka Monday.
W. II. Hetts, jr., shipped a carload
of cattle to Omaha Monday.
W. G. Wellcnseik was a Nebraska
City visitor Tuesday evening.
A. J. Johnson was a business vis
itor at Lincoln Wednesday.
Miss Edna Marquardt was a Lin
coln visitor the first of the week.
Chas. Roloff and wife entertained
relatives from Unadilla this week.
Henry Wulf was on the Omaha
market Tuesday with a car of sheep.
L. F. Dunkak is having a barn
built on his property in north Avoca.
Miss Mable Cochran, of Rrady, is
visiting at the home of Mrs. Graham.
Mrs. R. A. Nutzman and daughter
Pearl are visiting relatives at Mur
dock. Mrs. J. M. Dunbar and son Glen
are visiting Nehawka relatives this
D. C. McAlister was here from
Lorton Tuesday visiting his many
Miss Virgia Et bridge of Cook is
visiting at the home of Ora E. Copes
and wife.
E. L. Wright of C.iltner and Aaron
Wright of Oregon are visiting rel
atives in Avoca and vicinity.
Clyde Bogard had the misfortune
to fall from a swing the first of the
week and hurt himself quite badly.
Edward Shackley has his ice house
finished, and is now patiently wait
ing for the theremometer to lower.
J. C. Zimmerer, Findley Lindsey
and Theron Malcolm made a trip to
Lincoln Tuesday in the benzine wag
on. A girl arrived at the home of
Frank Greenrod and wife Tuesday.
The little miss says she has come to
Hal Garnet left Thursday for
3 X
Avoca, Neb.
mwhji-iu. 1 11 1
n harm Imnlpmpnts arm n
iaj Will w
Be sure and see him when you
need anything in his line.
H Avoca,
Henry Prosser,
Contracting, Plastering, Brick and
Stone Work, Concrete Foundations
and Walks. : : : : :
Phone 107, Elmwood, Neb.
Omaha where he went to join the
U. S. navy. A number of his young
friends tendered him a reception. at
the Commercial Club rooms Tuesday
Our Belief.
We always believed that the people
are entitled to the best goods their
honestly earned money can buy. This
is especially true in buying medi
cines for the family. Having this in
view the manufacturer of Triner's
merican Elixir of Bitter Wine al
ways tried to make it the best rem
edy and to keep it the best. The
people during the long period sat
isfied itself that this remedy is the
best in all diseases of the stomach
and the intestines, as also in all dis
eases having their origin, in inpure
and weak blood. Use it when weak
pale or yellowish, when your appe
tite is poor, when you are nervous
and irritable, when you have pain in
your stomach or in the intestines. At
drug stores. Jos. Triner, 616-622 So.
Ashland avenue, Chicago. III. Mail
us ten cents for a beautiful wall
Sale of Fine Ked Polled Cattle.
In moving to Texas R. H. Conrad
of Union will sell his magnificent
herd of Red Polled cattle, for which
he has become famous. They were
prize winners at the stock show at
Nebraska City, and if you wish any
thing in this line now is your chance.
Mr. Conrad has some good grade
Shetland poines, and a big bunch of
native horses and mules. Some prize
winning brood mares, and the finest
bunch of sound clean limed mules
in the country. Also some Duroc
Jersey and Poland China hogs. See
his ad.
If 7 tti a Imb m Japrvt4 Turn
La 4, at rttMukk rati f laUrat. Writ
208 BMta Start Hit., Omika.
U T.H.
mm fifth's
A great
Horses, Cows
and all
Kinds of
Have been
Listed for
the Sale.
Bring in
Sale, and
It a
Now to
the Date!
A complaint was filed before the
insanity commission yesterday charg
ing Harry Adair, the young man who
recently came here from Creston, la.,
with insanity. Adair, when he came
to this city about a week ago seemed
to be all right mentally. He pur
chased the restaurant business of
Oliver and Dick Osbourne, in the
Gund building on Fourth street be
tween Main and Vine, and made pre
parations to open up a first class res
taurant. Christmas day he exhib
ited some symptoms of dementia and
and Saturday and Sunday he was
badly troubled with delusions, im
agining that everybody was in a con
spiracy to injure him. He discharged
his cook and other help on Saturday
and wanted them arrested upon vari
ous charges which the police inves
tigated and found to be groundless.
Sunday he got out on the street and
beggi'd people to come in and eat
with him as he was running a first
class place and in other ways he
vnade himself noted. He also paint
ed the windows of his restaurant
with signs warning various "spot
ters" and other characters to stay
away or he would make trouble. He
began talking of shooting people and
like doings, and as his condition was
becoming rapidly worse, his rela
tives were notified and they decided
to have him examined.
The examination yesterday devel
oped a flagrant case of dementia.
He had all the illusions of a paran
oiac and was plainly a dangerous
Local Nevs.
George Horn came down this morn- i
ing from Cedar Creek and met sev- J
eral old friends here, afterwards con- j
tinuing on to Omaha.
Mrs. Robt. Huston of Evansville, j
Ind., mother of Mrs. W. I,. Pickett, I
arrived in the city today for a visit
of several days with her. !
Miss Ilattie Fight was a passenger i
this noon on the mail train for Oma- j
ha, where she will spend the after- i
noon, visiting friends.
Andrew Shoerman and wife of
Louisville, came in this morning for
a visit with the former's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Shoerman.
Geo. Oldham and his sister, Mrs.
Dora Moore, returned from their visit
to Kansas City last evening. They
stopped off one day on their return
at Murray to visit Lee Oldham and
Wm. Philpot and brother of Mur
dock were in the city yesterday look
ing after some business matters.
Wesley Barker departed this morn
ing for his home at Tekamah, Neb.,
after spending Christmas and sev
eral other days with relatives in this
Sam Patterson of Arapahoe, Neb.,
came in this morning to spend sev
eral days in the city with relatives.
Mr. Patterson is engaged in the bank
ing business at Arapahoe at present
and reports the general conditions in
his section of the state as very good.
He will remain until tomorrow.
Col. Thomas Jefferson O'Day, the
irrepressible of the Nehawka Regis
ter, was in the city several hours last
night on business, and was a caller
at the Journal headquarters. We are
always pleased to greet the genial
Colonel, who has a smile for all his
friends and frowns for his enemies.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Young, jr.,
passed through the city this morning,
taking the early train for Omaha, to
see the poultry show. While here
they made a call at the Journal head
quarters for a few minutes. Mrs.
Young is a breeder of pure white
Plymouth Rock chickens and will
take a great interest in the exhibit at
Jacob Hoffman, wife and daughter
Marian, who spent Christmas and the
holidays in this city attending a
small family reunion at the home of
Mrs. Hoffman's parents Jas. Thomas
and wife, returned to their home at
Wilbur, Xeb., this morning. Besides
Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs Thomas
Wills and Mrs. William Seay
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
were at home and enjoyed the holi
days, making a quiet family gather
ing. A Snap if Taken at Once.
20 acres, high and sightly, first
class six room cottage, furnace heat,
necessary outbuildings, in city lim
its, within walking distance from
postoffice. One thousand dollars cash,
balance on easy terms. No trade. J.
Hochstrasser, Chicago avenue, first
house south of Patterson avenue, on
east side of road, Plattsmouth.
man to be at large as he was liable
to kill someone without provocation
or warning. He tinuglncd he was
a great detective and assured the po
lice and sheriffs force that he could
make five hundred arrests In twenty
four hours If given the chance. The
board heard all the evidence and also
the representations of his relatives
in the matter and decided to allow
them to have the care of him, pro
vided they take him home which is
near Creston, la., at the town of
Kent. This they agreed to do ami
this morning Adair in company with
Sheriff Quinton, departed on the
early train for his home.
The misfortune which lias over
whelmed him is greatly regretted
by all who know Mr. Adah- as he is
a very bright young man and was
quite popular personally. Ills fath
er is said to have been afflicted with
the satin- malady and to have died
from the disease which has now at
tacked the son, which makes it ap
pear to be heredity. Mr. Adair for
merly lived in this vicinity before
the Spanish-American war. having
joined Company It of the Third Ne
braska Infantry in that war, in this
city, serving through its term of ser
vice under Capt. Sheldon and Lieut.
Kawls. This was Col Bryan's regi
ment. His military record was ex
cellent and he made a model soldier,
faithful, obedient and true. It is to
be hoped that his affliction is merely
temporary and that he will entirely
The Meeting Last Night Failed to
Reach a Solution.
! The light committee of t lie city
(council and the committee from the
; Commercial Club met together last,
j night at the office of Councilman
1 Falter and after a lengthy confer
I ence upon the light question failed to
J reach any conclusion. It was deter
I mined to make an effort to secure
bids for lighting from outside parties
who were reliable and to this end
Councilman Falter was delegated to
make a trip to Omaha, where he will
confer with the local light companies
and see what the prospect is for get
ting them to compete for the con
tract. If all other projects fail it. is
probable that an iron-clad contract
with the local company will be made
by which the company will receive
the lighting contract and in which
they will be required to bind them
selves to put their plant In shape to
do business and enter into such
a bond as will guarantee the faithful
performance of their contract and du
ties. This apparently is the best so
lution of the problem which con
fronts the people of the city. It has
become almost imparative that light
be had in this city, and if no contract
can be made with a firm In shape to
do business, one must be made with
the local company under the best, of
El wood Worth who has been in t he
city for several days visitinf with
John Murray and relatives, departed
this morning on the arly train for
his home at Pender, Neb.
.Mrs. H. Beaver, of Elmwood, Neb.,
who is visiting in the city with Mrs.
Gorder, departed for Villisca, la.,
this morning where she will visit be
fore returning to her home.
Miss Pauline Oldham, of Murray,
was in the city last evening for a few
hours, coming up on the evening
train and returning home on the
midnight train. While here she was
a pleasant caller on the Journal.
In district court ye.sterday a peti
tion was filed by Nellie Sherwood
asking for a decree of divorce from
Thos. H. Sherwood. The petition re
cites that the parties were married
in this city on May 28, 189r, and had
one child Margaret, agej four years.
The ground for divorce was non
support. Divorce and custody of the
child is asked by the plaintiff. ('. A.
Rawls is her attorney.
Will make weekly trips to Avoca every
Wednesday, beginning- Wednesday, Au
jrust 19. Office with Dr. Brendel. Ap
pointments can be made with him.