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    Murray Department.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
If any , the. renders of the Journal know of u nocial event or an item of interest in thin vicinity ami rill mad tame to thi office it icill appear umUr this heading.
H' H-ant all iU nut of intercut. Editor Journal. -
The system of puying by check wus
delivered for all men for uny man
for you.
It Is suited to the needs of any busi
ness cither large or small. It makes no
difference whether you pay out $10.
00 or $10,000.00 a month; a check
ing account will serve your needs.
Pay by check; the method puts sys
tem into your business and gives you
a record of every transaction.
Murray State Bank
I). L. Adams returned home from
Okhihonui Tuesday.
Jeff llrendel and wife were shop
ping In Omnha TueHdiiy.
Mrs. .las. Uinghrldgo visited Onia
ha taking In the eorn show.
riiullne Oldhnm visited In Plutts
'imuth Tuerdi.V and Wednesday.
A. L. Itak'T has a lino line of
Christmas rai. ics and cigars.
Mrs. HdIiI. Filch Is very poorly
From the effects of heart trouble.
Mush Kolih of Union visited Fri
day with the family of Jas. Holmes.
ISeo. Herder whipped n car of sheep
to the South Omaha market Mon
day. II. F. llrendel was n passenger to
Oinalia Tuesday on professional bus
iness. Mrs. Smith and her father A. M.
Holmes were Omaha visitors Wed
nesday. Chas. Stone's smiling face was In
Murray Monday. We always like
to see him.
Unite a number of Mynard people
came down to see the play Satur
day evening.
Mrs. llrown, sister and two child
A Great Display
Everything to Suit the Taste of
Chinaware, Jewelry,
Cut Glass, Toys, Fine
Candies and Nuts. In
fact any and every
thing that would de
light the hearts of the
children, and older
ones as well.
Christmas Presents
Until you have seen the
magnificent display at
Hoies & Smith's
ren from Iowa Is here for an ex
tended visit.
I on't foi'K the bazaar at the
Christian chuni, Saturday evening
December IS.
Mrs. Jas. Walker and daughter
Marble attended the wedding of Miss
Fox Thursday.
F. M. Young was visiting friends
In Omaha Tuesday and Wednesday
of this week.
Mrs. Queen and two children of
Union were in attendance at the play
Saturday evening.
Ora Davis, of the firm of l'itman
& Davis, took In the corn show at
Omaha yesterday.
('has. Rutherford of Omaha was
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Win. Dull Sun
day and Monday.
Sheff Oood from Cedar county is
In Murray this week shaking hands
with old friunds.
Ilex Young and Jas. Loiighridge
were passengers on the evening train
for Omaha Tuesday.
Tht? I'reshyterlans held a congre
gational meeting and served nn oys
ter dinner Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs W. C. llrown attend
ed the com show Saturday returning
home Sunday morning.
Lynn Hopkins of the State Univer
sity Is spending a few days with his
sister, Mrs. W. C. llrown.
W. A. Scott Is reported off the
tdck list this week, suffering from
an attack of the la grippe.
Mrs. Allison and her daughter Car
le attended the Fox-Salmon wed
ding In l'lattsmouth Thursday.
Hex Olson of the firm of Sargent
& Hlce of Nebraska City made his
weekly trip to Murray Monday.
Mrs. N. Klaurens entertained
Mrs. (iilniorc and Margie at a sev
en o'clock supper Monday evening.
John Farls returned home from
Oklahoma Tuesday. Uo Farls
bought sixty acres of Oklahoma
J. H. Seybolt attended the horse
Bale at Weeping Water Saturday and
purchased a Shetland pony while
Miss Coos a nil her pupils will
give a box supper at the brick school
house three and a half miles east of
('has. Wilkcu, traveling salesman
for the Willi Ilros cigar factory was
transacting business In Murray Wed
J. L. Murray was an Omaha paB
aenger Monday evening. He expected
to take In the comshow and also buy
some cattle.
Mr. Delaware Mann of Lincoln
came down Saturday to visit his sis
ter, Mrs. Dave Young and will re
main several days.
Miss Mlra McDonald came
from the west Tuesday evening.
is looking well and reports
daughter Grace In good health.
Mrs. McDonald returned home
Tuesday night after an extended vis
It with her daughter, Mrs . Grace
Melllngcr, of Ashland, Oregon.
Mrs. O. D. Davis and her brother
Dhk visited Omaha Saturday and
as the midnight train played a trick
on them they did not get home un
til Sunday morning.
Mrs. Lindsay received word from
Valley City. Wash., that a new hoy
arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Tow Conally, Mrs. Conally Is a sis
ter of Mrs. Llnsday.
The youniT ladles of the Christian
church will give a bazaar In tin
church Saturday evening. Lunch will
be urved at popular prices. Come
nnd buy your Chris' :11ns presmts.
O. A. Davis. A. M. Holmes. Mrs
W. S. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. J. W
Kdniouds were among those who
boarded the early morning train
Wednesday for Omaha to attend the
com show.
Willie Mrs. Uert Satcliel was ren
deling lard last Friday her two
year old baby was terribly burned on
one of her limbs by the kettle turn
lug over. The child at present Is get
ting nlong nicely under the care of
Dr. llrendel.
Mrs. David Lloyd, who returned
from the hospital about ten days ago
where she was treated for the niir
osis of the bone In her right limb, up
on which she had an operation per
formed, Is getting along nbely and Is
so that she can walk some.
The young people of the Christian
church were highly pleased with the
results from the home talent Sat ar
ray evening. s The door receipt
were between $'.'. and $100. The
club U keeping up their practice and
expect to do other work this winter.
Fay jour personal taxes at the
Murray Stai Hunk and save the ex
pense of a trip to l'lattsmouth.
Mrs. T. Jamison and daughter
Mary came over from Weeping Wa
ter to attend the play at Murray
Saturday evening. They are Miss
Margaret Jamison's father and sis
ter and they were highly pleased
with Miss Jamison's work In the
Mrs. G. W. Hoedcker entertained
the dub Thursday afternoon, much
to the enjoyment of those present.
Her new home together with her
easy manner of entertaining and
delicious refreshments made it an
afternoon long to be remembered
by the members.
Clark Welliver of Kddyville, Neb.,
came down Wednesday night from
Omaha to visit his sister Mrs. Dave
Young. Mr. Welliver brought stock
to South Omaha and thought this a
splendid opportunity to visit his sis
ter, whom he has not seen for sev
eral years. Mr. Welliver Is a stock
raiser and this Is his first visit to
A few weeks since we made men
tion of our old friend Dave l'itman
putting up a new residence in Mur
ray nnd would move Into the same
as soon as completed. It now turns
out that this was all n "blind." The
new home Is being especially erected
for his son Sain, the senior member
of the firm of Pitman & Davis
Sam intends to have the cage before
he catches the bird and along about
the starting of the new year some
thing Is liable to happen. Well, Sam,
the Journal will extend congratula
tions when the proper credentials are
fixed up.
Take Notice.
It takes money to run a hardware
store. We need money In our busi
ness. All persons knowing them
selves Indebted to us will please come
in and settle by January 1, 190'J.
l-1-O'.t l'itman & Davis.
XegctoblcPrcparationror As
similating the Food ArulRcgula
tkrtg the Stomachs and Dowels of
ncss and Rcst.Contains neither
SnumjMorphine nor Mineral.
W Smi'
tommy ttmrw.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions Jcverish
aess and Loss of Sleep.
lac Simile Signature of
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Tmi omtu (ommiiv, hiw Tana omr.
he had strong hopes that his son
would partially recover at least. Dr.
llrendel Is attending the young man.
Duroc Jerseys for Sale.
I have for sale five male Duroc
ersey pigs. Weight about 150 pounds
each. All ready for registering.
II. L. Oldham,
Murray, Neb.
A Wolf Slayer.
Charley McHeynolds, living a mile
and a half south of town is success
ful In catching wolves. One week
ago he killed a large gray wolf and
Thursday night he trapped another
one. Wolves seem to he quite num
erous In this section and they are
certainly becoming quite bold when
they come up within a stone's throw
of a man's home as these did. Get
your shot guns In shape boys, and
If each one of us does as well as Mr.
McReynolds you can bet your hot
torn dollar the pesky varmints will
soon bo thinned out.
Valley Farm."
Last Saturday night Jenkins hall
was filled to overflowing to witness
the play Valley Farm," a domestic
drama In four acts, rendered solely
by home talent. It Is not necessary
to remark that each one acted their
parts to perfection, and several play
ed like professionals. The Journal
expected a write-up from one who
was there, but the same failed to
show up. The play was given for
the benefit of the Christian church,
amounted to over $90. 00, which sure
ly demonstrated that the people of
Murray appreciate the efforts of the
young people of that town. Miss
Pauline Oldham, who managed the
affair deserves great credit for her
efforts in drilling the players, and In
bringing It to a successful conclu
sion. Next week we will give a more
complete write-up of the event.
Paralytic Stroke,
Last Friday Homer Daugherty,
a sixteen year old son of John Daugh
erty, living six miles southeast of
Murray, received a stroke of paraljols
while at school which affected over
half o fthe body, since that time tht
young man has been In a serious con
dition. Ills tongue is paralyzed and
while condons he is unable to talk
Mr. Daugherty was In Murray yes
terday and told your reporter that
A Big Shooting
AT i
Dec. 22, '08
Commencing at 10:00 A. M
Hliic Rocks, Rifle Target am
Shot-Gun Tarket.
Beef, Turkeys, Ducks and
Ill Honor Jake Itrendel.
Everybody calls Dr. J. F. Rrendel,
of Murray, Jake. He Is quite pop
ular with all who know him, and they
all know that he is soon to lead to the
hymenlal altar one of the most ac
complished and successful teachers
In Cass county. In honor of this
event his male friends of Murray en
tertained him Tuesday evening, or
night, in a manner that was most
highly appreciated. Among the
amusements was a mock trial, in
which Dr. Gilmore performed the
part of attorney on one side, and It
Is said that the speech he made In
defense of the plaintiff, reminded
some of the speeches of Champ Clark
of Missouri. They came to the con
elusion after the speech that Doc had
missed his calling and should have
been a lawyer. We cannot eniimcr
ate the many other amusements, suf
fice is to say that Dr. Hrendel highly
appreciated the good time, as did
all the friends present.
King Mill vs.
George Smith and family were
looking after the "Bucks of the Tim
ber" today, when they stopped at
Fred Patterson's to ask after the
health of his family they were not
allowed to go any further until af
ter dinner. When Mr Smith was
told that Mrs. Patterson was baking a
nineteen pound fish he was willing
to stay and just as he was loosening
his belt and making ready for a
square meal Mark White and wife
drove up. When Mr. Smith saw Mr.
White his face grew long and he
buckled up his belt a few Inches
thinking that extra space was not
needed. After the dinner was over
the evening was spent visiting.
Mrs. Mark White and Mrs. Fred
Patterson were at Mrs. Louie
Kohrells on Thursday tying comforts
and having a good time generally.
John Sutton the Kenosha attorney
was looking after business in King
Hill today.
The box supper at Rock Bluffs was
a grand success and W. P. Hutcheson
had to do some lively bidding to
get to eat with his own wife. A. M.
Sulivan lost out and Willie Smith got
to help eat the good things that Mrs.
Sullivan had prepared.
Pete Bush, the King Hill fisher
man Is doing a lively business these
days Charlie Lambert and Eddie
Ranard caught a fine possum and
they are now looking for sweet potatoes.
- IJudig'g for the Best.
The finest line of pipes, both meer
schaum and briar, cigar holders, ci
gars, tobaccos both smoking and
chewing, and everything necessary in
the tobacco users' line can be had at
reasonable prices of Paul Budlg, the
manufacturer of Denver Special, Tag
and Senate Chamber cigars.
The favorite "Eagle" and "Ex-
qulslto" cigars, In Christmas pack
ages, and sold by all dealers. Her
man Spies, manufacturer.
Henry Prosser,
Contracting-. Plastering", Brick and
Stone Work, Concrete Foundations
and Walks. : : : : :
rhone 107, Elmwood, Neb.
WINTER TOUSIST RATES: Daily reduced rate excursions to
California, Old Mexico. Southern and Cuban Resorts.
HOMESEEKERS' EXCURSIONS:-First and third Tuesdays of
each month to manv points west, south and southwest.
tendent Public Instruction of Nebraska, Mr. J. L. Mc
Brien, leaving Lincoln and Omaha December 19th. Write
G. Y. Bunnell. C. P. A., Lincoln, for itinerary.
Basin and Yellowstone Valley: One of the last chances to
secure pood farms from the Government at low prices. Go
with Mr. I). Clem Beaver on the next personally conducted
excursion. lie will help vou secure one of these farms. No
charge for his services. Excursions first and third Tues-
W.L. Pick ktt, Ticket Agcnt.Plattsmouth
L. W. Wakelev, G. P. A., Omaha.
ffCJi3K33 u