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We uum nil itrjii of iiJtre.nt. K'Hioi Journal.
Murray Department.
step egg
aC. C. PARMELE, President. FRED L. NUTZMAN, Vice-President
tlf f DntnCVCD PorMnr
Stert a Bank
U Account
Better be a hank-account man than
a no-account man. The way to
prosperity and happiness is paved
witn good intentions put into exe
cution. If you feel that you really
ought to be saving something out
of earnings for after life, don't let
the good impulse go unheeded. The
person who is soured on life is the
one who has neglected to put into
force the simple rules of success.
Start an account with the bank to
day. Pay your bills by cheek and
your money troubles will be over.
Murray State Bank
n Murray. NebracskaL. n
xra )CZZ cx
Timothy seed for sale by H. G. Todd.
James Holmes made a business trip to
Omaha, Saturday.
Mrs. Georgie Creamer was an Omaha
visitor on Tuesday.
Levi Rusterholtz was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Saturday.
Miss Eva Allison was a Plattsmouth i
visitor Tuesday afternoon.
Remember the bipr dance in Jenkins'
hall Saturday evening.
Mr. Lewis is here from Missouri v'?
itinjr at the home of Jeff Lew's.
Rev. and Mrs. Lucas are the proud
parent? of a baby boy born Wednesday
Glen Rordeker was a county sef - ' ;
tor last Wednesday taking in the all
Mis. James Blown and Miss Ztt were in Plattsmouth last Wed
nesday. Miss Lillian- Fitch of Texas spent a
few days at the home of her cousin,
Mrs. Gilmore.
The friends of Rex Young will be
gh;d to know he rapidly improving from ; A Most p,easant Day
his serious illness.
Misses Pea.l and Ono Lowerv, from T!'e 1 Missionary Society of
Chiliicothe, Mo., are the guests of the ; Presbyterian church met at the
n1 ... , . ; pleasant home of Mrs. John Spangler
Oichrnis this week. , . , . , ,A
, ,. 'on last Fridav a:ternoon and it was
John Your- and his father. Lew certain, one " , f the most pleasant
Young, left on last Tuesday for Canada. meeUngs of the u wag tfce
with the expectation of buying land. j reguar month,y meetir& and after the
Mr. and Mrs. Marks and family left . usuai business session and the custo
the fore part of the week for a visit in j mary program, the merry visitors were
Minnesota with relatives and friends, j invited to partake of one of the most
Mrs. James and sister. Miss Brooks, ! elaborate two course luncheons, at five
from Kansas City are visiting their un-1 o'clock that had ever before been their
cle, J. Lewis, and aunt, Mrs. Young, j pleasure. Misses Olga Alinford, Lu-
The very best of orchresta music at j
the dance in Jenkins' hall Saturday even
ing. Don't miss this one. It will be a
big time.
Dr. Gilmore has completed a cement
walk in front and leading into his resi
dence which adds greatly to works of
his property.
Mrs. L. Baker went to Omaha Wed
nesday morning to take treatment for
her hearing. She expects to be gone
about four weeks.
R. M in ford and John Farris returned
from Texas Tuesday evening. They re
port the country fine. Lee Farris came
as far as Oklahoma with them, stopping
to visit relatives there.
Mrs. Warren Wiley entertained the
Kensington with a picr ic Thursday af
ternoon. Tne drive, the natural tim
ber and the excellent refreshments all
served to make a delightful afternoon
Mrs. Wager who went to Burlington
Junction, Mo., some months ago for
treatment for rheumatism, came back
to Nebraska City, Neb. Mr. Wager
came up for the children who were here
with friends. They expect to make
their home at Nebraska City.
The funeral of Mrs. J. B. Seybolt
occured at ten o'clock Tuesday morning
and was conducted by Rev. Lucas of
the Christian church and Rev. Smith of
the Presbyterian church. The attend
ance was very large. The community
has lost a great and noble woman and
a sincere friend.
Shorthorn Bull for Sale.
One good yearling shorthorn registered
bull for sale. Mark White, Rock Bluffs
In the Social Circle.
Mrs. Lloyd Gappen entertained at
d'nner Friday, in honor of her cousins,
Mrs. Jones, Miss Brooks and Mr.
The concert given by Miss Valley
Friday eve was quite well attended and
very much enjoyed by those present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith entertain
ed Sunday eve for Miss Eva Alliscn
and Mr. J. Smith. Miss Allison will
! leave for Oklahoma next week to re
sume her school duties, while Mr.
Smith returns east to take up his theo
logical studies.
Mrs. Gilmore gave a luncheon Thurs
day in honor of her husband's birth
dav. There were candles on the cake,
but how many? Those present we e
Mr. an! Mrs. Walker, Miss Lillian
Fitch and Miss Walker.
Mrs. Queen, Miss Allison and Miss
Kennedy are home from the institute
at El n wood.
A number froiri here attended the
Sunday School convention at Mynard,
Tu.'fdav eve.
cile Rice and Ethel Spangler assisted
in serving the excellent g nrer pre
pared by Mrs. Spangler. The meeting
was one of great pleasure and as well
as for the advancement of this excellent
organization, and at the departing hour
all pronounced Mrs. Spangler the royal
entertainer of their entire number.
Following were those present:
Mrs. Lee Ferris, Mrs. John Ferris,
Mrs. Oscar Gapen, Mrs. Will Jean,
Mrs. Chas. Spangler, Mrs. Will Sporer,
Mrs. Will Smith, Mrs. John Edmunds,
Mrs. Al. Kennedy. Mrs. J ames Allison
Mrs. William Longbridge, Mrs. Dae
Lloyd, Mrs. Val Gobbleman, Mrs. Meek,
Mrs. Sullivan.
Returns From Mexico.
Charles Boedeker, of Murray, re
turned this morning on No. 19 from a
trip to Las Vegas, N. M., near which
city he purchased some land. Mr.
Boedeker departed for that point last
Tuesday week, and after arriving there
j made a very careful examination of the
property in that vicinity, finally making
his purchase. His land lies sixteen
miles east of Las Vegas and near the
Santa Fe Hot Springs Mr. Boedeker
is greatly pleased with the magnificent
climate of that country and the promis
ing outlook before it. He found that
almost all known crops could be raised,
the land being fertile and rich with an
abundance of rainfall. During the time
he was there it rained every day but
one, but the rainfall was of the right
kind. There was no violent down-pour,
but a steady fall which soaked into the
ground, doing it much good. He made
the trip over the Santa Fe road from
Kansas City, returning to this city by
the K. C. and Burlington roads.
A Fishing Party Have Nice Time
Surprise to Louis Ranard.
King Hill, Neb., Aug. 24, 1908.
A few days ago George Smith (our
worthy king snipe) and family con
cluded they would spend a day on the
river fishing and having a good time.
They loaded their buggy with good
things and went to Fred Patter
son's, where preparations had also been
made for a good time. The first thing
was something to eat, after which the
seine was loaded on the boat and both
families went fishing and wading in the
warm water. The river bottom is very
uneven and Mr. Smith got out to lift
the boat over a shallow place, when he
took one step too many and under he
went, all but his hat. After clawing
off about one hundred feet of the seine,
he kicked loose and got hold of the side
of the boat and got in (he said he got
wet) and said he did not find bottom.
After the first catch, with Mr. Smith
in the seine, the fish were small, but
Thursday evening, August 20, 1908.
Mr. Louis Ranard came in from a hard
day's work, and was getting ready to
spend a quiet evening with his family,
when he was surprised to see his friends
come in, and two at a time, until some
one asked him how old he was. Then
he remembered it was his birthday. The
evening was spent with games, plays
and pleasant conversation. A fine lunch
was served and all stayed until a late
hour. Those present were: Mr. Wes
ley Bennett and wife, Isaac Cummings
and wife. Fred Patterson and family,
Ora and Winnie Hutchison, Leona Lam
bert, Ernest and Roy Hutchison, Eddie
and Ralph Ranard and Mr. Ranard and
Grand Bail at Murray.
There will be a grand ball given in
Jenkins' hall, in Murray, on Saturday
night, August 29. The ball will be un
der the management of G. E. Berger,
and every one' who attends is guaran
teed a pleasant time. The music for
the occasion will be furnished by the
Colored Orchestra of Omaha, the same
as at the last dance. If you want to
enjoy a good time be sure to attend.
You will be made welcome.
Maple Grove
(-:)xcial Correiondenee.)
Louie Puis made a trip to the county
seat Tuesday.
Wm. Puis and Chas. Engelkemeir
made a business" trip to Plattsmouth
Mrs. Schaefer and son, Philip, left
Friday for Loup county, for a few
weeks' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Fulton of Ne
hawka spent Sunday at the home of
Chas. Herren.
Quite a number of friends and rela
tives were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Puis Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Osks of Jeffer
son county are visiting at the home of
Levi Rusterholtz this week.
Schaefer Bros, shelled corn Wednes
day, delivering it to the Farmers' Ele
vator company at Manley.
Quite a number from this section at
tended the funeral of the late Mrs . J.
B. Seybolt at Murray Tuesday.
Louis and John Young left Monday
for a trip to Canada to look at the land
out there, and if suited, they will in
vest. An Important Decision.
It has been brought to the notice of
the well known manufacturer of Trin
er's American Elixer of Bitter Wine
that in some part3 of the country a
special tax is required for the sale of
this remedy. He at once notified the
government and received the decision
that Triner's American Elixer of Bitter
Wine and Triner's Abgelica Bitter
Tor.ic are both recognized as medicines
and can be sold without a special tax.
Our people have known this for years,
because in maladies of the digestive
organs these remedies always give the
j best satisfaction. The factory of Mr.
Jo?. Triner is a model of cleanliness,
and the herbs and wine used in the
manufacture of his specialties are of
the best possible quality. Use Triner's
American Elixir of Bitter Wine in all
cases of loss of appetite and of bodily
strength. All drug stores. Jus. Triner,
616-622 So. Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111.
For Sale A 13-room house in good re
pair and 3 lots. A bargain if taken
soon. Also, other snaps. Apply to J.
II. Thrasher, Coates block.
The program at the Majestic this
evening is exceptionally good.
I hereby announce myself as a candi
date for the nomination for congress
subject to the action of the Eemocratic
j and People's Ind. voters of the first
.district. DR. A. P. 1'ITZSOMMONS.
Mvird ocL
Mrs. Wm. Newman is reported on
the sick list.
E. J. Tool and wife are visiting with
relatives in Kansas.
Billy Monroe is back behind the coun
ters of Martin & Tool.
Mrs. Rosa Wait is visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Wirth.
Julius Ranke has purchased the old
Crampein place north of town.
M. W. Moore is erecting a fine new
residence on his farm west f town.
H. Westlake returned from South
Dakota and reports that country as
Remember the street fair Sept. 10,
11 and 12. Everybody invited. See
A sign painter struck our town and
decorated quite a number of business
places last waek.
The Murdock Telephone company is
handing out their new directory which
shows they are prospering.
Mrs. C. B. Jones of Stratton, Neb.,
is visiting her daughters.JMrs. H. V.
McDonald and Mrs. H. A. TooL
The Hornbeck boys have harvested
their peaches. The crop made three
bushels per tree and were of fine qual
ity. Born To Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Leis a
son, Sunday night. Dr. Hoops reports
both mother and child as progressing
The Murdock ball team went down to
Louisville last week to play hall and
the result was 7 to 3 in favor of the
P. J. Crunk, cashier of the Union
State bank, and about a dozen farmers,
left Monday to inspect the land of the
A. Stocketsky and family are among
us again. Germany was' not good
enough for them after having lived in
this land of the free.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Mc
Donald, Saturday night, a sen, Dr.
Hoops officiating. All doing well, es
pecially the father, who says the boy's
name is Bryan.
Some festive hoboes broke into both
elevator ffices Saturday night and
stole everything that we s loose, but
got nothing much but a Jrifle belonging
to John Ridgeway.
Robert Metteer, one of the oldest
citizens of Cass county, died at the
home of Peter Eveland Tuesday morn
ing, aged 92 years. He was one of the
earliest settlers of eastern Cass county
and is well known in the east and Lis
death was due to old-age.
For Sale ,
47 acres of land, 40 acres in cultiva
tion, 7 acres pasture. House and barn,
well iand cistern, apple"Jand peach or
chard, small fruits, all under fenced
Stone quarry in one corner of pasture.
Price $2200,00. $1200,00. cash balance
time if desired. M. Archer.
Statement of the Condition
of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on the 30th
day of June, 1908.
First mortsrase loans 5 52.6) 03
Stock loans 2.036 00
Cash 3.?r9 t5
Delinquent interest, premiums, fines 21 40
Other assets 24 J4
Total 5 SS.iKiO 22
Capital Stock paid up 3 44.4."2 00
Reserve fu ml KM HI
Undivided profits 2.014 t
Dividends declared 11.305 15
Total 5 5s.(5)22
Receipt?1 avd Expenditures for the Year
Ending June 30. iyo.
Halauce on hawl July 1. 10oT 5 4.37 27
I dies 10.7:4 M
Interest, premiums and tines 4.4-0 3T
Ijkbiis repaid 10.9..9 4-:
l.'eal e-'a'e sales 370 (.)
Tax es a i v a need 40 ti
Total S 3o.'-02 70
Loans 3 17.200 00
E uses 44 f-8
Stock redeemed 9.4)3 03
Cash on hand 3,t79 HTt
Taxes advanced 24 94
Total 5 30.9t2 70
Cass County "
I, T. M. Patterson, secretary of the ahove
named association, do solemnly swear that the
foreeoing statement of the condition of said as
sociation, is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief. T. M. PATTERSON,
Approved: Secretary.
.T. E. BARWICK, Directors
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31st
ay of July. 19u8. Clara Browk.
a IskauI Notary Public.
The Kind You Have Always
in use for over SO years,
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good " are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paro
Boric, Irops and Soothing Syrups. It is lMcasant. It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrlnea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Moiher's Friend.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Th cunun eovMtM. TT ,um arnccr. mcw vmi err.
May Be Over $1,000,000 Stock Market
Made Nervous by Result of Last
Saturday's Spectacular
New York, Aug. 26. The failure of
the big brokerage firm of A. O. Iirown
& Co., for a sum popularly estimated
as running well above $1,000,000, sent
a nervous thrill through the stock
market Tuesday. Coming as a climax
to the bewildering trading in last. Sat
urday's market, the suspension cre
ated an extraordinary degree of pub
lic interest, but was looked upon by
high stock exchange InJerests of
fering an early sortition of the tangle
growing out of the most remarkable
two hours' session the New York
stock exchange has known in many
While there was no question In Wall
street that the situation created by
the failure could easily be taken care
of, there was distinctly a feeling of
apprehension lest other firms might
unwittingly be drawn into the affair
as . a result of the extensive orders
scattered through commission houses
during Saturday's spectacular pro
ceedings. Enormous Trades Not Settled.
The transactions of A. O. Brown &
Co., covered nearly 75 per cent, of the
trading in the sensational week-end
session of the stock market and it was
stated officially by a member of the
firm that delivery had been made on
only 277,000 of the more than 700,000
shares handled. How many of the
outstanding shares represent the deal
ings ef customers and how many were
carried on the firm's account it was
impossible to learn.
The afternoon was filled with ru
mors as to various outside sources
that may have been responsible for
the course of the firm in Saturday'8
market, when the total sales record
ed on the floor of the exchange for
the two hours of trading amounted to
more than 1,100,000 shares, as against
one-third of a million during the full
.five-hour session of Monday, but most
of these were dissipated. Mr. Bu
chanan, a membej of the firm, an
nounced positively that the firm had
had no relations whatever with Thom
as V. Lawscn.
Was a Very Large Firm.
A. O. Brown & Co. were members of
the New York stock exchange, New
York cotton exchange, Chicago stock
exchange. Chicago Board of trade and
the Cleveland stock exchange. They
bad branch houses in Chicago, Cleve
land. Buffalo. Erie, Pa., and. Toronto.
In this city they maintained expensive
branch offices in four of the fashion
able hotels and at two uptown ad
dresses. Their principal office was
at 30 Broad street, but a few doors
from the stock exchange building.
Within the past few months the firm
had spent $75,000 in refurnishing Its
Broad street home.
The membership of the firm In
cluded Albert O. Brown, Lewis Ginter
Young, G. Lee Stout, Edward F. Bu
chanan. Samuel C. Brown and W.
Rhea Whitman. Private wires were
maintained to all principal cities.
The extensive trading of the firm,
Bought, ami Avhkh lias bcea
lias borno the hiaaturo of
and has been, mad o mnlrr his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no ono to deceit you in this.
Signature of
It Is believed, was confined largely
to New York, despite 'ie fact that th
house had made a specialty of western
business. Although orRanlzed only In
the latter part of 1902, the firm had
come to take a prominent part la
trading on the stock exchange floor.
John W. Rhoads, cashier of the firm,
was named as assignee, with D. W.
Noel as counsel.
Creditors Force Failure.
Whfn the failure was announce'! i
member of the firm said that Its af
fairs were In a badly tangled condi
tion as the result of Saturday's trad
Ing and that it was thought host to
make an assignment at onro. It H
understood that brokerage firms who
were awaiting the delivery of stoc!
from A. O. Brown & Co., became Im
patient along toward noon and sent
word that they would allow but a few
more hours of grace. All attempts
to secure further d"lay were futile
and the suspension followed.
It was also said that the bunk
which carried the accounts of the
house declined Tuesday, because of
the unsettled condition In the affairs
cf the firm following Saturday's Kpec
tacular business, to further certify
any of its checks.
Fcrmer Presbyterian Pastor Commits
Suicide in New York.
New York, Aug. 26. Ill, half blind,
criticising the church on the score of
untruthfulness and insincerity and de
claring that he could not worship
"America's trinity success, pleasure
and gold," Rev. Albert H. Trick shot
and killed himself in a room In Mills
hotel Tuesday. He was once pastor of
a Presbyterian church In Chicago, and
later had a charge at Saratoga, N. Y.,
but had no regular pastorate for sev
eral years, obtaining an insecure live
lihood as an Insurance agent.
In a remarkable letter, which he
left to Charles N. Dowd of this city,
who had befriended him, the former
pastor declared that he was lonely
even in the church when he attempt
ed to "square his soul by the teach
ings of Jesus," and asserted that the
modern church more nearly follows
the example of Robert Ingersoll than
those of Jesus.
Goes to Jordanvitle, N. Y., for Dedi
cation of a Library.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., Aug. 26. The
president, Mrs. Roosevelt, Miss Ethel
Roosevelt and Kermlt Roosevelt left
Oyster Bay on the yacht Sylph at
5:30 p. m., Tuesday, for Jordan vllle,
N. Y., where the president will attend
the dedication of a public library
erected in honor of the mother of
Douglas Robinson, the iresi'fnt's
brothTer-in-law. Gov. Marvin of
Cuba accompanied the prc.sliVnt to
New York city.
Cuban Elections Ncv. 1-5.
Oyster Bay, N. Y.. Au. C? That
the residential at.rl c-:-re . --i';nal
lections in Cuba womM i
November 14 next, anl t!
y.f'i'l on
tii" In-
anqturaticn of the ncwly-e'.ec-j presi
dent would take -lace on .Mvutry 2S,
1S0L. was the announcement male by
Charles E. Magoon. governor of Cuba,
flowing hi3 conference with Presi
dent Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill Tues
day. for Fenl-S15.CC Fer Mcnih
A '' room house in fine condition
Jut the t lace to keep boarders, close
:r B&M Fee HENRY GeriNG.
TV' C. Lone Harp Concert Com
py is treat for all music lovers.