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Republican Natoinl Committee
'Agrees to Compromise the" "-
Sentiment of the Great Gathering
of Brewers' at Thelf Na-
tional Convention,
Delegate Contest.
If any of Vie readers of Vie Journal know of a social event or an item of interest in this vicinity and will mail same to this office it will appear under this heading.
We want ull items of interest. Editor Journal.
Murray DepFissnemit
I C. C. PARMELE, President. FRED L. NUTZMAN, Vice-President
w. b. HututKtn, uasnier.
Reduce the Number
Amount of Your Bills
Attempting to increase your receipts is on
ly a part of financial successs. Some at
tention must be given to expenditures.
A checking account will give yon a correct
record of your receipts and expenditures.
Pay by check it is business it is syste
matic it is the only way to transact busi
ness accurately.
We give especial attention to small
Murray State Bank
Murray, Nebrsk.
George Rhoden wa3 looking after some
business matters in Plattsmouth today.
Homer Shrader and wife spent Sunday
with Robert Shrader and wife near Ne
hawka. O. V. Virgin and wife spent last Sun
day with friends and relatives over near
Mr. and Mrs. Torrenca Fleming spent
Sunday with friends and relatives in
Weeping Water.
Wrs. Galen Rhoden went to Platts
mouth last ecnesday to attend the
funeral of her uncle. Ar.dy Taylor.
Misses Eva and Carrie Allison were
in Omaha last Saturday, Miss Eva re
turning home via Plattsmouth Tuesday.
James Ilatchett and daughter. Vera,
were in Aehawkaa few days last week
visiting with her brother, John Ercnson
arid family.
Mrs. James McuIlough has been quite
pick for the past week, and Miss Thorpe,
a trained nurse from Nebraska City, is
attending her bedside.
J. C. Snavely hands us the wherewith
this week for the paper he, or rather
Mrs. Snavely, send3 to Mrs. Xora Rice
at Seven Mile Ford, Va.
A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Senny True east of town, on Wednes
day, June 3. Both mother and little one
are getting along nicely.
Mr. O. A. Davi3 and wife went to
Lincoln Wednesday to attend the meet
ing and the Allumni Banquet at the
Stat 3 University a few days this week.
Miss Elizabeth Kunsman of Platts
mouth came to Murray Wednesday for
a visit with her sister, Mrs. Guy Bur
ton, and to assist in looking after the
switch board at the Murray telephone
Chas. Herren, on our Murray list,
hands the editor the wherewith to ad- j
vance his subscription another year this
week. Charley is one of those readers
who believe in always having his paper
paid in advance.
A large number of Murray people at
tended the play "The District Leader"
in Plattsmouth Monday evening, among
whom were James Campbell, Glen
Boedeker, Sam Pitman, Chas. Boedeker,
Harry Baxter, L. G. Todd, Ed. Kniss
J. C. Snavely, Robt Burr and Will Sea
Sam Pitman wa3 a Plattsmouth vis
itor Friday.
Glen Boedeker was a business visitor
in the county seat Monday evening.
Grandma Campbell has been sick at
the home of her son, William, east of
town for the past few day3.
Dr. B. F. Brendel and wife were in
Plattsmouth and Omaha Monday of
this week, driving to Plattsmouth.
Miss Gussie Robb, who has been vis
iting friends for the past few days, re
turned to her home in Wyoming Tues
day. Mrs. F. M. Young, sr., is in Bethany
this week visiting with her son and
daughter, who are attending college in
that city.
H. G. Todd lost seven head of fine
steers from clover bloat Tuesday.
While they were not fat cattle they
were among the best of his feeders, and
will aggregate quite a loss.
Avoca Stems Too Late.
the Missouri Pacific railroad, the Avoca
items, which were sent for this iss
zmven tnn lata I hot n-nt-n c?f-i . -
Horse and is Trampled terday mornin&and did not reach here
Upon by Another. untiI six o'clock, after the forms were
Ion the nress Thpv will nmr in Kir.
Murray Mtro .Tuna c ioaq rc;i I
f Fvariinir t' ' , ,Tl . ' day'8 PaPr. The railroad is to blame
for this omission.
Faraer Told the Boot May Ba ca His
Leg Some Day.
Fall With
Clergyman Taken to Task for Ad
vocating; a Policy of -CnflHca-tlon"
Hrlabane's View o
Each to Have Half a Vote acd May
Give It to Taft
"Lily tVhlUV' to Continue I ho Fight
Talk of a Man for Second
Place Hammond Open
to the kvemng Journal) Chas. Swan,
jr., son of Winneld Swan, was seriously
injured the by falling of a horse. He in
company with some neighbor boys were
returning to their home near Union
..Via.. A. T I 1 1 ... -
wui ien o c-iock last nignt irom a
basket supper at the Lewiston church
three miles southest of town. Thev
were riding hard in an effort to out
distance an approachiner storm when
his horse fell, and he was trampled
upon by his companions' horses and his Tt SSS
pcivw oones crusnea. Me was earned 1"' iuu.uu ioiwuuuo per acre annually
United State
T CM A. 1 T r v
tj aiiies onori ana u. w. LiOwe were
business visitors in the metropolis this
Classified Advertisements
by the boya during a heavy rain to a
farm house near by and medical aid
summoned. Little hopes of his recovery
are entertained.
no irrigation. Abundant rainfall Crowe
two crops corn, oranges, lemons, bananas.
Dine aDoles. suzar cant Ret. invoutmon
eann. .auperacre. Titles perfect. Terms
easy. Agents wanted. Spbncer. BaMen. Neb.
or Taniplco Mexico.
L acres miles southwest. Wellfleet. In
Haves countv for sal or tRuinfmo,.
cnanaise ana residence. 80 under cultivation
tine jfrove. extra good land, near telephone,
school, store rural deliverv.
j. n. lhristnbr Mayes Center, Neb.
Val Gobbelman and wife were Platta
mouth visitors Wednesday
Col. Seabolt shipped a car of stock to
South Omaha Sunday evening.
G. M. Minford shipped a car of cattle
to bouth Omaha Sunday evening,
Torrence Fleming and wife
Plattsmouth visitors Wednesday.
Col. Seabolt shipped a car of stock ta
bouth Omaha Wednesday evening. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT.
Mrs. Frank Moore has been numbered Statb of Nebraska, i
f ami ror sale. Three improved farms
airzrezatinz 40 acres. M to a
jteeie. county seat or Kidder county. North
Dakota. Also other lands. Atrents wanted.
LHARLts u. Stanley. Steele N. Dak
Chas. Swan, son of Winneld Swan,
who was so seriously inj'ured a few days
ago. is still ii a very critical condition,
but the relatives and attending physi
cian hava seme hopes of his recovery.
Ca-ds are out e renouncing the marri
age of Hiss Mfrle Berger to Mr. Ed
ward Steiner, to take place at the home
of bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Berger, in Murray, on the 24th of June.
Mrs. S. L. Latta received a serious
accident Thursday e vening while house
cleanir.g. She was cleaning some car
pets and stepped off a small platform,
falling in such a manner as to fracture
the right collar bone. The break was
very painful and at her advanced age
it. -11 i - i
ice recovery win ce siow.
W. H. McDaniel, M. G. Churchill, W.
c crown, w. w. Hamilton composed
a hshmg party wiat made the trip to
. Rock Point Monday to try their luck at
capturing a number of the finny tribe,
and we are inforned that they succeded
i n landing a good mess too. Most any
one can catch then now boys, they are
so plentiful.
tnas. acnwaD is anotner one oi our
Murray readers who advances his sub
scription mark to 1909 this week. Mr.
Schwab is also building a barn on his
lots just east of Murray, C. W. Hixon
doing the work. Mr. Schwab owns the
sixteen lots where Tommy Nix, the
genial mail carrier lives, and the new
brT i3 for his convenience.
L Je Jack, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Alva Long, arrived at his fourth birth
day last Tuesd&y, and in honor of the
occasion a number of little playmates
were invited in to spend the afternoon.
Quite a number of the little folks were
present and all enjoyed a most excellent
time. They were treated to many good
things to eat and the entire house was
in their possession. ' I
Next Sunday will be Children's Day
at both the churches in Murray. Exer
cises will be given at the Presbyterian
church in the morning and at the Chris
tian church in the evenincr. Excellent
programs have been arranged at both
churches and a general invitation is ex
tended to all to attend.
James Holmes and wife departed
Thursday of this week for a few weeks
visit with friends and relatives in var
ious points in the northern part of the
state. They will first go to Norfolk for
a visit with Mont Robb and wife. Then
to Grand Island, Plainview and Daven
port, for a visit with their sister Mrs.
A. M. Holmes departed for Fremont
Tuesday morning, where he goes as a
delegate to the State Sunday School
convention, which meets in that city
this week. From there he will go to
Sherman county, for a short visit with
friends, and thence to Davenport for a
short visit with his daughter, Mrs. R.
D. ChurchilL
The cement walk is still on the In
crease in Murray. Dr. Brendel is now
laying one in front of his residence
property, Joseph Burton doing the work.
The citizens of Murray certainly deserve
great credit for the improvements made
in the sidewalks of the town during the
past few months. We understand that
a new one will soon be placed in front
of the church lots near the depot, and
when completed will concrete the south
side on Main street nearly the entire
ength. Let the good work go on.
With the excellent house, the beautiful
trees and the well kept lawn, Dr. Bren
del now has one of the prettiest resi
dences in -Murray ,: or in fact any town
in the county. . ' - : 7 ; '
on the sick list for the past few days,
but at this time is some better,
Commissioner. Jordan and Switzer
were in Murray and vicinity looking af-
tsr a number of the bridges that were
washed out during the recent storms,
Dr. B. F. Brendel was called to Avoca
last Saturday in consultation with his
son Dr. J. W., to see Mrs. Robt. Shrader
who has been seriously ill for the past
lew cays.
C. S. Stone, who hgs been making
his home in Nehawka with his father
for the past few weeks, was in Murray
Wednesday, for a short visit with his
many friends. We are informed that
Charlie expects to make his future
home in Oklahoma, to which place he
will return in the near future.
Miss Fay Oldham entertained the
ladies Kensington at her home last
Thursday afternoon. This was one of
the most pleasant meetings of ther sea
son, and they were most royally enter
tained by uliss Oldham and her sister
Miss Pauline. Place cards were em
ployed in serving th refreshments at
the usual hour. Prizes were given for
the lady making the best miniature
shape of her own hat. This proved
to be quite an interesting feature, and
the contest was close between Miss
Marie Berger and Mrs. Lucas, in which
the latter finally proved victorious.
Ed. Parriott, the genial and whole-
souled A. O. U. W. denutv. of PPni
A . i
was in Murray last Saturday shaking
hands with his many friends. Ed. is
one of the best fellows in the land, and
is always on the top round when it
i,w uusiuug iw me oesi interests
of the grand old lodge he represents
On the nrst page of the last Workman
was found his smiling face, placed there
in honor of the excellent work he had
done for the past few months. He had
more new members to his credit that
month than ever before during his many
years of service as a hustler for the or
der. He is sure a hustler and a hustler
all the time. The Journal will be more
than pleased to see the day that Ed.
Parriott will be able reach the top of
the tree and land one of the best posi
tions that is to be had as the gift of the
members of the A. O. U. W. He is
truly deserving of the very best.
For Sale Cheap.
County of Cass. '( In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Hannah E. Cal-
Kin. ueceasea.
All persons Interested In the above estate
are hereby notified that the minitr,.
tor of said estate has filed in this court his ac-
ouuiii aim pt-inion ior nnal settlement, pray
ln? therein that said account be allowed. A
hearinjf will be had uixn said iwtiti,n nnH
iruuiii on uie ist a ay or July. liw. at 10 o clock
a. m.. or said aay in tiie county court room, at
Plattsmouth. in said pnnntr nt nri.!,.i.
suiu account win t.e examined and adjusted
ana nnal decree of distil lut ion will be made.
All objections thereto mn-t. Km Hlurl r.,
fore said time.
Witness mv hand and nf sni.l
I'th day of June. !;(.'".
SE-M County .ludfe.
A good second hand
in good condition.
Bradley lister,
John Cook.
Eldorado Castor Machine Oil at 3c
per gallon. Get your supply now.
James Loughridge.
Will Loan $10,G89.
I have $10,000 which I wish to loan on
good farm security. Write or phone
Claude F. Anderson,
Pacific Junction, Iowa.
For Sale Cheap.
A good second
particulars see
P. H
hand buggy. For
J ames Loughridge,
Roberts, who came in the other
day, and with his wife are visiting with
his father, J. M. Roberts. Speaking
of the northwest where he has been
working, he says, since the opening of
the Milwaukee road, the land has been
med upon very rapidly, most of the
desirable claims being taken.
A. W. White was transacting some
tusmess in the metropolis this after- '
I noon. .
f-v 1
uany low round trip rates to
Portland, Seattle. Tacoma, San
b rancisco, Los Angeles and San
Di-go, S ightly higher to included
Dotn California and fuget Sound.
One whole business day saved by
our new scneauie to the r'acinc
Kepubhcan convention tickets on
sale June 12 to 16.
uauy low excursion rates to
Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin.
Minnesota, Massachusetts and
lew lork tourist resorts; also
low excursion rates to tourist
resorts in Maine. New Hamp
shire, v ermont.
Milwaukee, Jun 10.
declaring in effect the
Brewers' association to be In favor of
the eradication of the dire will come
before the convention at Its closing
session today. The resolutions were
lufroduc-ed at an executive session of
the convention, and while their text has
Dot been made public It Ls understood
that they declare that municipal laws
i an the c:tis of the country houIJ
nave tne co-operation of the brewers
in their efforts to wipe out dl-;reputa-
Die s:i loons.
Clergymen Taken to Tank.
President Liebmaun. In the course of
his remarks before the convention, took
the superintendents of th Antlsaloon
Ltflue, most of them ex-cJercymcn.
to task by asking "How can they advo
cate a policy of confiscation pronounced
by Justice Drewer to be both dishonest
ana immoral?" Thlj remark called
forth a sugiyestlon from IT. R Schnr
nrm, of Brooklyn, that the executive
committee of the association present to
the legislature of some problMt Ion state
an oDject lesson in the form of a bill
for damages for property "stolen" by
prohibition legislation. The suggestion
was referred to the committee on res
Brisbane the Star Orator,
ine star of the orators was Arthur
Brisbane, of New York, with E. .T. CM
tfings, of Oklahoma, candidate for gv-
ernor of that stale, a olosn sminii in
popularity. Brisbane started out by
Cel laring that his editorials; hud often
caused him to be considered a Iro-
I.Ibitlonist. "I have written n
rosny articles against excessive drink-
iuz," he declared, "but it is rather cm
bnrrassina because I do not believe
thnt prohibition is desirable, and I am
positive it is not feasible. The ntti
tilde toward prohibition and Trohibl
titviists is a mistaken attitude. Tiie in-
Biiit-tit- i ruiiinuiomsr yon must leave
to one side, because von cannot Identi
fy bim. and the sincere Iruliib!tinti:f
ousht to have the svmrathv nf even-
man. ana especially of the brewer and
wine grower.
Farmer Cultivating Trouble
i ou are engaged in a leiritim.-ito
business. You ought to repel illegitim-
.lit- .iii.u-K. ion can leu tiie farmer
who confiscates brewery or let
plant without paying you fur it that
he is paving- the way for the siiigl"
taxer, who will confiscate bis farm
wil.iout paying for it. That is a thing
to think a bi nit. Tliereare two questions
in teetotalism. or prohibition. The first
question is, is it desirable, and the
second is. is it possible. Would the
world be :uy better off if no man any stimulating drink. If it
could be shown that the world would
Ve better off I think that every d.'
rnt man, and even a brewer who
milit lose millions, in his heart would
favor prohibition if the world would
be better for it.
'Science is
And their friends. Excursion will
leave Lincoln, 4:30 d. m. June
27. Will spend three or four days
at N. E. A. Convention in Cleve
land; thence Buffalo, Niagara
cans, j.oronio, at. Lawrence
river Dy steamer through Thou
sand Islands and over the Ranids
Montreal, Boston, Albany, down
the Hudson to New York, thence
i-nuaaeipma, Washington and
Pittsburg. Ask the agent for an
ltmeray and full information or
write the undersigned.
Against Teetotalism.
decidedly against the pi n-
sluility of total abstinence fo.- the hu
man race. I have really not met very
many really intelligent Prohibitionists
I think they are sincere men. I do
not say to them you cannot have this
condition. 1 saj- yon cannot have it
nt present. You cannot ask the man
leading his normal life to change bis
life on account of the unfortunate man
who cannot do that without bi coming
a maniac and going to excess."
Chicago. .Tnne 10. Alter working
for four days, and with fire additional
days yet to come before the metln
of the convention, the Bepublican na
tional committee adjourned 3'esterda
with two-flftha of lb contests decided.
This la based ou the actual number of
contests filed, sixty twiving yet to bo
heard, while torty-ono have been Bet-
tied. It la probable, however, that tba
committee luia finished about one-half
of the total amount of work imposed
on it by th-e numerous contesting dele
gations from the southern states. There
are In Texas contests on delegates-at-large,
and each of the sixteen districts.
Tliese will be consolidated, reducing
the aggregate number of casen yet to
be heard to forty-four. There l.i a pos
sibility also that other consolidations
may be mode la Virginia and other
Sixteen More Caes Decided.
The committee yesterday dcclled six
teen contests affecting thlrty-lx dele-
gates. Of thee twenty-seven are Taft
men, and the remaining nine, all of
whom are. btack and tans" from Lou
isiana, have tentatively agreed that
they will cast their votes for Taft.
There Is. However, no binding agree.
nient to tbait. The sixteen contests de
cided comprised tiie tlelegates-aMare
In Louisiana and Mississippi, seven
in MLssissiipl and one In Missouri.
Toe Louisiana contest, which was the
most Important of the day, resulted In
n split delegation, the committee decid
ing on a illrisJon of twenty to thirty
to seat both the "lily white," oc Taft
delegation, and the "black and tans,'
with half ft vote for each.
Party To lie Reorganized.
This agreement was not reached un
til after repeated conferences and ii ncii
anxious telegraphing and te!ep:ioirng
between Chicago and Washington. The
decision finally reached bv the com.
mittee wa cutUm! out with the full
consent and approval of both Seere'ary
I art and I Trident Uoosevelt. It pro
vides that the Republican nailv in
Ix'iisiann shall be recognized under
the direction of a committee of three,
composed of the chairman, tiie s er
tary, ami one rnnnUt of the incoming
national commirti-e. The national com
mittee iiassod a resolution instructing
the next national committee to name
as tins memlKr lV-irl Wi--hr. tiie urg
ent nationalcrjmmittecman from Louis
"Lilly White" Not Satisfied.
The agreement was unsatisfactory to
ex-Covernor Warmoth, leader of the
"lily whites, who said he would take
the matter to tbo credentials committee
and if defeated there, go home. The
"black and tan" people accepted the
compromise. The "black and tan-' peo
ple said they were fighting for th-ir
organization and the question of the
presidential nominee was secondary
th it they were uninstructed, and might
vote for Taft.
Daily low rates to Colorado, Utah,
t? jruuiuig, discs niusana lenow
stone Park. Democratic conven-
vention at Denver in July.
First and third Tuesdays to the
West, including the famous Bigj
nom rasin ana x eilowstone Val
ley, where large tracts of rich
irrigated lands are being opened
ior settlement Dy the government
and by private companies. Write
u. uiem Deaver, Burlington
i-,anaseeKers' information Bureau,
ymana; excellent fcusmess open
ings in new errowiner towns.
Write a brief description of your
proposed inp, ana let us advise
you how to make it the best way
4. 4-1 I 1- . J
ai me least cost.
L. W. WAKELET. G. P. . Cmahi, Neb.
Deaths at New York Were Only 14.41
Per Thousand Tor the Week
Ended Saturday.
New York, June 10. Fewer deaths
proportionately, occurred in New York
last weeK .according to the health de
partment reports, than in any other
week in the history of the city, the
rate reaching the new low record of
14.41 a thousand. The health depart
ment, though surprised and grateful.
admits that it is unable to account for
the drop of more than three deaths a
thousand from the record of the corre
sponding week last June.
Assistant IIea4th Commissioner Ren-
sei, speaking of the decrease In
deaths, said. "We don't understand it.
The various epidemics seem to be hold
ing their own and other conditions are
apparently the same, but the fact re
mains that whereas the death rate fei
the week ended June 8. 1907, waa
17.4G, in the week ended June 0. 190S.
it was only 14.41. a decrease of 3.0-"
a thousand, or 25X deaths."
Hull's Seat Is in Danger.
ues aioines. Ia.. June lo. Tf rfenr.
sentatlve Hull wins his renomination
by the Republicans of the Seventh dis
trict it will be by a narrow majority.
Hi? claimed majority of 31 over Juds?
S. M. Prouty, his opponent, has ben
cut down to 13 in the official canvass
of a portion of the primary votes. The
canvass in l'olk county is not yet com
pleted and will occupy some da3 a.
Sirloin Stakes Cost 30 Cent a Pound.
in "Little Old" New York
New York, .Tune 10. with prevail
ing advances in the price of beef prod
ucts ascribed .y packers to cattle
shortages of slaughtering centers, the
consumption of this meat in New York
city is said by wholesalers and retail
ers to have fallen 2o to SO per cent
below the normal decrease. Ilivia prices,
exceeding the maximum of recent
years, hare been the dominant factor
contributing to this result, it Is admit
ted. Several retailers attribute conditions
to price manipulations by a so-called
trust, asserting that representatives of
various large slaughtering Interests
meet each Saturday and agree oa
prices for the ensuing week. Demand
for beef taas fallen off throughout the
city. Hotels, restaurants and families
are reducing their dally orders, often
by half. The retail prices are a third
higher than a year ago. Sirloin steaks
have been quoted as high as 32 to 30
cents a pound.
Exodoa Cause a Saaponsion.
Pittsburg. June 10. The banking In
stitutions of Peter Rutsek at Union
town, Brownsville and Connellsville,
Pa., have suspended. Rutsek has been
away for some time, and following a
conference of managers the suspension
was ordered by Miss Sadie RoiwrtT,
of Connellsville, secretary for Rutsek.
deposits in tne tnree banks amount tn
$03,000. It is estimated that about so..
000 foreigners have gone to Europe,
and the withdrawal of their deposits
caused the closing.
AVatterson to Visit Rryan.
Lincoln, Neb.. Juno 10. Advices
have been received here that Colonel
Henry Watter?on Is on his way to Lin
coln to confer with Hryan. and will
probably arrive today.