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not done enough for the honor of
America and your house now?"
"I like the game," returned Ellen
calmly. "It Interests me. Had 1
known the fascination of It before, I
bad played long since. Unless my
lord Strathgate Is weary "
"Madam, I could play with you for
ever for any stake," returned Strath
gate, utterly oblivious of the frightful
jlance shot at him by Carrlngton.
"'Tis 4.000 then. Would you see
Jt on the board?"
"Your word Is sufficient for nae,M
piled Strathgate gravely.
Again Ellen lost and found herself
In debt 8.000.
"Five thousand pounds the stake
bow," cried my lady, cutting once
"Five thousand pounds, madam,"
said Strathgate, very white and follow
Ins suit.
And this time Ellen won.
"How stands the score now?"
"You owe me 3,000." said Strath
"Correct!" cried the old duke. "B
Gad. this is interesting!"
"Once more and now for 6.004
pounds," said Ellen, her face flushed
with excitement.
The room was now as still as death.
Save for the deep breathing of the
men and the gritting of teeth upoa
the part of Carrlngton, there was not
a sound except for the voices of the
two players.
Ellen's luck was with her and this
time she won.
"And now," she said, "the score is
In my favor."
"1 don't promise to go that far at
this round," answered Ellen. "I'm
aew at the game, and I do not wish to
Xlay out my whole fortune at the first
"As you please, madam. The game
shall stop when you say. What shall
the wager be now?"
"Seven thousand pounds," cried
And this time fortune was against
her, for my lord of Strathgate won.
'Fore God, the score weaves like
a see-saw." cried Gen. Athelstrong.
"Now she owes him 4,000."
"Ellen," said Carrlngton, desperate
ly, "I beg you to stop now."
"Is Lord Carrlngton afraid his wife
will lose all her money?" deftly inter
posed Strathgate, sneering.
"Lord Strathgate," said Ellen
quickly, "confine your attention to me.
You play with me, not my husband.
Stand back, Carrlngton," she went on
iHrtly to her husband, choking with
rage at the double insult in his guest's
question. "You taunted me as a Puri
tan and a Quaker, and you have all
Jeered and mocked at me. I'll show
7ou that I can play and lose or win
with the best of you."
Back and forth the wagers went
with varying fortune between the two
until after half an hour's fierce and
uninterrupted play Ellen found herself
In Strathgate's debt for 20,000, so
easily is money lost upon the turning
of a card.
"My lord," she said, rising and calm
ly pushing the cards from her, "that
la as much ready money as I have at
my banker's. When I play, I pay.
"What are those things of which I
have heard you speak, I. O. U.'s do
they call them? Will some one show
xne how to make one out? The money
shall be paid you in the morning."
"Give no thought to that, my lady,"
cried Strathgate. "It was but an idle
pleasantry, our play, and I am ready
to cancel the obligation and let the
evening so as if it were not."
-No, by heaven!" cried Carringtoa,
''when my wife loses she pays." .
This," aaid Ellen, "is a needless
Interruption. I have never had the
faintest intention of failing to do so.
Have you written the T. O. U.r Thank
you, duke," she continued as the old
xoan handed her a paper on which he
fead scribbled. "Are the figures right?
Tea. 30.000."
She hastily wrote her name at the
fjottom of the document and handed It
lo Strathgate with a gracious bow.
Even Jealous, maddened Carrlngton
Admitted that she was a gallant
"Now the rest of you may play as
you will," she said, smiling gayly upon
"Our little game seems small be
side that," said the duchess.
"You're right." assented the po
raL -I vote we pt away the cards and
ave a -dance," Interrupted Lady
Cecily, who fett very much put out at
Jkarl&c been so easily driven, from
t&e center of the state by her hostess.
-Walt!" seld-Csrrlatoo; who stood
topefled tiartag the . transaction.
Strathat aad I will play, a came."
""Indeed. I thiak yoe. have done It all
tone" said Admiral Kephert sot to
-Whatever same yea like, Cerring-
L repUed CtrathgaU.
TO ye for that X. O. D. of
aid - 8trathwU coolly.
sV ye eCsr to set ap against
r , . - --
"Carrlngton hall. There is not a
mortgage upon it, and it has been put
"Whatever Game You Like."
In thorough repair. 'Tis worth double
your stake."
"In thorough repair," mused Strath
gate looking about, "ay, since your
"Since my marriage," returned Car
rlngton, flushing under the insult.
"Good, I take you," said Strathgate,
"what shall it be?"
"Well, cut the cards as before."
"Once or thrice?"
"One time. It shall be my last
temptation of fortune," he added
"Well said," returned Strathgate,
sneerlngly, "when it is lost you lose
your all."
Ellen stepped forward impulsively
ss if to interrupt, and then stopped;
my lord was speaking.
"Nay, my lord,", said Carrington,
bowing, "I shall have one thing left,
which possibly does not enter into
your calculations."
Ellen stepped expectant. Was he
going to say "my wife?"
No, the words came from him
"My honor!"
And disappointed Ellen was glad she
had waited.
"Much good may it do you, when all
else is lost," quavered the duchess.
"Will you cut first?" asked Strath
gate indifferently, extending the deck.
"Admiral, will you shuffle the
cards?" answered Carrington, takir.;
the pack from the other and handing
it to the old sailor.
"My boy," interposed the admiral,
"you were a midshipman with me,
and I may therefore presume to ad
vise you. Think what you do. Enough
has been lost to-night. Don't stake."
"Would Lord Carrington take ref
uge in the commands of his superior
oilicer?" again asked Strathgate, an
evil smile on his handsome face.
"Enough," bluntly replied the old
admiral, "you cannot retire now."
"Nor have I the slightest wish to do
so," returned Carrington promptly,
"although I thank you for your In
terest. Lord Strathgate " he prof
fered him the cards "it Is at the de
cision of fortune whether you remain
my guest or I am yours."
Strathgate drew a card, looked at it,
smiled, and laid it face downward
upon the table. An expression of in
tense satisfaction spread over his
Carrington followed the other's mo
tions, grim and frowning. His face
did not change as he drew his card
and laid it face downward upon the
table. - .
"Uncover your cards, gentlemen,"
said the duke.
"Wait!" cried Strathgate. "I have
another wager to propose. Twenty
thousand pounds with any man that
I win."
He looked from one to the other.
"What, .will no one take me?"
Ellen stepped forward.
Carrington faced her and struck his
hand upon the table.'
"This passes endurance. By God,
you shall not back!"
Ellen had . never seen him In such
a passion before.
Strathgate laughed consummately.
"Carrington. I have no wish to ruin
you this way. I give you the option
of withdrawing from the wager. Save
your castle."
"Turn up your card." cried Carring
ton, throwing the four of clubs up
ward on the table.
Strathgate laughed a wicked laugh
without any merriment In it, but a
brave one, exeelleotly well done.
- "Gentlemen," v b said. "Lord . Car-.
ring-ton la laeky at cards. "I hare but
the three of diamonds.- He , turned, it
veCrt-TTou ' win.-, my Triced. Your
wife's L O. XT. Is roars and I confess
I'm glad of it."
"The dastard," growled Admiral
Kephard, sotto voce.. .
."Why did you proffer each a wafer
that yea would win?" QsestioBsd the
: , ; S'.. '
"It was bat my faaey," retained
Strathgate. "Lord Carriagton hath
been so lucky lnhis. loreL I thought
myself sure to win irom him at cards."
"Madam," said Carrington, standing
up grim and grave and proffering the
paper to his wife, "I return you your
debt of honor."
"Hy no means, sir," returned Ellen
proudly, "it shall be raid to you in
the morning."
"Hetter to me than to Lord Strath
gate," Baid Carrlngton bitterly.
"I doubt not," said Ellen scorn
fully, "that you will both of you
make good usage of your winnings.
Shall we dance?"
A Dance, a Kiss, a Meeting.
j Taking the assent of the company
j for granted, Ellen, who had assumed
the unexpected role of leadership in
the evening's entertainment, sum
moned the servants and directed them
to move the furniture from the center
of the room in preparation for the
"What, Lady Carrington, shall we
dance?" began Lady Cecily. "I am
sure," she continued wth that mock
ery of kindness which deceived no
body, "the company would wish to
dance something that you know."
"Your sudden conversion to the friv
olities of society makes us desire to
encourage you with all our powers,"
added Mrs. Monbrant viciously.
"I am too old," chuckled the duch
ess, "for your modern trippings, but
I think I can foot it still in the contra
dance, er, duke?"
"My dear Arabella," said the duke
blinking solemnly, "you are admirable
in everything you do and I have no
doubt you can show these people a
step or two yet, and by Gad, I'm with
He rose, lifted his hand and made a
feeble pirouette which was greeted
with great applause.
"As for me," said Ellen, "I know no
dances, but I am willing to learn pro
vided I have a teacher."
"Madam," said Strathgate, promptly
stepping forword.
"Your pardon," interposed the host
rudely, "you have given Lady Car
rington enough lessons for one even
ing, that shall be my pleasure."
Ellen looked him up and down
"On second thought," she said, "I
do not care for a lesson to-night."
The cut was direct and unmistak
able. "As you please," returned Carring
ton haughtily. "Lady Cecily, if we
dance, will you honor me by being
my partner?"
"Always," said that vivacious per
son, ogling her handsome but gloomy
admirer in the most open and shame
faced way.
"And I would that your always
might be forever," said Ellen coolly.
"If you can't and won't dance, Lady
Carrington," said Mrs. Monbrant, who
knew very well Ellen's inability,
"won't you play for us?"
"I can't play either," answered Ellen.
"What, neither play nor dance!
Where were you brought up, my dear
child?." continued the widow in a
tone of commiseration, as if she had
beard the dire news for the first time
at that moment.
"Among men, Mrs. Monbrant, where
you perhaps would like to fetch up,"
returned Ellen tartly.
"Ha! ha!" cackled old General
Athelstrong behind his handkerchief,
" 'fore Gad she had her there."
The ancient soldier seemed to con
stitute himself a senile commentary
on his hostess' repartee.
"And you are mistaken in one
point," added Ellen. "I can dance if
anyone will play."
"But I thought," began Carrington
" 'Tis a dance I learned on ship
board, my lord," said his wife auda
ciously. She was fairly Intoxicated
with her recklessness that night. "And
If someone will play "
The door opened and in came Mis
tress Debbie followed by Sir Charles.
"Egad, Seton," snickered the duke,
"did you find Baxter's 'Saints' Rest'
so engrossing that you forgot all about
"There were other books In the li
brary, your grace," returned Debbie
spiritedly, "and Sir Charles and I for
got the flight of time in conning o'er
the printed page."
"The only printed page that ever
made me forget the flight of time,'
returned the duke, "had spots on it."
"Yes. most of the pages that you
turn are spotted," said Ellen boldly.
She feared dukes not at all, especially
those of the Dulward stamp, and It
seemed as if In her desperation she
was bent upon rudeness to all my
lord's friends. ,
"He! - he!" snickered Athelstrong
again, "she had him there surely."
The duke turned on the general In
sudden fury, hut again Ellen Inter
vened. '"Debbie, I'm going to show these
people how to dance, will you play
for me?"
"Play for a dance?" cried Deborah.
"Ellen, what has come over you? You
; "Ay," returned my lady, "and lost
twenty thousand pounds."
. "Twenty thousand pounds!" gasped
Deborah sinking into a chair.'
"Compose yourself, my dear. My
lord has won K back and holds It
safe in his pocket."
, . I told you." began Carrlngton. "that
I- - . .;: -.
"Keep It, my lord. Yea may hare
aeed of It." said Ellen.
: "I am glad that all has ended well."
Intervened Sir Charles, vaguely feeling
taarrei la' the air. He was looking
very happy la spite of the raillery to
which he was subjected for his sad
den taterest ta the doctrine of Mas
ter Richard Baxter "and X eongratu
late you. Lady Carrington, on Baring
lost to your husband."
From tbe Ledger.
On May 5th the stork presented Ed.
Miller and wife with a 12-pound girl.
Eli M. Smith and wife are the proud
parents of a fine boy baby that regis
tered at their home Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Joseph Marshall and daughter
Beulah came down from Plattsmouth
for a visit Saturday and Sunday with
Union friends.
The Union Band proposes to be up-to-date
in all things, having decided to
discard the red and blue uniforms and
ordered a new and complete outfit of
18 suits made to order in Cincinnati.
Harry Graves came from Seward
last Saturday on account of the illness
of his mother, remaining until Tues
day. He is employed in the office of
the Seward Independent Democrat,
where he has held a job since going
there eight months ago.
The pool hall changed hands the first
of this week, George Stites buying the
stock and equipments and leasing the
lower part of the building from Ed.
Leach, the former proprietor. Ed has
not yet decided upon his plans for the
future, but will keep his home here and
spend sometime visiting and looking af
ter his farm in Chase county.
Mrs. Clinkinbeard, mother of Mrs.
Myron Lynde, has been very ill at the
Lynde home in this village since last
Saturday, suffering an attack of neura
lgia, of the stomach followed by other
ailments. For sometime it was thought
impossible for her to recover, but a
slight change for better is noticed and
at last reports she seems to be gaining
strength, but very slowly.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, )
Lucas County. J
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
for each and every case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, the 6th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886.
c.T A- W. Gleason.
(oEAL.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
From the Leader-Echo:
South Bend will be "dry" the com
ing year. The required number of sign
er for the petition could not be se
cured. Dr. Neely was called to Murdock
Monday evening to examine ten appli
cants for the A. O. U. W. A Workman
lodge is being organized in that city.
Geo. Reader is suffering severely
from cancer of the stomach. We are
to learn that small hopes are enter
tained for his recovery.
Sterling Rhoden is minus the first
joint of one of his little fingers. He
was drilling corn one day last week and
caught his hand in the gearing of the
Frank Royer and wife came up from
Hoyt, Kansas, last week for a few days
visit with his mother, Mrs. J B Royer.
Frank says he likes his new location
Myrtle Chapman, the daughter of
L. A. Chapman of this Village, has just
recieved a call to teach stenography in
Oskaloosa 'Christian College (la.) dur
ing the next college year. Miss Chap
man is a graduate of the Iowa Wes
leyan University in stenography, and
will probably accept the call at Oska
loosa. Irene Elizabeth, the four and a half
months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Schwin, residing near Murdock,
died Tuesday evening from brain fever.
Funeral services were held from the
Methodist church at Murdock Wednes
day. Interment in Elmwood cemetery.
The parents have the sympathy of
thier many Elmwood friends in thier
Valued Same as Gold.
B. G. Stewart, a merchant of Cedar
View, Miss., says: "I tell my custom
ers when they buy a box of Dr. King's
New Life Pills they get the worth of
that much gold in weight, if afflicted
with constipation, malaria or bilious
ness." Sold under guarantee at F. G.
Fricke & Co., drug store. 25c.
(From the Register.)
Mrs. Stone is improving and Mrs.
Wallace is on the road to recover.
Born: Monday, May 11, to Mr. and
Mrs. Nathan Harger, a son.
Roy Malcolm returned from Avoca
last Friday after visiting a week with
his brother.
Miss Carrie 'Allison came up from
Union' for an over Sunday visit with
the family of D. C. West.
Hiss Nellie Sylvester" of Surprise,
The Kind You Ilavc Always
in use for over SO yearn,
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good" are bat
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castorfa is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething- Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
Tbe Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Haye Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
tmc ccNTAun rcaMr, TT HIIMM nMCT, MEW ) err.
Neb., visited over Sunday with Miss
Mabel and Leda Ross. J
Born On Wednesday, May 13th, at
the residence of "Grandpa" William !
R. Davis, to Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey j
Orton, a son. The Register extends
Charles S. Stone returned from his
winter visit at Oklahoma. He thinks
that the "Baby" state is just "the
candy" and when the sign is right will
locate in that state. He says it has
been very cool down there for the past
two week.
One of the wealthiest citizens of the
town living not far from the church
informs the editor of the Register that
he has $100 to prosecute the players of
Sunday base ball in this village. And
if any more base ball is played on
Sunday the players may expect a war
rant for their arrest on Monday.
Excavations were begun last week
for the foundation of a new residence
to be built by the Warden sisters. The
lots are located just east of the M. E.
church and were purchased from Gov.
Sheldon. The house tbey will build
will contain six rooms and will cost
about $1,200 and will by pushed through
to completion as rapidly as possible.
A public spirited citizen, Silas Munn
drags the roads so do other people
the only difference between him and
others is that Silas drags them after
rain, and the roads are always in
fine shape along his farm. Now we
will put every farmer's name in the
"Honorable Mention Column," who
will drag the roads and keep at it.
Public spirit counts much in the develop
ing of any community. Follow Silas'
The World's Best Climate
is not entirely free from disease, on the
high elevations fevers prevail, while on
the lower levels malaria is encounted
to a greater or less extent, according
to altitude. To overcome climate af
fections lassitude, malaria, jaundice,
biliousness, fever and ague, and gen
eral debility, the most effective remedy
is Electric Bitters, the great alterative
and blood purifier; the antidote for
every form of bodily weakness, nervous
ness, and insomnia. Sold under guar
antee at F. G. Fricke & Co., drug
store. Price 50c.
Louisville Assessor Returns.
John H. Groop, of Louisville, the
deputy assessor for Louisville precinct,
was a visitor, in tbe city this - morning,
bringing in his books, and making the
returns for the assessment. In com
pleting this assessment. Mr. Groop
has shown that he is a hustler as well
as a pains-taking and careful official.
It is certain that when Assessor Soen-
nichsen selected Mr. Groop for the
position, he made no mistake.
It Reached the Spot.
Mr. E. Humphrey, who owns a large
general store at Omega, O., and is
president of the Adams County Tele
phone Co., as well as of the Home
Telephone Co., of Pike County, O.,
says of Dr. King's New Discovery: "It
saved may life once. At least I think
it did. It seemed to reach the spot
the very seat of my cough, when
everything else failed." Dr. King's
New Discovery not only reaches, the
cough spot; it heals the sore spots and
the weak spots in throat, lungs and
chest. Sold under guarantee at F. G.
Fricke & Co., drug store. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free.
Bought, and which has been
has borno tho signature oC
and has been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy
Allow no one to deceive you In this
Signature of
Eldridge, the Entertainer.
At the Parmele last evening to a very
small, but appreciative audience, Mr.
Eldredge Fpoke. With no one to intro
duce him, he arose to the occasion and
introducing himself, spoke very enter
tainingly and was well received by those
present, who say it was one of the best
entertainments of the season. Mr. El
dredge was an extra number of the lec
ture course that was procured in order
to pull the committee out of the hole.
But from the attendance at the enter
tainment last evening, a doubt remains
as to getting out, and probably a deficit,
as well.
A Californian's Luck.
"The luckiest day of my life was
when I bought a box of Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve," writes Charles F. Budahn,
of Tracy, California. "Two 25c. boxes
cured me of an annoying case of itch
ing piles, which had troubled me for
years and that yielded to no other
treatment." Sold under guarantee at
F. G. Fricke & Co., drug store.
Legal Notice.
Tlie State of Nebraska. In C'ountx Court for
County of Casw.
In the matter of t lie estate of Martraret A. l'at
terson, loceaM-d.
All jiersons interested or concerned are here
by not Hied tliat a itetltlon lias leen filed in
said court, praying for tlie appointment of
Mae I'alterson. administratrix of the estate of
Martraret A. I'atterson. deceased, late of naid
county and state, and that a hearlntr will be
had on said petition at the ofllce of tlie County
Judtre at the court house. In tlie city of Platts
mouth. in said county and Ptate. on Saturday,
May Itith. 1M0H. at 10 o'clock a. m. All objec
tions to the prayer of said petition must be
filed before said hour of hearinjf.
Witnesss by hand and official seal tills 30th
day of April, A. I..
Allen J. Kiikox.
pealI County Judtre.
W. C. Kamfet. Attorney for the Estate.
First Publication April J. 1908.
State or Nebiiafka. u . .
County of Cass. In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Benjamin Kao
ard, deceased.
All person Interested In the above estate
are hereby notified that on May snh. 19QH, at
10 o'clock a. m. of said day. a hearlntr will be
had upon the final account and petition for
final settlement and distribution of tbe estate
Benjamin Kanard. deceased, at the county
court room at Plattsmouth. in Cass county,
Nebraska, and which time aaid final account
will be examined and adjusted and the final
decree of distribution will tie entered, and al
lowance made for the fees of the administra
tor and his attorney, that all objections must
be filed by said time.
Witness my hand and seal of said court this
9th day of May. 1IK.
By the Court. ALLEN .1. BEESON.
seal County Judtre.
America' Thermal Wonderland
Curative waters, healthful and
agreeable climate, restful sur
roundings every form of recre
ation if desired, all completely
illustrated and described in our
new booklet, also rates at ho
tels, bath houses, etc.
Missouri Pacific
Iron Mountain
ci:ect tc:::h c:ste
Call on your logal agent or address V
B. H. PAYNE. . I
General Passenger and Ticket Agent, S
St. Louis, Mo.