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Short Items of Interest, From Tues
day Evening's Daily Journal
R. E. Mayfield returned this morning
from a trip of a few days at Memphis.
Asa Snyder, of Omaha, was a visitor
in the city this morning looking after
some business matters.
Henry Kauble and wife were passen
gers to Omaha this morning, where
they will visit for the day.
Hans Tarns is on the sick lies this
week, and is not working at his custom
ery place with the Burlington.
Mrs. James Chalfant was a business
visitor in the county seat this morning,
from southwest of Rock Bluffs.
D. A. Rivitt of Lincoln was a visitor
in the city this morning looking after
some business for the Burlington.
W. II. I'arton returned this morning
from a trip to Lincoln, where he was
looking after some business matters.
- Master Ogle riper, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Chad. Iiper, is still very sick with
the grippe.
Ed. Murphy departed for Omaha this
morning, where ho will look after busi
ness for the day.
Mrs. P. Kelly, living on lower Main
street. Is very sick with the grippe, and
confined to her bed.
John J. Swoboda was a passenger to
Omaha this morning, where he is taking
treatment for some nasal trouble.
II. G. Vanhorn was a passenger to
Omaha this morning, where he is look
ing after some business matters.
John Schaipacasse was a passenger
to Omaha this mornintr. where he has
some business calling his attention.
W. J- Hart wick departed this morn
ing for Iowa, where he will look after
the sale of the output of his candy
Chas Chnsweisser was a passenger
to South Omaha this morning, where he
is makintr some cattle shipments to
Last evening H. F. Schlater, of Wa
bash, acred 27. was issued a license to
wed Miss Martha Schlaplof, of Murdock,
aged 20.
C. E. TefTt, of Weeping Water, was
a visitor in the city this morning hav
incr some leeral matters to look after in
the county seat.
County commissioner L. D. Switzer,
of Weeping Water, came in and is look
incr after some business matters in the
city for the county.
H. R. Neitzel came in this morning
from Murdock, and is visiting with the
family of F. R. Guthman and looking
after some business.
Miss Bertha Nathan departed Sunday
evenintr for her home at Geneva, after
a visit with her aunt, Mrs. Dorothy
Golding, for a few days.
Joseph Mullen, of LImwood. was a
visitor in the city this morning, looking
after some business matters pertaining
to the Soldiers Relief board.
George N. LaRue, of Union, was
visitor in the city this morning, looking
after some business matters at the
court house.
E. B. lieffert. of Lincoln, was a busi
ness visitor in the city this morning.
looking after some matters for the
Burlington railway company.
Will Miles of, Sioux City, was a visi
tor in the city last evening looking over
the citv with a view of trading some
western land for city property.
M. Fanirer and wife departed for
Lincoln, where they visit for a few
days with friends, and where Mr. Fan
ger will look after some business mat
ters. Miss Stella Gooding departed for Om
aha this morning, where she will
visit for a while and probably accept a
Dosition in a wholesale house in the
Martin Steppet, wife and daughter
Miss Martha, were visitors in Omaha
this mornincr. lookine after some busi
ness matters and visiting with friends
for the day.
George Griffith and wife came in this
morning from Denham, where they have
been making their home and will visit
with Mrs. Griffith's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Piper.
T. H. Pollock was a visitor in Omaha
this morning, where he is looking after
some business matters relative to the
new Telephone plant which is being
installed at the metropolis.
Felix Sieczkowsky, wife and daugh
ter, Lena, departed for Omaha this
morning, where they will attend the
wedding today of a friend formerly
living in this place, Albert Wojtowicz.
The wedding occurred this morning at
10. a. m. and was an elaborate affair.
The trained nurse which has been em
ployed at the home of F. R. Guthman
during the sickness of Mrs Guthman
and daughter, Minnie, was discharged
as the patients have recovered suffi
ciently that the services of the attend
ent can well be dispended with.
Dr. A. P. Barnes returned this morn
ing from a business visit at Omaha.
II. D. Travis wa a business visitor
in Omah this afternoon.
J. R. Perry yesterday disposed of his
phonograph business to the Sulz Broth
ers, of Omaha.
Jesse McVey who has been so sick at
the Perkins House for sometime, is re
ported as being a little better.
R. N. Hawes of Omaha was a visitor
in the city this morning, transacting
some business matters with our mer
II. J. Deyo of Lincoln was a visitor
in the city this morning, looking after
some business matters for the Bur
ling ton.
Ray Travis departed this afternoon
for Omaha, where he takes up his
studies again in the business college at
that place.
Joseph Kutes of Crete after visiting
in the city for some days with friends
departed this afternoon for his home
on the fast mail.
E. II. Elton was a passenger to
South Omaha this afternoon where he
is doing some work for the Plattsmouth
Telephone Company.
Mrs. James Chalfant and Mrs. John
Hendricks were passengers to Omaha
this afternoon, where Mrs. Chalfant is
having her eyes treated.
B. A. McElwain the jeweler was a
visitor in the capitol city this afternoon
where he will be the guest of his sister,
Mrs. John Dutton and family.
Westley Bernett was a visitor in the
citv this morniner lookincr for his wife
who has been visiting in Glenwood with.
her sister for the past week.
Mrs. Mary Denny of Youtan was a
visitor in the city with relatives and
friends for a few days departed for her
home this afternoon on the fast mail.
Frank Boyd sold the house on the
south side of the park, and which he
has for Rental purposes to Lee Cotner
for. $575. 00. Mr. Cotner will make his
home there as soon as it is vacated.
Comelils Heitz and son, Denton of
Malvern were in the city this morning
looking after a well-boring machingbut
not making the trade which they has
expected departed for Omaha on the
fast mail.
O. H. Terry, machanical inspector
of the Burlington, was a visitor in the
city this morning from Lincoln, looking
after some business matters for the
company, departing for her home on
the fast mail.
H. B. Kepner, general piece work
inspector for the Burlington, having
headquarters in Lincoln, was a visitor
in the city this morning looking after
some business matters for the company.
While here a phonograph horn on dis
play at the place formerly occupied by
Jesse P. Jerry appealed to his as to
price and he made a purchase. As he
departed for his home at the capitol city
he said he was going to toot his own
Mat Leuck departed last evening for
Edgemont, S. D, where he accepts a
position with the Burlitgton in the
Blacksmith shops and will probably
make that their future home should
things so shape themselves.
Mrs George Touchy returned this
morning from Denver, where she has
been visiting for some time past with
friends, and shipping their household
effect to Texas, where Mr Touchy is
employed as station agent for a railway
thai p onion of the country.
Neglected Colds Threaten Life.
(Chicago Tribune)
"Don't trifle with a cold,' is good ad
vice for prudent men and women. It may
be vital in the of a child. Proper food,
good ventilation, and dry warm clothing
are the safe guards against colds. If they
are maintained through the changeable
weather of autumn, winter and sring,
the chances of a surprise from ordinary
colds will be slight. But the ordinary
light cold will become severe if neglected.
and a well established ripe cold is to the
germs of diphtheria what honey is to a
bee. The greatest menace to a child
life at this season of the year is the neg
lected cold. " Whether it is a child or
adult, the colds light or severe, the very
best treatment that can be adopted is to
give Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
is safe and sure. The popularity and
immense sale of this preparation has
been attained by its remarkable cures
of this ailment. A cold never results
in pneumonia when it is given. For
sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Will Attend the Wedding
Mrs. Ed. Fitzgerald and daughter,
Opal, departed for Omaha this morn
ing, where they will be present at the
wedding . of Miss Mayme Coffey and
Chas. Olsen. which takes place at the
St. Peters Cathedral
at nine o'cloc
this morning.
Henry Kingery was a visitor in Om
aha this afternoon.
A. W. White and Carl Kunsman
were busine33 visitors in Omaha this
R. G. Hoffman departed this morning
for Lincoln where he will visit for a few
days with friends.
A. C. Carey and son, L. F. Carey,
from near Union were visitors in the
city this morning.
Mrs. Chas Peacock was a visitor in
Omaha this morning, where she is hav
ing her eyes treated.
Mrs. John Beeson is able to be out
again, after having been sick with the
grippe for sometime,
G. W. Noble of Omaha, was a visitor
in the city this morning, looking after
some insurance business.
W. F. Donner and wife of Malvern,
Iowa came in this morning and visited
at the home of Dr. J. H. Hall.
Mrs. R. J. Ritchie was a visitor in
Omaha this afternoon, where she will
be the guest of friends for the day.
John Carmack was a passenger to
Omaha this morning looking after some
business matters in the metropolis.
F. M.Richey is making improvements
in his lumber office, by placing a large
window in it.
George W. Curyea of Alvo was a
visitor in the city last evening, looking
after some business matters.
Miss Barbara Gering and Mrs. T. P.
Livingston were visitors with friends
in South Omaha this morning.
M. Fanger and wife returned last
evening from Lincoln, where they have
been visiting for the past two days.
Chas Barnard departed this morning
for Hillsdale, Iowa, where he will visit
for some time with his parents and
. K. Parmele returned home last
evening from a trip to South Omaha,
where he was looking after some busi
ness matters.
Joseph Lloyd and little grandson
came m last evening irom Lincoln,
where they have been visiting for the
week with friends and relatives.
Section foreman Chas McGuire, with
a gang oi men went to Veaar reeic
this morning to load rock for the Bur-
ington for rip-raping purposes.
Commissioner L. D. Switzer departed
for his home in Weeping Water this
morning, after serving on the board of
county commisoners for the past few
C. H. Henry of Shenandoah, Iowa, ,
came in this afternoon and is visiting
with his son, Raymond Henry, for a
few days.
Alex Bayserg, to day sold to Mike
Timmes, seven acres of land just south
of Happy Hollow, for $400.00. without
any improvements.
Mds. Carl N. Humphrey was called to
Nebraska Ccity last night to see her
brother, Mr. Ralph Derr, who is very
seriously ill; she left on the midnight
Perry Smith of St. Paul, Minn., was
a business visitor in the city last even
ing, having business with two of our
banks, and departing this morning for
Levi Rusterholtz departed this morn
ing for Cedar County, where
he will visit for a week or ten days at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. Marvin
Dr. F. D. Burgess of Cedar Rapids
came in last evening and is visiting for
short time with his parents, Canon,
and Mrs. H. B. Burgess at this place.
R. B. Windham returned last even
ing from a trip to York, this state,
where he has been lookine after some
business matters lor the past iew
Basket ball game between Silver
City, Iowa, and Plattsmouth Saturday
evening at Coates' hall. Be sure and
attend. The game will be called
promptly at 7:45.
Carl Lbinger of rlainview came m
ast evening and will visit in the city
for some time, the guest of his grand
mother, Mrs. George P. Weidman, and
other relatives.
A. M. Griffin of Osceola, Iowa, de
parted for his home last evening, after
having been in the city for some time,
ooking after some Real estate business
and other matters in the city.
Levi Rusterholtz of west of Murray
was a visitor in the city last evemng,
ooking after some business matters
and visiting with his old friend, Jesse
McVey, who is sick with a severe at
tack of the grippe at the Perkin's
Mrs. R. H. Cowels and children came
in this afternoon from Hamburg, la.,
and are visiting at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Andrews,
on Winterstein hilL
Mrs. George Hall and Little Leslie
Hall departed this morning for their
home at Holdrege, where Mr. Hall
went some two week3 since and where
he is engaged with Max Ulig Hardware
Gus. Hawkinson and wife departed
this afternoon for Havelock, where
they will visit for a few days, after
which they will depart for Proplets-
town, I1L, where they will make their
home and where they will farm the
coming season.
Oscar Gapin was a business visitor in
Omaha this morning.
Herold Streight was a visitor in the
metropolis this afternoon.
Miss Anna Tarns was a visitor in Oma
ha with friends this afternoon.
Will Jean was looking after business
in the metropolis this morning.
Mrs. Antone Janda was a visitor in
in Omaha with friends this morning.
Philip Saute r was a visitor in Omaha
this morning and returned on the even
ing train.
Mrs. Fred Stull is reported as being
very sick at her home north of the citj',
with the grippe.
Roy Thompson, son of Joseph Thomp
son, is reported as being on the sick list
with something like the grip.
Thomas South returned home this
morning, after visiting with his parents
at Hamburg, Iowa, for a few days.
Chas. Patterson came in this morning
from Arapahoe, and will visit for a few
days with friends and relatives here.
Theodore Miller returned this morning
from a visit at Cedar Creek, where he
was the guest of J. B. Tipton for a
short time.
Mrs. John Hiber departed on the
early Burlington train for Lincoln,
where she will visit for a short time
with friends.
W. F. Gillespie was a visitor in South
Omaha this morning from Mynard,
having a car of mixed stock on the mar
ket at that place.
C. A. Richey, of Louisville, was a
visitor in the county seat this morning,
having some business and being the
guest of his folks here.
Don and Jesse York have accepted
positions with an extra gang, which
are doing some work on the Burlington
track at this place and west.
Mrs. F. H. Richardson and children
departed for Council Bluffs this morn
ing, where they will visit for some
time with relatives and friends.
O. F. Leaford departed this morning
for Omaha, where he will visit with
friends for a few days, before return
ing to his home at Hamburg, la.
Master Clarence Staats is reported as
somewhat improved and is able to sit
up some, but is not able to be out of
the house.
John Schiappacasse has just received
a half car load of banannas, and selling
them for 15 cents a dozen, or two doz
en for 25 cents.
Antone Stenner and wife, departed
for their home in North Platte today,
after visiting in the city for a few days
at the home of his brother, Jacob Sten
ner. E. H. Elton and John Bull, of the
Plattsmouth Telephone company de
parted this morning for South Omaha,
where they will do some work .on the
Supreme Court Commissioner, J. L.
Root, came in this morning from Lin
coln, where he has been for the past
few day looking after some business
Y. A. Ralstrom and James Fryberg
departed for Lincoln this morning,
where they have some work to do for
the Burlington, after which they will
return to their homes at Galesburg
Aaron Gehart and wife departed this
morning for Nebraska City, after visit
ing in the city for a short time at the
home of W. H. Freese. They will visit
in Nebraska City with the family of
Peter Freese for a few days before re
turning to their home at Joplin, Mo.
Mrs. Jay Madsen and Mrs. W. T. Mel-
bourn were passengers for Omaha this
afternoon, where they will visit with
Mrs. L. M. Kuhney, who. is in the St.
Joseph hospital receiving treatment for
appendicitis, and who is reported as
getting along nicely.
Mrs. Fred Latham and daughter,
Mrs. J. F. Wellington, came in a few
days since and are visiting with friends
in the city for a short time, after which
they will visit for sometime in Jennings,
La. for a while. They will then return
to LaFayette, Indiana, where they will
make their home in the future.
General Demand
of the Well-informed of the World has
always been for a simple, pleasant and
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
value; a laxative which physicians could
sanction for family use because its com
ponent parts are known to them to be
wholesome and truly beneficial in effect,
acceptable to the system and gentle, yet
prompt, in action.
In supplying that demand with its ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup
Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies
on the merits of the laxative for its remark
able success.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given
the preference by the Well-informed.
To get its beneficial effects always buy
the genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale
by all leading druggists. Price fifty cents
per bottle.
Court Rules Intention of Law is That Caro
Shall be Given Veterans Regardless
of Their Pensions A Right
eous Decision.
A special from Grand Island, under
date of February 12, says: "Judge
Hanna and Paul, in the district court
today overruled the demurrer filed by
the state to the petition of R. B.
Howell of the Soldiers' and Sailors'
home, restraining the state board from
interfering in any way with the pen
sions of the members of the two homes
in this state. In the absence of any
representative of the state boaid, an
exception was filed for them, both
judges further concurring, and it was
indicated that time would be given
them to indicate if they desired to
stand on the demurrer, or have further
hearing. The allegations in the peti
tion were sustained and the injunctions
remains, preventing the state board
from carrying out the order to take
part of the pension monies of all re
ceiving over $12 per month, and also
restraining the commandants of the
Grand Island and Milford homes from
interfering in any way with the mem
bers thereof, owing to noncompliance
with the enjoined rule. It is expected,
as was announced from Lincoln today,
that the state board will immediately
As great as were the recent cures in
Europe they are greater in America to
day. The cure of Rupture and other
diseases without the knife is now an ac
domplished fact as can be proven by
The German Specialists, of Council
Bluffs, la.
With special instructions used by no
other doctor they can diagnose diseases
so accurately that patients are astonish
ed, especially because they do not ask a
single question in finding the cause of
The validity of their claims can be
tested by all who write for appointment
card. Tneir ad stating time to cure
Awaken From Your Peaceful Slumbers to Hear
Sweet Music That Tells You That Burg
lars Are Around the House
A great many people have planned
different sorts of receptions for burg
lars, but no one has ever given con
sideration to the musical sense of that
fraternity until C. R. Lerch,of Winth
rop street, Brooklyn, arranged a lyre
shaped harp upon his door to serve the
double purpose of welcoming friends
with harmonious sounds and providing
an agreeable surprise to burglars says
the New York Tribune. When a burg
lar opens the door the same musical
tones which greet him acquaint his
intended victims with his presence be
fore he has had even time to think of
spoons. The harp will vibrate loudly
enough to awaken any sleeper of the
average sort. Of course there are
sleepers who never blink an eyelid at
the most resounding nocturnal noises.
Such sleepers would need the report of
a cannon to awaken them to the fact
that burglars were appraising their
jewelry and biting their silver to learn
whether or not it was plated. The or
dinary person, however, whose nerves
respond more or less to unusual sounds
in the night, will immediately awaken
at the vibrations of the harp burglar
alarm and secure the necessary weapons
to welcome the uninvited guest should
he fail to take the musical hint given
upon the threshhold of the house and
leave for more silent domains.
The cadences of the harp are much
more resounding when it is strung with
piano wires. These keep in tune and
Diseases a Specialty,
S32 Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
appeal the case from the district to the
supreme court. ,
Judge Paul commented upon the
modifications of the Nebraska act and
for the establishment, maintenance and
government of the home. It had first
placed the power of passing upon ap
plications and membership in a visiting
and examining board; it later changed
it and placed it in the hands of the
county commissioners of each county.
That disposed of one question. The
act provided that the state maintain a
home. It made appropriations there
for. It did not provide for th appro
priation of monies therefor in any
other way than through the legislature.
Judge Paul also held that the intention
of the legislature was clearly inimical
to such power, for a moral obligation
was admitted by the public generally
as going out to the veteran soldiers.
Society, generally, acknowledged this
obligation io the men who had given
three of four of their best years
years in which, ordinarily, men educate
themselves for the battle of life, or
become established in business for the
common benefit, as is demonstrated by
the pension act, and it was not the
intention of the legislature of this
state to appropriate any part of thin
various diseases appears elsewhere in
this paper.
Resign His Position.
Chas Crabill has tendered his resign
ation as carrier of the rural mail route
running out of this place, and will go
to New Mexico in the near future,
take a claim and become a farmer. The
resignation is tendered to take effect
on the first of March. Soon after
which Charles expects to go to the
south-west with the intention on stay
ing. Mrs. G. F. S. Berton was a visitor in
Omaha this afternoon.
require less tightening up than do man
dolin wires, which are so used for this
Mr Lerch's musical burglar alarm
has a sounding board made of white
mahogany, and curved sides of cypress,
to the upper ends of which are attached
small ornaments carved in the shape of
harps. It is strung with mandolin or
piano wires and has a key which will
tune it up to an octave. To the cross
bar at the top of this lyre-shaped in
strument are attached silken strings of
different lengths, weighted with metal
balls a little larger than marbles. The
strings are so arranged that the slight
est movement of the door will set the
balls to vibrating against the wires in a
pleasant concord of sweet sounds. The
vibration will continue for GO seconds,
when the musical chords will softly die
away into silence.
Visitors are inspired with a pleasur
able feeling when greeted at the door
by weirdly sweet sounds, the source of
which they do not always- see. The
burglar, on the contrary, nonplused.
He does not know what the sounds
mean whether they will increase or
diminish in volume, nor whether they
serve as a gentle hint that a trap has
been sprung or something more violent
placed near at hand for his entertain
ment. He seldom feels encouraged to
investigate, especially as he knows
that only an unusually sound sleeper.or
a deaf person, could continue to slum
ber after the harp had began to play.
Fistula Fissure, Bleeding, Itching, Ul- II U 1.1 U II E T
ceration. Constipation and all Rectal -