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    Classified Advertisements
7AC it-h ut Joining -lt jr. nearly all ImlUirn
land no ovt-r How. t'nir Itnpruvt-niriit.
liHMl t'rnit at & M-r i-i'iit. Surely ttarjcaln.
i'LVUD prr arr-. W.ll. Mmoiiion. Kort S'ott.
K kiii at. St I
Fir Milfi'lu-Hp- r'lnt ri4iM-li. 2.i iit-h
i tdiki n li'ux il. liiu Mi-n-t umliT plow,
krrxtli. rl l tilwk Iomiii. all farm Imnl.ran lie
uMtl ixt rttiK'li or iiihiIi- Into farm, r'liw Ini-rov-nicnt.
S--n milt- to ritllroml. For
urii'ulnr irHu!r-f iwm r. S. II. Jolnif n,
llolyjW Coorlo. jU
luUitjrouriiHiiiry iiulk lijr liiv-nllnc In
inrn. or ruiK'ii in tlx uuuhii r.iKiMiru i-
''y. Krcut liwy. loi-k hikI tllrjr rouutry. Ideal
-llcuatf. tlowln wclliv. K'""! I in pro vol land
to f mt r. iiiilniprovtil land cheaut-r.
i UTiiir. I Iihvv a few choice bargain.
Write tol ay for my INu I ran make yoo borne
iiHirtfy. V. U. Iiwe. Atkinson. Neb. St4
Cor (! JimmI bUx'k ainl irraln farms In An
I (Ji-mio -unty. Kan. .W toioupt-r acre.
Kor dw-riot ion and prli write and give sl.e
'f farm wanted. J. K. Cat vert. Oarnt-tt. Kan.
Pr !ale l-'lne 33) ai-re farmKloirabury coun
ty ; 4 nil lea to good ImslntrM town, railway
Junction; churches, graded wbool. elevators,
mill, -1 3 acrett plowed, fence, tzrure, deep
lla-k soil, diagram furnished on request, A(l
dre4 Hank of iHiunet, Deitmet. 8. I.
Cheap homes for all In the Ozark country of
JSoutu Mlmouri. Cannot lie excelled for
grain. grv and fruit, water and climate line.
Two main line railroads. Write Investors
Kealty Co Howard Crawford. Mgr.of LAnds.
Aurora. Missouri. 5t4
QAH area three and one-half mites from
Coat ad. el. 130 fall wheat. all level.
niall Improvement, all In cultivation, la
acres In alfalfa, price fll.OUO. 40 acre 122.00
level, fenced, one-half in cultivation. 6 miles
to town. Smith & Slade, Cozad. Neb. 514
Central Kansas land, alfalfa, wheat. corn and
pasture lands, fid to 170 per acre. Write
me what you want and where you want It and
I will do the rest. N. J. Davison, Lincoln. Kas
Itox 133. M
Notice We have farms of all descriptions for
sale in large or small tracts, the richest
.soil and the purest water. Write for full In
formation. 11. A. Uloson St Co.. Akron. Col.
Bargains In alfalfa, corn and wheat lands in
Ottawa county, Kas. Solomon Valley
land the best. Let us know what you want,
we have It- A. K. Itoliln.ion, Minneapolis. Ks.
St 4
Sum -It Kanehes 330 acres Improved ranch. 200
acres in cultivation. 1'lenty of water for
.stock and irrigation. Open Kange for stock,
price 51 1.MO. 2.a00 cash, balance 10 years at 6
per cent Inst. 60 acres deeded land, 2000 acres
lease joins open range. This place will feed
Oou hend of cattle. Price f 18.300 easy terms.
acres deeded land good Improvements.
This is a snap at ?16 per acre. 50 other bar
gains In large and small ranches. Write us.
Sheridan leal Kstate Co.. Sheridan. Wyo. 6t4
Snfest bank is ItHJ acres wheat and corn In
Ford county. Kansas, that produces 25
luhels wheat and 50 bushels corn on I 10 to
fJU lands, no safer, lietter paying Investment,
good climate, soil and water. Prices advanc
ing description and price list furnished on
application. Co-operation solicited. Satis
faction guaranteed, personal responsibility
viuiw O. It. Painter .t Co.. Dodge City. Ks.
fVKle County For list of land for sale in
J iKMige county: business and residence
property in Fremont, with large manufactur
ing and jobbing Interests, good schools, good
verything. write KUhards. Keene & Co.
Fremont. Neb. 5t4
Before buying or selling a farm or any prop
erty, read Munsou's Keal Fstate Journal.
Wayne. Xeb. Sample copy 10c. one year ?1. 5t4
ou should know alxiut Oklahoma farms. In
formation free. Oeo. K. Marsh. Arapaho.
West Texas lands near "Orient" railway sur
vey, buy before pricesadvance.two to live
dollars per acre, easy terms. Ideal climate,
line chance for investment. Box 111. Fort
Stocton. Texas. 5t4
Lots of South Platte people are buying lands
in Antelope county. Nebraska. Why? Be
cause our crops never fall, we have no hot
w inds, no drouth, plenty of rain, grass, corn,
oats, alfalfa, good land laud as the South
Platte for half the money. Write today for
"red folder." It tells something worth know
ing. Guaranty Title Trust Co.. Nellgh.
Neb- t4
Ovid. Col. Coming sugor city, in the heart of
Julesburg irrigation district, on railroad,
ust platted, over 30 lots sold has store, post
office, lumlier yard, smith shop, hotel. Lots
for sale 530 to ?!(. 4 cash. Morgan Invest
ment Co.. Fort Morgan. Cot. 3t4
Wmted tiood industrious men to co-operate
with us in selling central Kansas land.
M olio tun Land Co.. Peailiody. Ks. 5t4
Central Kansas Wheat Farms offer an also
lutely safe investment. Iands in Kush
county range In price from f 15 to 335 an acre
owing to location and improvements. Here
are some snaps: 320 acres all In
buildings, close to Co. seat. 39.000. 100 acres
all under cultivation, no buildings. ?4.000 ; 560
acre bottom farm, good improvements. 130
per acre. 00 acres In wheat all included. Have
been located here twenty years and will put
you next to the best bargains In the county
Write for list. Keference If desired. Jas. H.
Mule. The Kush Co. I -and Man. Lacrosse.
Kan. 5t4
lfifl acres fine black soil, ninety acres
'OU smooth sixty acres In
house on land, good roads. 8 miles to county
seat, f 10. easy terms. Write for list. H. J.
Alexander. Stockvllle. N'eb. 5t4
C I nnfl ,,aIf ''"sh. iKilance time, buys lriO
" 1UUU acres beautiful level unimproved
wheat land in Kearney county. Kas.. located
la German settlement close to school aud
nail route. C. A. trucks (Owner). Lakin.
Kans. 5tl
Quarter section 4 miles from Page, hundred
acres under cultivation, grove, house,
barn, granary. well and windmill. 530 per acre
I0OO cash. Address owner. Un'k Box 3. Plain
view. Neb. t4
Surpassingly rich lands In the rain belt that
yield rental of ii per cent and rapidly
double in value. Climate ideal, summers
cooler than In Nebraska. Taxes low. Both
rll and water transportation. Kapidly set
tling up. Kice. sugar, hemp, ramie tobacco,
corn, alfalfa, clover, wheat, oats, cotton.frult.
vegetables, chufas. live stock, poultry, bees,
etc For desbriptive price lists and most in
teresting and instructive literature you ever
read, write today.
Southwestern Land Development Co..
"t4 Bay City. Texas.
Of) nnO Acres of wheat now growing In
uvtvww Lane county, situated In the west
ern half of Kansas. Land 17.50 to C20. Cor
respondence solicited.
7t4 E. F Kwing. Dtghton. Kansas.
To the liomeseeker and ljnd Investor: Your
name and address will bring you by re
turn mall our late special real estate chart,
showing beautiful panoramic view of Colby
(county seat of Thomas county. Kansas) also
photographs of steam plow and Improved
farms, with fvll description, prices and terms.
The greatest bargains and most beautiful
laying productive land on earth. Wheat has
yielded M bushels per acre. Present acreage
per capita Is forty-two acres. Present con
dition of crop Is 100 per cent. Write us t xtay.
One cent stamp will lead you to happy home
and fortune. John Ackard .V Son. Keal Kstate
and loans, Colby. Kansas. Tt4
The next no days will offer 4O00 acres good
clay land as In this state. In tracts tosul',
for i 20 per acre. Five years time. Improved
firms accordingly. Write A. M. Tempi In.
I'll 1 tier. Neb. Tt4
A Bargain: 20 acre Improved farm In the
corn lielt; 4 miles to good 1C 1C town; -
... 1 1 .... f , 1 1 ... 1 1 . uml .nA twst Ml n t
...... . . . . . j w . . w . mmurnm . ' . . u . . . v .. . .
church. 50 per acre. Write Kurdette V. Gill. J
tjiiliiK-oine. no. tu
Herman !ist. defendant, will take notice
that on lite mli day of January. Unix. Nannie
lelst, plaintiff herein, filed Iter iielltion In the
district court of Cant county. Nebraska,
aval list said defendant, the object and prayer
of which Is to obtain a decree of divorce from
the Kinds of matrimony from the said de
fendant, for the reason that defendant Is an
habitual drunkard, ami has failed and refused
to support plaintiff, and has lieen willfully ab
sent from plaintiff for more than two years
last past, wit limit Just cause.
You are required to answer said petit Ion on
or tie fore the 17th dar of February. A. D. IDUH.
Nannie Lelst, Plaintiff.
114 By M. Archer, her Attorney.
Legal Notice
In the matter of the estate of Frank Ptak. sr..
All persons Interested In said estate will take
notice that tle sole surviving executor. Km II
Ptak, has filed a final account and report of
his administration and a petition for final
settlement and discharge as such executor,
which has lieen set for hearing before said
court on the 25th day of February. 190. at two
o'clock p. m.. when you may appear and con
test the same.
Dated this 3rd day of February. 190.
Allen J. Beeson.
(scai.1 County Judge.
D. O. Dwyer. Attorney for Estate 7t3
Legal Notice
To M. W. Gay and Francis Fuller, trustees,
the unknown beneficiaries of said M. W. Gay
and Francis Fuller, trustees, and if all of said
parties are dead, the unknown heirs and de
vlcees of said parties, James L. Lombard, and
If he lie dead, the unknown heirs and devisees
of said James L. Lombard, are hereby notified
that on thei-M of January. li08. Charles .lames
tiled his netitilion against them In the district
court of Cass county, Nebraska, the object and
prayer of which is to iuiet the title in said
Charles James against them to t lie following
described premises, towit: The east half of the
southwest ouarter and the west half of the
southeast iniarter of s"ction twenty-seven, in
Townsliln Ten. North of Kange Twelve, east
of the Sixth Principal Meridian. Cass county,
Nel. Anil. also, to cancel two certain mort
gage deeds which appear of record as liens on
said land, which mortgage deeds aredescrilied
as follows, towit: One made on the 1st day of
April. lso. by David O. Shoopman and wife to
M. W. (Jay ami Francis Fuller, trustees for
the sum of ?l. ooo.OO and acknowledged, deliv
ered and tiled for reiMnl on April iih. isso.and
recorded in Hook "L" of Morttratres at page 7S
of the mortirage records of I'ass county. Ne
braska: and one made on April 1st. Isso. by
David O. Shoopman and wife to James L.
I Aim bard, and on April htli. lsso.acknowledged.
delivered and filed for record, and recorded in
Book "L" at page si of the mortgage records of
Cass iunty. Nebraska. That the giving of
said mortgages were one aud the same trans
act ion.
Said Charles James also prays that the said
parties anil each of them lie forever barred
from claiming any interest in said premises
on account of said mortgages, and to remove
the cloud created on said premises by said
mortgages for t lie reason that said mortgages
have lieen paid and are barred by statutes
of limitation.
You are required to answer or plead to said
lietltlon on or before March mh. I'.nw. and if
you fail so to do the allegations of said peti
tion will lie taken as true and judgment ren
dered accordingly. .Tames. Plaintiff.
W. F. Moran. Attorney.
This May Interest You
No one is immune from kidney trouble,
so just remember that Foley's Kidney
Cure will stop the irregularities and cure
any case of kidney and bladder trouble
that is not beyond the reach of medicine.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
The Wonderful
Big Horn Basin
I have a selected list of irrigated
farms in the Basin for rent; why
not rent for a year or two and learn
the profits from irrigated farming
in the Basin, and become acquaint
ed with the climate and desirability
of settling in that region? We also
help you homestead irrigated lands,
or to buy them at prices that will
make your money. Millions of dol
lars are now being spent irrigating
Basin lands. Homeseekers' excur
sions first and third Tuesdays of
1908. Write D. Clem Deaver, Gen
erafAgent, Landseekers' Informa
tion Bureau, Omaha.
Homeseekers' excursions first and
third Tuesdays to Colorado, Wyom
ing, Big Horn Basin, Northwest,
Southwest and South; Winter Tour
ist Rates daily to Florida, the Gulf
Country, the South and Southern
California. Ask Agent, or the un
dersigned for rates and details.
l w. varan. . p. a. ftMka.
Mvird ock
(By O. A. i els.)
Corrected weekly by Martin Sc Too:,
who pay tli highest prices for product
and guarantee satisfaction:
Butter I"
Kggs 1
Springs Sc
Cream -T
Cattle f!.:0to.u0
Hogs --0
Corn . .
Kock Island Time Taiilk
Murdock Station.
No. 85, local freight 8:.W a. m.
No 6. mail 2:30 p. m
No. 37, mall 5:53 p. m.
No 6 does not stop for passegers east
of Denver.
No. 94, freight 12:30 a. m.
No. 18, Local 12:30 p.m.
No. 6, mall 3:00 p. m.
No. 86, local freight 11:95 p. m.
No. 6 does not stop for passengers
west of DesMoines
This lovely spring weather has caused
the ice men to abandon work for an in
definite period.
The oyster supper Saturday night
brought out a good crowd despite the
rainy weather. The total receipts being
about $20.
The present bad roads are preventing
the farmers from moving their corn
In a recent letter from Henry F.
Leis, who is aboard the U. S. S. Con
necticut, states that Rio De Janeiro is
a clean town and right up to date.
They were given a royal reception
The local telephone Clexchange Jis
figuring on making connection with the
Alvo exchange, which would be a great
help to patrons living between these
two points.
H. Klemma has purchased the eighty
acre farm which is known as the Rush
eighty, adjoining S. M. Cox, for ten
thousand dollars.
Jacob Goehry and George Leis were
out repairing the local telephone com
pany's lines Monday and Tuesday.
Emil Kuehn arrived from Lincoln
Tuesday with his household goods, and
expects to take charge of the local
barber shop about February 18th.
John Ridgeway was a capital city
visitor Monday.
Wm. Gehrts was in Omaha Tuesday.
J. R. Funk was in Avoca Sunday.
Revival meetings are now being held
at the German church in Murdock.
The home talent play given by the
Elmwood High school in the opera
house at that place, drew quite a num
ber of our young folks there Thursday
Sam Panska was a Lincoln visitor
The Louisville Courier came out with
a half page of Murdock items this
week through the efforts of Bert
Stevenson. We wish you success in
your new venture, Bert,
Jacob Goehry, jr., transacted busi
ness at Waterloo last week.
H. R. Neitzel was a county seat
visitor Tuesday.
A. Stachetsky and family have gone
back to Deutchland where we hope they
may spend their future days in happi
ness and prosperity.
Herman -Kuehn and Harold Tool
transacted business in Lincoln last
The Rock Island system has laid off
all section men at this point, excepting
the foreman.
Geo. Leis transacted business in Lin
coln last week.
Percy McDonald returned Thursday
after a brief visit with relatives and
friends in the southern part of the
Fred Wolf has disposed of a one-half
interest in the Elmwood mills to parties
in Elmwood.
The Ladies Aid gave a dinner at the
home of Mrs. A. E. Lake Wednesday.
Recently we received a copy of a
daily paper, which is printed in Rio De
Janeiro, and they speak very highly of
our American bluejackets. It stated
that about 2,000 of the boys were given
shore liberty each day, and in one
lengthy article it wound up by saying
that the American bluejackets that
landed were the most intelligent,
courteous, and jolly set of fellows they
ever saw. We are proud of our blue
jackets, and also of this comment from
a prminent South American paper, and
hope the boys will maintain this re
cord wherever they go. We ask our
friends to take notice. Boost our navy
which is composed of the best men in
existence. Don't knock.
Skin Disease of Twenty Years
Standing Cured
I want you to know how much Chamb
erlain's Salve has done for me. It has
cured my face of a skin disease of almost
twenty years' standing. I have been
treated by several as smart physicians
as we have in this country and they did
me no good, but two boxes of this salve
has cured me. Mrs. Fannie Griffin,
Troy, Ala. Chamberlain's Salve is for
sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
To Select Delegates to the State and
Congressional Conventions.
The democratic county convention is
hereby called to meet at the court house
in Plattsmouth,
On Saturday, February 22, 1908,
at 1 o'clock p. m., sharp, for the purpose
of electing delegates to the state con
vention to meet at Omaha, on March 5,
and also to elect delegates to the con
gressional convention.
Delegates from the various precincts
and wards to the county convention shall
be selected by primaries, duly called by
the committeeman of each precinct and
ward, the same to be held at the regu
lar voting places in the various precincts
and wards on Thursday, February 20th,
The basis of representation shall be
one vote for every ten votes, or major
fraction thereof, cast for Hon. George
L. Loomis for supreme judge in 1907.
The various precints and wards shall be
entitled to representation as follows:
Avoca 5
Kight Mile Grove. .11
Kim wood 7
O reen wood 7
Louisville 7
Mt. Pleasant 7
Tlattsmouth lr'ct..l3
Itorlc KIuns(Ursl)..IO
Hock KlufTs(second) 4
Salt Creek 8
South Itend 5
Stove Creek
Tipton U
Weeping Water Tr'ct. 5
Weeping Water City, 4
Tlattsmouth City
First ward 7
Second ward I
Third ward i:
Fourth ward 7
Fifth ward 0
Henry R. Gering, Chairman.
C. Ramsey, Secretary. r"
Special Announcement Regarding the
National Pure Food and Drug Law
We are pleased to announce that Fo
ley's Honey and Tar for cough colds,
and lung troubles is not effected by the
National Pure Food and Drug law as it
contains no opiates or other harmful
drugs, and we recommend it as a safe
remedy for children and adults.
The editor of the Memphis (Tenn.)
Times writes: "In my opinion Foley's
Honey and Tar is the best remedy for
coughs, colds and lung trouble, and to
my own personal knowledge Foley's
Honey and Tar has accomplished many
permanent cures that have been little
short of marvelous. " Refuse any but
the genuine in the yellow package. For
sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Officers Consider the Matter.
This morning the board of health and
the board of education met and con
sidered the matter of taking some pre
caution regarding the matter of small
pox. They considered it very essential
that steps be taken to induce every one
not recently vaccinated to become so.
Dr. J. H. Hall, secretary of the board
of health, was instructed to publish the
following notice:
The attention of the public is called
to the importance of recently successful
vaccination as a means of protection
against the general prevailing epidemic
of smallpox. There certainly can be no
good excuse for anyone not complying
with the generally regulative means,
All commercial vaccine virus is under
government inspection and guaranteed.
Do not neglect this accredited means .'of
prevention and thereby impose upon the
public; and in the final, of necessity, be
cared for by city or county assistance,
as is too often the case.
J. H. Hall,
Secretary of Board of Health.
This Question Should Be Answered
Easily by Plattsmouth People.
Which is wiser to have confidence in
the opinions of your fellow-citizens, of
people you know, or depend on state
ments made by utter strangers resid
ing in far away places? Read the fol
lowing: Mrs. Claude Butler, of 613 South 10th
street, Plattsmouth, says: "My two
little boys were troubled with a weak
ness of the kidneys and auxiliary organs.
The older child; complained much of
backache and headache. We were kept
busy in trying remedies, hoping to find
something that would overcome the
difficulties but with little success until
I got Doans's Kidney Pills at Gering &
Co.'s drug store. The use of this pre
paration soon made a marked improve
ment in both cases. It is needless to
say that our nppreciation of Doan's
Kidney Pills which brought about such
positive results, is exceedingly great."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
For Sale.
A 102 acre well improved farm 4J
miles northeast of Murray and seven
miles south of Plattsmouth. For
particulars call or write
George J. Halmes,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
If you suffer with indigestion, consti
pation, feel meanand cross, no strength
or appetite, your system is unhealthy.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea makes
the system strong and healthy. 35 cents.
Tea or Tablets. For sale by Gering &
Co., druggists.
The Principles Will Live as Long as There is
a Remnant of This Once Grand
and Glorious Republic
It is said an effort is now being made
by the so-called Independence League
to form a third political party, the idea
and purpose being to crush out the
Democratic party and raise another in
its stead. This wild dream will never
find its realization. The Democratic
party was not organized for an emer
gency, to be dismissed when the crisis is
passed. It was builded by men whose
intention it was to safeguard the nation,
and that purpose has never been lost to
The old thing called the Democratic
party has been considerably bruised and
battered up in its day and generation.
It has been prescribed, bedeviled, car
petbagged, pro-consuled, hunted up one
side of the country and down the other;
but when they came with a coffin to
carry away the corpse the corpse was
not forthcoming. All of its long and
memorable life it has been always just
on the eve of destruction. Federalism
was to put it to death. Federalism
was buried in the grave of the elder
The Whigtparty its pure, its true and
its strongest opponent came next to
die with its mighty leader, Clay Know
nothingism came next, fighting under
the black banner of religious intoler
ance, but Virginia, putting into the
hands of Henry A. Wise her spotless
Democratic banner, slew the monster at
the very gates of liberty.
Then the war came, and the very
blackness swept over the fortunes of
the Democracy. Out of the white heat
and torment of that war the Republi
can party seized upon the North in the
name of patriotism, and held it for the
spoils of a savage partisan vengeance.
The South had never a limb that did
not wear a shackle. For twenty-four
long, weary, hungry, disconsolate years
the Democratic party dragged its clip
ped body up to the defense of the con
stitution, only to be beaten back or
beaten down by the Republican organi
zation, rioting in the excess of colossal
strength, drilled like a regiment and
despotic like an army. True, within
the period named Mr. Tilden was
elected president, but the victory was
a hateful one, because it was torn from
A United Party Will Support
the Great Commoner.
A special from Washington says:
"It is recognized by almost all Demo
crats, even by some of those who would
prefer another man as standard bearer,
that Bryan's past services and his exist
ing following establish him as the lead
er of the party, and that a new man
could not be brought forward with any
remote possibility of succese unless he
is given the united backing of the party,
and unless a perfect understanding is
arrived at as to the meaning of the new
candidacy. Therefore, the pros and
cons of the situation are to be thrashed
out here with Bryan himself.
"The conferences are to deal with
blunt facts. Reports from the best
available sources are being gathered
from the States which may be regarded
as fighting ground. Definition of the
essentials to gain votes in States now
Republican is promised. In the light
of analaysis and free discussion of the
outlook, determined endeavor will be
made to decide upon a programme. j
All this is in the minds of the fore- j
most Democrats here, with the know- j
ledge, however, that Bryan's wishes j
and judgment will control the issue.
"The two-thirds vote to nominate has ,
been the rule of Democratic conventions ,
during the long life of the party. Bnt j
only in one instance, that of Van Buren, j
in 1844, has the candidate receiving a j
majority vote failed of nomination. ;
The Van Buren case resulted from a i
peculiar conjunction of circumstances, j
not likely to be repeated. A Majority
of the convention, though instructed, it
so happened, did not represent party
sentiment at the time of the convention.
New events had molded new opinion,
and Polk was nominated"
Keeping Open House
Everybody is welcome when we feel
good; and we feel that way only when
our digestive organs are working prop
erly. Dr. King's New Life Pills regu
late the action of stomach, liver and
bowels so perfectly one can't help feel
ing good when he uses these pills. 25c
at F. C. Fricke & Co's drugtore.
the hands of those who had won it
without an effort at defense or even a
suggestion of protest or resistance.
Four years later Garfield buttressed
upon the money power, and the whole
tremendous influence of the Federal
patronage machine defeated Hancock,
and made the night darker and darker
for the Democracy. It rallied how
ever. Patched as best it could its tat
tered old garments. Dressed as best
it could its tattered old rank. Gather
ed as best it could about ragged old
banner, and rushed once more to the
assault upon Radicalism as though
Jefferson had written its platform and
Jackson was leading it columns to the
fight. This time the hero was destined
to enjoy the victory and the martyr to
wear the crown. Not a hand was lifted
to stay the inauguration of Cleveland.
After renewing youth the party was
back again in the house of its father
serene, unconquerable, and healed of
all of its grievous and manifold wounds,
even as Lazarus was healed in the bosom
of Abrham.
After Cleveland then came the peer
less Bryan in 1896, and made the great
est campaign that was ever made in the
"land of the free and the home of the
brave" Realizing this great argument
in favor of the people, the money power
become engaged to the extent of fur
nishing Mark Hanna with millions of
dollars to buy votes, and where he
couldn't buy to steal them. This again
another democratic president was de
frauded out of his seat in the White
House. The same was repeated in
This year Mr. Bryan will again be
the standard-bearer of the peoples
party, and if he is not elected it will be
because the money power will again
furnish millions of money to buy the
votes, and that the people will be fools
enough to be purchased like so many
cattle. Whatever the result of. the
election, the principals of the democratic
party will never cease to be an inspira
tion and a trumpet call to millions of
men who believe in honesty and fair
dealing between man and man. No man,
or any set of men, is stiong enough to
bring the slightest hurt to a party that
stands for liberty, honesty and right.
Mrs. J. M. Johns Gives Five 0' CI ock
Tea in Honor of Mrs. Frank
J. Morgan.
Yesterday afternoon at her pleasant
home, Mrs. James M. Johns gave a
most delightful pink and white luncheon
in honor of her friend, Mrs. Frank J.
Morgan, who is visiting in the city from
Lincoln. The decorations were pink
and white carnations with place cards
of the same color, appearing in heart
valentines. A delicate two course
luncheon was served at 5 o'clock, with
pink and white ice cream and cake.
Those to enjoy and to add to the occa
sion were: Mrs. Frank J. Morgan, the
guest of honor; Mesdames Charles Par
mele, T. M. Patterson, Charles Parker,
D. C. Morgan, M. Morrisy, James Don
nelly, Wm. Schmidtman, E. W. Cook,
F. G. Morgan, W. J. Streight, T. E.
Parmele and Miss Edith Atwood.
What to Do When Bilious
The right thing to do when you feel
bilious is to take a dose of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. They
will cleanse the stomach and regulate
the liver and bowels. Try it. Price 25c.
Samples free at F. G. Fricke & Co's
Look Good to Everybody.
One of Plattsmouth's citizens broke
into print the other day and criticised
the action of the county commissioners
for not being more charitable to a des
titute says he owns twelve head of
horses and cattle, has rented a farm
and is not asking aid from the county.
Another feature of the investigation is
a financial showing of Cass county that
ought to look good to democrats as
well as republicans. Weeping Water
Tot InfmU and CTiilrtrfn.
lb KfcJ Yea Cm Ahxjj C:rt
Bears the
Signature of