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    Murray Bprimmt
If of Ute readers of tfte Journal knnD of a social event or an item of interest in this vicinity and irill mad same to this office it vctll appear under this heading.
'c icant ail items of interest. Editor Journal.
A checking account will establish a
closer relation between you and
j'our business.
We invite you to start a checking
account with us. You will find
that financial matters will run more
more smoothly when you have a
complete record of your business
Pay your obligations by check. We
solicit both large and small ac
counts each receives the same
careful attention.
5 Murray State Bank q
Mvirray, NebrLskaL.
Little Helen Gilmore has been quite
sick with grip this week.
W. C. Brown was clerking at N. (I.
Thomas sale Wednesday.
Mrs. Joe Burton is sick this week
with inflamatory rhematism.
Mrs. D. J. Pitman and son Sam have
been sick with grip this week
Mrs. Bert Hansel, daughter of Mr.
Miles Standish is on the su-k list this
week. "
Dr. B. F. Brendel was attending to
professional business at Omaha Mon
day. Chas Furgeson visited with his fath
er near Dunbar Nebr, Saturday, return
ing Sunday evening.
Mr?. A. L. Baker and Mrs. Harm:i
Beck attended the "Land of Nod" at
the Farmele Monday night.
James Campbell attended the play at
the Farmele this week where he wit
nessed the "Land of Nod".
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dill are rejoicing
over the arrival of a girl at their house,
the little lady coming last Wedneday.
?.Irs. Claude Everett living seven
miles southeast of Murray has been
seriously sick with grippe for the past
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Thacker living
six miles southeast of Murray are the
proud parents of a nine pound girl;
-arriving Sunday.
II. C. Sravley and family are move
ing to Murray this week, and will soon
become permanent residents of our
thriving little village.
The Lloyd-Boediker sale was well
attended and the stuff sold well. The
man who has a sale must remember
that it pays to advertise.
Chas. S. Stone clerked at the Lloyd
and Beodeker sales Monday. He reports
a very large crowd, and every thing
brought a fairly good price.
Col. Jenkins is the proud owner of
one of the latest styles of cameras he
received it as a Xmas present, some- j
whit late, but thankfully received. It!
is one of the latest and one of the best.
The old brick school house three miles
southeast of Murray is being torn down
and removed. It is one of the oldest
school houses in the state and one of
the oldest landmarks in the county. On
the erection of a new building, the old
building was placed up at auction last
week and sold to the highest bidder,
Mr. R. R. Nickels.
The Chicago Concert-Trio gave and
entertainment at the Pesbyterian
church Tuesday night under the aus
pices of the Murray Lecture Associ
ation. The approbation of the auc
dience was shown by the hearty cherr
ing and the encores the different per
formers were given. The next number
of the lecture course will be a lecture
by Lanham, the date of which will be
.announced in the Journal.
The Omaha News tells of a couple
coming from Chicago to Omaha to get
married. The young roan was 21 but
(the girl was only 17. They could not
procure license. They went to Council
Bluffs where they also failed. Later the
they went Plattsmouth where they were
married. This seemed very peculiar
until an investigation proved that they
came to Plattsmouth over the Missouri
Pacific Railroad which cleared the diff
erence in age with she months to spare.
j H. G. Todd, was county seat visitor
Notice to Patrons,
Postmaster A. L. Baker, desires to
call attention to the pratice "of some
! patrons of rural delivery of placing
loose coines in their boxes each time
they desire to dispatch letters instead
of supplying themselves with postage
in advance of their needs.
This pratice imposes undue hardship
on the rural carries in removing loose
! coin from boxes and delays them on the
service of their routes.
The Postmaster, therefore, urgently
requests that patrons of rural delivery
provide themselves and keep on hand a
supply of stamps consistent with and in
advance of their needs. It is also very
desirable that rural patrons place in
their mail boxes small detachable cups
of wood or tin in which to place coins,
when necessary, in purchasing supplies
of stamps.
J For sale A number of registered
J shorthorn bulls. H. G. Todd, Murray.
j Will Oliver spent Saturday and Sun
j day in Peru with his sister, Elizabeth.
' Mrs. Jos. Burton has been suffering j
j with rheumatism for the past week.
j William Rice and family attended the
; play at Plattsmouth Monday (Land of
James Loughridge attended the
j Masobic lodge in Plattsmouth Monday
! J. B. Seybolt and John. Stones were
i transacting business at the county seat
Roy Taylor and A. C. Godwin of
Plattsmouth, were business callers in
Murray Monday.
Mrs. Nick Klaurens is visiting her
parents Jacob Gruber and wife, at Ne
hav.ka this week.
Albert Queen has moved to the Henry
Long farm west of town lately vacated
by Wm. Wehrbein-
Ed Slocum and Theo. L. Amick at
tended the Land of Nod at the Parmele
Theater Monday evening.
Miss Marie Berger, who has been in
Lincoln for the past few weeks, re
turned home Wednesday.
John Murray and family of Platts
mouth, were in Murray a few days this
wefk visiting with relatives.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Pitman died in Omaha, and was brought
to Union Monday for burial.
Mrs. Roy Boyd of Plattsmouth, has
been visiting with her sister, Mrs. Guy
Burton a few days this week.
Guy Burton, the general manager of
the telephone exchange here purchases
a new buggy of John Cook this week.
H. L. Oldham has been confined to
his home for a few days with the la
grippe. We hope to see him out in his
usual good health soon.
It has been with considerable diffi
culty that Ozra Virgin has been
moving around for the past few days
owing to injuries he receive on the ice.
Kelly Rhoden is once more able to be
around upon the streets, after his re
cent severe sick spell. It is expected
that he will go to the hospital in the
near future for an operation.
Ray Chriswisser returned to Murray
Wednesday after an absence of almost
two months, at which time he was
taken to the hospital in Omaha. He
has been visiting with his father in
Plattsmouth for the past week.
The Chicago Concert Trio which ap
peared at the Presbyterian church Tues
day night, under the management of
the Murray Lecture Course, gave uni
versal satisfaction. The program rend
ered was superb and worthy of the
highest commendation.
Henry Sans, who went to Milford, a
few days ago to undergo an operation
at the Dr. W. K. Loughridge hospital
for appendicitis, is getting along nicely
the operation being" most successfully
performed, and his speedy recovery is
looked for. This is Dr. Loughridge's
first case from Murray, and it is indeed
encouraging, to learn that the patient is
doing so nicely under the doctors care,
in which cases he has proven a most
successful practitioner.
Little One Dies.
The little one-year-old child of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Linville, . that died in
FurnaS couuty a few days ago, . arrived
in Murray, with its parents Tuesday,
and the funeral was held at Otterbein
church Wednesday forenoon, Rev. Brink
pastor of the church officiating, inter
ment being made at the Otterbein cemetery.
For Sale.
A number of registered Shorthorn
bubs. H. G. Todd.
Murray, Neb.
Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing.
John Durman has opened up a black-
smithing and repair shop on J. T. Por
ter farm south of Murray. He makes
horseshoeing a specialty. He will be
pleased to have all parties desiring any
thing in this line to call and see him.
As this is the first of the year, the
time that all firms make an effort to
collect their outstanding accounts, and
in order for all adjustments to be made
I hereby make the request that all
parties knowing themselves indebted to
me to call and settle at the earliest
possible moment, as I need the money
and need it now to meet my own obli
gations. I thank you for past favors
and wish you a prosperous year of 1908.
Very respectfully yours,
James Loughridge.
H. C. Long was looking after some
business matters in Plattsmouth Mon
day. Mrs. James Root of Lincoln is in
Murray this week among friends and
relatives at the old home.
C. M. Supemant, who came here from
Plattsmouth about three weeks ago to
accept the foremanship of this section,
has been released and the place filled
by Lewis Waggoner, of Springfield,
who will move his family here in a few
days. Mr. Supernant is moving back
to Plattsmouth.
Have you noticed that happy smile
playing over the face of our genial
friend, W. H. McDaniel, for the past
few days and did you ask him what it
was about? If not do so now, and he
will tell you it is a bouncing baby boy
and looks just like his pa. Both mother
and ' little one are doing nicely, and
"Bill" still gives you full weights in
groceries at the old stand.
It has seen it shadow and we are in
for it. Yes, the groundhog, not the
Dog Eater for it is not afraid of its
shadow. Now some people think there
is no such a thing as this a ferocious
dog-eater but there is. Here is a des
cription as given by bankers and bar
bers and harnessmakers in Murray. It
is about five feet bony, two feet high
and has a black bushy coat of bristley
hair. Has a tail three feet long smooth
and hairless except at the top end
where there is a bunch of hair resembl
ing a dusting brush. The head is long
and pointed, a month set with teeth
like knive and from beneath the shaggy
foretop a pair of black beady eyes
glint with thirsty blood lust. The legs
are short and very powerful and term
inate in a small hoof similar to that of
a horse, but only about three inches in
diameter. The dog-eater can be easily
track in the snow by the shape of the
hoof. In the impression of a horses
foot in the snow the imprint of the frog
is easily discerned, in the imprint of a
dog-eater you will find a toad instead.
A slight difference but easily dectected
by those accustomed to hunting this
animal. The curator of the Smithson
ian Institute claims that while this
animal is rare it is well to science as
caninis carnivera murrayfakorum.
This May Interest You
No one is immune from kidney trouble,
so just remember that Foley's Kidney
Cure will stop the irregularities and cure
any case of kidney, and bladder trouble
that is not beyond the reach of medicine.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
A Severe Pain in the Membe
Caused Some Uneasiness
and Upon Examina
tion .'the Needle
Was Found
Alva Long, residing near Murray,
better known as Dr. Loner, has of late
been haviner some trouble with one of
his arms, complaining of a soreness in
it, and at times suffering extreme pain
In order to see if he could not find
something which would give relief, he
went to Dr. Brendel of Murray and had
an examination made of the lame mem
ber. After examining the arm for
moment, the seat of the soreness was
found, and the physician felt something
that appeared like a foreign substance
in his arm. It felt like a bit of wire or
a pin, and on making an incision, he
was able o extricate the offending par
ticle which proved to be a needle with
thread m it, just as if some one
had been using it for sewing purposes
Mr. Long does not remember when he
has received a wound lately, and thinks
that the needle and thread has been in
his arm for some time, as it was cor
roded and blackened by long action of
the blood.
Dyspepsia is America's curse. Bur
dock Blood Bitters conquers dyspepsia
every time. It drives out impurities,
tones the stomach, restores perfect
digestion, normal weight and good
(By G. A. Ids.)
Corrected weekly by Martin & Too.'.
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Oats -. 42c
Rock Island Time Table.
Murdock Station.
No. 85,
west bound.
local freight 8:.JOa. m.
No 6.' mail 2:30 p. nr
No. 37, mail 5:53 p. m.
No 6 does not stop for passearers east
or Denver.
EAST bound
No. 94, freight 12:30 a. m.
No. 18, Local 12:30 p. m.
No. ft, mail 3:00 p. m.
No. 86, local freight 11:95 p. rn.
No. 6 does not stop for passengers
west of IesMoines
About a half dozen ladies and gents
from our burg went over to Elmwood
Tuesday evening to join the Eastern
Star, which is an auxiliary to the
Masonic order.
Roy B. Cox informs us that he is now
permanently located at Oregon City,
Rudolph Rau and family visited rela
tives in this burg last week.
Mrs. M. W. Moore was called sudden
ly to Illinois last week on account of the
death of her father.
George Leis has again severed con
nections with the firm of Martin & Tool.
The M. W. A. of this place will give
an oyster supper in their hall on Satur
day night, February 8th. Celery and
cake will be served with the oysters.
Professor DeBolt entertained his
brother Sunday.
John Rohrdanz, sr., died very sud
denly last Saturday evening while'doing
chores at his home four miles north
west of town. The interment took
place in the German Lutheran cemetery
Monday afternoon.
Arch Rager returned Saturday from
an extended visit with his son, Dave,
who lives near Fort Scott, Kansas.
H. VonLockum and wife, visited with
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wolf Sunday.
Paul Schewe aud Henry Meierjurgen
shipped a car load of cattle to South
Omaha Monday.
A masquerade dance will be given at
the M. W. A. hall on Friday, February
14th. All are invited to attend and are
promised a good time.
Last Monday morning, Wm. Gehrts
went down to Julian to set up a gasoline
engine, and after starting it, he acci
dently got his right hand caught in the
machinery, badly crushing all four
fingers on his right hand. He returned
home Sunday evening and is now laid
up for repairs.
From Grapes,
the most healthful
of fruits, comes the
chief ingredient of
TTie only baking powder
made from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Cost a little more than the injurious ft! urn
or phosphate of lima powders, but with
Royal you are sure of pure, healthful food.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tool entertained
at whist Saturday evening.
they sent word to the sexton who sent
Eisenhut back to town to await a post
,, . , . . . , , , . mortem examination, which was held
The ice harvest is now on in lull blast , n , T mi
i hif 1 Ira ftI 1 1 r tt o rwf I rn ra I iiooM a ir
with ice one foot thick and of good! , . , , ... x, ,
was due to probable criminal negli
gence of the father. The jury was
composed of II. A. Tool, Chas. Radke,
S. M. Cox, M. W. Moore, Chas.
Schneider and P. Eveland. A half
A. Stachetsky and family have moved
from our midst to hunt greenerpasture.
The wolf hunt south of town failed to
materialize on account of the want of ' dozen witnesses were examined, and
hunters. I f- OT. n m mi rvr 1 1 - hr lnr'o nt
On Tuesday evening, the Colonial ' exhonerated the father. They also
' 1 ) r AAA. T 1. A ...I
Saxaphone quartette gave an enter- u rtUW' au"
tainment at the M. W. A. hall here. 'r a wrvwe rcpnrnan.i u, r.iacn
They were accompanied by Miss Victoria ' ku17 in re"ard tw the umiviW wa' in
Lynn, (reader.) They all made a great I wr',cn ne ,lve3 awi ireaw niiarnny.
hit and had a full house. It finished the mr' itawis ave im '"ure wn,t" was
lecture course for this season, and the j a Sood on and ,f senhut reason
Modern Woodmen are to be congratu-1 enotth to conceive at least a part of
ated and complimented on the financial ine" 'ure, wm
success which they made of the course.
For they sold enough reserved seats the
first night to pay them for the full
Monday, February 3. Something hap
pened that aroused our citizens to
action. About noon Carl Eisenhut was
seen to put a small rough box in his
I tviinlv t rpa f Vila fam.ilvr mrri lnt ! ir
in the future. About two years ago a
five- months old baby, belonging to this
family died in a rnysterioos manner, and
was carted away by the father and
buried if it had sorae animal. This
incident is fresh in the mi mis of most
of our citizens, and they demanded the
buggy, also a pick and shovel and start . investieaiion Tuesday, which was rie-ht
, .. . and proper in the minds of all sane
cjjquii c mu iuuiiu iiiai 1113 twu iiiumiia
old baby had died suddenly, apparently
without cause. He had notified none
of the neighbors, nor called medical
people who are acquainted with the
facts irt the case.
The heavy sleet first of the week
aid, but made a rough box and puttinjr ' . i j 1 i. r
xa aa uu.. ! brokfr down many telegraph poles for
lihj uwj ui Luc ucau utxuy iiitu il,
carted it away to be buried without
ceremony or sympathy. A number of
citizens called on members of the town
board and demanded an investigation.
So after consulting county authorities,
the C R. I. & P. Ry., also some wires
for the local telephone company.
II. R. Neitzel came in from the west
Monday, Dave Thimgan remaining in
the west awhile.
Prof. Paul Milyoukov, formerly of the Univer
sity of Chicago, member of the third duma for
St. Petersburg, and leader of the constitutional
democrats of Russia, at tV s licitatlon of the
civic forum of New Yo; k ify came from his
hom to address it upon V.. ' t.,...:. "Constitutional
Government for Russia."
He traveled more than 0.0-; ir.:i3 to present.
n in a single address, the cause of popular govern
ment in Russia, and Judging by thr applause wMcb
greeted his words from the 4,000 present, the mis
sion of the distinguished legislator was fulfilled.
Milyoukov has suffered in liberty's cause- If
any man has. In 1898 he was inculcating a spirit
of reverence for constitutional liberty In th minds
of the students of Moscow university vhen the
Dollce suddenly snatched him out of his chair and
railroaded him to Siberia after a summary trial. He utilized hla time writ-
... . A
ing "The History of Russian Culture." Alter two years oi ciose connnemeuw
he was liberated, but on his return to European Russia he was deported to
Bulearia and an expatriation warrant Issued against him. Denying the right
of the government to drive him out of his own country, he returned and wa
promptly sent to prison without trial. Here he remained five montns ana was
released on condition that he leave the country. He came to America, where
he nreached the doctrine of liberty. Then came the upheaval in Russia, and
a general amnesty was forced upon the czar. He took advantage of thU
to return to Russia.
Milvoukov was a candidate for the first and second dutnas. but to
government on some technicality declared him Ineligible. Not daunted by
government hostility, he presented himself again for tne tnira auma ana
was elected. He was at once chosen as the leader or tne groups wnicn stana
for the constitution as granted by the czar, the groups which committed the
unpardonable impertinence of taking It for granted that the czar mean!
what he said when he made the promise.
A. Dollar
spent at home reacts in its benefits
with unceasing general profit.
Sent out of town it's life is ended.
Kept with the home merchants it is a messenger of continuous
benefit. Business men should awake to the importance of keeping
this dollar at home and make a bid for it by judicious advertising.