The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 28, 1907, Image 8

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? The Courity
m it Seaeral Interest Selected
Weeping Water
I rom Tin!i'-an
W. I:. Sfwrry. jr., started Monday
for Farnarn, Nel.r., w here he will prob
ably farm the c-ominj? year.
Ir, J. M. Creen ami family, of Salem,
were over Sunday visitors in Manley.
The doctor says his practice steadily
increases, and now his only competitor
has left for other parts.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sthlattery are
entertaining at their home since Sun
day, November IK, a son. Mike hur
ried his corn picking so as to have leis
ure to enjoy the little fellow's company.
Dr. Frwl Kvans and wife, of Aber
deen, S. I)., arrived Saturday and will
visit relatives here and in this vicinity
- for a few days They have been en
joying good health and like the country.
The doctor said they had received 0,
000 head of cattle this season and that
they had to be inspected and dipped.
Walter Jensen has purchased his
brother's interest in the Meier Drug
Co., and will begin as a partner this
week. Walter is one of the finest
young, men in this broad land, and has
friends in all acquaintances, and here's
wishing the firm the best of success.
We understand that Dr. H.Jensen plans
on remaining here. He has a large
practice and is as good a veterinarian
as can be found in the state.
Monday night was an eventful one
for the George Stoner family. Several
deaths occurred in the vicinity of the
home and they are feeling as mad as a
man whose dog got licked in a fight.
They owned almut sixty nice pullets
and hens, probably a rooster or two,
and that night three ornery dogs got
into the coop, scattered the chickens,
and when Mr. Stoner and Ernest came
out with their guns they closed in on
one canine under the chicken-house and
hot him. They looked over the prem
ises and found about twelve chickens
alive out of the sixty.
How's This?
We ufer)ne Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hail's C atarrh cure.
r. .!. niKNKY & ". Toleda. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years.and
believe hi::: per feet iv honorable in all
bus:nts t: :;::sactor:s and financially
able to carry out a:iy obligations made
by Lis l;r:n.
W.i.:;xi;, Kinx.w !- Marvin.
Wholesale Druggist. Toledo. O.
Ha!!'; Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surface of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Trice cents
per bottle. Sold by all Drusrgists.
Take Ih.'.i's Fanriy Pilis for constipa
tion. E.T.mons likhey of I'lattsmouth. tran.s
acted business in Louisville this week.
Fitch Rathbun has accepted a position
as nicrht watchman at the National
stone cju:irries.
G. L. Curler and daughter of Elm
vood were guests of Mrs. Ferguson,
forepart of the week.
Mrs. Ed. Seiver of Marquette, Neb.,
is visiting' her .'at! er, T. YV. Shryock
and sister Mrs. P. C. Stander.
James Stan.It-r has purchased a 390
acre farm in Texas. M. A. Gadway
will go to Texas as soon as he can dis
pos of 1 is 5 ersoiml effects here and
take charge of the farm.
. Mrs. Edith Itoehford left this week
baking powder Makes
Food More Delicious and Whole
some No Alum No Phosphates
Caro Must bo Taken to Keep Alum
From the Food
Dr. Alonzo Clark t A substance (alum) which can derange the
itAnuck should not h t rk T jr ja t
Prof. S. W. Johnson, Yale
fros tti Columns it Conterapcrirtei
for California in company with Miss
Helen llanna, of Greeley. Neb. Miss
Hanna is a daughter of Judge James It.
Hanna of the Eleventh judicial district.
William Ferguson, formerly of Louis
ville, returned with his family Monday
from Denver, Colorado, after an absence
of ten years. Afr. Ferguson expects to
take up his residence on a farm near
The National Stone company will
hereafter work their men but eight
hours during the winter months. This
reduces the wages of the common
laborers from $2 to $1.0 per day, yet
the majority of the workmen are pleased
with the shorter hours and Superinten
dent Sullivan says that the quarry will
be run all winter, with the possible ex
ception of a few days during the most
severe weather.
1 A Hard Debt To Pay
"I owe a dept of gratitude that can
; never be paid off," writes G. S. Clark,
of Westfield. Iowa, "for my rescue
from death, by Dr. King's New Dis
covery. Both lungs were so seriously
affected that death seemed imminent,
when I commenced taking New Dis
covery. The ominous dry, hacking
cough quit before the first bottle was
used, and two more bottles madeacom
Ipletecure." Nothing has everequaled
, New Discovery for coughs, colds and all
throat and lung complaints. Guaranteed
by V. G. Fricke & Co., druggist, 50c
1,00. Trial bottle free.
From the Ledger.
Miss Mary Foster was visiting last
Saturday and Sunday with her friends
in Elmwood.
Kay Frans departed Tuesday for
Hlanchanl, Mo., to make relatives and
friends a few days visit.
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Larson came down
from I'lattsmouth last Sunday and spent
the day with D. W. Foster and family.
W. H. Mark went to Mynard last Sat
urday to see his sister, Mrs. John Low
ther, who was reported as being seri
ously ill.
Uncle Reuben Foster went to Lincoln
on the Tuesday afternoon train to par
ticipate in a state convention of me
chanics. C. R. Frans, who is with 15. & M.
construction crew now at Ashland, came
home for a Sunday visit with his fami
ly. His foreman. Oscar Sampson, came
with him.
A couple of full-blood Indians were in
the employ of the Missouri Pacific here
several day's, devoting most of their
time to whitewashing the fences at the
stock yards.
Geo. N. LaRue has been a victim of
a severe attack of bronchitis the past
week and was quite sick for a few days,
but we are now pleased to find that he
is now improving.
Floyd Hammond, who has been em
ployed in Sioux City, la., was the guest
of his uncle, John Thacker, a few days
ago. leaving on Monday for a visit at
his former home in Hannibal, Mo.
Will Wolf. Will Banning. Geo. Har
gus and Will Cross equipped themselves
with a hunting and camping outfit Mon
day and went over to the river to spend
a few days shooting ducks.
Max Schafer and wife returned from
Omaha last Sunday, bringing their little
son that had been under a physician's
care in the hospital. The treatment
proved successful and it is thought the
; child's health will be permanently re-
, stored.
A pure, Grape
cream of tartar
re Kmkincv luiwif,1'
College: "I regard their (alum and
soluble alumina salts) introduction into baking'
powders as most dangerous to health."
I lings'.
i1 ' j
P. N. McNatt of Ohio and J. E. Mc- j
Natt of Percival, Iowa, arrived here j
last Friday for a visit with their ;
brother, A. J. McNatt. This was a !
very pleasant little reunion for them, as
it was their first time together in fif- i
teen years.
The Struggle Discourages
Many a Citizen of Plaits
mouth Around all day with an aching back:
can't rest at niht; enough to make any
one "give out." Doan's Kidney Pills
will p;ive renewed life. They will cure
the backache; cure every kidney ill.
Here is Plattsmouth proof that this is
Mrs. Henry Ofe, living at corner of
Holdredge and Third streets, Platts
mouth. says: "We have the greatest
confidence in Doan's Kidney Pills.
Their merits were first shown to us
about two years ago. I took them for
backache which had troubled me off and
on for a long time and obtained prompt
and thorough relief Whenever I feel
run down or fear a return of the annoy
ance, I appeal to Doan's Kidney Pills
and a few doses have never failed to 1
banish all symptoms and strengthen me
in every way. My husband has also
used and appreciates Doan's Kidney
Tills as highly as I do. This remedy
can always be found in our house for
we never mean to be without it. I pio
cured this remedy at Gering & Co.'s
drug store."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Milburn Co., P.ufTalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
(From t lie Kesris! vr. )
F. L. Nutzman purchased three cars i
of cattle while in Omaha last week.
Abe Rupley, the "boss tiuner" from
Union was in town Thursday morning.
Robert Willis's little girl has been
having a serious time with one of her
Rev. J. W. Davis is confined to the
house with a lame foot, which makes
locomotion difficult.
Mrs. D. C. West has been on the sick
list since Sunday, and for a time she
was in a very serious condition. We
ara pleased to report her much better.
The editor is enjoying a visit from
his mother who came over from Shen
andoah Sunday evening and surprised
him. She will eat Thanksgiving dinner
with him.
Wm. M. Tucker returned home from
Burlington Junction Springs, Mo., Wed
nesday evening. He feels that his two
week's treatment at that place has
benefitted him very much.
The estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Kamm
has been admitted to probate in the
Otoe county court. She leaves an es
tate of $16.o00. There are eight heirs,
four of them residing outside of the
state. Mrs. James Easter, Mrs. Rob
ert James, T. H. Cromwell and Mrs.
Frank Jamison live in Otoe and Cass
Mr. and Mrs. William Carroll met
Gus Keyley in an automobile Monday in
the hollow north of Mt. Pleasant cerae
tevy. Gus stopped, and everything
seemed alright until Mr. Carroll was
nearly by, when his horse happened to
think he was not acting as a spirited
horse might be expected to do, so he
ran and threw Mr. and Mrs. Carroll out.
Fortunately they escaped with a few
bruises and a big scare.
M. G. Kime went to University Place
Monday evening to hear an address by
"M arse Henry" Watterson, of Louis- j
ville, (Ky.) Courier-Journal. Tuesday J
morning he went on to Omaha to attend j
the big sale of blooded cattle. Here-)
turned home from that place Wednes
day morning, where he purchased two
fine Galloway cattle. One male, a son
of the famous "Pat Ryan, " and a two
year old heifer from the famous "Wav
ertree" herd of Galloways.
Bridges Must Serve Time.
John P. Bridges, of Otoe county,
must serve ten years in the peniten
tiary for the crime of incest. The su
preme court finds no reversible error in
the judgment of the district court and
it is affirmed.
Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any
case of kidney trouble that is not be
yond medical aid. F. G. Fricke & Co.
The Ills peculiar to vomen. take different forms.
Some ladles suffer, every month, from dark rings round their eyes, blotches on their skin and tired
feeling. Others suffer agonies of pain, that vords can hardly express.
Whatever the symptoms, remember there Is one medicine that will go beyond mere symptoms, and
act on the cause of their troubles, the weakened womanly organs.
Wfe of Cardui
Mrs. M. C. Austin, of Memphis, Term., writes: "For five (5) years I suffered with every symptom
of female disease, but after using the well-known Cardul Home Treatment, I was entirely welL"
fifniTE 11C A 'I CTTCD Write today for a free copy of valuable 64-pae Illustrated Book for Women. If you ned Med
IV It I I I W A I r II lK kk' Advice. deMiribe your symptoms, statins; ace. and reply will be sent In plain sealed envelopaw
Vk 1 - Ad(lrMS: Ladles Advisory Dept.. The Chattanoosa Medlcln Co.. Chattamwaa. Tenn.
Colorado Midland's New Engines.
There passed through this place this
morning two engines desined for the
Colorado Midland road, which were es
pecially designed for mountain climbing
and which were of goodly proportions.
anil were not snch massive machines as 1
those used on prarie roads. The style
of the engine places the boilers high,
and is supplied with four sets of drivers
which are rather under the medium as
to size, not being intended for rapid
transportation, but having a rail traction
of more than ordinary capacity on ac
count of the number and size of the
power wheels.
Miss Mary Foster, county superin- J
tendent, was an Elmwood visitor Satur- !
day evening. !
An eight-pound baby boy arrived at
the'home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Colbert i
Monday evening. '
John Cook of Furnas county, and Geo. :
Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, i
of Alvo, spent Sunday with Mr. and I
Mrs. Will Cook, north of town.
Wm. Hatch, father of Mrs. I. C. :
Munger, came last week from New j
York, and will make his home with Dr.
and Mrs. Munger the coming winter. '
The Leader-Echo was in error last j
week in calling Oscar Allen's new girl j
a boy, but Grandpa McCrory says she j
came within one of being a boy anyway.
Dr. Munger reports the arrival of a
baby girl at the home of Ferd Melery-
urgen on Sunday evening last. Ferd i
won't buy the cigars because it wasn't j
a boy.
H. Cannon, of Benkelman, Nebr.,
came in Sunday evening to look after
real estate possessions in this vicinity, j
Mr. Cannon formerly resided in Cass j
county and owns over two hundred ;
acres of choice land near Murdock. j
A team of horses belonging to Peter
Reiter started from the farmers' eleva
tor last Friday, and after a hearty spin
around town, brought up at the red,
white and blue barn. The wagon was
left hanging on the wire fence near the
park and was somewhat demolished.
While driving through Main street
Tuesday evening Kirk Cuuningham was
accidentally thrown from his dray wag
on, alighting on his head, and was ren
dered unconscrious. He was taken to
Dr. Munger 's hospital, where he was
cared for. We are glad to say that his
injuries were not found to be serious
and he is again able to be out.
Files Large Mortgage.
The Burlington railway company filed
a mortgage w ith the register of deeds
today on a portion of their roadbed, ex
tending from Tenth and Marcy Streets,
Omaha, to Oreapolis, in this county,
amounting to $1,034,000.
Will Visit in Illinois.
Mrs. J. H. Wallinger, her three boys,
Leroy, Guy and Hai'ley, accompanied
by her aunt, Mrs. Mary Stoehr.departed
this afternooon for Pekin, Illinois, where
thty will visit for two or three weeks
with friends and relatives. This is the
old home of the elderly members of the
party who have not been there for some
time and will greatly enjoy seeing the
places of the 'Olden Time. ' ' The little
folks, while not having lived there, will
enjoy the visit too, as they will have a
good time under any circumstances.
Lived Here Over Fifty Years Ago.
Ezra Bradford came in this morning
from Glenwood, and is visiting at the
home of Robert Sampson, who is the
son of Mr. Bradford's cousin, Ezra B.
Sampson. In conversation with the re
porter this morning, Mr. Bradfoi-d said
that he had come to this place in ISorJ,
staying two years. While here he had
built a house on Second street south of
where the Burlington station now
stands, and south of where Tootle &
Hanna later had a store. Disposing of
his property he returned to Ohio, and
during the war was a member of Com
pany I. 140th Ohio Infantry, serving
through the war, and returning to
Glenwood in 1S70 where he has lived
since. He will visit in the city for a
short time with relatives.
They Make a Record.
Last evening Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Edmonds played "My Favorite Waltz"
and Jesse R. Perrv, with his record cut
ting machine took the piece, and now
has it on exhibition at his music store.
Go and have the piece played for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds are accomplish
ed musicians, and the record is one
which will surprise you in its clearness
First House West B. 6c M. Depot
We Solicit the Farmers Trade
and Guarantee Satisfaction.
When in the City Give Us a Call
I J5he Perkins Hotel
Elias S. Frye No Better.
Mr. Thomas Frey says he has just
had a letter from the bedside of his
brother, Elias S. Frey, at Iowa City,
where Mrs. Thomas Frey is nursing the
sick man, to the effect that he is no
better and no hopes are entertained for
his recovery.
New Pure Food arid Drug Law.
We are pleased to announce that
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs,
colds and lung troubles is not affected
by the national pure food and drug
law as it contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs, and we recommend it as
a safe remedy for children ind adults. !
F. G. Fricke & Co.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
best pills made.They do not gripe. Sold
bv F. G. Fvick2 &'J).
J- v. 'i: i
Too Many Dress
ill HSSW
V ' V
A great unloading sale now going on. Out of town customer!
should take advantage of these specially low sale prices
100 pieces of Lupin's Black Dress
Goods that range in price from
$1 00 to $2.00 a yard, will go this
sale at. a yard 7.c
100 pieces of Lupin's fine Cheviots,
fancies, and other goods, sfll
from 52 00 to .y5.J a yard, at a
yard !c
Colored Dress ;kiI-..
1.S0 pieces of Hroadclot hs. in all
colors, that sold at f 1 5,'- will i".
Panamas. Batistes. Henriettas Bmar'rloihs, farcies, taile
and Scouil plaids, etc . at about half
Arnold's i.Sc Suitings. Sfj in wide.
at l"c
35c English Henriettas.. . l!c
50c AH Wonl Mixed Suitings. . Sof
59c Fancies, at 2.1c
54 in. Mixed All Wool Suitings. .40c
$2.00 Broadcloths, at $l.l!l
$1.75 Broadcloths, at 0c
&5c Storm Serges, strictly all wool.
at Z'.lc
$1.50 Scotch I'laids. all wool.. SUc
... ONCE ...
Cecil Newcomer Dies at York.
Yesterday L. A. Newcomer received
the sad intelligence that Cecil New
comer, a son of his brother, a farmer
near York, had died with blood poison
ing. The young man who was just
twenty-two years of age, was sick but
a short time, as only a few days ago
they had a letter from him, when he
was entirely well. L. A. Newcomer
and family departed this morning for
York, where they will attend the funeral
which occurs this afternoon.
is due in a large measure to abuse of
the bowels, by employing drastic pur
gatives. To avoid all danger use only
i t r k r r c ii'ii- .1 c -
)r. iing s iew ine 1111s, me .sine
gentle cleansers and invigorators.
Guaranteed to cure headache, bilious
ness, malaria and jaundice, at V. C.
Fricke & Co. drugstore 2c.
ampie Fur Sale
The real fur Ffrason opens
with the greatest sale of
the kind ever known in
the history of western
Sample Fur Garments
The complete
lines of three of
the greatest eabt
orn manufactur
ers On Safe at
25';, to 33
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Goods in Stock
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skins . ... -
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r suiting u
hat y
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S Ail Wool Silk Striped Plaids.
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American Silk Striped Plaids. .()
American Silk Striped I'laids l5o
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