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    Does tbm oDdl Wesatlhieir emomidl You
that the Heavier Clothing Season is almost here? It it does it remains our duty to remind you that Holly's is the place to buy them. How about
that New Suit or Overcoat, Winter Weight Underwear or Shoes? Wa have a complete line both for men and boys. Call and let us show you the
many new things we have in Winter Wearing Apparel.
Hniiy'g 5c Huskers, the Best in the State,
ML IHlOfLfLYa th !4lh)DirH Nebraska.
School Shoes!
Don't think of letting the
children ko without Rub
lers. Kvcry jrl hoy
should have a substantial
rubber not the "bargain
sale" sort, but Rubbers
that will do their duty.
40c TO 90c
Engineer Reported Injured.
A.M.Melrosecame from Nehawka this
morning and looked after some business
matters in the city, returning home this
afternoon. While in the city he was
telling of an engineer on the Missouri
Pacific who, while switching at the
stone quarries at that place this morn
ing was injured by striking his head
apainst some supports which were used
in the quarry. It seems that the engi
neer had thrust his head out of the cab
window in order to see what to do, and
in backing, the timbers which were
close to the track struck him on the
head, injuring him quite badly. As
they were taking him to the physician's
office, Mr. Melrose came away and
did not learn how badly the man was
Mrs. Henry Hirz, Jr., Dead.
Yesterday afternoon at their home
about eight miles west of the city, Mrs.
Henry Hirz, jr., died of childbirth.
The young folks have been married
about a year and were farming at their
home, which is near the Walradt ceme
tery. Mrs. Hirz was formerly Miss
Emma Meisinger, a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Meisinger, living near
Mynard. In the new home in which
they have been living for some time
past they made many friends, who with
the relatives and friends mourn the un
timely death of this noble young woman.
The funeral will be held from the home
at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Rev.
Spreigle conducting the services and in
terment will be made at Oak Hill ceme
tery. DOC
Son, ;
The Perfected
Fountain Fen!
When you want a pen, a fountain pen is the
most convenient, is it not? Well then, v;hy
not usl- the pen that won't make you swear
every time you want to fill it? Ji5t dip it in
to ink, press the filler bar and.3'ouare ready.
n i
Ul l
From the Late Candidate fcr County
, Clerk, Who Was Defeated by
; 1054 Majority.
1 Last evening ascertain man living in
! the west'end of town, looked upon the
i green checks and then into the glass
' a few times and when he started home
his feet would not track. Arriving at
, his place of abode he found nothing to
j his taste, so he threw the dishes around
! the rHm and at his wife anil daughter.
After a few moments the dining-room
: looked like the trail where Napoleon
: crossed the Alps. The mothor and child
succeeded in getting away, and tele
i phoned for the police. Our informant
, could nottell whether anything was
done other than a reprimand or not. -
Piattsrnouth Journal, 13th.
: Following the publication of such an
; article as the above in a Weeping Water
j paper, The Journal would reprint and
head it "In Prohibition WeepingWater. "
; Yet they report such news almost daily.
; band and the suffering of his family,
! and yet the editor cannot tell whether
j anything was done other than a repri
! mand. Piattsrnouth saloon keepers
cannot live without making drunken
husbands and causing their families to
suffer. Piattsrnouth saloons dictate in
! a great measure the election of county
officers, of the mayor of that city, of
judges of courts. They have in the
past, assisted in electing district judges
so rotten that the scales of justice
never could balance. You have to be
a jolly good devil to get anything in
Piattsrnouth. Weeping Water Repub
lican. The sequel to the above is very easily
read. Uricka, the head man of the Re
publican, was a candidate for county
clerk on the republican ticket, and was
defeated by a majority of 1054. Now
he vents his spleen on Piattsrnouth.
Rut what Rricka may say about this
city the people simply feel like the
fellow that was kicked by the jackass
consider the source. It is simply a case
of sour grapes that's all.
Thanksgiving Day.
The annual Thanksgiving day occurs
one week from today, and from present
indications there will be numerous en
tertainments for the young, who love
spent more than the old. In addition
to the big turkey dinners and the nu
merous family gatherings, informal
jollifications and home gatherings of a
like nature, there will be other enter-
i prises in Piattsrnouth to hold out a hand
for a little of the pleasure-seeker's sur
plus. In his proclamation, Governor
Sheldon declares that prosperity in Ne
braska has been unparalelled. Crops,
industries and rural expansion, calls for
public gratitude and thanksgiving.
Therefore, bear in mind that it is your
duty to suspend all business operations
next Thursday and spend the day in a
manner that suits your own taste.
Licensed to Wed
License were gTanted this afternoon
to Chas. H. Hennings, aged 31 of Louis
ville and Miss Ethel Barker aged 20, of
Cedar Creek, and also to Ralph W.
Jones aged 21 of Omaha and Miss
Theresa Furhworth age 19 of St. Paul
tjo w-M. y m n if man ! Follow tht
of your fattier. Ituy somt clioli c farming land
wlilli It is yet cheap. It will make you ri"li
In a few .years. Von will find tin- Ix'st in Keith
rouniy. Nebraska. I miuire of I'avtoii Kealty
Co.. I'axtou. Nell. Write tlieni today. 3ti-l-l
Dairy inir. tin: mmitiK business. I hitvt n fhilry
farm that will make, you u fortune in ten
years. Wrlteowner A. .1. Ilurlaiid.
Wanted, to rent ten roxl sandy eorn farms to
Nebraska corn raisers. For naiticnlars
wriw V. O. Flynt. Sliamrix-k Texas.
SaiTli;-e Sale.-Hest raiu'li In minify. KM. I
liens. I mprovemenls i-osl ?'!. n Must sell
this fall. -."il per a.-re. A rt linr F. M ulleii.
4.M4 O'Nei!!. Nel.
Sterliii'-'. Colorado. I.arire inimiirratl here
from Ni hraska and Iowa. .Mesa lands j."
to sin per acre. Irrigated ianils rln and up.
Meet siiirar faetory running: Some farmers
;ret ifPHi per aere for t his ear's erop. Adver
tising free, statements 1:11a 1 a tit ed. rite r.s
today, t'hanilior of Coiunirrvi'. St Colo
4 .'t I
Invest your money in Thomas county ( ivs)
land, the smoothest, county In the stale,
with J'Hl.non sown to w heat. Prices raice from
to ?:!." m r acre. Now is the t irno to place
your money. I. N. I'ike. Colby. Ivans
4 .'t I
Why pay $75 an acre for land v, hen you can
buy just asKixid for
:t;iacrest) miles from O'Neill level prairio
unimproved. Rood soil. !."
Pill acres second bottom. level, unimproved,
j miles from O'Neill. ?12 per acre.
liM ai-res H miles from O'Neill a little roll
ing, running water, unimproved $12.50
424 T. V. (iolden. O'Neill. Neb.
Ajjood. rollinir section in Hufl'iilo
county. Nebraska. (ioou neighbors, live
miles to town. No improvements.' Only ?I5
per sntc $3015 down, balance one. two and
three years. K. .1. Wool worth. Kearney. Neb.
Lod'epole is one of the best towns in Western
Nebraska, and surroundimj farms yield
br;? crops. There is no "cheap" land but there
is j;od land at reasonable prices. Have been
here 2s years and can show buyer, the best
there is. Write or call. on me.
James C. Wolfe.
4i! 1 Foilirejiole Neb.
CorSale The l.ute binds alonjr the 15. tS: M.
and the I. I. nev railroads up tin North
I'latto river valley north of Pax ton. some
2.4(H) acres, have just been placed with us for
immediate salt. Xo better farm land in Ne
braska. Prices sjT.M) to s40 00 per acre on
easy payments. In tracts to suit. Address
Hratt & (oiodrnan. North Platte. Neb.
or. I. It. Flilnirswort h. 1 Jot hentiurs. Neb.
or A. K. Troiitmau. Paxton. N'eb.
4H-4 '
Qflfl acres 3 miles from thriving city of 10 0
inhabitants: level Platte valley land. sand:lsil acres cultivated. l.T
wheat. 10 alfalfa, small improvements, a bar
pain at -?!
320 acres level Platte valley land in central
XebrasKH four miles from county seat town
of 2."00. (Jood black sand : 55 acres in
pasture, balance cultivated: so acres alfalfa
fair improvements: srreat snap at SI5 per Jicr
ClayiKKil & .Johnson. Kearney. Xeb.
Cor in'ormnt ion concernimr irrijrited lands
address The Deutch Iand Co.. Scott's
BlulTs. Neb. 4li-4
llortheast Nebraska improved farms, some
jrenuine bargains in Dakota and Di.xon
counties. Twenty years residence enables
me to pive customers best deals. Write for
list. W. T Hartlett. .lackson. Neb.
Land Fine Improved farms in
em Kansas. j35 to Si5 per
Cenfal East
re. W rite for
list, come and look them over.
4S-4 Nonken & Fuller. Peabody. Ks.
Good farms In Ked Willow county. 5rtn. 2.'0 in
cultivation. Mouse and well. Price $'X
000. one-third cash, balance 5 yrs. Box 2
4-4 Hendley. Neb.
fx A ft acres, detnled. and Ions lease on 32"acres
s-Ikx1 land. 2S miles from town. 100
acres in cultivation; 4-room house, stable,
well, windmill, pasture fenced; price ?I2 per
acre. For further Information call or write
4f-4 II. P. Kunlon. Keukleman. Neb.
Dut vour monev In land. Can sell a 2.000 acre
Tract at a figure that will Insure a hand
some profit In the natural advance in land
valnes alone. Write for particulars.
Massuere & Simpson.
4ti-4 Starkweather. N. D.
phoice farms for sale In the best nsrrlcultural
district in the northwest. Hardware busi
ness for sale a money maker. Write Ma
suere &
:irnpson. Starkweather. N. P.
fjood old farmer, yon have worked hard for
u your money. Think once, think twice,
think three times. and then say I would rath
er have some western land, than all the banks
for my surplus money. McKibbin & Son.
4-4 Sidney. Neb.
Ten years time on the entire purchase price
of our Colorado lands. Pay the interest,
that is all. Eastern Colorado Land and Im
provement Company. Century Building.
4ii-4 Kanhas Citv. Mo.
Cecial bargains in Oklahoma Farm
City property, write Geo. H-KeimX-C
:Co. 1
Walters, Comanche Co.. Okla. 1
Excel lent stock ranch. Antelone county. 520
acres, si acres iti town limits. Creek
through part. Cheap corn for feeding. Uood
house, large barns, wind mills. Price ?2i. 00
per acre. State Bank of Clearwater.
4t:-4 Clearwater. Neb.
Do Ycu Want to Buy a Farm?
Here a few bargains: 160 acres, 4
miles south of Glenwoocl; 75 acres fine
winter wheat; 35 acres blue stem hay,
balance pasture. A snap at .$60 per
acre. 27i acres next to city limits of
Glenwood; the best dairy layout in wes
tern Iowa. Price $3,600; one-half down
and the balance to suit purchaser. I
have many other bargains; write me
for information.
E. E. Baknett,
Glenwood, Iowa.
Notice to Creditors
SlATEOI NEIIHASKA.I . , ((,nI1,v (-..Hit.
t ASS ( lll'XTY
In the matter of . t he estate of Iluimu K.
Calkin. d-eeused.
Not iee is hereby trlven that I he rredilors of
saiil deeensed will mvet the admintst rator of
snid estate. Iiefore me. county judt'e of Cuss
county. Nebraska, at the county court room in
I'luttsiuontli. In said county, on the Ttli day of
I ecember.l'.Hi7,:inU on the M h day of .June. I win.
at 10 o'clock, a. 111. each day for t he iuimsc of
present imr their claims for exaiiiiuat ion. ad
just meiit anil allowance.
Six 11)41111 lis are allowed forth' creditors of
said deceased to present their claims, from
1 In 7lh day of Novemoer. I'.mT. and one year
for I lie nd in in 1st rator to set 1 1 said est ate.f roni
the 1 lib day of November. 1!'C
Witness my hand and seal of said Count y
'01: it. at I Mat I si 1 lout h. Nebraska. I Ids I -I li day
of Novemlier. I'.lw. llAltxEY I . Tuavis.
Iskai.1 County .ludtre.
Notice of Sals
I n t he mat terof t he et ate of v- ,. , .
I'a;rick Shields, deceased. N"Mce of ale .
N l ice is hereby jrlven, that in piiiMi.'incc of
an order ,f I'mil .lessen, judge of the district
court of Cass county. Nebraska, made on I he
('III day of November. I'.MT. for the s:i le of real
estate hereinbefore described, then will be
sold rt the south door i f the court house at
I Mat tsinout h. Nebraska, on 1 he 141 li day of I )e
cemticr. liHT, at one o'clock, p. in., at public
vendue to t he highest bidder for cash, t he fol
lowing described real estate, to-wit: The un
divided of lots ten tld). eleven (II) and
twelve (12). in I. lock sixty f.'iii). of the city of
I'lattsmoul h. Nebraska, subject however to
t lie hoinesiead and dower rights of Cat herine
Spader in and to said picmises. Said sale will
remain o;ien one hour.
l'.ited IhistUb day of Novcmhe-. I'.liC.
I. . Dwyt r. Attorney. Ouardiau.
I ii t he mat terof the est at e 1 u Count y Con rt.
of Andre Weler. deceased. -Cass Count y,
' Nebraska.
All jerson- inferi sted 1n the alMive estate
are hereby notified that the administratrix
has tiled her final report and iH-tition for linal
settlement and for an assignment of said es
tate to t he ic! sons out it led thereto. A hearing
will be had upon said report and et it ion at
the county court room at Piattsrnouth. Ne
braska, at It' o'clock a. in., on the. 12th day of
December. A. 1 ltn7. and all im-isoiis Inter
ested will file their objection, if any they have,
to said report and iictition on or before. Hi
o'clock a. m.. of said 12th day of Decern I er, A.
!., r.1l7. IIAICVEY D. Thavis,
I Sea 1 1 County .1 udge.
II. (.. Weller.siek. Attorney.
Lena! Notice
In I lie mat let- of t he-e-,! ale In County Court ,
of Maithew MidkitV. -Cass Cm; nt. v.
ilcceasetl. ) Nebraska.
All iM-tsons interested in the above est :ite
are hereby not I tied t hat 1 he ad in in 1st rator has
tiled his tina I r Mrt togel her u it li his pet il inn.
prayin:' t bar .!.id report be allowed, his ac
counts linally settled and for a decree assign
ing1 1 he residue of the estate to the parties
entitled t hereto and t hat he be discharged. A
hearing will be had on said lcl ition on t he 12t li
day of December, 1WT. at. the county court
room in I'lattsmoul h. at 10 o'clock a. ni.. and
all iH'rsons interested will tile theiroliject ions,
if any they have, lo said report and iictition
on or before H o'clock a. in., of said 12th day
of December. l'.H'i. IIakvkv D. Thavis,
iSKAI.I County Judge.
Ilyion Clark. Attorney.
Election Expenses.
We herewith append a tabulated state
ment of the election expenses of the
election just past, and including the to
tals the expenses were on an average
about 25 cents per vote, counting the
total as being somewhat over 4,000 votes
and the amount of the expenses a total of
Judges and clerks $ 650 45
Room rent and delivering sup
plies : 163 00
Election supplies 44 95
Printing ballots 132 00
Posting election notices 24 50
BTotal $1,014 90
At the recent sitting f the board of
county commissioners they passed on
bills and allowed warrants for the pay
ment of $2, 387. 85 out of the general fund,
$3,233.50 out of the road fund and $5,
383.78 out of the bridge fund, which make
a total expenditure out of all funds for
this sitting of $11,005.22
Nebraska Veterinary Association.
Dr. A. P. Barnes, president of the
Veterinary Association, handed us a
program of the second annual meeting
of the association, which is to meet in
the city hall at Grand Island, January
7, 8, 190S. The program is replete with
speakers, who will cover the entire
field of ailments of the horse, and who
from their position are amply able to
discuss the propositions presented in a
very intelligent and instructive manner.
Dr. Barnes has done much to perfect
this organization, and out of the work
he has done in its behalf we see an or
ganization which will redound to the
benefit of every one owning an animal
of any kind.
Laxative Fruit Syrup
Pleasant to take
The new laxative. Does
not gripe or nauseate.
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con- .
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
Refuse substitutes. Price 50o.
il . m3Ei & Mm)
J u
'11 Y do I alwa3's
shoes? Because I know that that particu
lar kind is worth talkintr about. I am not
wasting time nor breath when talking Out en (Juality
to any one, for I know that if my customer do.s not
buy the first time, she will the next, as no one can re
sist the temptation when in need of shoes. Y are
selling- more Queen Quality shoes than ever, and how
do we do it? We take care of our customers and we
do it right. We do not hurry any one, because that
is not profitable to either party. We take tiir.e to ex
plain every little detail and are pleased when a ques
tion comes up. Ihis shoe
stands the test it always
has. It is a shoe which is
made of the best material
which can be secured, and I
have yet the first pair of
Queen Quality shoes to here
turned to me on account of
not giving satisfaction and 1
know of no better advertise
ment. Than they are madeby
people who has made the shoe
trade a life long study and
they could not afford to put
inferior stock into a shoe for
a little profit and loose a rep
utation which it has taken
them a life time to establish.
P Kit
First House West B. 5c A. Depot
We Solicit the Farmers Trade
and Guarantee Satisfaction.
When in the City
75he Perkins Hotel
New Records
PHONOGRAPHS and records
b. m f .
K White Sewing Machine
k (.ncces$ors to Phil. SauM-r.)
Removed to North 6th Street
tall; about a certain brand of
17 S lEiljvl
n t-. a
r" t r
Give Us a Call
Once a. Month.
Edison Gem $12
Edison Standard 2r. (f)
Edison Triumph 5. ())
Victor 3rd 4f 00
Victor 1st 22 m
i-'-lr - '
'.V.snv, ..."
"ALLCtE" at Dcvey's. g
- a