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The Stay Satisfactory Range
Murray, Nebraska.
Owin,' t. o.Iraorx! ::iry rush f
work and a nu.'.ih r of o mpos'tors oi
the Journal force attending the Ak-sa -be:i
pa--a.!e at Oniu'ia we vore compell
ed to f. i,e up o. r ::.v,i ;! ;rip to Murray
on Wednesday. We tr; st that olt
r a Jers will i ff our prsent ;"s!li- it r.rd
overlook our r.egligen.e in not X.v 'nz
the usual ar unt if revs from tier
fl ;urL;h:n- little city. And will end.-.--. -or
" o peVw:it a rwecurarce in ti e
3cv. Phi's? Surfr:? Dead
The fonowi.-.g is taken from Hillsdale j to t!ie Glenwood Tri- j
bune. The dec-eased wxs the father of
I lev. Taylor Surface, who formerly
preached for the congregation, south of
this city. The deceased also preached
-and was well known in the south part of
Cass county: "Rev. Philip Surface
died at his l.orne near Viilisea. Sept. 2'i,
1907. He v. as for many yenrs a minis
ter In the United brethren church and
was at or.e time located at Hillsdale
and had many friends and acquaint
ances here. At the time of his death
he was a member of East Nebraska
conference where he preached several
years. He leaves a wife, two sors and
three daughters, all grown and married,
besides many other relatives."
Burlington Passenger Earnings.
The report of the Burlington road
shows that its receipts from passenger
business with the state of Nebraska
during July was $202,800.72 and the re
ceipts from interstate tickets $127,353.06.
The passenger revenue of the Burling
ton system for the year 1906, was $19,
971,000, including mail and express. It
is estimated that the state traffic in Ne
braska for July was one-sixth of the
passenger business of the system.
There is nothing in the report to prove
the statement that the company is re
ceiving less money than was received
before the two-cent fare law went into
The revenue from freight traffic on
the Burlington in Nebraska during July
was as follows:
On freight forwarded -State, $393,
385.50; interstate, $513,135.39.
On freight received State, $271,331.
54; interstate, $631,463.84.
Bids to be Rcccivsd
Bids will be received by me up to and
including October 7th, 1907, for the
$1800.00 bonds to be floated for the
erection of the new school house in
District No. 7. Said bonds must be
sealed and will be opened on the above
date and sold to highest bidder. Ad
dress all letters to the undersigned at
Murray postoffice.
H. R. Cramer.
Emil Stutvenigger of South Bend the
merchant pr'ne at that place was !n
the county f at thi.-j morning looking
after so business matters at the
Murray Department
- "IIE I'r.'MMJ; OF ML'ltUAY
,,.. ; .1 i.inl ertii' ,i- i,i itiiii of interest
.!. "l
.... ijji
Wil! Fay es?2ci S3 the Dead.
I'm' :1c Her.ry Poeik has received from
!he St. Louis Single Tax League, an
invitation to fie present and attend a
j ublic Memorial Service to be held in
S:. Louis on the 1 th of the present
month, in memory of the lives of Mrs.
Louise (1. Nake ard Miss Nellie Nake.
the a nie.-e of Mr. Boeck, who
were dro.vneu at the time of the loss of
the "'Columbia". Uncle Henry thinks
of going to the service. The following
'.a the text of the invitation.
In Merr.oriau!; Mrs. Louise G. Nake,
11 ':a Nellie Nake. Mother and daugh
ter, the latter a teacher at the Laclede
school of this city were of those lost by
the s::;ki:: of the steamer "Columbia"
o!f thi; ( aJifomia Coast in July. Both
were i:a:n er of thio Association, and
as an yv. .'.... e of our respect for them
while iiv.r.-j ;-d of the regret we feel
at losing Uit-n. we have called a public
Memorial St-:".cc for Friday, Oct. 18,
1907. at ! o . ; (. a. m. The Aschen
broedl Club i.a.:. :i-535 Pine street, to
which we request, the attendance of
yourself and ii lends. Rev. Herbert S.
Rigiow of the Vine street Congrega
tional Church, Cincinnatti. Ohio, and
Dr. Vm. Preston Hill, of St. Louis,
will deliver the principal addresses.
Note: -Ushers will be at the entrance
to the place of meeting to direct those
who attend. Cars pass on Grand Ave.,
a few doors west. St. Louis Single
Tax Club.
When Most Attractive
Annie Vio Gates, the talented asso
ciate editor of the Auburn Granger,
has been awarded second prize for an
swering the question propounded by the
St. Louis Post Disdatch. The question
was: "When is a man most attractive?"
The answer was: "A man is the most
attractive to a woman when he has
reached that stage which enables him
to willingly cater to 'her wishes exclu
sively; to be blind to her short comings
and to think of her as the 'tripple ex
tract' of perfection, no matter whether
his years be IS or 81." There is a ray
of hope even for "old folks" in this,
and we have a very near and very dear
friend who is rapidly approaching the
age limit, and he should cut this out
and paste it in his hat.
Afflicted with Sore Eyes for 33 Years.
I have been afflicted with sore eyes
for thirty-three years. Thirteen years
ago I became totally blind and was
blind for six years. My eyes were
badly inflamed. One of my neighbors
insisted upon my trying Chamberlain's
Salve and gave me half a box of it.
To my surprise it healed my eyes and
my sight came back to me. P. E.
Earls, Cynthiana, Ky. Chamberlain's
Salve is for sale by F, G. Fricke &
Co., and Plattsmouth Drug Co.
Poultry Wanted
Highest cash paid for poultry, deliver
ed at Mynard any day in the week.
Tel. 3 O. W. F. Richardson.
in this ririnit; uml iriil '.mail same to this
He Found Out it Was Leaded
Arthur White a son of W. A. White,
had the misfortune to have been pre
sented with an air rifle, which became
the interesting topic and object of all
the boys around his neighborhood. The
other afternoon a crowd of bos collect
ed and were trying the gun which re
fused to operate. Little George Dovey
son of Geo. E. Dovey, about seven
years old, thought he could make it
work and putting one finger over the
muzzle of the gun and pulled the trig
ger, with the result that it went that
time. There was a piercing scream
and he ran to his mother. He said the
gun hurt his finger, and upon exami
nation it was found that the shot was
imbedded in his finger, and the services
of a physician had to be employed to
get the shot out.
The finger will be sore for some time
but, if it has caused him to fight shy of
this kind of a paying he will not have
suffered in vain. This shooting iron
proposition for children to play with is
a dangerous proposition both for the
child and everything in the neighbor
Had a Kitchen Shower.
Last evening at the pleasant home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Herger, given by the
genial hostess, Mrs. Herger, was held a
merry event, in honor of their friend,
Miss Frances Swoboda, known as a
kitchen shower. All brought an appro
priate present some article which would
be useful in the kitchen, and what was
the best they had a very merry time,
as expressed by one who was there, say
ing that "it was the best time I ever
had in my life." A bounteous supper
was served, furnished by the hostess,
and at a late hour they all departed, all
glad they had been there. Those pre
sent were: The Herger family, the
Misses Anna Jeroucek, Margaret Ren
nie, Katie Shields, Anna, Mary and
Tony Janda. Mary and Herman Nowat
ny. Anna and Alma I'atecek, Barbara
"Ptak, Anna and Ida Egenberger, Mary
Toman, Francis and Mary -Swoboda,
Tena I'atecek, Anna and Herma Kanka
and Laura Gilmore.
Closing Out
I have decided to close out my entire
line of day goods, boots and shoes and
all furnishings just as soon as possible,
and discontinue carrying these lines of
goods, and place in a larger line of
staple and fancy groceries. In order to
do this I will make some of the lowest
prices ever offered in Murray on this
line of goods as long as the present
stock lasts. Everything will be sold at
or even below first cost. Call in and
let us prove this to you.
W. H. McDaniel.
IHotary? lpublic
Physician, and
Prompt Attention to All Calls
John Cook
Boss Harness Man
Get My Prices
Before Buying
All Calls Promptly Attended to
( Th Big Corner Store)
Always carry an
up-to-date line of
General Merchandise
Get their prices on all
goods before buying
Dr. Hayes Gsantner
At tbe office of
office it will apjictir un-tlcr thin heading.
Hy U. A. fis.)'
Corrected weekly by Martin !fc Tv).,
who pay tbe highest prices for produce
and guarantee satisfaction:
Butter 1m:
Hens . '.k:
Springs lnc
Crt'iiin i"c
C:ittle f-'.'iO to$.0
Hot's fl..'0 to ".::.'
Corn . .
."( and Me
Rock Islani Time Tahi.k
Murdock Station.
No. 15, local 9:52 a in.
No. K5, local freiMir, 8:.'!0 a. m.
No . mail 2:30 p m
No. 37. mail 5:53 p. m.
No does not stop for passeers fast
of Denver.
No. 91, freight 12:30 a. m.
No. 304, local passenger 9:11 a. m.
No. 18, Local 1:27 p. m.
No. 6, mail 3:00 p. m.
No 86, local freight 1:14 p. m.
No. does not stop for passengers
west of DesMoines.
The dance given at the M. W. A. hall
last Thursday evening was a decided
success, there being over a hundred
people in attendance. The music fur
nished by the Harmon brothers of Avoca
was satisfactory and they have been
engaged for the next dance which will
be given on Friday evening, October
11th to which all are cordially invited.
Good order will be strictly enforced.
Mrs. J. E. Baumgartner and son,
Condrad, departed for Illinois, Friday,
sit relatives for
where they expect to visi
about two weeks.
Glen Hart is visiting friends and rela
tives in Indiana at present.
Frank Glaubitz returned from Neligh,
Friday after an extended visit with his
brothers who are located theue.
Wm. O. Schewe transacted
at our metropolis Friday.
The horse show at Murdock Satur
day attracted quite a large crowd and
some very fine colts were on exhibition.
E. II. Davis and wife are visiting
here this week.
Mrs. Jones returned to her home Mon- attend the entire time school is in ses
day after an extended visit with Mrs. , sion The chiM labor ,eaves allpersons
II. V. McDonald and Mrs. H. A. Tool j Habe to a fine who employ chiidren un
of this place. j er sjxteen unless they hold a certificate
H. A. Tool transacted business in
Omaha Monday.
The local M. W. A. have carpenters
busy constructing a stage in their hall.
The first of a series of lectures will
commence next Monday evening.
The M. W. A. of this place will give
an oyster supper in their hall on Satur
day evening, October 12th.
Some excitement is looked for at the
special school meeting to be held here
Thursday evening.
John Ruge and bride pulled in Tues
day and now most of the boys are
smoking good cigars at John's expense.
Chas. Campbell pulled in Tuesday
after a couple of years stay in Oregon.
The Murdock School Muddle
At Murdock a good deal of trouble is
being experienced by the fact that the
old school board, two members of whose
term expired before the beginning of
school for this year, attempting to
make an appointment of a teacher for
the coming year. They appointed Miss
Olga Neitzel, this purported election
being for the year which comes after a
majority of the board's term of office
had expired. When the new board
came into office, they entirely ignored
the action of the former board and
elected another person for their teacher.
Now there arises a controversy between
the two factions. They have appealed
the matter to the county superinten
denthe rendering a decision that a
school board could not elect a teacher
for a longer period than the time for
which they have been elected them
selves. Whether this wilr settle the
matter or not, is not known as Miss
Neitzel evinces a disposition to hold the
school anyway, but later developments
will determine.
Brings Carpenter Horns
George H. Griffin, the superintendent
of the Masonic Home was a passenger
to Omaha this morning where he goes
to bring Mr. Geo. H. Carpenter home,
who was injured on the 23rd of Septem
ber by falling on the steps of the audi
torium at the time of the fiftieth anni
versary of the establishment of the
Grand Lodge of Masons. Mr. Carpen
ter who is a man wed advanced in years,
was quite severely injured and it was
feared he would not survive the acci
dent but the rallying forces of his con
stitution came to his aid, and he is now
able to Veturn home. His many friends
will be pleased to know of his conva-lecence.
No Man Need to be Without
Work at the Prices Paid
Around Omaha.
No man need look for work long in
Omaha or become a vagrant because of
the lack of employment says the Omaha
Local contract labor agents complain
that men, when offered work, refuse it.
Five thousand men are sought today by
local labor agencies. One agent scur
ried all around town this morning look
ing for 100 men on railroad construction
work in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.
Free board and lodging, free trans
portation and from $1.75 to $2.25 a day
are offered, but there are comparative
ly few takers.
Ten thousand men are wanted im
mediately by the Great Northern rail
road in British Columbia, Canada. Free
transportation. So far a few men have
signed here.
Although contrary to lav, labor
agents and those connected with the
labor departments of great railroads
and steamship systems are scouring
Europe for men, and shipping thein to
to this country to work with construc
tion gangs.
"The average American won't do the
work of a common laborer," said an
agent today." "He'd rather loaf."
Children Who Gome Under
This Law Seing Lined up
The present compulsory attendance
'aw arK t'ie cki labor law printed in
these columns a lew weews ago are oe
l ing enforced in this city by Supt. Gam
i ble and Truant Oflicer Fitzgerald. Yes
! terday afternoon and evening they
j visited a number of families who have
I been violating the compulsory atten
dance law and served notice that their
j children must enter school at once. In
all cases the parents agreed to have
j them enter. Failure to comply with
the requirements of this law subjects
i the offender to a fine of not less than
i $5 nor more than $25 for the first of
j fence. According to the provisions of
I tViic lijxr sail rVi7rJ-in llnrpr civ t cmii mnct
from the citv sunerintendent and teach-
er showing that they have completed
the eighth grade. Children over four
teen holding these certificates may be
These laws are being rigdely enforced
all over the state at this time. Child
ren are entitled to an education and
should have it.
Officer Fitzgerald has been instructed
to apprehend every child of school age
found out of school during school hours.
Parents will do well to assist the au
thorities by insisting upon regular at
tendance on the part of the children.
The business men of the city are for
the most part observing the child labor
Land Loans.
For Sale or might rent to a good
party 160 acres. Johnson county, . four
miles to depot, 90 rods to church and
school. Five room house, cattle shed,
barn, double corn crib, granary, well
and wind-mill. 15 acres of clover and
about eight acres of alfalfa.
167 acres six miles northeast of Shu
bert, Neb. All fenced hog tight. Sev
eral different fields fenced hog tight.
33 acres in clover, eight acres in alfalfa
Might sell and give good terms to right
party. Would also rent if had a good
party who liked to take care of orchard
and fruit and a good hand with stock.
They should have some help of their
own. Improvements good and abund
ant. Good house, six rooms.
640 acres Nemaha county, Kansas.
Will sell or will rent. A good chance
for some one.
60 acres eight miles north of Preston,
Nebraska. Good terms. A nice little
40 acre farm two miles north of Rulo.
320 acre farm, Nemaha county, Kan
sas. 265 acre farm northeast of Falls City.
Good terms.
Other farms and lands for sale, rent
and exchange. Money to loan on farm
land security. Write for terms.
Henry C. Smith,
Falls Citj-, Neb.
They Make You Feel Good.
The pleasant purgative effect experi
enced by all who use Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and the
healthy condition of the body and mind
which they create makes one feel joy
ful. Price, 25 cents. Samples Free at
F. G. Fricke & Co., and Plattsmouth
Drug Co.
Making Good.
Thro I no wiiy of miikiui? lntin(f
friMiN like "Making Hood;" uml Doctor
I'hTce's rm-ilicinri wHI .vmplify tills,
uiul thfir friends, after moro tliuii two
i'Ciil-s of popularity, an- initiilwred by
t!i hiirnlr'ls of tlioitsaiils Tfu-y liavtt
"made jjoikI" and they have nut madd
A (food, honest, S'piare-denl medicine of
kiiotvii composition I LTr- INcrce'a tJoklcn
Medical Discovery. It still enjoys an Im
mense s:ile. while lliot of the prepara
tions that have come Into prominence in
the earlier period t' it popularity havw
"tfone hv the hoard "ami are never more
heard of. There must be some reason for
this longtime popularity and that is to
tie found in its superior merits. When
once (riven a fair trial for weat .stomach,
or for liver and blood alTeetions, its snpi
rior curative uallties are soon manifest;
hence it has survived and (rrown in pop
ular favor, while scores of less meritorious
articles have suddenly flashed into favor
for a brief period aud then been as soon
For a torpid liver with Its attendant
Indigestion, dyspepsia, headache, per
haps dizziness, foul breath, misty coated
tongue, with bitter taste, loss of appetite,
with distress after eating, nervousness
and debility, nothing Is so good as )r.
I'ierce's (iolden Medical Discovery. It's
an honest, square-deal medicine w it li all
Its ingredients printed on hottlc-wra nper
no secret, no hocus-oeus humbug,
therefor d'tii't tirtwit Ktttihtit utr thiit
thrt dealer may possibly make a little big
ger profit. Insist on your right to havo
what von call for.
Don't buv lr. Pierce' Favorite ITescrlp
tlon expecting it to prove a "cure-all." it
is only advised ' for woman's xifrinl ail
ments. It makes weak women strong and
sick women well. Less advertised than
some preparations sold for like purpose,
its sterling curative virtues still maintain
its position ru the front ranks. here it
stood over two decades ago. As an in
vigorating tonic and strengthening nerv
ine it js inieipialed. It won't .satisfy thosn
who want "booze." for there is not. a drop
of alcohol in it.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, the orff-
llill Little Liver I'ills. fill hough the li I .t
pill of their kind in t.e- market, still lead,
ami when once tried are ever afterwards
iy favor. Lasy to take us candy-one to
three a Much iinitnUd but never
Wil! Unveil the Grassman Monument.
On next Sunday the Woixlmen of the
World will unveil the monument mark
ing the last resting place of the mortal
remains of Ed. Grassman. The local
lodge at this place will have charge of
the ceremonies, and will be assisted by
lodges from the neighboring towns. A
large crowd is expected to be in atten
dance, and there will be some of the
head officers from Omaha here to as
sist in the ceremonies.
Are Visiting in the City.
Mrs. Edward St&mm, of Havelocl:,
accompanied by her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Geo. Stamm, of Molinc, 111., who
has been visiting her at Havelock, came
in this morning and will visit with Mr..
Stamm's mother, Mrs. August lihcin
ackle, for a few days. Mrs. Edward
Stamm will return to her home at the
end of the week, while Mrs. George
Stamm will also depart for her home at
Moline, 111.
Duty? Whose?
To bring a whole nation to, and to
keep it on, the acme of physical strength
is certainb a sacred duty. Whose? It
is impossible to regulate it by law or to
infarce it by punishment. Is it not the
duty of every citizen, to try to keep
himself and his family in full health and
strength? Let all of us do so and it
will not take long before our natk n
will be the strongest one in the world.
It is only necessary to be moderate in
everything and to pay close attention
to the laws of nature. As soon as an
indisposition is felt, Trinener's Ameri
can Elixir of Bitter Wine should be em
played. It acts directly on the diges
tive system and speedily dispells all
irregulations in its functions. It not
only creats a healthy appetite but
makes the organs strong enough to ac
cept, digest and assimilate all food. It
will renew a I blood, will strengthen
the nerves aud will make the whoe
body powerful. Eo not allow your di
gestion to weaken; use in ail cases of
weakness Tnner's American Elixir of
bitter Wine. At drugstores. Jos.
Triner, 799 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago,
That Will
Not Last
OR. SALE: The following prop
erty; payments $20to S25; btvl
tvnee 510 pr month:
A six-room, cottage in fine
repair witn ot,c Jul and a
iaif $800
A n.e loom collate wiii
cu aiKi, in no'ni rrprtir
with brick ba'uaud "Lher
improveiut-nl $875
A tfood four-room collate
witntwoJuih $700
A fine five room .iiai;e
with One lot. ci v a I r . .$725
Two good tivu-room co'tan
ir loi an'l ('Hue eacti
:r-ir toe sifp- $800
On- nine (0'u house with
ortn acre of groui.d and
impovi mfnis $900
One mx r.iflm cottage, one
acr of if round $6CO
One five-room cottage with
four lots $650
Five, six, ten and twenty acre
I m proved tracts for sal; one
fourth down, remainder In sums
to suit, purchaser Prices furn
ished at oflice.