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The County exchanges i
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FrtunlliK lifdter.
I). W. Foster ami wife and Miss
Minnie Shoemaker arrived home last
Saturday from a two weeks vieit with
relatives ami friends in Ohio.
Mrs. K. I). Clarke arrived home
Monday evening from Thomas, Okla.,
where the sjient about three weeks
visiting with her son, Will Clarke and
Mrs. Milt Clarence departed on the
Saturday evening train for Lincoln,
where they will make their home, Milt
having secured a position as fireman on
the Turlington railroad.
Fish stories are alweys 'fishy," hut
we uan prove this one. Joshua Katon
brought two cattish t town Wednesday
which he caught on hooks in the Mis
souri river. The "animals" were
beauties, one of them weighing W
ftounds and the other 4 iK)unds.
J. W. I'ittman one of the Ledger's
staunch friends, went to Plattsmouth
last Saturday to look after some busi
ness. While there Mr. I'ittman pur
chased a fine black driving team from
Jas. Sage, and while he paid a neat
sum for the team he is justly proud of
The Union schools opened Monday
with Miss Elizabeth Countryman prin
cipal, Miss Louise Mickle intermediate.
Miss Kose O'Donnel primary.. The
total enrollment is !.", 2o are in the
principal's room, ."55 in the intermediare
and 7 in the primary. The attendance ;
at this time is a good per cent of the
number shown by the school census and 1
will increase the coming week. The
teachers are all competent and they .
as well as all the pupils are"' taking a
great interest in their work, and no
doubt we shall see excelent resuluts.
t rum U Courier.
The Free Methodist tent meetings are
not as largely attended as in former
Miss Hertha Goehry returned Wed
nesday from Greenville, 111., where she
has sjent the summer.
Charley Kuthbun happened with a
very painful accident Monday afternoon,
he being unfortunate enough to step
upon a nail.
Little Elizabeth Brodine has been
quite low with choleramorbus this
week. She was considered out of
danger at time of going to press.
Miss Jessie Spence left one day last
week for Chicago, where she will spend
the winter with her sister., Mrs. ('has.
Housel, and attend school.
Grandma Volk, of Pekin, 111., is here
visiting with her grandson, Dr. M.
Tritsch. She will leave today for
Fierce county to visit with relatives.
Someone said a fellow who would
hold up a bank in broad daylight in a
thickly settled community was a crank.
Perhaps so, but the fact that he suc
cessfully evaded three hundred men on
a hundred and sixty acre farm would
lead one to believe that he was not so
crazy as he might be.
Little Viola Nichols, the 2-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Nich
ols, fell from a second-story widdow,
at the Nichols residence on upper Main
street Thursday evening. No bones
wene broken, but it is feared by the at
tending physician that the little one
may have sustained internal injuries.
Pains at the waist, back, front, or side, are nearly sure proof of female trouble. '
Some other signs are headache, pressing down pains, irregular functions, restless
ness, cold limbs, nervousness, etc. These pains may be allayed, the system braced
and the womanly functions regulated by the use of
Wm of Cardtai
Mrs. Annie Hamilton, of Stetsonville, Wis., writes: "Cardui saved me
from the grave after three (3 ) doctors had failed to help me. It is a good medicine
and I recommend it to all suffering women." For sale at all druggists, in $1 bottles.
liffllXC IIC A I ETTCD Write today for a free copy of valuable 64-pace Illustrated Book for Women. If you need Medical Ad
II Kl I r Ul t I ll I vice, describe your symptoms, stating age. and reply will be sent In plain sealed envelope. Address:
,,IM,U -- - Ladies Advisory Dept.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn. J7
A Humane Appeal.
A humane citizen of Richmond, Ind.,
Mr. U. D. William?, 107 West Main St., i
says: I appeal to all persons with
weak lungs to take Dr. King's New
piscovery, the only remedy that has '
helped me and fully comes up to the
proprietor's recommendation." It saves,
more lives than all other throat and
lung remedies put together. Used as a
a cough and cold cure the world over.
Cures asma, bronchitis, croup, whooping
cough, quincy, hoarseness, and phthisic,
stops hemorrhages of the lungs and
builds them up. Guaranteed at F. C.
Fricke & Co. druggstore, 50c and $1.00
Trial bottle free.
Hitchcock, So
t'roiD tbe Leadvi-KuhO.
A line bov was lirn to Mr. and
Fred Huestmeyer, of
Dak., last week.
At the state convention of the fourth
class postmasters held at Lincoln last
week Roy B. Cox, of Murdock
elected secretary.
Mrs. H. A. Dunkle, who resides
eral miles southwest of Elmwood,
the misfortune to fall last week, break- i
ing her right arm.
Mrs. . Blanche Kuehn underwent a '
a very critical operation Tuesday by
Dr. Everett, of Lincoln, and Dr. Mun
ger, of this place. At last report she 1
was doing nicely.
Clarence Viol Lewis, aged one year,
eight months and thirteen days, young
est child of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lewis, j
died Tuesday, September 10, after an
illness of several weeks, from summer
Mrs. H. L. Clapp was quite seriously
injured one day this week by a hom
mock rope breaking, causing hertofall.
She was under the doctor's care for
several days.
Mrs. Ben Hoffman, who has been at
Grenada, Colo., nursing her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Frank Hoffman, who has
been very sick with the typhoid fever,
returned home last week with her son.
Fred, who is now very sick with the
fever. Miss Anderson, a trained nurse
from Lincoln, is caring for him.
For Rent - A five room cottage, one
block south of Masonic Home. Enquire '
of Jacob Heinrich.
Lost and Fonnd.
Lost, between 9:30 p. m., yesterday
and noon today, a bilious attack, with
nausea and sick headache. This loss was
occasioned by the finding at F. C.
Fricke & Co. drugstore a box of Dr.
King's New Life Pills, the guaranteed
cure for biliousness malaria and jaun
dico, . 25c
(Tiom tlie Kfirlster.)
Miss Elanor Welch of Coleridge,
Nebraska, a sister of Mrs. Isaac Pal
lard, is here on a visit and will remain
a month.
Jessie Pittman, of Oklahoma, who
has been here on a visit to her grand
father, Andrew Pittman, for some time
went to Nebraska City for a visit with
relatives Thursday morning. She will
return in about a week.
John Whittman came hi contact with
the business end of a small mule the
other day and he is walking with a sort
of stringhalt movement in his left limb.
The mule is still alive and looking for
another victim.
We are pleased to announce that Rev.
H. N. Hulse has decided not to accept
the work to which he has been assigned,
that at Fairbury, and will remain here
next year and farm. He and his fam
ily are just the kind of folks we like to
Henry Behrtis and wife were spying
around town the first of the week, evi
dently sizing up their new home- to-be.
Mr. Behrns is one of the best citizens
ot Cass couuty, and we can stand a lot
more like him in Nehawka.
Untie William Tucker is building
quite an addition to his house in the
shape of a big wash room. The pump
to the well and the pump to the cistern
will both be in the wash room, and
with drainage pipes and other conveni
ences Mrs. Tucker will have the most
convenient place to wash in town.
Word has been received from Miss
Ruth Murdoch and Miss Moon, that
they nre settled and assigned to their
schools. Miss Ruth will teach the 7th
grade in the Madison school, and Miss
Moon will teach the kindergarten in the
Quincy school. They like the place
very much and will enter active work
next Monday.
A lazy liver leads to chronic d3-spepsia
and chronic constipation weakens the
whole system. Doan s Regulets (2oc
pjr box) correct the liver, tone the"
stomach, cure constipation.
It Is Near at Hand to Hundreds
of Plattsmouth Readers
Don't neglect an aching back. Back
ache is the kidneys' cry for help. Neg
lect hurrying to their aid means that
urinary troubles follow quickly, dire
distress, diabetes Bl ight's disease.
Mrs. B. E. Gallagher, of Wintersteen
hill, Plattsmouth, says: "Kidney trouble
was all through our family. My father
and an uncle died with Bright's disease,
so in my case there is no doubt about
kidney affection being hereditary. Ever
since I had the rheumatism thirty years
ago, in fact, all my life, I have been
subject to pain in my back and drop
sical tendencies. " On account of the
misery in my loins I have at times hard
ly been able to get up or down. I could
tell in dressing how badly my body
would be swollen and than my limbs
would be bloated and my hands pulled
up. A friend of mine gave me part of
a box of Doan's Kidney Pills. iThe
strong praise she gave for the remedy
gave me some hopes that it might do
me some good. I used it and it did
prove true to the claims made for it. Of
course, I could not expect a permanent
cure from taking half a box, but to say
that it brought me much relief from
the pain and dropsical symptoms is not ;
exaggeration by any means. I procured ;
Doan's Kidney Pills at Gering & Co. 's j
drug store."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c. i
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole :
agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and j
take no other. ;
Flight of Time Arrested.
Yesterday morning with a booming re- ',
port like the opening of the day of doom, 1
the heavy weights, which give power ,
for the propelling of the big clock at
the court house, caused the cable to
part which held them. They weigh ;
about eight hundred pounds and their i
dropping jarred the court house until it !
shook like there was an earthquake. :
The occupants of the court house were !
startled and turned pale, fearing some
catastrophy was about to happen. One ;
day last wenk Commissioner Marshall
while down here took his little boy up ,
into the tower to see the sights, and on ;
returning told the janitor that the cable
had to be repaired, he in turn reported '.
the matter to the one in charge of the '
clock, but as there had been no oppor
tunity to make the repairs, it had not j
been done. The cable which had been
in use since the installation of the clock, j
had become worn at the point where it
fastened on the drum oh which it wttS ,
wound. It hardly seems that it should ;
be the business of the one in charge of
the clock to make these repairs, and as '
the commissioners had not met since, it ;
had not had an opportunity to receive j
the attention.
Many City Schools Maintaining This
Aditiona! Department.
Normal training as a special depart
ment of high schools will be a leading
feature of the year's educational work
in Nebraska, says the Lincoln News.
The legislature having appropriated
$50,000 for this purpose, each high
school that meets the conditions out
lined in the law and imposed by State
Superintendent McBrien will receive a
bonus of $375 per year, or $750 for the
biennium. This will not be sufficient to
pay the full salary of an instructor, but
it will be a large help in that direction.
Superintendent McBrien learns that
J about sixty cities and towns in the state
j will take advantage of the law this year
j to comply with the terms laid down and
I secure the benefit of state aid. One
j condition is that a normal class of t
j least ten members must be organized
. and maintained. The information which
I i ii i a . . - 4.1 4-
reacnes me state snpei niLeiuieiii, it lhuc
half a hundred high schools will have
classes of ten to twenty-five members
each. Beatrice will have fifty students j
in its normal training department, while
sixty will prusue the same course in the
Lincoln high school and seventy-five at j
Omaha. Hebron reports a class of j
thirty and Blair one of eighteen. Au
rora, Grand Island, Hostings, York and
Fairbury are among the cities where
good-sized classes have been or being
Nothing will please your wife as much as a
box of
or Proctor's and White's Chocolates!
it reminds her of the days you were courting
her, and it is the little things in life that
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Watches Returned Friday.
That it pays to advertise, is a fore
gone conclusion, and a fact that can
not be controverted. Henry Born who j
lost two watches about ten days since '
advertised the matter in the Journal. !
These watches were taken from his !
home during the absence of the family, j
with the intention that they should
never be returned. But when Mr. Born j
advertised the fact, challenging the j
public attention to the markings on the i
cases, which would lead to the identifi- j
cation of the stolen goods if any one ;
should try to negotiate them. The ;
thief, whoever he ' was, seeing this,
saw the only way was to return them
to the rightful owner, and thereby save j
trouble. Had Mr. Born not have had ,
the description whereby he could iden- .
tify them and have made the fact known
through the Journal the timekeepers
Would Still be' missing. It is unneces
nry to say that the stolen property
was returned when no one saw the par
ty who brought them back.
Great Introducing Grocery i
) Offer! j
A Wholesale Arrest
The couuty attorney yesterday morn
ing filed complaint against twelve per-
sons for violation of the anti-treating j
law, known as the Slocomb law, with
Judge Archer. Upon this, warrants j
have been issued and three arrests have !
been made, a portion of which were ;
given a continuance, and the others j
were bound over to appear at the dis- j
trict court, which convened yesterday. '
The other nine have not been appre- !
hended as we go to press. This was !
done under sections 31 and 32 of chapter
50 of the criminal code. This law has !
been on the books for a long time, and ;
was then known as the Slocomb law, I
and was section 1 and 2 of chapter 62. j
We had this article prepared for yester- I
day's issue but it was crowded out by j
news of more importance. Today there !
has been four more complaints sworn j
out, and the entire list now amounts to .
sixteen. i
Gone to Old Mexico.
Will Noxon and W. L. Thomas de
parted this afternoon for Sarinta, Mex
ico, where they go to look at lands, as
well as along the lower coasts of the
gulf in Texas, with a view of purchas
ing. This portion of the country is
claimed to have the climate of southern
California, with an advantage of about
fifteen hundred miles nearer the eastern
and northern markets.
To feel strong, have good appetite
and digestion, sleep soundly and enjoy
life, use Burdock Blood Bitters, the
great system tonic and builder.
You can save $3.60. We gain a customer. This Great In
troductory Grocery Offer cannot be broken. $6.00 in
CASH to accompany order. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded:
40 pounds granulated sugar $1
8 pounds P. & G. coffee 2
10 bars Diamon "C" or White Russian soap
1 Mason pint jar strictly pure honey
1 Mason quart jar sweet nickels
12 cakes Ecliph Cocanut oil
2 cans strictly pure baking powder
1 pound extra blend green tea
1 pound pure food black pepper
1 package cow brand backing soda
1 sack Blue Jay Japan rice
2 bottles 2 oz each extract vanilla.
1 quarter gallon can syrup
1 cake Enoch Morgan's sapolio
Orders filled same day received. All mail orders f. o. b.
cars, Plattsmouth.
ps ash
The finest in the world
When ordering ask lop Dr. Price's by name, else
the grocer may forget the kind you are accustomed to.
Banquet Postponed.
According to a special from Lincoln J
the democratic state executive commit- j
tee has postponed the date of the ban- J
quet to be held in the capitol city Sep
tember 24th, for the reason that it
wishes to have two gatherings of demo
crats in Lincoln before the close of the
present campaign. The state conven
tion will be held September 24 and the
banquet will be several weeks later.
The banquet will be made a representa
tive gathering, democrats from all sec
tions of the country being invited.
Sick Headache.
This disease is caused by a derange
ment of the stomach. Take a dose of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lets to correct this disorder and the
sick headache will disappear. For sale
by F. G. Fricke and A. T. Fried.
ft AMCnlUA 0 UnCHICOl MHIUUHL iiiluiuiuml
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of expenditures and a receipt for
each item if you have a checking
account with us and make the
merest memorandum on your
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have to remember it's all there
in black and with the money bal
ance (which you can tell at a
glance) is here in security. In
terest on certificates by special
f!nnHnntinn. Kidney Troubles,
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Q Indigestion, Nervous Trouble
Q Gastritis, ond
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S Natural Mineral Water on the market Pleasant to take
V SILVER MEDAL and Diploma awarded at the St. Louis In
JlJ ternational Exposition, 1904.
Plaitcmntith.- Nebraska COUNTY AGENT.