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    I Took Peruna, Hardly Daring to Believe Thought
S.j W'nlr Mr AV ,.., vf Albany. 4!cccocosoOC5Cx:c
Pelvic Diseases in Men
Muiiy ImmiIIiI i -i ilr;i;-in out ft in i.-crat-le f i --!-n.-f
with riit::rrli i I liic kilrn-ys catarrh .f the
l lru' l' i , or Loth.
T 1 1 i n 1 1 1 -l a-f jii;.l ( t :irr h of the hlaMer
in r-li!-i ri jt m-li,i- wr-trli-ilne-s, absolute
(Ii-mmii . haaril imi-tv atiil .! u !j!orn Wc:ik ni'S-.
A n army f llu- m I of vf'tnns have one ly one
;Ii--ovt it thai IVrnr.a eoul.l lu r-Ii-cl ii2oii tore
i i v i.' Hii'-h
? !as inaii ten - a:iolli-r man. anil in tli l.- way the
r.'-w-t n-rcad-. until in all part-; of tho country are
tj l-j foiinl ni'-n who have lfii riuanen tly lilx-r-Bt-'il
trorn th- thraldom of catarrh of the Maihh-r by
a course of 1'fruii'i.
Many eas-s of catarrh of the stomach, kidney and
other alxloniinal organs have reported themscl ves
as en red.
Wepive l low two prominent testimonial which
illustrate the ln-ncli t f I'erunaln these cased.
t j -V !
1 mz&mt - h
'iffrfffiflfli' 'JP ' M jF Catarrh of the BlaiW.
XwiiMMtlgMhi f 5 N Y., President Monu-fiore hi!, w rites:
fiyiiiiiiliy svv II Since my advanced aire I find that I have been (
:&x$iiii$$f$jffo 11 !' frequently troubled with urinary ailments. The
iiiiiilitiilih. i ' bladder seemed Irritated, and my physician said i,
i$iii$i$$ lv ; J?r ,ul 11 was catarrh caused by a protracted cold ji
"vf si$wfMir?$ ' &$m'''''':''l'L ' which would be dillicult to overcome on accountof i
iii M, yr t my advanced ace. took Peruna. hardly daring Ji
"fVjifv 4VW,,I 3 JT7c-Jl 'i to believe that I would be helped, but found to my )
jj'jQ'--- .i&Sit&ll& PsiSt (' rc'ie' t'jat soon began to mend. The irritation
Hi r jl j r- pkx CNV .yy u(&j !' Kra(1ually suanidwl. the urinary difficulties
I r iVl IT lry (t5iJ(C4! ' ' Pssedauay. I have enjoyed excellent health no.w i
V-w. i for the past seven months. I enjoy my meals, Ji
Z , -O v?X (( QsfJ ': sleepsoundly.and am as w ell as I was t wenty years '
c" vZ ao-o. I trlve all nralse to Peruna." (i
IIiTi-"- f i. .mi I In rti tl.-il .. -1 1.1 i.
; I !! foe 1 1, .in 1 1 1 l.i ui 1 1 1 :i 1 . hi I I i il .-.
I 'I i in 'n ii ., , , j- t, i 1 1,,. null, i i
, ii.-ui
I I'll ( li.-y '. In .rn tin- : : ;i' li v i - ; ! 1 1 ! ciii.-i .
I ; i i . -1 1 1 1 1 t i i
Iid it ever oi
pretty faircorn
cur to you that this is
weather for an oil" ear'.'
Omaha Concern Fails, Closing
moulh Office.
the Plalls-
Already the political slate rti
beinin to stir things a little.
:ikel"S at e
Harry Orchard has .lead guilty to
every crime in the calender
striking of Hilly Patterson.
but the
Catarrh of Stomach and Kidneys.
Mr. If. I.. K
,mory, ice t nance:
and Master of Arms, K. l'.'s, of
Omaha, Net., writes from liO. North
Sixteenth street, the following words
of praise for I'eruna a. a tonic. He
says :
It is with pleasnn recommend
Peruna as a tonic of unn-ual merit.
A large duiiiUt of prominent niem
Inra of the different order with
which 1 have been connected have
tHen cured by the use of Peruna in
casea of catarrh of the stomach and
head: also in kidney complaints and
weaknesd of the pelvic organs.
"I'eruna toned up the system, aids
digestion, indueei sleep, and is well
worthy he confidence of suffereri of
the afior complaints."
Mr. David L. Jaycox, Chaplain Clar- from 11 South Nicholas St., Chicago,
inda I. O. (i. T. and Chaplain (. A. K..
.sfc Uroatlway, Oakland, Cal., writes :
"I am an old war veteran. I contract
ed severe bladder and kidney trouble.
I spent hundreds of dollars and con
sulted a host of doctors, but neither did
me any good.
'Finally some of my comrades who j
! . J . . .
to try it. I at once bought a bottle, and i
found it helped me ?o much that I kept
using it for nearly four months.
"Peruna has proven the best medi
cine I ever used. My pains are gone
and I believe myself to be cured. feel
well, and would not be without a bottle
in time of need for ten times ltd cost."
Mr. Robert K. Ilanvey, Treasurer
Knights of Industrial Freedom, also a
111., as follows
"I was in good health until about four
years ago, when my back became lame
and sore. The pains kept increasing,
with severe twitches and slow exhaus
tive aches. Urine was highly colored
and passed with great irregularity. I
knew this must be inflammation of the
'Having read of Peruna I decided to
try it. I found relief from the pain
within ten days. The aches gradually
diminished, and it was a blessed relief
I can assure you. Within three months
I was well once more. My appetite had
returned, nervousness and irritability
were things of the past, and for over two
years now I have been a healthy man
"I give all thanks to your Pernna,
and believe that it is a blessing to man'
well known writer and iecturer, write i kind.
Practically Ignoring Maxi
mum Rafe Law, to Go
in Force July 4
Totally ignoring- the maximum rate
law which takes effect in Nebraska af
ter July 4, requiring a 15 per cent re
duction on building material and other
specified commodities, the Burlington
railroad has prepared and filed with the
state railway commission a rate sheet
on lime and cement increasing the tar
iff on these articles from 1-2 to 1 1-2
cents per 100 pounds on shipments from
Plattsmouth and Omaha to various
points in Nebraska effective July 12.
I he new rate sheet is printed on an
interstate form, the excuse for this be
ing that rates are quoted from Council
Bluffs and Pacific Junction as well as
from Omaha and Plattsmouth. This
arrangement has the apperance of a
technical one to get around the maxi
mum rate law applying on shipments
within Nebraska.
the city, who now resides in South Da
kota, and who had p!acsd a price of
$2,0X) upon it two months ago, now re
fuses to sell it for less than $2,500. And
this is the way property is booming all
over town. We say, on with the boom,
and a more united community will help
j make a greater boom.
All stomach troubles are quickey
relieved by taking a little Kodol after
each meal. Kodol directly to the
seat of the trouble, strengthens the
digestive orpins, supplies the natural
digestive juice ard digests what you
eat. It is a simple, clean, pure, harm
less remedv. Don't neglect your
stomach. Kodol after each meal
and see how good it makes jou feel.
Money back if it fails. Sold by F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Improvements Going On in
Every Direction
"Never before in the past ten years
has there been so much improving done
in any one season as is being accom
plished this season." said an old resi
dent. It would really surprise those
who have been kicking against the town
for years to take a trip over the city
and see for themselves. In every direc
tion they will note new houses going up.
others being overhauled, old board side
walks beiug torn up and concrete or
brick taking their place.
It is impossible almost for mechanics
to meet the demands, and our dealers
in building material say that this has
baen a great season for them. Prop
erty is rapidly increasing in price, and
there is not a piece of residence property
fit to live in in town but what is occupied.
Many newcomers are coming in daily
and buying small parcels of land near
the city to make their future home.
And to show how property is advancing
we will just cite one instance: A gentle
man who owns a small tract of land and
Laundry Changes Hands.
Henry Kauble, who has been in Oma
ha for some time, in charge of a laundry,
assumes control of the laundry at this
place. Robert Ballance, who is now
visiting in Denver, having purchased
the same. Mr. Kauble is a thoroughly
experienced man in the laundry business
and will make an excellent man for the
place that he is to have charge of.
Under the new management this shou'd
be a paying business, and we predict
they will meet with abundant success.
Henry came down from Omaha Sun
day, and assumed control Monday morn
Look at Colorado Lands
A crowd of our prosperous farmers
and capitalists, departed on the after
noon Missouri Pacific train for Omaha
where they will take a later train for
Holly, Colo., where they will inspect
lands of the Amity Land Co. This land
is all under irrigation, and it is claimed
to be so located as to afford excellent
opportunities for the shipping of its
products to the markets of the mid
west. Those going from here are:
V. D. Wheeler, H. D. Travis, John M.
Leyda. Jacob Treitch, John Fight, John
H. Becker and Bennett Christweisser.
They expect to be gor.e four or five
Has not Furnished Bond
George Billings who was found guilty
of pettit larceny, in the police court of
Saturday, has, as we go to press, not
furnished the bonds necessary to per
fect the appeal. And in the premises
remains but for a committment to
be issued and the fine and costs to be
satisfied by an imprisonment in the city
Why the Judge Remitted
the Fines
There is a good story going the
rounds, which is told to the Journal for
the truth, of an obstreperous young
lawyer, not a thousand miles from
Plattsmouth, who made himslf obnox
to Judge Jessen at the recent term of
court here, and finally the judge order
ed District Clerk Robertson to record a
fine of ten dollars upon the young bar
rister. This seemed to cool him for z
time, out as a new phase oi the case
presented itself , he again violated the
court etiquette, and received another
fine. This occurred the third time dur
ing the course of the trial, and at the
end the lawer was indebted to the state
in the sum of thirty dollars. Arising
and running his eyes over the court
room, Mr. Blank said: "Judge, I have
the misfortune to be a little short of the
sum requisite to pay my fines, and I see
no one in tne court room save your
honor, of whom I could ask the loan of
thirty dollars. You know me well,
could you accommodate me with the
sum?" The judge looked out of the
window a moment and said: "Yes, Mr
Blank, I know you, and I will remit all
three of the fines, the state is better
able to lose the money than I am."
Died at Imogene, Iowa
Mrs. Winnie Edgerton, mother of
Frank Edgerton of this place, died last
Saturday at Imogene, Iowa, of cancer
at the age of 80. She was preceeded
by her husband by about a year, who
is buried at Adams, this state. Frank
Edgerton, her son, was at her bedside
when she breathed her last, at the home
of another brother. The remains was
taken to Adams, where the fnneral
cured yesterday afternoon.
jail. The committment will be issued
residence within the corporate limits of this afternoon.
Bert Eaiber, of Eltcn, Wis., say
"I have only tsken four doses of your
Kidney and bladder Pills and they
have done for me more than any other
medicine has done I am still takiDg
the pills as I wa.nt a perfect cure."
Mr. Barber refers to De Witt's kidney
and bladder pills, which are unequal
ed for backache, weak kidneys, in
flammation of the bladder and all urin
ary troubles. A weeks treatment for
for 25c. Sold by. F. G Fricke & Co.
That work glove at the Kraft Clo
thing Co. is the best for wear we ever
If Ananias was on earth now, uouMen't
he feel cheap to see his record placed
beside that of Harry Orchard'.'
The Kaiser boxed the ears of his
cousin. Prince Fredrick Henry of Russia,
and then ordered him to leave Germany.
The Kaiser evidently believes in the
effective, old-fashioned sort of chastise
ment Under the new primary law, candi
dates will have to file their applications
to be placed upon the primary ticket
August n. There will be enough patriots
to fill the places, no doubt.
Country life has its drawbacks, but
it has its great advantages, which over
come them. True, those who live in
the country are "Reubs" and "farmers"
and "hayseeds" to the cigarette loafer
of the towrn, but the boast of the busi
ness men in the world to-day is that
they were born on a farm.
Hollins Randolph, who has been chosen
to read the Declaration of Independence
at Jamestown Exposition on July 4, is
an Atlantia attorney, and the great
great grandson of Thomas Jefferson.
Mr. Randolph is a native of Virginia
and a gradute of the University of
Virginia, of the class of 1S:)5.
A story of real human interest comes
from Geneva, Nebraska. A woman
residing there lost her husband in an
accident, being left with several child
ren and absolutely no means of support.
Friends at once raised $500 for her by
popular subscription. It is said that
not one of those asked for contribution
refused to give.
Mr. Orchard continues to be a well
trained actor. His testimony is given
with the air of one who has been
assured of immunity from punishment,
and who will swear away the lives of
others as cheerfully as he testifies to
having murdered twenty people for a
small money consideration.
The man who gets the estimate of
his abilities from the enemies, and not
from his friends, has a far better oppor
tunity to show what kind of pluck is in I .
Dollar wheat in May is not the market
that the average farmer is looking for.
Dollar wheat is September will give
our farmers a better opportunity to
realize something on the price.
The Managers of the Office Here Suffer the
Greatest Loss.
The Nebraska Commission Company,
an institution with headquarters at
Omaha doing a business in futures of
grain and stocks, with branch offices,
located at various points over the
country, and one at this place, were
compelled to close its business, tempo
rally at least and perhaps permanently.
Their Sioux City branch had failed to
make its remittances, and was in ar
rears to the amount of about $!,.' W). I Ml,
and on account thereof, they were not
able to make the remittances which
they were called upon to do by their
patrons at other points. It has been
the custom of the company to carry a
bank account in each town to the
amount of the business done there, and
the man in charge at Hamburg, Iowa,
not getting remittances asked for, im
mediately attached the bank account at
that place, and also the books at
Omaha, which necessarily closed the
business, on last Saturday. At the
close of the market today all the com
panies' business will be closed on tin;
boards and exchanges where they are
placed. The Plattsmouth Commission
Company, comprised of T. (). Wilson
and Richard Hale, of this place were
their correspondents here. They tell
us that there was very little business
on their hooks, and that there is a small
dejMsit in the local bank here bnt not
suffi cient to cover the amount which is
due to their customers here. As to
whether they get going again or not we
do not care to venture an opionon, but
this we do know, that should they be
able to open their doors for business
tomorrow, the temrorary closing would
cause a doubt in the minds of the
traders to that extent that business
woujd be very difficult to obtain in the
near future. Wilson and Hale suffer
by this closing, though in no way re
sponsible for it, and while they have
endeavored to care for the interests of
the patrons of the office here, in this
case it was not possible to do so.
One thing about the water wagon is
that while it is over-worked, the work
ing periods are brief and the wagon
stands it better than the fellow who
keeps climbing on and falling off.
The Beatrice Sun says Harry Orchard
should have hung out a sign: "people
murdered while you wait, terms reason
If, as reported, Secretary Taft con
templates going on the stump in Ohio,
care should be taken to see not old,
water-loggap and crumbling.
The phrase "silent a3 an oyster" has
no reference to Oyster Bay.
Kansas City ha3 set a pace for the
balance of the civilized world. She has
ljust held a man for first degree murder
for killing his mother-in-law.
Probably inspired by recent American
example, the Czar is using a big stick
on the Duma, which he is holding in
extra cession against its will. Thus is
the great Russian bear become a Teddy-
bear like the rest.
Another "peace confence" is about
to convene at The Aague. As it is
over the pomers will proceed to let a
few more coutracts for battleships.
The president of the society for the
prevention of the cruelty to animals
gives it out that President Roosevelt is
not a true sport. This is equivalent to
filling out a blank application for ad
mission to the Ananias club.
The number of people who are plead
ing guilty to the indictment of un
desirable citizens" enlarges appallingly,
from the standpoint of Mr. Roosevelt;
but on the theory that misery Iove3
company Mr. Harriman should be fairly
Will Continue Trimmer Entire
Summer Season.
The results of the millinery trade at
the Department Store having proved so
satisfactory to Mr. Fanger, and the
patronage having greatly increased
over that of last season, he has conclu
ded to keep his trimmer during the sea
son. Consequently, Miss Mabel Burch,
who has been in charge of the millinery
department for the past wo seasons has
contracted to remain with Mr. Fanger
the year round.
The Journal believes this is a wise
move on the part of Mr Fanger, from
the simple fact that there is more or
less hats and bonnets sold the year
throuerh. and when the ladies find out his
intention to keep an experienced trim
mer at the head of the millinery de
partment the entire year in season
and out they will be well pleased.
Miss Burch has given general satisfac
tion in her work, and this has been to a
great extent the cause of the increase
in trade the past season. She will al
ways be found in this department.
Later in the season, ane immediately
before the fall opening, Mr. Fanger ex
pects to go to New York City. He will
he aceomDanied bv Mrs. Fanger and
Miss Burch. This trip is taken for the
sole purpose of securing the latest cre
ation in millinery for fall and winter.
Never before has Plattsmouth boasted
of a merchant who has tried so hard to
please his patrons as Mr. Fanger, and
ois increase in trade fully denotes this
In the person of Miss Burch he has
found a lady who is a first-clas3 trim
mer, but she i3 incessant in her endeav
ors to treat everyone alike, and to
please every patron of the millinery de
partment. The peek-a-boo, like Roosvelt's hunt
ing trips, should leave something to the
We are willing to bet any amount un
der 45 cents that trouble doesn't come
singly to the Kansas man who has
eloped with two girls.
A loafer is not so bad; the loafer who
not only shirks work, but sit saround
and finds fault with the work of every- J
body else is the one that ought to be an- ;
-l-i . I
The Stories Told Eclipse All
the Fish Stories
The warm weather for the past few
days ha3 been the means of resurrect
ing millions upon millions of these pests
from their silent slumbers. Thinking,
no doubt, that they have been beat out
of two months "good biting," they are
making up for lost time. Some of our
citizens say they never before saw the
time when mosquitoes were so numer
ous, and the stories told by some simply
illustrate how vicious they are. Charley
Reynolds, Burlington night yard master,
states that one of Alf White's horses
out in the pasture would be thick with
them on his back and the only way he
could get relief was to lay down and
roll. He would no more than cret on his
feet when his back would again be cov
ered. Charley said you could actually
gather up the dead by the bushel. W.
D. Jones, standing by while Charley waa
telling this story, as he turned to walk
away said, "Well I could tell a pretty
good mosquito story, but now there is
no use for me to try. " There is no doubt
of the immensity of the jests. People
could not sit outside on their porches
last night in an comfort at all, and they
must be very severe on horse3 and other
animals in pastures.
A Prompt, plesant, krood remedy for
coughs and colds, is Kennedy's Laxa
tive Couh Syrup. It is especially
recommended for babies and children,
but good for every member of the
family. It contains no opiates and
does not constipate. Contains honey
and tar and tastes nearly as good a
maple syrup. Children like it. Sold
by F. G. Fricke & Co.
There is nothing in the world makes i
a man feel so kindly to a girl who has ;
turned him down to marry the other !
fellow as the announcement that she !
has just had twins.
Orchard confesses to having been an
assassin, a dynamiter, a sheep tniei, a
wife deserter, in short weight cheese,
but at least he did not belong to the
Standard Oil trust.
An Iowa man who had been married
four times, committed suicide rather
than marry the fifth time. He must
have been under the impression that it
i3 against the law to remain a widower.
Indorsed by everv bnk
and ousiuess man in Ne
braska City. The T
land Schools are noted
for the success of their
graduates in securing
high grade positions.
Send for Prospectus
Nebraska City. Nebraska