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    "Ilattsmnioutb Journal
volume XXVII
Stiort Paragraphs Prepared and Purloined
For the Readers of the Journal.
!f you think Ui r- Is lif-n on
Kwp a-imlllntr,
1 f you fliKl It I a h-mon.
K-fi a-smiltiur.
Hutch another srhriw; ami lKiMt r,
hr ramf .V, KA 11 roosti-r,
-t mint her t-m: ainl try U-
lio It now.
The Rower beds all put on their win- j
ler underwear again last night.
Talk Is cheap except when a man's j
wile begins to explain why she needs
the money. j
It takes a strung minded man to re-!
fer to a young widow as a "peach" in
the presence of his wife.
When a woman pays a man &com-
pliment she expects it to be returned!
with compound interest.
One of the most remarkable quali
ties ct man is his docility In being led
astray or driven to drmk.
Politics consists largely in "knowing
what the other Iellow is poIttj: to do
before he knows it hiosselT.
The "sweet girl graduate" is going
to have the visual hard living up to
her glowing advance notices.
A man doesn't mind getting the;
worst of it as much as he dislikes see
iDg the otherfellow get the best of it, j
5r.-nw rrnmK'.P was (niirt. to lrv-loi
TlM'ir nian'rat.'" was hvrl m in town.
Awl turn In a milU Ha-ss suhurli
-Shfts-sKiiity tonhit;.im down.
It sometimes happens that other
people have as good an opinion oT
a man as he has of himself after he
is dead.
It is -simply impossible for a man
to fully realize the joys of single bless
edness until after he takes unts him--jerf
a wffe.
Just when one gets into the notion
of tickling Mother Earth with a hoe
a wintry blast comes along Trod the
notion vanishet.
A "Wyoming man asserts 'that "a
man who whistles never swcaTs' But
what of tbe man who listens to the
man who whistles.
The village wag asks "fTriy is the
Tear 1907 like a lumber wagon?" and
then smiles a fiendish snriie as he
gives the acswer.
"When we read of the hostess-serving
a "two-course luncheon,"" we some
times wonder if a "too ccar9e;' lunch
eon would not be as appropriate.
The St. Louis negro who bet that he
could take 19 drinks of whisky, "hand
going," won the bet, but his widow
bad immediate use for the money
seven hours later.
The old fashioned kiss :Uke the old
fashioned rose is still the best, No
improvement has been made since
Adam stole one from the lips of Eve
in tbe garden of Eden'.
A prospective bridegroom in this
city wanted to get married the other
day, and all that prevented the act
was the price of a marriage license.
Xove is blind and sometimes broke.
There are rumors that another one
of Plattsmouth's charming daughters
will be -captured in Cupids net before
long and carried away to another city
to make her future home with her
choice for a husband.
It is tinted that the trouble at the
M. P. 6epot a week ago last Saturday
night is not done with yet, until the
railroad authorities have tfceir inning.
And when that time arrives-somebody
wants to "look a little out."'
It is reported that a coterie of girls
in this town have adopted tbe follow
ing mottcc "Who smokes r drinks,
or cuts a -deck can never bite us on the
neck." We'll have to await further
developments ere making furvher com
ments. A Plattsmouth lady, who is -quite a
fancier, declared to a friend the other
day that the rising of chickens is her
hobby. She said: "1 believe 1 am
the best chickenarian in tbe town."
That will hold the other chicken
raisers for a week at least.
It's high time to stop the seed swin
dle perpetrated by our department of
agriculture. A man in Kansas says
that be wrote to tbe secretary for
some tobacco seed carefully specifying
that he wantediBattle Ax or Star plug,
but was put off with the excuse that
they were giving nothing but fine cut
this year.
Advice to married men: Tbe gar
den fever is not dangerous. While it
always seems severe in its first attack,
it gradually wears away and in a few
days disappears entirely. It seldom
keeps a man away from his business
for any great length of time, but,
Bhould it seem very hard to break up
get a good hoe and place it in the
hands of your wife. When you see
how beautifully she turns the trick,
then the fever will leave you at once.
Let tbe women do tbe work.
A Former Citizen of Plattsmouth and a
Brother cf Postmaster C. H. Smith.
The Remains Arrived on No. 2, Tuesdaj and
Will he Under the Charge of the Odd
Fellows From the Depot to Oak
Hill Cemetery.
Orria C. Smith was born in Ablng-
ton, Illinois, in 1850, and came to
Plattsmouth a number of years ago,
living here until about twelve years
ago. Mr. Smith is a brother of Post
master C. II. Smith, and has lived at
Havelock for about twelve years. Tbe
immediate cause of his death was a
very severe case of pleurisy. Mr.
Smith leaves a wife and eight chil
dren to mourn his death. Mrs. Smith
and five children live in Ilavelock,
three of whom are married and two
single at home. One married daughter
living at Friend, Nebr., end two mar
ried daughters living in Oklahoma.
The funeral will be from Bnrltngton
train Xa "2, under the ritual of the
Odd Fellows, Mr. Smith being a mem
ber of that order in Havelock, but the
lodge here will have charge of the
Thrttsmoiclh Good Cnough.
X. M. Beal, who recently sold fcis
residence with the intention of maktng
his home somewhere else, after
wards awoke to the fact that this was
a very good place to live in has pur
chased another place, and will cocftlnue
to be a citizen for a while longer. Mr.
Beal purchased tbe property where
Hugo Assmlssen rived. Assttissen is
moved. Tuesday. T7hen the hocse is va
cated, Mr. Beal will repaint ann re
paper it and fix it up in gooil shape,
and will have a cozy home when com
pleted. 3Ir. Assmissen will occupy
Mr.-Sharpe's house on Granite street.
H-Rter Froen aPlattsmcmth Boy.
B. A. McElwain had a letter front
his brother, 'R. L. McEXwain, Mon-.
day, who is now located in Los Ange
les, California, and is working for the
American TTobacco company. Roy
writes that he has a ?cod position
and is well pleased with 'it. He als3
-saysthat there is a good deal of trou
ble in getting around ca account cf
the street car strike, lie and iris
'friend who went with him, board
eboct tkree miles fron where they
work, an-tl when they get home they
remain in doors, as there is a gcod
deal of rioting, incident to the strike,
one man being killed cf their immedi
ate acquaintance, just the other ccy.
Omaha TurnerWisitors.
On the departure of the representa
tive of tbe Bohemian Turners, Mr.
Rihater Prague, from Omaha, Sun
day afternoon, an immense crowd of
his friends were at the Union station
to see him off and bid him bon voyage.
Just ac the train was fulling out some
of the crowd said: "Let us go as far as
Plattsmouth with him," and abcut
sixty of his friends bearded the train
and came this far.
They made the welkin ring without
a doubt. On the departure of the
train Irom here, they repaired to the
Sokol hall in the west part of totvn
and had a series of athletic perform
ances, 'foot races and c general gocd
time until dark, returning on the late
train to Omaha.
Given a Surprise.
Saturday being the 32d anniversary
of the.irth of J. R. Eummerfield a
large party of his friends and neigh
bors gathered at his home, without
his knowledge and and proceeded to
have a goed time, in tbe tarnishing of
amusements for him. Games, social
conversation and a general good time
was had until about 11:30 o'clock they
had a three course luncheon furnished
by the guests who had made ample
provision for the occasion. After wish
ing the host and hostess long life and
prosperity, and an opportunity to en
joy such occasions fcr many years to
come, tbe guests departed well pleased
with the evening's entertainment.
Among those present were: J. C.
York and family, Mrs. Brady and fam
ily, Uncle Peter Gass, A. B. Taylor
and wife, Mr. Wentzel and wife, Rob
ert Brissey and wife, Mr. Peoples and
wife and Mrs. Welch and daughter.
Spring wind chap, tan and cause
freckles to appear. Pine salve Carbo
lized applied at night will relieve that
burning sensation. Nature's own rem
edy. Acts like a poultice and draws
out inflamation. Gering & Co.
Returns From Encampment.
The people who were In attendance
at tbe Grand Army encampment re
port an excellent time while at Fre
mont, saying that that city treated
them like princes.
The entertaining capacity of the
city was taxed to its full extent, the
headquarters were at the Eno hotel,
the genial host of which is II. K.
Dunbar formerly of this place. The
encampment while in session gave a
vote of thanks to Mr. Dunbar ror the
pleasant way in which he entertained
his guests and ministered to their
Hastings secures tbe next encamp
ment, there was not a very great con
test for it, though the west end of the
state stood together in selecting the
location. A report given out during
the session showing that in 1895 there
were 10,8lt; members of tbe Grand
Army in this state, and a poll of the
membership from records and other
sourses showed, on May 1 of this year,
only 4,338 a loss of per cent in
twelve years, showing how rapidly the
members are joining the Grand Army
The election of officers shows the
following chosen to look after the bus
ness of the Department of Nebraska
for the coming year:
Department Commander Thomas
A. Creigb, Omaha.
Senior Vice Commander Eli A.
Barnes, Grand Island.
Vice Co mciander E. G. Lyle, Wa
hoo. Medical Director S. B. Lutgen,
Chaplai-n Rev. John P. Smith, Ne
braska City.
Council of Administration:
Mart Howe, Lincoln.
F. A. Truell, Lincoln.
Thomas Hull, Omaha.
L. A. Payne, Hastings.
II. W. Davis, Lincoln.
Delegate at large to natisa.t.1 en
cacjpment, J. S. Kopland, North
'Congressman Pollard says'Lhere
Ve'lots of apples anfl -spraying will coc-'
tinue right along as the -surmmer pro
gresses. "Trae there willroe no earty
summer apples Tor they are killed, fercrt
the late fallxtrfl winter apples will he
: r ? -i a wn i r ,
-i iair tivp, Tie-said, jlivs eariy isios-i
j-soms are all t5ead,xind -seme of those
that had jisst partially opened, "but
the late blossoms were arl right Tues
day when I Baade'tbe ecaminatwn.
J. W. Kagney "takes a very opti
mistic view of he'peach crop aod-saTs
there will be some peaches too. The
budded fruit isone, but the seedlings
are setting Truix, and unless fcilled
from now on will make a short crop.
He said that Kenry-Bturm claims 'Chat
the little peaches1 just setting on 'his
trees were acDnally-Towing.
Now it is u-p-to you. We hope 'Shey
are right, btrtwhlie'we are not pessi
mistic, we beg leaveto be allowed to
set on the fence -awhile yet. Ne"haw
ka Register.
Wi(C Reertfre r. Hebraska Cit.
The Nebraska City Tribune, in
speaking of the Biokert-Stander wed
ding at Macley last week, announce
ment of which appeared in the Jour
nal on the eve ef fthe wedding -day,
says: Mr. Julian L. Bickert, pro
prietortof the -Grand hotel barbershop
of this city, and SSlss Susana Sta-nder,
daughter of Frank-Stander, a promi
nent farmer of near Manley, were
united in marriage in St. Patrick
Catholic church in Manley last Wed-'
nesday morniog, OFlev. Father IL. L.
Bickert, brother of the groom, SEciJ
ating. Folic wing -toe ceremony the
bride and groom were given a recep
tion at the hwce ofthe bride's parents,
after which they -cacae to this -otty.;
Mr. and Mrs. Bickert will reside on!
Second corso near Eighth street. ITfae
groom has liveri here since Marcfc 1,
when he purchased 'trie business tie
now conducts, and -even though Is
residence has been brief in this ollif
he has a number of frtends who
tend congratulations.
&cware of Ointrertstor Catarrh tksi.
Contains lWeritiry
aE murcury will surely destroy tbe
seose of smell and completely de
range the whole system 7ben enter
ing it through tbe mucus surface.1
Such articles should never be used
except, on prescriptions froaa reputa
ble physicians, as tbe daizage they
will do ten fold to the gooi you can
possibly derive from tbecc. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no
mercury, and is taken internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mu
cus serf ace of tbe system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
the genuine. It is taken internally
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists. Price 75c per bot
tle. Take Hall's Fazsilj Pills for constipation.
One of the Participants a Daughter of a
Pioneer Methodist Preacher in
This Section.
Alice Cooper, the Chicago sculptress,
is figuring In the daily papers as one
of the principals in an affair by which
Nat. Hubbard of Cedar Rapids, leaves
his wife and old dying mother. He is
a son of Judge Hubbard, for so many
years the leading Iowa attorney for
the Northwestern railroad, says the
Glenwood Opinion.
In conversation with one of the early
pioneers of Plattsmouth, he informed
the Journal that he had heard Mr.
Cooper preach discourses in an old log
house in the south part of Platts
mouth in the early days, when the
country was very sparsely settled and
but about a half dozen houses where
the city now stands.
Alice Cooper was born in Mills coun
ty, near Glenwood. Her father was
the son of Peter Cooper, the pioneer
Methodis minister who preached the
first sermon on the site of the city of
Omaha. Her father managed the mill
at Glenwood, and later moved to Colo
rado where he made several fortunes
in speculation, and -himself founded
the Colorado town of Glenwood Springs
named after hfs old Iowa home town.
AKce Cooper became famous as the
sculptrtss who designed and executed
the statue of Sacajawea, the "bird
woman," who guided Lewis and Clark
across Ihe mountains to the Pacific
Ocean, and it was her statue that
stood at the gates of the Tecent expo
sition at Portland.
The Call of Alice "Cooper and Nat.
Hubbtrd shows to wbat dangers tbe
countTry is drifting 1a its social life.
So Ecaoy scandals c? this are kind taS
Cngplacein what Is wrongly termed
,b'ig&" life that t will be well tor
parents to take -more care as to the
socSe.1 developrrrfnt of their sons and
Givarty to Seniors. j
The class reception and party igiven
ta tbe graduating class last eventing by
Kisset.-Boelah Miner, Gladys Sullivoa,
Ulizabeth Falter and Kathrya "Wind
ham, atttoe residettceof-TudgeSullbvan
5 was a very enjoyable affair. -Social
(convecsetion, games ard guessing con
gests were the crater the evening,
and notwithstaQiing J3he rain Ciich
came down in terretfi-s, "aril wect as
merry -as a marriage 'b)ll,r' -and at a
late haur aU iepacsed 7ell pleased
witti tite evening's -entertainment, all
decUariog the Toot Misses -adepts in
tlie ct of ectsreairing.
The rain pwverracd.c Tew Tram at
ttcaSiag. TtevSaetpsTticip-atlas: were all
the ifligh scixsol 'teachers with tbe ex
ception of 5?Kfesor Orioklacd, who
was out of the -city. "Prof. Rouse,
3ioes Gase, 37r3hcls, DarlCng and
Matthews. Meenbeje of 'Oiae class,
Bts'ltti Ulrjsner, Slathryn Wind
hara. Elfeefreth Falser, 'Glatys Sulli
veL; Emctnt EceT, 'Florence White,
Flerence JCcElray.'KeienSSpies, Chris
tina Soeocriofcsen, Alice atd Nellie
riakmao, Ola:. Meofrenhaupt, Mable
H-eesley, FtfctyTGatthews, Crete Briggs,
I ami Blao3 lofeertso?2. Messrs. Kirk:
Bates, Ef. Frfoke.EimeriRoot, Chas.
Mopes, Oitcenoe iEroetes,Faui Morgan,
E-paest Keen, red Cess an Charles.
"Tragic Deaf vfvCeno. W.NSrVilson.
Ca spetWngicf the tragic death of
G-Mrge W W'ilaw. afloentiox. of which
was made in the Journal of Thursday,
ttes Union. ELeOper scss: "Irie tragic
dscth of George W. Wilson occurred
last; Saturiay rmrninf: atr 'clock at
bK home fcs Thzcston county, the re
suK of befa kioted rb? a hosre. The
aooident oocvtrtei last Friday evening
when Mr. Wilsox wae throroi from
his horse aod thoo. kiohed onbIs headL
He walked some distance a&er be
ictn juried, but became unoooscious
and ank rapidly 'ixitil diath ome to
his relief Saturday morrjiog. The fu
neral services were held ,t 2 c'clock
Sunday aftercoon-at his cesideiKe, at
tended by a large camber of fciends
and relatives. Deceased was born
Sept. 7, 1S51, ia Warren coznty, Jwa,
and fsr a number of years resided in
thic vicinity, moving to Thurston
eountya.bout four years ago. His '.rel
atives residing near here are Mrs. W.
EL Eanuing and Mrs. D. P. Slaan, -sic-ters,
ani Thomas Wilson, Robert Wil
son and James Wilson, brothers, all
of whom went to attend the funeral.
The deceased had many friends here
who held him in high esteem, and all
regret to learn of his tragic death and
extend sincere sympathy to the sor
rowing relatives."
Send us your picture and 11.00 and
we will make you 25 genuine photo
graph post card. Olson Photo
oaipn Co., 225 Coates Block, Platts
moutb, Nebraska,
A Lively Runaway.
Jesse Godwin while driving a car
riage from tbe Parmele barn Mon
day afternoon, near the Masonic Home,
had a runaway. It seems as though
one of the tugs became unhitched in
some way and the tongue coming
down ran into the ground and break
ing the double trees and breaking loose
from the carriage, also pulling over
the dashboard or rather pulling the
dashboard and Mr. Godwin out of the
buggy, and getting away. The horses
ran down the avenue, and when they
tried to turn the corner at Sixth and
Vine they were unable to do so at the
speed they were going and one of the
horses fell when they were caught.
No one was hurt though there was an
other young man and a woman and a
child in the rig at tbe time they
Happy Hollow Very Unhappy.
The residents of Happy Hollow were
trying to be happy Sunday evening
and got very unhappy before they got
through with tbe matter. Itappears
that at the home of Louis Abl, a
keg of beer was on tap, and w hen It
ran out they got some wine, and the
two did not mix well, and caused
those that took it to disagree as well,
and finally resulted in a free for all
fight, in which Mike Prels got one of
his fingers somewhat lacerated, Chas.
Sitzman seemed a little the worse
for the wear also. While Fred Voght
man and Louis Abl were not dis
figured to speak of.
Warrants were sworn out for the
four Mike Preis, Louis Abl, Fred
Voghtman and Charles Sitzman.
Three of whom pleaded guilty to the
charge of being drunk, and got the
penalty, provided by the statute, ($10
and costs) making in round numbers
aboct $15 each. Fred Voghtman
pleaded not guilty, and his case was
set for tomorrow afternoon at 2
H ftel Fairy
From, the looks of the old White El
ephant, it would seem as though Aug
Bach was a. Teal fairy. From an old
ramshackle,' which has been eye-sore
to every MLSsertsir, with -a few dollars
judiciously expended, lie has trans
formed iti inte an up-to-date store
nxra irarl'tbe toper part into very de
sirable 'fi-welrrac apartments. This Is
the fciiiyS'df -enterprise that we need,
and the khrt that has built cities,
mtdexad'koft uptbe pece of progress
cf our time.
T'iLttsmBi'Jth Girts. ir. Demand.
WiKiam Mordock wts at Platts-
i anoirSi yesterday pleadtt; with one of
heippuiaT young laOies of that city
to'fi$iowrttfeKampie'Sf another young
5ad7, vhos.T50wuaakrs this city her
tiome and fcok7ng af ter the well be
1ngsf one-sf the youn men of this
cH7 as Iris -wffe. What success he
hafi he ret'Ofled to state, but says
'tsisaewill tell.'" "Nebraska City News-
A 1Sit TJ'clac. 'Wedding.
rit nine o?clock as the gong was.
-scrading, there occurred at tbe Bo-
heoian'Ga'JioHc ciiurcfe, a very nice
weding, ts which a. few friends of the
irooediate contracting parties were
Bitpacpc l3T,ranIrati-TK:'.rv. thp crrnr.m
rrt Miss rannieKeriiooefc, the bride, because it contains no opiates: is a lax
being Use contracting parties, the jabiwe and is guaranteed to give satls
ee75.monr teeins DerforiESd by Father Kaotzon or your money refunded. Try
IJcncik. vlfter the ceremony, the
briial party repaired to the studio of
Vi. S. -So per, where they had their
cotures 'taicen in their habiliments,
tntl presented a very pretty sight.
rr. Elild is fiirnishiog then with the
necessary furnishings to go to house-k-eaping
The Jourcel with its many friends
wish them a ipleasant jouraey down
fchepathway of life, finding therein
alltbe joys thut come to mortals, and
tfiat-tjaey may escape as mueh tf those
tihiiigs that are not agreeable as is
Here's & You. Billy!
The giad tidinge reached the Journ
aiwnceetny xuey moru.irom
ard that twin baby boys arrived at
the home -of Mr. arxil Mrs. W. S. Jean
. -.t. t
tast night. At last account the moth
er and ba'oi2S were doing nicely and it
is said that Silly's joy, when the news
reached his ears, knew co bounds, and
his elation iad failed co cease this
morning. Tho Journal extends con
gratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jean, and
may the little fellows live long and
MMens Ciect Officers.
The Masonic lodge at their meeting
Monday eve., elected the following of
ficers for the coming term: W. L.
Pickett, W. M.; Oliver C. Dovey, S.
W.; Frank L. Cummins, J. W.; A. W.
White, Treasurer; M. Archer, Secre
tary. The appointive officers are: G.
W.Thomas, S. D.; J. W. Crabill, J.
D.; Robert Hayes, S. S.; Fred Ramge,
J. S. and Fred Stadlemann, Tyler.
They Fooled Them All.
That there has been something out
of the ordinary in the actions of L. K.
Upton of Union in the way he had
been making preparations for house
keeping, and still persisting that he
bad no intention of getting married,
that was not in keeping with the way
others do, is a sure thing. Much has
been the joshlngs that he has received
as to whether he was going to get
married and as to whether be was al
ready married, but to no effect-ho
would neither deny nor affirm the fact,
until the present, when he admit
ted that he was the happy husband of
the former Miss Nina Lynde, a fasci
nating young lady of Union. They
were married at Council Bluffs, Iowa,
on the 17th of March last.
The Journal with its many friends
from all parts of the county, wish
them all the joy of the promise, and
that their pathway may be strewn
with roses, and that in the picking of
them, our friends may not have the
misfortune of coming into the rough
contact with the thorns.
B&se Ball and More Base Bald.
The game on the local grounds lasU
Saturday between the Red So a anf
the Townsend Gun Club resulted in a
victory for the Red Sox by a score of
to 4, the Red Sox not playing the last
part of the ninth inning.
The game played at Glenwood e-
tween tbe High school team and the
White Sox of that place, was a great
game, t rom tne nrsi it was bmuchi
that the boys across tbe river knew
how to play ball and were not in the
least backward in doing so. While
the team from here were putting up
as good a game as they had with them,
the White Sox were beating them to
it. The result of the game was Glen
wood 18 to Plattsmouth's 1, that Is
more than was expected even under
Free Silver.
The Red Sox crossed bats with the
Storr. team, at Omaha yesterday, a
couple of tlmes.the first resulting in a
victory for our boys at the tune of 30
to 3, while in thelatter game Omaha's
team got there with the goods ncorlntf
six runs and only allowing oui boys
three. A large crowd from here were
In Omaha to witness the game, in
round numbers it is estimated that
there were some two hundred, as It
was said that in looking over the
grand stand every other person was
from Plattsmouth.
The Judge's Pass Still Discussed.
Judge Sullivan, of Plattsmouth, was
in the city yesterday on a visit with
his daughter, Mrs. Asa Snyder. lie
sa.js he still retains his pass and ln
story that it had been taken away from
him was "false, libelous, malicious.
TaiskAding, contrary to better juclg
meEtand calculated to do him great
bacn" In the matter of takinir out
lKe insurance and securing favors.
t frcm other corporations, who arc.
'issuing passes or franks Nebraska
'Citr News.
la using a cough syrup, why not get
the best? One that comes highly rec--omiaended
is Bees Laxative Cough
Syrup, contains Honey and Tar and is
-siipjrior to other cough byrups In
5 macv wavs. Children always Use II.
Gering & Co.
Work Completed.
Thie Burlington has just crjnpfeterj
an extensive job of rip-rapping near
lleaton station on the Jowa side of
the river, which work has been in pro
gress for over three raonths. For a
distance of a mile the river bank has
been strengthened by amawsive willow
mat, and the improvement work wil
not oeiy protect the railroad's rght-of
-way, oat will also save manj acres of
valuable farm land for tbe farmers in
that Ticicity.
II. M. .Soeonichsen, the pro re.'sive
merchant has just ini tailed a new Mc-
awjuiib register which is
of iDcenuity and convenience
Tf i5 cn . rhof i,
..r 11, uteus 1 r e ac
counts of all those whom he may have
accounts witn, so they can be turned
to in an instant of time, even flicker
than on a day book. By a device the
accounts can be removed and placed
in the safe in less than a minute wnen
necessary. This makes the matter of
keepiDg accounts much more simple
and saves a great deal of the work
that was required before
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