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iy of the rentiers of the Journal know of a social event or an item of interest
He want all items of interest. Editor Journal.
.Jos. lSurton was in IMattsmouth last
Mrs. Phillip HiJd has been tjuitesick
for the past few days.
Chas. Troop, of IMattsmouth, was in
Murray Wednesday.
I. I,. Amick lias been numbered
with the sick the past few days.
Chas. Phi I pot was in Murray last
Friday enroute to IMattsmouth.
Mrs II. Reck spent Sunday with
friends and relatives at Elmwood.
Will Joiner of Nebraska City was
visiting Murray relatives Saturday.
Mrs. Mary Rennard, who has been
quite sick for the past few days is im
proving. Park Chrisweisser was looking after
some business matters in Murray Wed
nesday. F. C. Furgescn of Wyoming1, lias
lcen visiting his sister, Mrs. J. W.
Mrs. Ottis McNurlin has been suf
fering with a severe attack of tonsilitis
for the past few days.
C. S. Stone, Less Hall and Ernest
Carroll attended the play at the Par
mele last Friday evening.
Jos. Cook has sold out his livery barn
at Dunbar, and is removing back to
the old home place near Murray.
II. L. Oldham shipped a car load of
hay from South Omaha to Murray this
week and it is being sold out at $10 50
per ton.
Uncle Jimmie Root finally received
his car the latter part of last week
and his goods were loaded and started
ror Lincoln on Monday of this week.
Wm. Renner and wife are rejoicing
this week over the arrival ot a new
baby boy at their home Tuesday night.
Roth mother and little one are doing
The sale of Theo. Ruck was well at
tended Tuesday and all property sold
high. Mr. and Mrs. Ruck will suon
move to their new home in Wyoming,
where they have purchased a farm.
H. (J. Adams will appear in Murray
on the niv'ht of March 14th, in one of
his favorite lectures, under the aus
pices of the Murray Lecture Course.
This is the last number of the season,
and one of the best, and should be
well attended.
Chas. Schwab and Nick Klaurcns ;
have returned from their northern
trip, and while they report a line trip
-and like the country very well, they j
ay it is nothing like old Cass, and are
willing to remain here.
Have you visited John Cook in his
new home? If not do so at once and
you will certainly rind an up-todate
line of harness, buggies an wagons.
He certainly has a line room and his
line is in keeping with that of towns
much larger than Murray.
Murray Business Directory
The following business men of Murray take this method of soliciting- your pat
ronage in their various lines. You will find them ever ready to give you fair treat
ment and 100 cents for every dollar spent with them.
( Th Big Corner Storm)
Always carry an
up-to-date line of
General Merchandise
Get their prices on all
goods before buying
All Calls Promptly Attended to
TOotarp public
Dr. Hayes Gsanfner
At the office of
Murray Departmnienil,
Jell Rrendel and
IMattsmouth today.
mother were
Mrs. Jas. Loughridge was a Platts-
mouth visitor last Saturday.
W. W. Hamilton was a business vis-'
itor in the county seat Friday.
W. H. Virgin renews his subscrip
tion to the Journal for another year.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ferris were vis
iting IMattsmouth relatives Sunday.
I). J. Pitman was looking after some
business matters in Plattsmouth, Fri
James Loughridge attended the Ma
sonic lodge in Plattsmouth Monday
J. W. Stones, was in Plattsmouth
Tuesday and enrolled his name for the
Mrs. James Holmes was in Omaha
last Friday to visit with her sister,
Miss Keenan.
Geo. Nickles and Miss Gertrude Long
attended the play in Plattsmouth
Friday evening.
Mrs. Wm. Rice and little daughter
have been on the sick list this week,
suffering with an attack of tonsilitis.
Mrs. Grace Mellinger returned to her
home in Ashland, Oregon, last Mon
day. Mrs. Mellinger has been visiting
her mother and many friends here for
the past few months.
Dr. Cook, of Plattsmouth, was called
to Murray Wednesday in consultation
with Dr. Brendel over the condition
of Matthew Midkiff, who has not been
so well for the past few days.
Jesse Lowther is preparing to move
to his new home in Cedar county this
week, where he purchased a farm a
short time ago. He looked for his car
Wednesday but it failed to arrive.
Fred Linville arrived in Murray
Tuesday evening on his way home out
in Furnas county. Mr. Linville has
been visiting friends and relatives
down at his home in Missouri, and
will spend a short time here with
friends and relatives before going
W. A. Lewis was loading his house
hold goods and farming implements
Wednesday and will depart this week
for his new home in the northern part
of the state. Mr. Lewis has lived in
I this county for a good many years,
1 and has hosts of friends who wish him
all kinds of happiness and prosperity
in n js rew location. Mr. Lewis has
t.oiht a farm in Thurston county,
Xiv tnn,. oh!,riTP flf f.h.Mnr.
ray mail route Monday morning, and
will !. ok after the same until the new
man is appointed. While no appoint
ment has been made from Washing
ton, Mr. Nix has been notified that
his grade ar. -r-e recent examination
was the best: i-ing 96 per cent, and
from this it was thought that Mr. Nix
will be the lucky man when the ap
pointment is inane
D. L. Amick
TK Live Stock Man
Who pays the Top Price at Ail
Times. Use Your Phone
and get the best
John Cook
Boss Harness Man
Get My Prices
Before Buying-
Drs. Newell
and Tracy
Murray Everv Tuesday
Cass and Oxygen for
Painless Extraction
Mil Work Gaaraofd)
Office with Dr. Cllmore
Every Tiesdak.y
in this vicinity ami trill mail name to this
! John McNurlin of IMattsmouth was
: in Murray a few days last week, visit-
j in? witu his mother,
; MissMargery Walker went to Platts-
mouth last Friday evening to attend
! the play at the Parmele, returning
Saturday accompanied by Miss IJazel
Dovey, who visited at the Walker
home until Tuesday.
Iver Standish loaded his car of goods
last Friday and departed for his new
home in Western Kansas. Iver is an
excellent young man and has a host of
friends here who wish him a world of
prosperity in his new location.
While in Murray Wednesday J. T
Porter gave us a big dollar inpayment
for the paper he sends Amanda Crab
tree, out in Lewiston, Idaho. John is
one of our best patrons, one who be
lieves in keeping his relatives posted
of the happenings of the old home by
sending them the home paper.
Mrs. J. T. Forter, who returned
home from the Lincoln sanitarium a
few days ago, feeling much better
than for many months, suffered a re
lapse a few days ago, and for a few
days was very sick. At this time she
is improving again, and the many
friends and relatives hope that she
may continue to do so.
Walter, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Byron Reed, living east of Murray,
was injuren in chopping wood this
week. The boy and his brother were
engaged at the same work and the ax
of the brother glanced from the log
and struck Walter on the knee at the
joint, inflicting quite an ugly wound
but nothing serious will result.
The statement of the condition of
the Murray State Bank will be found
elsewhere in this issue. It shows an
increase in business, and is considered
one of the reliable banking institu
tions of Cass county. C. S. Stone, the
gentlemanly cashier, and his able as
sistant, Less Hall, are genial in all
their business transactions, which no
doubt accounts for the general pros
perity of this bank.
A very pleasant social affair was
given in the Manners & Loughridge
hall on last Saturday evening, the oc
casion being a social dance given by
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Philpot, who were
married a short time ago. The affair
was given to their friends only, and as
the hall was small a limited number
of invitations were sent out. A good
crowd were in attendance and all re
port a most pleasant time. The Avoca
orchestra furnished the music.
The winds of March have no terror
to the user of De Witt's Carbolized
Witch Hazel Salve. It quickly heals
chapped and cracked skin. Good too,
for boils and burns, and undoubtedly
the best relief for Piles. Sold here by
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Do You Know
Less F. Hall
Writes Insurance in the best
Companies and at the best
Physician and
Prompt Attention to All Calls
D. C. Rhoden
Good Turn-outs and Prompt
Attention is Our Hobby
Give Us a Call
(Vacant Place are for Sale)
office it trill appear under this heading.
One Year in His New Home in Furnas
County, Nebraska.
(To the F.iitor of the .Journal ).
Hoi.imooK, Nebraska, March 1
1907. I thought I would write a few
lines to the Journal. Just one year
ago tonight I arrived in Hendley
Furnas county. The weather at, that
time was not much like it is at pres
ent, as we have been enjoying summe
weather for the past three weeks.
Farmers have disposed of most o
their grain at a fair price, there bein
a large crop. Corn made from 40 to
55 bushels per acre. There was
large crop of fall wheat put in last
fall. Some spring wheat and oats
will be sown this spring. Farmers
generally put in about one-half corn
and small grain each. I have 105 acres
of fall wheat that looks line, with
prospect of a large crop, and have 150
acres left to put in corn. Will plan
a few acres in cane and millet for hay
The ground is in good condition for
another excellent crop. One man can
do more in Southwest Nebraska than
two men in Cass county. I, for my
part, think Southwest Nebraska and
Northwestern Kansas the place for a
young man to make money, although
neither is the place for a lazy man.
I am well pleased with my first year
in the west, and expect to go farther
southwest before I settle. Find in
closed the price for a year's subscrip
tion to the Journal. I would not do
without it for double the price. Wil
you please change my address from
Hendley to Holbrook, Neb., R. F. D
No. 2. Hoping this will miss the
waste basket, I am,
Resyectfully Yours,
Of Murray, Nebraska,
Charter No. 573
I n;-or;oratcil in the State of Xehraska. at the.
lose of business February !. l'7.
Loans and discounts :)3.:(t'.:i .T3
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured... :Ms i:
Kankmsr house, furniture and fixtures l.M) .x
Current exiH'nses and taxes irniu i.sK) u
Hue from national, state and private
hunks and hankers.
l -.'.OJs l
4.:!72 7
Total cash on hand
Capital stock paid in ".0ii. oo
urplus fund .tit
I'ndivided profits l.'.:U :!4
Individual dvitosits subject
to check ?.-4
Time certificates of detosit. ti.'.r: 7A
Kue to state and private
banks and hankers 1.-17 lJ-4.".0r.4 'M
Total 54.or. lt
State of Xerkaska. '
Count v of Cass. I I. Chas. S. Stone
cashier of the aiove named bank, do hereby
swear that the aliove statement is a correct
and true copy of the reiort made to the State
Hanking board. Chas. . Sto.vk.
Attest: Cashier.
Mits. KatieS. West. Director.
J. A. l'oi.t.ARD. Sit.. Director.
Subscriled and sworn to tefore me tins 4th
day of March. l'.toT. Chas. L. i ravks.
Notary Public
My commission expires April lit. l'.'lO.
Art Exhibit for the Benefit of the Public
Schools, April 24, 25, 26 and 27.
A number of art supply houses have
inaugurated traveling exhibits which
have been exhibited in many of the
larger cities and some of the smaller
ones. The originators of the plan are
the Horace K. Turner Company of
Boston, Mass. We have made arrange
ments with this firm to send one of
the exhibits here for the week of April
22 27. This is a collection of two hun
dred reproductions in original colors of
the world's master-pieces. These are
large pictures and not an inferior one
in the two hundred. The exhibit will
be held iu Coates' Hail.
A small admission fee will be charg
ed, catalogues sold, orders taken for
pictures, and many other ways used to
secure a fund with which we expect
to place one or two of these beautiful
pictures in each school room in the
city. The only expense we are to in
cur in bringi".? the pictures here will
be the freight from Auburn, 2seb, to
Plattsmouth. The only condition im
posed by the firm is that we spend the
proceeds with them for school pictures.
We are planning to hold a school
work display at the same time and
place, and are now collecting material
for that purpose. We are planniug to
give the patrons of our effort the most
value for your money you ever receiv
ed, and will later announce the full
plans. We ask all the other organiza
tions in town to keep our dates in
mind and in that way help us.
City Teachers.
Are you tired, fagged out, nervous,
gleepleis, feel mean? Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea strdngthens the nerves,
aids digestion, brings refreshing sleep.
35c, Tea or Tablets. Gering & Co. -
(Special Cot TeiKndcnrc. )
Fred Schoroaker, sr , made a Hying
trip to Nebraska City, Tuesday, re
turning the same evening.
J. O. Wunderlich visited In Nebras
ka City Thursday of last week.
Mrs. Jim Dysart and Mrs. Shepard- !
son of Weeping Water, visited with
Mrs. Keltner Saturday.
John Knabe and family visited at
Gust Hansen's Sunday.
Gust Hansen took his little girl to
Weeping Water Saturday, to have
some dental work done.
Mrs. Henry Sturm was on the sick
list last week.
Miss Clede Appleate visited friends
in Nehawka Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Hansen was not afraid of
the frightful roads, but drove to Ne
hawka Saturday morning and got home
all right, too.
Edith Schomaker was down to Union
last week to have some dental work
done by Dr. Tracy. She says he does
fine work.
Herman Stoll was a Weeping Water
visitor one day last week.
"The Miller's Daughter" is to be
played In Xehawka in the near future
by the Rebekahs. Will give ful 1 par
ticulars in next week's paper.
The Misses Wunderlich boarded the
morning train Saturday to visit inti
mate friends near Union, returning
We are sorry to learn of the serious
illness of Edward Knabe this week
Hopes are entertained for his speedy
recovery to resume his school work.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tucker spent one
day last week at Earnest Young's.
Walter Wunderlich thinks that kill
ing "two birds with one stone" is the
it, and was successful enough to shoot
two ducks with one shot.
A number of this section could not
resist the temptation in seeing so
many ducks and getting the numbe
they wanted they picked up Tuesday
morning and went to the river to
camp for a week. We wish them good
luck and will be ready to assist them
if any assistance is necessary.
(From the Ketrister)
A large two-story boarding house is
being built at the Opp quarry. The
company operating there begin as if
it meant business from the start.
Bev. Davis, who will take the place
of Rev. Saymour in the pulpit of the
Methodist church, arrived Saturday
from Cambridge, Neb. His family will
not come until about April 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler wil
leave next week for Stockton, Califor
nia, where Mrs. Wheeler's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. live, with a view to
making there future home there.
Frank Massie brought in a load of
hogs Tuesday and took back a pocket
full of money. He got $0.40 for his
porkers which is certainly a good price
although they have been up to $6.80.
The price of bull pups has "riz.'' F
P. Sheldon bought one a short time
since for ten dollars, and now he is
offered fifteen for the same animal.
Better take it Frank, its thirteen dol
lars more than the brute is worth.
As soon as congress adjourns, our
congressman, Hon. E. M. Pollard, is
going to join a party of about sixty
other Imembers, who will go to the
Isthmus of Panama to see the condi
tions as they really exist and be the
better enabled to vote intelligently on
all matters effecting the canal. He
will cross the istmus much easiei and
quicker than some of the old settlers
of Nehawka did. S. M. Kirkpatrick,
Isaac Pollard and Lawson Sheldon all
walked across in the 50's.
(Special Correspondence.)
O. Tefft had a carload of cattle on
the Omaha market Tuesday.
Mrs. James Dunbar spent several
days this week at Auburn.
Chas. Ruhge and family left the first
of the week for Nuckolls countv, where
they will reside in the future.
Rev. J. C. Jacobs had business at
Omaha the first of the week.
Jno. Seabloom left Tuesday for
Stockton, Kansas.
Jacob Conrad and family now reside
on the Trudeau farm south of town.
JohnRuge, of Murdock, spent the
first of the week with relatives and
friends south of town.
W. A. Hollenberger is having an ad
dition built to his residence.
C. M. Rowland had business in
western Nebraska last week.
Louis Goesch made a trip to Weep
ing Water Tuesday.
D. Fleshman and family now reside
on the farm recently vacated by Chas.
KODOL digests what yoa eat and
quickly overcomes indigestion, which
is a forerunner of dyspesia. It is made
n strict conformity to the National
Food and Drugs Law and is sold on a
guarantee relief plan. Sold bv F. G.
ricke & Co.
The ladies of the W. R.
swap social at the G. A.
C. will give
R. Hall Sat
Admission uraay evening, March 9.
10 cents. Supper free.
Beveridge Cive3 an AmpIi.iDAt'M
of ths Premier's Centrali
zation Vi2W3.
Consequently Undo Sam Hea to Do
Them Himself.
Old Ouesiloii Ajjaln Vcl,icr v .
Calhoun; National I'uHir h.
Stat? ltiilits Constitu
tional Interpret at ion.
New York. .March 7. What th"
presided, James 1!. Curtis, describe I
as "tin largc-t number oi Iloos;.-r
evci together in .WW York,' alien. Id
the hist dinner ot the Indian. i Ass
tiatioii of New Yuri; at the WaMori
.'istoria. I hc speakers included Sen t
tr licvi'i-i'li', who responded ; i 'i
liasl "I iHlian.i." He said in part:
i 's:.-i!i-" I'Ja in Imliaii.i.
"We American eiiieiis living i:i
Ii:ii':i. Ii i'o:-iii:i law on on;- sl;il i'"
ixioks, I:. no ii J iim'iI In rei-omi i any
'stale' thm. IJy act of oi:r .'uislatep
the only Hair c know Is the tlair of
the nation. Ax the stale.-, .n iiny; sc;i.i.
rate!., conl. not enl slavery in lsiil,
si the states, acting separately, can
not eiul th" piracies of capital ii
What I lie Slate oul.I Not !.
"The states eonl.I not make internal
improvement, so the nation ma. I
them: the states could not prevent th
scattering uf ohseene literature- s th"
nation lil it: the states eoiil.l not sup
press lotteries so the nation ili.l it;
the states tinilil not eml the poison
llltr of the people hy adulterate.! food
so the nation is ending it; the state
eonl.I not compel the sanitation of
packing houses. tin-inspection of ineat-i
so th" nation I compelling it; th"
states could not preserve the coun
try's forests so the nation is prcserv
in? them; the states could not irrigate
the arid west so the nation is work
ing that glorious. and heautifu! miracle;
the states cannot end the niurdero't
Infamy r;f child labor so the nati')!i
is froinir to end it; and this for the sav
lri;r of the nation.
C .VSTI 'IT Tl OX S I ' I ' 1 1 1 'OS i :
Interpretation Itcvci-iil ; l'av
'ent rali .a I ion.
I- Is f r
The states cannot control the ,;
ejMieer.s of lu siness--st the nation is
oin: to control them; and this for t'i
benefit of tie- enormous majority of ii!
business men who are not buccaneers.
The constitution is our 'ordinance o:'
national life.' and not the aitiIes ;f
our national death. It was meant t
free the hands of the American pe.:-
pie, and tiot to shackle them. Marshal;
so Interpreted it iu the courts; Lin
coln so Interpreted If in the council
chamber: (Jrant so Interpreted it on
the battlefield. And today JJooscve't
is following in their footsteps. an 1
tints obeying the will of the American
"The other day at a banouet In this
city a voire from Massachusetts de
nounced 'the danjrers of nationality.
Xo such voice can ever speak for Indi-
ai!a without misrepresenting Indian.).
Cotmif ssuian McCail warned -:s
iffainst the 'danirers of centrallzati .n '
pot down my Calhoun and read the
same thins from that irieat secessioni
st and ablest'stat"s rights' doctrinaire
the country ever produced. It is
so oM Mr. McCail is able, but ancient.
"Calhoun said all that McCail said:
ays. of Massachusetts, the Jirvt rebe'
against nationality in our history, act
ed all that McCail said: Ouiney. ,
Massachusetts, declared in congress
that the Louisiana purchase 'dis
solves the T'nion.' Itut none of the::)
rttered the real sentiment of Massa
chusetts. Tlie true soul of Massach'i-
setts has been voiced by her Adamse-,
her AVebsters. her Suinners. her Hoars
ind her Lodges. I prefer them to h r
Sliays. her Ouincies and her McCalU
"We Americans are a nation of
brothers. Mutual interest and mutual
love hold us together, c; raves where
sleep our soldiers from those w!i
fell at Lexington In New England t
those who fell at San In Cuht
or In the jungles of the Philippines
are the gmves of American soldiers
and not 'state soldiers. Those soldiers
in battle never thought of state, bet
only or the nation: thy did not die
tinder the banner of any state, but un
der the stirs and stripes of the repi:')
His Conscience I-Vels TSetter.
Minute, ind.. March 7. A man r.-:t!i
rtn uneasy conscience sent the foil v.'-ir-s
letter to Charles Curtis, of IJee i
tation. inclosing in the envelope a fJ.
hi!!: ''Fourteen years ago when yo-i
were running a huckster vag:i. you
paid me a dollar more thai, was rp;.
me. I knew it shortly after, but st.:!:
kept It. I now inclose the .! an
Interest. Mav C.od bless vou and he!s
on Is the prayer of one that want
to be rizht with ;0;1." The letter v.-1
Vhere John Smith Was Kduratec!.
London, March 7. A bust of John
Smith, founder of th colony of Vir
ginia, was unveiled In the gramnnr
school at Lonth. Lincolnshire. ,y
Charles W. Kohlsaat, special commis
sioner of the Jamestown exposition.
The work was executed by (general
Baden-rowell, and presented by him
to the school where Smith was evirated.