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    Break Loose Front The
mes Trust
Be pa rim en t.
'i::i'Ar.i:i) i.v 'i in: int:;i:its or Tin: im:ili; f miilka y and vicinity im-ecially poil the jocilnal i:i:aik!:.
Farmers Organize; to IVIanufac'uro csud ai-kot
Their Own Protswcl
If tin; of tli.; ii nil- .S "'tin: Jon I. in,r
Wc n iiul nil iit.ins iif ini n .sf. -Kill' ... ,
it in'-, it: t tu tlti.i rlriiti'; ii ml u'Vl 'mud si me to t!ii. 'd'in; it ir'ili iij,t,i ir in
I f I'll ! i v I s 1 1 1 "I m Ilk i i' .,'! r.vs ri'nl i.' it I it:.' s i ill i . 1 1 1 1 1 1-:
want, 'n.iiv Di'M.v f"r yi nr lutt i it : 1 1 i . v n t t .; i
ilfi! re
( i row larger. I : i " L your
!)iirn holes in vour wod-reLs.
. t
w (
votir money to the ak'
ban!;. 'Phis is lh- otii
save it
:.m r.vv
The one
is to aw r
av 1
:rii!; accotin'
. 1- suiled t
u r
! not for the
i-vcry one, e.- j;
v.-s his mon
.It t'i 1 . ... I 4
Do not
'ii a.
.! :
! I
Miles Ntaiulish was hi Plattsmouth
J. L. Smith was a I'lattsmouth
visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. A. L. Uakerwasia PlattsT.outh
and O.r.aha Monday.
Mrs. John I label has been iuitJ t-ick
for the paL few days.
I i sii-k for the iast few diys.
j John 1'erri.s has been nuuilcred with
the sick for ti e past ie .v dajs.
i ; U 1 1 1
Tl,.'' lit tie baby of Mr. ar.d Mrs.
Jnv Kill's is unit ? sick this wevk.
'i.c litl'c danitor o!
b; ; t i.'illr si'.:k fo"
M. L. Kul-y
t!ie cast i'l'W
Frank Campbell and wife were
I'lattsmouth visitor-; Tuesday.
Anderson, the little son f.f Mr. and
Mrs. Ceo. Lloyd, lias been sulTerin
wit ban attack of pneuuH.nia f.-vrr.
J. Y. il -lyer- orders a copy of the
Journal sent f (1 his brother, John I
Lindsay. Calif., fj'- ore
:,e (.f 1 1 - - ill' 10 c
o t'(
a 'v
.or. '
v. tb .'....
f M '
of Mr.
'uite :
J Server, in
Mrs. Hopkins, of Villisea. who Las
been visiting her dauIiter. Mrs. W.C
Lrown. returned :) her hf.ue last
J. Ih Yallery, residing st c f
lurray.has been sullei in for I lio n;t !
few days with an attack of pneuruooi i j
fever, l.e.t at this ti.r.e is irprovinL'. j
XA Mr. nr. d Mr--. -Jeff Lrendel ;ire i - J
1 J movii:. their lion vhold f?'r.' to f!;t
' rear t-ort i'-n of tl,o trlrphon.' r-!!:.-, !
t he daiiK'"i" f "'ii; il 1 1 1.1 ; i"os t i, p i s t o.
w ant 1 1 1 f-'i t 1 1 1 ; in"-,i 1 . r 1 1:1 r '-i ' i;n . a 01 J 1
ioaoul.u'lui''- aiei sa'i-, o . ; wiil ,; ).n tin1 I'e.i!
1 :
'.I f .')
1 . A t 1 1 1 ; ! !
d t 1
I f y 011
!n ' It
tba is . a
. 1 r
A' 1 r t!i'- state like wiMli.-" 1 oco;: a
of lb-
Farmers' Go-cperative Creamery aiid Supply Company
it i . '-.H 1 .
Ill ! - sh:i if . if 01 1 !
1 ill li ll.i- v 01
1 In- III . ili'. s.
i:'n nlt' ' f'o-o'x n'i' (
niniuifact lU'f - T! ut
1 1 : 1
I ri mi a 1 'i 1 r i i
.(Jll Ulliil o
.Vi . .
1 s.
1 1 :i :
,1 1;..
01 I .
1 ' 1 to
l?Fl ft r ?.ir.r
C. 3. STOM-. Csf
- it
r! r r
l-u i J
lotriy !.. T..V.evai, tepjeseritini; ti
r:.-.l l -.. ' -n; 1 y;
urray Lids
( r.itidn,a Ti.cke
is m
Mi'i ;i::s neeii
few w eeks, is J
;!..d.tor. ileu
d with the
for the pa.-.t
r at i his tin;
Lre:::ir:r ano d
J t id A
oi-n p.
v.-her- ihoy w:!i f:':- ' v th-
f th.? winter.
.t tiie revival ! ins c
tlio 1 ii;i-t;;in chureli ;a-.t
ers were
of -4 11 v.v mcmb
v.hcer. were hr. pti.
OTl a in iy a very so:
ii.'s c.ov 0 at
week a total
added, of
This was
f:ii sf , o ,,r
'llii-i imi'. iiin : I iil . 1. 1 : o ."'(i
pi. .i I u.-i-i In ;i J'
1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 i ' .
'I'm- ... .,!! "- ' ; ,!
I:. Ws . . .'m i ii :i -!.:. . i i
i.l On- i 1 1 1 1 i. 1 l-i 1 'In 1 ' 1 . 1 .
I nisi lit si il l' I ! .. I . . , :
r.::'l.:i. . !' Ii !:!! 1 !
: i..l :i v i
;-. i v. . - i ': iv I !i :i
I. I;,-
- i i
V, i ' I
i- I .
.I . .1
l':e !
I l.
L I'll V
Farmers' Ocpsraiiva CreaTiiry ani Sa
i i !
Cl'et .MIL'S.
.sick for the past few days.
.Ii)i. 1 1 il is
:..;. :;:.!
itor Saturday
' .1 1 C iC i s
a c .no:
A. L. i'aki. r v.:
s.s in Iditts -i;rv.i
V. M. I'uii;:. J :
-., too:: th? trah
' I" : ; i i". 1.
s tratisaetitj.
A), Tuesday.
.. lias been .suii.:ri
r ' r .
;ts-. i:
w it Ii a:: at tack of thp ttnppe this v. e..
Mi s Anna Uelic Moure, dauiihtc-r ( '
Frank Moore, has be-ii on tb.e sic. iist
f r the past few s.
Lc! :-Io;i-'ov of i:-;ir Info:i, has be.-ti
s;:!Veri:v with nr. a:! acl
for tr.: pist ft- -v ' :iy-.
(hie ( the Htlb? twi.-s of
Mrs. .'. T. i'orte: . Li is
iit : r
. oj'-.'.: .'
in '-a I
of Li-, :
io e'o'ii..', ; ra:.dpa .'ej bolt,
i i o- : ' T.-ii.s was t IjC man
l.icii u r .i friend, Col.
reettd on every hand
: o;!iioo, when the fact was
wu l .at a bright and bounc-
(iv ha.i arrival at tin: home
y,.l':r, Mr. and Mrs. Homer
o;' (jours-.- Mr. and Mrs.
rj i-joieiCi', and tlie C1. is
I Mrs. Ciia
! at, the ho;m
I hi red witli th- ;
Ti'ier. whu is viiitir.).'
o: her neolivr. is num-
in Li:.
i i n Hi i o i .' i' i
t spent a f
aa v;
nil t be p
it v.
:, vLit with
frieij-.'.s and lookin- for a suitable resi
dence propertp in that city. He suc-c-',rdid;;i
(ii;.i:r a suitable ph-ce jn
out to j Lincoln, and v. ill remove thereto
ho-doek Wednesday for a short visit ! some time next month. I M. Yuut.?
lrace A eliine" we;
t if pr'.?im.-":-ia
::on th
e .ii .
I ben
the past : ; -v
;ett Chrisweisscr
mouth. was visit in a few days the pust
v eek v. ith his Murray friends.
Mrv Linta McWy has bv-n ..-rite
sick for he few days but is re-P'-rred
s me better at t tiis time.
F. V.'. KioeppirT b.fc for Coiend
Neti., Yednsdiy to look after his
la:: : interests v.hich lie has there.
J. c Whoe!ir. Es p, of Uock RluiTs.
and 1 rover Ru finer, of I'latts
mouth. were Murray visitors this w eek.
'.n i. r.rivoz tii.i fond natured.
, ! ...4i..i. i.T ilia I"r.irn I '
U U "-'l.Tll-liai 1 1. ii vvii'.wi v t.s-
Led.'er, was in Murray Monday trar.s
aetir.u' business.
Mrs. Chas. Tiuer came in from
liaise;. Oregon, last Saturday for a
visit with her mother, Mrs. Lee Alli
son, aral family.
Mrs. J. A. Walker and little grand
son. Walker, went down to L'nion
V.'cdaesday for a .short visit with her
.son. Ir. A. Ik Walker.
Miss T.ta Nickels, while in Omata,
Tiic-s Jay, called at the Itnruanuel hos
pital to see Mrs. .Stokes, and she re
ports her getting alone; nicely.
Mrs. ?ellie Ilazenyaser returned to
her home Tuesday atTecumseh. Neb.,
after spending a couple of weeks with
her mother, Mrs. James Allison.
Go to McDaniel's for special bar
gains in Duck Coats, Gloves and Mit
tens. Ladies' and Gents' FurnishiDg
Goods. Boots and shoes of all kind.
Dr. R. L. Newell, the popular den
tist of Union, made a professional
trip to our village Tuesday. The doc
tor reports business very good In
Union. Come again doctor, we are
glad to have you.
J. T. Torter went to Lincolu Sunday
evening to visit with his wife, who Is
taking treatment at one of the sani
tariums there. lie returned nome
Monday and reported his wife getting
along line, and that she will soon be
aole to come home.
Tl. II. Cnrisweisser of Beaver City,
has been visiting relatives and old
friends in and around Murray for the
past few days, and departed Thursday
for home. Mr. Cnrisweisser reports
everything in the western part of the
state looking fine and that he is well
pleased with his new home.
VT,-C .Hriift stokes was taken to
Omaha, where an operation was per
formed in the Immanuel hospital by
Dr. Davis Monday. She was accom
panied by Dr. T. P. Livingston, of
Plattsmouth. The operation, although
very serious, was a success, and at this
time the patient is getting aiong very
nicely, and hopes are entertained for
her recovery.
;;.st a hasp". Iloth mother and
one are -;ct,tin:: aiontf nicely.
A. L liaker. our l'i ial postmaster,
almost decided to adopt a new
i in the r-ari.v spring. 1 1
j'i u'ood p.'.tl.ority that, he
as warm weather arrives
.-i'.-y :-orrii:i'' and as .soon
:'.-t not before
: i I s before breakfast, and
; will partake of a smail
dish r.f evaporated Force and skimmed
rilk at d a cup of imitation coffee
with co-rh -sod cream. He sajs he is
:: ..ii rc cluc
ks loi.'i V.V..
will as v.i :.
rife early t
-s he can
walk live :
on ret u r::ii
positive this will be a wonderful llesli
reduc- r.
Mr. :ui Mrs. W. W. Hamilton are
rejoici 'A -his week over the arrival cf
:- w tws ive pound i-aby boy at their
: Wedrcrsday morning. The little
s;:a:.r wns indeed a very welcome
i ;; r. and ''P.illie" wears the smile
n't come off this week, and ap
n the streets Wednesday in
viting 1 is friends to join him in a
happy e 'l.e. and all were unanimous
m wish:: r:at, the little fellow may
live to b; i -r:;ree of much happiness
and joy to Mr. ind Mrs. Hamilton in
their declining days. Both mother
and little one ar fning nicely.
Public SaSe!
- Dentists.
n,c -pwpII & Tracv will be in
Murray on Tuesday of each week,
Office with Dr. Gilmore.
All'parties knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call and set
tle ame. at the earliest possible time,
as 1 wish to leave for other quarters
as soon ns I can.
L. B. Fmu-::voit.
oC Pins at lc, "c Hooks at d Kyps at
lc at Coates Dry Goods Co. ' Unload
ing Sale.
1 will sell at my farm one and three
quarter miles northwest of Murray on
the following described property; sale
to commence at 10 a. m. Horses and
Cattle 1 match span of blacks, age 9
and 7, weight 2500; 1 span of mules age
7 and 8 , weight, 2400: 1 bay horse 8
years old, weight 1600; 1 bay mare 5
years old, weight 1350 1 spotted horse
7 years old, weight 1250: X match span
roadsters, age 5 and 6, weight 1800; 1
span of drivers broke single or double,
age 4 and 5, weight 2200; one is a mare
weighing 1200, well broke and will
make an excellent family driver: will
be sold single or double: 1 colt coming
3 years old, weight 1000: 1 bay mare
with foal, weight 1400: 1 span of suck
ling mules: 4 head of cows coming :$
years old: 4 head of heifers, coming 2
years old; 7 bead of heifers coming
yearlings; 24 Head of Hogs 4 brood
sows: 20 head of shoats ranging from
100 to 150 pounds. Farm Implements
3 2-horse wagons, spring wagon; 3 sets
work harness; 2 sets buggy harness; 1
set single harness; corn planter with
check row; corn binder; Deering bind
er: Bradley riding lister, nearly new;
St. Joe riding lister; St. Joe walking
lister combined; Avery stalk cutter;
2 Badger riding cultivators: Eagle two
row machine; mowlne machine; X-Ray
sulk plow; 12-horse Wood berry power;
other articles too numerous to men
tion. Usual terms will be given.
WH. DUNN, Auct.
C. S. STONE, Clerk
with her brother Oscar McDonald.
I 'earl Long, who has been in South
Dakota for the past few months, re
t urned to Murray Wednesday morning.
Frank Beedle. of Omaha, represent
ing the Providence Trust & Life Co.,
was in Murray a few days this week.
f.'eo. Marks, residing down near Ne
hawka, his been layed up for the past
few days with a very painful attack of
A series of revival meetings was
started at the Presbyterian church
Monday evening, conducted by liev.
Mrs. Louis Kels'sy v2 Richards, Mo.,
is visiting this week at the home of
her sister, Mrs. II. C. Long and family
west of town.
Miss Frederick, teacher at the Keno
sha school house, has been on the sick
list this week, and the school was
closed a day or two.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dawson, of Eight
Mile Grove, are the happy parents of
a new boy baby, arrivingat their home
on Thursday of last week.
C. S. Stone, D. C. Khoden, W. C.
Brown, II. Beck and A. L. Baker went
to Omaha Wednesday evening to at
tend the famous wrestling match at
the Auditorium.
Matthew Midkiff, who has been suf
fering with an attack of bone erysipe
las, is still a very sick man, and Dr.
Livingston of Plattsmouth was called
in consultation with Dr. B. F. Bren
del Monday.
John McNurlin came down from
riattsmouth Monday to see his mother
who has been quite sick at the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Miles Standish.
Mrs. McNurlin is greatly improved
and John returned to Plattsmouth
The Murray elevator men of Murray
are complaining this week of the short
age of cars to ship the grain they have
bought and is now ready for shipment.
Both elevators are full and thousands
of bushels remain in the country that
the farmers are desirous of getting
moved as soon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Orla Perry of Lexing
ton, Neb., are visiting this week at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Long,
west of Murray. Mrs. Perry and Mrs.
Long are sisters and It is needless to
say that the visit will be a very pleas
ant one. Mr. Perry is a plasterer by
trade and is now engaged in finishing
op the large Y. M. C. A. building at
Quite a number of young folks gath
ered at the Split homestead last Sat
urday evenin, the occasion being the
celebration of the birthday anniver
sary of Gus Split. The evening was
a most enjoyable one, spent in danc
ing, music and games,and at the usual
hour an excellent supper was served.
The whole affair was a complete sur
prise to Gus, but none the less enjoy
able. A Christian Endeavor Society has
been organized in Murray in connec
tion with the Christian church. The
organization has just been completed
and in a few days they will be ready
for the enrollment of the names of all
who wish to join, and they want as
large a class on the start as possible.
The regular meetings will be held at
the chuich on Sunday evenings at 6:30.
The officers for the ensuing term are
as follows: President, Miss Ina Miller;
Vice President, Lee Knlss; Secretary,
Arthur Copenhaver; Treasurer, Steve
then move to town.
Murray Messenger
sr. wi
mi . -Hurray :icssengor printing
outtit was this week returned to tho
(ireat Western Typj Foundry in Oma
ha. While moving the press, Harry
Graves, the late publisher dropped a
heavy casting on Ids foot and quite
seriously mashed that member, and
was cornpelleo to finish his work with
the aid of Crutches.
,' ri.i
a 1
:.:;: ;: . 1 ..
bratio'i of
-hi v a:v.i v r.
:.i : nci.e'.
llr. ni
ne '
r ,1
1 h
: i : a
Miss Daisy Campbell und Win
Hutcheson, residing east of Murray, !
were united in the holy bonds of wed
lock at the residence of Rev. Rami in
Plattsmouth Sunday afternoon, Dr.
Baird performing the ceremony. Miss
Ora and Ernest Hutcheson, sister and
brother of the groom, were vitnesses
to the tieing of the knot. The groom
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'.
Hutcheson, of near Rock Bluffs, and
the bride the eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Campbell, residing in
the same vicinity. The young people
have hosts of friends who join with
the Journal in wishing them many
years of happy married life. They
will make theirfuturehome on a farm
near the old homes of both young
"Had dyspepsia or indigestion for
years. No appetite and what I did eat
distressed me terribly. Burdock Blood
Bitters cured me." J. II. Walker,
Sunbury, Ohio.
I'iiil Rrislui pre:."i.o
joy nod !,:.:: vi !
ing the
Ih;,. Tii aii'air ns pi
the l.iany fr-.-nds in ut t ei.d.'i
in this particular it, was o; en
grand succ -s. as Mr.-,. 1 Iri- o . i
r.emlio i th' n-vival s-rvices
church, while the im rry crowd Un
complete possion of her home, and had
everything in readiness when she n--turrud
for a genuine good time, and
tbev were not disappointed io the
least. The evening was spent, in games .
of various kinds and mu.sie, and at the
usual hour an ex.-eilent supper was j
served that was prepared by the visit- i
firs. Following were those pres.-ni. ail
of whom returned to their homes wish- j
ing Mr. and Mrs. Brisk-in tinny happy j
returns of the evening:
Mr and Mrs. William Ilendreks.Mr. j
and Mrs. Charles Cirrolh Mr. and Mrs.
D. L. Amick, Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Ken
nedy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhoden,
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hatchett. Mr. aud
Mrs. Lloyd Gagin, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Brisbin, Mr. "Warren Wiley, Miss Vio
la Young, Miss Loretta Carroll. Miss
Vera Hatchett, Miss Mabel Amick,
Master Charles Kennedy, Master Ralph
Kennedy, Master Johnnie Brisbin.
i at.
V. 1 t '
,v a
1! ' ;
i o-
a in
a .". : .
y,u to
ti.tO 111
ensile h
1 1 w
I o
relit at. - l.i "i and
Mi'KllA Y v J A'i i
( ii . :-. :-:
;l ran m-i
lloo-s :,
a i .
RA N ;..
:. '.tsiiii-r.
o Hiiesi your tvaitn &iops
You cannot xiiiik? it o ly Iiakinij ih
it V - , -i
; oao-! y
lb th, :
,i .-. t 1 . ;i!u
l ai
v. ith
8 (?v?i I.C
. i.-.I, Ih:.;
V. .Cvhl. ;hiy . oi
.: h..- :.: 1 hi l'i
ah ,;o 1 y.-o;::
.V : th. y ao; pet.
prop'-i' coiub
:. ... to b ii.
One (-..-. not rmiid
no of
Is Improving.
John McNurlin returned from a visit
to his mother yesterday. Mrs. McNur
lin is making her home with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Miles Standish, near Murray,
and has been very ill for some time.
Mr. McNurlin reports his mother very
much improved and in a fair way to
recovery, which the Journal is very
much pleased to learn.
-.C . a vi by vi- w
nv.-..-'. rmd f
0 r.o snack: no r.'a': by ;:.aa i.z l.ivs t
as the- k' h" ii-.
The io.j oi pill... .sal;.;, cantor-oil
y and !-V.o:i;j c i'd. Ttic :ivhei:: .i is
4 the violent method. Thy t:ij of
T the herb to::ie laxative, J
: Lane's Family :
is the method adopted Ly intelli-
gent peo;le.
Headache, backache, indigestion, J
constipation, skin diseases allriro
benefited immediately by the U3o
r.f tlii TTiofl ir-ini.
Drugedsts sr-11 it nt 2c. r.nd yc.
Murray Business Directory
The following business men of Murray take this method of soliciting your pat
ronage in their various lines. You will find them ever ready to give you fair treat
ment and 100 cents for every dollar spent with them.
HOLMES & SA1ITH T . 1 Do Y( u Kno v
(The Big Corner Store) LJ m Ljm ITllCJK L.CSS F HlH
Always carry an Th' Llve Stock Man yrites Insurance in the best
up-to-date line of Who pays the Top Price at ah Companies and at the best
General Merchandise Times Use Your Phone Rates O
. . . . and get the best f
Get their prices on all DT,TPt,c
goods before buying
brehdell & brehdell John Cook DR, G, H. GILMORE
Physicians Boss Harness Man Physi cian. and I
" "fumeons G y pri- Svirgerm
,. . . . Before Buying Prompt Attention to All Calls
All Calls Promptly Attended to 1
union dentists p. c. Rhoden
C. S. STONE Drs. Newell t ... ,
.4.... n..ui Cjood Turn-outs and Prompt
notary public erd Trecy Attention is ur Hobby
Give Us a Call
Murray E'ery Tuesday
Dr. HayeS GSailtner Cassand Oxygen for
dentist of omaha Painless Extraction
IN MURRAY 1st AND 3d Work Guaranteed,
WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH ff,c wlb Dr- ciimore
At the office of Everv Tviesdocv (Vacant Place are for Sale)