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The County
I fcU Generil Interext Selected
jj From the Courier.
Born, to Mr. aDd Mrs. Henry Itohr-
ianz, December 2;, a jtirl.
Lor's, the fifteen-year-old son of C
3. Mayfield, Is down with diphtheria.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Britten,
December 14, lJKtfi, a 11-pound girl.
B. G. Metzger sold his dray business
this week to August Ossenkop. Mr.
Metzger will move on the T. T. Ball
farm, in Sarpy county, in the spring.
Mrs. John Givens was attacked by a
number of dogs at the home of John
Twiss, Saturday evening. But for the
arrival of assistance she would have
been severely injured.
Hugh Murphy, accompanied by
party of surveyors, came down from
Omaha this morning. This would in
dicate that there is something to be
-done In the stone quarry line in the
near future.
Word was received Friday morning
from Omaha announcing the arrival
of a girl at the home of Mr. and Mrs
Chester Merriam. Mrs. Merriam is
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. May-
The many Louisville friends of Miss
Nellie Hubert will be pleased to learn
of her happy marriage on December
20, to Mr. Grant Shadfolt, of Lincoln
The ceremony occurred at the home
ot her brother, R. C. Hubert, 2743
Dudley street, Lincoln, Rev. Carter,
of the Evangelical church, officiating,
A Jamaican Lady Speaks Highly
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mrs. Michael Hart, wife of the su
perintendent of cart service at King
ston, Jamaica, West Indies Islands,
Bays that she has for some years used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, croup and whooping cough
and has found it very beneficial. She
has Implicit confidence in it and would
not be without a bottle of it in her
home. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co
A. T. Fried.
From The Kejrister.
Jennie Loberg is seriously ill at her
father's home on the east side.
Mrs. Mary morris oi -riausmuum
spent Christmas with her father, Jno.
Daniel McClary of Hastings has
been making a holiday visit with
friends in Nehawka.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Stone started
Monday night for Cherokee, Okla., to
spend the winter with their sons, Les
ter and Bruce.
Mrs. Young of Omaha, formerly Miss
Mildred Gillespie, spent Christmas
with her parents here, returning home
L. F. McCarthy is taking a vacation
Irom his duties on bis ranch near
Hemingford, and is having a good
time with his friends.
Mrs. Chas. Harter was knocked over
and badly bruised and cut by a cow
which she was milking, Tuesday even
ing. A horse ran up and frightened
the cow.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman August and
son, Eddie, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl
August and family, left yesterday
morning for their new home in Cedar
county, Missouri. They have been
residents and good citizens of this
neighborhood for many years, and will
be sadly missed in social and church
circles. Tne best wisnes or everyone
goes with them.
$lOO Reward $IOO.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure now known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh be
ing a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system, thereby de
stroying the foundations of the disease
and giving the patient strength by
building up thecenstitution and assist
ing nature in doing its work. The
proprietors have so mu.")h faith in its
curative powers that the' offer One
Hundred Dollars fur any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testi
monials. Address F. J. Chkxey &0.
Toledo, O. Sold by all druggists, 7oc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
pation. Use the Best if it Costs no More.
Kleitsch & Holmes have just shipped
a car load of flour from Weeping Water
to our city. There Hour is of a high
grade, and will make every house wife
happy about her pood bread, that uses
it. Do not fail to ask your grocer for
the Weeping Water flour.
tria tti Coins., tf Contenporirlts
From the Leader-Echo.
A handsome baby girl was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCartney Friday
of last week.
Geo Stoehr and family spent Xmas
with Mrs. Stoehr's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Coon Meislnger, near l'latts-
Two cases of smallpox have been
quarantined in the country. Mrs.
Baker, south of town, and Clyde
Hoover, four and a half miles south
east of town, have the disease in mild
The infant babe of Mr. and Mrs
James Wall died Monday evening, and
was buried in the Elmwood cemetery
Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wall have
the sympathy of the community in
their bereavement.
Hog cholera is reported to be tak
ing off a great many hogs in the
vicinity of Murdock. Among the
heaviest losers we here of Henry Mei
erjurgen, Noah Swacker.G. W. Swack-
er, Frank Zoz, John Earl, Fred Stock,
John Campbell, Bion F. Dill and
John Deming.
Percy McAllister met with quite an
accident while skating at Wabash
park Friday. He fell on the ice break
log his left leg just above the ankle,
and dislocating bis ankle. Willie
Langhorst and Paul Current brought
him up to Dr. Munger's office where
his injuries were attended to, and he
Is now getting along nicely.
Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid
More fatalities have their origin in
or result from a cold than from any
other cause. This fact ane should
make people more careful as there is
no danger whatever from a cold when
it is properly treated in the beginning,
For many years Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy lias been recognized as the
most prompt and effectual medicine
in use for this disease. Itactson na
ture's plan, loosens the cough, relives
the lungs, opens the secretion and
aids nature in restoring the system
to a healthy condition. Sold by F. G
Fricke & Co. and A. T. Fried.
From the Ledger.
Mrs. Joe Marshall of Plattsmouth
was here Tuesday to spend the day
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Miss Jennie Craig, intermediate
teacher in our schools, departed last
Friday for Greenwood to spend the
week's vacation at home.
Mrs. Ohie Fickering and Miss Ellen
Watkins of Sloan, Iowa, arrived Mon
day to visit relatives and friends in
and near this village.
Three of the jovial Frans '-boys,"
James. Duke and Charles, went to St.
Joseph, last Saturday to spend several
days visiting some of their relatives.
Misses May Larson and Lulu Sutton,
teachers in the schools near here,
went to Plattsmouth last Saturday to
spend the holidays with their relatives.
Dr. R. L. Newell went to Omaha
Monday evening to meet his wife, who
returned frcm several weeks visit
with relatives at her former home in
Mrs. Haynes of Seymour, Iowa, ar
rived Sunday to make a visit with Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Garrison and other
relatives and friends in this village.
Andrew Lynn and wife came in last
Saturday from Wymore for a holiday
visit with their relatives and numer
ous friends in this village.
Joseph Lynn and wife, accompanied
by two children, arrived on Saturday
from Hartington to make their Union
relatives and friends a visit of several
days. This is their first visit here
since they moved away, and of course
they enjoy it.
Nearly every person who is subject
to attacks from the stomach suffers
from a morbid dread of a dietetic
treatment for relief, that is three
fourths starvations, and one-fourth
toast and milk. On the other hand
you can eat as you please and digest
the food by the aid of a good digest
ant, thus giving the tired stomach
equally as much rest. Eat what you
please and take a little Kodol For In
digestion after your meals. It digests
what you eat.
& Co.
Sold by F. G. Fricke
Mortgage Record.
The record of mortgages filed and
released during the month of Decem
ber shows that the number of instru
ments, involving the amountopposite,
were filed.
Filed, 11. Amount $16,270
Released, 15. Amount 24,897
Filed, 8. A mount $3,498
Released, 11. Amount 5,525
Superintendent Hay of the Hospital Ad
mits He Cannot Comply Witb Law.
Which Was Not the Intention of
Law When Before Enacted.
The World-Herald of December 12,
contains the following:
Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 11. After two
years of effort under the provisions of
the dipsomaniac law, Superintendent
J. T. Hay has reported that the asy
lum is not the proper place for the
treatment of dipsomaniacs and advo
cates their removal to some other in
stitution. Dr. Hay admits that he
has failed to carry out the statute di
recting that the patients be kept
apart from the insane. He says that
overcrowding has caused this. He re
ports that 277 men and ten women
have received "dipso" treatment. Dr.
Hav classifies his dipsomaniac patients
as follows:
NumlxT of inHiriaU's iii'i'UK iitl.v iMiic(i '
NunitHT much I K-n-tii ! 17
NumlM'r rvr-ivinr no Ix-nt'tit 'Mi
I'liknown 4
NumlxT of 1oih' li-nls apparent ly cui'l -
NumlxT iM'itetited !
NumlHT unknown 7
In view of the above facts, a few
comments and computations may in
terest the taxpayers. The dipso
maniac law was passed by the last
legislature and went into effect June
28, 1905, so that it has been in force
less than eighteen months. Under
this law a complaint may be filed with
the commissioners of insanity, charg
ing a person with being a dipsomaniac,
an inebriate or the excessive use of
cocaine, morphine or other narcotic
drugs. Upon this complaint a war
rant is issued by the clerk of the dis
trict court and the accused arrested
and taken before the insanity board,
before which a trial is supposed to be
had. A conviction generally results
and a commitment to the so-called
hospital is issued, under which the
sheriff takes the accused for treat
ment. This commitment is supposed
to contain the findings of the board as
to whether the accused is a dipso
maniac, an inebriate or addicted to
the excessive use of cocaine, morphine
or other narcotic drugs. The matter
contained in this commitment is sup
posed to be all the information the su
perintendent receives for his guidance
in tne treatment or a patient. But
soon it may be discovered by the su
perintendent that the patient is
afflicted with some other disease. It
may be tuberculosis, epilepsy, oph
thalmia, lumbago, Bright's disease,
syphilis or some other disease. Under
the law, "such patient shall be given
such treatment as is deemed best."
Hence, under the law, the superin
tendent must treat other diseases not
specified in the law in order, as the
law says, "to build up the system
physically and mentally."
The patient, after conviction of the
charges preferred in the complaint
and commitment is, by the sheriff.
taken to the so-called hospital and in
plain violation of law, as admitted by
Dr. Hay, placed in a ward of the so-
called hospital and there locked up
with insane patients! Here, in con
stant association with the insane, the
patient is kept until "apparently
cured," "benefited" or "unknown,"'
to quote from Dr. Hay's report.
Under the law, all expenses incident
to arrest of patient, trial before insan-
ty board, conveyance to the hospital,
so-called, and treatment there, must
be borne by the taxpayers of the
county where the patient resides
Now, as to these expenses. A few
days ago a patient was taken from
Cass county for treatment. Two bills
were allowed in this case by the
county commissioners one for $38.70,
presumably the costs of examination
before the insanity board and costs of
sheriff conveying patient to the hos
pital, including patient's transporta
tion. The other bill allowed ($45) for
the hospital at Lincoln. These two
bills aggregate $83.70. Dr. Hay says
277 men and ten women patients have
been received for treatment a total
of 2S7.
An average of $3.70 for each pa
tient for first commitment, makes a
total Of more than twenty-four thousand
lollnrs of the money of the taxpayer
expended in less than eighteen months!
But this average expense for each pa
tient is believed to be far below the
actual cost. The farther from Lin
coln the patient resides, the greater
the expense: fees of oflicers and wit
nesses at the trial tefore the board
may be, and doubtless are largely in
excess of amount stated, as a general
rule. The extreme western counties
of the state are about 400 miles from
Lincoln. The sheriff's mileage and
per diem in bringing a patient from
those counties would be, say $50, and
patient's fare added would make at
least $00. To this add expense of trial
before the board of insanity and $45 to
hospital and it is safe to conclude
that a fair average throughout the
state would not be less than $120 for
the first effort to get one patient "ap
parently cured!" Now take the num
ber of patients reported by Dr. Hay
287 and on this computation more
than thirty-four thousand dollars have
already been expended, and that too,
in less than eighteen months! But
Dr. Hay gives the number of "ap
parently cure," "benefited," "no bene
fit" and "unknown" as 184, and of
this number only thirty-one "appar
ently cured!" How much has it cost
the taxpayers to "apparently cure"
one patient? The cost of these 184 pa
tients at an average of $120 each is
$22,000 in round numbers, and the cost
of each thirty-one patients "appar
ently cured," $700 in round numbers!
Again, take the estimated cost of
287 patients for their first admission
to the so-called hospital $34,000 and
who are the most "benefited?" Forty
five dollars for each patient advanced
to hospital or $12,900, and the bal
ance 21,000 in round numbers, to in
sanity boards, sheriffs, witnesses and
transportation! And yet with this
enormous expense on the taxpayers
only thirty-one patients are "appar
ently cured less than tkrm per cent
of those received for treatment!
Hundreds of Plattsmouth Readers
Daily Toil a Burden.
The hustle and worry of business
men, the hard work and stooping of
workmen, the woman's household
cares are too great a strain on the kid
neys. Backache, headache, sideache,
kidney troubles.urinary troubles follow
A Plattsmouth citizen tells you how
to cure them all.
P. M. Lindsay, living on Marble
street between Sixth and Seventh
streets, Plattsmouth, says: "Off and
on for about two years I have had
pain in my back and at times was
much annoyed on account of it. While
at work being on my feet most of the
time, it was then that the dull per
sistent aching distressed me. I had
reason to believe that the trouble was
owing to a disturbed condition of the
kidneys and though I tried several
kidney remedies, I derived no benefit
until I was told of Doan's Kidney
Pills and got a box at Gering & Co.'s
drug store. The results obtained from
its use proved to me that it was just
the remedy and Igot a second box.
Improvementjfollowed its use and to
that extent that I can unhesitatingly
and with pleasure endorse the claims
made for Doan's Kidney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Miiburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Married On New Year's Day.
The necessary papers were made
out yesterday New Year's Day to
Albert F. Dill, of South Bend and
Fannie E. Conley of Weeping Water.
County Judge II. D. Travis was secured
to tie the matrimonial knot. The
bride and benedict departed on the
afternoon train on a pleasure trip
through northern Nebraska, after
which they will return to South Bend,
where they will be at home to their
friends. The groom is employed in
the Farmer's Co-operative elevator at
South Bend, of which his father, Bion
F. Dill has charge. The best wishes
of the Journal go with the young
A Big Day for Chicken Breeders, and They
Were Here in Large Numbers Tuesday
New Year's day brought to town a
large number of farmers, and about
noon Main street presented a most
lively appearance; and some of our
citizens felt disposed to say that it ap
peared as in days of old.;
The coming to town of these farm
ers was caused by the Clarinda Poultry
company receiving chickens, for
which the company had largely adver
tised, and resulted in the payment to
them of over $600 for poultry alone.
The Journal calls attention to this
fact, simply becaused it demonstrates
what could be made of Plattsmouth
as a market town with the display of
tne proper enort on tne part or our
business men.
There are many things that could be
accomplished that would bring farm
ers here, the principal one of these is
to give them a market for their pro
duce, which is not as good as many
other towns. Another thing that
could be put in operation with a small
outlay of capital and that is to estab
lish a monthly Saturday for horses,
cattle and everything else that a far
mer has to sell. This is the way to
advertise Plattsmouth, and it would
cost each business man but little com
pared with the benefits derived.
Think of It! There were farmers
here with chickens Tuesday from
twenty miles distant simply because
the market was here for their surplus
Let us establish a monthly salesday
beginning with the dawn of early
spring. Now is the time to agitate
the scheme.
Where Peruna Is Used As An All-Round
Reliable Family Medicine.
There Are Thousands of Similar Hornet In ' S , -
Which Pe ru na Is Iiein Used With the ptfL
Same Excellent Results. 1 ' ' srfllir j
va vc m
Fountain v ilk', l"u
S. 15. Hartman, M. I).
Dear Sir: I have iteen thinking r
writing to you for some time to let you
know what Peruna did forme.
I am 67 years old. 1 lost my health
alx)Ut pix or seven years an. I first
had dyspepsia and employed different
Last year I injured one of my kidneyp.
I had one of the best doctors for that.
J le put me to bed, not to move for two
I 6lowly recovered, but was bo weak
and prostrated that I could walk but a
phort distance. In fact I had to keep
I took several remedies, but obtained
no relief, l also iiau catarrh in some
My wifa ad vis' d me to take Peruna,
and it is with pleasure that I can say
that by taking one and one-half bottle
of your Peruna, it cured me and I feel
all right. I send this with many thanks
to you, as I enjoy life again.
My wife has also been taking your
Peruna for asthma and it helps to re
lieve her. We keep your Peruna in
the house constantly. Again I say I
thank you for Peruna.
Sincerely yours,
Fountainville, Pa., Nov. 9, 1903.
Dr. S. 1$. Hartman.
Dear Sir: I have good health now and
your valuable medicine gave me good
health. I have had no doctor for some j
Gets Caught Under the Lid.
For violating the state law prohibit
ing the sale of liquor on Sunday Adulph
Giese, who conducts a saloon on the
corner of Main and Fifth streets, was
assessed a tine of $200 today. This
offense was also a violation of the
agreement entered into by all the
liquor dealers several monthsago, who
at that time held a meeting and de
cided not to sell or giveaway liquor
on Sunday after that date. A notice
of the agreement was published in
the Journal some time ago.
The Grip.
"Before we can sympatize with r. til
ers, we must have suffered ourselves "
No one can realize the suffering at
tendant upon an attack of of the grip
unless he has had the actual exper
ience. There is probably no disease
that causes so much physical and
mental agony, or which so successfully
defies medical aid. All danger from
the grip, however, may be avoided by
the prompt use of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Among the tens of
thousands who have used this remedy,
not one case has ever been reported
that has resulted in pneumonia or that
has not recovered. For sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co. and A. T. Fried.
The undersigned is ready to skin
horses and cattle on short notice; or
any other dead animals.
Artiu:k Jacohk.
, Feb. 10, l'JO. : tiiiw, a I do not
tors and medicines without obtaining relief. J at last
found, in Wine of Cardui, a golden medicine for all my
ills, and can recommend it above all others for female
Cardui furnishes safe relief for backache, headache,
periodical pains, irregular, painful or unhealthy cata
menial flow, and all ailments from which sick women
suffer- A perfect tonic for delicate women. A pure
vegetable medicine for girls and women who are subject
to the complaints peculiar to their sex. Has benefited
over a million who used to suffer as you do.
At every drug store, in $1.00 bottles.
describing fully all your symptoms
and we will send you Free Advice
in plain sealed envelope. Ladies'
Advisory Dept.. The Chattanoora
Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tena.
need any. When I
take rolil I taki 1'eruna anil in a short
time I am all right. My wif in subject
to asthma. She takca Peruna at that
time, and she has had no need for a doc
tor for some time. With many thanki
for your medicine, we remain,
Sincerely yours,
Fountainville, Pa., April 1(1, I'.MJ.
Dr. S. IJ. Hartman.
Dear Sir: We have Peruna In the
house all the time and when we think
we need It, we take it. We are about
sixty years old and have not called a
doctor to our place for some years.
We go out in all kinds of weather and
sometimes when we go on a t ri t we
take Peruna along. A preventive is
better than a cure. That has been our
I had poor health some years ago and
when I found your medicine I hit the
right tiling. We loth thank you for
your good medicine.
Sincerely yours,
Witness to Signatures.
I, John Donnelly, Mayor of Doy Ion
town, Pa., have been acquainted with
Mr. Philip Kratz for 25 years. I know
him to be an honorable and useful citi
zen. He, in my presence, signed the
above statements concerning Peruna,
which I have every reason to believe
are true in all particulars.
Don't allow money to lie around,
is easier to spend it and easier
to lose it
bj keeping it in a safe place such aft
The BanH of Cass County
Capital Stock .jO,000, .Surplus 515,000
Chas. C. I'arrnele. Pres., Jacob Tritsch, V-P.
T. M. Patterson. Cash.
You can give a check for any part of
it at any time and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for one.
When you have a bank account you
will be anxious to add to it rather than
spend from it. Don't you want to
know more about it.
Knrlnl For Indigestion.
v- Relieves sour stomach,
palpitation of the heart. Digests what you ei
l. Mitel
c- z.-rz- -. 'J - : 7
do I take Cardui"? writes Mrs.'
Jelemma Mullins of Odessa, W.
Va. "Because, after suffering
for several years with female
trouble, and trying different doc