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    The County Exchanges
ft - ft A I I. A. ...A P . I . .1 J f-aaa 44i fti lnlnMAft) f . Aim Art rl..
Kroin tb Lcdiitr,
Kll M. Smith departed Wednesday
le Danygi" was uuru tu f i.,thi.p nui. . tn .nend nlmal from amonirsthls fatten herd
M r. and M rs. Tom McCartney Friday ' !' '".Vl.: 17 " V; " V " " h..t. .
or last week.
From l.drr-Erlo.
A handsome baby girl was born to
Mr. and Mrs. John Bock spentTues-
day with Mr. and Mrs. Gus. Hansen.
Quite an excitement was occasioned
on Thursday morning about 2 o'clock
by the burning of Mr. Fleshman's
house on Mr. Sheldon's farm, near
Avoca. Nothing was saved only a
few articles of bed clothing. Mr.
Fleshman's people are overwhelmed
with mortlUcatlon on account of the
terrible disaster. They had three
hundred dollars Insurance on house
bold furniture.
Fred Schomaker lost a fine beef an-
Ir. Mungcr reports the birth of a
ten pound girl yesterday to Mr. and
Mrs. Geo, Johnson, of Wabash.
p. Smith left Wednesday evening
ten days looking at some of that coun
try and making a visit with Ills broth
er, Ianlel Smith.
Will II. Mark returned Tuesday
from Mynard, where he had been to
see his mother, who has been very
Mlsa Stella Opp, our "good natured
central," took a drive out In the coun
try with Mr. Boedcker Tuesday.
Miss Cora Bally, who has been stay
ing at Mr. Todd's departed for her
for Jersey City, N. J., upon receipt of sck for severa, weckfJi and reports that home In Grand Island, Saturday. Mrs.
a wiegram announcing wie kiiw- 8he , giowly Improving.
nesa of his sister. Mrs. Joy It. Applcgate, who has vis-
The stork has orougni 10 " ted relatives here for several months,
Mrs. Leslie Mar a wn-pouim parted for St. Louis on the 10:15
boy. The little fellow arrived Sunday k . tn u.ln her husband.
and a good many 'Vratls" cigars have and lhcy wl make tl)e)r ,)0me , that
since been In evidence
Miss licsslo lKilesDcrnler, who is
clerking In L. F. Langhorst's toy store,
had her hair and eye brows badly
singed Wednesday afternoon by an ex
plosion of coal gas when she opened
the stove door to tlx the tire. Fortu
nately her eyes received no serious In
juries. II. L. Clapp's tenm, hitched to a
lumber wagon, become frightened at
the train Wednesday afternoon and
took a lively spin nbout town and Into
the country. They were caught a
mile south of town. No one was In
the wagon. The horses were unin
jured, but the wagon was damaged
While shelling corn ion one of his
father's farms Saturday Charlie
Woods became entangled with a re
volvlng shaft on the corn shelter and
had most of his wearing apparel made
ready for carpet rags. Tbo horses and
sheller were stopped Instantly, thus known a8
wascneCKea wnai raigut nave tunm
nated In a very serious accident.
How's Thiar
We offer One Hundred Itollars lie
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Will IS'ldy Is not boasting about big
corn, but thinks he can beat all com
ers In tho line of freaks. He brought
In three samples, and from one 'shoot'
six ears had grown closely together,
and the other two 'shoots' have three
ears each.
Some time ago Isaac Dye residing
near here, lost a valuable mule on ac
count of a defective bridge on tho pub
lic highway, the animal breaking
through and being so Injured that It
had to be killed. The county commis
sioners at their session Tuesday allow
ed Mr. Kye the sura of 1 123 as damages
for the loss of his mule.
Henry Pell was summoned to go to
Sidney, Iowa, last Saturday to see his
cousin, E. 15. Spartlin, who was re
ported dangerously 111, but Is now said
to be Improving. A great many of the
early settlers of this county will re
member Mr. Spartlin, familiarly
"Dock" Spartlin, who was
engaged In business at Hock Bluffs In
1837-8, when that was quite a lively
little city.
A Miraculous Cur
The following statement by II. M,
Adams, and wife, Henrietta, l'a., will
Interest Darents and" others. "A mirac-
e, ine unaersignea, nave Known r . uloug curc ha8 uken place n our home
John Ileebner accompanied ber.
Jake Hild Is anxiously looking for
ward for the return of his wife and
baby who a re still at Mrs. Hunter's
In I'lattsmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. Klrkpatrlck are going
to spend the holidays with their son
at Dallas, Texas.
Miss Laura Ingwerson starts today
Los Angeles, Cal., where she Is to be
married and will make California her
John Lee started for his old home In
Pennsylvania Tuesday on a combined
business and pleasure trip. He ex
pects to return soon.
11. G. Watklns realized over $200
from two acres of potatoes the past
season. But then he tends them and
tends them right.
Charles Cunningham and bis mother
left Tuesday night for a visit at their
old home at Corydon, Ind. It Is his
first visit there since he came here
17 years ago, and he will probably note
many changes there.
Some time ago one of our farmers,
planning to shell corn, summoned a I
neighbor to his help by hurriedly writ
ing him a postal card. The fountain
pen got balky on one letter and the
recipient was shocked to read: "I am
going to hell. Send man and team."
Whether be complied with this pathet-
lo request deponent sayeth not.
"J Attribute my;
Extreme Old
Age to the Use:
A Woatorn Wonder
There's a Hill at Bowie, Tex., that's
twice as big as last year. This wonder
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be- 0l.r cnll(1 nad ec.ema 5 years and was Is W. L. Hill, who from a weight of 00
neve mm perrecuy nonorao.e n an pronounced incurable, when we read U,1US
business transactions and financially about Eiectri0 Bitters, and concluded 1 uCfered with a terrible cough, and
able to carry out any obligations made totryit. Before the second bottle was doctors gave me up to die of Consump-
oy ins nrm.
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Escaped the Terrors of
Many Winters By
Using Pe-ru-na.
IN "peaking of hit good health and
extreme old age, Mr. Brock iayt :
"After a man hat lived in the world
aa lung as I have, he ought to have
found ont a great many thing by ex
pcrience. I think I have done so.
"One of the things I hate found
out to my entire satisfaction Is the
proper thing for ailments that
are due directly to the effects of
the climate. For 117 years I have
withstood the changeable climate
of the United States.
"I have always beon a very healthy
man, but, of course, subject to the af
fections which are due to sudden
changes in the climate and tempera
ture. During my long life I have known
a great many remodies for coughs, 'olds
and diarrhoea. 1
"As for Dr. Hart man's remedy,
Peruna, I have found It to be the
best, if nut the only, reliable rem
edy for these affections. It has
been my standby for many years,
and I attribute my good health
and extreme old age to this remedy.
"ft exactly meets all my require
ments. It protects me from the evil ef
fects of sudden changes ; it keeps mo in
good appetite; it gives me strength', it
keeps my blood in good circulation. I
have come to rely upon it almost en
tirely for the many little things for
which I need medicine.
"When epidemics of la grippe first
began to make their appearance in this
country I was a sufferer from 'tfcls
disease. , .
"I had several long sieges with
the grip. At first I did not know
that Peruna was a remedy for
this disease. When I heard that
la grippe was epidemic catarrh, I
tried Peruna for la grippe and
found It to be Just the thing. "
In a later letter, Mr. Brock writes I
"I am well and feeling as well as I
have for years. The only thing .that
bothers me is my sight. If I could tee
better I could walk all over the farm,
and it would do me good. I would not
be without Peruna."
Yours truly, ;
I of Pe-ru-na," j
. f-i i
if V
J 1 u
iniV-gltniltisffiaWt Ml iiimJ
Mr, Isaac Brock, 117 Years Old Last Birthday,
ISAAC BROCK, a citizen of McLen-l
nan county, Texas, has lived for 117 i
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ally, acting directly upon the blood and
xnncous surfaces of tho system. Testi
monials Rent free. Price 73c per bot
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Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
1 1 t ,H r 1.
hottPr. an aftr taking 7 hnttlM h 1 oeKan l"-ttlnB A'r- ,D s
was completely cured- It's the up- forConsumptlon.Coughsand I Colds.
to-date blood medicine and body build
ing tonic. Guaranteed.
atF. G. Frlcke&Co.'s
50c and tl.00
1 rug store.
Kruro the Courier.
Work was commenced on the grade
for the new Rlchey-Fulton sand pit
west of town this week.
Frank Helm, wife and babe left
Tuesday morning for their home In
South Dakota, after an extended visit
with relatives here.
County Superintendent Gamble has
written a school song which will be
sung for the first time at the teacher's
meeting In this city next month.
Fred II. Osscnkop was In Lincoln
last Saturday visiting with Henry
LennotI and family. He found them
very comfortably located In their new
John Rohrdanz went to Omaha Mon
day to visit bis wife who underwent a
serious surgical operation at the St
Joseph hospital two weeks ago. He
states that she will will be able to re
turn home about Christmas.
The Murphy quarries across the
Platte ceased operation Tuesday, their
lease having expired on that date. It
Is understood that Mr. Murphy will
open up the old Stout quarry on this
side of the river. This will Indeed be
good news to workmen as the old
Stout quarry Is located so close to
town that those who desire can come
home to dinner.
The remains of August Bomhak who
died at Mountain Grove, Mo., Decern
ber 14, were brought here for burial
in the Walradt cemetery. The de
ceased was born In Breeman, Ger
many, June 3, 1S44. He left Germany
when but fourteen years of age and
became a sailor, which he followed for
twelve years. He came lo Cass coun
ty In 1S70. In lf74 he was married to
Miss Mary Jardiue. To them seven
children were born. A wife and six
children survive him. Tho funeral
was held at the Glendale church Tues
day afternoon, conducted by Klder
O. W. May Held.
Long Fight
Fur twenty years W. L. Kawles, of
Bells, Tenn., fought nasal catarrh. He
writes: "The swelling and soreness In
side my noso was fearful, till I began
applying Bucslcn's Arnica Salve to the
sore surface: this caused the soreness
and swelling to disappear, never to re
turn.' Best salve In existence. 23c at
F. G. Frlcke & Co., druggists.
Kmvlal CorrvsiKimU-nt.
Mrs. Wm. Davis, accompanied by
her daughter, Lulu, visited In Ne
braska City, Wednesday.
Mrs. Wunderlluh and Miss Sadie
called on sick folks Wednesday.
Simon Hansen was taken to Omaha
Thursday for treatment. At last re
ports Mr. Hansen was getting along
Miss Stella Opp made a (lying trip
to Nebraska City and back Tuesday.
Now, after taking 12 bottles, ' I have
more than doubled In weight and am
completely cured." Only sure Cough
and Cold cure. Guaranteed by F. G.
Frlcke & Co., druggists. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free.
ears. J-or many years no rcsiaoa at
Bosque Falls, eighteen miles west of
Waco, but now lives with his son-in-law
at Valley Mills, Texas.
Some time apo, by roquest, Uncle
Isaac came to Waco ami sat for his
picture, holding in his hand a stick
cat from the grave of General Andrew
Jackoon. Mr. Brock is a dignified old
gentleman, showing few signs o' de
crepitude His family Bible is still
preserved, and It shows that the date of
kit ' trtli was wrktcn 117 years ago.
Born before the United States
were formed.
Saw 22 PretldentM elected.
Pe-ru-na hat protected him
from all tudden changes.
Veteran of four wart.
Shod a bone when 99 yean
Always conquered the grip with
Wltneta In a land tult at the
age of 110 years.
Believes Pe-ru-na the greatest
remedy of the age for catarrhal
troubles. "
Health Is Worth Saving, and Some Plaits-
mouth People Know How to Save It,
Many I'lattsmouth people take their
Ruffncr, and family. Mr. Black was lives in their hand by neglecting the
J. N. Black came in from Broken
Bow, Neb., a few days ago to spend
Christmas with his sister, Mrs. E. P.
reared In I'lattsmouth, and this has
been his first visit in many years. He
is running a hotel In Broken Bow.
Cur for Sore Nipples.
As soon as the child is done nursing,
apply Chamberlain's Salve. Wipe It
off with a soft cloth before allowing the
Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Todd were up to chlld to nurse. Many trained nurses
Omaha ednesday to consult a spe-
clllst for Mrs.' Todd.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schomaker, sr.,
made a business trip to Nebraska City
Mr. Gus Hansen Is quite sick with
la grippe.
A social hop was given by Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Stoll at the home of the
use this with the best results. Price
25 cents per box. For sale F. G. Frlcke
Co. and George D'Mcnt.
Don't allow money to lie around.
is easier to spend It and easier
to lose It
Dealers say that those whohave used
Chamberlaln'sStomach and Li verTab
ets are quite loyal to tbem and cannot
be persuaded to take any substitute.
Get a free sample at F. G. Frlcke &
former's parents, Thursday evening. Co. 'sand George D'Ment's drug store,
A good time was had by those present. Bo them a trial and you, too, will
II. P. Sturm and famllv. and T.. n. wan' them in preference to any other.
Todd and family were Invited guests Thc' c"re 8tomacl troubles,
for a Christmas dinner at the home of ulM "u wwiw
F. T. Sheldon, Tuesday.
liertna ana haitn schomaker en
joyed a ride to the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L. Carsten, Sunday.
J. G. Wunderllch and family took
dinner with II. Behms, sr., Tuesday.
Fred Schomaker Is a sufferer with a
severe cold.
John Knabe and family visited
friends In I'lattsmouth a few days
last week, returning Sunday.
Mrs. Corbett drove to Weeping Wa
ter Monday to do some shopping.
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs,
Karn Young Is Improving rapidly.
Bert Tucker has Improved consider
aoiy in neaiin, ana is amc to ue up
and around.
A family reunion was held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tucker
Christmas day.
Geo. Ingwerson and wife were buying
Christmas goods In Net.awka, Mon
J. W. Stoll shelled corn Monday, de
livering It to Andrew Sturm.
John Bchrns shelled corn one day
last week at Matt Bro s.
Wm. Betts and family enjoyed
Christmas day visiting relatives and
friends In Avoca,
kidneys when they know these organs
need help. Sick kidneys are respon
sible for a vast amount of suffering
and 111 health, but there Is no need to
suffer nor to remain In danger when
all diseases and aches and pains due to
weak kidneys can ba quickly and per
manently cured by the use of Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Mrs. M. E. Hartman, living at 708
Rock street, I'lattsmouth, says: "My
father was greatly benefited by the
uue of Doan's Kidney Pills. For years
be did not have good health. Pain In
the back owing to kidney complaint
eaused him considerable suffering and
particularly so when on his feet Learn
ing about Doan's Kidney Pills. I pro
cured a box for him at Gerlng & Co. '8
drug store. He used them as directed
and the paid was relieved, bis back
and kidneys strengthened and there
was noticeable Improvement In his
general health. It Is needless to say
that the results which he obtained
gave him cause to value Doan's Kid
ney Tills very highly."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50o.
Fostcr-Mhburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y
sole agents for the United States.
Kemember the name Doan's and
take no other.
A man with a sprained ankle will
use a crutch, rest the ankle and let It
get well. A man or woman with an
overworked stomach can't use a crutch
but the stomach must have rest just
the same. It can be rested too with
out starvation. Kodol will do it. Ko
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Fell From Load of Hay.
A neighboring farmer was in town
today, who reports that a few days ago
our old friend, John Ilabscbeldt.wblle
engaged In hauling hay, accidentally
fell from the load to the hard frozen
ground. While Mr. Habscheldt was
pretty badly shaken up, the Journal is
pleased to learn that nothing of a seri
ous nature resulted therefrom.
by keeping It In a safe place such
The BanH of Cass County
Capital Stock i:0,000, Surplus 115,000
Chun. C. rarmelp. I'M-., JitroltTrlliirh, V-P.
T. M. Patterson. CmIi.
You can give a check for any part of
It at any time and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for ono.
Whan vntl tiflVA ft liftnlr lnnnt vml
James Dysart departed for Kansas will be anxious to add to It rather than
Wednesday. He was called there by '-pend from It. Ion't you want to
the serious slcknpas of his ulster. know more about it
In Praise of Chamberlain's Couch
There Is no other medicine manufac
turcd that has received so much praise
and so many expressions of gratitude
as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
Is effective, and prompt relief follow;-
its use. Grateful parents everywhere
do not hesitate to testify to Its merits
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tain cure ror croup and will prevent
the attack If given at the lirst appear
anceof the disease. It is especially
adapted to children us It Is pleasant to
take and contains nothing Injurious
Mr. E. A. Humphreys, a well known
resident and clerk In the store of Mr,
E. Lock, Alice, Cape Colony, South
Africa, says: "I have used Chamber
lain's Cough Ilemtdy to wardolTcroup
and colds In my family. I found It to
be very satisfactory and It gives me
pleasure to recommend It." For sale
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K r For Indigestion
Relieves sour stomach,
paipiUUon of the heart Digests what you eat
When old age comes, it brings wit
it catarrhal diseases. Systemic cataift
is almost universal in old ptititc-of,.
explains why Peruna hasWniMJf.
indisnensablo to manv old Deot?
In Police Court. V'
As the result of a Saturday nlglix m.
disturbance, Lawrence Stull and Mrs. f
Green were arraigned in police court
this morning on a charge of disturbing
me peace, l ne nrsi naraea was grant
ed a continuance, while the woman
was taxed $10 and costs, which she
paid to the court.
E.C. DeWit& Co. of Chicago, at
whose labratory Kodol Is prepared, as
sure us that this remarkable dlgestant
and corrective for the stomach con
forms fully to all provisions of the Na
tional Pure Food and Drug Law. The
Kodol labratory is a very large one,
but if all the sufferers from indigestion
and stomach troubles could know the
virtues of Kodol it would be Impossible
for the manufacturers to keep up with
the demand. Kodol Is sold here by F.
G. Frlcke & Co.
Of course you pay your money,
But you get your money's worth,
For what does money mean to you
When Tiocky Mountain Tea's on
earth? Gering & Co.
Jcld Crowni had ErMr Tteth t.50Up, Porce
'.urn Crowi i i.?o up. l-'il!;nr 500 up. TteUs
Attracted I'aiulesa. Nrr it 1010 day.
DAI LEY, Tho Dentists
ELbllhe4 1888. Paxtoa Blk. OflAHA
"I was a total wreck," writes Mrs. Beulah
Rowley, of Champoeg, Oregon, "from pains I had
suffered, for 4 years, every month. Sometimes I
would be unconscious for 12 hours at a stretch. I
did not know that anything could stop the pain
entirely, but Wine of Cardui did. 1 advise all
women suffering with painful periods to use Car
dui and be relieved."
It does this by regulating the functions and
toning up all the Internal female organs to health.
It is a pure, specific, reliable, female remedy, with
a record of 70 years of
success. It has bene
fited a million others.
Why not you? Try it.
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1 h.t.Mtianoui. AWOiunt Co.,(liu
nooga. Irnn.