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Tho County Exchanges
. A I t i I . .1 . J f. m Mia ntnMllft f Pmitamiiiri Hat
nilt li bineril iBililJi diicwiii iiib uii wuium m Hunwyviiiii a I
Krom the Leader-Echo.
' Dr. Munger'a little girl lias been
my tick with pneumonia the past
Ren Hoffman was severely kicked In
the aide by a colt Wednesday. Fortu
nately no rlbg were broken.
IdaRauer, who has been very sick
with pneumonia, passed the crisis
Sunday night and Is now convalescing
Grandma Swarts, who fell several
days ago, severely spraining one of
her ankles, Is able to get around again,
with care.
Geo. Adams has been Buffering
greatly from a bruised linger, which
hn hurt while laving rock. It was
From the lt'itllT.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gruber have
been under the doctor'! care the past
Horn. Tuesday, December 11th, to
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Holmes,
Gladys, the five-year-old daughter
of Fred L. Uurdlck, broke her collar
t ran day last week by a fall from
a table.
Mr. Charles Stocking, of Henry
111 . and Frank Young, Of
Murrav, both old army comrades of E.
A. Klrlmatrlek. visited at his home
last week.
C. W. Snyder got his chest badly
tho Injured linger Is doing nicely now.
Tho six-year-old son of Hart Hop
kins Is very sick. Ho Is suffering from
lnllamatlon of the mastoid cells of one
of his cars, and an operation may he
necessary to relieve him of the trouble.
Clark Shrcve cut one of his thumbs
one day last week with rusty tarb.
His hand pained him a great deal and
swelled badly. Fortunately blood
poisoning did not set In, and lie Is now
feeling much better.
rack and the corner or a nam. for
tunately no bones were broken, but he
was laid up a few days.
. i ...
Mr mill Mrs. Samuc jonnson, 01
ire, iicalthlul. Depends Me
Known everywhere h u J
urauteed u striitly cretin
of tartar bukiug powutr;
IIO lillllU liO Ml Hi U 11 J &
DO phoaphutio Mcitf.
J.hw-priced jinwdrri a n (
lbot which do not
Die creant of turtur jfur.
t.ntee urv mudo fivux mium.
Of what use to jrlve 25 ounces
of bakln? powder lor 25 criits
if S of those ounces arc alum?
A Western Wonder
University Cattli Exhibit it the Interna
tional lite Stock Exposition.
All Ncbraskans will be Interested to
know that the exhibit of fat cattle
aent to Chicago from the State Uni
versity farm was again successful in
winning several of the highest prizes
offered by this, the largest live stock
show In the world. Of the nine steers
exhibited by our university, six were
prize winners, one of them a nine-
month! calf, bred on the university
farm, winning the Grade Angus
Championship over all ages, and an
other, the College Championship over
the cattle of all breeds and ages ex
hibited by the various state univer
sities and agricultral colleges. Had
Mr. Turner, who came from Herford-
shire, England, to judge the grade
steers and award the Grand Cham
pionship, Judged the pure-bred steers,
the university would have won on
'Ruby" a two-year-old Angus (pure
bred the same honor that came to
Challenger in 103, viz: the Grand
Championship plum. "Ruby" under
the English Judge In the College
Pe-ru-na, Used As a Last Resort, Affords
Complete Relief.
There's a Hill at Howie, lex., mats classes was placed ahead of the two
twice as big as last year. This wonder stecrs tliat had defeated hira under a
is W. L. Hill, who from a weight of DO rhlcaif0 1u(w arifi wa8 pronounced by
. l " " - i
San Jose California, who have been pounds has grown to over 180. Hesays: the Er,Bllsh Judf,e the best steer in
the guests of their nieces, the Misses "I suffered with a terrible cough, and thesll0W ThlSi however, was after
How'. Thi.f
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
Clcc and Gene Merger, returned Home
the latter part of tho week.
Mrs. Olive Moore, president of the
Cass county W. C. T. U., was here
Friday to attend the silver medal con
test, and remained over Saturday to
be present at the "Anti-Narcotic"
meeting held at tho homo of Mrs.
A Miraculous Cure
The following statement by II. M.
Adams, and wife, Henrietta, Fa., will
Interest parents and others. "A mlrac-
doctors gave me up to die of Consump
tion. I was reduced to 0() pounds, when
I began taking Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughsand Colds.
Now, after taking 12 bottles, I have
more than doubled in weight and am
completely cured." Only sure Cough
and Cold cure. Guaranteed by F. G.
Frlcke & Co.. druggists. SOc and 11.00. 1
Trial bottle free.
Cure for Sore Nipple.
As soon as the child is done nursing,
apply Chamberlain's Salve. Wipe It
off with a soft cloth before allowing the
the Grand Championship had been
Awarded to a breeder from Illinois.
"Ruby" was sold to, "The Fair" de
partment store at tlfteen cents per
pound live weight, the top price of
the show for single Individuals, bring
ing for beef J273.00. On the yearling
steers entered in the carcass contest,
the nnlverslty of Nebraska won both
Hrstand second prizes, which Is a
stronir testimonial for the system of
feeding practiced at our state farm.
The exhibit this year, nine head,
was the largest ever made by the uni
versity of Nebraska and a total of
( """J '"
VI fel . If.
- . - uious cure nas laKuu yiacc hi uui iiuiuc. ..... . , r
lieve him perfectly honorable In all nr rhll(1 hB, .ema 5 vear9 and was child to nurse. Many trained nurses $moo ln prize8 was worji t0 8ay rj0th
business transactions and financially pronounccd incurable, when we rcad use this with the best results, i rice ,nR of the hl(fh prlces received for the
able to carry out any obligations made wm,i mtinm nri concluded 25 cents per box. For sale F.G.Irlcke Onoof the prze Wnners was
. . . .. iwuiiii.iu.v..... , ..J niXlont . . . - .
by his firm. trv iti before the second bottle was
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin, alJ uken we notCea a change for the
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. ttttt gnd aflcr taklnK nttcs he
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern- was completeiy cured-" It's the up
ally, acting directly upon the blood and bj0(Kl mcdlclne and body build
mncous surfaces of the system. Test!- ln(ftonic. Guaranteed. 500 and 11.00
monials sent tree. rncei.c per doi- at p Q t Frlcke & Co.'s drug store.
tie. sola oy an Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
From the Ledger.
Mrs. T. G. Rarnum has been very 111
for several days, but Is reported to be
Woodmen Cass Camp No. 332 M. W,
of A. A Christmas tree full of pre
sents and a real live Santa Claus will
be at Woodmen hall on Christmas day
from 2 to 6 o'clock. Do not fall to
come and bring your family. If you
cannot come be sure and have your
children there.
From the Courier,
C. E. Wood has secured a position as Improving.
assistant cashier and bookkeeper at jjr and Mrs. William Klaurens
the Rank of Commerce, the Increase wcnt t0 Nebraska City on Wednesday
ln business making It necessary to t0 make some of their relatives a visit.
nave extra neip. M fi s ,Tnton Parted last Sun-
Dealers say that those who have used
are quite loyal to them and cannot
be persuaded to take any substitute.
Get a free sample at F. G. Frlcke &
Co.'s and George D'Ment's drug store,
give them a trial and you, too, will
want them In preference to any other,
selected from a car load of calves at
the South O.maha stock yards nearly
two years ago when a party of stu
dents were being instructed by Frof.
Smith on the selection of feeding
During the past few years the uni
versity has won H,500 In prizes at the
International Stock Show on fifteen
steers, one of the number, Challenger,
winning $430.00 ln 1903. The high
prices received for the beef have more
than paid the expenses for exhibiting
and the prize money has therefore
been net profit to the state. The
steers being fed for next year are even
better prospects than those shown
last week. These cattle are kept pri
marily for use as models In the stu-
(The Relief Experienced By Mrs.
Carr Throuah the Use of Pe-ru-na,
After Havlnj" Tried the Best Pro
fcssional Treatment In Vain, Is a
Matter of No Small Wonder
Amonl Her Many Frlendi.
Mr.. F. Carr, Vineland, Ont., Can.,
"For eever.1 year. I wa. afflicted with
catarrh, which made life a harden.
"The coughing and hacking which
accompanied the disease wa. terrible.
"The complaint finally extended to
the stomach and 1 wa. in a wretched
"I tried different remedie. and the
best professional treatment all in vain.
"Finally, a. a last resort, I tried
Peruna upon the recommendation of
my ai.ter in Hamilton.
"I could .ee steady improvement and
after using four bottle, of that precious
medicine I was feeling well again, my
old trouble being completely a thing of
the past.
"To-day I would not take one thousand
dollar, for what thi. grand medicine
ha. done for me."
Many women owe their live, to
Peruna. A great many more owe their
health to Peruna.
A multitude of women throughout
Canada are using Peruna a. a preventa
tive and a relief from catarrhal cougha
and colds.
We have in our file, a great number
of letter, from grateful women who
have been benefited by Peruna, with
permission to use these letter, in public
Catarrh would not be such a curse to
the human race it people thoroughly
understood it. nature.
Catarrh Is a dlseate which never n
proves ot Us own accord, but becomes
deeper seated the longer It Is neglected.
It should be treated at once to pre
vent It from making Inroads upon vital
Glen Dorsey fractured the bone of day for Craig, Mo., to see her brother, They cure stomach troubles, bilious- dent JudglriK classes. Considerable
one of disarms one day this week Joseph Reynolds, who was reported to ncss and constipation. care Is exercised In their selection
while at school. He and Eugene May bo dangerously 111. ' thought many of the steers are pur
field were scuffling, Glen falling on his Wade Forter and family are now New Cure for Epllep.y chased allow prices. The Champion
arm in such a way as to fracture the rMldGnt8 of tnls vllla.,e. mov, ln y n Waterman of Watertown. O.. Challenger, selected from a Nebraska
bone. , f,m i.r PriHn tipv nc, r.,.i , ,ritP. m rtftimh. farmer's feed lot, cost the university
Mrs. Ed. Hester, wife of the fore- cupy the Lloyd residence ln tho north ter, afflicted for years with epilepsy, ve cents per pound, six
man of the clay plU west of town, is partoftown. wascuredbyDr.Klng'sNewLlfeFllls. selling for twenty-six ce
prouaoiy me oesi ou-nami r.uc snot u. . ElkcI)barv arrlved ves.
anyone In this part of the state, who tcrday from Akr0I1( Co,0i( foran ex
docs not claim to bo a professional. tended v)slt wUh ,)Cr parcntSi Mr.
Tuesday morning she killed a large and Mrs G F McNamee, and other
goose wnue sianaing in . im K.icnen relatlves ad friends In her girlhood
rjoor, ana.naa a aressea ana nicciy nomCi
roasted wncn i.u, came in ior dinner.
She has killed four or five this fall.
w 1 t I 1 l
jonn Larson, an ageu man, ..yog in of 8 com ra,ser hlmsclfi and pro(3uce8
the southeast part of town, walked off U)e ROod9 10 prQve ,t Ile broUBnt ,
a urioge crossing a ury uiich, m-ur n. .ra nf -nrn t,.ftt
v - - - ' -
She has not had an attack forover two
years." Uest body cleansers and life
giving tonic pills on earth. 2:o at F.
G. Frlcke & Co.'s drug store.
Would Make Law Definite.
A special from Washington under
date of December 17, says: "Repre
sentative E. M." Follard today Intro
duced a bill in the house proposing to
amend section 51 of the revised stat
utes of the United States relating to
the pay of members of congress to fill
vacancies. The text of tbe bill fol
'Whenever a vacancy occurs in
either house of congress by death or
otherwise of any member or delegate
elected or appointed thereto, the per-
months later sonelected "appointed to fill such
vacancy snail ue corcpen.Miieu auu paiu
from and Including the date of his
Don't allow money to lie around.
Is easier to spend it and easier
to lose it
Long Fight
For twenty years W. L. Rawles, of
Comes now one T. J. O'Day and , Tcnn f0URht nasai catarrh. He agricultural colleges of twenty states but the stomach must have i
solemnly declares that he !s something The swclllDR and 80rene88 ,n. and the Dominion of Canada. the same. It can be rested t
E. Fankonln'i oarn last Saturday
night while on his way home from
town. The ditch Is quite deep and
the old gentleman fell on one of his
shoulders, dislocating it. He was
taken to an Omaha hospital Tuesday
The Missouri Faclflo Railway com-
paoy have a gang ot bridge men here,
pounds, 11 ounces, and their total
length is "4 Inches; laid side by side
they measure IS Inches across. That's
some corn.
Charles McNamee, of Akrcn, Colo.,
arrived Monday to spend a few days
side my nose was fearful, till I began
applying Bucklen's Arnica Salve to the In
sore surface: this caused the soreness
and swelling to disappear, never to re
turn." Rest salve in existence. 25c at
F. G. Frlcke & Co., druggists.
cents per pound.
HM-ia nnliroroito tt VahrflcLa hfiQ hiion
, .u i a v,.. .. n, election or appointment."
further recognized by the fact that rv
the book on iudirinif and feeding live
fnr farnwaand A man with a sprained ankle will
stockmen by II. R. Smith, professor use a crutch, rest the ankle and let It
Animal Husbandry, has been adopted get well. A man or woman with an
as a textbook ln the universities and overworked stomach can't use a crutch
rest lust
oo with
out starvation. Kodol will do it. ko-
I .1 1 ifclt
v (
Lots of our people have been criti
cizing me for buying the Mauzy stuck
with his parents and other relatlves saying It was old and dead. This is
and friends. Ha looks as If the Colo- Lot true, though the store has never
rado climate and "feed" agrco with nald. The facts are It Is only a few
Praise of Chamberlain's Cough
There Is no other medicine manufac
tured that has received so much praise
and so many expressions of gratitude
as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
is effective, and prompt relief follows
Its use. Grateful parents everywhere
do not hesitate to testify to Its merits
for the benefit of others. It Is a cer
tain cure for croup and will prevent
dol performs the dlvestlve work of the
tired stomach and corrects the diges
tive apparatus. Kodol fully conforms
to the provisions of the National Pure
Food and Drug Laws. Recommended
and sold by F. G. Frlcke & Co.
th m.nn,imni rf i'n U'cttfrt . . - " ' - ta n cure ior crou p mm win preveui
Sri J 71 omne IZ rlDrapolng h,nK and roport9 that U the 0th" e cars old and ,n BOod COnditlon rauch the attack If given at the first appear
drhlng piling ana riprapping w union people out there are happy as to the credit of Its managers. I have .nce of the disease. It is esDcclalh
norm DanK HI iue I lUUO inti, k i.,an,a Mm,kH n wnfnrmnlnn f Imn k kMhli tnr looa l.hin half . . ...j
,. hnnrtrpd vard ahovo th ru " aaapiea to cnnaren as n is pieasani, to
KI. h. ihlT thlt TJ t Jhork Mrs- Abble J- Klt,PRer arr,vcd norae Pr,ce and am KOlDK 10 Cl0se 11 out the take and contains nothing Injurious.
Of course you pay your money,
Rut you get your money's worth,
For what does money mean to you
When nocky Mountain Teas on
earth? Gering & Co.
bj keeping it ln a safe place such as
The BanH of Cass County
Capital Stock $50,000, Surplus $15,000
Chas. C. Piirmele, Pres., Jacob TrlUch, V-P.
T. M. Patterson. Cash.
You can give a check for any part of
it at any time and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for one.
W hen you have a bank account you
will be anxious to add to it rather than
spend from it. Don't you want to
know more about it.
K rkrl ol For Indigestion.
A V A Relieves sour stomach,
palpitation of the heart Digests what you tilt
' ; . ast Friday from junction city, ore.
Jurlng their roadbed. In addition to where she had been visiting her
the piling a huge blanket is being J,ohn tK ePr, and family. On
f .in,,.. ,,n .hioh uin h the return trlp.Mrs. Klcpserhad quite
nunu " . . . , u-l
ppr i an excuing experience, uuiiik a passen
ger on me i nion I'acttic train mat
was wrecked near Church Ruttes,
same way at
the old stand. II. E.
dumped a number of cars of rock.
several years past the river has gradu
ally cut Into the bank at this point
and when an Ice gorge formed the
bottom would overtlow and threaten
to change tho channel of the river,
which would moan a great expense to
the railroad company.
No Opium In Chamberlain'.
There is not the leust danger In giv
ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to
small children as It contains no opium
or other harmful dmg. It has an es
tablished reputation of more than thir
ty years as the most successful medi
cine in use for coins, croup and whoop
Ingcough. It always cures and Is pleas
ant to take. Children like It. Sold by
F. G. Frlcke Co. and George D'Metit.
Wyo.,and was somewhat bruised about
tho hips and back and still feels some
effects of the accident. The news
paper reports at that time gave the
list of injured, Including "Abble J.
Klepln, postal clerk, 1'nlon, Neb.,"
but Mrs. Klepser wants It distinctly
I will sell at public acttlon at
my farm, two miles west
of Flattsmouth
tho following property to-wlt:
!i milk cows, 2 fresh four soon will
Mr. E. A. Humphreys, a well known
resident and clerk ln the store of Mr.
E. Lock, Alice, Cape Colony, South
Africa, says: have used Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to ward off croup
and colds In my family. I found it to
be very satisfactory and It gives me
pleasure to recommend it." For sale j
by F. G. Frlcke & Co. and Geo. D'Ment.
Fell From Load of Hay.
A neighboring farmer was In town
today, who reports that a few days ago
our old frleni, John Ilabscheldt.whlle
r?Femae weakness
Cough understood that she has not abandoned be; 7 heifers 21 years old; ; heifers 11 engaged In hauling hay, accidentally
her home and friends to become a rail
way postal clerk.
King of all Cough Medicines
Mr. E. G. Case, a mall carrier of Can
ton Center, Conn., w ho has been In the
V. S. Service for about sixteen years,
says: "We have tried many cough
medicines for croup, hut Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy Is king of all find one to
years old, 3 steers U years old: 1 steer
21 years Oici; 1 Miori-norn oun; aii in
good condition. 7 Head of Horses
weighing from 1100 to 1400 pounds and
In age from 5 to six years old. 4 Good
Rrood Sows: 1 male l'oland China. 1
good double-seated carriage: 1 lumber
wagon: 1 seli-oinocr, viooi cunneany
new): I complanter; 1 disc harrow; 1
:i section harrow; 1 2-row stalk cutter;
1 riding cultivator; 1 walking cultivat
or; 1 incubator and many other arti
cles too numerous to mention. Sale to
I relied upon every time. We also commence promptly at 10:00 o'clock
For chapped and cracked hands
nothing Is quite as good as an applica
tion of DeWItt's Witch Hazel Salve.
Tut It on before going to bed, use an
old pair of gloves and see what a dif
ference the morning will bring. Sold
by F. G. Frlcke k Co.
find It the best remedy for coughs and
colds, giving certain results and leav
ing no bad after effects." For sale by
F. G. Frlcke & Co. and George D'Ment.
A special discount on all of our Rase
Rurncrs and Heating Stoves for the
next few days. II. L. Ascmlsscn .V Son.
Term, of Sale: All sums under $10
cash In hand; all over this amount a
credltof 1 year will lie given purchasers
to give notes with approved personal
security bearing 8 per cent. Interest
from date. No property to be remov
ed until settled for.
. 0. JOKES,
fell from the load to the lard frozen
ground. Wbllo Mr. Habschelrlt was
pretty badly shaken up. the Journal Is
pleased to learn that nothlngof aserl-
ous nature resulted therefrom.
E. C. DcWltt& Co. of Chicago, at
whose labratory Kodol is prepared, as
sure us that this remarkable dlgcstant
and corrective for the stomach con
forms fully to all provisions of the Na
tional Fure Food and Drug Law. The
Kodol labratory Is a very largo one,
but If all the sufferers from Indigestion
and stomach troubles could know the
virtues of Kodol It would be Impossible
for the manufacturers to keep up with
the demand. Kodol Is sold here by F.
G. Frlcke & Co.
"Last Fall," writes Mrs. S. G. Bailey, of Tun
nelton, W. Va., "I was going down by inches,
from female disease, with great pain. After tak
ing Cardui, Ohl Myl Howl was benefited I I
am not well yet, but am so much better that I will
keep on taking Wine of Cardui till I am perfectly
Despite the envious attacks of jealous enemies
and rivals, Cardui still holds supreme position
today as in the past 70 years for the relief and
cure of female diseases. It stops pain, tones up
the organs, regulates
the functions, and aids
in the replacement of
a misplaced organ.
Writ u a Iflii dwrlHnf all
rsur nvmpiwns, nj M onJ you
rr AJvl., In pl.iln f.ilrj fmrliir.
AJJrw: LJir' AdvKnry lpailmnl,
Th ChMt.inoug MtJidnt Lo.,l-hlt-noma,
1 enn.
At Every Drug Store in $1.00 Bottles
M m a m