The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 20, 1906, Image 7

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Frank Kr-k lll tnkc wii tliat oiillif
'J'tlnUy ot Nnv-inl r. M. Atvlirr. a )-
twnl tlii" i .' tn ami for l'v ttmiiiv, Ni
lraWa. tv.u-l an ir,l r if atta.iinm furtlif
uuiof fi.:i, tn an action titliuc N'fir him.
wlirrfln Kraft ll.xlilntf t ii. W plaintiff, ami
Frank Krwvk. U tl iVmlant. tMnMiluir t
mon.y In tin- liaml ,t tli t : H. & Q. Uily
Cn. tmrm-.liw. liaUvii atta.-li-l uiutTaiil
unlit. tUI ran wa iiiliiiutl tojamiary
SrU, IM;, it VoVhk'k. a. tii.
KA-Ti'i.otniN!r).. vikiiitttr.
(By 0. A. UK I
fYiriwtpd weekly bv Martin A: TmoL
lm n:iv tl.fl niftiest prices fur uroduce
and guarantee salKlaL'Uun:
Sun hViwin will take not Ire that in the Wth
(lay of NovwiiUt. luii. M. Ah'Wr. a Jiwtk of
the ea-e In and for l awt ooiiMy. Nelraka, Is
sued antmler of atta. linim for theniiin or
M.75. In an action yemliiia- Uforehlm.whereln
Mm. llllmaNyiieii In ulalnlltl anl t'waii jlen
miii Udt f. nilant. that roi'rt.v of (lefenilniit,
oaslMliiv of money In tlie haniU of tlie . H.
VJ. railway Co.. liartitsliee. haslieeii attarlieil
under xalil order. Calil eanse rontimted
to tttf Mb day of January. lt7.aitto
Mk. Hii ma Ntdkn. l'Ulntlir.
All iu'woiw Interested are herehy notified
that on the rtth day of levmler. A.1.,IW,
JoM'iililitn Went, a the executrix if the laM
will and testament of ami widow of John W est,
late of Cass county, deceased, tiled her pet It Ion
wlUi the county court of Casn county. Ira.vlnr
tor a Hnal settlement of her aivoiints as such
executrix and the assignment by this court of
the residue of said estate to such tiersoiis as are
fill it led by law thereto. That a hearing will
le had on said petition In the county court at
I'lattsmouth at lOo'clock a. m.. on the r.Mh duy
of January, iw". and Judgment rendered
thereon. lty the Court.
IUkvitTI. Thavis.
siai..1 County Judge.
.No. 1. a-: So.i
i. to w n ;
tM aud ISO
....) and 31c
....i and n
Rock Island Time Tamlk.
Murdock Station.
No. 41. mail 8:15 a. m.
No. 15, local 8:55 a.m.
No. 5. mail 3:00 p. m.
No. 37, mail 5:53 p. m.
No. 90, freight. 12:30 a. m.
No. 3N, mail iu:;wa. m.
No. "a, Local 1:14 p.m.
No. 6, mail 2:35 p. m.
CASS Cot-NTT. I , (.ou,y Com.t.
In the ntatterof the estate of Jolni 1. Simi
lier, ile.-eas.-d. Notice is herehy given t hut the
creditors of said deceased will imi-t the Kxe
cutorof said estate, Is'fotv tne. County , I ttdtre
of Cass Count v, Nebraska, at the County Court
room in I'latlsiiiouth, In said County, on the
Mlt day of .lununry, A. I m7. and on the.Mh
i.,,. f i i a ii nil- ni 10 o'clock a. ni..enc i
day, for tlio iniriHise of invsentlnir their claims
for examination, adjustment aim allowance.
Wlv n,,,i,il.M fnuil llllf :. I'.HT. lilt' II I lOWI'd for
the creditors of said deceased to present their
claims, and one year tor the r.virmor 10 sen h
said estate, Irom tne juui nay 01 ii iocer,
Witness mvlinnd and seal of said County
Court, at I'lnttsmoutli, Nebraska, this lit h day
of llcccmlier, llKKi. itAitvitr n. i kais.
I sea I.. I County. I mure
In County Court of Cass County, Nebraska.
In re estate of James i N U(.c t0 Cr,Milors,
A I son. deceased. I
Notice is hereby irtven that tliere will lie a
lieariiiiroiu-laims acalnst the estate of James
Allison, deceased, at my oftice IntlieClty of
I'lattsmoutb, County of Cass. Nebraska, on
January -Jtitb, ltm", at o'clock, a. m.. and on
Juneanh, nm7, at9oVlH-k a, m and that ail
claims not tiled la-fore Jtine-.lith, ll7, will lie
barred from partlclpatlnir In said estate.
Dated this bMli day of IH-eemla'r, A. 1)., HIM.
Ity tne t oun,
HahvetD. Travis.
Iseal.1 Ctiunty Judm.
TaCuIIU A Vunir Vmi will tiikfl nntii'p
that on the aith day of Novonilnr. I W Hi, Wash
A. Youmr, iHainuiT, niru iuh iH'iuum in wit
l tut vft tin rt. of Cuss con nt v. N'etirnska.airaitist
you, tlie object and prayer of such is-tlllon Is
to obtain a dlvotve from you on the grounds of
anlMmoitllliillll Onfl fllMAIl fl,n.
You are required to answer said tietltlon on
or liefore tlie l4tn uay 01 .lanuary. iwi.or juiik
ment of divorce will lie entered In favor of
said plaintiff, as prayetl Tor in tuts iietiuon,
I .......I iitli iltiv i.f nrini)M.r. IIMIlt.
Wash A. oii.nh. riulntlff.
I. r.,,,.,.. r-.,,iC Com f-onntir. elirnskn.
Intlm miitln.nt lliA JMl.lll ,,f A til I If. V1 M P.
deceased. All persons Interested In suld estate
are hereby notified ttiata petition nas iwen
tiled in said court alletrlnir that said deceased
fliA.l liin.rli.i, nn lnut uiill nnfl lim 11 MIT f or Hll
ministration mxin his estate, and that a hear
ing will lie bad upon said petition liefore said
court on the 7th day of January, 1W)7, and that
if they fall to appear at said court on the said
7tlwlat nf InmitO'i A 11. 11117. At. U O l IllCU R.
in in iiintiwt. uulil iietltlon. tlie court, mav
jriant the same and if rant aammistration to
mw.v WeU-r or some other suitable ix-rson and
liroi-eeu to a settlement inereoi.
it,-1 In, Pmiri
llAiivir I). Thavih.
IcealI County Judint
Excellent Christmas Eierclses Have Besn
Prepared bj Various Grades.
Recommend Present Pottmatter,
A special from Washington says
"Conuressman Pollard, before leaving
for his home at Nenawka this after
noon recommended, the reappoint
ment of Chester II. Smith as post
master at Plattsmouth." This an
nouncement is received with much re
joicing by Mr. Smith's many friends
in this city. There are no better men
anywhere than Chet Smith and one
that attends more strictly to his own
business does not exist. His record
as postmaster will compare favorably
with that of any such officials in the
state and Congressman Tollard has
displaced considerable wisdom In re
commending Postmaster Smith's re
We care not how you suffered, nor
what failed to cure you. Ilollister's
Pocky Mountain Tea makes the puni
est. weakest specimen of man or wo
manhood strong and healthy. 35 cents,
Gerlng &Co.
Those sixteen button gloves make
handsome Xmas gifts. See Dovey's,
Celebrates Sixty-fourth Anniversary.
Joseph Smith, wboleft here a couple
of weeks since to visit his sons In Mis
souri, (his former home) was agree
ably surprised on his Glth anniversary
bv his three sons. Dan, Ed and John
surprising him by celebrating the
event on Sunday last, December lutn,
In a most becoming manner. It proved
to be a most pleasing affair, not only
to the father and sons and their iami
lies, but also to the many Invited
guests, who were there to assist In de
vouring a most sumptuous dinner pre
pared In honor of the event. The
Journal trusts that Mr. Smith may
live to enjoy many more such haprj
Dee's LaxatlveCuuKh.Syrupcontaln
ing Honey and Tar is especially appro
priate for children, no opiates or
nolsnns of any character, conforms to
the conditions of tho National Pure
Food and Drug Law, June 30, l!iO
For Croup, hooping Cough, etc. It
exDcls Coughs and Colds by gently
moving the bowels. Guaranteed. Sold
by Goring & Co's drug store.
Good carving sets make excellent
Christmas presents. A complete line
will be found at Bauer's Hardware
A special discount on all of our Base
Burners and Heating Stoves for the
next few days. II. L Ascmlssen & Son.
John WTestlake of Eagle Sundayed
with his brother here.
II. A. Wait pulled in Tuesday, and
will visit at the home of O. II. Eggles
ton for awhile.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Cox have had a
very sick baby this week. The little
fellow has been on the verge of pneu
monia. Mrs. Geo. Skyles and daughter are
visiting in the western part oi the
state during the holidays
Andrew Stohlman and family de
Darted for Oklahoma Tuesday where
they will visit relatives for an inde
Unite period.
II. A. Gillespie returned Friday
from his visit In the western part of
the state.
A. A. Wallinger was In our burg
L. E. Thlracan and family are down
from Lincoln and will spend the noli
days "at home."
W. O. Gillespie and wife Sundayed
with A. A. Wallinger and family
P. G. Davton of the Kansas Land &
Townsite company transacted business
here Monday
Wm. Knaus and family returned
from Oklahoma Sunday
Mrs. II. J. MacArthur returnedfrom
Omaha Wednesday
Miss Mavme Schewe pulled in Wed
nesday from her week's visit to Lin
Turner McKlnnon and family, of
Bennett, are visiting relatives in Mur
dock this week.
Mrs. R. B. Cox returned from
University Place Friday, where she
had been visiting her sister, Mrs. John
Rev. Lehman came home' Friday
from a two weeks stay near Kenesaw,
where he had been assisting in re
vival meetings
Emil Kuehn and Chas. West made a
deal Monday, whereby Charley became
boss of the shop, for a time at least,
and Emll will go to Lincoln, soon to
take a course in a barber college
After which he will likely come back
and take charge of the shop again.
John Arres and A. E. Frascher will
give a shooting match Friday
Henrv Bornemeier and Wm. Knaup
joined the landscekers excursion to
South Dakota Monday
Miss Alice Lau entertained the
Kensington Wednesday. Dainty re
ajjshments were served
Our local blacksmith, Jacob Goehry,
purchased the three-cornered piece of
land south of town which was formerly
a narfc of the townsite. There was
about sixty acres In the piece and Mr
Goehry paid about one hundred dollars
per acre for it, which we think is a
very good Investment
Dr. II. J. MacArthur of this burg,
and Dr. Mungerof Elm wood perform
ed a surgical operation on Miss Maud
Gorsage Wednesday morning. The
doctors removed an abeess which had
been causing her some trouble of late.
The patient 19 getting along nicely
and will be out in a very short time.
Ao Especially Good Program to be Given
by the High School Parents and
Public Cordially Invited.
In the various rooms of tlie city
schools Christmas programs will be
given tomorrow afternoon by the
pupils of ti e several grades and of the
high school.
For the past several weeks the
teachers and pupils, anticipating the
holiday vacation, have been devoting
much time and effort in the prepara
tion of the exercises to be held on Fri
day afternoon before the schools close
for the two weeks' recreation, which
will doubtless be enjoyed by the In
structors as well as by the scholars.
In order that the parents, especially
the mothers, may have plenty of time
In which to reach the buildings for
the beginning of the exercises, the
schools will not open until half past
one o'clock the first bell being rung
at that time and the second bell at
1:4.1. The pupils will notice that
there are only fifteen minutes between
the bells. The parents and public
are extended a cordial Invitation to
attend the exercises.
The high school sturlents have pre
pared an exceptionally uooil program
for the afternoon, which Is made up
of the following numbers: Music,
Charlotte; recitation, Charles
Klrchenblat; debate, "Resolved that
the City of Plattsmouth Should Own
and Operate a Lighting System af
firmative. Chas Mapes, Kirk Bates;
negative, Ernest Horn and Ray Smith;
essay, Helen Jess; music, Marie Book-
mcyer; recitation, Marie Douglas.
Shotcuns, rifles and plenty of am
munition can be found at H. L. Ase-
missen & Son's.
Gillette's Safety Razors will make a
most appropriate Christmas present.
They can be found at Bauer's Hard
ware store.
ESUY it tW
THIS is the season when everybody commence to
' look around for their fall ami winter clothing.
The early buyer usually j'ts the choice of the
new styles, and the best jjoods.
lore surest that you
We would there-
Call at our Store
Early in the
and let us show you the many new things we
have in Men's and Hoys' Clothing, and everything
in their wearing apparel from shoes to the hat.
Our line this season in every department is much
larger than ever before, and we earnestly mpicst
you to call and "look us over."
0 -.I'itrt'
Wm. iHolly 1
The Best of all Holiday Gifts is an
'Hia Mamrk Vok"
Notice to Patrons.
"Box rents must be collected at the
beginning of each quarter for the
entire quarter, but no longer. Ten
davs before the last day of each quart
er postmasters are required to place a
bill (on form 1538 or 15.181 bearing the
date of the last day of the quarter In
each rented box. If a boxholder falls
to renew his right to his box on or be
fore the last day of a quarter the box
shall then be closed and offered for
rent and the mall will be placed In
tho cencral delivery."
F. M. Hitchcock,
Acting Postmaster General
Open the bow els and get the cold out
of your system. Kennedy's Laxative
Cough Syrup opens the bowels and at
the same time allays the Inllammatlon
of the mucous membranes. Contains
Honey and Tar. Drives out the cold
and stops tho cough. Absolutely free
from any opiates. Conforms to the
National Pure Food and Drug Law
Tlcasact to take. Sold by F. G. Frlcke
silver snrl nlr-kte dated ware make
good Christmas presents. See our line.
II. L. Asemlsscn & Son.
It is noticeable a cold seldom comes
on when the bowels are freely open.
Neither can it stay if they aae open.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup
tastes as pleasant as maple sugar, b ree
from all opiates. Contains Honey and
Tar. Conforms to the National Pure
Food and Drug Law. Sold by F. G.
Frlcke & Co.
Keep the Children In School.
It is a serious mistake when parents
allow their children to leave school
before the course Is finished, as It can
not help but count against the ad
vancement of the pupil when he Is
compelled to stay out a week or more
at a time. The work In school can
not be as strong as it might be If the
attendance Is good. Even the poorest
farmer after planting a young tree of
some choice variety In the best place
for it to grow until It becomes useful
would not think of retarding Its
growth in some way. What would be
the result during the growing season
If he would put a close covering over
the tender plant, keeping all light and
moisture from it for two or three
weeks at a time? Would it be right
for blm to expect It to equal the others
in beauty and fruit bearing1 at the
time it is old euough to begin to show
some results of the cultivation and
care given it?
What Is more suitable for a Christ
mas present for your wife than a nice
bed room suite, or handsome rug?
Nothing. M. Hild, the furniture man,
has just what you want.
"Pioeulcs" (non-alcoholic) made
from resin from our Pine Forests, used
for hundreds of years for Bladder and
Kldne? diseases. Medicine for thirty
davs. tl. Guaranteed to give satisfac
tion or money refunded. Get our
guarantee coupon from Gering&Co.
If vou are looking for a choice article
of household furnishings for a Christ
mas present, don't forget that M.
Hild has just what you desire.
Help Us Keep Our Dog at Home
by buying your Edison Phono
graph and Victor Talking Ma
chine and Recordsof
Phil. Sauter,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Remember there Is Only One Price
FreeCorjcerts Daily.
tWc have a full line
for the HOLIDAY
trade, ranging in
A prlcee from 110 to
$50. The EDISON
Ii Records are'35 cents
Presents. 35c, 60c and $1.00 Each
Is a tonic that
quickens the cir
culation and also
bu lid s up and
strengthens the
is a stimulant
that makes a de
positor want to
incrcaso his ac
count. We pay
good Interest, as
well as loan mon
ey. Interest we
pay "builds up"
your bank ac
count and helps
you on to greater
wealth. Our bank
Is the place to
"exercise" money
at and get good
National Bank
Fine Watches
Finger Rings
of All Kinds
Broaxhes a.nd
Ch ina
At present the best sight in town is our IIANDSOMIC
STOCK OF HOLIDAY GOODS, which includes the pick
of the market in bright, fresh New Styles and Novelties
for the Xmas Season, and we are waiting to show it to you.
It Will Give You New Ideas
to see Our Holiday Line because it contains everything to
make people happy, whether they are old or young.
Charming Gifts plenty o f
them waiting your inspection.
To look through our fine assort
ment is a pastime to price the
goods is a pleasure to possess
them is a privilege. Come and
see the best for Christmas in the
It is a stock to pleasethe many
and save tlie money c?f all who
come. You'll trade with us simp
ly because you can't duplicate
the goods for the price. What
eve. your wants may be, we can
meet them with the MOST
I W rDARTf T Watchmaker
and Jeweler
Open Nights
Henry Mclslnger's daughter, Nettle,
and son, Allle, were In Plattsmouth
today with the lattcr's cousin, who Is
to leave this afternoon for her home
In Pckln, Illinois, after an enjoyable
visit with relatives in this vicinity.
I want to move the Mau.y stock af
ter Xmas and am making prices to do
It for me. See ad. II. K. Weidman.
A full llncof the popular "Urownlc"
skates, flood Christmas presents. II.
L. Ascmlssen & Son.
A letter received from Ed Mann,
who went to Long Ilcach, California,
several weeks ago, informs us that he
Is In one of the large print shops of
that city. Kd. sendsa remittance for
the Journal, the need of which he has
realized since leaving home.
See our line of Kodaks and don t forT
get that we "know-how" in photo
graphy. Gerlng & Co.
Sco our ad. In this paper of special
prices on Holiday Goods at the Mau.y
old stand. II. H. Wcldman.
Fred Weidman, who was operated
upon about a week ago at the St. KHz
abeth Hospital at Lincoln, was re
moved Tuesday evening to the homo
of his sister, Mrs. Fred Krohler, In
Havelock. Fred is recovering nlrrlv
and expects to be home before Xmas.
Table linens are appropriate, as
well as useful for Ymas. Special pri
ces on linen at Dovey's.
Now is the time to buy Holiday
Goods at half price at Mauzy's old
i stand. U.K. Weidman.
The Original Laxative Cough Syrup containing Honey and Tar. An Improvement over alt Cough,
t j tj....l. r.l D.m,i;.i Pluiiint in tha tactA mil vnnd slikn inr vnt,n and nM. All rAiioh
Pleasant to the taste and rood alike for voune and old. All coueti
vrupi containing opiates constipate the bowels. Bee'a l axative Honey and Tar movea the bowelt
Lung and Bronchial Remedies.
tvrura containinE opimici c"iiiit''c 'vwv,. - i-ai,v humit ihu iuvvv m vvi.n
and contains no opiatei. Prepared by PINE-ULE MEDICINE COMPANY, CHICAGO. U. S. A.
Drug Store
Sett it fERIr'ff 0'