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'IMattstitowtb Sournal
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Shcrt Ptrsgraplis Prepared and Parlclnei
Fcr tt Recurs c! t!ie Journal.
TIhtc was a niiiii In oitr tnvn
Ami lie was wniulnms wise:
Hi- never, never snlil li!s wifi"
( iinUI not neil.e 1 letter lii'-
Tlum Ills inul li.-r u-ii'tl to mki.
When you die the world will keep
right (in point? round.
woman's color comes and goes ac
cording to her make-up.
Some men seem to think that dis
honesty is the best paying policy.
Marry a soubrette If you are partial
to rood kicking and poor cooking.
Football players ought to he able to
travel on their cheek In after years.
Genius never amounts to much un
less It is backed by common sense.
An author's brightness isn't always
due to the burning of midnight oil.
A girl hopes that the veil of the
future will prove to be a bridal veil.
The camel must be all right, other
wise nature wouldn't have backed him
If women were obliged to think of
something to say they wouldn't talk
so much. .
No man can thoroughly appreciate
single blessedness until after he is
Every married man has a grievance
and so has his wife until she becomes
a widow.
There isn't very much hope for the
art student who Is unable to draw his
.own conclusions.
Many a conservative man loses his
money on a sure thing because lie Is
afraid to take chances.
A man "never fully realizes how
homelv he really Is until he has his
picture taken In a group.
Always listen to an honest opinion,
if fur no other reason than because it's
different from your own.
Wen a woman goes shooping the
pitch of tier voice depends on whether
she asi;s for silk or calico. ,
A cynic is a person who says hateful
tilings because lie is unable to attract
attention in any other way.
I'robably more young men would he
able to earn their living if they didn't
have fathers to support them.
When a man and his wife get along
nicely together all the women in the
neighborhood think It's because the
wife is boss.
The children are beginning to think
what they want for Christmas, and
are giving a slight hint to old Santa
to that effect.
The average man thinks he would
have an excellent chance of occupying
the presidential chair If the office
sought the man.
It's the nun who never does any
thing who is always Johnny-on the
spot when it comes to telling how
things should he done.
The woman who paints her pale
cheeks pink looks with scorn and con
tempt upon the woman who has oc
casion to dye her hair red.
When a man mukos love t a girl
over the telephone she can't help
blushing, to think how close his lips
are to Hie transmitter.
Farmers must, have good roads or
lose rural route seryico and business
men mint have good roads or lose
trade. So there you are.
Men who think they know it all get
a lot more satisfaction outof life than
those who actually know all that it Is
necessary for them to know.
Some of the young ladies who have
not had a fellow for six months are
now "setting their caps" for someone
In time to get a Christmas present.
The young lady who won a pair of
gloves by walking "around the horn"
three successive mornings at live
o'clock, deserves credit for her energy
and should receive the best gloves In
the land. Not many girls has the
courage to do this act.
A debating society Is discussing the
question whether It is grand or petty
larceny for a man lo steal a kiss. The
Idea had to be given up however be
cause everyone of the girls was lirmly
convinced that It was grand and no
one in the bunch could he found to
plead the other side.
A young lady of this city has more
nerve than any ordinary man of this
age. As hhe was wending hei way
homeward the other night, attending
strictly to lur own business, a certain
young man or thing, approached her
with Insultinif remarks, when she
gavehhn a slap in the face that he
will remember for a long time. He
won t Insult that young lady again
Hravo! my dear girl.
Many Attend Appropriate Services Held at
the Churches During the Day.
Large Crowd at Football Game to See
Plattsmoiith Win From Ashland
by Score of 12 to 0.
Although cloudy and somewhat dis
agreeable out of doors yesterday, it
was truly a day of thanksgiving for
all of ourcltlcns, who during the day
went to the various churches to return
thanks for the blessings of the past
year. Beginning early hi the morn
ing witli the Thanksgiving services at
the St. John's and the St. Luke's
churches, which wore tilled with large
congregations, the entire day was leisi
urly and pleasantly spent disposing of
Thanksgiving dinners, tile football
game In the afternoon, the union serv
ices at the Presbyterian church,
wedding and a dance in theevening
, On the Football Field.
As soon as the big dinners were put
out of sight, many hurried to the foot
ball tield, where the Independent team
of this city were scheduled to play the
Ashland boys. The visitors won the
toss up, chose to defend the north
goal, and after the kick off to Platts-
mouth good gains were made In
series of line plunges, which resulted
In Mapes carrying the ball over the
line for the first touchdown, just seven
minutes after the ball was put Into
play. Miner failed to kick goal, leav
ing the score 5 to Oln favor of the
home boys.
On the kick oil by I'lattsmouth,
Ashland was heJd for downs. The line
plunges were again employed with suc
cess, Miner crossing the line for the
second touchdown. Tuc attempt of
Fitzgerald at goal was a, score 10
too for I'lattsmouth. .lust before the
end of the lirst half Fitzgerald secured
the bull on a fumble, and made a
pretty lifty yard dash, before he was
downed, shortly afterwards tin. e was
In the second half a stubborn tight
wps put up by the visitors, but this
was more than equalled fry the local
team. For the third time the line
plunges were made, but little ground
was gained, and hall lost on downs.
When Ashland attempted a pass, the
ball wa pushed over their line, scor
ing a touchback for l'latlsmouUi.
During tho remainder uf t tie game,
the ball was in Ashland's tcrruo.y
most of the time, and t:ie game closed
with I'lattsmouth VI, and Ashland 0.
Services ct Presbyterian Church.
The congregations of the Christian,
Methodist and I'resbylerlan churches
assembled in the evening at the Pres
byterian church to hold union Thanks
giving services. An anthem rendered
by the choir and a .selection by a quar
tette composed of Messrs. H. A. Me
Elwain, M. W. Twitchell. Mrs. .1. W.
(iambic and Miss Litcllo Laird were
highly appreciated by the large audi
ence present. The Thanksgiving ser
vices wereopenirt by Lev. Il iu'g;.tc,
who gave a shoit scripture reading,
which was followed by a prayer.
The address of the evening was de
livered by Lev. A. L. .ink, pastor of
the Christian chinch, Inn very grati
fying manner. Tho speaker discoursed
upon matters pertaining to Thanks-
giving in a very eloquent, entertain
ing arid edifying way, which met with
tho hearty approval of the piens"d
audit rice.
Surprise Judge W. H. Newell.
A very delightful surprise was
spriin;; upon Judge W. II. Newell yes'
terday evening, when In response to
an invitation to take dinner with his
daughter, he sojourned to the home of
J. M. lloberts. Arriving there be was
very much astonished to rind ten of
his old friends waiting to assist him
In observing li s sixty-ninth birthday
At 0 o'clock the gathering repaired
to the dining room, where a bounte'
ous dinner was parta'.cn of, Inter
spersed with many pleasant renilnls
censes and a social time. After spend
Ing a most delightful evening with
the Judge the participants wished him
many such happy gatherings in the
future, and took leave of their host
and hostess.
Those to Indulge In the occasion
were Messrs. J. P. Falter, J. M. Johns,
P. (J. I'rlcke, V. V. Leonard, I'.yroo
Clark. J. W. Johnson, Frank Sliopp,
J. M. nobertson and J. II. Itecker.
Cure for Sort Nipplet.
As soon as the child Is done nursing
apply Chamberlain's Salve. Wipe It
olT with asoftcloth before allowing the
child to nurse. Many trained nurses
use this with the best results. Price
cents per box. For sale F. t J. I'rlcke
- Co. and Ccorge D'Ment.
.Will Not bo Taken Off.
In conversation with an employe of
the Missouri Pacific, he stated that
the people along the line need not
worry about the taking olf of the two
new trains. The trains are doing a
great deal better than was expected
and the passenger traftlo Is increasing
dallv. Tins U good news to I'latts
mouth people and especially to the
business men. Thero never has been
such excellent accommodations on
this Mild before, mid besides being
pleasing to those on tbe west side of
the county, wlio have business at the
county seat, itisjust as much so to
Plattsmouth merchants.
Journal Patrons Wonder Why We Do Not
Print Commissioners' Proceedings.
Many of the Journal patrons
throughout the county are wonder
ing why we do not publish the county
commissioners' proceedings. The rea
son we do not do so Is simply this:
When the Journal was given the coun
ty printing, amounting, under con
tract, not to exceed twenty-live dol
lars, we published the proceedings
free of charge, and also printed all
road notices free. The contract for
this small amount of printing was
given by the republican board to a pa
per of their political faith, and they
have been paying this paper for print
ing the proceedings each tlmo and
also paying for printing road notices;
work that we performed without a
cent of pay. We do not think such
action on the part of the commission
ers Is right, and this is why we refuse
to do work for nothing that another
paper gets paid for, and this is. why
we have refused to publish the pro
ceedings, l here are nearly as many
democratic tax payers In Cass county
as there are republicans, and they
have right to know what the com
missioners aie doing with their mon
ey. P.ut the niggardly effort on the
part of tin: commissioners to get the
Journal to print their proceedings free
ot charge won t work. Men who are
elected to no business for tbe people
should not let their polit ical prejudices
weaken them by not giving such
printing to a paper that has tin l.irg
est circulation by several hundred of
any paper In the county.
Diphtheria at Weeping Water.
A special from Weeping Water, no
der date or Novoiniier siys: " l o"
home of Dr. J. 11. Hungatowas placed
under qua ran tine yesterday on account
of diphtheria. This is the fourth fam
ily to have been quarantined for the
disease, two of which have already
been released."
. ... .
Service Never Delter.
There is talk of another change in
1 1 a 1 1 1 service on the Missouri Pacllic.
ome dissatisfaction is noted on I he
line south between this place and Au
burn and an effort may he made to
nivc them more than one train a day.
They deserve more. Tim servico here
never was better, ami you cm hear
more trood words for the Missoiui I'a-
c i tic In one day than you could before
o a month.--Weeping Water Herald.
Another Party for the West.
W. H. Tool, the hustling real estate
man ot Weeping water, was hi the
city Fiid.iy and gave the Journal a
ousant call. Ho informed us that
he would leave again next week with
a party of prospective land huveis.
l'he part y w-iil go to Chase county,
where some excellent bargains in firm
ing and gra.vs lands are olferrd. Mr.
Fool has perhaps disposed of more
western land than any three real
estate deale.s in Lass county, and Is
untiring InhisclTorts to please those
who desire to settle In the west per
manently. Ship Your Presents Early.
"It Is an old story," says a local i m
press agent, "and I suppose the news
paper men get tired of publishing It
year after year, but the public forgets.
Vou might make It short this year by
saying that last year more Christmas
presents were delivered after Christ
mas than before that date. There was
really a rush of package delivery for
three days after Christmas. That
means that everybody should have
been three days earlier In shipping."
The Christmas express business Is
unlike most other business congestions
In that It strikes the whol count ry at
one time and no section is exempt:
therefore the companies cannot draw
on one section for reserve forces. Lv
cry express office In the country and
every train carrying express matter Is
filled to overflowing with Christmas
traffic. Insca.sons of prosperity the
business Is so good that the express
companies haven't the facilities for
handling It.
Attorney A. L. Tidd and Miss Dorothy
Herald United in Marriage
Another Cojple, Insraham Pease and Miss
Bessie Loucks Joined in Happy Union
by Rev. A. L. Zirk.
A i it Inm lli's In old i liiic :
'Ml' Mill OIK' III'"" I v,i.
lint now we liuve nilv n in i ll so far
Tlmt I lull si. vie will nut ill,
Aihl hi iisli Int; lirlilr.iini I 'mniKniui' riih,n.
W hose liitHMMiii' In mis n i e ill uir
Mild Willi l In- eiiiNim'-. full mi, m,
Tlmt mic timl one, lire our.
Promptly at s o'clock Thursday
the nuptials of Attorney A. L. Tidd
and Miss Dorothy llerold were cele
brated In the beautiful home prepared
for the bride, there being sickness In
the home of her mother, Mrs. Wm.
The words t hat united the contract
ing parties as husband and wile were
pronounced by Canon II. 15. liurgess
Of the St. Luke's Kplscopal church,
and the Impressive ring ceremony was
employed. Only a few close friend
and the relatives, with exception of
the bride's brother, Henry llerold,
were present to witness the happy
ftvent. The wedding march was
charmingly rendered by Mrs. Lena
' The bride was very prettily gowned
In white, while the groom was dressed
In the ordinary black. After the con
gratulations, the gathering adjourned
lo the dining room, whore an elegant
wedding supper was awaiting their
, I loth Mr. and Mis. Tidd are well
known in this county, the former prac
ticing law in t Ids vicinity for several
years, while the latter is a popular
young lady in t ho social circles of n,is
city. The newly married are very
co.ily domiciled In their homo on Oik
between Sixth and Seventh streets.
Toe' large number of i'rhtiJs, among
win mi the Journal desires to be num
bered, tender best wishes for a happy
and prosperous wedded life to Mr. and
Mrs. Tidd.
Pease Loucks Nuptials.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. L A.
Loucks. on Vino, street Wednesday
evening, occurred tho marriage of
their daughter, Miss Sarah Lthel
Loucks, to Mr. Ingraham Parker
I'easo. 'if LMhcrvillo, Iowa, at p. m.,
Lev. A. L. Ink olliciat ing.
Tilt; bride was dressed in a diinty
white silk gown of rare ladle and
beauty. The groom wore the cus
tomary black.
Mr. L. 11. Hill escorted Miss Tor
race Hennings to the instrument and
sin: played a dc.hiuiui nine wedding
march by Wagner as the bride and
groom took their daces beneath a
canopy of evergreen relieved by tube
roses. While the beautiful ring cere
mony was being repeated the Instru
ment accompanied with soft, sweet
music, making it beautiful and im
pressive. After congratulations, about Unity
guests sal down to a most dainty sup
per of the rarest and richest quality
Many valuable, beautiful and iisefu
presents, as tokens of love and isteein
were bestowed upon the happy couple
The britlo is well known 1 1 c i . hav
ing worked In the Plat tsinouth Tele
phone central office for some tiiue.i'.iid
will be mi-sed for her accommodating,
gentle and winsome manner while at
tending to duties there. The groom
Is a fireman on the C. 1!. l.kl'. rail
road, and Is an energetic, Intelligent
and Industrious young man of sterling
Those from abroad were Mrs. K. II.
Adams, F.stherville, Iowa, mother of
the groom: Mrs. T. K. Kills and sun,
Cclesson, sister and nephew of the
bride, Dows, Iowa, and Mr. L. II. Hill,
M Inert), Okla.
A large circle of friends and rela
tives wish the happy couple the best
of success In their life work and along,
happy existence.
John D. Feifiuton.
John D. Ferguson was In the city
today for the llrst time In many weeks.
It will be remembered that Mr. Fer
guson was 'Injured several months
since by falling from a load of hay
while engaged In hauliiu tame from
the Held to the barn, on his far n near
Louisville, lie such Injuries as to
cause serious apprehensions on the
part of his friends. While here he
called on the Journal and we were
glad tOlcart)that he Is getting along
nicely, although he has but very little
i use of his right arm yet.
Lincoln Man Named.
The election of liurllngton relief as
sociation advisory coniniltteincn for
the system has been announced, show
ing J he election of J. II. Walter, clerk
in the Lincoln round house of the com
pany to ho elected to represent tho
Lincoln, Alliance and Sheridan divis
ions, aii'f W. M. Hanson, foreman In
the car-department at Denver, to
represent the Wymore, MeCnok ami
Sterling divisions. The divisions of
the road west of the Missouri river are
given two members of thlscommltter,
and tlio selections are made annually,
In November There was 1 1, 1 l votes
cast in the tho recent election,
The advisory committeemen with
assistance from the representatives of
the read, direct tbe management of
the Ihirliugton relief association, to
wbleii a largo majority of the members
of t lie road belong.
But Grandchild Reveals the Birthday Sur
prise Planned by Parents.
Just seventy years ago today a little
fellow was born near Duck ('reck In
Monroe county, Ohio, and that little
boy Is no other than our venerable
Judge Michael Archer, who has dealt
out Justice In our cicy court for liftccn
years, rind served as Justice of the
peace for almost as many more years.
The children .of the Judge had
planned a birthday dinner for him to
day, and their homecoming and the
dinner was to have been asurprlse,lnit
the judge has had too much experl
once lo be caught, napping, and when
lit! saw one, of Ills grandchildren while
on his way home to dinner, lie cor
reel ! y surmised that somet r i ; 1 1 ir was
doing at his house.
His arrival there nut all doubts lo
rest, but still he was surprised to Hud
so many of his children mid gi.nid-
ehildrur at home. That t hw dinner
was thoroughly enjoyed, c.inuot in
doubted, when you observe the sinilt
that, lias nut In an appearance today.
Those of the children to parlloipat
in the occasion wore, the daughter-
Mrs. .Wallli Prown and husband of
Omaha: Mrs. Lutdla Jewel ami .son
Mrs. ;. S. MoNurlin and son of Have
lock: Mr. and Mrs. J. -'. Ilrittain and
children of this oily, and tho (laugh
tcr-ln la'w, Mrs. J. M. Archer and tvo
children or iTemoni., .sen. nesuie-,
ttio above daughters and son-In-laws
iind their children, I 'rank Lrown ;uel
wife, tht! loriner a grandson to tin
Judge, and A rlliur Sinil I) and wif
Hit! latter a granddaughter to tht
judge, of ( iinaha, were present to par
ticlp.ite io tho t o'ebralioo. Dining
this ecstatic hour, the Journal ten
dors congratulations, and a wish that
the judge may live to o'o.ervo many
more such happy family reunions.
November Mot Igage Record.
The record of mortgages kept b
the couiiiv register or neons snow rou
nine instrument s have been tiled ami
twelve released on farm property, and
eight tiled and seven released on city
property timing the month of Novem
ber, involving the following amounts:
Filed Jo,CI
licit-d-d n.M
i IT V I'Util'I.KTN .
I'llid I.Mi)
New Po3la;j9 Stamps Net Ycai.
I'lOgiiinlng next year, all postage
stamiis soil a' the local post-oluce will
bear the name I'lattsmouth" primed
across the face of them. Word his
gone forth from Washington that
postage stamps of tht! Issue of l'.u7 put
on sale at the v,toi- presidential pest'
oilices w ill hoar on their face the name
of tbe state and city in which the
post -oilife Is situated. This will in
clude I'lattsmouth. The chief reason
for this Innovation Is said at the post
ollice department to be t lie belief that
It will help to do away with the big
post-otllce robberies and make It much
easier to trace criminals. The post
office robbery In Chicago a few )oars
ago Is a good example of the case with
which stolen postage stamps can bo
disposed of, for no trace of the perpe
trators was ever discovered, although
nearly 100,Cih) worth of stamps wire
stolen and these mostly of small de
nominations. Will Move to Lincoln.
Henry LchnhoiT's farm sale was
tUltc well attended Tuesday and
everything brought fair prices. Mr.
Lohnhoff will move to Lincoln, where
he has purchased a lcautiful home,
and where the Courier trusts that he
and his faithful wife may enjoy their
declining years In peaceful rest, after
so many years of toll on the farm,
where they have resided since pioneer
days. Lau'svllle Courier.
ne Mai Arises That All sirjn9Pr
Should bs ConipsIIed to Give Account.
An Inspector Sent Ahead ta Find nut
Where the Best Animals Are.
Murine and polieo olllcets in ihu
part of I ho state aie receiving cmdos
f a letter written by a man at Mo-
liowl, Nebraska, in widen !..
words of cam hm nS follows:
"Horse thieves are all over eastern
Nebraska and no trace. Is found of
them. N'oshorlir Is ahlo rn be even.
where watching and tracking, there
fore every neighborhood must watch
nut for tho thieves.
"Watch out for strungers with
stolen rigs and for spot tors on horse
back looking for good hoises to hi
stoid! later. If thev want to sli in
trude, arrest them ami telephone for
an oilleer. Draw a gun if neeessarv.
Make every stranger give an account,
of himself just as Is done In cit ies.
If he tells a smooth story nsk for u
passport or letters or something to
show who ho is. If you are suspicious
or him, let him pass, but telephone
ahead about him and I ds stnrv lo
sheriff and marshal and suggest his
arrest until ho can ho fomid correct,
or wanted.
"L"t every man, farmer and other
man, who t ravels far with a team lirst
get a passport Irom sumo, oilleer or
prominent man which describes l.ltn
tiul his I ig and tells who lie i,. 1 1,
will save trouble perhaps. Ti II ail
your neighbors about the hiir.-e t l.ief.
Watch out. Let, no guilty man escape.
I'licse are strict measim s, but hurt I
times jipdiiy haul terms. Yours
No Cliickon Show.
Al Deuisoii infotins i.s tht (.'a:-.
Coui.t v ciiicl.en show Is o:j mi lar a .
LI in wood Is coiici'iit d. Mr. Denison
worked haul to get the show to come
t-jKl i.i wood, getting pledges fr.r ne,a-
ly $.oo from our nruvliarits Inca.c I he
show failed to pay t :;t.t i.m's. Sum1 of
the iiMicei-, of ,e jm elation came tu
I' linwoi.d a few moid h ago, conferred
with Mr. I 'eni.ion and some of our
merchants, named the dales I t I lie
show at Llmwotid rintl secured a com
petent jlldee. The-..' would-be Chicken
export., evidently doubted i h,. w,,ni ,,r
Khnwood's business tie n, for they
wrote to Mr. DeniM.n a ew i,is a,p
asking him to collect the u.oih y at.
once. Mr. Denl.sou Imtnedi tli l un.te
thi ni to go straight up or worus to
that effect stating that 1 1." t 1
i;iino(,il business n, eu was b; be re
lied upon, and that he didn't ;uoom
to collect the iiii,i,i y uiiie.-s ,t was
needed, .mi tl.ey wmlr t , I lie jlltlgn
ail I cat. ci. ih ; Hie fj i le, i',.niseiilelitiy
r.. ir. wm d wi,, ict have tl, ceunty
cb'cken slio.v. Wo ("jmuii nd Mr. D.ti
Koii's grit lo ti lling tho committee,
what ho thought of tl.eir aetp'i,.
From the action of these men wo
led to brieve th"y have l.,v n
rai-irg mud lirns along the Weejlog
Water, in dead of blooded poultry.
LI m woo I I.eador-Leho.
Telephone Viar fit Lincoln.
A special from Lincoln says that,
tho telephone war at that p'aco has
reaellt d huge ploportiolis and tl.o
mails are Hooded each tlay with liter
ature from each of i ho companies.
As a result of tbe agitation, the
conimcii nil cinb appointed a commit
tee to investigate the made
by tl.o Lincoln company In Us rates t.i
sec whether the increase was made to
enrich the stockholders and directors
or to keep up the present service anil
Improve it. Loth sides are alleging
misrepresentations. The Nebraska
company has reduced Its rates in order
to cut In on the Lincoln company
which raised its charges.
In the long run tho people there cx
i e.:t to reap some tionetit by the light.
How' Thuf
We offer One Hundred iKdlars Ho
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
V. J. Cheney X Co., Toledo, I).
We, the undersigned, have known l
J. Cheney for the last LI years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his linn.
Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ally, acting directly upon the blood and
mncous surfaces of trie system. Ttl
monlals sent free. 1'rlce 7."c per bot
tle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's 1'amlly Tills f r n.nMl