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(in 7 nf the nuifc rs of thf Journal knmr of a tmrinl cent or an itnn f interest
'e want atl item nf intt rent. Editor Journal.
Does Anyone
In Cass County Owe You?
Or any of your friends money? If so,
send your claim to us. If the money
can be collected, we'll collect it. If it
can' t, we'll report in full, stating; why.
In either case there is no delay.
Invites Your
J. M. Stunk, Pres. Chas. C. Paumki.y, V. I
Lkss F. Hall, Ass't Cashier.
The Murray State Bank
C. S. STONE, Cashier. MURRAY, NEB.
Mrs. Flill Ilrlsbln lias been on tlio
sick list this week.
Mrs. A. L. Baker was a Piattsmouth
visitor Wednesday.
W. S. Smith was transacting busi
ness In Omaha Wednesday.
Fate Davis, of South Omahn, was
visiting in Murray over Sunday.
Win. Puis, jr., Is having the slumber
for his new house hauled this week.
Dr. Walker and E.ul I 'ptoti, of l'n
ion, wore visiting In Murray Monday.
Mr. S. L. Latta.our pump man, Is
liavlii,' a new circular cave made this
Mr. Chas. Phllput, from Mt. Pleas
ant precinct, was visiting In Murray
Harry Graves went to Piattsmouth
Wednesday to atteud the funeral of
Ids uncle.
Mr. John Cook and Ralph Shirley
drove to Piattsmouth Tuesday to meet
Ralph's father.
Our young friend, L. G. Todd, jr.,
who has been dowu with appendicitis
U able to bo about again.
Mr. Nick Klaurens has been doing
an extensive butcher business since
the cold weather set In.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kendel, from
near Union, were visiting: with Ezra
Murphy and family last Friday.
Mr. Alex. Graves, our hotel landlord,
has been quite sick for the past week.
He is still confined to his room.
Mhs Kessler.from Kearney
visiting with her cousin, Mr. Jas.
Loughrldge and family this week.
Mrs. George Campbell arrived on the
Saturday night train from Merrick
county to spend a week among- friends
and relatives.
Messrs. D. C. Rhoden, L. B. Under
wood, Jas. Loughrldge and Wm. Mc
Daniels attended lodge In Piattsmouth
Monday evening.
Mrs. C. A. Rawls or Piattsmouth,
came down Wednesday morning to
visit a couple of days with Murray
friends and relatives.
James Loughrldge gathered his po
tato crop last week, having 140 bush
els, enough he thinks to last until we
have new potatoes.
Rev. Anderson, from Burlington
Junction, Missouri, filled the pulpit at
the United Presbyterian church both
Sunday morning and evening.
Mrs. George Lubbln, who has been
visiting with Mrs. John Klemm and
family, returned to her home in Ante
lope county, Thursday morning.
Mr. Miles Standlsh and son Iver
came In from Norton county, Kansas,
where they went to look for land.
They were well pleased with the coun
try and will Invest in a farm.
at w m
are, as usual, at the front
with a .fine and full line of
Fall and Winter Merchandise
A fine line of all kinds of
goods arc arriving daily.
Watch this Space for Announcements
urray uepartme
Ir. Gllmore and Mrs. J. A. Walker
were attending the Patterson-Dovey
wedding Tuesday evening.
Mrs. IJergerand Mrs. Carroll went to
Piattsmouth Wednesday afternoon to
attend the funeral of A. J. Graves.
Lee Allison has been a very sick man
for the past few days. At times he
has been In a verv elarueroiis con.
Mrs. Janus and Mrs. Wm. Lough
ridge and Miss Kate Kessler took din
ner and were entertained at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. I). ,1. pitman Wed
nesday. Miss Vesta F..U01), teacher atOxford
school, was taken suddenly sick at the
home of Mr. August Kngelkemeler, six
miles west of town, Saturday evening.
Last reports was that she was able to
continue her school work Monday.
The little fl year-old boy by of Frank
Roberts died at his home, east of Mur
ray, Wednesday morning of membran
ous croup. vThe little .fellow took sick
Tuesday and died Wednesday morning.
Win. IT. Shrader and wife will de
part this week for their new home in
Stotiesvllle, S. I). Their household
gtods and farming implements and
stock were loaded at Murray. They
have many friends In this part of the
world who have none but the best
wishes for their future happiness and
success in their new home.
Mr. James Manners Is becoming an
expert electrician, having Installed a
power generator In the Independent
telephone central Tuesday night. It
works beautifully aud saves time and
labor. This machine disposes with
turning the crank tosignal. You con
nect parties, pull a lever and the ma
chine does the calling.
Everybody subscribing to the lec
ture course this winter should call
at the Murray State Bank and pay up.
The committee wishes to get this off
tholr hands this month. Watch the
paper for the numbers as they will ap
pear. This will be one of the finest
lines of entertainment Murrav has
ever had. Remember only 11.50 for a
season ticket.
If you want to study human nature
In one of Us rare forms, Just hang
around a hardware store these cold
days when some man comes In with
soot on his face, blood in his eye, and
cuss words sticking out all over him
like bristles and says that he Is putting
up a stove. lie calls for a dam per
stove pipe and goes out mad at all the
the world. You may know that he Is
looking through colored glasses.
For Sals
Two mammoth Jacls, black with
mealy spots, weighing about 800 and
1000 pounds each respectively, and are
four and seven years old. For partic
ulars call on or write to J. L. Young,
Murray, Neb. 8-23111-1
in thin t trinity it ml trill mml x'tme to tlti.-
The Marriage of Mr. William Wehrbein
and Miss Nellie Creamer.
The Journal is somewhat late In
giving an extended account of one of
the most pleasant home wedd loirs
that ever occurred In Cass county, and
owes an- apology to the bride and
groom for omitting the announcement
to this late date.
Mr. and Mrs. Webrbcln are two of
the most popular young people in
Cass county, the marriage of which
occurred on Wednesday evening, Sep
tember 211, , I'm In the presence of a
large number of invited friends. Rev.
J. E. Houlgate, of this city, was the
otllclatlng minister. The room In
which the ceremony occurred was very
tastefully decorated for the event.
The bride and groom were attended
by Mr. James Manners as bridegroom
and Miss Marie Iiergeras bridesmaid.
After the ceremony and congratu
lations the guests were invited to par
take of a bounteous wedding feast.
and It was rather a novel sight to wit
ness tho bride and groom and atten
dants seated at a table In the center
of the room and the guests seated all
around them partaking of the most
delicious supper, which all nrcscnt de
clared one of the finest ever sat down
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Creamer, and Is a lovely
little lady. .She has a wide circle of
acquaintances with whom she is a
general favorite. The groom Is a
prominent young farmer, and was
reared In Cass county, aud by his gen
ial qualities has not only .succeeded In
capturing one of the most beautiful
and accomplished young ladies fur a
wife, hut he has retained a friend in
everyone who knows him.
The Journal Joins all their friends
In extending comrratiilatl nns. nnrl
trusts that their pathway through
life may he a straight way to prosper
ity and happiness. The following
were the guests present on this hap
py occasion:
Mr. and Mrs. Minford, Mr. and Mrs.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brendel, Dr.
Brendel, Mrs. Parr, Dr. Green and
wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dull, Mrs. Dans,
Mrs. Chas. Creamer, Mr. and Mr;s.
Walt Daus, Mrs. L. Creamer, Mr. and
Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Allison, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Davis, Misses Gussle Robb. Leona
Sans, Ida Boedeker, Viola Young, Ora
and Winnie Hutchinson. Daisv (
bell, Dolly Wehrbein, Jessie Drost,
Etta Mckols, Marie Burger, Rose
Batten, Jesse Duffy. Jesse Gilmore.
Lossle Stokes, Elsie Stokes, Carrie
Allison, Rebecca Haines, Olga Min
ford, Messrs. Jas. Manners. Will Wehr-
bein, Dr. Jake Brendel, Lee Nichols,
John Wehrbein, Guy Stokes, Glen
lies, Ernest Carroll. Glen Eoedekp.r.
Chas. and John Sans, Warren Wiley,
f rame ueed, will and Gurney Hutch
inson, Roy Thompson. Rov Stokes
and Harry Creamer.
Walt Yallery was a business visitor
In Omaha, Wednesday evening.
Frank v allery and wife were attend.
Ing the funeral of A. J. Graves in
riattsmouth, Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ed. Mldklff. llvlntreastof town.
has been quite sick the past week, but
at this time Is getting along nicely.
J. W. Smith and daughter, who
have been visiting at the home W. S.
Smith and wife have returned tothelr
home at Ong, Neb.
Dr. Newell and wife of Union.
in Murray, Wednesday afternoon. The
doctor has made arrangements to
come to Murray one day out of each
week in the future.
O. V. Virgin has been laid ud with
a lame back for the past few days as
the result of an accident be met with
while scooping corn from his waeron.
He stepped off the scoop board and
fell to the ground, lighting on his
Clearing Out Sale
to prepare for spring stock commenc
ing October 12. Prices reduced on all
buggies and surreys I have on hand
until sold. J. II. Conn
Sick Headache Cured.
Sick headache Is cured by derange
ment of the stomach and by indiecs.
Hon. Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets correct these disorders
and effect a cure. P.y taklnir thrsn
taklets as soon as the tirst Indications
of the disease appears, the attack may
bo warded 011. Let a free sample and
try them. For sale by F. G. Frlcke &
Co., and at D'Ment's.
If you have lost your boyhood
spirits, courage and confidence of
youth, we offer you new life, fresh
courage and freedom from 111 health in
Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea. 33
cents, Tea or Tablets. Sold by Gcrlng
& Co , druggists.
ojice it vill appear under this Iiea4inij.
A Serious Accident.
Mrs. T. W. Yallery, living three
miles northwest of Murray, received a
wound In the right wrist which came
very near proving fatal She with
her daughter, Mrs. Wade Porter, were
carrying some fruit Jars out of the
cellar, when one broke, the glass cut
ting two ugly wounds near a large ar
tery, severing a small artery which
caused profuse hemorbage. Over the
'phone Mrs. Porter received Instruc
tions from the physician how to atop
the bleeding, which proved successful
and other than the pain Mrs. Vallery
is comfortable.
W. M' Youni, Sr., Injured. ;
Our old friend, F. M. Young, sr.,
met with quite a serious accident last
Tuesday, In which he was very fortu
nate that it did not result in the loss
of his life. The old gentleman was en
gaged In gathering apples at his home,
east of town, and was standing in the
spring seat of his wagon, picking the
fruit from the lower boughs, when the
team started to move out from under
him and he was thrown to the back
end of the wagon and when another
lunge wa3 made by the team he was
thrown to the ground with such force
as to bruise him up considerable, but
no bones were broken. At this time
he is getting along nicely and nothing
serious will result.
Macple Grove
SiH'olal Cm ivMPonilt'iirp.
A large crowd from this locality
went to Omaha last Wednesday.
'iuitc a crowd gathered at the home
of Chas. Kngelkemeler last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Kustcrholtz are
visiting relatives in Jefferson county
this week.
Juliu3 P.ockof Wyoming visited rela
tives in this section last week.
Miss Christina Schafer made a visit
to the western part of the state last
Mr. and Mrs. Uannick from Cole
ridge visited at the home of W. II.
Puis last week. Mr. Bannick returned
home Monday, whilelhis wife will re
main a few weeks longer.
A fine dance was given at the home
of August Engclkemeier last Satur
day night, which was much enjoyed.
Herman Gansemerand wife made a
trip to Murray Saturday.
Carpenters began work on W. n.
Puis1 new house this week. Herman
Tlekoetter of Piattsmouth is doing
the work.
William Puis shelled corn Mondav
and delivered it to the Jones Grain
Co., at Murray.
A full delegation was sent from this
precinct to Piattsmouth to the demo
cratic county convention last Wednes
day. The following were the dele
fates: V. M. Masslfi. W. ir Pnla fi
M. Seybert, Ed. Gansemer, John Mur-
uock, i'. a. una, Aaara scnarer, Jake
una ana., w. snraaer. This precinct
was fortunate ennnph tn mwnrA
nomination of F. M. Massle for repre
sentative. Mr. Massle Is well qualified
ior me position ana is a hustler from
wav back and if elected will An
right thing. Now, dear voters, a vote
for Mr. Massie will be hhrhlv aonreei-
The Bridge Question.
The third bridge on the road leadina
eiut of Elmwood is In need of repairs.
Last Tuesday evening as Mr. and Mrs.
E. Hendricks were out driving, Mr.
Hendricks was compelled to fret out
and lead the horse across the bridge.
The front wheels of the buggy went
into a hole at the bridge, causing Mrs.
Hendricks, who is about 53 years of
age and badly crippled with rheuma
tism, to fall forward out of the seat.
striking her forehead on the dash
board, and almost falling from the
buggy before Mr. Hendricks could
come to her assistance. The ligaments
of one knee and one wrist were terri
bly lacerated, and she has been under
the doctor's care since the accident
and Is In quite a bad condition. Other
complaints oave been made about this
bridge and it should be fixed at once.
Llmwood Leader-Echo.
This is but one Instance where the
bridges are In a dilapidated condition.
Complaints have been registered with
the county commissioners all summer
In regard to the bad condition of the
bridge s In this section of tho county,
but little attention has hern paid to
the appeals of those who have been de
prived in this manner. Wo have had
no one In this section to look after the
bridges. Elect George W. Snyder
commissioner nnd all .such matters
will receive his direct attention, lie
Is a man who will do his duty to the
whole people. The board now Is two
This is the season of decay and
weakened vitality. Nature Is being
shorn of Its beauty and bloom. It you
would retain yours, fortify yoursys
tern with Holllster's Rocky Mountain
Tea. 33 cents, Tea or Tablets. For
sale by Gcring & Co., druggists.
( S pwl 11 ! in rr" ; !! rt n t . )
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wunderlich
spiiitaweek at Hastings and Supe
rior, where the latter went as a dele
gate for the I. of II. to the state con
vention which was held at Hastings,
Oct. 2nd. Mr. aud Mrs. Wundeilicli
returned on the midnight train Sat
urday, having had a delightful time.
L. G. Todd, Jr., who wa$. sutTering
from apendecitis was able to sit up
some, Sunday. We hope for L. G.'s
speedy recovery.
Mr. Greenrod and Louis Carsten, Jr.,
spent Saturday and Sunday with W.
II. Schumaker and family.
YernieShanklin, one of Mr. Poll
ard's champion apple pickers, has been
under the doctor's care for some time.
The five dollar riding bridle was
won by Edith Schomaker at the Ne
hawka fair. Bertha Schumaker win
ning second prize.
Bert Perkhiser made a swift trip on
the route Wednesday, taking the af
teroon train for Omaha to see the
' Quite a number attended preaching
held at Sturm's school bouse, Sunday.
Mrs. Myrtle Reaman of Lincoln is
visiting at Mrs. Wunderllch's this
Herman Stoll transacted business at
Omaha, Saturday, returning the same
Charley Hansen made some tine sor
ghum which he sold for fifty cents per
The annual district meeting of the
Rebekah lodge was held at Avoca,
Friday. Those present from Nehawka
were, Leona Pollard, Ruth Murdock,
Mrs. A. F. Sturm, Stella Banning, Is-
ahora Hall, Mrs. Humphrey, Miss
Moon, Mrs. Henry Schomaker, and all
reported having a dellgtful time.
John Rough has about thirty hoes
that are sick, but he Is unable to tell
what the disease is called.
Mrs. Chulmer Swltzer is visiting at
Hurt Tucker's this week.
Mr. Henry Jcctiim of Cass County, United
In Marriage to Miss Llllie Strat
man, of Sarpy County.
A pretty home wedding occurred at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strat
man of Sarpy county, Wednesday, Oc
tober 3, at - o'clock, when their daugh
ter, Miss Llllie, was united in the
holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Henry
Jochim of Cass county.
The bride is one of the most highly
respected young ladies of that county,
and was beautifully dressed in white
satin and carried large bouquets of
bride s roses and ,' orange blossoms,
while the groom wore the conven
tional black, and is one of the most
highly respected young men and of
good character. He is the son of Mr.
Stephen Jochim, one of our best and
well to do farmers.
Those who acted as bridesmaid and
best man were Miss Anna Jochim and
Mr. George Vogler and Miss Ella
Stratmanand Mr. Ed. Jochim. The
wedding march was played by Miss
After the ceremony and congratula
tions, the guests were Invited to par
take of a most sumptuous repast.
The table was most tastefully deco
rated with flQwers and ferns and from
the way the table was loaded down
with the many good things to eat,
none of the" guests went away hungry.
The Papillion band, which had previ
ously been arranged for by the groom,
was present and furnished some of the
very choicest music.
Mr. and Mrs. Jochim departed for
Colorado with the best wishes of all
for a loug.and happy career through
A Trip to South Dakota.
John Albert, one of the prominent
German farmers of Cass county, re
turned last evening from a trip to
South Dakota, where he purchased a
half section of land in the same county
In which Uncle Peter Kell recently In
vested in several hundred acres. Mr.
Albert, like most of the Cass county
farmers who have visited that section,
agree that It Is the coming country,
and have wisely made their invest
ments while the land is selling at a
reasonable price. Mr. Albert enjoyed
the trip very much.
Back to Nebraska.
Smith Hlnes, who Is well known In
several neighborhoods In Cass county,
has again taken up his abode In this
county. Two years ago, or there
abouts, Mr. and Mrs. Illnes removed
to Virginia, the former home of Mr.
Ilincs, but after a residence in the
place of his birth, things did riot ap
pear as In former days, and he has re
turned and settled near South liend,
to which postofllce he orders the
Journal. Smith says they may talk
about the old states as much as they
please hut as dear as the Dominion
seemed to him, he says thcro is 110
state on earth like Nebraska for stir
and money-making. He and his fam
ily return to make their home in the
west for all time to come. Mr. Hlncs
Is a good farmer and very energetic.
I can sell you lands In South Dakota
In the best part of the state as cheap
as anybody. See Falter.
Items Worthy of Perusal by Parent.Teach
er, Pupil anJ Boari cf Directors.
Principal J. A. Dimmlck has mailed
a most excellent circular letter to the
teachers of his Reading Circle section
In which he urges them to do well the
work as outlined. We are confident
the record of Section 11 w ill be an ex
cellent one.
We made an excellent find last sum
mer In the person of Miss Catherine
Boyle, who has charge of district 33,
or the Laughlln school. She Is doing
exceptionally good work. Miss Boyle
taught last year in the western part
of the state.
Frank Crabtree, district 60, writes
us that bis school board is thoroughly
alive to the best Interests of the
school and that he is not handicapped
on account of lack of supplies as every
thing needful is furnished cheerfully
and promptly.
The Piattsmouth division of the
Reading Circle held its first meeting
of the year last Saturday. The recita
tion method proved very successful as
all the teachers present had the work
prepared and received much benefit
from the discussions.
Miss Daisy Fowler, intermediate
teacher at Union, gave up her forty
pupils "to take charge of one." She
will be succeeded by Miss Jennie
Craig, who takes charge of the school
next Monday.
Tractlcally all of the local managers
are calling attention to the sectional
meetings of the ReadingClrcle through
their local papers. If thej Reading
Circle work is not a success this year
it certainly will not be their fault.
The next regular examination for
teachers' certificates will be held Fri
day and Saturday, October 1'.) and 20.
The regular examination program will
be adhered to, as that will accommo
date the greatest number of teachers.
The offlce will be open from 7:30 a.m.
until .":30 p. m. 011 those two clays.
The most noticeable feature in the
matter of better school conditions this
fall is the improvements that have
been made in the school houses. Be
low is given a few of the many Im
provements found in our rounds this
fall: District !), Falrvlew, woodwork
painted and walls and ceiling calci
mined; district 14, Buck school, painted
inside and out, walls and ceiling
painted; Avoca town school, newly pa
pered throughout; district 23, Eight
Mile Grove, school house thoroughly
renovated, new outbuildings; district
27, Cottonwood school, re-plastered;
district 33, Laughlln school, papered,
woodwork painted and new desk pro
vided for teacher; district 74, Klue
school, papered and woodwork painted;
district 75, Union school, new out
buildings; district 81, Maple Grove,
room papered. Next month other
districts will be mentioned." Better
surroundings seems to be the watch
word of directors this year. It pays
to have a pleasant school room. Let
the good work go on.
Louise MIckle, district 50, has a
young lady nineteen years of age in at
tendance and a married lady twenty
six. Neither of these pupils had a
chance to secure an education in our
schools when younger, and It cer
tainly speaks well for both pupils and
teacher to see them In school and In
the grade best suited to their needs.
The Idea that people ever get too old
to learn is a mistaken one.
Miss Pearl Johnson, district 72, and
students attended the Nebawka fair.
They marched to the grounds to the
music of a drum, played by one of the
students, and preceded by a large
school banner. They had a good, old
fashioned picnic dinner along with
them that was thoroughly enjoyed by
the students, many of the patrons and
the county superintendent.
The attention of the public Is called
to the general teachers' meeting to be
held at Weeping Water Saturday, No
vember 24. An excellent program has
been prepared and will be published
later. Some subjects of general Inter
est will be discussed by our teachers
and, In addition to this, Superinten
dent McBrlen will give an address in
the afternoon. We want many patrons
and school officers to be present. Plan
to come, and if you do not enjoy the
day we will not ask you to attend an
other. The school exhibit at the Nchawka
fair was ono of the drawing cards on
the grounds. It was viewed by a largo
crowd of visitors, and was admired by
nil who viewed It. The woik was ex
cellent and' was nicely arranged for
display by Misses Pollard, Murdock
and Moon. Only a few of the schools
were represented, and yet the exhibit
w as as large as could w ell be accommo
dated as each school that sent work
sent unite an exhibit.
J. W. Gamiii.i:,
County Superintendent.
Totfiients of Tetter and Eoib iu A)
The Intense itching characteristic
of eczema, tetter and like skin diseases
Is instantly allayed ty applying Cham
berlain's Salve and many severe cases
have been permanently cured by its
use. For sale by F. 0. Frlcke & Co.,
and at D'Ment's.
.,.. t-, L