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    The County
liens of General Interest Selected
(Krvmi tin- Hi'kMit.)
Word lias been received here tliat
!r. Johnson was quite seriously hurt
In a runaway at his home In l'awuee
01 ty. 1 , .j . : o
Mrs. K. C. 1'ollard Is enjoying a visit
from her mother, Mrs. Head, of La
fayette, Mo., who arrived the llrst of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, of Marquette,
and Miss Cora Walker.of I'lattsmouth,
aro here visiting their relatives and
At F. Sturm, of this city, has been
chosen chairman, and C. K. TcITt, of
Weeping Water, as secretary, of tho
republican county central committee.
Mr. and Mrs. K..A. Klrkpatrlck re
turned Wednesday from their visit
with their son atTacoma, Wash. They
say Nebraska Is still the best place gn
earth. ( ,;), r 'i
N. L. Bollard has ' arrived safely at
Schenectady, N. Y., and was fortunate
in escaping a serious wreck, on the
road over which he was traveling, by
Just a few minutes." "" ' '
Mrs. II. August returned home from
Missouri last Friday evening. She
was very much pleased with the coun
try, and, we understand that she and
her husband have decided to Invest In
land there. i.A
l'rof. A 11 wood, who has been doing
eipcrlmental work at the cider fac
tory of Pollard & Sons for the past few
weeks, has returned to bis home In
Virginia, l'rof. (lore expects to re
main two or three weeks longer.
An Awful Cough Cured.
"Two years ago our Utile girl had a
touch of pneumonia, which left her
with an awful caugh. She had spells
of coughing, just like ono with the
whooping cough and some thought
she would not get well at all. We got
a bottlo of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, which acted llko a charm. She
titopped coughing and got stout and
fat," writes Mrs. Ora Hussirt, Bruba
ker, 111. This remedy Is for salo by F.
O. Frlcke & Co. and D'Ment.
j I (I'nun tin' Hrni'on.)
Tom Hahr caught a young coyote In
a trap ono day last week.
A sister of AVm. Runtcn arrived the
llrst or tho week from England, j
- Born on Sunday; Sept. 2;i, to Mr. and
Mrs. Kd. Ward, a daughter.
The quarantine was lifted from
Frank Lannlng's homo this week.
Hb boy, who had diphtheria, has fully
The Woodman goat brokcout of the
hall and got down on the streets last
Saturday night while they were Initiat
ing Kd Betts Into the mysteries of the
order. .
On Wednesday morning Dr. Nceley,
of Elmwood, was called Into consulta
tion with Dr. Jester In the case cf J.
P. Hurdlck, who has been falling very
fast lately.
It was reported here , that , Win.
Qulnn lost ono or his hands in a thresh
ing machine last .Saturday, but we
have not been able to learn any of the
particulars of the accident.
By his own request Dr, Jester - who
taught a class In physiology In the
Lincoln Medical college -last year ' has
been made r instructor In, pathology
this year.. ' H, was iip .Wednesday
rooming to begin the school work for
the year. v n 1 '
i.. i
Absolutely Pure,
A CreAro of
ircc irom aium or pnod-
V ! r. mm S .7 1 LXUL 2 vil M)
from the Columns of Contemporaries
from Ilia Courier.
Cbas. Helm went to Omaha Friday
to visit his mother at the hospital .
Mrs. Geo. Frater and daughters are
visiting with" Mrs. ' . lohn Gorder of
I'lattsmouth this week.
' John Jackman of Worthlngton.lnd.,
Is visiting old friends In Louisville
this week. His mother, Mrs. Jackman
of rtlcals with him. ,
W.F. icrs and wife returned Thurs
day from a two weeks recreation In
tho western part of the state. Mr.
Dicrs reports chicken shooting fine
near Walbach.-
Uev. James K. Maxfield, the new
pastor at tho Methodist Episcopal
church preached his Initial sermon
last Sunday morning to a large and
appreciative audience.
Invitations have been issued by Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Stratraan of Sarpy
county announcing tho coming mar
riage of their daughter, Llllle Mae to
Mr. Henry Jochlm of Cass county, on
Wednesday, October 3d at 2 o'clocR
p. m." "
The many friends of Mrs..Theodore
Helm will be pleased to learn that
she Is recovering nicely from her opera
tion for appendicitis. On account or
her advanced age the operation was In
doubt for several days. . . Her many
Louisville friends hope for her speedy
recovery, , , . ,.!' ., . . .
Nothing to Fear.
Mothers need have no hesitancy In
continuing to give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their little ones,
as it contains absolutely nothing in
jurious. This remedy is not only per
fectly safe to give small children, but
Is a medicine or great worth and mer
It. It has a world wide reputation
for Its cures or coughs, colds and croup
and can always be relied upon. For
sale by F. 0. Frlcke & Co. and D'Ment.
From tho Leader-Echo.
A line baby boy was Ijorn to Mr. and
Mrs. John W, Mcndcnhall on Friday,
September 21.
Joo Nichols Is still very low and get
ting weaker. The announcement of
his death Is looked for at any moment
(iuy Reed stepped on tho wrong end
or a nail Saturday, the point pene
t rating his foot for quite a depth, mak
ing a very painful wound. ,
The good news comes from Eugene,
Oregon, that Miss (irace Hobbs, who
was dangerously 111 with typhoid fever,
Is much better and considered out or
danger. . ,
On Wednesday morning, October 10,
at 8 o'clock, at St. Mary's Catholic
church, Elmwood, will occur the mar
riage of Miss Adole U. Hussell to Mr
James Edward Toblo, of DctJueen.Ar
Frank Baker was severely kicked by
one of his horses Saturday niornine
when hitching up the team to drive
to Gretna. Both hind feet of tho
horse struck him on the body and
bruised him terribly, but fortunately
no serious Injuries resulted.
Hazel Noycs, who was taken to the
Everett sanitarium at Lincoln Thurs
day evening of last week, sutferlng
from appendicitis,' was operated upon
at tho hospital that evening, her con
dltlon being very serious. She passed
through the ordeal nicely and at last
reports was rapidly recovering.
u v:iv
ill J:
Tartar Ponder
Mhnt n 4l4 I ,"in' . v.-.LX
A Bad Back Is Always Worst Id tho Mora
lng. Plattsmoutn People are Find- "
ing Relief.
A back that aches all day and causes
discomfort at night Is usually worse
in the morning. Makes you reel as If
you hadn't slept at all.
Can't cure a bad back until you cure
the kidneys. Doan's Kidney Pills
cure sick kidneys make you feel but
ter, work better, rest better and sleep
better. : ,
Permanent cures In PlattsmoutU
prove the merit of Doan's. . . :
Herman Tlekoetter, carpenter, liv
ing la the northwest corner of Ninth
and I)ey streets, I'lattsmouth, says:
"I never had medicine which gave me
the permanent benefit i derived from
Doan's Kidney Pills. My kidneys
caused me much suffering and In
convenience. I did not have sharp
pains, but there was a dull tired feel
ing across my loins that distressed rac
a great deal of tha time for a couple of
years. If I stopped or straightened
my back It would hurt and In the
morning when I would rise, I was as
tired and unrcfreshed as when 1 re
tired. The secretions from the kid
neys were unnatural which was shown
by their high color and too frequent
action. This annoyance was most
notlcable at night. Hearing so much
In praise of Doan's Kidney Pills, I pro
cured a box at Gerlog &,CcVs,clrug
store!" LTliey banished every sympton
and did It prompt and thoroughly. I
certainly recommend "DoanVKIdney
Ills io others with' pleasure and con
fidence." ,; " I :; ' ;
For sale by all dealers. ' Price 50c.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. , Y.,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember ' the name Doan's and
take no other. ' ; '
From Al Hence Says
Hill Was Felt.
Wrath of
A special from Alliance says that
on tho night of September 2i a tele
gram was sent from Newcastle, Wyo.,
to James J. Hill complaining of the
service on the Burlington, referring to
Mr. III11 In uncomplimentary terms,
and signed "The Dear People." The
pedal says:
This telegram was sent 'D. II.'
from Newcastle at about D o'clock at
night and was delivered to Mr. Hill In
St. Paul, He got busy at once and
wired to all the superintendents to
discharge all the operators who had
anything to do with the receiving and
transmission of the message. One op
erator at Newcastle, two here, two at
Omaha, two at Chicago, and one at
St. Taul, have already received their
walking papers and others are to fol-
ow. An Investigation Is being held
to And out who the sender of the mes
sage Is. It is supposed It was sent by
a traveling man buthow it came to be
deadheaded is not yet made plain."
Nothing Is known of such a hap
pening here and the Burlington peo
ple are inclined to doubt the authen
ticity of the story.
Action Full of Law Points.
The caso of Clark vs Fleshman has
occupied the district court's attention
the greater part of the day and prom
ises to last for some time, as tho Jury
has been ! recalled to hear the case
which bristles with points of law on
every line. Some of, the many ques
tions have been argued by the coun
sel for the plaintiff and defendant.
The suit is brought to secure pos
session of of an eighty acre tract of
land, which, after tho death of the
piainuu s lauier, wassoia oy an un
cle who had been left In charge of the
The Jury will Ukcly - hear the evl
dence in the case tomorrow morning,
. Daath of LlttU Daughter.
, After a lingering illness of several
weeks, Elsie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Rae Reynolds, passed away last night
at the at;e of 1 year, 2 months, 5 days,
The funeral will be held from the
residence at 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning, the services to be conducted
oy uev. a. U Zlnk, after which in
terment will 1m) made in Oak Hill
cemetery. -
Use the Telephone.'
Jf you are entertaining friends from
a distance at your home, or have been
entertained, how much trouble would
it bo ror you to wrlto a note telling us
about It? It Is your duty to your
guests, besides it is a favor you are
doing the Journal when you do so,
use tne iciepnone lr you don't want
to write it down ana we will take it
down oursclf. City people can tele
phono without much trouble, if they
will do it. The Journal wants the
news, and you can bolp us getj lt.
'.': , Mortgage ReooroV 1 '
: Ple record of tbe county register ol
deeds for tho month' of September
show the following transfers tit farm
and (ItJ property: ,A
'lied, 8. Amount r..t.
Kelcasca li-jr i .t, . ll,83
Correspondent Says the. Same Was Started
by i Republican, and Not
by i Democrat.
The blowing communication ap
peared In the Sunday World-Herald,
and Irom w hat the correspondent says,
lie seems to know what he Is talking
I'lattsmouth, Neb., Sept. 27.-TO
the Editor of the World-Herald: In
this morning's World-Herald, I note
that Mr. George L. Sheldon makes a
defense to the "insinuation" that the
Sheldon heirs are endeavoring to
evade the payment of the Inheritance
tax due Cass county from their fath
er's estate. , It has been said that "a
poor excuse is better than none," and
certainly Mr. Sheldon has offered
nothing more here. Is It good busi
ness acumen to allow a claim to in
crease at 7 per cent per annum, when
there Is plenty of money on hand be
longing to the estate with which to
pay It, or when money could be bor
rowed at 5 per cent? It is said that
the personal estate, money, etc., has
beenMlvldcd or Is being divided out
side of c6urt, and this might have
been used to pay this tax.
And while the question of tax evas
ion Is being discussed It may be perti
nent to refer to another attempt to
evade the payment of a just tax. The
legislature of 1003, It will be remem
bered, passed an act known as the
"Scavenger . Act," the purpose of
which was to gather or clean up all
back taxes on real estate, and I pre
sume Mr. Sheldon, then a senator from
Cass, voted for the act. When the act
was put Into force in this county, Mr.
Sheldon, on behalf of bis father, was
one of the first ones to file an answer
In district court in (he state tax suit
of 1904, brought under the law with a
view to evading the payment of the
taxes claimed against the Sheldon
lands for the year 1861, amounting to
5500.86. with interest, alleelnir as a
reason for the non-payment of the tax
that the assessment was Irregular;
that the assessor appointed by the
county board did not give a bond, and
that the assessment was made by a
deputy appointed by the assessor and
not by the assessor In person. There
was no claim that the assessment was
ifnjust. They lost the case, as they
should, and paid the taxes that ought
to have been paid more than forty
years before. There are some people
in Cass county who see very little dif
ference, If any, in the defense put up
by Mr. Sheldon In the tax suit from
that made by the railroads in their at
tempt to evade the payment of their
just taxes. It may be said that this
is not the affair of Mr. George L.
Sheldon, republican candidate for gov
ernor, but his father's, but the writer
happens to know that Mr. George L
attended to all the business of the de
fense and attempt at evasion himself
in person.
Some republicans here feel sore that
this matter was stirred up against Mr
Sheldon, and for their benefit 1 will
state that It was started by a republi
can, who is anxious that wealthy peo
"pie pay their taxes. Your truly,
C. B. O.
Marriage Bells.
Cupid is again , on the wing. This
time he has tired his dart at, and has
captured Mr. George W. Matthiasen
and led him to his shrine at the home
of Miss Maud May . Messersmith,
where they were united In the bonds
of holy matrimony by Eev. D. W.
Wilt, at 2 p. ra., last Tuesday.Sept. 2.1,
The ceremony, which was beautiful
In its simplicity, was witnessed by
about fifty invited guests, who after
ward partook ot delicious refresh
ments. The newly married couple
have gone to Denver to spend three or
four weeks. They will make their
home In Uavclock, where a property
has been : purchased by the groom,
The groom is a young man of thrift
and 'industry. . The bride is a young
woman of many accomplishments.
The Messenger -and a hose of friends
heartily wish them the best in life.
Havelock Messenger
Runaway Last Night.
About 10 p. m. Thursday John
Gordcr was at the Burlington freight
house with -his team to load up some
freight. In dropping a bundle or
something In the bottom of the wagon
bed the horses became frightened and
dashed up Main street at a two-forty
(fait. ' As they passed Socnnlchsen's
grocery store, some heroic Individual,
whose name we failed to learn, jumped
Into the wagon, but falling to get
hold of the lines, which seemed to be
dragging on tho ground, ho Jumped
but when the team turned up Wash
ington avenue at Strelght & Strelght's
furniture store, and they continued
their (light out past tbe cemetery.
We understand that no damages re
Blood Poisoning
results from chronic constipation,
which Is quickly cured by Dr. King's
Sew Life rills. They remove all
poisonous germs from the system and
infuse new life and vigor; cure sour
stomach, niusla; headache, dizziness
abd colic, without gripping or dlsoom-
tort. 2.'. Guaranteed . by F. G.
Football MUn Tonight
Now. that' the season Is on, the
skeptics begin to "get into the game,"
so to speak, in their way; their way
and aim is to try to discourage any en
thusiasm which may rise toward the
Now, whoare these skeptics? Well,
we all know who they are, generally,
persons who know little of the game.
You very seldom hear a person who is
familiar with the game trying to run
it down and for the reason that it is
the duty or these prejudiced persons
to Investigate and perhaps consider
before they make rash statements.
Acurate statistics compiled by an
ardent admirer and defender of both
base ball and foot ball show that there
are a larger percentage of casualties
credited to the game of base ball than
foot ball, (this Is an accurate state
ment and can be proved.) Yet at one
and the same time, foot ball Is de
pendent upon spirit It is played ln:the
better spirit the less brutality, and it
certainly cannot be denied that when
foot ball Is played in accordance with
tbe new rules, and In the right spirit
then is the danger reduced to a min
imum. Now, hoys, there will be a meeting
of all of you that are at all foot hall
inclined, at the Turner Hall tonight,
(Tuesday,) and get enthusiastic and
come out and help organize a team
that Plattsmouth skeptics will have
to admit Is all right. Come out allot
you, get enthusiastic, don't be a dead
one. Tonight at 7:30.
Wounds, Brulae and Burns.
By applying an antiseptic dressing
to wounds, bruises, burns and like In
juries before Inflamatlon sets In, they
may be healed without maturation
and In about one-third the time re
quired by the old treatment. This Is
tbe greatest discovery and triumph of
modern surgery. Chamberlain's Pain
Balm acts on this same principle. " It
is an antlceptic and when applied to
8Uch ,nJurles. causes them to heal very
lUICk,7' n aiso aiiays me pain ana
,reness and prevents any danger of
Olooa P0111"'- eep a DOtuo or
ralnlUlraln your home and it will
save yu tlme and money, not to men-
uon ine inconvenience and suffering
sucn injuries entail, t or sale oy i
G. Frlcke & Co. and D'Ment.
A Welcome Result.
About three years ago J.A.White
fell on a sidewalk in Elmwood dislo
cating his right shoulder. A doctor
set the Injured member but ever since
the ligaments have been still so that
he could not raise his right hand high
enough to comb bis hair or take a
drink of water. Just two weeks ago
today ho was at work witli his bees,
The bees resented his intrusion into
their territory and stung him severely.
When the swelling went down James
discovered, much to his delight, that
the stiffness was all gone and that
once more he could clve the trrand
balling sign of distress with his right
arm. Elmwood Leader-Echo.
A Badly Burned Girl
or boy, man or woman, is quickly out
of pain If Bucklen's Arnica Salve isap
plied promptly. G. J. Welch, of Te
konsha, Mich., says: "1 used it in my
family for cuts, sores and all skin In
Juries, and find it perfect." Quickest
File cure known. Best healing salve
made. 2.'c at F. (1. Frlcke & Co's
drug store.
Fred Dreeson, accompanied by his
wife, drove up from Unadilla, Otoe
county, yesterday to visit at the home
of J. B. Melsslnger and family, and
Mr. Dreeson and Mr. Melsslnger were
In the city today. "While here Mr.
Dreeson called and renewed his sub
scription to tho Journal and also for
another year for J. J. Biets, at Doug
lass. Mr. Dreeson lived near Platts
mouth for many years, and his friends
are always glad when he comes to see
"Last Fall," writes Mrs. S. G. Bailey, of Tun
nelton, W."Va., "I was going down by inches,
from female disease, with great pain. After tak- '
ing Cardui, Ohl Myl How I was benefited I I
am not well yet, but am so much better that I will .
keep'on taking Wine of Cardui till 1 am perfectly
Despite the envious attacks of jealous enemies
and rivals, Cardui still holds supreme position
today as in the past 70 years for the relief and
,cureof female diseases. It stops pain, tones up
the organs, regulates
''"the functions, and aids
in the replacement of
a misplaced organ.
At Every Drug ktore In $1.00 Bottles.
A Man of Prominence in School Circlet
and Overseer of the Poor Says
re-ru-na Has Proven a most
Efficacious Remedy.
Herman Rocse, 18 New Butternut 8t-
Syracuse, N. Y., Is President of tbe
Board of Trustees of Webster graded
school, Dist. 8, in the town of Salins,
He Is aUo Overaeef of the Poor,
which position has afforded blm ample
opportunity lot noting the causes cf
disease, as well as the best means of
prerentlng and curing the same. V "
He expresses his approval of the use
of Peruna as a very effective means of :
solving a problem of such vital Interest
to the community, as follows J .,
"Exposurt items to affect tbe lungs
madkUaeyt ot the poor mb4 I htve
teen hundreds ot these who wen
brokeadown la health Irom this cause.
'I ant pleased to tell you that
Peruna has proven a most efficacious
remedy In number ot cases where
on other medicine was used.
" consider It a specific for any dls
orders ot the respiratory organs. "
Don't allow money to lie around,
is easier tt spend it and easier
.to lose it
by keeping It in a safe place such as
The BanH of Cass County
Capital Stock 850,000, Surplus 115,000
Chas. C. Piirniele, l'reu., Jacob Trltch, V-P.
T. M. I'atterson. Cash.
You can give a check for any part cf
it at any time and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for one.
When you have a bank account you
will be anxious to add to it rather than
spend from It. Don't you want to
know more about it.
Lands, Bandies and City Real Estate
In Nebraska and elsewhere bought
sold and exchanged.
' ttuntalg, Insurance and Abstracting of .
, Titles. Money to loan at a low rale of , .
Interent on Imprtmul farm. HuslnPHN
; corresixmdents In all Important cities
and towns la the United yiatcs,
7lehens No. 0 n.e.
R. B. WINDHAM, President
W. W. WINDHAM i Secretary
. Writ ul a itM dnnlMit 'l
rM kvmpwmi, ind l'l If ml you
re ptWjlM fnvefcuw.
Adjrrti: I tflrt AJvtwry DriMilnwnt,
TlChitUnu(a Mf d!rlnCo.,,Clitt-'.
noof. Itnn. -'
f 1 i I MIT 1
s- I I I II I i
2 III I I I ll I
i A. II I 111 1 1
.. . . . teM .'r!
Filed IL.Amount ,i,,t..
Be leased 1. " .... 8,032
Frlcke A Co., druggists.