The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 04, 1906, Image 7

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In thviw.mty inurt "of Caw rtHllit.v. Nr
l iu-Ua. I:: Hi.- iiiiiu 1 . ! il,t -in- ( l.i-uVn
A. Clml'lu. i1ii-iimiI. All rMin lnuiv.lil tn
t.unl tatc nn- ln-iri'V imiitVil tlmi a in-Uuon
I as Nt-n tll-.l In Mill iun hII.kiiu: ilial mmi!
um-iI il:ii h-avlntr ik lut anil innviiif
f ir miiiuiiUtniiinii iiikm lii-rstaii". ami dial a
liveriiur will tie hail mi ulii ihiIiioii U-furv
oaul iiiuit mi I lie tit It day nf ik-tnlnT. !'.. al I In
nullity i-uurt rtmin, hiiU thai If thry fall Ii ap
inr at ald time ami iila.v, to i-hiikm said -lll
ion, the i-iiui t may k'tniil I lie same and iri ant
ailinlnl-t ration tusalil Walter A. l.a lit: hi In. or
mine m her Miital le in rvni and iiru. -el id a
M-llleim nt i)( aid i'iuip.
, Hakvky 1. Tmvis,
.HEAL.) I'uuiity Judk-e.
CassUusty. ( in County tourt.
In the matter of the estate of Alfred Mi-.
lH-rnied, deeeaaed. Noti.-eof ix lhliin for ai
taiiiititient of adiniiiistralor.
Nullif is heretiy trlven to Prank X. Mi-lVr-med,
John W. Mi'llernietl, (ieortre K. Mi-lH'i-iiied,
Hrlesler Mi U rnii'il, Mairviv Ciierry and
MaltlB E. Malroliii, and all other m-iuiu In
terested In the altoveestate.that a tH'tltlon has
lieon tiled In the county eouit of I'as niuiity,
NehrasWa. yraylnir for tlm aiailntiiienl of an
administrator for the estate of said Alfred Mo-iH-ruied,
defeased, and that a hearlnir will lie
had mum aald petition In the eoiiiity conn
room at I'lattsmontli.tC'asH county, Nehrasl,a,
on the LVtlnluy of (Vtolier, A. II.. 1 WW. at 10
oVIork. m. in., and thai you aru mitilivtl to
show cause airalnst said iietltlon on or liefon'
t In- hour of V a. in., on said M day of i H-tolier.
III witness whereof 1 have hereto set my hand
and the sealof the county court of CavsiMunly,
Nelrska,tliis2lst day of Seinemlier. A. l.,llHi,
, Hauvet II. Thavik.
IheauI , County .ludire.
Cass County, I
Nebraska. (
In the County Court,
In tlie matterof the cstateof Thomas I.iiiiiilntr.
All persons Inteivsted In' tlm esiat of
Thomas Laiinlnt.'. deceased, are lieivliy ihiIIH
ed that the administratrix with will annexed
of said estate, has tiled her iietltlon in this
court jiraylnir for tiiuil settlement of said es
tate and for hcrdlsrharirc, that a hearintf will
liehadontlieaithdayof Octolier. A. 1., Imm,
at 2 o'clock p, m at the county court room, at
I'lattsmouth, Nehraska. All parties Interested
In said estate are rciiuired to show cause on or
I fore one o'c lock. p. ni of said 2Hlh day of
October, llHHI, If any they have, why tlm prayer
of said petition should not lie Kranted and the
administratrix with will annexed lie dlschartf
ed by the court. II ahvcy II. Thavik,
IHeal.) County Judire.
CAS2S5N I";Conty Court.
Ill the matterof the estate of Andrew C. Krye,
deceased. .
All parties Interested lillne est ate of Andrew
C. Krye, deceased, are hereby notltied that the
aiiminisirator 01 saw estate lias men him is tl
tion In the court lu-aviiiir for a tinul settlement
of said estate and for his uischarire. All ix-r-aons
Interested In said estate are hereby notlti
ed that a hi'iirinif will bu hud at the county
court room, at I'lattsmouth, Cass county, Nc
braska. on theaith day oftober. A. II.,
at 10 o'clock, a. in.: all ifeisons Interested In
said estate are nsiuircd m show cause on or
t-forc nine o'clm-k a. m. of said Jilli day of
lictolier. Itnni, If any they huve. why the prayer
of said iietltlon should not tie vruuted. said es
tate tlnally settled and the administrator ills
chaitted by the court.
Iseai-.I County. I udire.
ManZan relieves Instantly the pain
caused by those blind, bleeding, itch
ing and protruding piles. It is put up
in collapsible tubes in such a way that
it can be applied where the trouble
originates, thus stopping the pain Ira
mediately. Try one bottle, and If you
are not relieved, your money will be
refunded. Try our free oiler. Sold by
Gerlng & Co. '8 drug store.
Mrs. David Sanders and daughter,
Miss Lucille, while enroute to their
home In Leesburg, Ohio, from a trip
through Colojado, stopped olT in this
city this morning for a visit w ith the
family of her cousin, J. )V. Johnson
The cousins have not met since Mr.
Johnson left his old home in Leesburg
over fifty years ago, and it is needless
to state, that this visit will prove to
be a most enjoyable one.
Dr. J. B. Nungate of Weeping Water
came in from Omaha Wednesday
where he assisted li) rive operations
for appendicitis. Mr. Hungabe Is in
the county seat today to appear as a
witness in the case growing out of the
estate of Sarah I'hilpot, deceased.
Can you win? Yah realize that to
win in anything these days requires
strength, with body and mind In tune.
A man or woman with disordered di
gestlve organs is not in shape for a
day's work or a day's plaj. How can
they expect to win? l odol For Dys
pepsia contains the digestive juices of
p healthy stomach and will put your
stomach in shape to perform itslmpor
tant function of supplying the body
ftnrl hraln with strenirih bulldlue
blood- Digests what'you eat, relieves
Indigestion, Dyspepsia.Sour Stomach,
Palpitation of the heart and Const I pa
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Sold on Easy Paynjeijts
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dard Edi
son Phono
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See the Genuine
victor talking machines
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Trices. - '
PHIL SM1TER, Piattsnonlh
(Ity C. A. I. is.)
l'UoDliK M.VliKEls
Corrected weekly by Martin & Ti!.
who pay tl.e highest prices for orcduce
and guarantee satisfaction:
Mutter 10.
.... utc
No.1. No.i.1'
il tofxTU
f I.JO and Xu)
Corn Diiand rc
W heal Siir
OaU Jik:
Kock Island Time Taiilk.
Murdock Station.
No. 41, mall 7:47 a. m.
yo. 15, local 8:55 a. m.
No. 5. mall 3:00 d. m.
No. 37, mall 5:47 p. m.
EAST wound. ,
No. iK), freight., 12:30 a.m.
iso.:w, mall 10:55 a. m.
No. 7, Local....:...;...... 1:14 p. m.
No. 0, mall. 2:35 p. m.
Mrs. Will Hawkins came up from
South Auburn Sunday evening.
W. I). Gillespie's new livery barn Is
fast nearing completion, and at pres
ent they are putting hay In the mow.
Martin & Tool shipped a car of ap
ples Monday and another Wednesday.
John Scheel returned Thursday of
last week from his visit to various
points In Colorado.
Smith Hincs and family have left
dear old Virginia and returned to
God's country. They are now living
about five miles north of town.
M. W. Moore made a professional
call to Louisville Saturday.
Chas. Schneider and wife were
Omaha passengers Sunday.
Henry Gakemeler returned Monday
from a business trip to South Dakota.
Turner McKlnnon and Mr.
of Bennett visited in Murdock Monday
and Tuesday. '
Cbas. Corsage of Auburn visited in
this burg several days of last week.
Hitching racks have all been re
moved from Main street and put on
side streets, which is an improvement
to the beauty of the city.
Henry Knslen, of Lincoln, is vi.siting
at the home of Jacob Gocbry this
II. A. Tool is spending the week in
Minnesota, disposing of apples and
visiting relatives.
Miss Minerva Tool visited at Al
bright over Sunday.
Mrs. II. R. iS'eiUel and sons visited
in Plattsmouth several days last week,
The game of base ball between 'Wa
bash and this burg for last . Saturday
was postponed on account of rain.
Mrs. Hy Wcstlake is entertaining
her father, Mr. McKay, of Syracuse,
this week.
Mrs. S. A. Wood, of this place, and
sister, Mrs. Wm. Hawkins, of South
Auburn, left for Alva, Okla., Tuesday
evening for a visit of an indelinate
Will Copple andcousln, Miss Kick
hoff, left for Okla., Tuesday.
The carnival at Omaha is attracting
quite a number of people from this
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Langhorst are
entertaining their son-in-law this
Several companies of Fort Crook
soldiers passed through here Monday
from Fort Riley to their post at Fort
Crook. They would not be surprised
to receive orders to leave for Cuba
A. X. McCrory was in PlatLsmouth
II. C. Neilson, wife and daughter
went to Omaha Tuesday to take in the
Ak-Sar-Ben, and do the town in gen
F. Wolf and wife were Omaha pas
sengers Tuesday.
If an article is imitated the orlgl
nal is always the best. Think it over,
and when you go to buy that box of
salve to keep around the bouse, get
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. It Is
the original and the name is stamped
on every box. Good for eczema, tet
ter, bolls, cuts and bruises, and especi
ally recommended for piles, Sold by F.
G. Fricke k Co. and Gerlng & Co.
Ralph Towle, who has been em
ployed with Swift & Co. of South
Omaha for some time, and who sev
eral ycaraago was engaged In news
paper work in this city, is In town to
day for a visit with his many friends,
befure departing to Kansas City,
where he accepts a position as govern
ment meat Inspector. Ralph was one
of the fortunate men to secure an ap
pointment under the new law that
went Into effect Monday.
Keep tbe bowels open when you
have a cold and use a good remedy to
allay the inllamatlon of the mucus
membranes. The best Is Kenedy's
Laxltlve Honey and tar. It contains
no opiates, moves the bowels, drives
out the cold. Is reliable and tastes
good. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co. and
Gerlng & COj .
' M. S. Brlggs was down to No. 4 this
morning to enjoy a few minutes' con
versation with Rae and Miss Jennie
Ingram, who are enroute from Luslr,
Wyo.', to Osceola, la;
From lh Inlt:er.
T. G.liarnum left Monday for Si.
Joseph to spend a few days In select
ing some uf the tinest sheep to be
found on that market.
Mrs. William F.lkenbary, who came
from Akron, Cola, a few week ago
with the remains of her husband de
parted for home last Sunday.
Julius Kuhmano returned last Sat
urday from South Dakota, where he
was employed a few months. He
holds to the opinion that this part of
Nebraska Is good enough for him or
anybody else.
M,rs. W. B. Gates ,of Ottawa Ka
sas, arrived last Friday to make sev
eral days' visit with nor mother, Mrs.
Mary F. Buck, and other relatives and
numerous acquaintances in this vicin
ity. . i ,
Geo. W. Kdmlsten and wife left
Monday morning for Bancroft for the
purpose of closing a deal for a large
farm about four miles from that town,
and will probably move there at a
later date.
Morton Bird, a nephew of Lewis
Bird, and Gilbert Snyder, twojsvlal
young gentlemen of Blunisvllle, Indi
ana, arrived lust Friday morning, and
are already so well pleased that ttiey
will probably spend the winter In
this vicinity.
D. W. Foster arrived home Tuesday
from a few days' visit with his daugh
ter, Miss Mary Foster, who is teaching
In the schools at Oxford, Neb. He
also visited his daughter, Mrs. Nettle
Turner, who is teaching at Klmwood.
Mrs. M. S. Foutcli departed last
Friday for her new home at Bladen,
Neb., and a number of her friends
were at the depot to bid tier farewell.
Mrs. Foutch is an estimable lady
whose departure is regretted by many
warm friends here.
Does This Hit Your
The man who lurks behind a bush
and will try to tear down or destroy
the character of a young tender girl Is
so low down In the rut of retrogres
sion and ruin that if he evtr got Into
perdition he would have to slide up
hill. There Is nothing so pure and
sweet as a young girl whose name Is
untarnished by the foul tongue of
slander and whose face vividly reflects
the moral atmosphere in which she
lives; therefore the black mouth who
will try to blot the character of one
like this Is a seed wart on the shlnbone
of society his Impunity Is enough to
jar the commonwealth his carcass
would not make a decent compost
heap he ought to be Isolated from
all decent, respectable people.
At the Parmele Saturday Night
"An Aristocratic Tramp" is booked
for the Parmele theatre Saturday
night, October 0. It Is the best sen
sational comedy drama on the road
this season. Don't fail to see the ex
citing automobile race and explosion,
something new In the way of stage et
fects. It also has the most realistic
railroad scene ever produced. In
equipment, spienaor ana gorgeous
novelty, "An Aristocratic Tramp"
outstrips them all. A play with a
story of heart Interest, played by a
cast of excellent artists. "An Aristo
cratic Tramp." Don't fall to see it.
Don't forget the date.
Letak-Roetter Wedding.
At the hour of o'clock this mow
Ing a very pretty wedding was solem
nied at the Bohemian Catholic
church when Miss Anna, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Roetter of this
city, was united In marriage to Mr.
Joseph Letak of Omaha. The cere
mony was performed by Fathers Han
cik and Bradley, In the presence of a
large gathering of friends and rel
atives. The best man was John Maur
sick of Omaha, while tbe brldesmade
was Miss EVa Roetter, a sister of the
bride. After the beautiful ceremony
at the church, the happy young couple
repaired to the home of the bride
where a reception was held, and
hearty good time enjoyed. Mr. C. L.
Buckley of Omaha, furnished music
which materially assisted in tbe so
cial time that prevailed.
The young people will be at home to
their friends in a short time at their
home in Omaha, where the groom has
a very good position with Armour k
Co. The best wishes of their many
friends, together with those of tbe
Journal, are with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Letak, during this happy event.
Said "Bryan" by Mistake.
Politics Inadvertantly crept into
the close of a big revival meeting at
Blair, last Sunday night. While the
Rev. Mr. Conlcy, pastor of the Blair
Baptist church was making an ap
peal to the congregation for a collec
tion for the evangelist the Rev. Mr.
Lyon of Chicago a slip of the tongue
caused him to say "Bryan" Instead of
Lyon. The word had barely slipped
out when a wave of applause rippled
over the crowd, and then developed
Into a wild tumult of enthusiastic ac
claim, despita that it was Sunday
night, and the meeting was a relig
ious one.
If you bate lost your boyhood
spirits, courage and confidence of
youth,- we offer you new life, fresh
courage and freedom from ill health In
nolllster a Rocky Mountain Tea. .V
cents, Tea or Tablets. Sold by Gerlng
& Co., druggists. -
8 f 0m v
o . ... r mk
s -:Ym ;
' -WW '
s ' 'I L.
Roosevelt Heatile to Labor.
, The democratic campaign book is
out, and in taking up Roosevelt's posl-'
lion on the question it Is declared tbat
he Is hostile to the labor element. He
has expressed in his books, in bis
ofllclal utterances and by his acts." It
is stated that he regards representa
tives of labor unions as members of
the "rogues gallery." "sleek, oily fel
lows," "bulls of Bashan," "lazy, sel
fish, brutal, violent, murderous," "a
Returning to the subject of the
tarllf, the book asserts that President
Roosevelt at various times In his
career has been a free trader, a tariff
reformer and a stand-patter, and that
he "may lead a movement for tariff
revision In l'JOK." And then It has
this to say:
"Mr. Roosevelt has written nothing
distinctly and unequivocally stating
his position since lie withdrew from
the Free Trade club, but It has been
given out at Oyster Bay this summer
that he is fully in accord with
the views of Speaker Cannon and Mr.
Sherman, which have been summa
rl.ed in the language cf gamblers and
beggars 'standpat and pass the hat."
Under the caption, "The Motive
Behind the 'Big Stick," it Is charged
that President Roosevelt favors big
corporations in Porto Rico and the
Philippines and that he would make
laws advantageous for them- that he
wants a big military and naval force,
to include subsidized merchant marine
and that he has prevented the Mon
roe doctrine in the interest of tbe
asphalt trust in Venezuela. It is
stated that not until he found It ncc
essaryto win democratic support for
his policy of Imperialism did he ever
say a word In praise of any democratic
statesman or democratic achievement.
(Quotations follow from some of the
president's books referring In alleged
uncomplimentary-terms to Jefferson,
.Maaison, nenton ana otners.. (
Inquest Jury Eioneratee Engineer:
A special from Papillion, In speak
ing of the Inquest held over the re
mains of Miss Lottie Woods, who was
killed by the south-bound passenger
train last Sunday morning near Paplo,
says: "Inquest was held here Monday,
the verdict of the coroner's Jury be
ing that she met death as the result
of her own act. The testimony show
that the whistle was blown and she
stepped in front of the engine, giving
the engineer no time to stop. Miss
oods wa .10 years of age.
This is the season of decay and
weakened vitality. Nature is being
shorn of Its beauty and bloom. . If you
would retain yours, fortify your sys
tem with nollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. 35 cents, Tea "or Tablets. For
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Whit liiwl ef j1o Jot Dilty wtir '.'
HLf ff t IxKirvJ, lefere ' vr bert ,
Jk. tj Bul now ke.'csnnot br lobe
Ana jneuix tna
If V.SU hi J Y)tOOT'l
w sv r ((ww ravrro
BUY it
THIS is t lie season when everybody commence to
' look around for their fall and winter -clothing.
The early buyer usually gets the choice of the
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fore suggest that you
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Early in the
i ' i ; "
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Our line this season in every department is much
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you to call and "look us over."
Wm. Holly
When a horse is so overworked It
lies down and In other ways declares
Its inability to go further, you would
consider It criminal to use forccN Many
a man of human Impulses, who would
not willingly harm a kitten, Is guilty
of cruelty where his own stomach Is
concerned. Overdriven, overworked,
when what It needs Is something that
will digest the food eaten and help
the stomach to recupcrata. Some
thing like Kodol For Dyspepsia that
Is sold by F. (J. Fricke . Co. and tar
ing 111 Co.
Another Promotion. s
John Young, who has been for some
time general foreman in the mechani
cal department of the local shops, has
been promoted to the position of gen
eral foreman of the shops at McCook.
Mr. Young Is one of the old standby
In Ilavelock, having been a workman
in the local shops since the first wheel
was turned In 18H2. He has won an
enviable place In the esteem and re
spect of the men who have worked
with him and the best wishes of every
one will follow him to his new Held of
Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar, the
original cough syrup, acts as a cathar
tic on the bowels. It Is made from the
tar gathered from the pine trees of
our own coflntry, therefore Is the best
for children. It Is good for coughs,
colds, croup, whooping cough, etc.
Try our free offer. Sold by Gerlng k
Co. '8 drugstore.
"An Aristocratic Tramp."
There should be considerable stir
ring at the Parmele on next Saturday,
October , when Kllroyand Itrltton
will be seen heading the new success,
"An Aristocratic Tramp." There's a
laugh every minute for the most cyni
cal, and between the laughs there's
also a chance for the sympathetic to
drop a tear. "An Aristocratic Tramp"
contains a sensational automobile
race and explosion and the most sensa
tional of all train effects, together
with lively singing and dancing spec
ialties galore. These two clever stars
have surrounded themselves with a
carefully picked company of metro
politan players, while the scenic effects
are gorgeous in every detail.
Why suffer with your kidneys? Tha
discovery of Kldney-Etts has proved a
blessing to thousands of kidney suffer
ers who havebeen restored to perfect
health. These Tablets drive the dis
eased germs out of the system, and we
urge all sufferers to give this scientific
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2.') cents. Sold by Gerlng k Co.
Floyd Woolson, A.A.Turk, G. L.
Carrahan, Ed. Earnst, J. P. Gonzales,
D. Sartor of Elrawood were here to
day to attend the convention.
uoncc;JO weuiu
n.. l
sx yix
Of course t,he
It is the best ever. Did
you ever drink it?
If not you have miss
ed a rare treat. Try
it. For sale every
where. .......
Phil Thierolf
Telephone No. 2S5
Torments of Tetter and Eczema Al
layed. The Intense Itching characteristic
of eczema, tetter and like skin diseases
Is instantly allayed ty applying Cham
berlain's Salve and many severe cases
have been permanently cured by Its
use. For sale by F; . Fricke - Co.,
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Stomach ,
No appetite, loss ot itrerif ih, nervoua
rM, headache, constipation, bad breath.
neral debility, sour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to Indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural Juices of diges
tion as they exist In a healthy stomach,
cemblned with the greatest known toolo
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepila Cure doss not erdy cure Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but thia famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening lsnd ' strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Bill, ef Ktynmqoi, W, Vi., rr
I MiirouWed tilth ecu itomach for twenty t Mr.
Kodol i cures me er"e r vtfnf It Is ail
lor keby,
' Kodol Digests WW Yoa Est
ottlee only. l 00 EUe holfltni 1H timet the Mel "
lie. which Hilt Inr SO cent!,
freesree) by K. O. OeWITT Oo.. OHIOAQO.
Gerinc; A Col
"Why Harry! Toes llirougli
ngain and Mary, just look at
your Hhoes!" "Whnt in 1lio
world have you children ltii
doin with your feetV' "Why,
it was only three weeks rl:o I
bouirht new hIioph for you both
nnd now look at thein, well,
well, well!" "I'm jroirjRto tnko
you down to Sbeiiwook's ami
have you fitted in thogo Hi'ster
liuows shone, for they must be
pood for thty'ro 'soiling lots of
them." Mother you're riht.
' 11
' ',1