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    The County
litis of Genera! Interest Selected
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(from tlir li i.-nn.)
Born on Thursday, September 2t, to
Mr. and Mrs. llclgh Weaver, a son.
Frank Lannlng's boy who 'M re
ported last week as having dlptherla,
ia getting along nicely. The quaran
tine will be raised next week If noth
ing further dcvelopes.
Mrs. Lewis Hoot was In a very
critical condition for a while Wed
nesday evening from heart failure.
Her friends will be pleased to learn
that she Is much better attain.
Last spring Jacob llursh cut down
an old peach tree which was dead. A
khoot from the stump which made Its
entire growth this summer bore eight
fine large peaches. It seems that
peaches grow on any old thing this
Miss Mlla Judklns was taken to Lin
coln Tuesday where she was operated
on for appendicitis by lr. Jester of
this place, assisted by others of Lin
coln. The operation waa very succes
fuland Miss Judklns Is recovering as
rapidly as could be expected.
(5. W. I'ctcrson thought an earth
quake had struck the village last
Tuesday evening Just after he had re
tired, as a large part of the foundation
under the north aide of his house
caved Into rhe cellar. About "0 loaves
of fresh bread were covered up with
the dirt and rock. He has built a new
wall from the bottom of the cellar
this time.
The Breath of Ufa.
It's a slgnltlcant fact that the
strongest animal of Its sl.c, the gorilla,
also has the largest lungs. 1'owcrful
lungs means powerful creatures. Now
to keep the breathing organs right
should bo man's ehlefciC study. Like
thousands of others, Mrs. Ora A
Stephens, of l'ort Williams, 0., has
learned how to do this. Sho writes
"Three buttles of lr. King's Now
Discovery stopped my cohgh of two
years and cured mo of what my friends
thought consumption. Oh, It's grand
for throat or lung troubles." Guaran
teed by F' (5. Fricke & Co., druggists.
l'rlce 50c and II. Tilal bottle free.
Krora Hie Leader-Kcho.
John (Jerry Stark contemplates go
ing back to East Lemon, Pa., next
Sunday to see his mother, whose health
Is rapidly falling.
lla.el Noyes' condition became a
great deal worse yesterday and last
evening Dr. Mungcr took her to a Lin
coin hospital for an operation.
John Dickinson Is hauling out the
material for an addition to his farm
residence, ltixlrt, one and a half stories
Joe Nichols Is very low and gradu
ally growing weaker no hopes being
held out for his recovery. A nurse
was procured Saturday evening to care
for him.
J. r. Hoover and wife expect to
leave Sunday for Pennsylvania for a
visit of two or three weeks at the old
home and and with relatives he has
not seen for thirty-six years. They
will also visit at Columbus, Ohio, and
Chicago, enroute.
We hear that John Itarti has sold
his farm four miles southwest of Mur
dock to P. F. Duerr, of Loulsvlllo
consideration ir.'.soo. we presume
Mr. UarU and family will go to Call
for nla to spend the winter, as they
enjoyed It there last winter very much
A bath cleanses the skin and rids
the pores of refuse. A bath makes for
better fellowship and citizenship
Not only should the outside of the
body be cleansed, but occasional use of
a laxative or cathartic opens the
bowels and clears the system of effete
nutter. Host for this are DeWltt'i
Little Early Rlseis. Pleasant little
pills that do not gripe or sicken. Sold
by Fricke & Co. and f.erlng & Co.
L. L. Atwood'a Baby Dead.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs,
L. Atwood died at their home In Have
lock Saturday evening. Brief services
were held at the home Sunday after
noon at three o'clock, conducted by
Rev. D. W. Wilt, of the M. E. church.
The little child was only lis days old.
A. W. Atwood and wife, and Mrs.
Anna lirltt and daughter went up to
attend the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. At
wood have thesympathyof their many
1'lattsmouth friends.
When you have a cold It Is well to
be very careful about using anlhlng
that will cause constipation. He par
ticularly careful about preparations
that contain opiates. Use Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar, which stops
the cough and moves the bowels. Sold
by Fricke & Co. and Gcring Co. .
Iron tfct Columns of Contenporirin
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V w W f if iff IV ?WtWTW W
From lb Courier.
Mat Dclezcne has gone toUnlvers.ty
I'lace where he will take a course In
the university.
Plain drunks were a little too num
erous In town Tuesday. Why not have
little more money In the school fund?
Will fientry purchased the City
livery barn and stock this week of
A ut'imt Osscnkop and Is now In charge.
He asks for a share of your patronage.
Mrs. O. J. Wortman of Ashland was
called to Louisville Monday to care fur
her daughter, Miss Floy, who Is sick.
Miss Wortman Is teaching school a
few miles southeast of Louisville.
Another case of scarlet fever lias
been reported In town. This time In
the home of Elmer Hall, his little
four-year-old son having come down
with It Monday afternoon. The house
has been quarantined by the board of
Mrs. Elmer Noyes took her little
daughter to Lincoln Thursday evening
to be operated on for appendicitis.
Mr. Noyes Is absent In North Dakota
and could not reach home In time to
be with them. They were accom
panied to Lincoln by C. E. Noyes.
During the electric storm Tuesday
number of people were "struck."
The quarries had closed down on ac
count of the rain and not being able
to pound rock the quarry men kept
their hand In by pounding each other
The police Judge should have had a
better harvest, but It seems that he
got very little out of the day's doings.
Tho laxative elTcct of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets is so agree
able and so natural you can hardly
realize that It is produced by a mcdl
cine. These tablets also cure indlgcs.
Hon and biliousness. Price 25 cents,
Samples free at F. G. Fricke & Co.and
A. T. Frled's drug store.
Look Out for Him.
A man representing himself as a
traveling salesman for a wholesale
house Is reported to be victimizing
liverymen in some of the small towns
In this section of Nebraska and south
west Iowa. He hires a livery rig and
tendcrsln payment a check larger than
the bill, and by the time the swindle
Is discovered he has left the country.
It will bo Just as well for liverymen In
some of the larger towns to be on the
lookout for this swindler. Don't take
any checks unless you know the party
presenting same. That Is the safest
plan for doing business.
(Kron i lie ltexlster.)
Kcv. S, Kclser Is loading his . goods
preparatory to moving to his charge
at Johnson
licadon Hall returned to Lincoln on
Friday to resume his studies in the
Miss Moon went to M unlock Friday
evening for a visit with her sister, re
turning home Sunday.
Mrs. Wm. R. Davis and two little
daughters started Tuesday for a visit
to her son's ranch near Pierre, S. I).
A card from H. Wolph and wife
saysthey are enjoying their visit In
Ohio very much, and that they will
be at home soon.
vtorkhas commenced on the new
addition to Cunningham Bros.' barn
and will be pushed along as rapidly
as possible.
N. L. Pollard started Monday for
Schenectady, N. Y., for a visit with
relatives. He wlU also visit at Eliza
beth. N. J.
Mrs. Kclser and son, Harry, la ft on
Wednesday for Ashland, where they
will visit a few days before going to
their new home at Johnson.
Mrs. H. August was called to Mis
souri the past week to look at a farm
her husband intended purchasing
Mr. August and son, Will, went to
Missouri a couple of weeks ago and
arc well pleased with the country
The commltte? on speakers for the
NcHwka fair have succeeded In ar
ranging for two excellent men for
that occasion. Prof. E. A. Hurnctt
of the state university will speak
Thursday afternoon, and his topic will
be 'The Dcvelopcment of our Asrl
cultural Resourscs." On Friday after
noon Rrof. E. A. Emerson, also of the
university, will speak on the topic
"Ihe Relation of Horticulture to
Nebraska Home." These men are ex
Peru In their chosen fields and thesr
talks will be of great Interest to all
"Had dyspepsia or Indigestion for
years. No appetite, and what I did
cat distressed me terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitten cured me." J. H
Walker, Suobary, Ohio.
Jud VJcn cte up from Ne
braska City Moniay morning arriving
here on schedule time, and has been
pretty busy at the dutelct clerks
&ce Issuing natuarall.atlon papers.
as per arrangements made last week.
Up to three o'clock today -Ohave been
Issued as follows: C. A. Anderson,
ntone Wlnther, John H. Jess,- An-
me Jorgensen, II. P. Chrlstensen,
Adolph Hansen, Thos. White, Mich
ael Whelao, John Schlappacasse, N.
C Nielsen, Nels (J. Chrlstensen, Olaf
Lunberge, H. K. Hergmann, Chris,
llonde, Frit. Heine, Otto Heine, Win.
Bartele, John Mauer.Jos. Slimatterer,
Em II Walters, Chris. Schomaker, John
N. Heck, Louis Ottnat, Wm. Morley,
erdlnand A. Iteuter, Herman II.
But Cured by Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholara and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"When my boy was two years old he
had a very severe attack of bowel
complaint, but by the use of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
lemedy we brought him out all
right," says Maggie Hickox, of Mid
land, Mich. This remedy can be de
pended upon In the most severe cases.
Even cholera Infantum is cured by It.
Follow the plain printed directions
and a cure 'is certain. For sale by
F. 0. Fricke & Co. and A. T. Fried.
Mutt Pay Occupation Tax.
For the past few months Platts-
mouth has been overrun with outsid
ers coming in and taking orders for
various houses in other cities, and for
many kinds of goods and wares. The
mayor has given the chief of police in
structions to force the payment of an
occupation tax from all such parties In
the future.' Here Is where the trouble
may come, some of them positively
refuse to pay and with Instructions to
make arrests when such refusal Is
made may make some trouble for the
'Cheap John" houses that supply the
people with so much of these Inferior
goods. It Is strictly proper that they
should pay or get out.
rinesalve cleanses wounds, Is highly
antiseptic, uncqualed for cracked
lands. Good for cuts. Sold by Gcr-
ng & Co. 's drug store.
Pain from a Burn Promptly Relieved
-by Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
A little child of Michael Strauss, of
Vernon, Conn., was recently la great
pain from a burn on the hand, and as
cold applications only Increased the
Inflammation. Mr. Strauss came to
Mr. James N. Nichols, a local mer
chant, for something to stop the pain.
Mr. Nichols says: "I advised him to
use Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and the
tirst application drew out the inflam
mation and gave immediate relief. I
have used this liniment myself and
recommend It very often for cuts,
burns, strains and lame back.and have
never known It to disappoint." For
sale by F. 0. Fricke & Co. and A. T.
No appetite, lost of strength, nervoua
nu, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, tour risings, and catarrh
of the stomach are all due to indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural Juices of diges
tion as they exist In a healthy stomach,
combined vith the greatest known tonlo
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous remedy
cures all stomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Bill, of Rivtntwood. W. Vi., uTr
I waa troubltd with aour stomach for rwantr ysara.
Kodol cur4 m and w ara now ualnt It la Bilk
Kodol Digest What You Eat
otllaa only. $ 1 .00 Sin holdlnf 2 mtmai tha trial
alia, which Mill for 50 canta.
l O. D.WITT A 00.. OHioaoa
Gering & Co.
Summer time
You want to save your
money to buy your
. Coal Yardt.
Full Weight Guaranteed
Best Threshing Coal
All Kinds of Feed
Proprietor Plattsmouth
Coal Yardt
Corner Third and Main Street!
BelirboneSS riatU Phone 22
Plattsmoiith Citizens Should Welsh Well
This Evidence. !
Proof of merit lies In the evidence.
Convincing evidence in Plattsmouth,
is not the testimony of strangers, but
the endorsement of Plattsmouth peo
ple, That's the kind of proof giveu
here the statement of a Plattsmouth
M. W. Thomas, painter and paper
hanger, living on Chicago ave., Platts
mouth, Neb., says: "For a lung time
have been subject to attacks of kid
ney and bladder trouble. Twenty
years ago I had an attack of measles
which settled In the bladder. This
brought on retention of the kidney
secretions and for a long period I was
obliged to use a catheter. After I had
discarded the use of this, retention at
times existed and by spells I had sharp
pains shooting from each groin to the
bladder. In due course of time my
back commenced to trouble me. One
day four years ago while- leaving for
work, a sharp twinge caught me In
the loins and threw me to the ground.
If a knife had been plunged Into me
the pain could not have been more
Intense. I laid helpless for sometime
and when I did get back. It was bv
taking hold of something for a sup
port and almost crawling. For a
month later I was not able to do a
stroke of work and I continued to
have more or less trouble from pain In
my back.. It was difficult for me to
even rise from a chair. I tried no end
of remedies and was treated by physi
cians but received no permanent bene-
. Finally I learned of. Doan's Kid
ney Pills and they were recommended
to me so strongly I was Induced to go
to (rerlng & Co.'s drug store and get a
box. .They did wonders for me. I
have had but one severe attack of
backache since which was some years
after taking the remedy. The attack
mention quickly disappeared. Doan's
Kidney rills banished all pain, relieved
the bladder difflculty and Improved
my condition every way."
lor sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.,
EOle agents for the United States.
lemember the name Doan's and
take no other.
A Chip off the Old Block.
Fred S. Will.son of A. S.Will of My.
nard, living near Nelson, Neb., has dis
posed of his farm of lfiO acresout there,
It cost him $."),ik)0, and besides'iicttlns
fine crop oil the same, he sold it
iew days since for the neat sura of
13,000. Fred thinks Nuckolls cnuntv
Is good enough for him, so he has pur
chased two more farms, one of which
consists of 260 acres, four miles north
of Nelson, and the other contains KiO
acres three and one-half miles north
west of Nelson. Fred is a "chip otf
the old block," and don't let any grass
grow under his feet when it comes to
There are a few young ladles in this
town that want to get married so bad
they are continually on the "gad
They are the last girls that a young
man who Is looking for a wife. The
future wives are not made up of girls
who think home has no attractions for
Rake the Fires for the Corporations
We see by dispatches from Wash
ington that the republican national
committee will supply many eminent
speakers to tell the people of this
state how to vote in the coming elec
tlon. Why should this be uecessary'r
The election this year Is purely a lo
cal affair. While It Is true that there
are congressmen to elect, and that the
legislature will elect a senator, It Is
not tuie that the voters of Nebraska
are so dumb as to need men of na
tlonal reputation especially when
that reputation is a little oil color to
come here and conduct a campaign of
education. Nebraska Is a republican
staie oy a great majority . The ques
tion in this state is a tight between
the. people and the railroads. The
railroads have placed at the head of
their ticket Norrls Brown, and ask
that the people vote for machine-made
legislators In order that the plans
may be carried out, and that a senator
may be elected who will be In line
with the administration. This Is rot
The same gag was used two years ago
to promote the rottenrstdeal that was
ever sprung on our people. Thcro 1
not a candidate for the legislature I
this state today who should claim the
votes of the neoplo upon any such
grounds. If the Individual is unworthy
bury him under an avalanch of votes,
The people of Nebraska are able to
manage their own affairs without out
side interference, and the admlnlstra
tlon will gain nothing by sending
speakers here to rake the fires for the
corporations. Beatrice Sun (Ind.)
Well Worth Trying.
V. II. Brown, the popular pension
attorney, of Pittsrleld, Yt., saj-H
"Next to a pension, the best thing to
get Is Dr. King's New Life Fills." He
writes: "they keep my famlb In
splendid health." Quick cure for
Headache, Constipation, and Bilious
ness. 25c. Guaranteed at F. G
Fricke & Co.'i drug store.
Burlington Relief Department
Discussing the report that the Bur
lington relief department Is going out
of business, the Beatrice Eipress says:
'The generally accepted notion is
that this relief department has been
forced upon the employes, and that
those who refused to enter it were
ropped from the pay roll. The sys
tem In effect provided that the em
ployes should Insure themselves, pay
all the expenses and release the com
pany from liability In case of acci
dental injury or death.
"The employes could In certain
cases choose whether they would ac
cept the relief money or call on the
company for damages but this led to
other complications. For Instance, a
yearor so ago a young man from Gage
county was killed by the train on
which he was working. Ills father
was one of the oldest employes of the
company. Because he declined to ac
cept the relief money and called upon
the company for damages, he was
promptly discharged from the service.
"In recent years uearl7 every state
legislature has attempted to pass a
law abolishing the relief department,
but the hold of the lobbyists has been
too secure and the law never has gone
through. In the committee Investiga
tions no employe of the company has
ever dared to come forward and com-
plain of the system."
Good for the cough, removes the
cold, the cause of the cough. That's
the work of Kenney's Laxative Iloney
and Tar the original laxative cough
syrup. Contains no opiates. Sold by
Fricke & Co. and Gering & Co.
For Sale.
One thousand acres on Belle Fourche
river, In Wyoming. Under three wire
fence; good six. room house, bunk
houses, corrals.and 1,000 acres of leased
land, controlling enough range' for
from 40,000 to 50,000 head of sheep.
Terms-12,000 cash or $15,000 on three
years time. Apply to rtattsmouth
In these days of rush and hurry
courtesy Is often forgotten. In the
mad, pell mell rush of our life little
things are done to offend that we
rether remained undone. A hastily
eaten meal and Its resultant headache
may cause us social or financial loss.
iim wisuman or woman s the one
who relieves little Ills of this sort by a
little dose of Kodol For Dyspepsia. It
digests what you eat and puts your
stomach back Into shape. Sold bv
Fricke & Co. and Gering & Co.
Larger Than They Imagine.
The Plattsmouth News, which Is
Sheldon's republican organ, speaking
of Shellenberger, says: "He is quite a
clever gentleman and will undoubt
edly be able to land a few votes in
this county." Well, yes. He will re
ceive a much larger vote than Shel
don's admirers imagine. Nebraska
City News.
It arouses energy.develops and stim
ulates nervous life, arouses the cour
age of youth. It makes you young
again. That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. Gering & Co.. druggists.
For the Ak-Sar Ben Festivities.
October 2 to (i Inclusive the Burl
ington will sell tickets to Omaha and
return at 7."ic. The carnival thlsvear
will be a marked improvement over
all previous years. In addition to a
big street carnival every day, there
will be a flower parade October 2nd; a
gorgeous electrical parade, Wednesday
evening, October :trd; daylight parade
October 4th and the Ak-Sar-Ben ball
October fith. Ask the aireAt for de
Feel languid, weak,
Headache? Stomach
"ofT'-a-Just a
plain case of lazy liver, BnrdocJc,Btood
Bitters tone liver and ttomachirDfo
fcotet digestion, purines th WqojT
"I wrote you for advice," writes Lelia Hagood,
of Sylvia, Tenn., "about my terrible backache and
monthly pains in my abdomen and shoulders. I
had suffered this way nine years and five doctors
had failed to relieve me. On your advice I aook
Wine of Cardui, which at once relieved my pains
and how 1 am entirely cufed. I am sure that
Cardui saved my life."
It is a safe and reliable remedy for all female
diseases, such as peri
odical pains, irregulari
ty, dragging down sen
sations, headache, diz
ziness, backache, etc.
At Every Drug Store
Tu tretty Matron Hui lleadach end
Btikiukefler Condition
Was St ricus.
' '
99 Eleventh ttreet,
Milwaukee, Wis.
Peruna Drug M'fg. Co.,
DearSirxA thort time ago I found
my condition very aerhua. I bad head
ache, pain la the back, and frequent
dizzy apella which grew worse every
month. I tried two remedlea before
Peruna, and waa discouraged when I
took the tint doae, but my couraga
aoon returned. In leaa than two
montha my health waa restored."
. Mr. M. Brkkner.
The reason for ao many failures to
care cases similar to the above ia the
fact that diseacea
peculiar to the
pel vie organs are
not commonly
recognized aa being caused by catarrh.
Catarrh of one organ la exactly the
same aa catarrh of any other organ.
What will relieve catarrh of the head
will also relieve catarrh of the pel vie
organ, peruna relieves these cases
Imply because It relieves catarrh.
Don't allow money to lie around.
Is easier to spend it and easier
to lose It
bj keeping it In a safe place such as
The BanH of Cass County
Capital Stock 850,000, Surplus 115,000
Clms. C. l'nrmele. Pres., Jacob TrltscU. V-P.
T. M, Patterson. Cusli.
You can give a check for any part ol
it at any time and so have a receint
for payment without asking for one.
wnen you nave a bank account you
will be anxious to add to It rather than
spend from It. Don't you want to
know more about it.
Lands, Ranches and City Ileal Estate
In Nebraska a,nd elsewhere bought '
sold and exchanged.
KcntHls, Insuranco and Abstracting of
TIiIch. Money to loan at a low rule of
Interest on Improved farms. Iluslness
correspondent In all Important cities
and towns iu the United Stale.
aioanonaa no. o ana w.
R. B. WINDHAM, President
W. W. WINDHAM , Secretary
Wrlta u a letter drKrlblrj all
rour avmptomi, and a will an4 you
rr AJvk. In fWn tnlri tnvrlop.
Addrmi Ladifi'AirvloryI)jlmnt,
ThtChtlnou MrdklncCo..Cli
tluoti, Tann. -' JL1
in $1.00 bottles. Try it.