The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 27, 1906, Image 7

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i.rVa. 1 1! ' n.:u t i'f liv :' of l.t '.r
: ,.... arv tw-n y i.'.nt-l Uiat a . i
. ! 'st l-M S:'. H Hi
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ar a; a'J l-i iui l1';-'. l.t
i ti-n. rttt ma ar"l tin's:!- t ! .rra!.
a Mii!'.:ritHn os!l XX iU r A. l-ii.-ii.. u
U)r s.i:i''l ir-r ti mil i'rx-i-rU li i
St t or iBHk. , n tum v t lurt.
. as llHTXTT.
In tt ma'.trr of fstsre slfnsl VI,--lirrnwd.
iWs--a--i. N. )," il l-Ution fur u-nmiiim-nl
of aJmiiiMralor.
Not- ts his-f r lo Vrank V MrlH-r-
mi-ii. J.n XV. M.-Wrnk-d. Insvrv F- M.-lrr-'
rrw-J. Orif-ier M.-l-rmrsi. V aj.w M-rry atxl
Mail E-Maanlin. ainl allounr i-rHMii-rt-sitsl
In 1t -Mali.iliat a l-utu.n lias
l-.n ttfi In lln- isjumy court oJ I a. ixMimy.
l l'rii.lrV'tV 'I aiHimniiii if in
'a.immitrur for tin" riM ut said A If ml Mils-raws!.
iiss-as-d. and tint a hftnn will l
nm at I'lmtt-rfiKKitiu l"viHinly. N. LmNkv
lii tli a'U oy i' k-tol"r. A. l.. l 1
iiYVvk. - m.. ht ru r rwiulml to
sJkw rauM 'iiit iil l-ittion on or t-fon-it-
lour of a- nu on said U) of K'tu r.
1 Vn wltw-w wJxriwf 1 liar trvtoset my Inrxl
aril tlir seal of i)iMutit.v iurtof l'i.Mum,t.
NurakvUib.Sili' of S-im-mtr. A. 1..I.
Hahvet 1. Tkavi.
''lAUl County . I u.lsv.
(?pt-cll CorrespoDdtnoe.)
Sheriff Quinton wis in town Satur
day evening.
Wm. Knabe and wife ere up
from Berlin, Sunday.
Mrs. W. A. Hollenberger left Wed
nesday for Lincoln.
J. W. Brendel enjoyed a Tlsit from
Murray relatives, Tuesday.
rtirmnn Bros, orchestra was at
Murray, Saturday evening.
Mrs. Ora E. Copes spent a few days
this week visiting at Cook.
Jas. Seacat is having the founda
ticn built for a new residence.
The Avoca foot ball team has been
organized and are now open for games.
w. a. nollenbereer and O. Tefft
had business at Louisville, Tuesday.
Jno. Seabloom returned Sunday
evening from a trip to Stockton, Kan
L. W. Fahnestock has sold his res-
Honeo rrrrxrtT to Mr. TrOOk Of
i .dt-vwv r J
. M 1 111
The Ut:i 01 sepienioer iul.
rpi-prr.bered by Mrs. M. J. Betts
and family as one of the happiest and
best of their many family reunions.
The day marked another mile stone
in the life of Mrs. Eetts, and also of
her niece, Miss Mullen Chastain of
Coffeyville, Kan., who is visiting at
their home. A sumptuous birthday
dinner was prepared by the daughters
andbroujrht as a surprise to their
mother's home. All the good things
of the season were in evidence, and
each truest did justice to his share.
As a souvenir of the day a picture of
a!l nresen twas taken. Those present
were: Mesdames. Mary J. Betts. Lena
Betts, Anna Jacobson, Sarah Carter,
ES;e August. Lottie Shackley, Sadie
Duncan of Denver: Messrs. v. n
Eetts, sr., W. II. Betts, jr., Clarence
Betts. Charlie Jacobson, Vern Dun
can of Denver, CoL, Ernest Carter,
TA Shackley: Misses Rosa Peters,
Mullen Chastaine of CoSeyville, Kan.,
wirr.a Betts. Celeste May Jacobson,
Annie August, Gladys August, Muller
TharVlev: Masters Vincent Betts,
r.ll Jannhsnn. Lovd AUSTUSt. Willie
August and Virgil Duncan of Ien
ver, CoL
Weddlnj 8ell.
(a Wed-eviay. 1 1 .,
at tv.e tixs ot Mr. and Mrs. JoLu
Beceche. occurrei one vt the prettiest
huxe weidicTS0f the sa n, Iien
Miss Kmrca Ieneche of Avova xxa
united in marriive u Mr. JUn
Behrns of Xebawka. Atuhree o'cl ck
to the strains of Mendlessohn's wed-!
ding march, played ty Miss Lyd.a
Nutzxan, the bridal couple entered
the parlor and were united in the holy
bonds of wedlock by Rev. Spriegel.
The bride as becomingly gowned
In white silk and carried a bouquet of
bride's roses. The bridesmaid, Miss
Carrie Moore, wore cream silk. The
groom and groomsman, Mr. Albert
Beneche wore the conventional attire.
After the ceremony a bountiful wed
ding dinner was served, and not its
least attraction was the beautiful and
delicious wedding cake, which graced
the center.
Tee bride is the accomplished daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Beneche, and
has a host of friends who wish her all
the best of happiness. The groom is a
prosperous farmer living four miles
northwest of Xehawka. and has the
respect and friendship of everyone
who knows him. Many beautiful
presents were bestowed on the young
couple by two hundred invited guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Behrns left Thurs
day morninc for a wedding tour
Xaj Colorado and other points. A host
of friends extend best wishes lor a
happy and prosperous' journey through
i, s mmw QiBi) (fife yM!,
.1l isssssas mm.
WE can SN. 7T nJUrsm l&MyM
Beer, but cannot magnify the CX 3 I f vj I XjJI iX-'f
quality o the beer. It's absolute puri- " I r Vv! J J
ty, the right v.-ay in which it U made, the Xv . Ti BlIRYOI) US.
exceptionally highlass materials that go into it, XV U ' TtZZ rNT f V'V.'J
the proper ageing-all these make Beer in NVt 4gDgUGP
every respect the one perfect beer. O w Sy : pt
It is pale, light and nutritious. It is always uniform made SaS. .yffi.n -rt
just the same way all the time from the best Bohemian hops selected V Tfi0UfU
ij:, m-r1r fmm the best barlev crown. The Bohemian hops s'1 ' ri'rv"r''v '- ilh''t
i;iuuum-i" j - t ' v Ji - - VA'n' Vjt
j ,.c ... cp'w'p anrl Jmrvirted eoecial!v for brewirv' (hl'lr'' ' rA ik ?
ana inuii iuc t ut nviw j r-- y L!fc vf 1
v av m ! wm. H 1
Miss Muriel Mark was on the sick
list last week.
Elmer Phllpot shelled a large crib
of com Monday.
L. C. Todd has the largest sweet
apples in the country.
Miss Wunderlich visited home folks
Saturday and Sunday.
Dr. Wilcox is the new doctor in Ne
haka, since Dr. Lynch departed.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Behrns, sr..
Sundayed with Freddy Schomaker and
Simon Hansen i very sick. A doc
tor from Weeping Water was called
out on Tuesday and Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Davis and little daughters
left for Dakota last week. Mr. Davis
says batching goes pretty good.
Mrs. Chas. llensen was the guest
of her sister, Miss Eeckner, last week,
returning to Weeping Water Saturday.
Edith Schumaker was very unfortu
nate Tuesday by breaking a fruit jar
in her hand, cutting a deep gash in her
Little Gale Stcrm was a suferer
with a bad hand last week. Dr. Wil
cox found it necessary to have one
finger lanced. He is no getting along
Miss Stella and Ralph Opp attended
a surprise party on Harry Nuuman at
Avoca Monday evening, returning the
next morniDg. We are sorry Dora
couldn't go.
Gust Hansen is suSering with b'.uod
poison which he thinks was caused by
wheat grains being in his shoe and under his foot. He has had
it lanced several times. The last
heard he is s:ow!y improving. Gust's
many friends wish him a speedy recovery.
It has a finer flavor than any other beer because it is made from the Lest
material the four quarters' of the earth produce, and made right, by the highest
skilled brewers in the world. Then aged to a perfect ripeness.
Try this delicious bottled beer. You will find it all we claim for it and
more. Order a case today for your home. If your dealer cannot supply you,
send your order .to us direct and we will supply you immediately.
(By G. A. L-!.)
fY.r'wtorl wppV't fcv Martin i; T.ol.
who pay the highest prices for produce i
and guarantee sat!s;aciion.
Pattrr : !i
f iz
H !.... c
rrfOi a 1. lit : o. i l
CkU fljiaod HO
WlMt 1 " "
Oau 3
R;ck Island Time Table.
Murdock Station.
wE-T in"D.
No. 41, mail
'o. i, local
No. S. mail
No. 31, man
No. freight
No. 3, mail
No. 'A, Loca'.
No. 6, maii
short visit with the families of II. V.
McDonald and II. A. Tool.
A pirty was given at th h'me of J.
Stroy. sr., on Thursday evening of lat
week in honor of Mr. Stroy's birthday.
John Westlake and wife were down
fr m Eagle and visited Sunday and
Monday at the h-;me of H. Westlake
aiid family.
Millinery opening at Mrs. G. L.
Colbert's Friday and Saturday, Sep
tember 2 and Mh. Prices reason
able and satisfaction guaranteed.
I m fnl Up. 'H j tdm Mn 111V
j Tuesday morning, and run into the
Are you troubled with piles? One
application of ManZan will give you
immediate relief. Sold by Gering &
Co.'s drug store.
Osteooathic Physician
Picesalve cleanses wounds, is highly
antiseptic, unequaled for cracked
hands. Cood for cuts. Sold by Ger
ing & Co. 's drug store-
team of Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Iast,
(smashing their bu-gy and badly bnis
:1." a. m. ing the occupants.
3n'm UH team went
LA', p. m! i over to Elm wood on Thursday Septem
ber 3J, and showea iue lei.cwi uver
there bow to play ball. Eimwxd had
imported a pitcher from Lincoln; also,
a center fielder, and were feeling juite
jubilant over the results, until after
the battle, which ended in the seventh
inning, on account of rain with the
score G to ' in favor of Murd xk. The
fans were there to cheer our try on.
Our old friend, A. A. Wallinger. was
12:.yi a. m.
10:-) a. m.
, 1:14 p.m.
rkronie Mitatet Soecltlty
w,m??i andiX. Office bour
Prklss BuU:L
All klDdiof Tirratw
Work rua ran tl.
OFr'ICE FiTxerRi-i BuCi.
Ie's Laxative Honey and Tar, the
original cough syrup, acts as a catLar-
tic on the bowels. It is made from the
tar gathered from the pine trees of
our own country, therefore is the best
for' children. It is good for coughs,
colds, croup, hooping cough, etc
Try our free offer. Sold by Gerin L
Co.'s drug store.
Sold on Easy Paynjeqts
This Stan;
dard Edi
on Phono
graph and
12 Genuine
Edison Gs!d-
for onlv
- -
See the Genuine
r,roi'y!lft. rsatl.av:
PHIL SAUTER. PHits-oslii
Vftiihjrlcni time mak
ing up your mind to buy a farm of
youron. but once you mate x
,tttnTi,u will reirrtt tlie time
you have ated ar.Q be impatient
r prt settled on the r.w premises.
-If I had cn'y done this tve or fix
rpj'c .-n." an exrressi jn e Oft-
n 'r.r. No u,e to brood t ver rast
mistakes, but make up vcur rini
f. bfa-:n riht row. We have a
Lumber cl chc ;ce pieces cf land in
ti-lt: c-irlsof Ntv n.-a. allto-
,!it anllct LStrllr. u hat f have
Martin & Sires.
Sam Cox visited in Louisville Tues
day. Geo. Mills is entertaining bis brother
this week.
Iell Austin as over to Manley Fri- i also there with the goods, along w ith
day and Saturday.1 I aT oUier t-x Ian
A. S. Iepner visited in Ashland the
forepart of the week.
Mrs. J. M. Leis was on the sick list
the forepart of the week.
Martin & Tool shipped out-four car
loads of apples this week.
Wm. Knaup lust a valuable liOrse
last week with lung fever.
Chas. Gorsage is up from Auburn for
a short visit with relatives.
Ease ball Saturday on the Murdock
diamond: Murdock vs. Wabash.
Frank Moulton is having a car load
of rock hauled up from Wabash.
Mrs. Dr. McArthur is entertaining
her mother frpm Omaha this week.
MissEuena IeMuth is visiting at
the home of F.ev. Garries this week
Mrs. O. H. Ea'slestcn entertained
the Kensinjtoa Wednesday afternoon.
The Germans, southwest of to n.are
I holding their annual camp meeting at
1 present.
Ir. McArthur was called in consul-1
tatk'n with Ir. ircen. of Mar.ley last
John and Harry and Louie
Eich'.ers. ofAt'ca. visited ;th Rugbe
over Sunday.
Tl.e social dance at August Glaubitz
Monday evening, was well attended
i and enjoyed by al.
A b'juncing Uby toy was bom to
Mr. and Mrs. Henry LumVow, Wed
1 ncsday, September ).
! The Unitm I"aclc surveyors are
again in this ncightxThoxi. and their
'. new survey n north . f their old ones.
Wm. Ileiers'tVy has Uen on the
I I y l i.-
Nothing Ever Made
rn this stvle cf S'.t .? cqjals the
Riverside Base Burner
I: .'' ait c.rcs'jr.r.g: 5uf ,'
:. ctt'iuY.r nadeari t-.".ed.
li"! :. fr.-f t ati ins
. i tr: t;.,f ie:r. frd tl tby
'.i.t (u.'iv; n .:. '.lj!. Every
Ar- r t'i'? r. !: n 1 1 sel ifr.
ii. '. .ra :-r : .t ( t rtre ni ireare
i: f .: .: r'. .it lck.f -.i ca
"Bfcrc E'jrTr Goodness
John Bauer,
Stoves. &c
Weeping Water
l rom Uie Hrra.d.
Chas. Gilmore has yuit working at
Ilavelock and returned to Weeping
Weeping Water is a great apple
maiket. Thousands of bushes are
coming to tewn and being barreled.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Iuvis re
turned yesterday from Colorado, here
they had been on their wedding trip.
Tlie four months' old baby of Mr.
ana Mrs. W.T. Allen died Tuesday
morning after an Illness of veral
days with cholera infantum.
C. A. Webster concluded that this
was a pretty good old world, and he
was going to enjoy it for a sean
longer. He ts improved rapidly the
past wee .
Miss Anna Lyman left for llcnt.a
Harbor. Mich., la.'t Thursday, she
will make a short visit there before
sroinj t'j Mobile. A'.a.. where she
teaches music the coming year.
Mrs. Geo. Spohn. who hasfx-en mak
ing an extended vis;t here withher
parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ilart.lcft
for her home at Eatkus.Micn.. Friday
morning. Mrs. Hart accompaniel her
as far as Omaha.
Eui'.ding is progressing in the o un
try a little, Chas. Ijigelkcmeicr is
putting up a barn, and August Kegel
kemeier an addition to his house. L.
1. Switzer a barn, also Wx. s p-r.. '.cr
a birn en his farm.
Mr. and Mrs. F. I', lllakem re
i HAIF FARE CCctcSer 1st ta Sth All RAILROADS
Ccme And See The AlrS!iip-20tb Century Kcsdcr
-t j . .'4. wu J 'J-v a . A . -
sick list lately, hut It. McArthur !.asjrartcd Saturday fr-rCl-icv.. Mrs. li
the little cr.e on the read t j r:cDvery. j ) k.r, fr m the re to Mi 3 Ik bury. In J ,
Mr. ml Mrs. A. s. We'.lr. k le-1 wl.Te bor n.'-the r resil-rs. The latter
ir.ed f?r thrir h-rr.e at Newton, Ja., j R in v:rj ',-.: hc-lth. ar.1 her Li g'.
tl.c httcr pr.rt f Jan week-. aft-T t.'-r w.U visit a-1 csrc f.-r J.r.
HUE! till jarfced;tinenltrt. rctlCStCX MCI. G
Au in a lave jif ptrw'J :?h cs. 3
Diil"a We s!1 EvcntMct for sica to Kwr. H
atrcAntJtw dno. pHay 6 CO.. tt