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Does Money Born a Hole in Your Pocket!
Murray State Bank.
Chas. S. Stone, Cashier, Murray, Neb.
I'ni'lt! Tommy Campbell was In Mur
ray Wednesday.
L. It. Underwood Is attending tlic
Stato fair this week.
Grandma Nix lias been iulte sick
for tlio past few days.
D. C. Illioden wa9 attending the
State fair Wednesday.
Dave Amlck went to Omaha Tues
day with a ear load of stock.
Station Agent Martin was Weep
ing Water visitor Wednesday.
(J. M. Mlnford and wife were attend
In tlio Stato fair Wednesday,
(let my prices on farm wagons be
fore buying. J. II. Cook, Murray.
Mrs. John Farrls has been numbered
with the sick for the past few days.
Miss Carrie Allison Is visiting some
friends In Nebraska City this week.
Miss Ida lloedeker went to Omaha
Wednesday morning to spend the day.
Mrs. Henry Shoemaker and daugh
ter, r.erlha, were In Murray Saturday.
Warren Wiley and Nick Klaurens
were attending the State fair Tuesday.
Dave Young and W. W. Hamilton
were attending the State fair Wednes
day. Rev. Husch and wife, of I, Inn In,
were visiting in Murray a few da
this week.
ignite a number from Murray and
vicinity are attending the State fair
this week.
E.ra Murphy drove to Nehawka
Wednesday to make some repairs In
carpenter work.
Mr. and Mrs. Wordeman, of Leigh,
Neb., arc visiting with Murray friends
and relatives this week.
Mrs. A. M. Holmes has been suffer
ing for the past few days with an at
tack of sciatic neuralgia.
Dr. Gllmoro received a new Invalid
chair this week for Grandma Riser,
who resides near Mynard.
John Cook sold three buggies and
two wagons one day last week. Not
such a poor business for one day.
Lester Stone after a few days visit
with home folks departed Wednesday
for his home In Cherokee, Okla.
The dance given at the home of Wm.
Fuls, sr., last Saturday evening, was a
grand success Id every particular.
Miss Etta Nickels and Mrs. Worde
man were visiting with Miss Edith
F1U near Flattsmouth Wednesday.
Mrs. J. A. Walker and Miss Margie
drove to Union Wednesday to take the
train to Lincoln to attend the fair.
E"SUy S&tlsfactoiyR&ivgc
I would like the opportunity to
demonstrate the merits of the
J5he Monarch
Malleable Range. It is not dif
ficult to convince the most skep
tical of its superior qualities.
There's reason in
the price, too.
L. B. Underwo
Murray Department
Let us have it and voti will
goon learn to appreciate that
which you receive for your la
bor and skill, the waste of
which means that you are
throwing away future comfort
for yourself and family.
Your savings ere safe in
our hands, and if you only
start with a dollar we are just
as ulad to have you for a de
positor as though you came
with a handful.
McCloud, the- painter, has been do
ng considerable work In this part of
the world the past few weeks.
W. (). Wood and wife of liurllngton,
Iowa, are visiting In Murray this week,
the guests of James Root and family.
Dr. Wm. Lough ridge, of Milford,
was visiting his brother In Murray last
Sunday returning home Monday morn
ing. J. M. and Lester Stone were in Mur
ray Monday, J. M. returning to Ne
hawka In the evening and Lester went
on to Omaha.
Wm. Hendricks went to Flalnvlew
last Saturday, where he goes with a
view cf purchasing a farm, that Is if
he finds one to suit him.
John Cook handles farm wagons.
Two of the best makes to select from,
and the prices will be guaranteed as
well as the goods.
The entertainment given by Miss
Pauline Oldham the latter part of last
week was a grand success Ix)th social
ly and financially.
James Loughrldge and wife are in
Milford this week visiting- with Mr.
Loughrldge's brother. They will also
take In the State fair at Lincoln.
John Habel, who has been quite sick
for the past few days, was in Murray
Wednesday, and with the exception of
being a little weak, he Is looking well.
Misses Mary Finn and Bessie Mc
Daniel, who have been visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Mont Kobb, re
turned to their home in Omaha Wed
nesday evening.
Joe Lloyd, who has been threshing
In the vicinity of Murray this fall,
Arc the
thi$ virinity ami will mint fitne to this
went to Flatttsmouth Wednesday
evening, and will attend the state fair
a few days.
Geo. Oldham and Mrs. Dora Moore,
Flattsmouth, were visitors at the
home of their brother, H. L. Oldham,
la Murray Wednesday.
James Martin, who has been enjoy
ing a vacation with his parents in
Michigan, returned to Murray Wed
nesday and will resume his duties at
the M. r. station.
II. L. Oldham has been shipping his
peaches the past few days, and already
several hundred crates have been ship
ped out. He will take a wagon load to
Flattsmouth today.
Five cars of stock were shipped from
Murray to South Omaha Monday even
ing as follows: Ren Dill, one car:
Louie Todd, two; D. L. Amlck, one,
and Chas. Fhllpot, one.
Mrs. D. C. West and Miss Lottie
Follard, of Nehawka, were visiting
with Mrs. G. II. Gilmore Wednesday,
going to Flattsmouth Wednesday even
ing for a short visit with friends.
Jos. Shrader returned to Murray last
Friday night from Rapid City, South
Dakota, where he was assisting his
son, Wm. Shrader, stake out his claim,
and make the tlrst improvements.
Among the Murray people who are
attending the State fair are Mrs. L. R.
Underwood and sister, Miss Minnie
Underwood, Less Hall, James Hatch
ett, Fhll. Rrlsben and "15" Merger.
Chas. Chrlswclsscr lias been partial
ly laid up for the past few days with
an infection of the ankle joint. He
was a Flattsmouth visitor Wednesday,
but the trip was made under ditllcul
ties. D. M. Lloyd, who resides southwest
of Murray, we are sorry to say is not
Gel that New Suit
Do you know that we can take
your measure for a new suit of sum
mer or winter clothing? We have
a tine line of new and up-to-date
samples and will take great pleas
ure In showing them to you. We
Ukc your measure and guarantee
perfect satisfaction in every partic
ular. Come in today and let us
show you what we have.
so well the past few days. He has been
on the sick list the larger part of the
summer, but a few days ago lie was on
the road to recovery.
Miss Eva Cook, of Stanton, returned
home with tier brother, Adam, Tues
day and is now visiting with her
brother John and family In Murray.
Mr. and Mrs. Deerlng, who were vis
iting their daughter, Mrs. L. B. Un
derwood, in Murray, went to Omaha
Wednesday morning and from there
will return to their home, near Grand
Val Gobbleman and wife are visiting
relatives in the western part of the
state this week. They were accom
panied by Mr. Gobbleman's brother,
who has been visiting here a few days
from Illinois.
Miss Bertha Fitman, who has been
In Fasedlna, California, for the past
few months, returned home the latter
part of last week to spend a few days
with home folks. She will return to
California In a few weeks.
Adam cook ana family, who were
visiting with their father in Stanton
returned to their home, seven miles
westof Murray Tuesday. They report
a very pleasant visit and everything
in that part of the state looking tine
Levi RustcrholU, who went down
to Burlington Junction a few days ago
to take treatment at the springs, re
turned homo Sunday evening, feeling
much better from the trip. He says
tho water from these springs has great
medicinal properties.
The new born babe of M. and Mrs.
Frank Llghtner, died at the home of
lien Reckmau last evening. The little
one was born Tuesday, and after a few
short hours of pleasure and happiness
it brought to the parents, the little
one was called from them.
Of course you know that J. II. Cook
handles buggies, but perhaps you do
not know the kind. Well they are the
best on the market and the prices are
right, ir you don't believe it just drop
In and let him show them to you and
be convinced. The Auburn line is the
right line to look for.
For Hunt -two nicely furnished
rooms, modern and conven lent to town,
Suitable for two or four young men.
Enquire at the Journal.
office it will uiijxar vmkr Ai heading.
of all Kinds
is a, good thing, and in our
line we are prepared to in
sure you a bargain in every
Carriage, Boggy or Wagon
you buy from me. Call to
day and let us show you
what we have. Every vehi
cle fully guaranteed.
J, H.COOK, Murray, Neb
Mrs. nayden, who has been looking
after the business of the M. r. at this
station was released by the company
auditor Wednesday, and she will go to
Walton, Neb., where she takes a simi
lar position.
The Murray schools opened this
week with a good attendance and Mrs.
Lela Dugay and Miss Ina Miller as the
teachers, under whose management
we predict that the Murray schools
will be a success this year.
The Murray physicians and James
and Wm. Loughrldge are the recipi
ents of a case each of the popular Sho-
go Lithla waterat Milford, which Is
operated by Dr. Loughrldge. The
water is claimed to have great medi
: cinal properties.
j Wayne Lew is, the son of Jell Lewis,
who resides one and one-half miles
east of town, was kicked by a horse
Tuesday, ana wnue no hones were
broken he received quite a painful in
jury and will be laid up for a few days.
The animal struck him on the leg be
tween the thigh and knee.
Mrs. A. L. Raker and daughter were
In Omaha last Friday to consult an
eye specialist in regard to little Ofa's
eyes which have been troubling her
considerable the past few days. The
doctor discovered a growth of some
sort on the eye, wldch was removed
and the little girl has been getting
along nicely since. She is attending
school this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Farrls, who re
side about six miles southeast of Mur
ray are tne proud and happy parents
of a bright eyed baby boy, arriving at
their home Wednesday morning. The
little stranger not only brings much
Joy to the parents, but Grandpa Harris
is the happiest man in the county, and
anxiously awaits the hour when the
little fellow will be able to call him by
that name. The mother and tittle
one are getting along nicely.
Farm For Sale.
Four and a half miles south of
Flattsmouth, "40 acres, new house,
seven rooms and panty; water in
bouse; spring; milk house; barn and
other buildings; fruit of all kinds,
tf II. n. Rwr.
Geo. Shrader Very Sick.
Undo Geo. Shrader.who resides four
miles southeast of Murray, and is per
haps one of the best known men in
Cass county, is a very sick man, being
confined to his bed for the past few
days with a serious attack of kidney
and stomach trouble. Mr. Shader re
turned from Oklahoma only a few days
ago, pnd at that time was feeling in
the test of health, but the attack
came upon him the latter part of last
week and since that tlmo he has been
in a very dangerous condition. Most
of the near relatives have been called
home In case his sickness should result
seriously, but all have hopes that he
will recover.
A Pleasant Affair.
At the beautiful home of Mr. and
Mrs. S. O. Cole, of Mynard, was the
scene of a happy gathering Sunday.
An elegant dinner was served by Mrs.
Cole, to which all did ample justice,
and after having spent a very pleasant
day all departed for their homes.
Those present were Misses Rachel Liv
ingston, Tearl Lewis, Lela Vallery and
F.lrdella Cole; Messrs. Sherman Cole,
Roy Cole, Oscar Hoback and Carl Cole;
Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Cole and Mr. and
Mrs. Cah L. Wiles.
(SpevU! Correjni'en"-.
Mr. and Mrs. Root. Fropst f oWin
the State fair Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Verner Ferry attended
the State fair Wednesday.
Misses Mae, Grace and Lou Vallery
were at the State fair Wednesday.
Will Stokes and Will Richardson
were State fair pasengers Wednesday.
Thos. Ruby has gone to Omaha to
take a course at Boyle's Business Col
lege. Misses Dora and Fanny Will return
ed Sunday from a visit to Nuckolls
Frank Jean has accepted the prlocl
palshlp of the city schools at Donl
phan, Neb.
Frank Richardson and family ac
companled by Mr. Wycoff were visit
Ing at J. It. Vallery's Sunday.
W. B. Forter Is the first one of our
townspeople to take on city ways by
putting in a cement sidewalk.
J. R. Vallery took In the State fair
Wednesday and Thursday, stopping off
at has stock at Valpaxaso, cn his re
Harry Northcutt and family of Oma
ha and Miss Retha Kennedy of Flatts
mouth were visiting Tuesday with W,
T. Richardson.
There is to be another wedding at
Mynard Thursday and If reports are
true, 'still there are mor to follow"
in the near future.
Fetor Ferry is having hauled the ma
terial for a new house, unlike the most
of the farmers. Instead of returning to
the city. Mr. and Mrs. F. are prepar
ing to retire on the farm.
For Sale
Two mammoth jacks, black with
mealy spots, weighing about 800 and
1000 pounds each respectively, and are
four and seven years old. For partic
ulars call on or write to J. L. Young,
Murray, Neb. 8-23111-1
After Bathing.
During summer it is of the greatest
Importance to bathe very often, either
at home or in the fresh air, in order to
keep the pores of the skin open. The
body will then always feel comfortable
and be free from disagreeable and
painful eruptions. If we will also use
Trlner's American Elixir of Rltter
Wine regularly, the summer will be
unable to attack us with Its danger
ous diseases of the digestive appar
atus. This remedy is absolutely reli
able in all maladies characterized by
weakness, loss of appetite and pale
ness and it will always help, If taken
in time. Even In chronic diseases of
the digestive organs, which resisted
all treatment, Triner's American
Elixir of Bitter Wine had the best re
suits. e hlgnly recommend it to
nervous, sickly people and to those
w ho wish to have perfect digestion.
At drug stores. Jos. Triner, 7!t'J So.
Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111.
Apprentice Girls Wanted.
Several apprentice girls are wanted
at the Department store of M. Fanger,
In the Millinery establishment. This
department will be under the manage
ment of one of the finest trimmers
ever employed in Flattsmouth, and
will be an excellent opportunity for
apprentice girls to gain more experi
ence In the millinery art than ever be
fore. If you desire to accept a posi
tion of this kind, call now.
M. Fangkk.
Carpenters Wanted.
for Ilershey to Northport Line.
western. jseoraska.. Wages, 12.23 to
82.85 per day of ten hours. Board 81
per week. Transportation furnished
from Omaha. For further partlcu
lars address S. E. echskll.
General Foreman.
Sutherland, Neb
The Folks at Home, the Baby, you
Friends, Pets, etc. In after years these
pictures may become priceless and pleas
reminders of good times gone by.
It is not half so difficult nor
people think. Come in and
If you are in this condition,
your nerve force i weak the
power is giving out, the or
gans of your body have
"slowed up," and do their work
imperfectly. This failure to
do the work required, clogs
the system and brings distress
and disease. When the nerves
are 'weak the heart is unable
to force the life-giving blood
through your veins; the stom
ach fails to digest food; the
kidneys lack! power to filter,
impurities from the blood, and
the poisonous waste remains in
the system to breed disease.
Nerve energy must be restored.
Dr. Miles' Nervine will do it,
because it strengthens the
nerves ; it is a nerve medicine
and tonic, that rebuilds. the
entire nervous system.
"Several years ngo I wns all broken
down. I was nervous, worn-out, could
not fleep, nnd was In constant pain.
1 doctored for months, nnd linnlly the
doctor said hn could do nothing for
me. I bepan taking Ir. Miles'
Nervine, nnd used altogether eight
bottles, nnd I been tne strong nnd
healthy, und now weigh 170 pounds."
10S Ellsworth Ave.. Allegheny, I'a.
druggist, who will guarantee thrt the
first bottle will benefit. If It faili, ha
will refund your money.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
But Cured by Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholert and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"When my boy was two years old he
had a very severe attack of bowel
complaint, but by the use of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
emedy we brought him out all
right," says Maggie Hickox, of Mid
land, Mich. This remedy can be de
pended upon In the most severe cases.
Even cholera infantum Is cured by it.
Follow the plain printed directions
and a cure is certain. For sale bv
F. G. Fricke & Co. and A. T. Fried.
Birthday Surprise on Mr. Suiter.
Last evening a large crowd of
neighbors and friends gathered at the
home of Mr. Sulser and gave him quite
a surprise In honor of his 37th birth
day. A large graphophone furnished
music during the evening to a number,
while others enjoyed themselves bv
playing outdoor games. Ky light of
Japanese lanterns refreshments were
served by Mesdames Scott, Walters,
.Shaefer, Stohlman and Misses Minnie
Stohman and Walters. At a late hour
all departed fur home, wishing Mr.
Sulser many more happy returns of
the day.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Scott. Mr. and Mrs. August
Stohlman. Minnie, Willie, Arnold.
Dorothy and Rose Ilolshuh, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Thomas, Claire, Cecil and
Glenn, Mr. and Mrs. John Schafer,
Johnnie Shutz, John Isbel, Mr. and
Mrs. Will Rouse, Sadie, Will and Lena
Ilirz, Mr. and Mrs. Guy McMaken.Mr.
and Mrs. Emil Walters, Edgar and
Marguerite, and Matthew Sulzer.
Hay Bailing.
I have purchased a new power and
lighting hay bailer and am fully pre
pared to do all such work on short no
tice. All work fully guaranteed. For
further particulars see me.
R. W. Forter.
When two strong men come to
blos, even if they are well matched,
it Is not a pleasing sight, but If the
man who gets the worst of It will use
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, he will
look better and feel better in short or
der. Be sure you get DeWitt's. Good
for everything a salve is used for, in
cluding piles. Sold by Fricke & Co.
and Gering & Co.
near so expensive as most
let us talk to you about it,
& CO,, Kodak Dealers,