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    Month Journal:
- i
Short Paragraphs Prepared and Purloined
; For the Readers of the Jinrnal.
! 'WiDi-do.wVmii.'.tnblxn. ' ' ,
' Sirt, nml saiiiii'tlnii's wuke in fcur.'
i -Swifilv. sinvlv liiiK' tlix'-irii'i p -
i A week from MiiniUysehonltime'SKeiv.
: Even admiration Is blind It the girl
Is rich. " l "
Dpn'.t carry a gco when, y.$ arc
bunting for work.
: Silent votes do'most ot the talking
on ejection day. . ,
i There are same church workers who
try to work the church.
t letter a do.-?n freckles on your face
thnti one on your character.
i I t's usually a. nun i. sousa .that .ca-.
ables him to accumulate dollars.
Never use "the eTpr'essiou
"''It malls
Arm Broken.
-Martin FrledrlcirrU-ycari.M "Son,
Willie, had bis arm broken while go
ing to Louisville with a load of wheat
Friday afternoon.- Mr". - FrledrlCh
lives in Eight Mile Grove precinct,
and he was engaged in delivering his
wheat crop to Louisville. There were
several teams engaged In Mm delivery.
The younjr.nun ,was jUed oil tie
wagon and when lie was picked up , St
vyas found his rlghtarm was fraeturetfl.
He had a narrow escape from beitjg
run over by the wagou, In which event
he would no doubt have been kilhsl.
Tho Journal is glad that tho accident
is no worse. j
Refuses, to. Tallr ot Her Sentence and De
j cllnes to Confess the Warder."
1 ' i i" 1
5 3 I 1 u t
3 I I 'I
he governor' will be asked to act
There FDiitj ' (or Tellers," Pupils, School
me kick." doesn't sound well.
' A. girl who doesn't know one card
from another may be an adept at hold-
jngdiands. ' ' ' : ''''
) There are plenty or people who would
be proud to be arrestgd Jor speeding
in Automobile.
i Easy-going men are apt to spend too
inich time up in the. clouds-lwikhig
(or the" silver lining,
f J sonic people should make it a rule
o rkjtas -Ua;.w-.jia.LUujL..vvouliL. ucxer
&et very far from homc
j ASw-maW "or lattsmontrr'Tiftys
that about all some men.nre good jQr
Is to'secoM the rnot,ioh,'5 -a :,.
Domestic dillerences should always
be settled In the kitchen': '' The dining
room is no place for scraps-..
When a married man begins to tell
bis domestic troubles to his mother It
usually indicates a divorce suit.
Probably the hardest thing in the.
world to preserve Is the good reputa
tion inherited from our ancestors.
If an elopement occurs in Platts
mouth anytime soon, it will lie the
fault of parents. Maybe they do not
Opportunity is said to knock once at
every man's door, but some men
woldn't recognize it if it knocked them
The average man attributes his suc
cess to his own good judgment and his
failure to his having followed the ad
vice of others.
A Flattsmouth woman by mistake
used white canvas shoe cleaner for
rouge. Now her face squeaks every
time she talks.
Last night we heard a girl slug "1
Want to Be an Angel" but if she is,
I don't want to be. unless St. Peter
has her voice tiled.
The average man thinks it's up to
him to purchase a larger hat every
time he has 10 cents worth of fame
thrust upon him.
A bachelor of this city says he isn't
going to marry until he meets a wo
man who Is neither curious nor talk
ative. He Is indeed a hopeless case
An old bachelor of this city says
that "If a woman's waist Isn't to
squeeze It's mighty funny why It -vas
made such a good tit to a man's arm?
Here too, Pete.
A judge in Philadelphia has held
that the sending of a comic valentine
may conHtltute grounds for damages.
Some persons will now have to be care
ful about exchanging phot ographs.
The matrimonial market has been
very quiet for several weeks In this
man's town. But from present indi
cations It won't be much longer. Look
out forastampede in that direction
ere snow flies.
Some of the cobwebby fogies who
have no personal experience to support
their statements are declaring that
kissing Is an unsanitary practice and
shonldbe dispensed with. Those of
us who are still young and handsome
will continue to take the risk.
The two big piles of gravel In front
of the Plattsmovth hotel, which have
been there for nearly two weeks, arc
line ornaments to the city. Contrac
tors should know about what time
they expect to begin a job before
j- having material placed on the streets,
v especially in the middle of Main
There seems to be several business
f men In, this town , who .are always
''caught" by every advertising "fake"
"that comes along, who never give a
dollar's worth, of . advertising to a
home paper. They expect it, though',
to do its best to keep people from
ratronl.lug mall order, houses.
A young lady, whose name we will
hot give, wassplfd' In the postoffice
the other evening talking to a young
w .man for fully an boat and a-half, and
, a did not seem at rail desirous "of going
when its came timo to cUwio the mb
fiotiice doors. ilt was very noticeable
M; tnaUltt JOung4'mafchor,, did not ap.
company hefhorae.i ' '
Officers ar.d Psrer,ts to Ferfcrm.
It is but a fewj-hvs until thoschools
ill. be opened again
of Cass county
for all tho gi!.-
school aire, and
there is a dutiy
and parents tjo
Teachers and
get everything ia re
a wick Jbef
w ill i.e opened again
i :i:id boys of the nroper
1 itrevious their opening
ill- the teacher, pupil
at fcaftt
;:r v no icacner,
l form.
.'.itiol oiV.cers should
idinrss for school
fore school opens.
Clean house, pt
wced!see that good
water may bq hall, burn trash, make
and other diseases due to uncleanly
Kit ciu n (1 i iiTt --" . '
The teacher should become acquaint
ed in'thej'distrlbtf heforetbe Opening
day of school ann liaYCMiie. ciassinca
tionof.schoolwel) In hand. Get ready.
Don't waste first week of school get
ting " ready 7 ' Sec' "that 'blackboards,
library and other Supplies are ready
for use. A good start means a good
Parents should get everything in
readiness to start every child on the
tirst day. Few children are bright
enough to lose several weeks at open
ing and then keep up with the work
Much of the dislike of schools is due
to getting a poor start. As a rule
those who start late can least afford to
miss a day.
The commilsory attendance law
should be strictly complied with.
the law is a necessary one every good
citizen should see that it Is enforced.
All children between 5 and 14 years
must attend some school for half term.
No one can be excused for half term
until he has already attended.
' 'i
alifcrnia Ejects Circulation ol Petition
as lo New Jersey . and faissonrl.
A special from Stockton, Cjlilui nia,
fias tin? following to say rut'iun: me
murrlere of A.-Nr MeVtnr Khd was
a nephew of Attorney A. N . fMiulvan:
Mrs. Kiiur.a I.e. Hoiix, i.nipd (fumy
of murdering her , former liusb;viil, A .
NV Mi'Yickar, with les tliju , Seven
eks of life before her l ollitcfy do-
iilinei tociufess the murder 6i which
she is accused nor will shq discuss the
probability or stem's, being; UUn.t'or a
commutation l.f sentence. cj ' ' -i
fl have say! '(i'llftj' say:
(.'). hiin(.y.t(0byr iii," is iiM.piy or
tlie most interesting priionr jo tho
San (Jucutin jail to every ltderroga
tion, and her lawyers are fqitilly. uitri
rnrrrrnnrm'attvr; ft - K- taken,, im!iUyl.liest at j (HucialK
corinectciT wtnt inPTsrse mai;an canj-
pst cITort will lie made,, to. present the
eKccutiou'wlilvh is setvTo't Mtobtfr l'J,
and this stiiLQ; will doubtless witness
the circulation of c'ommntaUonjmtl-
tl.op.s..aujl..all.ofjlhe.jther nioven re
cently, seen in, similar cases in.'New
Jersey and Missouri,- In which women
were sentenced to die on the gallows.
October I.'j Is the last date upon
which a bill of exceptions can be lilcd
showing cause why the sentence or
death should not be carried out and It
that date goes by without a move on
the part of Mrs. Lc Doux's lawyers
the case will be in the hands of the
Notwithstanding the short time left
for agitation for a reprieve or comma
tation, nothing lias yet been made
public by the woman's lawyers, and it
now seems likely that Mrs. Lc Doux
will be hanged in accordance with the
verdict and the sentence.
A Nnrrow Escape.
About half-past two this afternoon
Henry (Juthman bad a narrow escape
trooi being seriously injured. He had
his horse hitched to tho buggy and
tho lines wrapped around the whip In
the socket, and just as he w.n getting
liVtlie. buggy the animal started to run
btforu, he .. could . -release- tlm lines.
Ruimlug- tlm buggy upon tho laree
sayd pile in front uf the I'lallsmoulh
House It was upset, throwlny Henry
en the paved street, and within a few
Jnchcs of a passing wagon. Mr. (Juth
man was pretty badly shook up, but
ie re-hitched the, horse, and the last
we seen of him he was going up Main
Street at the animal's usual rate of
, , .....
llstrimsiij and Hits School Marn Play Hjvcc
Willi Public Schools Sometimes.
His Public Career as Portrayed by One
Loose Board on Car Causes C. S.
Seriously Sprained Ankles
While mat rim
Did You Help?
The editor of Publishers' Auxiliary
says that twelve of the leading mail
order houses of Chicago last year took
from the country trade the enormous
sum of e-JOO.OOO.OiHi. This great sum
was sent last year to Chicago for
goods, much of which could have neen
purchased of the local merchants with
direct advantage to the buyer. A good
share of this sum might have been
kept in the community It left, to pay
the taxes and to buy raw materials,
had it not been fur the near-sightedness
and lack of ability to see their
own interests on the part of the pur
Will Re-Advertise for Bids.
Wh'.le at Plattsmout'a Tuesday
where he met with the connty com
missioners, C. A. Klchey was Insured
by Commissioner Marshall that he
would favor re-advertising for bids for
the repair of the Platte river bridge
at this place. Commissioner Swltzer
was absent on account of Illness and
no definite arrangements were made.
The bridge trust when asked to bid
on the structure thought they had a
sinch and accordingly put their bids
about $4,000 higher than the work was
actually worth and the commissioners
did the right thing In rejecting all
bids Louisville Courier.
i y.r
What Colonel Bill Says,
An Indication of the great change in
sentiment toward Bryan Is strikingly
illustrated in the person of Colonel J
C. Bills, a well known republican cltr
zen of Lincoln, now in New York:
I am not afraid to say It; In fact, 1
am proud to say It," he said, "that, re
publican as 1 am, I regard Bryan as
one of the greatest and truest men the
nation has produced. 1 was In Lin
coin when he was there, ana was
amazed to find him as well known as
he Is at home, more 1 believe than any
British leader. He is the Idol of the
common people of England. I found
the newsboys, the cab drivers, the la
boring men lu their blouses aglow with
interest In Bryan and enthusiastic
over his curocr. Tltoy say that he Is
not oply the best friend of the com
mon people if tho United States, In;
of; tho common people of all Ku
Kurot)o,A l..ain i proud fif him1 and
pcoua to-. .be -a citizen of - tho
state that Is his home. Nebraska has
not always appreciated the true feteat.
ncssof William Bryan, Umsorty to
ily, bub thafcrlttelsm Is on thatl be-
Body Shipped in Trunk.
The body of McVlckar when recover
ed from the trunk in which It had been
checked to a lonely mountain station
was found upon a post-mortem exam
inatlon to contain morphine andchlor
al. As Mrs. LeDoux was charged with
liavinkr contracted a bigamous mar
riage with Eugene LeDoux, she was at
once suspected of having poisoned her
legal husband to prevent exposure of
the situation. Although the evidence
was practically circumstantial and
Mrs. LeDoux pleaded not guilty and
desperately fought the contentions of
the state, District Attorney Norton
built up so strong a case that her con
viction followed.
One of the startling charges made by
the state was that McVlckar was still
alive when he was placed in the trunk,
although poisoned with morphine ad
ministered In various drinks, and to
prove that a man could exist shut up
In the trunk for a short period of time.
E. R. Rogers, an expert chemist em
ployed by the state, allowed himself to
be locked Into the identical trunk In
which McVlckar's body was found and
testified at the trial that he remained
In it for forty minutes.
Suicide Was Her Defense.
The cootent Ion of the defense had
been that McVlckar took the morphine
wlthsuicidal intentand an experiment
was conducted to prove that even
though he had taken the morphine
himself, whoever placed him in the
trunk was guilty of murder, as life
could not be sustained In the trunk for
longer than forty or fifty minutes
Frank LeDoux, a brother of Eugene
LeDoux, carried on the correspondence
with Mrs. McVlckar previous to her
second marriage, it was testified, as
Eugene was unable to read or write
Her letters to the man she later mar
ricd were Introduced In evidence, and
breathing the tenderest affection In
every line.
The theory of the state, borne out
by circumstantial evidence, was that
Mrs. LeDoux poisoned her tirst bus
band witli morphine, chloral and oth
cr drugs, packed his body Into a trunk
and checked it to a mountain station
in the mining region, lntctidinr to call
for it there, take It away and probably
dump the uncuilined. body Into
ny'has not Withered
Cass county svlnvils' to any great
extent the'' pr,t year, I!, has played
iad'havne with' the 'sclmols id Otoe
cVmntv 'and to the client that they
eed llft'eeii teachers down there to
fill the positions'- of yo'tntr school
Oiurms who have, chosen, since con
tact Ing with the school directors, to
try tho matrimonial career instead of
lnhgcr continuing ' the '.ivocfttlon of
"teaching the young Idea how to
shoot"! Some of tho patrons of the
schools In this county arc disposed to
blame tlio young ladles when they
(rive up their schools fur that of con
nubial bliss. The Journal don't.
In the whole list of women's rights,
matrimony Is the one most absolutely
Inalienable. Any infringement thereof
Is sure to provoke rebellion, stubborn
and imnlaeable. It would be easier
to retain the services of specially de
sirable young teachers by pretending
to try to force them Into marriage
than by opposing any matrimonial in
clinations they may develop.
Not only have the young teachers
the right to marry, hut It is their
duty to do so when a worthy and ac
ceptable suitor falls upon his knees
and shows good cause. J he proper
management and discipline of a hus
band Is a higher and nobler task than
managing and Instructing other peo
ple's children, in any age or country.
Marriage of a certain proportion of
the teachers annually contributes to
that gradual rotation in office which
Is good for the efficiency of any ser
vice. Those who, fur one reason or
another, eschew matrimony sufficient
ly, supply experience, while those who
marry and drop out only make room
for fresh enthusiasm and for the latest
graduates in the arts of pedagogy.
Let the young school inarms marry
just as soon as they are sure tney
have found the right partners. The
normal schools will make new teach
ers, but It takes a marriage to make a
family, aud without the family there
would be no need for the teachers.
That political virtue Is Its own re
ward, that deep thinking and upilrbl
conduct pays best and wins oftenct,
Is well illustrated by the nomination
of Hon. A. ('. Sli;i!!iMi!ri',.;er for c over
nor. 1 s:iv political vh J u- a 1 vUedly, f or
from the il.'iv when Mr. Mialleuiieiver
tirst, entered pohl les as a niemli.T r'
the Nebraska UiiikI alllc l.eai'tie and
hh speech as chairman of tin' d.o.v-
eiu ie state run vent ion I'd 4,eai!' d eMi
e.ral at tent ion to ids except loual power
as an orator, on down llii'"Ui(!i die sue
c?ssive si ages of his career as rung !
man and publicist, lu.s record ia iibsft
lulely and creditable. " stain
.it laches lo his acts.
As l.o his record as a cimiiv an, I
speak witli authority. I had the. lemur
to act, as his secretary '.vlii.e l.c. was at
the national eapitol and f he c. -e,,y
associated with hlui lu both IoWmii;
palus.. I can well ' remember tic! e
I raonllnai'y' elfoits in ule by the cor
poration, and niore particularly t.ho
railroads, In the Fifth district,' to ac
complisrr his'defcat, as well ns the ob
stacles placed in his official 'pathway
ami the inducements offered him lo
swerve aside in his duty to the public.
That he did not, swerve but was ever
loyal to the general welfare Is credit
able alike to his own courage and in
tegrity and to the judgment of those
who elevated him inofficial plac and
Mr. Sballenberger's record as a pub
lie official Is well known, lie succeed
ed in eliciting much favorable notice
and comment during his two years of
service in Washington and cave Ne
braska an Importance which up to that
time she had not enjoyed in congres
sional circles. Ills speeches and com
mittee work drew forth enthusiast lc
praise of John Sharp Williams, Champ
Clark and other democratic leaders, as
well as the republican members from
the western states with whom he
worked on the irrigation question.
M r. Sballenberger's most not aide work
was In connection with this legisla
tion, he being recretary of the first
While Freight Train No. 76 Was Running
About Fifteen, L!ilcs an llr.
A loo ;e b : r. 1 in the' r
car on train N'o. os v,a;
nn accident Monday
llral.eman '. S. Cl,".rv,
Of (! a tlei,;l,l
i ti l' C.'ltl .e Ol
I'lO': Uhhli
fori in at "l v i v
aped w
'Che accident hi
H -live uienl ioimd fo
t he yard.; tit 1 ,o:ii ;vi
i only s. rioiish' f.pi.itu
re I while the
d was eril ernn:
i.'i I ( 'lary ,t cp-
ped In the ed'' t tic ca r t o sh'litil the
oiy!n"d when Hie , ,ai'l on v, hieli he
.stood suddenly uavc ;: a;iv ;i:i:I would
li:'.e allowed bin. io fail In lid foiv-
unst to the ground. l.e not qiiieh
iy taught, kiiillcien! I mtht I I on. the
clr.'K'ias to laud hint (n bis feet.
'Che train was niiinini: ab''i,t, fifteen
llrakeman Clary
', rains Lo both
abandoned prospect hole; where it
might never bo discovered.
The Mend who persist In throwing
banana' peel ln?s tin-- tlu sfd walks
shbuld bo deteetfd In 'tho 'ftct' Mid
Uicavlly fined.' "lf would learn thcin
llcvo can never be pronounced ngln." lesson they would hevor forget.
miles an hour, ami
sustained serioen
Ho was conveyed from Leuiswlle to
this city on Iraln No. I aud was taken
to the company physic lan'soillec where
ills Injuries were, dressed. With the
aid of crutches he managed to walk
from a cab to the fast mall, which he,
took for Lincoln, where he resides. It
will be several weeks before he will he
bale to resume bis run, but, he feels
very fortunate to have escaped as
easily as he did.
Frost for "Enry Money" Poll.ird.
A special fom Lincoln, under date
of Sunday says: ' Friends of T. J.
Doyle are exulting today over the ap
plause won by their candidate at tho
meeting in Havclock yesterday after
noon. There Congressman Pollard
vied with his opponent in the First
district, both Doyle and Pollard mak
ing non-partisan speeches. Doyle
scored a decided hit, while the efforts
of Pollard were not accorded much
consideration. The alleged salary
grab was one of the topics of discus
sion among the people of Havclock
congressional conference ever held t" anfl tic si,op ,Ilcn Kt.eme(l to be eager
discuss the subject and later taking a
prominent part in the light which
meant so much to tlie arid regions of
the west, lie was also actively Iden
tified with the anti-oleomargarine pro
paganda, a hit of legislation In the In
terest of the farmer and butter-raiser.
One of his strongest points as a con
gressman was his zeal for the old sol
dier, he having brought the machinery
to learn the details of how Pollard got
the money. Tlie city park was for
mally thrown open to the public after
the oratory and musical program "
Empty Citlar Boxes.
Few merchants are aware of a new
law which went into t llect last July.
One merchant In a nearby city is al
ready grieving on account of his Ignor-
Mickey Fears Railroad Control.
A special from Lincoln says that
Governor Mickey fear the railroads
will control in the event tlie republi
can ticket is elected. He says in an
Interview: "If the republican ticket
Is elected, I fear the railroads will still
have control of the board of equaliza
tion." He said that Land Commis
sioners Eaton and Auditor Searle,
probably would vote In the future as
they had in the past. According to
indications D. C. Brian or Albion
would be with Searle and Eaton.
Governor Mickey also believes that
the officials are unwise In their discus
sions of what they would have done
had they known a large dividend
would have been declared by the
Union Pacific.
Collision on Missouri Pacific.
A special from Auburn, under date
of August 27, says: "A freight and
passenger train collided near Julian,
on tho Missouri Pacific road, last night
and considerable damage was done. A
colored man, named Tom Jones, who
was riding on the blind baggage, was
thrown from the car and had one foot
badly crushed. He was brought to
this city hut the company surgeon re
fused to care for him and he was taken
to the city jail, where his Injuries
were cared for by the county physician."
of the government, pension bureau to an(.ft 0r tir. aw to the extent of a
bear In behalf of near a thousand vet- ll(,avy nn0 t),al WilK ,n,osed upon him.
cm claimants, a majority of them sue- heretofore it lias been customary to
cessfully. scratch the stamp of a cigar box, and
Mr. Shallenbergcr Is one of the best f iie s0 desired, give it away or do
types of public men which western with it as he should see lit, so long as
conditions produce. Thrown upon his the stamp was destroyed. But this Is
own resources early In life, Ids close no longer the cai-e. The merchant or
application to work and strict honesty dealer must destroy the box lmmcdl-
have made him a power in business jtely after the cigars are gone. He
circles and his banking and stock-rais- must at 0,iCe remove the box from the
Ing interest have a reputation all over caSC and break It up. The law may
western Nebraskaforconscrvatlonand 80un,i )lUccr ,ut be sure that it Is
substantiality. heeded or you will be caught before
Resistance to corporation domlna- T0U j;now n.
tion of public affairs Is not a matter of
eleventhdiour conversion with him. Reunion of Sisters.
It has been a matter of life-time con- Mrs. Sablna Kitzel, of Alvo, who
vlction, and his elevation to the gov- as attending the reunion at Union
ernor's chair will he a public declara- Friday and Saturday, came In Monday
turn that the voters of Nebraska be- morning with her sister, Mrs. S. ().
lleve In rearing men who have always whose home she spent Sunday,
been steadfast in their opposition to These two ladies are sisters of Mrs.
corruption and dishonesty. w. D. Wheeler, and In company with
Mr. Sballenberger's popularity where Mrs. T. W. Vallery, who Is a! a sis
known U indicated by the remarkable ter, spent a very pleasant day at the
races he made for congress, running Wheeler home. It is very seldom
i .".on votes ahead of his ticket In lnoo, that the four sisters meet in a body,
and over 2,000 In He has the and It is a guaranteed fact that they
happy faculty or making a friend of had a good time, as Billy was down to
every one with whom he Is thrown In "Is farm and was not there to mar the
personal contact. Ills executive ahll- pleasure of the event by his jokes
Ity commanding presence and fluency which he sometimes perpetrates upon
nf-lniwh make him an Ideal candi- these good ladles when an opportunity
date. The same qualities would make ls afforded
him a chief executive of which the
state could he proud.
. - , .Just What Baal Him. .
The publication of the ixnistltu
tlonal 'amendment In two papers In
Weeping Water and its absenca in a
connty seat paper would not seem to
give it the widest publicity. Secretary
Gains! ia evidently; did .ncY, want the
p'thllti ingencral to read, it-' it is said
tlicruvme policy was (vUowctl all: over
the stat?. Loulsvilk'CJuuilqr.-. ;
Tho Canning Season Ripe.
Boy Falls From Tree.
The ten-year-old son of Joseph Sc
basta, residing about one mile from
Plattsmouth, on the ferry road met
with a serious accident Sunday morn
There's steam upon tho windows ing tnaimignt nave rcsuueo in me
and peach sk Ins on the Hour; the ta- loss of his life. The lad was sailing a
blc's burled under trash about a mile kite, wncn it inugeu in a urge- iree,
or more. There's juice 'on the piano and tip the tall oak the lad climbed
and crane seeds In tlie bed: and pulp and when nlwmt sixteen feet from the
and jelly glasses crowd mo pantry ground nc msi ms unance mm ten,
overhead. And father's lit the garret, sustaining severe bruises about the
and mother's In a stew; they're rush' head and Shoulders and .was In a very
Inj? 'rohhd' from dawn t dark tA fct ihngfruu condition for about t went y
the job 'put through. TW'eat-h four bouts, hnt at this time is recover
choked on Rfcallrtg waxthere's Holder Ing. Dr. Cummins was caihvl and
In her ear, and I guess we're -mighty dressed the wounds and thehd 1 eon
happy now that canning time- Is. here. I side red out of danger.