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r 'in I ri.Uj lui:y.
Dr. Marshall, I, Oals' I'.Lck.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Lml AU last
night, a son.
Rev. J. F. I'.alrd went to Omaha on
business this morning.
A iult to quiet title was tiled today
ljr AiiKUst Stander v Thos. Tootle,
ft. at.
Mn J as. Mitchell Is vlsltl iifcf In the
city, the guest of the family of II. I.
John WiKwttr and wife wore among
the Onialia passengers on the early
morning train.
John I'lght, wife and daughter Miss
Jlattlt! relumed last evening from a
pleasure trip to Minneapolis, Minn.
Llmer K. Corkcn, was In town today
In the Interests of the Mineral .Sanitar
ium company of Iturllngton Junction,
Mm. (J. L Bulger and koii Cecil, of
Omaha are visiting In the city with
her parent! Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Leon
ard. W. II. I'ool of the llrm of Tool .V
Colbert, the real estate men of Weep
ing Water was In town today on busl
ness. J. I Ihirk and M. C. Franks depart
ed till afternoon for Oakdule, Neb.,
wlicrothey will spend several weeks
Mr. Sain I'altcrson and children, ac
companied by thelrgrandmotlier, Mrs.
Win. McCauley, departed this morn
ing for Arapahoe, Neb.
Mrs. W. II. Heed, of Council llhilTs,
who has been enjoying a short visit
with the family of 1'. 1). Kuirncr, re
turned lioiuu last evening.
Mrs. Richard lllvett and two chil
dren of Council Bluffs are visiting In
the city, tho guests of her sister, Mrs.
C. I. Cummins ami family.
Mrs. l'.d. Ilamtow, who lias tieen en
Joying a few days visit with Mrs. C. N.
Forbes, returneil this afternoon to her
home In Lincoln.
B. Hcathcrlugton and family de
parted this morning fur Heaver City
where they will spend a few weeks
visiting with relatives.
Mrs. Sidney Tyler, who has been
upending several days with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Harvey, re
turned to llavolock today.
Ilennet Chrlswlsser and wife who
have been spending several day with
their children who reside southwest of
Murray, returned homo last evening.
Tho docket for the fall term of dis
trict court as completed by tho clerk,
shows that 22 law, 2H equity, M tax and
4 criminal cast's are to come up for
Ir. A. P. ltarnes departed t his after
noon for Fremont, Neb., where ho will
meet many of tho old praetloneers
with a view to organizing a state
veterinary association.
Our old democratic friend, J. M.
Stone, of Nehawka, was In the city to
day and found time to call and chat
over tho prospects of tho democratic
success this fall. Ho also renewed for
the Journal while here.
The attention of County Judge
Travis Is occupied by the helm of
lvld Woodward, deceased, who was
married twlco and by his will left out
the children liy Ills first wife. They
are contesting tho will In an endeavor
to secure a sharo of tho estate.
From fHliinlny'i llly,
"Out Hell," the favorite cigar
Mr. A. F. Seybcrt of Cullom was
visiting In the city today.
Sheriff (Julnton went to Avoca this
afeernoon to spend Sunday.
It you can't sleep at night, lie awake
and listen to tho com growing.
George Horn of Cedar Creek was a
business visitor In the city today.
Tlicy say every dog lias his day, and
yesterday was one of them and today
is another.
Mrs. W. K. Kosencranes and two
daughters departed this afternoon on
a pleasure trip to Denver.
Mrs. Jas. Mitchell, who has been
spending a few days with friends In
this elty.returned this morning to her
home in Omaha.
A marriage license was Issued yes
terday in Lincoln to Hort A. CanMeld
of that city and Miss Ada M. Wilson of
Weeping Water.
Commissioners Marshall and Sw iter
who have been here checking up the
books of the county orticlals, returned
to Weeping Water this afternoon.
Miss Amy Oliver arrived yesterday
evening frvm Hock Springs, Wyo., for
a visit with friends In this city, the
guest of the family of Fred Kamge
Jacob and Conrad Melslnge r and the
latter' daughter, departed today for
riainvlew, where they will spend a
few weeks visiting with Conrad's son.
Mis Irene Leesley departed this
morning for St. Joseph, Mo., where
ahe will enter a wholes' tnlltioery
establishment ft learn the latest fall
Mrs. (ieo. K. Wagner, of St. Joe, who
hat been spending a few days with the
family of Conrad Scblater, went to
Omaha this morning for a visit with
Our old friend, Herman Hester, was
In the city today, and called at these
headquarters for a few moments. He
reports about one Inch of water fell at
his place yesterday uftcrnoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. lickett, who
have been spending a few months with
her relatives In Kvansvllle, I ml., In
hope of benefiting Mr. I'lckett'
health, returned homo this afternoon.
We are pleased to see Mr. lickett so
much Improved by his visit to the
east, where he experienced a most en
joyable time.
There will be a meeting of the
breeders of thoroughbred stock of
('ass, Otoe, Nemaha and Johnson
counties held In Nebraska City Tues
day, August 21, at the court house, for
tho purpose of forming a local organ
ization. Several Important proposi
tions have been presented for consider
ation and a general at tendance Is de
I' mm .Monday' Dully.
Win. holes Dernier of Kim wood was
transacting business at the county
seat, today.
Misses Lora and Herlha Iitman of
Nehawka weio In the city today, the
guests of Mrs. Johnnie Hatt.
J. M. Melslnger and wife departed
today for Orchard, Neb., wiiero they
will enjoy a visit with friends.
Mrs. K. S. lningan, Mr. and Mrs.
W. 1'. Davis of I'nlon arc visiting In
the city, tho guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. (iambic,
Mrs. Fred Kroehlerof liavclock was
In the city Sunday to visit with her
sister, Miss Frances Weld man, who Is
very sick, but Is slightly Improved to
day. Miss Minnie Wills returned from
Omaha Sunday, accompanied by Miss
(iretchen Walsh of Lincoln, who will
spend a few weeks visiting friends In
this city.
Miss Agnes Neville Is spending her
vacation at homo with her mother,
sisters and other relatives. Miss Agnes
Is governess In the Feeble Minded In
slltute at Heatrlco, Neb.
John Neville came In Sunday from
Olcweiii, Iowa, to visit a short time
with Ids mother and sisters and other
friends. Mr. Neville Is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Win, Neville and Is learning
the machinists trado at Olcweln.
Hilly Neville was down from Mil
ford, Neu., to spend Sunday with his
family, and spend the day with his
daughter and son, Miss Agnes, of Ilea
trice, and John, of Oelwcin, Iowa.
Mr. Neville says the work on tho new
Hurllngton branch is progressing very
Will Carstens, brother of Mrs. Mike
Lut., came In from St. Louis Sunday
morning, where ho has been in the up
holstering business for over four years.
Mr. Carstens is a former employe of
tho Hurllngton upholstering depart
ment, and after visiting among his
friends for some time may conclude to
open up a repair shop In Flattsmoiitlt.
r'roin TiD'ailny'ii Dully
11. C. Long of Murray was in town
today on business.
J. M. Stone of Nehawka was In the
city Unlay on business.
Henry Sanders of Cedar Creek was
In town on business today.
David Katon and K. Austin of I'nlon
were business visitors in the county
keat today.
Mr. W. T. Scot ten returned last
evening from a week's visit In Chey
enne, W yo.
A. S. Wills departed this morning on
a business trip to bis ranch near
Akron, Colo.
J. H. Seyboit and Oscar Uapcn, from
the vicinity of Murray, were among
those to board the morning passenger
to Omaha.
County Recorder 11. A. Seuelder and
family are expected home Thursday
from a six weeks pleasure trip through
Colorado, Wyoming. I'tahand Idaho.
Mrs. Perry Walker and daughter,
Miss Cora, who have been spending
the past two months visiting in 1111-
nols and New York, returned home
this morning.
Our friend. Fred Patterson, never
forgets the Journal whenever he has
anything In the fruit line. He brought
in some fine peaches, which were rals
ed on I. S. White' place this after
noon, and for them we are Indebted to
J. J. Sumoda departed last evening
for riainvlew, Neb., where he will
spend a few days with the family of
hi daughter, Mrs. George Koehnke.
Frank Svoboda accompanied hi father
as far as Omaha.
C. A. Blciieyof Lo.nsvi'.le was trans
acting business at I'lattsmouth today.
Mr. ar;1 Mrs. O.r j Virgin near Mur
ray are the parent of a nine pound
baby b'y, who arrived last evening.
The iiierrr-gu-'round of Tu'.eue Pros,
was shipped to I'nlon thU morning,
w litre It will be op-rated at the Old
Settlers' Reunion.
Commissioners Sniter and Mar
shall came In from Weeping Water
thl morning to attend the n'.cetlng
of the county board.
J'miii VVi'Otmduy'i dully.
Otto Pecker of Ulysses, Neb , is In
the city on business today.
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Shoemaker of
near Nehawka, were In the city today.
Will Fitzgerald and Clayt Rosen
crans were visiting friends In the me
tropolis today.
Miss Harriet Murray went to Omaha
this morning to spend a few days with
her sister, Mrs. Guy Fleming.
Ir. (Sllmore and Joe Mauck drove
up from Murray early this morning,
returning after a few hours stay.
C. Swlter, J. A. Whltcman, Wm.
and A. H. Tucker of Nehawka were
business visitors in the county seat
M. K. Manspeaker and wife depart
ed this morning on a trip to Rapid
City, S. !., where they will visit with
her sister.
Mrs. W. H. Pirle, who has been en
joying a visit with her parents in this
city, ideparted this mornlog for her
home In Alliance,
Hlalr Porter, the Union liveryman,
camo up on the early morning train to
take back a rig driven up last evening
by a couple of traveling men.
W. A. Robertson, deputy district
clerk, went lo Lincoln yesterday to at
tend the republican state convention,
and to spend a week with friends.
M. Fangcr, while In Omaha yester
day, engaged Miss Lily Struhn of
SluuxClty,Ia., to trim In the millinery
department during thctoming season.
Miss Dorothy Lency, a special
teacher of the Ladles' Tailoring
school, arrived this morning from Wa-j
lioo, to assume her position in the
school In this city.
Miss Ruby Reynolds went to Omaha
this afternoon to visit with her moth
er, who Is receiving treatment in the
St. Joseph hospital In Omaha, and is
Improving nicely.
Miss Frances Weidman, who has
been suffering with Intermltant fever,
was in a critical condition yesterday,
but wo are pleased to learn that she
Is much improved today.
Will (iicbe and another Ilsherman
attracted considerable attention at
tention this afternoon when ; they
walked up Main street carrying two
cattish, one of which was almost as
long as a man, and tipped the scales
at seventy-two ponds.
There were quite a number outside
of Plattsmoulh who were disappointed
because tho "Hunter" failed to put In
her appearance yesterday. Among
them were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hrown
and Mr. and Mrs. Jell Hrcndcll, of
Murray, who came up especially to
take a boat ride on the steamer last
night, and returned home greatly dis
Troy L. Davis and wife of Weeping
Water were visiting In the county scat
Glen Smith was down from Omaha
last evening for a visit with his folks,
returning to work this morning.
A marriage license was Issued today
to Mllo .. Gollaher and Miss Mary
Coatman both residents of Avoca.
Mrs. K. S. liarstow, who has been
visiting with friends In this city, re
turned to her home In Lincoln this
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Mrs. Jas. Donnelly and daughter,
Miss Marie returned home this morn
ing for a few weeks' visit with rela
tives In Watertown, Wis.
In this ttate It is not necessary to
serve a five days' notice for eviction of
a cold. Use the original laxative coflgh
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A. N. Sullivan and S. M. Chapman
were business passengers for Omaha
Mrs. Chas. Hell and two sons were
among the passengers for the metrop
olis on the early train.
The cleansing, antiseptic and heal
log properties of Tlnesalve make it
superior to all family salves- Sold bj
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Chas. Janda and C. P. Richards de
parted yesterday for Denver, Colo.,
where they will spend several days in
the mountains.
County Recorder Schneider returned
this morning from a pleasure trip
through the western states. He re
ports a tine outing.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment.
Chronic cases soon relieved, finally
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George and Miss Ilanna Hiatt, who
have been visiting with the family of
Conrad Scblater, departed this after
noon for their home in New York.
Miss Agnes Neville returned thlsaf
tcrnoon to Heatrice, Neb., after a few
days visit with home folks. Her
mother accompanied her as far as
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cuts and bruises, mama's sore throat,
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Mrs. Wm. Crosscary and son, Har
old, who has been enjoying a visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Goos, departed this morning for her
home In (julncy, 111.
Mrs. Leila Dugay, who will have
charge of the Murray schools the en
suing year, was In the city today.
The school board has been very
fortunate In securing so competent a
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lied by applying Chamberlain's Salve
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Two handsomo rubber tired buggies
of the Moon Pros, manufacture were
purchased yesterday by Karl Jenkins
and F.d. Slocum of Murray from Aug
ust Gorder. They also purchased two
line sets of harness to go with the
turnouts, and when they go for a spin
about the country they will attract
attention with their swell rigs.
Toa can se th poises Piae-ulei
Icars out of the kidneys and bladder.
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S Ow imi ttra.
The Plattsmouth republicans, who
attended the convention yesterday in
Lincoln, returned home this morning
feeling "that it was good to be there."
Hal Hrady, Will White and Harry
Philips arrived last evening from
Omaha for a visit with friends in this
city, the guests of the family of II. N.
Miss Frances Weidman, who has
been afflicted with Intermltant fever
for several weeks, is steadily improv
ing, which her many friends will be
pleased to hear.
Mrs. Chas. McPherson of Reillv.
Neb., and her niece, Miss Carrie At-1
klnson, of Lincoln, arrived this morn
ing for a visit with the families of A.
Tartsch and William Hallance.
Mayor Henry R. Gerlng and John
M. Leyda will represent Cass couniy
democracy on the Nebraska delegation
who start tomorrow from Omaha to
New York to meet W. J. Rryan.
would be scarce iiiio ..ui.i ,
i they be made to sec.
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i.j us' ng Rocky Moud tain Tea.
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Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lindsay of Mur
ray were Plattsmouth visitors over
night, the guests of his brother Peter
Lindsay and famlly.and Miss Lena and
Gertrude Lindsay returned home with
them to visit over Sunday.
How can you be without tire Insur-
ance, when the Platte Mutual Insur
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The members uf the Kuterpeau
Glee club were pleasantly entertained
yesterday at the home of K. H. Wes-cott-the
occasion being in honor of
Miss Claire Rookmeyer, who expects
to leave soon for Omaha, where she
will enter a training school for nurses.
The young folks enjoyed several hours
with their friend, and many regrets
were expressed because the club was
to lose one of their active members.
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PHIL SAUTER, Plattsmonth
A suit to quiet title to lot 3, In the
swjoftheswl. In section 1", town
ship 12, range 14, was tiled today In the
district clerk's ofllce by Bertha Hun
ger vs Jos. McCreaty, ct al.
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