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The County
ii . I p..... I ImIapacI Cnlanfarf
I IC 0.5 SI DCIlCltl IlllslCit oeictica
(Mi st 1:4:1 r )
Miss Madallnc (Srcen has none to
IMaltsinoutt) for a few weeks visit with
Inir irraiidmottier.
Henry llcmpie returned from South
Dakota a few days ago. Me has been
up there looking after reul estate mat
ters. The iUrt!ec force enjoyed a little
outing niul tishlng trip recently In
which they were unite successful, land
Inn uhout :'.0 trophies.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. (ireen and
daughter returned from their trip to
the western piirt of this state and Col
orado last Saturday evening. They
were none about fifteen days.
Last week we predicted that the
busy condition of the shop would not
lcrmlt working on short time. It has
proven a good guess. Last Wednesday
the entire shop resumed full time ex
cept Saturday afternoon which wll
Ktlll he allowed the men la few weeks
or possibly until cooler weather.
Mr. John Nelson and Miss .lohannah
1'ctcrson will he married next Sunday
at the home of his sister, Mrs. l'etcr
llenson, 12 miles north of town. This
to the happy culmination of a court
ship which began during a voyage
across the Atlantic when the young
people were coming to America three
years ago. The Messenger wishes
them a voyage through life as happy
and successful as the one on the oceao.
In Self Defence)
Major Uamm, editor and manager of
the Constitutionalist, Eminence, Ky ,
when he was fiercely attacked, four
yearn ago, by riles, bought a box of
Uucklen'a Arnica Salve, of which, he
says: "It cured me in ten days and
no tn uble since." Quickest hcalerof
Ilium, Sores, Cuts and Wounds. 25c
at V. 0. Fricke & Go's drug store.
From tli Leader-hdio.
Frank (Sillltt'H little girl lias been
uulteslck the past week with bowel
Henry Ulschoff'n little hoy is still
Improving. The pareuts were able to
bring him tu town this week for treat
John Mullln received a telegram Fri
day from Lamar, Mo., announcing the
sudden death of his brother-in-law,
and left for that city Friday evening
to attend the funeral.
L. P. llorton, of Eugene, Ore , drove
over from Murdock yesterday and sur
prised a great many of ills old friends
In Elmwood. He lias just returned
from Oregon, accompanied by Ills wife
SlfffRtD W ITH
Mrs. Viola Marshall, 1117 K;t Jw-k
on etroet, SprintU'M, 111., write:
"Two months ago when sought
your advice, and ) ou told me that I
was suffering from systemic vatarrh,
I had gotten to bad that I lotilj not
bear the Jolt of walking and had to lie
down most of the time.
"I Ix'uati taking your IVron.i and now
I feel like a now woman.
"I ran walk Just as far ax I plta
without fwltng any (atiuo and I have
taken only three tmttltiuf IVruna.
"I fhall never mane prainlntr Pcruna,
nor thanking Dr. llartman fur li Ik kind
Syntvmle catarrh claim many victim
bet a line thta diieat la not alwT un
demtood, and therefore not correctly
What la needed I an Internal catarrh
ie medy which exerU healinit rfTert
on the mucoui tiiemtrano of the entire
Such a remedy la IVrona. The fin
cere lettera of thoee who have rxpe
Tlenoedlt tenffita In atich eaaeii are
evidence of lta medicinal value.
,1 ,
n a j. ii tfhtff iftttiLte iHi'tiiiifc 1 : 1
:x-:v;..v. . I
9rm the Pntumn. f PnntamnnMrlee
iiuih iiis uuiuuiio wi vuuiciupuiant
ands in Karl He saysthey are getting
along nicely at Kugi-ne.
Mclvln Turner and family, of Coun
cil lJlufTs, Iowa, are visiting relatives
here. Melvln Is looking for a farm In
this vicinity for the coming year.
Miss (".race Tolhurst returned from
l'eru last week, where bhe attended
summer school. She expects to re
turn In September to attend the fall
'(iene Colbert arose In the dark Sun
day night and took a dose of medicine,
which proved to be a liniment fur the
horses, lie lost no time In sending a
stream of milk after the liniment and
other remedies were resorted to. In
the meantime Ir. Towers was called
and '(5ene was soon out of danger. The
second bottle was not needed when he
ot through und he thinks he'll strike
Ight next time.
Umiacaaaary Kaponaa.
Aci.ic attacks of colic and diarrhoea
come on without warning and prompt
relief must be obtained. There Is no
ecessity of incurring the expenses of
I'tij siclan's service in such cases If
Ciianibcrlaln'i Colic, Cholera and Di
li hoea Remedy Is at hand. A dose of
this remedy will relieve the patient
before a doctor could arrive. It has
never been known to fall, even in the
most severe cases and no family should
be without It. For tale by F. Q
Fiicke &, Co., and A. T. Fried.
(From the Register.)
lr. J. A. Pollard attended a meet
Ing of the pension board at Weeping
Water Wednesday.
W. H. Murdock, of Arapahoe, arriv
ed last Sunday night for a visit with
relatives here.
Nelson L. Pollard and family arrived
from Necaxa, Mexico, Wednesday
evening fur a visit with relatives.
Mlsslessie Kaup returned to her
home at licatnce Sunday evening ar
ter a pleasant visit with her sister,
Miss Winnie.
E. L. Gaskill started Sunday night
for Waldron, Kansas, on a combined
business and pleasure trip. He ex
pected to be home by themlddleof the
Last Sunday the Coupon base ball
team from Nebraska City, accompani
ed by about a hundred "rooters," came
up and proceeded to everlastingly beat
our team. The game was a nice quiet
one and some good plays were made on
both sides, but the Coupons were too
much for the Nchawka lads and the
score stood IS to ' at the close of the
game, ijulte a large crowd witnessed
the game and the streets presented
the appearance of a 4th of July or some
other holiday.
a woman worries until she gets
wrinkles, then worries because she
has them. If she take- Holilster
llocky Mountain Tea she would hav.
neither. Prlght, smiling face follow
its use. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets
Cerlng&Co., druggists.
Kri'tn Uii'HiMuMii.
John Sheldon will take fifteen head
of his tine Holsteln cattle to the state
W. K. Norrls had 20 acres of wheat
which niadi' close to 40 bushels to the
On Tuesday of this week IM. Wacli
ter bought seven lots adjoining his
property, of R. Wilkinson.
Oscar Anderson was hit on the chin
by a foul hall while batting the othe
dav. cutting a cash which required
three stitches to close It up.
A rat, wea.el. or some other kind of
rodent got Into P.. HickneH'shen house
Monday night and killeii .hi young
chicks, many of which were larg
enough for a fry.
( lit! Rothrock who had charge of a
freight train between Omaha ami Au
burn has been transferred to the
freight on this branch. Mr. and Mrs.
Rothrock have stored their goods In
their house here and whl rent furnish
ed rooms In Lincoln lor a while.
The Ragle grain market Is generally
from one to two cents more per bushel
than any other town around and wc
arc getting grain right along from the
territory of other towns. The past
week John (ionales, living 4i miles
cast, delivered something over 3,ooo
bushels of corn here.
A full line of sickles and section
for all standard mowers. John Bauer,
Can't look wcjj, tit we'l or feel well
with Impure bkod fecilrg your body.
Keep the biood pure with P.urdick
(hood Bitters. Eat itmply, take
xercise, keep c'.eao tad you will have
jug life.
I'miii Hi t'.i-.iri. r.
C'nas. II M.ver, of Spr:ius, Ni'j ,
is here 11. is wick visiting with ! s
father, 1!. 0. II over.
Fred Mers, wife an I daughter
Kead, Iowa, are herJ visitlig t'.c
Tangetiian and I'icrs families.
Actimr Mayor authorize 1
Marshall Hu.'i'n to kill all dogs m
town that have riot been listed by the
assessor. Several have been killed up
to date.
The National Mmie company have
an advertisement in this week'n Cour
ier offering steady employment to fifty
men. Superintendent I'reucker tells
the Courier that they have orders
enough In advance to keep them rui
ning all winter.
Mrs. (J. H. Wood was called to Na i
voo, I!!., last Saturday by a telegram
that announced the serious illness of
her father. She took the first train
but her father died before she arrived
at his bedside. He was past years
of age. She returned home Thursday
evening, Mr. Wood meeting her in
Mike Davidson of lleverly, 111., an
old-time friend of Judge Wood, drove
Into Louisville Monday enroute
through western Nebraska ty team,
the trip being made in company with
a young man who is traveling for the
benefit of his health. Mr. Davidson
is titi years old and lives In the same
log house in which he was born. He
proudly boasts that he has never voted
outside of the precinct In which lie
was bom. When asked his destina
tion he said they expected to go west
until they got tired and would then
come back through Kansas and would
probably cross the river at Kansas
A Myatsry Solved.
How to keep off periodic attacks of
(iuoiisriess and habitual constipation
v. i h mystery that Dr. King's New
l.i'e pids solved forme," writes John
N l ejioint, of Magnolia, Ind. The
ou k ills that are guaranteed to give
i satisfaction to everyoony or
v lehmded. Only 36c at V. 4
F. u se & Go's drug store.
Solve it Youraelf.
The following was recently sprung
in Plattsmoutli, and everyone is priv
ileged to solve the problem to suit
himself: A owes II 81"), but has only
10 with which to pay him. A goes to
pawnbrokers and pawns the $10 bill for
$7. .10; this amount he gives to B. A
then sells the pawnbroker's ticket to
I) for Ji.fiO, which amount he also
gives to B, which settles the 813 in
aeuieaness. i goes to the pawn
broker and redeems the $10 note. Who
lost the $:V
mmmir Diarrhoea in Children.
During the hot weather of the Bum
mer months the first unnatural loose
ness of a child's bowels ihould have
Immediate attention, 10 ta to check
the disease before It becomeg serious,
All that Is necessary Is ft few doses of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy followed by a dose of
castor oil to cleanse the system. Rev
M. O. Stockland, Pastor of the first M
E. Church, Little Falls, Minn., writes
"We have used Chamberlain's Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy for severa
years and find it a very valuable reme
ily, especially for summer disorders In
children." Sold by F. 0. Fricke & Co
and A. T. Tried.
o. Marshall, of Coshocton county,
Ohio, was in the city a few hours last
evening on business, and was a caller
at Journal headquarters. Mr. Mar
shall is a former resident of Cass
county, coming here over thirty years
ago and bought a large body of land
near Greenwood, upon which his two
sons now reside. Being originally a
buckeye.aftcr a few years residence lie
went back t his native state. He has
made twenty-eight trips from Ohio to
Cass county.
Summer time
You want to save your
money to buy your
Coal Yards.
Full Weight Guaranteed
Best Threshing Coal
All Kinds of Feed
Proprietor I'lattsmouth
Coal Yards
CVmcr Third and Main Streets
Hell Phone 5 I'latts Pbone 22
The Independent Te!E?!xe People Hra
Beea Fighting for This Right (or
Several Years Past.
he Bell Company Hate Had Full Sway In
Omaha Long Enough.
The report of the proceedings of the
city coudcII of Omaha seems very fa
vorable for the Independent Tele
phone Company getting into Omaha,
after several years Incessant labor to
that end. The Pee of this morning
contains the following:
"Chairman Sheldon of the tele
phones commltteesubmlttcd a written
report to the general council commit
tee yesterday afternoon, statir.g that
the Nebraska Telephone company had
refused to agree to certain concessions
demanded and that the committee
recommended submitting to the voters
the question of granting a second fran
chise to an independent company.
The report was Immediately adopted
by the general committee.
Mr. Sheldon announced that an
other report would be made next Mon
day discriminating among the three
applicants for thefranchiseand recom
mending the acceptance of one of the
propositions, together with data that
the committee has accumulated. Zim-
man said the matter should be decided
by the general committee In the pre
sence of representatives of the appli
cants and the othercouncilmen assent
ed. Zimman also urged taking steps
toward immediate final action at next
Tuesday night's council meeting.
"Councilman Brucker said he
thought all three propositions should
be submitted to the voters and let the
latter decide which one they preferred.
Zimman declared this course would de
feat any single one of the franchises."
Report in Full.
Following is the report of the tele
phone committee In full, which was
Your committee to whom was refer
red the resolution to wait upon the
Nebraska Telephone company and de
mand of them a reduction in rates, In
terchangeof business with Independent
teiepnone companies, ana tree tons to
South Omaha to Omaha subscribers.
have waited upon the Nebraska Tele
phone company and have received
their final answer.
The Nebraska Telephone company
has declined to grant our request as
per tneir nerewitn attached communi
We would respectfully report to the
committee 01 tne wnoie that your
committee aeem that in oruer to carry
out the pledges of our platform and
the desires of the people of Omaha, we
are reporting to you in favor of crant
Ing to an Independent telephone com
pany a franchise which shall enable
the people of Omaha to have connec
Hons with all independent telephone
users throughout the state. We are
also In favor of placing the telephone
ousiness in such position where there
shall be competition, believing that
competition should regulate the tele
pnone charges, ana mat in doing so
we will confer a benefit upon the peo
ple 01 wmana ann or the state or .e
Stomach Troubles and Constipation
.No one can reasonably hope for nood
digestion when the howels are const I-
pu'i'il. Mr. Chas. Hahlwin, of Ed
wardsvllle. III., says: "I sulTered from
i-i t .11 to constipation and stomach
i i' iiljlis for several years, but, thanks
'Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
'I I'ts. am almost cured." Why n
. piicKage oi me taoiets and wet
mm siav well? rnce IV. Sam
i for saic i)j r. u. bricse
- ..Mi A. i. Fried.
About Right.
Kvery old maid knows exactly how
to rear children. Kvery old bacheh
knows all about the troubles on the
matrimonial sea. Kvery subscribe
Knows now io run a newspaper, hvery
farmer knows how merchants should
sell tf(ods, and every merchant can
see where the farmer could make more
money on the farm, but after all there
areroiinh places in the mad that you
will neU-r discover until y u ct hold
of the lines and t ry to drive.
in any style
Short Orders
Regular Meals j
Our Spi-
If you arc Hungry we
can supply
you with the pick of the market
Stb door last ot Css Co. Bank
Kroehler 6c Kroehler
selecting your spring needs, please bear in mind that
we carry a complete line of Builders' Material
in the Hardware Line. Also,
We do all kinds of Roofing, Repairing and Spouting, tall and see us.
Strength to Weak Men
llilaiaiaili liil' iP
fftntwt Hrv Pore n4 Cntrgv.
Th world uiiuir? mtn who are it rot in in rbTvlcal,
meittal and nen forvrt mrn of amMtlnn, energy and
pvnoiinl iiittfe.iKlfm ; tlie true type, of ierfiot manncx!.
jo aumin un me nrn rr iiMt ip ioou. ueiuui
'nrt. which if We rapawty fur full development,
PEPPER a NERVIOOft makef Siren. Calm Naevaa.
Cures Narveue DeatMiy, Fading Hcmer. Vital Waaa
neaa. Proa trail an, tlaaplaaanaaa ana otlitr truubleaUu
lo ner work, worrr. tmokiiiit. or virloua rmhlta.
Maker rleti. healthy tilnod and repalra wanted nerve.
Vrally hx for women. Booklet free.
I'ritTll OoalKH. Hi fnrtfi.oo. nortiwid. with a ffuar
antee to refund. If not cnml or tienefltcd.
All kinds or TientHl work. Hlates made that
t. 2ti yearn fxuerience. Prices reanoDable.
Work guaranteed.
OFFICE Fitzgerald Block.
Tel.rrHONi No. 3ok47
Lands, Ranches and City Keal Estate
in Nebraska and elsewhere bought
sold and exchanged.
Ki'iituls, Insurance and AbstractlnK of
Titles. Money to loan at it low rale of
Interest on Improved farms. Kusiness
correspondents In all Important cities
and towns In tlie United Mutes.
Taleahonca No. 20 and 98.
R. B. WINDHAM, President
W. W. WINDHAM, Secretary
The End of the World
of troubles that robbed E. II. Wolfe,
' 't-nr Grove, Ia.,.of all usefulness,
oi'iif i,en he becan taking Electric
H' "is. He writes: "Two years ao
K i,,. y trouble caused me great suffer-
lug. which I would never have sur
vived had I not taken Electric Bitters.
They also cured me of General Debil
ity." Sure cure for all Stomach, Liver
ami Kidney comma nts.Blood diseases.
Il'ii'fuche, Dizziness and Weakness or
b'.'iiiy decline. Price 50c. Guaran
teed by F. G. Fricke & Co., druggists.
How He Got There.
He didn't have a dollar; he didn't
have a dime. His clothes and shoes
were looking just as though they'd
served their time. He didn't trv to
kill himself to dode misfortune's
whacks. Instead, he not some ashes
and he filled live dozen sacks. Then.
next he bced a dollar. In the paper
In the morn he advertised tin polish
that would put the sun to scorn, lie
kept on advertising, and, just now,
suitice to say, he's out in California at
his cottage on the bay.
Mrs. Malinda Akcrs, of Basham, Va writes:
"I had what doctors call 'prolapse,' and couldn't
stand straight. I had pain in my back and
shoulders, and was very irregular and profuse.
Doctors said an operation was needed, but I
couldn't bear the thought of the knife. After tak
ing three bottles of Wine of Cardui, I could walk
around. Can now do my housework and am in
splendid health."
Cardui is a pure, vegetable, medicinal essence,
especially adapted to cure women's diseases. It
relieves excessive periodical pains, regulates
irregularities, ana is a
safe, pleasant and re
liable remedy for all
sick women. In suc
cessful use for over 70
years. Try it.
At Every Drug Store in $1.00 Bottles.
and the old
Buck's Stoves
and Ranges
No appetite, lost ol atrength, nervoue
naaa, headache, constipation, bad breath,
general debility, aour risings, and catarrh
o( the stomach are all due to Indigestion.
Kodol cures Indigestion. This new discov
ery represents the natural Julcea of diges
tion as they eslit In a healthy atomach,
combined with the greatest known tonlo
and reconstructive properties. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure does not only cure indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famoua remedy
cures all atomach troubles by cleansing,
purifying, sweetening and strengthening
the mucoua membranea lining the stomach.
Mr. S. S. Ball, of Ravniwood. W, Vi.. Mrai
" I wit troubled with sour stomich (or twenty jura,
Kodol cured ma and w ar now utinc It In anllh
lor baby."
Kodol Digests What You Eat
Bottles only. $1.00 Slie holdlnf IM times the trial
al. which telle for SO centa.
Prepared by E. 0. OeWITT Ik 00., OHIOAQa
Gerinjj & Co.
Osteooathic Physician
Chronic Dtseasea a Specialty
Coates Rlock. roonis5 andJA. Office hocra
9 to I- a. m., 1 to 5 p. rn. and 7 to P p. m. h ap
pointment. Telephones, office 34. ; residence
at Perkins Lute I.
Don't allow money to lie around,
is easier to spend it and easier
to lose It
by keeping It in a safe place such aa
The BanK of Cass County
Capital Stock $.")0,000, Surplus 815,000
Clius. C. rarniele. I'res., Jacob Trltsch, V-P.
T. M. Patterson. C.
You can give a check for any part cl
it at any time and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for one.
hen you have a bank account you
will be anxious to add to it rather than
spend from it. Don't you want to
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Platismouth glovas
fha local merchants.
for sale by
Write in a letter devrlMag ell
your tvmpiomv anj will tend you
ire AJvice. in plain tealed tnveloe.
.dJre: LaJiea' Advlwwy Ieparlment,
The Chattanwf a Medu int Lo., Chatta
nooga, Itnn.