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I'rum rrWIiij'n liiilly.
"Gut Hell," the favorite cigar
Pr. Marshall, Ientlst, O ats' Block.
II. (J. Todd of Murray was a business
visitor In the city last evening'.
Miss Mabel Trussli r went to Man
ley this afternoon to spend Sunday
with friends.
Mike Swarutischer and wife of Mt.
Fleasant rreclnct were In town today
to do some shopping.
The county hiiperlntendcnt Is busily
engaged preparing for the teachers'
Institute, which convenes at Weeping
on Die l.Uh (if August.
Rev. A. L. Zlnk of Tecumsch, who
lias been In town d urine the week,
will have charge of the services at the
Christian church Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. Podd and s m, Marion,
c&nie in from Council RlulTs last even
ing for a short visit with friends in
this city, while enrute to their home
in Kansas City.
I'niii Pnturilny'a Dully.
Charley Rclhart of Cullom was a
county seat visitor today.
James Stander came In from Louis
vlllo this morning on business.
1). J. ritman, the popular grain
buyer of Murray, was in the city today.
Jacob Heylert cf Cullom was visit
ing today with his daughter, Mrs.
John McNurlln.
A. S. Will returned last evening
from Akron, Colo., where he has been
scverul weeks looking after his ranch.
D.O. DWYER, Attorney-ot-Lc
Offce in building east of court
bouse, Platlsmouth, Nebraska.
W. F. (illlespie, the grain merchant
of Mynard, was In town today on busi
ness. He was a welcome visitor at
Miss Nellie Sherwood, who has been
enjoying a visit with her sister, Mrs.
Hoover, of Louisville, returned home
this morning.
A. E. It. Nellgh, formerly a resident
of this city, but now located on a farm
near Fender, Neb., is In town for a
visit with friends.
G. M. l'orter went to Weeping
Water this morning to spend Sunday
with his wife who Is visiting with her
mother Mrs. Crltchtleld.
Miles Standlsh a prosperous farmer
of near Murray was In town today for
the first time In several weeks, during
' which time he has been laid up from
an injury received while leading a
horse to water.
Dr. W. H. Schlidknecht and wife
returned lust evening from Lincoln,
where the doctor has been receiving
treatment In a hospital. We are
pleased to learn that the doctor has
Improved, and Is feeling much better
since his trip to Lincoln.
J. W. Selvers and brother S. F,
Selvers of Salina, Kan., departed this
morning for Marquette, Neb., where
they will visit with their brother.
This will no doubt be a happy reunion
as the brothers have not all been to
gether for nearly forty years.
W. F. Thomas and Geo. Williams
were arraigned this morning on
charge of vagrancy, plead guilty and
wore ordered to leave town. Geo.
Williams was later taken In custody
by the sheriff, who Is of the opinion
that he may be wanted by some of the
metropolitan authorities.
Conrad Schlater and wife, F. K.
Nchlater.wlfe and children, and Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Fitzgerald and children will
depart this afternoon for Louisville.
At Louisville they will be met at the
train by Mr. John I). Fergusion, who
will convey them tohlsbeatitlfulcoun
try home, where they anticipate a most
pleasant visit. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Tlghe of Wabash, and also Father
Hennesey, of Mynard, will also be present.
rr . .
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The beet kin J of testimonial -"Sold
for over lEty yrri."
1141 J . V At Co., I.owll, till
Kroin Mouilny'i I ul!y .
Rertha l'lttman of Xehawka was
visiting In the county seat today.
Miss Mable Trussler returned this
morning from a visit with friends In
C A. faw!j, Lawyer. Pro
bate and general practice. Of
flee of Cauntv JUtoroe
James Carper of Mt. l'leasant pre
cinct a well-to-do farmer has bought
the tine Tabor farm consisting of two
hundred acres, price paid I'M) per acre.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Snyder came up
from Nebraska City Sunday morning,
and will spend several days in visiting
the latter's parents and other rela
tives. C!ate Rosencrans went to Lincoln
yesterday for a visit with friends and
from there he will go to Elmwood to
spend a few days visiting with rela
tives. it you want i rcai eui- ioui. ii
reasonable rales; or a rthaMc nbt mr
of title, Insurance policy, hecui.i,,
bond of and kind, r a contract, d-H
or mortgage dran, see John M. L )u-,
Gund building. Work promptly an'
neatly docaunl chargrit reasonable.
John l'.aucr, sr., and G. I Horn, de
parted Saturday evening on a pleasure
trip to Mr. Horn s old home In Peoria,
111., where they will spend a short
time renewing old acquaintances.
Geo. Ilhoden of West Rock RlurTs
was a county scat visitor today. He
reports that the recent heavy rains
are damaging the oats, standlnrl shock
and also the tame hay which has been
W.J. llrowncll, who has been dispos
ing of the stock of the Independent
telephone company, departed this
afternoon for Portland, Ore., where he
has excepted a similar position with
an Indcpen dent telephone company In
that city.
vYhy suffer with jour kidneys? The
dhcivery of Kldncy-Ktts proved a
ii cssing to thousands o' kidney sullVr
is who have been restored to per'iei
health. These Tao.ets drive il.e
diseased germs out of the system, and
we urge all suffers to give thi
scientlticand successful kidney reneiv
atrial. 2Sc. Gerlng k Co ,drugglis.
J. It. Graves, the prohibition nomi
nee for attorney general, Is a Cass
county boy, having spent his boyhood
days near Hock Muffs, where his
mother yet resides. His home is now
in I'eru, where he Is at present en
gaged In the practice of law.
A marriage license was Issued Satur
day evening to F.arlT. Enycart, age
22, of Seward, and Miss Kosetta Sage,
age 'JO, of Pawnee. County Judge
Travis was called upon to pronounce
the words that bound them husband
and wife, and they departed con
tended and happy.
August Ossenkaupt, an old Cass
county boy, is very 111 at his present
home In Sarpy county, with Plight's
disease. Mr. Ossenkaupt was born
and reared In Cass county, and the
Journal regrets to team that his
disease Is of such a nature that his
recovery Is an Impossibility.
Hay Gardner of Harrlsburg, l'a , is
a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George l)odge In this city, where lie
will spend a few days visiting. Mr.
Gardner Is a genial appearing young
man, and his stay in our city depends
a good deal upon how he likes the
western country.
Wm. Holly and Frank Svoooda de
parted Saturday evening on a com
bined business and pleasure trip to
Chicago, where Mr. Holly will pur
chase a stock of goods for his clothing
establishment. From Chicago they
expect to make a trip to Milwaukee by
boat, stopping oil at Racine, Wis., for
a short visit.
Judge Albeit W. Critesof Chadron,
Neb., was visiting in the city last
evening between trains, the guest of
his sister, Mrs. 15. S. Ramsey. The
Judge had just returned from Menver,
w here he had been for the past week
on Important legal business. He left
on the 10:1 train last night for Lin
eoln'Neb., where, this morning, he
had pressing legal engagements.
Peter Clans returned yesterday from
the Mineral Springs Sanitarium, lo
cated at Ihirlington Junction. Mo
where lie has been for the past two
weeks. Mr. Claus has been troubled
w ith rheumatism for several months,
part of the time being confined to his
home, and returns much benefited by
his sojourn at these springs, lie says
lie feels likoa new man, and Is en
tlrely free from ache or pain.
Kroni Tui'vluy'K Diilly
J. F.. McCarrol of I'nion was In town
today on business.
Mrs. John Rusklrk and son of South
Rend were visiting In the county seat
Attorney C. K. TelTt of Weeping
Water was In town on legal business
Miss Lottie Pollard of Nehawka win
has been attending the Christian con
ventlon at Rcthany returned home
accompanied by her sister. Mrs. E.-uxa
Wallace, who will visit a week at tuej
!.'u!i:t:oi i cr, iiao l iiar : -Lincoln
John Pecker and John Albert im
parted Sunday evening in a busli.e-s
trip to taster n Montana.
Peter Keil and wife an 1 Win. Ktll
departed last night una husintss trip
to the vicinity of Pierce, S. I).
Z. 11. Cdall of South Omaha and May
Valleryof Mynard wire guests t,f I.
O Dwyer and family oa Sunday.
Geo. K. Staats Is enjoying a vacation
from his duties In U.e postofrice. He
departed last evening on a pleavire
trlptol'ekin, LI.
iloware jour kidney? It ' w
:ito.ji to de'ay when the Kldi n ,re
ick. One Lex of Kidney-Ettea -II
it'comrcend the next. 25c. Gerli. 5i
IV, riniifuUta
I). L. Amick and J. A. Walktr of
Murray drove in to take the luorning
train to South Omaha, where they
will visit the stock markets.
Misses Ruth and Margaret Helps
departed this afternoon on a pleasure
trip to Lead City, S.I). Mrs. R.J.
Helps accompanied them as far as
" i'i ' ii.rclf dally, you're r ot v'
. -in. Clean Inside means c'em st
'juels, blood, liver, clean, -
ussue in every organ. Mgkai.: Tau
Molester's Rocky Mountain Tea.
cents, Tea or Tablets. Gerlrg & Co.,
Rev. A. L. Zlnk, the new Christian
pastor and family are comfortably
settled In the Pavls residence on the
corner of 11th and Vine steets. Mr.
Zlnk Is an able preacher, a gentleman
of high qualities, and the Journal wel
comes him to our city.
Superintendent E. L. Rouse return
ed this morning from St. Paul, 'Neb ,
where he attended a teachers Institute.
Mr. Rouse reports a good attendance,
and very successful Institute. Miss
Margaret Farley of Lincoln, but for
merly of this city, was among those who
Our old friend, D. W. Foster, of
Liberty precinct, was In the county
seat today, looking hale and hearty,
which wc were pleased to note. He
expects to take a trip up north in a
few days.and while there he will attend
the national encampment of the
G. A. R. at Minneapolis, nis wi'e
and daughter will accompany him.
L. J. Maytield, editor of the Courier,
II. E. Pankonin and C. A. Rlchey of
Louisville were in the county seat to
day, to be present when the bids on
repairing the Louisville bridge were
opened. Two contractors, Sheeley of
Lincoln and the Omaha Bridge com
pany of Omaha, submitted proposals
through their respective representa
tives, Glenn Smith and Mr. Drake.
The Lincoln company made the low
est bid, but the county commissioners
had not yet awarded the contract.
From Wednesday's dully.
Geo. M. Spnrlock came In from York
last evening on business.
J. V. Carncs of Greenwood was In
the city today on business.
Albert Lockwood departed for Wake
tield, Neb., this morning for a visit
with relatives.
Col. J. R. Seyboltand son, William,
andRoyGapcn, from the vicinity of
Murray, went to South Omaha this
morning to attend a sale.
Mrs. Anna Adams who has been en
joying a visit in Havelock, returned
to Plattsmouth this morninu for a
further visit with her neice, Mrs.
Andy Campbell.
Robt. Propst came In thlsnnrnlrg
witli his threshing outfit, anrl ex
changed the old separator, blower and
feeder, for new ones, which he pulled
out of town with this afternoon.
Our friend, H. F.Laughlln, of Green
wood, was In the city today enroute
for Murray, to visit his daughter, Mrs.
T. J. Ilhoden and family, wlio reside
near that place. He will return home
is would be scarce an. I ..ard u
H i they be trade to see.
ruce and beauty is combined
K) us'ng Rocky Mountain Tea.
Uerlng&Co., drutulsts.
Mr. W. F. Pfelfer and wife, of Ocl
weln, Iowa, came in last evening for a
brief visit with their cousins, the
Gcrings. Mr. and Mrs. Pfeifer, who
wore recently married have been en
joying a wedding trip through Coio
rado. and were onronto for thel
liome. They departed on the fast
mail for Omaha, thence to Oelwcln
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hild departed
today for a visit with friends in the
vicinity of Pekln and Peoria, Illinois
where they will spend three or fou
weeks. These good old people have
worked hard for what they have, (and
by the way, have plenty of this world
goods) and the Journal Is glad to sec
them enjoy It. May they have a pleas
ant trip Is our wish.
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gripe, grin I and break down the walls
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drug store.
More About Coffee
and Tea
There are a lot of people who use our Teas and
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V w -i u mi ii u Q
Mrs. T. 11. Bates was an Omaha vis
itor this afternoon.
Geo. Barr was a passenger for Lin
coln this afternoon.
Carl Kunzman made a business trip
,o the metropolis this afternoon.
A. W. Atwuod was looking after
business In Omaha this afternoon.
L. W. Lorenz made a business trip
to the metropolis on the fast mail.
Lynn Cook was among the passen
gers for the metropolis this morning.
County Judge H. D. Travis went to
Weeping Water on legal business to
Mrs. II. 11. Livingston and sister,
Mrs. Cole, went to Omaha this afternoon.
Rev. A F. PloeU of Lexington Is In
the city for a two weeks visit with
Miss Mae Murphy returned last
night from a few weeks visit in Evan-
ston, 111.
S. M. Chapman was looking after
legal business In the metropolis this
Mrs. A. Bach went to Omaha this
morning for a visit with the family of
Mrs. Welsch.
Russel York who has been visiting
with friends In Watson, Mo., return
ed home this morning,
W. L. Street returned this morning
from Winona, 111., where he attended
the funeral of his brother.
Wm. Crane ami wife arrived today
from Conneaut, Ohio, for a visit with
the family of C. G. Richards.
Mr. and Mrs. Bell arrived this morn
ing from Lostant, 111., for a visit with
her uncle, A. Hamilton and family.
Henry Ilempclof Havelock was vis
iting with his many Plattsmouth
friends today, returning home on the
fast mail.
M. Waybrlght departed this morn
ing on a business trip to Edison. Neb.
While there he will also visit with
Mrs. W. L. Hunter who has been
visiting with relatives in this city re
turned this morning to her home in
Phelps. Mo.
Deputy County Clerk D. C. Morgan
who was poisoned by ivy about a
week ago is Improving but is still con
fined at home.
George Kennedy went to South Oma
ha this afternoon to look after the In
dependent telephone company's line
In that vicinity.
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tone t he stomach, stimulate the liver,
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ties the blood, clears the skin, restores
ruddy, sonnd health.
Mrs. Chas. Breedlow and children
who have been enjoying a visit with
relatives here, departed today for her
home in Hamburg, Iowa.
II. T. Barker and W. R. Carey de
parted Tuesday of this week for IIol
dredge, where they will spend several
days visiting with friends and rela
tives. Mrs. J. A. Walker accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Margery, and tbelr
guest, M Iss Clara Hervey, were In from
Murray last evening for a visit with
Miss Violet Dodge accompanied by
her guest, Roy Gardner, of Harrls
burg, Pa., went to Omaha this after
noon to visit with her brother, Dr. and
Mrs. Roy Dodge.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bennett who
have been enjoying the past several
weeks visiting with the Wescotts,
departed this morning for their home
In Pittsrield, Mass.
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ing area every day. Doan's Ointment
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J. W. Lowther, one of our excellent
friends from near Mynard, was In
Plattsmouth Tuesday, and while here
called at this oftice and ordered a copy
of the paper sent to G. M. Mark, of
Nehawka for one year.
The Intense Itching characteristic of
salt rheum and eczema Is instantly al
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ceased and the child 9ank into a rest
fill s!eep."-Mrs. Nancy M. Hanson,
Hamburg, N. V.
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ondusive to good work and o d re
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Mrs. Esther Rarnall came in from
Lincoln yesterday for a visit with her
grandchildren, Harold and Charlie
Renner, who make their home with
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L.
tiny Whilo th Sun Slilne."
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